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Note From The Editor The first time that I got pregnant, my choices for maternity wear were woefully lacking. Usually, what I’d see on the racks then were shapeless tent dresses with either pink polka dots or tiny floral prints, sometimes with ribbons and bows. For the life of me, I didn’t know why they want pregnant women to look like little girls. Fortunately, things got better as mothers took the matter into their own hands, and started designing pregnant fashion that’s adult, trendy, and comfortable. The same thing happened to children’s wear. When designing mothers got into the picture, it resulted in children’s fashion that’s bright, colorful, easy to put on and take off, and more importantly, made for wash and wear.

Thank you and congratulations, Gerie, for being our chosen letter sender! You win a gift from Zhazhiki! Dear Urban Mom, I have four kids so I enjoyed reading about Amina Aranaz-Alunan. I remembered how it was when my kids were still younger. And I could very well relate to her multi-tasking ways. Now that my kids are older, I still find myself multi-tasking. A mother’s job never really ends! Thank you for sharing her story, and hoping to read equally interesting ones in the future. More power to Urban Mom! —Gerie Lontok Bracewell WRITE US! WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! The chosen letter sender will receive a pair of Havaianas.

That is the power of the mompreneur who knows her market all too well, products that knowledgeably answer the consumers’ every need. More power to the designing mompreneur!

Jing Lejano

“Actual prize may vary from photo”


Publisher’s Memo It’s been 10 years since my cousin Candice and I set up Mommy Matters, our fashion line for nursing moms. And it has been a fun and fulfilling 10 years. Recently, however, we realized this painful truth: We are now designing clothes for moms 10 or more years younger! While it is always a challenge to keep our clothes fashionable and current, we know that our best asset is the fact that we are moms ourselves. No matter what age, the needs of moms will always be the same. So thankfully, after a decade, we still get to enjoy the simple highs of seeing our fellow moms in the clothes we designed. Moms truly know what fellow moms need and want, and that is the power of the mompreneur!

Janice Villanueva

JUNE-JULY 2011 | VOL 3 NO. 3 PUBLISHERS Gary M. Villanueva Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva

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Quiet Life, Happy Life


hen we arrive at the house Chesca Garcia Kramer shares with her husband Doug and their daughter Kendra, it is the towering cager who greets us. “She’s on the way,” Doug says, adding that Chesca is very sorry for running late. And with that, he tells us to make ourselves comfortable, asks the help to bring us some snacks, and gets back on the phone. Nosy journalist that I am, I could hear Doug talking to who could only be Chesca, telling her that the crew is here and that they’re OK. Don’t you just love it when the husband makes it his business to ensure that his wife’s guests are comfortable? I do! And as we’d learn later on, that’s just how Doug is.



Indeed, when we finally get to sit down with Chesca and talk about their marriage, she just lights up. “It’s our third year of marriage and it’s really good… We’re very close. We enjoy each other’s time. It comes naturally, what we do for each other,” she says. We are at the Kramer home somewhere in Pasig City, and the vibe is a happy one. Having moved from a fast-becoming-cramped condominium, Chesca says, “Our house, it’s very light. I am so happy to be home whenever I arrive.” The floor plan is quite simple, living and dining areas done in shades of brown and beige, which open out to a small veranda.

Chesca says, “I am very blessed that I have a quiet life with Doug and Kendra.”

Bundles of Joy

Pretty soon, however, Chesca’s quiet life will come to an abrupt end. But the “noise” would come from a most happy source: You see, we just found out that Chesca is three months pregnant. This news certainly comes at the most opportune moment. Kendra will soon be turning two, and the joy that she has brought into the lives of Chesca and Doug have been immeasurable. “She’s such a smart baby girl. She really amuses Doug and I. We like to go to the mall together and eat together… We read her stories. We watch movies. We draw together. She’ll say, ‘Mama, draw me a butterfly.’ And I’ll draw her one and make up a story,” Chesca says. Last year, at Kendra’s first birthday party, Chesca threw a big costume party where daddies and mommies also got to dress up. This year, she’s thinking of having a parlor party for Kendra where the girls can have their hair and nails done while the boys can have tattoo stickers.


Before she knew that she was pregnant, Chesca told us: “We love Kendra so much and if we have another baby, we don’t know how we can love another the way that we love her. But of course, it comes naturally, just like being first-time parents. At first, you don’t know, but the moment your baby comes out, you start learning so many things.”

