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Because of Them, We Can!

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12 Save My Marraige

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16 V-Day for Kids!

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18 Read UP

A military mom inspires a movement of reading fun!

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03 UP Team Note

We are giving a charge this Black History Month for families to support each other

BE amazing 06 Unforgettable Dates


“Make a life or family vision board togehter.”

Plus sexy outfits to make him say wow!

08 Understanding V-Day What women really want and expect on this special day

10 Season of Sacrifice From slavery to business owner, tracing HERstory

UP Team note

Happy Black History Month! Urban Parenting Magazine

Black Manisfesto: Attn Beautiful Black King & Queens, We may no longer wear crowns, but we are still royalty- worthy, blessed, and unstoppable. Greatness is in our blood and each day is a new day to create, be, oin and have the best. ub? We have to stop apologizing for everything. The world is and will continue to grow and technology will continue to connect us in ways where home will no longer be just a place, but a feeling… a movement. We can’t let people with small thinking continue to put us in a box. We can’t let anyone for that matter dictate our dreams or validate our vision. We must take action now, unite, and stand humbly proud. The African Diaspora is different and extremely unique. We have Haitians, Jamaicans, Bahamians, Nigerians, South Africans, Tanzanians, Kenyans, Liberians, Afro-Argentinians, Afro-Cubans, and that’s just a few. Who speaks to us and for us? We have different languages, dialects, likes, dislikes, food, subcultures… again the list goes on and on. Yet, the one premise that unites us all is that we want the best for ourselves and our families… and guess what- we deserve it. For our ancestors, for our hard work, for humanityWhen we come together, share our talents, our art, our culture, language, worldviews, etc… We bring value, love, hope, promise, ingenuity, peace, legacy… we birth greatness. No longer can we be described as ghetto, hood, angry, nappy headed hoes, ratchet, or any other derogatory term or negative stereotype. We are presidents, leaders, educators, teachers, entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians, scientists, lawyers, mathematicians, bankers, designers, historians, journalists, artists, therapists, chefs, writers, scholars, athletes, and so much more. We are a positive people, beautiful people, and we need to support each other. So keep petitioning, keep educating, and keep building UP. Remember, this manifesto is for you. We are a team and though we cannot do everything- this is our start- motivating you to do you, unite, and find your start! Now go!



Debbie Manigat

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Urban Parenting Team

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Eunique Jones

Creator of the gripping campaign “Because of Them, We Can” Shares Her Story of Sturggle, Sacrifice and Success.


t all started at the end of February 2013, Eunique Jones Gibson interrupted her life story and the way we celebrate our history. She resigned from her fulltime job and focused her creativity on her passion of photography. Eunique is the founder and creator of the “Because of them, We can” campaign which captures unique pictures of adorable children as civil rights champions, media icons, sports stars, political leaders, actors, and other great African American role models. The campaign went viral for Black History Month in 2013 and this year, she continues to inspire and leave audiences awestruck. “I’m passionate about helping people dream”, says Eunique.

4 Stylish!

She’s always been very passionate and found creative outlets to express herself whether it was creative outlets from plays in elementary school or writing a poem every day for the morning announcements in middle school. Eunique’s artistic calling has always been a major part of her life. Eunique grew up in Bowie, Maryland and is a proud graduate of Bowie State University. She was raised in the church and is inspired by black progress and achievement. With the birth of her children during President Barack Obama’s election and reelection, she wanted to have something tangible that she could share with them to relish in this moment in addition to highlighting our past. Yet, at first, like all new ventures, it wasn’t as simple as she envisioned and she says she stays motivated by being her own cheerleader.

