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he Arthur Wylie brand is one of the country’s fastest growing entrepreneurial empires

The enterprise namesake started a wealth management organization during Arthur Wylie’s college years—out of his dorm room. He worked hard and catapulted himself to millionaire status by the age of 26. Arthur Wylie is the CEO of Arthur Wylie Enterprises (AWE) which has overseen $500 million in assets, transactions, insurance, intellectual properties and real estate acquisitions. With a multi-dimensional portfolio, AWE’s current projects include: producing and financing film/TV projects, philanthropy, motivational speaking, celebrity events, book publishing and international real estate ventures. Believing that there is an epidemic of absent mentors plaguing real-life leadership training, Arthur set out to uplift the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs through valuable, hands-on application from the Arthur Wylie Foundation (AFW). “I’ve been gifted with the spirit of entrepreneurship and I love what I do. I’d love to show people the real-life business, behind the glamour.” Through Wylie’s vision the foundation sets out to provide scholarships to students who have an expressed interest in entrepreneurship, business, applied sciences or the arts. Once selected, students receive mentorship and internships with high level executives for a hands-on, applicable, business experience. While enrolled, the organization provides entrepreneurship based curriculum that helps students with real-life application techniques via project case studies and time spent with other proven world class leaders. Taking a “from the top down” approach, AWF mentorships start atop the career ladder versus the traditional “mailroom” starting point perspective.

Not faulting the normal way of doing things, AWF case studies have shown greater retention of information and success when students are engaged at a high level from the start. The layered training experience also includes information on how to handle stress, institute damage control when they’ve made mistakes and how to pay it forward. For consideration, each student must be accepted to an accredited educational institution, submit an application packet that can be downloaded from the foundations site, in addition to professional references and a completed business plan exercise. Wylie Initiative for the Study of Entrepreneurship (W.I.S.E.), is a continuing education program within the AWF that takes future leaders through the founders book, “Only the Crazy and Fearless Win Big.” While increasing the pool of qualified leaders in the US, the AWF will launch the “Empower Jamaica: 10,000 books inspire future Jamaican entrepreneurs” campaign in 2015. With this initiative, Wylie hopes to educate a different demographic and make positive impact on entrepreneurship in low income countries. “We don’t need to just empower our country, we need to think globally! Nurturing these future entrepreneurs will result in job creation for the small business sector thus turning them into innovators and leaders versus workers.” Students who wish to apply for internships and organizations wishing to become involved with volunteering, fundraising or making donations may do so online by visiting:



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