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Note From The Editor If there’s one talent of mine that I’m truly grateful for, it is this: I can weave stories out of words. I’ve always had a love affair with words. When I was a young girl of 15, I remember writing about my friends and my crushes in this little pink journal, which I still have. In college, I talked about politics and prostitutes in our university paper, some issues of which I’ve kept. I never thought that I could actually make a living out of my passion but here I am 20 or so years later and I am still weaving stories out of words. Today, I am particularly excited to be writing to you from this little corner of the mommy world. I’ve known Janice for years. She’s one of those people whom I worked with, and whom I ended up being friends with after some time. Her zeal is infectious; her passion contagious. And if you can harness all the energy that Janice puts into her various causes, she can probably light up a small village!

Thank you and congratulations, Tessa, for being our chosen letter sender! You win a gift from Medela! Dear Urban Mom, I’ve been able to read and collect about six issues of your magazine so far. I got them from Mommy Matters and the Medela House. I’d like to commend your staff for being able to come up with a very handy magazine that’s full of interesting and helpful features for moms like me. As a young mom with a baby and a toddler, I don’t consider myself an expert on motherhood and I truly appreciate all the help I can get from reading and from other people. Thanks and keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to reading more of your issues.—Tessa Guerrero-Strebel

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And so our friendship begins another chapter. We do so hope that you can join us!

APRIL-MAY 2011 | VOL 2 NO. 6 PUBLISHERS Gary M. Villanueva Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva

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Publisher’s Memo Growing up, I don’t think I was ever an overscheduled child. All I remember were happy summers with my sisters and cousins, attending different kinds of classes. We spent time learning swimming, tennis, and golf. The “in” classes then were Tahitian and reading dynamics. These and other fun stuff were not only bonding times but also opportunities to discover ourselves, what we love, and what we can be good at. This issue is about nurturing talents, inspired by those memorable summers I spent doing exactly that.

Janice Villanueva

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“We love the beach. My parents have a beach house in Nasugbu, Batangas. I was always at the beach throughout my childhood and my teen years. My parents still have the place so we still go up to now. We spend New Year’s Eve there, every long holiday, as often as we can. We try to go up on weekends. We will be there most of the summer for sure. Lucas loves it there. He loves the boats. He rides the speedboat, pretending to drive it.”


By Richelle Joson-Ligot The bed! My asylum, my workplace, my pamper zone, the playground...

tween daughter Nikita and I crochet, knit, study, sing, and read the Bible together. This is my toddler Miro’s refuge cum snack bar, when she’s had a bad fall, a bad time, or a hungry tummy.This is the bed that has felt tears of both victory and defeat in Cranium games, and life’s events.

I love to sleep. But not as a child when I used the bed as my stage on which to bounce like an acrobat, dance like the Aldeguer sisters, model with a pajama on my head as pretend-long hair, and sing like a diva. Now as a mom of three (soon four), my bed remains to be the oasis amidst the kalat of my bedroom. But there are also days when it has 7,100 islands on it—laptops, phones, remotes, books, toys, workbooks of my homeschooled daughter, food tray, food scraps, and people. This territory may be mine, but not all the time. This is where I breastfed my babies, read books to them, squeezed in with them when their beds had guests, their dreams got bad, and when we had to save electricity. This is where I discipline them, nurse them to recovery, and hide under a blanket with them when we hear Tatay coming. I love it when my teenage Mishka after arriving from school, willingly kneels by my bedside to kwento, knowing he can’t sit on the bed with dirty school pants. The bed is where my

Staying in? When I think of brunch, instantly I imagine bacon and eggs! Here’s a simple dish kids and adults alike will enjoy. And what’s the best thing to go with brunch? A nice, breezy summer day!— Chef Golda Liamzon

Now that I am on bed rest as my pregnancy is high-risk, my bed is my best buddy. I dwell here. If not for bathroom duties, I am its 24/7 resident. This 15-year-old mattress is no princess-and-the-pea cushion, and isn’t clod with satin bed sheets, and fluffy down pillows. All I ever need is my journal, and my Bible (wait, I have to add my Ipad and phone), and I will be “bed happy.” My bed has become lumpy, uneven, and has to be changed soon. But nothing will ever replace its wonderful memories of shared intimacy, dreams, and prayers with my best friend and husband Tot. I shall always believe in the family bed, and that because life is short, we must make the most out of this bed of roses (and thorns) and stay still for the sake of the baby in the womb, and sleep. Sweet dreams!

Bacon and Cheese Frittata What you’ll need: 6 eggs 1 cup fresh milk 2 tablespoons butter Salt to taste Freshly ground black pepper ½ cup bacon bits, cooked 1 cup grated cheddar cheese (or any cheese that tickles your fancy)

How to do it: 1 Combine the eggs, milk, butter, salt, and pepper in a bowl. 2 Pour into a round, oven-proof baking dish. 3 Top with bacon bits and cheddar cheese. 4 Bake at 350 F for 25 minutes or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.