“You will have critics in your ear, but you have to constantly remind yourself that you’re on the right track.” Eunique eagerly shares that she really believes that this campaign has the power to transform the world. “When more kids see people who look like them, the more confident they will be” reflects Eunique, “We’ll change the narrative so kids who are on video twerking or cursing will want to do and be more.” Now, with over 25,000 Facebook fans and over 4,000 followers on Twitter, needless to say, it looks like the movement is right on track. Learn more and help them to continue to grow by connecting here: www.BecauseofThemWeCan.com

By Debbie Manigat Stylish! 5


36 Date Night Ideas Fashion Finds and Romantic Date Night Ideas to Make Your Spouse Say Wow!


Planning ahead is the key to having a memorable Valentine’s Day. From your sexy outfit to a romantic getaway, Urban Parenting knows that moms and dads need time just for them to rekindle their love and stimulate new passion. Scan this feature to see what fits your personality and style. Trust us, your spouse will say wow! Once you’ve got the perfect seductive outfit, it’s time to plan the adventure, here are 36 date idea’s to choose from: 1.) Sail away & have a picnic over water while you watch the sunset…

3.) Go on a late night hike to the top of a hill... far away from lights, bring a blanket and watch the stars. 4.) Drive to places you’ve been meaning to get to with your spouse. It’s a good way to share the things you love with each other and make new memories of your own! 5.) Go for a walk to your favorite Ice Cream shop in town— share a sweet treat together while watching a live band outside... 6.) Take an Adventure: Ride a train or rent a car and have a date at a new restaurant in a new city!

2.) Go horseback riding & stop to make love under the stars!




Surprise him with a pair of knee high boots for the afterparty... He will know what’s up!

Have a fun play date in mind? This is great for running around an arcade or riding horses.

Going dancing or a five star restaurant? This is a gorgeous outfit to stand out in a crowd!




6 Urban Parenting


Hot pink is always a head turner. Try this bold color with classic black.


26.) Have a date centered around all of their favorite things in life. Food, hobbies, talents, or movies-- be creative and take risks! 27.) Take a walk around a ritzy side of town, buy her a pair of expensive shoes that she loves AND a designer handbag! She’ll be yours for life! 28.) Have a candlelight chocolate making evening. Experiment with candy recipes. Everyone loves chocolate! 29.) Teamwork finger painting. You be the artist, your date can be the brush or vise-versa. Makes a casual date romantic with hand holding, up close and personal fun, and maybe even a paint fight after. Top it off with a movie and they’ll be ready for the snuggle... 30.) Go exploring with your date to find the coolest building in town. Then you can take a tour or explore it together. 31.) Ride a horse-drawn buggy… always a romantic choice!

Forever 21

Charlotte Russe



Black + Red = Ultimate sex appeal. If you are trying to catch your guys eye, this is it!

Again, can’t go wrong with the “Little Black Dress” Best bang for your buck!

32.) Go walking in the rain...jump in mud puddles like kids… just enjoy the time and wet fun together!

18.) Get silly! Go to a playground and 7.) Get on your sexy swim wear and take swing on the swings… swimming lessons together. 19.) Movie + Popcorn, Movie + Pizza, 8.) Take a roll of pennies to a fountain or Movie + Cuddling and make wishes out loud as you throw them in. 20.) Go for a 5 mile bike ride 9.) Build a bonfire and roast marshmallows (try roasting other things as well).

21.) Lie in the grass and find shapes in the clouds

10.) Why not... jump in a pool with your 22.) Complete a tricky puzzle togethclothes on! Then dry off together and er- this is great for lots of talk time! enjoy each other. 23.) Put a love sac in the back of a truck and head up a mountain or out in the open under the stars--watch a 12.) Hike to see waterfalls or wildflowers movie, or just stare at the stars 11.) Make a life or family vision board

13.) Get up extra early, watch the sunrise, then make breakfast together. 14.) Go dancing at an upscale club… then get low- get loose! 15.) Book a pottery lesson together 16.) Gather pictures and make a scrap book together 17.) Go ice skating

24.) Have a dessert picnic at midnight on a starry hill overlooking the city 25.) Find a building/apartment complex that will let you get on the roof and have a candlelight dinner. It’s simple, cheap and romantic, and can be adapted to whatever style you are going for. Make it a picnic if you want to be more casual…

