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I WENT TO JAMAICA TO GET MY GROOVE BACK! I had an opportunity to go to Montego Bay for business. The great thing was that I’d have a few days to myself and being the workaholic that I am, I jumped at the opportunity to mix business with a little—or a lot—of pleasure. I read a ton of articles and planned on doing everything from zip lining to hiking to jumping off a cliff into that beautiful blue water I’ve seen on so many screensavers. It was time to reenact my version of Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love! When I landed in the Montego Bay airport, the first thing the shuttle driver said to me was, “You need to relax.” The look of confusion on my face must have been hilarious because he laughed hard and said, “You can’t take things too seriously Mon. It’s just life.” What I learned quickly, is that things move slower in Jamaica. The fast paced environment I was accustomed to in Los Angeles was a distant memory. I found out exactly what “Jamaica Time” was, and I liked it. No one was checking their watches or having meaningless small talk. I looked around and saw people on the streets of the tropical paradise laughing, eating, dancing, or just plain sitting. Everything seemed to have a purpose. While I recognized that there was purpose in sitting still, in that moment, I wasn’t mentally able to relate. I’d gotten used to making every minute count while working 14 hour days, so needless to say, sitting still seemed like a waste of time. But there I was, watching people enjoy the life they were given. Regardless of their (obvious) struggles and despite their circumstances, I saw pure joy enveloping them. This was my initial “AH-HA!” moment that Oprah talks about so often. I decided to jump on Jamaica time and immerse myself in the city spirit.

Lucky for me, I’d be staying at the IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Suites, a five-star, all Inclusive luxury hotel. As I walked into the gorgeous lobby, I was greeted by an excited clerk who informed me that my room was customized to meet my needs. Next, a personal butler was assigned to me and could provide me with everything from room service, to the latest movie, to even running a hot bath in my personal jacuzzi. Really, what more could a traveler ask for? I’ll tell you... The beachfront resort boasts spacious rooms with breathtaking sea views, a ton of land and sea recreational activities, relaxing ocean space and a constant breeze. The wait staff delivers drinks on demand, and this comes included with every hotel stay. And when you get hungry, the hotel offers the best cuisines to please any palate including two buffets, an à la carte restaurant and a variety of on site eateries with different international themes. I found the key to relaxation or getting one’s groove back is to not have a set plan. IBEROSTAR Rose Hall envelops you and YOU choose what is best suited for you while there. Next time you take a vacation, be sure to make lasting memories. Visit and get your groove back!



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