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I HATE MY JOB! Story by DIRK DURAN SMITH M.S., R.C.C. Professional Career Coach | Registered Corporate Coach


s a professional career coach, I’ve coached thousands of working professionals over the last 15 years. We’ve discussed a plethora of nuances associated with having a career void of purpose or meaning. I’ve heard hundreds of concerns from a broad spectrum of workers that always seem to culminate with the same four words, “I hate my job!” If we absolutely must do this thing called “work,” it is imperative that we take thoughtful and introspective inventory of ourselves to help ensure our next career move allows us to make a more meaningful and insightful impact on our lives. The key, however, is the decision needs to be in total alignment with our values and more importantly, our inherent gifts. The work we choose should be performed on purpose and with a purpose. Regrettably, too many people move through their days engaging in numbing activities only to leave at the end of their work day physically, mentally, and/or emotionally exhausted. Now is the perfect time to reset and rejuvenate your work life. Embrace this New Year as an opportunity to think strategically about your life’s calling instead of the next job. Commit to exploring career options that are in alignment with who you are. Having joy in our work is not as complex as one might think. We struggle with our job/career happiness typically because of one major thing—we choose work that is out of alignment with our intrinsic gifts and that is why most all jobs feel like “work.” Getting in alignment takes thoughtful analysis and personal selfexamination of the inner you. By answering the following questions, you can move closer to realizing purpose driven work.


What is your unfair competitive advantage? These are things that come easy to you and are considered your inherent gifts. The gifts

you possess may seem unfair to others because they have to work harder to do the same things that come so easily for you. What do you enjoy doing so much that you lose track of time? What would you do if money was not an option? Your unfair competitive advantage helps to abstractly define career possibilities and ultimately discover purpose driven work. - Ask yourself, “Who needs people like me based on my selfdiscovery?” Think about certain industries, companies, functions or entrepreneurial ventures. (E.g. - educational institutions, executive search firms, non-profit organizations, etc.)


Using keys words consistent with your gifts, conduct an initial Google or LinkedIn search using search terms such as “careers in xxxx” or “xxxx jobs” to gather information about various possibilities where you can exercise your gifts.


Search actual job postings using appropriate words that describe your gifts (E.g. - “youth mentor counseling training programs facilitator”). Oftentimes, an initial search provides possible job titles. Write them down then search for jobs or similar jobs using those titles or buzz words.


Continue to expound upon the information more to learn more about additional possibilities. Finding your passion takes place when you are aware of your gifts. Explore the immense possibilities in a conscientious manner. Career management is quite complex and encompasses multiple layers. It requires lots of work and personal assessment of oneself. The information you uncover allows you to take the first steps to your own personal revolution to get the career that is only meant for you. All of us are born with gifts. Identify your gifts and how you will use them to impact the world as only you’ll be able to do? Determine what feels good to you and you’re on your way!



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