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THE BRAINWORK behind planning and

preparing for an upscale event is one thing, but to creatively produce and execute these ideas is where most would much rather pass the baton. “Warren Huntley Presents, Inc.” is the ideal name for a business brand that so masterfully blends the two together incorporating both the founder’s expertise in artistic entertainment and the client’s overall vision for their planned event. Warren A. Huntley, Founder and CEO of Warren Huntley Presents, Inc., is an entertainment genius and well-versed in “creating lifestyles” that are sophisticated, chic and most importantly, unforgettable. When asked how Warren Huntley Presents (WHP) got started and what inspired it, Warren shares that prior to starting his own business, he had spent over 15 years in the entertainment and nightclub industries. After becoming displeased with the way the industry had become more business than it was an art, Warren felt it was the right time to branch off into his own. To date, WHP facilitates over eight hundred events annually. These events range from, but are not limited to weddings, grand openings, birthday parties, and galas. More than just your average event planning company, Warren and his staff specializes in “the art of all things entertaining” such as selecting the best venue, décor and lighting, providing transportation, custom floral arrangements, designating musicians, and more.


THE VISIONARY Warren A. Huntley is a Brooklyn, New York native who grew up in North Carolina. Warren states that event planning is not only his passion, but it is also his lifestyle. He goes on to say that in order to effectively carry out this type of work, “you must be experienced with the lifestyle that you are presenting” and he states, “I look at every event that I create as if I’m entertaining myself”. One could gather that this state of mind pre-event is one of the key ingredients toward leaving an impact on the client that will “WOW” them. Hence, WHP’s most-fitting tagline, “Experiencing the Art of WOW!” The gift of bringig to life the vision of his clients in a way that is engaging and classy, is what Warren prides himself on along with the impeccable skill and collaboration of his staff. The success of his company can be attributed to several factors including constant prayer and consistency. Warren admits that he has always been extremely detail-oriented with a deep appreciation for “clean lines” and things that are “sophisticated and pristine”. Anyone who knows him personally or has been a guest in his home could certainly attest to this as Warren is also an avid art collector of original paintings, signed prints, and sculptures.

PERSONAL STYLE One of the style icons that Warren makes mention of when describing his own personal style is that of James Dean. “My style is very contrary, simple and sophisticated”, he explains.


He describes his style as “old-school, but chic.” In addition to being an avid art connoisseur, he has also been a heavy collector of classic timepieces since the early age of fifteen and currently has approximately three hundred pieces in his collection. Again, this is another aspect of the total Warren A. Huntley package that we see trending through his creative business aesthetic.

NEW VENTURES With his hands involved in so many events throughout the course of the year, it seems virtually impossible to have room for anything else. However, with over 25 years of experience in his field, Warren informed that he has “returned to his roots” to the nightclub industry. As of just a few months back, he has collaborated with an exceptional managerial team for the grand opening of the classy St. James Live Jazz Supper Club in South Atlanta, which features great food, beverages, stellar service and LIVE jazz artists. Warren A. Huntley is also an established writer, lecturer, instructor and gentlemen indeed worthy of honor and special recognition. For setting a standard in high-end entertainment, event production and design and for creating life-long memories that will be spoken of for generations to come, we honor you and eagerly anticipate more “WOWS” in the days to come.

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Deborah Cox graces our LUX LIST cover as we prepare to bring the year to a close and celebrate once again a prestigious ensemble of leaders...