33.) Reverse roles and try to imitate each other’s mannerisms and habits. This will help you reconnect and it may also be a way to discover a lot more about your significant other. There is some risk to this one, though, because, if overdone, it may come off as offensive and could even start a conflict. But, hey, any good natured person would appreciate this and get lots of laughs. 34.) Taking an adult education class is a fun and inexpensive date night activity. You can take a cooking class to learn how to cook Indian food or to make sushi. Or you can learn how to do crossword puzzles or Sudoku. Or you can listen to a lecture about modern film. Adult education can be fascinating and teach you new things about a fun hobby or an interest that the two of you can share. 35.) Pitch black date - fix up a room in your house so that no light can get in. Set up everything you need for a date ( table, plates, food, chairs, etc.), but the key is to make sure it glows! 36.) Write a letter, put it in an air-tight bottle, take a helicopter ride together and throw it out into the ocean... definitely a memorable date night and even more incredible if you get the bottle back!

Urban Parenting 7


Understanding WOMEN ON Valentines Day

“A Life without Love is no Life at all...”- Leonardo da Vinci


ne complaint that many men have is that they just don’t understand what women expect from them on Valentine’s Day. This can make planning for Valentine’s Day a very stressful experience for men.

They are worried that the gift they buy will say the wrong thing or that their gift will be misinterpreted by their girlfriend or wife. As a result they often end up either doing too much or too little on Valentine’s Day and have trouble finding that happy balance where their gift will be appreciated without their partners reading too much into the gift. The key to finding this perfect gift is to understand women and how they think of Valentine’s Day.

You can find these types of cards expressing a number of different sentiments and are likely to find a card which expresses your feelings about the relationship perfectly. Men may not realize this but women typically put a great deal of time and effort into selecting your card and they may be disappointed if you do not do the same when selecting a card for them.


The most important rule for men to remember is that when women say it is okay for you to not do anything for Valentineís Day, 99.99% of the time they do not mean this. It is true there are some women who really do not expect anything from their boyfriends or husbands on Valentine’s Day but the vast majority will be extremely disappointed if you allow Valentine’s Day to pass without even a card or a small gift. So unless you are absolutely sure your partner is one of those women who really does not care about Valentine’s Day it is a safe bet to at least get a card and a flower for the special woman in your life. She is likely to be disappointed if you don’t. Now you might be wondering what type of card you should get for the special woman in your life on Valentine’s Day. There are humorous cards available for purchase on Valentine’s Day but again unless you are absolutely sure this is the type of card your partner will like it is a better idea to go with a romantic card. 8 Urban Parenting

Men should also be aware that women do not want to be reminded of their diets on Valentine’s Day. Your girlfriend or wife may talk about wanting to lose weight and may be trying to exercise and eat right but this does not mean she wants you to buy her sugar free candy and give her workout equipment for Valentine’s Day. You may think you are doing something great for your girlfriend or wife but trust us on this one, she will think you are calling her fat. If you really want to support your partner in her diet efforts, you can give her a small box of chocolates and a piece of jewelry instead. Conversely, a box of diet cookies and a workout video are not likely to be well received. Finally, one of the most important things for men to remember is it really is the thought that counts. Women want to feel special on Valentine’s Day. Extravagant gifts may seem like a good idea and may be well received but most women really just want to know that you love them on Valentine’s Day. So whether you give them expensive jewelry or make the effort to cook them dinner they will know how you feel about them.

Maybe Candy? You can always go the “Old-School” Route and buy the woman you love some candy. Try Shari’s Berries!

Ooh La La... Surprise your lady with some nice Lingere. Every woman loves looking good and you’ll thank us in the long run...

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Something New Try watching the kids for the night so she can relax for a bit.

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Season Of Sacrifice T hese words are not only a part of an amazing historical speech, but they are personal sentiments of my history, my family, our America… our world. The day I learned that I am five generations removed from slavery shook my world to the core... Yes, you read right.

