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A night with scandals is a perfect night to our Sims celebs. Tenzy’s VIP Party was a scandal at all! Tenzy Bleez, Urbanna Brom, Ritha Sims, Britney Reynolds and Shauna William’s were the stars of the party. Urbanna shocked the paparazzi when was dancing and suddenly, they saw Urbanna’s sexual part “Where are your pants?” we would ask Urbanna. After this first scandal, Britney and Shauna (already drunks, we guess) kissed each other with no problems to show it. “They must be drunk!” said loud another celeb friend who was there in the moment.

Urbanna dancing for the paparazzi and fans that was looking behind the bars and security team, the point is, the pants are for wear, but Urbanna does not thing of the same way! KOCK will send you pants for use, Urbanna! Ritha started the party drinking to much, in the middle of the party, Ritha was already drunk, she just looked at paparazzi and was a little crazier than is suppose. Tenzy who was not very good too was singing with her, in the middle of the night! Shauna was a good girl when the party started, drunk a little and dances a lot, especially with Tenzy who was her rival for some time ago. Shauna went to the party with her husband, they are better than ever, but anyway, Shauna became a very bad girl in the middle of the party, follow the next pages for understand.

The biggest scandal of the Tenzy’s party was when Shauna kissed Britney in front of her boyfriend, the famous actress proved to be very confident about her romance with John. “It was just for fun!” said with a smile. “She is just a friend, I’m married!” ensure Britney about that kiss. Although these statements, the paparazzi didn’t let them alone for a minute.

Axel and Tenzy were in the party, usually together, the young girl and the 35-years-old man were flirting each other for a long time “I love this girl, she is crazy and that’s what I love most in her!” said when both was going out to the cinema on the next day.

Owl Cushion (recolorable) - Here is a nice Owl Cushion to decorate your Sims Houses. The cushion is recolorable so you can change it into every colour you want. Have fun with it!

Ritha Sims already has one “Its so cute, I love them all, I would like to have all collection but I love my own Owl Cushion!�

KNOCK 2 Special Edition  
KNOCK 2 Special Edition  

There's a special edition of KNOCK. Special cause is dedicated to Tenzy's VIP Party. Anyway, is our second edition and we're very happy! :)...