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In s p i r a t i o n a l q uotes Cre d e n t i a l s

What challenges does cities face today? The limits of growth” - Geoff Goodship, Canada

“All the challenges of humanity + the unique challenges of extreme separation from Mother Earth” - Fir eHawk, United States

“sustaining the culture in it” - Xin Gu, Australia

“Being self sustainable in the future…” - Patrick van der Pijl, Netherlands

“They are being planned in pieces rather than with a cohesive plan and a larger picture or vision. They are mostly being built in a way that promotes driving and sprawl rather than walking and communities.” - Maia Gr een, Canada

“Cities need to be run by everyone who uses them, visitors, residents, workers, families, singletons, gover ning bodies and the list goes on. There needs to more collaboration and shared vision for overall goals” - Sarah Scannell, Ir eland


“Many of course! However, the innate character of challenges changes over time heavily influenced by the zeitgeist. Today that reads Global Warming, Sprawl, Social Justice.” - Melinda Melcher, Switzerland

“Apathetic people: Human beings who do not feel valued and being demotivated, thus not living a full happy life and not playing their much needed part in society.” - Riekie van Burick, South Africa

“Cities and spaces have the capacity to shape thought, intent, and action. They can be used to implicitly and explicitly instruct, support, and nourish their inhabitants through provid ing them with public space, creative space, green space.” - Sheila Seiler, China

“people acting without thinking. cities are not machines, they are ecosystems…” - Rachel Caroline Derrah, Canada


“They face the courrage to stick to their own history/inhabitants while mixing it with a new spin in the direction the rest of the world is heading.” - Daniel Nisell, Sweden

WHAT IS A GOOD INITIATIVE? “What is a good initiative? ....perhaps it is so unintrusive that it operates without being noticed ?” - Phil Slade, United Kingdom

“One that creates the greatest amount of value for the greatest numbe r of people.” - Jack Martin Leith, United Kingdom

“An initiative that is easy to implement and by a large number of people with a very small budget” - Markus Appenzeller, Netherlands

“A good initiative is what makes a visible positive difference to the people who it touches. And such difference inspires others to launch their own initiatives in retur n.” - Lana, Denmark

“Where the process and the outcome both produce benefits” - Robert Fortunato, United States

“simple things that put a smile on peoples faces and/or makes them reflect on life (both their own and others)” - Moa Dickmark, Denmark

“What opportunities do cities have today?” - Martin Bøhm Rasmussen, Denmark


“Good to me, good to others” - Yiu Shuk Yin Cr ystal, Hong Kong

“One that creates systemic change and can be replicable elsewhere.” - Edmund Colville, United Kingdom

“For me a good initiative is a smart, local contribution to counter or solve global problems. Many of today’s problems around the world have been captured by inter national politics, but the solutions are not equally globalised. I believe that initiatives need a local anchoring and sensitivity to local customs. Thus, for me, a good initiative addresses global problems through local solutions.” - Henrik Bjelke Hansen, Denmark

“one that surfaces the hidden ideas + sense in a community” - Rachel Caroline Derrah, Canada

“A good initiative works like a magic button you can press to generate maximum positive impact on ecology, people and economy with the least amount of effort.” - Philip Hahn-Pedersen, Denmark


“A good initiative is one that includes rather than excludes. One that empowers people to take their dreams and passions and make them happen----together!” - Emma Mastad, Sweden

First and foremost we would like to say a special thanks to the people that has put in an extra effort to help this project come true: Carola Scholz Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius Espen Sivertsen Igor Calzada Jesper Lang Christiansen Mette Freisner Nathaniel’s Granma Patrick van der Pijl Pete Sims

Rachel Caroline Derrah Sara Wallen Sophia Horwitz Street Kitchen lady and the Tomato Man Søren The Anonymous Anthropologist The students at Raffles Design Institute in Shanghai

Also we would like to say thank you to the 232 supporters and co-creators of the book Urban Recipies: Abdul Dube - Aarhus, Denmark Adel M. Haley - Baghdad, Iraq Alexander Benjamin Vinther - Denmark Alexander Muchenberger - Kolding, Denmark Alice Chiang - Columbia, MD, United States Amena Lee Schlaikjer - Shanghai, China, mainland Amy Yang - Shanghai, China, mainland Andreas Hvid - Copenhagen, Denmark Andreas Moeller - Shanghai, China, mainland Andreas Sidkvist - Stockholm, Sweden Ane Price Mørk - Århus C, Denmark Anette Sørensen - København, Denmark Anna Maria Olby Bertouch-Lehn - Århus, Denmark Anna Rosetzsky Permin - Århus, Denmark Anne - Cph, Denmark Anniken Sand - Oslo, Norway Arn beat’er - Copenhagen Massive, Denmark Arthur de bussy - Amsterdam, Netherlands Ashutosajii - Copenhagen/Denmark AvantAfro - Århus-Denmark Axelle Tessandier - Paris, France Benjamin Aaron Degenhart - Århus, Denmark Bennett A. Reiss - Shanghai, China, mainland

