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A WORD FROM OUR EDITOR Wow! Look at how far we’ve come in just one year! We launched this magazine in October 2008 as a newsletter for the Central Area in Seattle, WA. We chose the name Central Area Monthly as an ode to the history of Blacks in Seattle. For the first three months, we built a solid reputation as being a quality newsletter, but we wanted to be more than just a newsletter. By December 2008 we had become a cross between a newsletter and a magazine. We knew we were on the right road but we were still finding our niche and developing our style. By January 2009, our growth and expansion, prompted us to change our name to one that all communities of color could identify with and have a connection to, therefore our new name became - Urban Life Northwest. By February of 2009 we were still growing and expanding and had already secured distribution locations in Renton, Puyallup, Tacoma, Lakewood, and Lacey/Olympia. By May 2009 we had distribution in Bremerton, Vancouver, Spokane, WA and Portland, OR. Although demand for our product had increased, getting advertisers and subscribers was a constant struggle.

In response to sluggish advertising sales, as of September 2009, we became an e-magazine. It is still our goal to do whatever it takes to continue to provide a quality product that represents people of color in a positive and progressive light. We’re not a newspaper, not a newsletter but a magazine - our magazine. We want to be the e-magazine for people of color in the Pacific Northwest and with your continued support, we are well on our way to achieving that goal. Starla L. Fitch Publisher & Editor

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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING… I wish I could add more to your writing but I am left without being able to add more constructive words so I’ll keep my mouth or should I say my thoughts and fingers shut. (In reference to the September 2009 article “Is Being Black ever Enough?”) Keep on writing, some of us are listening! Received September 16, 2009


Here is what some of our readers said in regards to Urban Life Northwest becoming an e-magazine. We thank you for your comments and continued support! Good go Starla. This is a difficult economic environment in which to start new ventures. The last ones in, the first ones out. We have been preaching the philosophy of community support for years. Now we will feel the results of not coming together sooner. More dependency and less sustainability. Much Love. ED #### I'm so sorry that the economy has hit your publication business hard - but know that I send your online publication to our email distribution list as well as to the staff here at work. I will continue to send it out in support of your magazine as I find it interesting, full of wonderful information which is always passed on. Thank you for your drive and determination and hang in there... always remember, there is someone worse off than you my sister and we can only continue to pray for one another and lift each other up where we can. Know that God is good and lifting you and your spirits up in prayer right now. Anita aka Lady "A" #### Thank you for your great service to the community Starla! Michael P.


Thank you for thinking about us. May God continue to bless your business. Hang in there. Jeff T. #### I'm sorry to hear that your printed magazine will end. I am only familiar with your e-magazine, but have appreciated your efforts to reach out to the Seattle black community and beyond. I feel that your outdoor a group will flourish with the coordination by Adia Callahan, who also assists me with the African American Outdoor Association in Portland. Getting and staying connected is challenging here in the Northwest, because our numbers are few and we are scattered across cities and neighborhoods. Print media is a costly venture, and is rapidly becoming an endangered species. I'm sure your e-magazine will continue to grow and flourish. I wish you continued success. Greg, a Portland Fan 4

Our Anniversary Issue - October 2009  

Celebrating our first year in circulation.

Our Anniversary Issue - October 2009  

Celebrating our first year in circulation.