10 Urban Parenting

My great, great, great, great, great grandmother was a sharecropper in Dania, FL and her mother was a slave on a plantation in the Dania area. It was very surreal because as a child when I learned of these occurrences in school I felt like it was another bad part of history that occurred eons ago. Yet to realize that this was something that was alive and fresh in my blood line, well needless to say, it was heart numbing.

I can still imagine the smell of the wet dirt road that my mother lived on. 502 NW 3rd Terrace in Dania, FL. She drove my siblings and I by occasionally so we wouldn’t forget our past and value the life that she fought hard for us to have as a family. My mother was a preschool teacher and daycare director. She never went to college, but she was a hard worker and started her own business, “Shady Oaks Christian Child Care Center”. I went there as a child along with my other siblings. Even when we began elementary school, it was still the hot spot to hang out with my mom afterschool.


Today, after over 20 years of business, she has since retired. Now my husband and I continue upholding the mantle of providing a form of support, education, and information for parents through our brand of Urban Parenting. I believe God has made it a family calling for us to lead and pave the way for diverse parental support programs and child development.

Over the years, through research, training, and graduate school, I have learned that ages 0- 3 is the most crucial in the development of a child’s life and that this time requires a season of sacrifice from parents. This is the time when you get an opportunity to support brain development, positive behavioral coping skills, and lay a strong foundation of social-emotional bonding between the parent and child.

This is also a time when we can share our rich heritage, diverse cultures, and family backgrounds. In this season of sacrifice, you are sowing irreplaceable seeds in your child’s life that will blossom to help them reach incredible feats in the future... So what will you teach your daughter or son about your family and this nations great history? I look forward to the day when I can share with my daughter that we’re just six generations removed from slavery and look how far we’ve come! Urban Parenting 11


Save my Marriage! How Playing a Simple Games Can Erase the Strife in Your Marriage!


arriage is one of the most enjoyable but also one of the most painful experiences that people undergo. It carries with it the whiff of romance and eternal bliss, but sometimes you get a pack of thorns instead. How Do You Ensure Your Marriage Is a Bed of Roses and not Thorns?

One of the major ingredients that a happy marriage needs is a willingness to compromise. But that is much more difficult than it seems. Everyone will agree that they need to compromise, but what happens when the issue is not a simple and tiny one? What then? Who compromises first? I am sure you must have said to yourself at one point or another that enough is enough. You will no longer be the patsy. You are an independent person and your partner has crossed the line. Maybe. Maybe your relationship has died and you are just beginning to realize it. Maybe your sentiments are more passionate than romantic. Maybe you no longer love her. Stop being a fool! What if I told you that the solution to your marital strife is not divorce. Am I mad?

12 Urban Parenting

Look around. How many divorces do you know? Plenty. Me too. But are they really happier off? What is the first thing that a divorced person does? He or she goes out and starts looking for partners.

“Maybe your relationship has died and you are just beginning to realize it.”

Isn’t that strange? No. You say that everybody needs somebody to love. Maybe. I say that they had that somebody and they just let them go. So please stop being foolish. Why not tackle your problems with a simple suggestion? A Game.


are a welcome ambrosia to love...”

Games as a Peace Maker: Playing brings out the child in us and causes us to express more than we normally would. We also release bottled up frustration and let go of mental thorns in our outbursts of joy and anguish as we win or lose. Games unite people together and therefore I suggest playing together but if you wish one can play against the other. The game turns into a battle but only this time, after its over, you will both feel refreshed from losing all that bottled up pain and anger.

‘‘One of the major ingredients that a happy marriage needs is a willingness to compromise..’’

Games to Pick From: Try picking games that both of you like or at least somewhat active ones. You could even play hide and seek in the house or something else. If you do prefer playing cards, pick a game which does not go on for long and which requires some thinking like hearts, poker, bridge or rummy. Keep score and determine before hand that the loser has to do something for the winner. Chores is not a prize for the winner! If you lose you have to do something that that the other person wants for themselves like give them their favorite massage or cook them their favorite meal.