Betty Liu - Shanghai, China, mainland Björt - Seyðisfjörður, Iceland Blaine O’Neill - Swarthmore, PA, United States Bram Andersen - Århus, Denmark Bread toaster - Valenzuela, Philippines Brian Gough - Dublin, Ireland Bruce Chou - Shanghai, China, mainland Camilla - Aarhus, Denmark Carina Traberg - Denmark Caroline Zeller - Shanghai, China, mainland Cathrine Frederiksen - Århus, Denmark Cathrine Haare Cecilie Heisterberg Otzen - København, Denmark CherryHata - Guangzhou, China, mainland Chloe 666666 - China, mainland Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius - Århus, Denmark Christian Gade Bjerrum - Copenhagen, Denmark Corien Rodenburg - Haarlem, Netherlands Cüneyt Pala - Shanghai, China, Mainland Daniel Nisell - Stockholm, Sweden Daniel Portland Daniel Saroori - Århus, Denmark Daniel Walsh - Århus, Denmark


Darren - Shanghai, China, mainland Designing Dublin - Dublin, Ireland D.H. Strongheart - Santa Fe, NM, United States Dick van Dijk - Amsterdam, Netherlands Dilek Eksi - Istanbul, Turkey Dmitriy Nadrshin - Kaliningrad, Russian Federation Dominik Wind - Berlin, Germany Dorothe Straeter - Amsterdam, Netherlands Ed Mitchell - Bristol, United Kingdom Edmund Colville - London, United Kingdom Ekin Kalyon - Istanbul, Turkey Elsa Jagniecki - Durango, CO, United States Else Mørk - Denmark Emil Frøge - Copenhagen, Denmark Emil Rose - Aarhus, Denmark Emma Mastad - Öregrund, Sweden Emma Sofie Jensen - Copenhagen, Denmark Escape Soon - SH, China, mainland Espen Sivertsen - Aarhus, Denmark Evert Verhagen - Amsterdam, Netherlands Felix Bengtsson - Gothenburg, Sweden Felix Yang - Shanghai, China, mainland FireHawk - Boulder Creek, CA, United States Forrest - Shanghai, China, mainland Frauke Godat - Berlin, Germany Geert Stam - Shanghai, China, Netherlands Geoff Goodship - Campbell River BC, Canada Georg herlitz - Stockholm, Sweden Gertrud Graf - Berlin, Germany Gunvor Jøsendal Hanna Spilling - Volda, Norway Hanne Staahlnacke - Århus, Denmark Helen Zhang Henrik Bjelke Hansen - Copenhagen, Denmark Henrique Vedana - São Paulo, Brazil Horacio Ortiz - Paris, France Ian McArthur - Leura, NSW, Australia Ice Bing - Shanghai, China, mainland Igor Calzada - Basque City Inga Auðbjörg - Álftanes, Iceland Irv Beiman - Shanghai, China, mainland Jack Martin Leith - London, United Kingdom Jan van Weijen - Londom, United Kingdom Jay - Seattle, WA, United States Jay Cousins - Berlin, Germany Jean - Beijing, China, mainland Jens Mortensen - Stockholm, Sweden Jeremiah Schwarz - Weston, CT, United States Jeroen de Kloet - Netherlands Jesper Kjellerås - Stockholm, Sweden Jiawei Zhang - Shanghai, China, mainland Jiayang Xu - Shanghai, China, mainland 7 Jill Finlayson - Fremont, CA, United States

Jingni Wang - Shanghai, China, mainland Joakim Rex Andersen - Copenhagen, Denmark Johanna Valentin - Sweden Jonas Rugh Hansen - Aarhus C, Denmark Jonatan Marcussen - Aarhus, Denmark Jonathan Robinson - London, United Kingdom Jostein Pedersen - Oslo, Norway Justin O’Connor - Brisbane, Australia Ka Chun To - Hong Kong, Hong Kong Kathrine Overgaard Rasmussen - Copenhagen, Denmark Katja Cappelen - Oslo / Berlin, Norway Katrine Lundbye-Christensen - Århus, Denmark Kenno Niebuhr - Aarhus, Denmark Kristian Schwarz Larsen - Denmark Kristin Birkeland - Århus, Denmark Lana - Copenhagen, Denmark Lauren Gross - United States Liuzheng - Beijing, China, mainland Loek Ruijs - Boxmeer, Netherlands Lorrie Wang - Shanghai, China, mainland Louise Overgaard - Århus, Denmark Lu Lu - Shanghai, China, mainland Lucks Liu - Shanghai, China, mainland Luke Cardew - Shanghai, China, mainland Mads Peter Laursen - Aarhus, Denmark Maider Lopez Maia Green - Canada Maja Mandic - Aarhus, Denmark Maja Quist - Århus / Copenhagen, Denmark Majken Hviid - Copenhagen, Denmark Maria Boldsen - Denmark Mark Evans - Shanghai, China, mainland Markus Appenzeller - Rotterdam, Netherlands Martin Bøhm Rasmussen - Aarhus, Denmark Matias Juul Thorn - Aarhus, Denmark Mathilde Ploug Andreasen - Denmark Matt - Portland, OR, United States Matt Weston - Brighton, United Kingdom Mctang - SH, China, mainland Melinda Melcher - Zurich, Switzerland Mette Freisner - Aarhus, Denmark Mette Nørnberg Pedersen - Århus, Denmark Mette Marie Hansen - København, Denmark Mi YOU - Beijing, China, mainland Michael Creedy - Hove, United Kingdom Mikkel Køster - Århus, Denmark Mikkel Lindskov Petersen - Århus, Denmark Mikkel Zwung - 8250, Egå, Denmark Moa Dickmark - Århus, Denmark Morten Fuglsang - Århus, Denmark Mooxue - Amsterdam, Netherlands M Zhou - Shanghai, China, mainland NYC Compost Project in Queens - Flushing,