“It’s sleepwear that’s sexy but not lingerie. My cousin and I are conservative when it comes to those things. It would be sexy but it won’t show your sensitive body parts,” she says.

With another baby on the way, the Kramer home would soon be filled with even more love and happiness.

“Since a lot of girls like looking and feeling beautiful when they wake up, we decided to bring back how it was during the old times when they would make an effort to feel good and look good when they sleep and when they wake up,” Chesca says.

When It Rains…

Another thing that has got Chesca excited is her first journey into the fashion business. Along with her cousin, Chesca will soon be launching a line of sleepwear that they have aptly called Dulces Besos or Sweet Kisses. These days, most women go to sleep in shorts and tees, or in cotton pajama sets. Chesca, however, longs for the days when women paid real attention to what they wore in bed. She explains, “I’ve always had a thing for sleepwear ng mga dating panahon. I find it so elegant. Then, they take so much pride in their sleepwear. I was thinking that it would be nice to bring back something like that.” What she envisions is sleepwear that could also serve as loungewear. It would be stylish, comfortable, and modest.

There would also be lots of eyelet and cotton, fabrics that would let your body breathe.

Doug, she says, is only too happy for her.

I wanted to do something different… He knows the things that are within my interests, the things that I’m capable of doing. And so, when I finally took the step of doing it, he was very happy. This is one side of me that I’m discovering also.

There’s an inflatable pool on one side, from where, we imagine, little Kendra gets to cool off on particularly hot days.

And as Chesca takes another step towards the future, she says, “I’m blessed that I know where I’m at and I’m very secure with myself. I know what I’m capable of doing and I have a supportive family.”

I’m blessed that I know where I’m at and I’m very secure with myself.

Work Life Lessons

Chesca has been working since she was 12 years old. Here, the thirtysomething mom shares what she has learned after all those years of earning her own keep: … to appreciate the value of work at an early age … to be responsible … to know how to communicate and interact with different kinds of people … to make the most out of what you have … to reinvent yourself, constantly … to keep your feet on the ground and not be influenced by your surroundings or what society dictates … to have a good head over your shoulders

My Favorite Place


Gem of a Room By Michi Calica Sotto

The best part is that even if I am busy with my designing, product development, or meeting my brides-to-be here, my kids always know where to find me. Working at home has made me very accessible to them. I wanted to make sure that while my kids were growing up, they would still know where to find me. I am incredibly fortunate with this set-up because my bridal gown business has gotten extremely demanding over the last ten years. This was the only way to balance my family and work life.

My favorite room at home is my design studio. I am most prolific in this corner of my home and I can’t remember how many best-selling designs I’ve created right here for my Bonne Bouche boutique. Countless wedding gown dreams have come true in this gem of a room too. The huge molave table used to be our family dining table when we lived in a two bedroom townhouse in Balete Drive. We have since moved into this circa 1945 home with lots of light and space—all of 1,200 square meters. I’ll never get used to compact spaces again. I always have fresh flowers here from my flower shop. I also love the lighting in this room, the ceiling to floor picture windows give me a view of our garden and my husband’s pond where he studies rare fish. This room always smells yummy like lavender or freshly brewed coffee.

Want to see Michi’s beautiful creations? Hop on over to,, and

Get Inspired

Not Just for Bagaholics

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Date Night Glam

Going out with the hubby? Put your best face forward with these prettifying moves from makeup artists Mac Fernando and Erin delos Reyes. You just spent a frazzling day at the office while helping your gradeschooler do his homework over the phone. What you’d like to do most is crawl languorously into bed, but wait, it’s date night! So, take out your kikay kit and put on your war paint. We’ve got the moves to get you looking fabulous tonight! Face “Before putting makeup on, it is best to moisturize your face first. If you have nice skin, a tinted moisturizer would do,” says Erin. Next, apply foundation that matches your skin type, while hiding dark spots with a concealer. Set with loose powder or powder foundation. “The ultimate goal here is to obtain a flawless look,” says Mac.

Eyes Want to get the smokey eye look that’s popular among celebs these days? Erin suggests using two dark colors like black for the base and dark grey or silver to highlight. Apply the base color on the eyelid and the second color on the hollows, blending it up to the crease. Don’t forget to curl your lashes and put on some mascara, says Mac.

