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aining success made her hungry for more and because the world embraced her with open arms, she kept that momentum going, crossing over to movie soundtracks, television, films and the coveted Broadway stage. Auditioning and earning starring roles in the popular Broadway productions Aida and Jekyll and Hyde was proof that she was multidimensional—and had an acting voice good enough to captivate live audiences. Those platforms allowed her to reach people in a way that she’s always dreamed of doing. She had no idea that social media would become so prevalent and important. It has allowed her to have a direct interaction with her fans—and it has allowed her to hear firsthand what they wanted, needed and expected from her. She gives that much credit for her being able to sustain and remain relevant for so long. The consensus among many music lovers is that they’re starving for quality music and actual singing, and she’s up for the challenge. Throughout her career, it’s always been important for her to find people to align with that understood her vision. Because she set high standards for her brand, she remained adamant that anyone on her team would be on board with her goal to connect with people through her platform. “I’ve always had big dreams but didn’t always know the right path to take to achieve them. I did know that I needed the right support system and the right people that would get it. My husband (manager, Lascelles Stephens) and his business partner understand my vision.” Whitney’s Voice… Earlier this year, The Lifetime Movie Network premiered the Whitney Houston Biopic to 4.5 million viewers. Directed by Angela Bassett and with Dick Rudolph in tow as the musical supervisor, Deborah received a presumptive phone call (from Bassett) to inquire about her interest to be the actual singing voice on all of the late star’s greatest hits. Like any smart artist would, she packed her bags and flew in for a jam-packed two-day recording schedule including “Greatest Love of All”, “I’m Every Woman” and “I’m your Baby Tonight.” She knew going in that they needed someone that

would bring the right emotion, tambor, spirit and tone to the songs, and she was definitely up to the challenge. Citing that, “... preparation that meets opportunity makes things happen…,” she successfully executed the project—an accomplishment she holds dear to her heart. “To have been chosen to do it was an honor.” Even though not all of the late singer’s family agreed with the star’s depiction in the film, no one can deny that Deborah represented Whitney’s legacy in the best light. Back Down Memory Lane… Now at 41, she smiles thinking about her younger self. Remembering how driven she was, and being proud of that, she also recalls how unsure she was of herself in some critical situations.

“I would tell the young Deborah to trust her instincts. Early in my career, I would rely so much on other people’s opinions. I stopped myself from doing things that felt right. I leaned so much on other people to validate me. I’ve learned over the years to rely on my own confidence, decision making and my own sixth sense.” Realizing that she was right all along, she no longer experiences angst about people liking her music. She puts out the type of music that feels good to her whether it’s on-trend or not. Comfortable with her craft, she doesn’t get involved with charts—especially since she’s traveled the world and is selling out shows, even without having a number one single. Today’s radio station programming is far removed from the organic, truly paying homage to real artists’, stations from the Motown days. She knows that because her music isn’t forced down people’s throats, new fans will keep discovering her—and all real artists prefer that. Now signed to Primary Wave, one of her latest releases, Work of Art (written by Babyface, Greg Phillinganes and Antonio Dixon) answers the real-time desires of her social media fans. The beautiful record was meant to exemplify the message that each human being is a work of art and to provoke people to see the positivity within them.


A Little On Family... A busy woman indeed, the wife and mother of three chooses to live in the moment. Being in love with her husband since high school, she beams with pride that after all of these years that he is her friend and they are raising their son and two daughters with love and togetherness. “It’s a juggling act, but I do remember to take care of myself.” With a united front parenting approach, the couple focuses on raising their children to be confident and to love themselves. Deborah and her husband are both songwriters and he manages her career. They credit great communication and understanding as the key to their long-lasting marriage and business partnerships. 20 Years Down, Many More to Go… Since the release of one of her earlier records, “Who Do You Love”, she developed a massive LGBTQ following and became extremely popular in the gay/lesbian community. Wanting to reciprocate their love and support, she lent her star power to the stages at WorldPride in Toronto, London and elsewhere. Standing strong in the philosophy that being gay is not a flaw, she has no problem displaying public agreement with the U.S. Supreme Court decision to grant and make marriage legal across the nation. Adding to her schedule, Cox signed on to John S. Anastasi’s off-Broadway play, “Would You Still Love Me If?” opposite Kathleen Turner (acting credits include Romancing the Stone and Prizzi’s Honor). In the play, Kathleen plays the mother of a woman considering gender reassignment surgery and Deborah plays a doctor. With 20 years under her belt, by no stretch of the imagination is she’s done making goals. In fact, she’s planning for the next 20 years—with her heart set on dominating a Las Vegas stage, Tina Turner style by age 60! Deborah’s “Work of Art” album was released in August and can be purchased wherever music is sold. The stage play, Would You Still Love Me If? debuted with previews in September and officially opens on October 10th at New World Stages in New York. Follow Deborah on Twitter @Deborah_Cox and on Instagram @DeborahCox.

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Deborah Cox graces our LUX LIST cover as we prepare to bring the year to a close and celebrate once again a prestigious ensemble of leaders...


Deborah Cox graces our LUX LIST cover as we prepare to bring the year to a close and celebrate once again a prestigious ensemble of leaders...