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A semiannual newsletter by Urban Ministries of Wake County about our people and programs.

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Come and enjoy a delicious bowl of Stone Soup! We hope to see you at Urban Ministries’ 9th annual Stone Soup Event on Wednesday, November 20! Urban Ministries invites you and your friends, family, and neighbors to the 9th annual Stone Soup on Wednesday, November 20, 2013. The event will be held at White Memorial Presbyterian Church at 1704 Oberlin Road in Raleigh. Come out and enjoy a delicious bowl of soup! Stone Soup will include supper only, but serving hours will be extended: 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. for Soup-To-Go!; 5:00 – 7:30 p.m. for Dine-In. Chef Donna Lupo and her staff will prepare tasty soups made from ingredients donated by US Foods. And new this year: local celebrity chefs serving featured soups! For information on Soup-To-Go visit: stone-soup-2013/ To-go orders are available now through November 15. Be sure to place your order early because there are limited quantities.

Stone Soup sponsorships are still available and a great way to support Urban Ministries. For more information on sponsorship, please contact Martha Browning at or 919.256.2187. Special thanks to White Memorial Presbyterian Church and Triangle Potters Guild for making this event a success.

What: When: Time: Where:

Urban Ministries Stone Soup Supper Wednesday, November 20, 2013 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. for Soup-To-Go! 5:00 - 7:30 p.m. for Dine-In White Memorial Presbyterian Church 1704 Oberlin Road To go orders are available for pre-sale until November 15

Need a unique way to say “Seasons Greetings” and honor someone you love at the same time? Send a Holiday Honor Card that says you have made a donation to Urban Ministries in their honor. This year, several cards are available, including the 2013 card featuring art by renowned artist William Mangum who started the Honor Card Program 25 years ago. 100 percent of card proceeds go directly to services for Urban Ministries’ 24,000 clients. Visit for more information.

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Fall Campaign Upcoming Events Board and Staff Lists

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Letter from Peter I hear some say that these are uncertain times. These times are not so uncertain for Urban Ministries. We find ourselves in the slowest months for donations: cash, food, and in-kind. We need a robust annual campaign. The Affordable Care Act presents new challenges to Urban Ministries: more insured persons, but no increase in the numbers of medical providers and questions about whether all providers will take the new insurance.

Dr. Peter Morris, Executive Director

There has been no decrease in homelessness. The numbers are flat. Still there are 1,100 reported persons homeless in the point-in-time survey done each year and more families and children are among the uncounted homeless – living with friends and neighbors, but numbered at 2,200 by Wake County schools. The homeless women we serve are no fewer as well. We hope to help women move to a home, and to help them back to the workplace. The numbers who are food-insecure outnumber the uninsured: nearly 140,000 in Wake County report skipping a meal – not dieting – for lack of food in the home. Children track out of school breakfasts and lunches. Unemployed benefits gross less and last less.

The obesity epidemic may be slowing but the healthcare consequences loom: more persons with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, and stroke. The needs of the poor in Wake County are real and growing. Urban Ministries’ programs addressing hunger, healthcare and homelessness are real and growing too. We thank all our supporters, the majority of whom are kind-hearted individuals. We thank the churches, civic organizations, and businesses who donate time, talent and treasure. We thank our full-hearted and able volunteers who serve clients and agency alike, keeping 94% of donations in services, not overhead. Please support our annual campaign. It is hard to ask those who give so much to give more, but these are the times when it is needed. Tell your friends and neighbors and colleagues what you like about Urban Ministries and invite them to support us as well. These are certain times of need.

Peter Morris, MD, MPH, MDiv

Something New>> Urban Ministries’ expanded annual report is available at Great thanks to our GSK Pulse volunteer, Mark Stevenson, for creating this report and for his enhancements to our website! You’ll be pleased to know that Urban Ministries continued to operate with unparalleled efficiency last year, with 94 cents of every dollar directed to the people we serve!

Stay Connected. You can find us on:


Sue’s story... “

Urban Ministries’ Clinic has been such a blessing to me and my family. I can work every day because I am getting the care I need but couldn’t afford without insurance. With my pre-existing health condition, I would end up in the ER or urgent care if it were not for the regular care that I get here.

