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Welcome to the first EDITION of Urban Organ. The purpose of this magazine is to bring you high quality graffiti from the hands of talented artists from around the world. If you are not exactly familiar with graffiti as an artform I hope that this collection of impressive artwork will serve as an appetizer for you to further explore the fascinating world of aerosol art. This first edition is a special one as all of the images were taken by myself throughout many years of travelling, attending exhibitions and participating in jams, events etc. I have tried to assemble a lot of different images and styles to show how diverse the graffiti scene really is.

Yours truly, Mads Anderberg, Editor

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Roskilde Festival






Although New York is considered the birthplace of graffiti by most, Los Angeles has raised many skilled graffiti artists of it’s own such as Retna and Saber whose styles have influenced many upcoming writers in the area and all over the world.

Most of the following pieces were found in West Hollywood and not least Venice Beach which has been a famous spot for graffiti writers and other artists since the 1970’s.

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London has during recent years gained a reputation for it’s active street art scene, but the city has during the same period of time experienced an intensified anti-graffiti policy which means that there are not many spaces left for the artists to create their artwork. There are however a few spots left, like the Stockwell “Hall Of Fame” in Brixton as well as “The Pit” in Notting Hill and East London (Shoreditch, Hackney etc.), which are popular destinations for writers and works from the likes of the Represent London crew, Zadok, Busk, Bleach among many others can be found here.

The majority of the following images were taken in Shoreditch and Notting Hill.

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Does is one of the rising stars on the European graffiti scene. He was born in 1982 and lives in Sittard, Holland but his work can be seen all over Europe as he’s a frequen traveller and participater in a lot of exhibitions and jams all over the continent. His style is recognized for being very colourful and detailed and the talented Dutchman is able to really make his pieces look threedimensional and vibrant.

Does is part of the Love Letters Crew which is a collective of 10 artists as well as Ironlak Team Europe.

You can read a full interview with the man himself on http://www.

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Not only is the Roskilde Festival in Denmark the biggest music festival in northern Europe, it also serves as a gathering point for aerosol artists to catch up and decorate the walls in the stage area each year. For 10 years graffiti has been a vital part of the Roskilde Festival and the anniversary was celebrated in 2009 which attracted many famous writers from all over the world leading to one wall after another decorated with world class graffiti.

The pieces in this section are from 2006-2009.

More images and special reports from the 10-year anniversary are available at http://www.molotow. com/magazine/roskilde-festival-2009

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Sydhavnen in the

south of Copenhagen, Den-

mark is known as a the city’s graffiti “Hall Of Fame” and is in particular famous for a 170 meter long mural which portrays the evolution theory from the “Big Bang Theory” up til the ice age.

The writers are very active in this otherwise abandoned area and the quality of the pieces is often very high. Definitely worth a visit.

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Clean 2






Does One

Team Ironlak

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