“ 1 Baby-bonding cardio Weatherpermitting (best early in the morning so it’s not too hot for baby), get yourself and the stroller ready so you and baby can go out for a walk or jog. While it goes without saying that your heart will get its much-needed workout, baby’s senses also unlock to receive a variety of cues like different sounds and smells outside the crib. Do 20 or 30 minutes of this cardio-based, bulge-burning routine. Make sure to have a full water bottle in tow and a towel to dry off. 2 Easy does it Start with slow yet rhythmic routines like yoga, tai chi, and Pilates, which not only let you focus on breathing (essential for speeding up metabolism because your body is efficiently using up oxygen) and relaxing muscles, but allow your muscles (like abs and arms) to strengthen and tone up as you take control of movement. This also works for expectant moms.

Here, five mom-friendly fitness moves from Pilates instructor and fitness expert Asha Macam.

Loving your shape and knowing how to dress it is perhaps the smartest trick you can use when picking the perfect-fitting swimsuit.

3 Beat bloating Give your foodstuff a quick scan. Are these a part of your daily diet—sugar alcohols in your coffee and sodas, white starches like bread, rice, potatoes, and deeply fried food that gets processed in your stomach forever? If your answer is yes to these gas-promoting items, then it’s time to increase your fiber intake. This means switching to browner food and staying away from hydrogenated oils. Fat attaches to fiber so you can say bye-bye to bloating. 4 Manage your meals Eating more isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just means spacing your meals so you don’t overeat some hours. Go big on breakfast so you’re fuller most of the day and have filling snacks in between

like a cereal bar (packed with nutrients and fiber), a fruit shake, or half a cup of nuts (almonds and walnuts are especially ab-slimming). Also try these diet tricks: Spread out your food in your plate so it appears fuller. You can also place more vegetables instead of rice so you get more fiber and the feeling of fullness faster! 5 Mind over matter Loving your shape and knowing how to dress it is perhaps the smartest trick you can use when picking the perfect-fitting swimsuit. Are you a pear? An apple? A curvy figure eight? Decoding your shape, skin tone, and assets can dictate the appropriate print, color, and cut of your bikini, which makes for wise and speedy decisions.


We asked urban moms: “How do you nurture your children’s talents?”

If my children are keen on a specific hobby and want to continue doing it without being forced then I support them all the way. My 12-year-old son is into painting and Kendo. He comes home with art works that keep getting better every time. With his Kendo, there are times when practice will take up most of his Saturday afternoon, yet he pursues it. My six-year-old daughter is into ballet now. She has the drive to know what she needs to work on and practices them without having to be told. One time, she had a fever of 39 degrees the night before a big performance. I thought she will not be able to make it but she managed to perform as if she was not sick at all.—Maritoni Tordesillas, mom of two

All my boys are encouraged to pursue their interests be it in sports, music, or the arts. When they were younger and seemed not to know any better, we tried to expose them to different things. Sometimes they keep at whatever it is for a while until they shift their focus on to something they feel might be more interesting. As parents, we let them know that we are always there for them in pursuing their interests, talents, and dreams. —Linnor Arreza-Rapes, mom of three

My daughter, Elizabeth, has always loved music. As a toddler, she would put her ear against the speaker of the TV whenever a song was played. At three, she joined the preschool percussion orchestra of the Philippine Montessori Center. She enjoyed learning how to play the marimba and enjoyed performing even more. Since she loves music so much, we bring her to concerts and musical plays. We buy CDs for her to listen to in the car or at home. My husband gave her his old iPod touch and loaded it with music and musical games like Glee Karoke. She even has a Wii game called Wii Music. She continues to take formal marimba and piano lessons.—Lizelle Ilagan, mom of three


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Every year, 2.4 million babies


Don’t let this happen to your baby. Protect against rotavirus by 6 months of age. O n e o u t o f 2 h o s p i t a l i z a t i o n s f o r d i a r r h e a a n d v o m i t i n g i s c a u s e d b y ro t a v i r u s 2 , w h i c h a f f e c t s b a b i e s a s y o u n g a s 3 m o n t h s o f a g e 1. B u t r o t a v i r u s i n f e c t i o n i s h i g h l y p r e v e n t a b l e 3 . T h e f i r s t 6 m o n t h s i s t h e t i m e t o p r o t e c t y o u r b a b y. D o n ’t m i s s t h e c h a n c e . A s k y o u r d o c t o r a b o u t r o t a v i r u s p r e v e n t i o n t o d a y. References: 1. Glass R. Et al. Rotarvirus Vaccines: current prospects and future changes, The Lancet 2006; 368:323-32. 2. Bresee JS et al. Emerg Infect Dis 2004; 10(6) 988-995. 3. Clark HF et al. Vaccines. 4th edition (USA): 2004; Chapter 51:1327-1345.


Urban Mom 2011 April-May  
Urban Mom 2011 April-May  

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