Sue found the Urban Ministries Open Door Clinic through a referral at her church, which supports Urban Ministries. As a working mother of three, Sue needs to be on her best game every day, and now she can be, thanks to the Open Door Clinic. After a layoff, Sue opened her own small business, where she works today. When she applied for insurance, which she once had while employed with a larger company, she found that it was cost-prohibitive because of her pre-existing condition. Carol Akers, medical student and Dr. Greenberg

started coming to the Clinic, I’m taking fewer but more effective medications for my condition. I’m on track to living a healthier lifestyle and am truly grateful. – Sue, Open Door Clinic Patient

Dr. Greenberg in the Clinic is on point – he is direct and caring. I trust him, and he has helped me so much. Also, he has urged me to quit smoking, which I have done, using a stop smoking aid. Since I


health care

Beyond Medicine...a healthier life. For years, doctors at the Urban Ministries Open Door Clinic had no way to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. This severe problem, commonly linked to obesity, accompanies other conditions such as dangerous heart rhythms, resistant hypertension, serious depression, uncontrolled chronic pain, and escalating diabetes. Left untreated, sleep apnea can cause significant harm to one’s health and reduce both the quality and length of life. Diagnosis requires an overnight sleep test. Treatment typicallyrequires special equipment to provide Continuous Positive Airway Pressure—a CPAP pump and mask. Each patient must be fitted and trained, which require services beyond the capacity of the Open Door Clinic.

Thanks to our five-year collaboration with Active Healthcare and hospitals’ sleep laboratories, Open Door Clinic patients have access to these life-saving services. There’s a waiting list of patients in need. When we receive a donated CPAP machine (often from Active Healthcare or a donor in the community), we enroll our patient in a hospital’s overnight sleep study. After the confirmation of diagnosis, Active Healthcare’s technicians calibrate the newly sterilized machine and arrange for on-going support, education and monitoring. Thanks to Active Healthcare and our other partners, dozens of patients have been helped by donated services worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Lisa Feierstein, RN and her team of Good Night’s Sleep Experts

hunger Beyond Feeding...we nourish. Urban Ministries of Wake County engages our community and advocates on behalf of those affected by poverty by providing food assistance and is committed to doing more than filling empty stomachs. We want to provide and promote healthy food choices and the opportunity to learn about good nutrition. You can help! Urban Ministries has revised our list of suggested food donations. While we will continue to gratefully accept all donations, we hope you will help by donating items that are low in sodium and sugar. Also, consider frozen items, which retain their nutritional value better than canned and usually cost less. Our pantry has ample refrigeration and a large walk-in freezer. A secondary benefit is that our donors, as they are shopping for our clients, will be reading more food labels. Not only will our clients benefit from these healthier donations, but our donors will be more aware of the food content and will benefit as well. Urban Ministries has not one, but two Community Gardens run by volunteers and staff. 100% of the produce goes to our clients. To get involved, please contact Hannah Pettus, Manager of Volunteer Services and Community Garden Coordinator, at 919.256.2169. If you have fresh produce from a personal garden that you would like to donate to our Pantry, please contact Josephine Charles, Pantry Manager, at 919.256.2170. Access to nutritious food choices is an important step to healthy eating. Having the skills to prepare nutritious foods and meals is equally important. We are partnering with community agencies to teach clients about good nutrition, healthy eating, and nutritious meal preparation. Thanks for making our Food Pantry as nutritious as possible for our clients!

homelessness Beyond Shelter...a path home.

This July, the residents of the Helen Wright Center for Women attended “Find Your Song and Sing It,” a career readiness class. The class, organized by Sheyenne Kreamer, an Adjunct Instructor from Wake Tech, and her colleague, Dori Staehle, covered career basics, such as using the internet effectively to find a job. The women also explored how to be creative about finding sources of income, effective networking, and being an entrepreneur. The classes took place at the Helen Wright Center in three-hour sessions over four days. Attendance remained high throughout the week. Women reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the class,


stating that it gave them more energy and ideas about the job searching process. Sheyenne also provided additional career guidance to each resident who participated. Sheyenne and Dori’s contributions to the center are greatly appreciated. When a woman arrives at the Helen Wright Center and is not employed, the two to four months she has to stay are not a long time to find a job and then save enough money to get back on her feet. This class provided unemployed women with more tools and hope of finding a job. Sheyenne and Dori are interested in making the class a more regular program at the Center!

Special Volunteer Awards Lynn Eschenbacher was recognized in March 2013 by the Triangle Business Journal for the “40 Under 40 Award,” which spotlights outstanding professionals under the age of 40 for their contributions to their organizations and to the community. Some people like to leave their work at work. Not Lynn. Eschenbacher, the Assistant Director of Clinical Services at WakeMed, spends much of her free time volunteering at Urban Ministries and the Helen Wright Center. She’s been a consistent and valued asset to Urban Ministries’ Open Door Clinic for over a decade.

Congratulations to Lynn! We are grateful for your support at Urban Ministries!

Lynn Eschenbacher

The ‘U’ in volunteer: Urban Ministries depends heavily on generous volunteers. Many come with some extra time and an eagerness to help their community. Erika Padilla-Morales came to us this spring after changes in her life left her with unexpected free time, which she was determined to put to good use.


