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HERE IS A POINT in every person’s life when the feeling of being completely lost ensues. Reaching an ultimate low point in life can fuel depression and regret. However, it can also push you to a level of ambition and determination that can change your life forever. There is the possibility in the midst of changing your life; there is the ability to inspire others. The desperation and determination to never to lose again is what birthed Sam Collier’s No Losing Campaign. On December 13, 2013, Sam Collier was informed that No Losing, Inc. had just received its 501(c)(3) status. An overjoyed Collier began to scream out of excitement as he saw his dream come true. The battle to receive non-profit status started for Collier over two years ago. The vision for a campaign to change the lives of Atlanta children, particularly Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School students, was a personal goal for Collier. “I was going through so much in the music industry, I felt like I kept hitting a brick wall. I literally got so frustrated over a three-year span, that for the first time in my life, I felt this emotion of losing.” Sam Collier is a minister and a music artist. After having a rough year of setbacks and disappointments, Sam made a New Year’s resolution to never to lose again. “No Losing! I was going crazy on facebook.” The phrase, No Losing became a motto for Collier which became the title of his mix tape as well as his way of life. “When I made the declaration, my entire life started to line up. I declared No Losing, but first, what does that even mean? What does it mean for me to win? I realized I never asked myself the question, what does it mean for me to win in life?” Sam changed his life around after discovering what it meant to win and he soon felt compelled to spread the word. “Awareness brought freedom. I thought this was crazy; this is a new philosophy. I have to take this to the people. Where do we start? The most logical answer: it starts with the kids.” Collier began holding career days and assemblies at different schools around Atlanta. “We don’t go in with an agenda, yet a vision to help them win,” said Collier, on the success of his No Losing assemblies. He teams up with the school’s administration to figure out what work needs to be done in the school; whether it is improving low test scores or ending violence. Sam creates a unique assembly and program to help everyone benefit. Because it is the goal of most high school and middle school students to become famous, Sam uses that desire to inspire them to do better academically. “We leverage popular culture and its influence as a tool to make education relevant. We invite a notable celebrity, such as T.I., to visit school assemblies and motivate the students to excel.” Sam decided to focus on measuring the impact of No Losing campaign by concentrating on one school and tracking the progress of the students. No Losing campaign conducted a pilot program at Miller Grove Middle School which has 1,000 students. They held their normal assembly with a special invited celebrity guest, but only allowed students with all A’s and B’s to attend. There were three assemblies in total. “At the first assembly there were 130 kids. By the third one, there were 280.” Sam’s vision was a success and the campaign proved to be effective. Sam took the program he started with Miller Grove Middle School and spent 2013 running it in the same fashion at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. “It’s only 400 students. When we started, there were 51 kids with all A’s and

B’s.” Focusing on a school with a small population has allowed Sam to be extremely hands on with their academic progress. However, he has every attention on expanding and No Losing has the potential to go beyond Atlanta. “My goal is to create a duplicable solution for African American achievement across the United States. Sam’s work this year at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School has proven to be effective and inspiring. There were a number of students with F’s who now have passing scores. “Look at the difference culture is making.” No Losing is a vision that can be beneficial for students all across the country. “All it requires is community involvement to shift the culture.” Sam has managed to turn his personal goal and New Year’s resolution into a program that has the ability to change the lives of many children. His selflessness and ambition has already done wonders for schools and students around Atlanta. No Losing is a lifestyle and movement that is impacting young lives for a better tomorrow with a spirit and determination to WIN! - Spencer Greene


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