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March 2011





This is Helen who graduated from our Renacer (rebirth) program in San Jose, Costa Rica. Helen was exploited in her own home to make money for the family. When she came to Renacer her self-esteem was so low that she would hardly talk. CFCI rescued Helen from the streets and helped her start a new life with education, rehabilitation, job training, and developing healthy relationships. The girls living at Renacer need encouragement. Would you like to encourage one of these girls? Send a note or email to one of the addresses below and we’ll get the notes to them! What a difference you can make with a simple note. Thank you! Jill Adams, Impact Editor CFCI 5332 S. 138th Street, Suite 200 Omaha, NE 68137

e g n a e f i h C al CFCI-Renacer wants to expand its facilities to house more girls. Would you like to be part of this effort? Use the enclosed response envelope or donate online at The street girls

CFCI-Mission workers Aldo & Jeaniny Cayuba CFCI Base Directors, Cochabamba, Bolivia Long-term mission workers are an undeniable necessity in the eternal work of God. During our years as full-time mission workers, we have seen the importance of shortterm missions. But short-term missions will not have lasting results without people who are committed long-term to God’s work. Clearly this requires a decision to follow and serve our God, to make His heart ours for the rest of our lives--for the sheep that is not yet in the fold.

Want to have the adventure of a lifetime serving as a mission worker? Contact: Leah Huffman at 800.526.7551 or

If God is calling you, don’t leave Him waiting. He needs your answer—an answer that demonstrates your faith and confidence in Him and takes transformation to many lives that need Him. Join the work of God through CFCI; there is literally a world of opportunities!

Maria Sinkler

I fell in love with Nicaragua on my first mission trip in 2007. . . Since then I’ve returned each year (sometimes twice) and I hope and pray I can continue to do so. In 2010, I helped lead a youth team in July and a women’s team in October. The youth team stayed in host homes while working with a local church. It was an amazing experience and we made many lasting relationships. Our work included hosting a youth soccer tournament, youth leadership training, and a children’s program. The people of Los Cedros were wonderful and took great care of us! The women’s team worked with a women’s ministry called New Image. New Image helps women come off the streets and equips them spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially so they can live better lives. We spent time encouraging the New Image leaders, then worked for three days with the New Image participants. Our team brought cards made especially for these women. They were handmade, prayed over, and included scripture verses (in Spanish). The women were so touched by the gesture that they shared with us how much their faith was affected and strengthened. With this, our hearts just melted. I plan to return to Nicaragua this year, both in June and October. I can’t wait to see what our Heavenly Father has in store for us!

It’ s not too late to form a mission team for this summer

CFCI Mission Teams Coordinator Anji Schoch (left), CFCI Nicaragua Base Co-director Claudia Mendoza, and the Director of Esperanza de Tapia Christian school in Managua. Anji visited three of our team sites in 2010.

Open Mission Teams Tijuana, Mexico::June 16-25 Panama City, Panama::July 29-Aug. 7 San Salvador, El Salvador::July 29-Aug. 7 For more information on an open mission team or leading a team, contact Anji at (888) 526-7551 or You can also find more information at

CFCI Central Administration Staff

From left to right: Anji Schoch, Mission Trips Sandra Hammes, Receptionist Kathy Greve, Urban Plunge Marcia Galloway, Finance Chip Anderson, President Shawn Kliewer, Mission Recruiter Mary Anderson, First Lady Michael Ross, Development Penny Slosson, Individual Trips Randy Fontaine, U.S. Bases Jill Adams, Communications Leah Huffman, Personnel Pat Rinaldi, Finance

Our administrative staff works diligently to be great stewards of your gifts and to serve our missionaries and those who go on short-term missions with CFCI. We love to hear and share stories about how God is working through you and CFCI to build His Kingdom on earth! Please contact us through our website or or toll-free at 888 526 7551.

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Newsletter for CFCI Friends, Family, and Partners Editor, Jill Adams or 888.526.7551

CFCI-Transforming Cities Storm Lake, Iowa

Jay and Anne Dahlhauser CFCI Base Directors

Want to make a difference in your community? We can help you! Contact:

A few years ago, we stood at the brink of something bigger than our human lens could take in. God had placed us in a special neighborhood and placed in our hearts a vision to impact our little world with the love of Jesus. In a short time and flurry of events, He’s accomplished a ministry called “The Bridge of Storm Lake” which includes neighborhood centers, English classes, food distribution and an after-school program. We’d like to say we followed a clear process or that we had it all together or that we never wondered what in the world we were doing. In reality, God used us despite us. We’ve watched as God united churches, called out His people to serve the least of these, gathered groups for prayer, and touched the hearts of many with salvation. And, we’ve been amazed.

Jay & Anne Dahlhauser Family

May the desire to catch a glimpse of the heart of the Almighty be motivation enough to prompt us – and you - to let go, to listen and to respond in faith!

5332 S. 138th Street, Suite 200 Omaha, NE 68137

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Christ for the City International's Impact magazine March 2011