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HONORING HUE is a collection of celebratory greeting cards that are historical, sustainable, and responsible. Marrying the past and the present, each card is organic in origin because the pictures and individuals are telling their own stories. It’s quite magical and yet so, simple.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Kysha Cameron launched the customizable greeting card line whose title embodies breathing life into nostalgic moments for all people, in all walks of life. Honoring Hue’s content curators pay homage to all ethnic histories with responsible messages. Bridging the gap between the past and the current, each greeting card tells a story. Learn more at

Photo: Kelli Boyd

Tell us the personal risk associated with launching a new business? The risk are so countless that I try to focus on the opportunities. Having said that, the greatest risk were and still are financial and time commitment. What was has been your greatest fear or obstacle thus far? My biggest fear so far has also been my biggest inspiration—that is that I am new to this particular industry. There is much to learn but, I am reassured by faith and the fact that I came from an entrepreneurial family and have always been an entrepreneur in some regard. Fear and Faith are very close cousins so, I chose to stay focused on faith and its possibilities. What has been your greatest reward? My greatest reward is that I was open, receptive and responsive. At this point in my life, my kids are able to share this journey with me. I came out of corporate in 2004 so, they are now able to view me also as an entrepreneur. They encourage, motivate, and create with me not to mention donate their time and perspectives.

What advice would give an aspiring entrepreneur? This is a hard one because I don’t know that I would give one cookie cut answer to anyone. I do always share that there are so many incredible communities supporting new businesses. If you’ve got the vision, do the research and have faith. I am amazed that there are so many people with some many incredible ideas that are not moving on any of them. I recently told a friend “the next time you get an idea, please move on it.” She is full of incredible concepts. What are your plans for expansion? Currently, Honoring Hue is exclusively on-line and that was very important to me initially. I wanted to be able to monitor every stage of the product development and how the product was being received. 2015 will bring on some incredible retail partners.

What makes your business stand out? The intention. Honoring Hue offers a global eye. Nothing about this vision is intended to serve one group, one region or one culture or race. That and the fact, that along this journey I’ve learned of the story behind each picture. I am so moved that I decided to share a few lines about picture. Honoring Hue is already in the process of evolving as a curator of content and history.



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