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Well, we are in 2010 and the world has not come to an end. Our new president has been in office one full year and the country has not fallen completely apart as some had predicted. In fact, if you ask most you will find that they are still optimistic about the future; even though the polls say that the confidence level has changed dramatically. In a perfect world we could be farther ahead if the parties would just give hope and change a chance. If the politicians had approved the health plan even though it was not perfect; it would have been a great start. We could address the economic condition of our country while we worked on how to get our troops home, while leaving the world in a some what safe condition; as safe as one can be during these times of terrorism. What is the opposition afraid of, that he might do a good job and the Republican Party would loose face or political presence? Each party should be concerned about the well-being of the American people and not play politics with our lives. Most of our politicians are well off and don’t have the same problems as most Americans, so there is no immediacy to address issues that could positively affect our lives. They can’t play political games with our lives. I think that we need to vote for the politicians that are suited for the job and not just because we have a loyalty to our party. I feel that is why we have a leader like President Obama. It seems that the whole country was watching the Massachusetts election as if it was going to change the world. I hope the new Senator will look at things based on the need of the people and not just give his party another vote against the Democrats. The parties came together for the good of the nation when it came to war, but we can’t come together to help save American lives through a new, but maybe not perfect health plan. What if the Democrats had played the game of politics with President Bush and his war efforts as they are playing with our new President? It is time to stop playing politics and put this country back on its feet. Greed and anarchy destroyed Rome, Egypt, and Britain; lets us not go down that road. We must encourage our friends, family and co-workers to let our political officials know we want to give change a chance. If we are not careful we could become the United States of the Eastern Hemisphere. Like 2009 I m gone…Happy 2010!

Miller London CEO & Publisher The Urban Network





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