Erika Padilia-Morale

Erika quickly adopted Urban Ministries as one of the agencies she worked with every week. She began in our pharmacy, but soon expanded to other areas of Urban Ministries – wherever she was needed. From serving in the food pantry to working at special events like the COCK-Tail Party and the Garden Party, Erika’s heart always showed through her work. She always worked above and beyond what was expected.

Her passion was clear and she made a great impression on everyone around her. We were sad to see her depart, but she left us with encouraging words: “Urban Ministries parallels so many of the organizations I have served and received services from. It’s been humbling to work at Urban Ministries and get a taste of all the energy it takes to maintain such excellence. Urban Ministries is more than good intentions; good governance and management make its success possible. The logistics you have running things in the background are awesome.” Today, Erika is applying the new skills she learned at Urban Ministries as a Pharmacy Technician in Fruitvale, California. We are proud of all she has done and will continue to do!

Congratulations! Congratulations to Urban Ministries Immediate Past Board Chair Lisa Cunningham for being recognized with a Triangle Business Journal Women in Business Award! The Women in Business awards program recognizes Triangle women who have proven to be dynamic and outstanding leaders with established track records of significant accomplishments in business and/or community service. We’re proud of you, Lisa! Lisa Cunningham


Spotlight on: our board member:

our funder:

Jon Carr

Nationwide Foundation

In July, Urban Ministries of Wake County welcomed a new Board Chair, Jon Carr, a partner with the law firm of Jordan Price Wall Gray Jones & Carlton in Raleigh.

Q. Congratulations on your appointment as Board Chair for Urban Ministries of Wake County. Of all the local charities you might have chosen to support with your time, energy and other resources, why Urban Ministries? A. There are several connections that drew me to Urban Ministries. I remember when Dr. Don Lucey first created the Open Door Clinic. Like many, I have been generally aware that Urban Ministries is a very good organization, with good people and good purposes, and that it is needed in our community. I am the lobbyist and attorney for the NC Association of Free Clinics. In that capacity, I lobby for free clinic funding to serve more people and have been immersed in the needs of the 1.5 million or so uninsured adults in this state. When I decided to seek a volunteer opportunity in our community, I went directly to Urban Ministries and have gained even greater appreciation for its work over the past six years as a Board Director. Q. What do you see as the one or two greatest challenges facing Urban Ministries in the near future? A. The federal Affordable Care Act is still in its infancy and its full impact is not yet known, including whether more uninsured will have health care insurance and what the plan benefits will provide. Regardless of changes in our health care system or the economy, the needs in our community continue to grow. There will always be people in our community who are homeless and need assistance with housing and progression towards a home of their own, who are need of food and good nutrition, and who are in need of health care and wellness counseling. Raising the funds to pay for this care is constant and community support is critical to the fulfillment of our mission. Working together we are making and will continue to make a difference. Q. What message(s) would you most like to send to our readers and the larger Wake County community about Urban Ministries or its mission? A Urban Ministries is prudently operated, depends on the giving of individuals and businesses in our community and on thousands of volunteers, and is continually grateful for that support. Our volunteers provide free professional health care services, groups and organizations put on food drives and stock our food pantry, provide and serve meals all year to the residents at our homeless shelter for women, others serve as patient intake coordinators or on committees of the Board. If you want to contribute in any way, we want to help you do so.


A great big THANK YOU to the Nationwide Foundation! Nationwide has been a lead financial supporter of Urban Ministries and provides leadership for our board through the service of Mr. Sherman McCoy. The Nationwide Foundation makes strategic investments toward critical needs in communities where they do business. Their support of Urban Ministries of Wake County is exactly that—providing food, shelter and healthcare to those in need in our community. Thanks, Nationwide!

our community partner:


The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh, led by Reverend John Saxon, has been a strong supporter of Urban Ministries for many years. Their generous support in the form of meals and gifts for the residents at our Helen Wright Center for Women and food for the Food Pantry (more than 2 1/4 tons of food last year!) earn them our deepest gratitude and appreciation. Thank you UUFR!

our wish list 52-Week Food Drive Members

(since January 2013)

Thank You to these food donors for helping feed more than 8,000 families and 9,000 children. Please visit our website to learn more: We need more members. If interested, contact Carol Schwartz at 919.252.2179 or 5/3 Bank BB&T Bible Application Class Coastal Federal Credit Union Connections Church Youth Group Dimensions in Occupational Health and Safety, Inc. Employees of NC OAH FMI Corporation First Baptist Sunday School Class Journeys Hillyer Memorial Christian Church Kiwanis/Alpha Graphics Lakemont Swim Club Lysaght & Associates, P.A. McConnell Golf Millbrook Baptist Church Nationwide Insurance The News & Observer Publishing Company PRA St. Michael’s Episcopal Church Team Ravenous/Andy Bonin & BlueCross BlueShield UCB Biosciences, Inc. West Raleigh Exchange Club Wainright & Wassel DDS Williams & Daily Dental Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP

Thank You!