Nanami Weisgard - Copenhagen, Denmark Nan Goodship - Duncan B.C. Canada Nanna Flintholm - Aarhus, Denmark Nanna Ulsøe - Århus, Denmark Nathan Daniel - Cape Town, South Africa Nathaniel Spohn - Duncan, Canada Nicholas Krøyer Blok - Aarhus & Copenhagen, Denmark Nicky Grunfeld - Amsterdam, Netherlands Nil Lakavivat - Uppsala, Sweden Nina Victoria Berg - Copenhagen, Denmark Nina Wöhlk - Copenhagen, Denmark NinaGry - Denmark Ni Jiaqi - Shanghai, China, mainland Oliver Lewis Christensen - Copenhagen, Denmark Pascal van den Noort - Amsterdam, Netherlands Patrick van der Pijl- Amsterdam, Netherlands Paul Haaversen - Costa Rica Pernille Martiny - Århus, Denmark Peter Aarhus - Århus, Denmark Peter Martin Jakobsen - Århus, Denmark Peter Röjhammar - Stockholm, Sweden Peter Sims - Ottawa, Canada Petra Quaedvlieg - China, mainland Phil Slade - West Sussex, United Kingdom Philip Hahn-Petersen - Copenhagen, Denmark Pia Hollund - Århus, Denmark Pétur Björgvin Sveinsson - Århus, Denmark RIO LIO - Shanghai, China, mainland Rachel Caroline Derrah - Halifax, Canada Rainbow - Shanghai, China, mainland Rasmus Jordt - Aarhus, Denmark Rasmus Rasmusson-Norberg - Germany Riekie van Burick - Centurion, South Africa Rikhard - Denmark Rob van Kranenburg - Ghent, Belgium Robert Fortunato - Hermosa Beach, CA, United States Robin Rendahl - Lund, Sweden Rowan - Preston, United Kingdom Sam Shen - Shanghai, China, mainland Sarah Scannell - Dublin, Ireland

Scott Ballantyne - Shanghai, China, mainland Selva Sol - Cuba Shaun Tang - Shanghai, China, mainland Sheila Seiler - Shanghai, China, mainland Sherry Poon - Shanghai, China, mainland Sherry Gong Shirley Zhao - Shanghai, China, mainland Sif Østergaard Zachariassen - Denmark Simon Heydorn - Aarhus, Denmark Siyuan Ren - Coventry, United Kingdom Solveig Zophoniasdottir - Shanghai, China, mainland Sophia Horwitz - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Spud Hsu - Shanghai, China, mainland Stinamy Jørgensen - Copenhagen, Denmark Stine Maria Lorenzen - Århus, Denmark Sune liengaard - Copenhagen/århus, Denmark Søren Lindgreen - Denmark Tatiana Glad - Amsterdam, Netherlands Theliuyan - Shanghai, China, mainland Theo liefting - Bilthoven, Utrecht, Netherlands Thijs van Tilburg - Denmark Thomas Bøndergaard - Århus, Denmark Thomas Hessellund Nielsen - Århus, Denmark Thomas Reibke - Copenhagen, Denmark Thomas Simon Olesen - Aarhus, Denmark Thor Rigtrup Larsen - Aarhus, Denmark Tora Sefeldt Weltzer - Aarhus, Denmark Uffe Lentz - Denmark Ursel Biester - Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, Netherlands Violet Huang - Shanghai, China, mainland Weiguokong - Jinan,Shandong, China, mainland Woody Xin Gu - Brisbane, Australia Yan Yangjiaqi - Shanghai, China, mainland Yiu Shuk Yin Crystal - Hong Kong, Hong Kong Yu Yun Yung Lie - Leiden, Netherlands Zhang Yuan - Shanghai, China, mainland 8

Urban Recipes Inspirational quotes, credentials  

Urban Recipes Inspirational quotes, credentials