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Billionaire PA

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION is a major factor for success, especially in the world of real estate. However, this saying means more than just physical space—it’s mental as well. That’s what Billionaire PA realized after finishing up his eight plus years on probation in Alabama.

“The day I left Alabama my evolution began,” he explained, when asked when did he see the reinvention happening. “You become the environment you live in, so I jumped on Hwy. 10 and drove for 3 days.” His destination was to get as far away from Alabama and his troubled life as possible. His grandmother told him while he was in jail that they may confine your body but not your soul. “She felt like once you start going to jail it never stops. I told her I didn’t want that be me. I was so fed up with where I was, I didn’t care where I went,” he shares. “I didn’t have a plan I just started driving.” He would have kept driving but the Pacific Ocean got in the way and he landed in San Jose.

‘I don’t put limits on myself – that’s for other people to do’

With 150 job rejections, a felony conviction, miles away from home and little money, Billionaire PA was already low on faith. He felt like God wasn’t the answer. “I was so frustrated after a conversation with my mother, who kept telling me to just pray, I screamed, ‘I don’t look for jobs, I create them!’ That was my first quote and I didn’t even know it,” he shared. “I went back to my truck and wrote it down, read it and started to believe it.” While living in his truck for over three months he accumulated more than one hundred quotes which became the source of his forthcoming book, My Mind is Wealthy.

Because they knew me the paper [felony record] didn’t matter.”

PA’s company Wealthy Minds started in 2008. He used the record industry formula as his business model. He decided he needed to release a single to get the world ready for his album. “The clothing line was just the “single” and the first t-shirt was ‘Damn a Recession I’m in a Succession’, because I was tired of everyone talking about not having and things being bad.”

In the reinvention process, Billionaire PA found a new faith in God. “I spent over 20 years lacking faith in God because I was a very logical person, so it made it hard to believe in God. One night I wrote a list of 10 specific dreams I had no control over and felt like if there is a God then he can make these things happen for me. Everyone of those 10 things came true.” - Carletta Hurt

The reality of his world didn’t stop his dreams of making it and making it big. Billionaire PA’s passion to help other people was another major part of his evolution. Why a billion people? He responds with a laugh, “Why not? I don’t put limits on myself— that’s for other people to do.”

On living without limits, Billionaire PA gives the following tips For the Billionaire PA, success has been a long hard road. He had to stop running on how to create your own path to reinvention: Deactivate your MIND from his past and make a change—the process took years. It also took the kindness 1. 2. Build your dreams on faith and support from strangers whom he now calls his friends. “If you want to know Environment – put yourself in a position to succeed my story, talk to Myra Scott and Maurice Moore. Myra is the reason that I got out 3. 4. Step out of your comfort zone the truck and Maurice gave me the wealthy mind-set,” he explains. “They watched 5. What you put out is what you get back me build a brand and create wealth.”

The mindset it takes to sell 5,000 t-shirts in 3 months is the foundation of Billionaire PA’s Wealthy Minds. “I wake up every day knowing that my success depends on me!” His confidence and renewed faith in God gave him the notion to call himself a billionaire while he was still broke. “I had to stop making excuses because don’t nobody care about your problems.” An unpaid internship at BET would be the catalyst Billionaire PA needed to see the fruits of his labor materialize into his dream. “I interned at BET for relationships,” he explains. “I knew that piece of paper [felony record] didn’t define me but I needed people to see me, my work ethic, and what I had to offer. So BET gave me my first real job after I got out of jail and off probation.


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