Conclusion: Games are a welcome ambrosia to love and will excite you as a couple to disregard all your frustrations and anger and deal only with the good. The anger and frustrations will not magically disappear, but now you can deal with them together calmly and in a good mood. Urban Parenting 13

yellow dress Integer volutpat tempus nunc, sed molestie velit pellentesque eu. Fusce dictum fringilla justo. by Jessi White

14 Stylish!

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yellow dress

J. White

Integer volutpat tempus nunc, sed molestie velit pellentesque eu. Fusce dictum fringilla justo. by Jessi Black White

Stylish! 15

Valentines Day for Kids Homemade Valentine’s are great for your kids to give to the really special people in their lives like Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, Aunt’s and Uncle’s, brothers and sisters, best friends and of course, Daddy! But unless you start them at Halloween, we suggest you stick to boxed cards for all their friends at school! Here are some fun and easy ideas to make Valentine’s Day cards with your kids! Hearts and Hands Valentine Here’s what you need: Construction paper (two different colors) A pencil Markers Scissors Glue Here’s what to do: 1. Trace your child’s hand on a piece of construction paper with a pencil and then cut it out. 2. Draw a heart small enough to fit on the hand with a pencil and cut it out. 16 Urban Parenting

3. Glue the heart to the front of the hand. 4. Have your child write a special message inside the heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandma! I love you with all my heart!î This is a great card to make for Daddy. Prim Valentine Here’s what you need: Brown paper bag Pencil Markers Scissors Hole punch Red or pink ribbon or yarn (about ºî works best) Here’s what to do: 1. Use a pencil to trace a large heart on a brown paper bag. Cut out the heart. You can use fancy scalloped scissors (like the ones used for scrapbooking) to jazz up the heart! 2. Make a series of holes around the edge of the heart using a hole punch. The number of holes isn’t important, but be sure to make it an even number.

3. String the ribbon or yarn through the holes starting at the bottom of the heart working your way up. Tie the end pieces (which meet at the top of the heart) into a bow. 4. Have your child write a message on the inside of the heart or use stickers to decorate it and write the To: and From: on the back. This card makes a great Valentine for Grandma. You’ve probably had your child make special cards for a loved ones birthday. Why not for other special days, like Valentine’s Day? Nothing says “I love you” like a homemade card, especially from a child. Be sure to remember special people to have your child make Valentine’s for, like elderly neighbors and friends that have moved away. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nulla in westi

Stylish! 17

Read Up! Sydney’s Book Club

Reading matters more than ever... get your child ready for school, one book at a time!


he National Association of Early Prevention indicates that, “every school in this country has a number of children who are failing the task of learning to read. It is vitally important to engage your child in structured reading help as early as possible, and to get appropriate help if areas for improvement are identified. The longer early readers are allowed to fall behind, the greater the gap in their skills. Help in the early years is the key to getting a child off on the right path. Because reading is a learned skill; it is not part of a child’s hard-wiring. You can change the way your child reads.” Tiffany Dickerson, Founder of Sydney’s Book Club, says this research inspired her to create a community where her daughter could embrace a love for reading! UPmag: What’s your story? TD: Born and raised outside of Goldsboro, NC. I graduated from the University of NC at Greensboro in 2003. People are usually quite intrigued to learn of my previous career being within criminal justice, rather than related to education. I always say, that becoming a stay at home mom was never in my plan, but God saw differently and it’s worked out better than I could have ever imagined. Outside of being a fulltime wife and mother, I spend an uncounted amount of hours building our nonprofit, Sydney’s Book Club. UPmag: What was your AHA moment to create your children’s book/ book club?