A special thank you to the sponsors of our spring COCK-Tail Party, Tour D’Coop and Garden Party! These fun and successful events together raised more than $100,000 to care for the poor in our community!

While we always need and appreciate your cash donations, you can help Urban Ministries save money and keep 94 cents of every dollar going to programs by contributing in-kind gifts, too. For ideas, please visit

one TON club


(January - December 2012)

UCB Biosciences (11,520) Bible Application Class, Inc. (7,964) Journeys -- A Spiritual Community (6,274) White Memorial Presbyterian Church (5,687) West Raleigh Exchange Club (4,986) Edenton Street United Methodist Church (4,684) Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (4,515) Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh (4,298) Western Boulevard Presbyterian Church (4,125) Community United Church of Christ (4,007) Curves for Women (3,902) Syngenta Biotechnology (3,674) Greystone Baptist Church (3,458) Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (3,312) Umstead Park United Church of Christ (3,182) Crossroads Fellowship (2,958) St. Michael’s Episcopal Church (2,863) Temple Baptist Church (2,828) North Raleigh UMC (2,824) Kiwanis Club of Raleigh/Alpha Graphics (2,306) St. James United Methodist Church (2,277) Band Together (2,067) Tabernacle Baptist Church (2,018)

(Pounds of food donated in parenthesis)

Tour D’Coop and COCK-Tail Party Sponsors “Orpington” Patron Sponsor: Nationwide Insurance, Whole Foods “Australorp” Presenting Sponsor: Avian and Exotic Pet Care, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina, Nutrena Hosts: Anna Baird & Hunt Choi

Garden Party Sponsors Bird of Paradise: Nationwide Insurance Flowering Dogwood: Wells Fargo Hydrangeas: The Fenwick Foundation, Juice Wine Purveyors, Tricia & Stuart Phoenix, Urban Ministries Vegetable Garden Volunteers Hosts: Mary Beth & David Paulson





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U r b a n M i n i s t r i e s o f Wa k e C o u n t y

Fall Campaign:

Renewing lives. Restoring hope. 1390 Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27603

Urban Ministries must raise $300,000 this fall to continue helping your neighbors in need. 94 cents of every donated dollar goes straight to our mission. We promise to squeeze every last dollar to show results that will make you proud! Will you help? The economic rebound is slow in coming for some. Families are trying hard, but they need help. They’re our neighbors – our store clerks, fire fighters and school teachers. With your help, Urban Ministries will keep providing them with the basics of life and greeting them with respect and a welcoming smile. Strengthen our mission and support our community by giving now to our fall campaign!

upcoming events November 20, 2013: Stone Soup come for dinner Soup-To-Go! or dine-in with friends and family to enjoy good food for a good cause. Spring 2014: Spring Fundraiser May 17, 2014: Tour D’Coop Bring the family to see the diverse chickens and chicken coops in Raleigh and Cary.

Urban Ministries is a proud Agency of Excellence member of the Triangle United Way.


Triangle United Way Number: 840 Combined Federal Campaign Code: 28226 .

Board of Directors Fran Abdou Jo Allen Paul L. Anderson Debra Baskett Andy A. Bonin Jon P. Carr, Chair Jean W. Carter Hunt Choi Lori Christian Lisa K. Cunningham Christine Dennis Yashika N. Dickerson Susan Ehrlich Reid Fogelman Mark Gregory Courtney Humphrey Kacy Hunt Ted Kunstling Carla Liberatore Sherman P. McCoy John Peterson Doug Riddle Susan Stephenson W. Stan Taylor Eugene Weeks Whitney W. Zinner Members Emeritus Anne Bullard Anne Burke Mary Anne Howard Don Lucey David Maurer Harry A. White

Administration Peter Morris, MD, MPH, MDiv Executive Director John Welch Director of Development

Administrative Offices 1390 Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27603

Kathleen Donahue Director of Finance and Human Resources

Mailing address: PO Box 26476 Raleigh, NC 27611 919.256.2172 Fax 919.836.1352

Open Door Clinic Gary Greenberg, MD Medical Director


Pablo Escobar Clinic Director Hannah Pettus Manager of Volunteer Services Crisis Support Sam McLean Director of Crisis Support Helen Wright Center for Women Dawn McCullough Lead Housing Manager

Crisis Support Program 1390 Capital Blvd. 919.256.2181 Food Pantry 1390 Capital Blvd. 919.256.2170 The Open Door Clinic 1390 Capital Blvd. 919.832.0820 Helen Wright Center 401 W. Cabarrus St. 919.833.1748

Skylines Fall 2013