Cheeks “Put blush on the apple of your cheeks,” says Erin. “For light skin tones, go for a pale or light pink color to brighten skin. For medium to dark tones, a bronzer is the perfect choice. It will highlight your cheekbones and give your face that sexy glow,” says Mac.

Body Shop Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara and Lancome Molten Shore Eyeshadow

Brows “Grooming and shaping your eyebrows is a must. If you have thin eyebrows, make them fuller by applying a lighter color shadow using an angled brush,” says Mac. “Thin eyebrows are not so in,” adds Erin.

In makeup, always remember that less is more!

Shu Uemura foundation and Cinema Secrets concealer

Lips Mac suggests using a soft, neutral gloss. “You want a balanced look. If you have strong eyes, you must have soft lips. Don’t use a color that’s too distracting and takes away from your eyes. Choose colors like beige or light pink.” Adds Erin, “For light eye makeup, try a dark shade of lip color like red. For a pouty effect, only put gloss on the middle of your lower lip.” Lancome Coral Sand


Loving My Fashion We asked urban moms: “What’s your favorite thing in your closet and why?”

One of my fave things in my closet are my accessories, mostly my custom necklaces. They give the final touch to my outfit for the day and somehow, even just wearing a plain white shirt and jeans can exude a certain elegance when worn with some real nice accessories. —Peachy Guioguio, mom of one

A pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans: They fit me perfectly which is next to impossible in the jeans department for me. I could live in jeans and this pair makes me feel long and sexy. Winner!—Rone Guerrero, mom of two

An old pair of jeans that goes with anything I wear. It takes the brainwork out of dressing up in a rush.—Christine Florida, mom of three

I love my white tees. I have about a dozen in my closet. They match perfectly with denim and almost anything. And they’re made of cotton so they’re cool to wear anytime. —Mia Peneyra, mom of three


All Dressed Up Curls and Ribbons Doll up those locks with these twirly, curly clips. www.multiply.

Get your kids looking oh-so fashion forward with these goodies.

Animal Kingdom For boys who love the zoo, this cotton polo’s a dream come true!

All Ruffled Up Your babe will be the star of any occasion with this pink and lavender ruffled romper. www.multiply.

Super Pooper Here’s a one-of-a-kind onesie with a sense of humor.

See Them Run Your very active toddler will appreciate a pair of Shooshoos for their very flexible rubber soles. www.tylermarketing.

Pink Toes Pediped’s foam insoles and cushions provide a comfortable fit for your little girl’s feet. Baby Whites Introduce your baby to the fashion world with this sporty sneakers from Ralph Lauren. E-mail



Lactacyd Baby Care Village Cebu Lactacyd Baby Bath brought their successful learning caravan to Ayala Center Cebu with new games, new stations, and special treats for Mums and Tubs Club members. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Skin care company Neutrogena launched its Hydro Boost line, with its progressive 12-hour release system, at White Space in Makati.

Fun Ranch Rainbow Run Fun Ranch welcomed the summer with a family run, participated by moms, dads, and kids of all ages at the Frontera Verde Complex.

Every year, 2.4 million babies


Don’t let this happen to your baby. Protect against rotavirus by 6 months of age. O n e o u t o f 2 h o s p i t a l i z a t i o n s f o r d i a r r h e a a n d v o m i t i n g i s c a u s e d b y ro t a v i r u s 2 , w h i c h a f f e c t s b a b i e s a s y o u n g a s 3 m o n t h s o f a g e 1. B u t r o t a v i r u s i n f e c t i o n i s h i g h l y p r e v e n t a b l e 3 . T h e f i r s t 6 m o n t h s i s t h e t i m e t o p r o t e c t y o u r b a b y. D o n ’t m i s s t h e c h a n c e . A s k y o u r d o c t o r a b o u t r o t a v i r u s p r e v e n t i o n t o d a y. References: 1. Glass R. Et al. Rotarvirus Vaccines: current prospects and future changes, The Lancet 2006; 368:323-32. 2. Bresee JS et al. Emerg Infect Dis 2004; 10(6) 988-995. 3. Clark HF et al. Vaccines. 4th edition (USA): 2004; Chapter 51:1327-1345.


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