18 Urban Parenting

TD: Inspired by my daughter Sydney who at an early age showed a fond interest in books, planned my then 2 year old daughter’s birthday party around a book club theme, which started the idea of “Sydney’s Book Club.” This party received such rave reviews from its attendees that I set out on a challenge to get Sydney reading by her 3rd birthday. A quite impressive Sydney was definitely up to the challenge. After hitting her mark before 3, with the ability to read 4-5 word sentences and amazing others in the process, I knew that if my child could accomplish this task, then others her age should be granted the same opportunity. UPmag: What makes your book a best seller for kids? Why should people support the book club? TD: Our mission is to make a massive impact by introducing the importance of literacy from preschool age. We believe the best way to repair the illiteracy issue in the United States is by ensuring that it does not manifest to begin with. At Sydney’s Book Club, we focus on creating awareness in the parents of children ages 3 to 5 in the importance of introducing books and reinforcing the need to read. Studies show that children that enter kindergarten already possessing the ability to read and perform at even minimal levels of comprehension continue to thrive above their peers from elementary well into the high school performance levels. Yes, there are many ways to approach the issue, but for our organization we work from the root up.

“...THE AMOUNT OF JOY I GET FROM BEING A MOM, IS INCOMPARABLE AND MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCES, WELL WORTH IT.” UPmag: What do you hope to teach your daughters? TD: Too much to name! Most importantly how to be women of God, (Proverbs 31) how to treat people, to know right from wrong, the importance of a good education, the value of a dollar, and how to not settle for nothing less than the best, because that’s what they deserve. UPmag: What do you hope children get out of your book club? Is there a message? TD: That books are cool and reading is fun! UPmag: Any advice for today’s moms and dads? TD: No amount of money can replace time spent with your child, creating memories. So spend quality time with them as much as possible. Story time is a great start and end to a day. UPmag: What do you know now that you wish you knew then about parenting?

UPmag: When did you start and what was the process like to get your book club going? TD: Sydney’s Book Club was established April 9, 2011. After extensive prayer and planning, I launched a pilot program on the New Cumberland Army Depot in August of 2012, in which I invited various military moms and their preschoolers to take part in. The pilot program allowed me to evaluate the program and make some changes before officially launching on December 12, 2012. I was able to link up with Author Floyd Stokes, who is also Founder of the American Literacy Corporation. Floyd’s extensive knowledge on both literacy and running a successful nonprofit were invaluable. He mentored me in both aspects and also gave Sydney’s Book Club a chance to get some exposure by inviting us to be a part of various literacy events his organization hosted throughout Central Pennsylvania. In February of 2013, we secured our first location in which to host book club on a bi-weekly basis The Little Scholar Bookstore, and have been going ever since.

UPmag: What advice do you have for aspiring writers, designers, or creative business owners? TD: When things don’t progress as fast as you would like, or you keep getting “No’s,” continue to pray for direction, continue to be productive, and keep being persistent. It only takes one, “Yes!” Also it’s okay to ask for help and to allow others to assist you, you will find that having the right team of people will take your organization to new heights.

TD: That I would never be the same. That life as I knew it would literally be different in every aspect, (sleeping, eating, working, traveling, etc...) The amount of joy I get from being a mom, is incomparable and makes all the differences, well worth it. UPmag: If you could change anything about your life at this moment, what would it be and why? TD: I’m not sure. I’m content with what God has done and is currently doing in my life and wouldn’t want to change anything. I may mess up his perfect plan! UPmag: Is there anything else that you would like to share? TD: Sydney’s Book Club is just getting started, its vision goes beyond what most would imagine. In the upcoming months our online content will transition to becoming more curriculum based and our followers will see more interactive content. We are looking to bring SBC to more locations, so we are always seeking volunteers! In the future we will launch programs that will cater to military families and parents just to name a few! So we invite you to visit us online at www.sydneysbookclub.org and connect with us on social media @sydneysbookclub Urban Parenting 19

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Tender Hugs & Kisses with Chocolates Show lots of love this Valentine’s Day with this ruby red tulip and deep blue iris bouquet coupled with delicious chocolates!

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