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Sales tax of 9% will apply to all products except for 3D Virtual Reality Tours. A travel charge of $25 per 20 miles outside of the Madison County area will be added if applicable.

ABOUT URBAN LENS Urban Lens Studios has been a leading photographer in Huntsville’s real estate industry since 2011. We were shooting houses before professional real estate photography was even really a “thing”. Over the years we’ve gained some of the top realtors/builders in the Huntsville area and have been helping them market and sell their listings and grow their businesses. We focus on giving our clients: • Great quality photos • Turn around time within 24-48 hours • Access to Supra lockbox e-keys Our goal is to help our clients save time and sell their listing quick!

Our clients

PHOTOS DAYTIME PHOTOS 2 photos $35 5 photos $75 10 photos $100 20-25 photos $125 30-35 photos   $150 45-50 photos   $200 Example: TWILIGHT PHOTOS 5 photos $75 10 photos $125 15 photos $150 Example:

DRONE AERIAL PHOTOS 1 photo $25 5 photos $100 10 photos $175 20 photos  $250 Example: AERIAL VIDEO 1 min video $150 2 min video $250 Example:

VIDEO STANDARD HOUSE VIDEO 1.5 min $125 2.0 min $150 2.5 min $250 Example:

ADD ONS Aerial Footage $100 Example: Voice Over $100 Example:

For special video projects such as interviews or on camera audio, please email for a custom quote.

3D Virtual Reality Tour under 1500 sq ft $200 1501-2500 sq ft   $250 2501 - 3500 sq ft $350 3501 - 4500 sq ft $450 4501 - 5500 sq ft $550 5501 - 6500 sq ft $650 over 6500 sq ft call for price Example:

Virtual STAGING 3 images  $75 5 images   $110 10 images $190 15 images $270 over 15 images $18 each

HEADSHOTS 10 min session (3 photos) 20 min session (5 photos) 30 min session (10 photos)

$75 $125 $175

CUSTOMER REVIEWS “Urban Lens is top notch! Great work, excellent customer service and very prompt. We use them at both of the companies I work for, Capstone Realty and Legacy Homes.” - Nolan Ryan, Capstone Realty “Their photography is fantastic! I wouldn’t use anyone else!” - Tanya Mitchell, Better Homes and Garden “Urban Lens is an absolute pleasure to work with. They always respond in a timely manner…even if she is really busy. Her turn around is lightning fast as well. As long as they are in business, I will never use another photographer.” - Lacy Laster, Jeff Benton Homes “Urban Lens has never failed to impress. When you look through images on MLS, Zillow, etc. Urban Lens stands out above any others with the high quality images and their photographic approach on the angles of the home. With Urban Lens you truly feel you are touring the home in real life!” - The Pugh Group, RE/MAX Alliance


2018 Realtor Builder pricing  

2018 Realtor Builder pricing - Urban Lens Studios, Huntsville Real Estate Photography

2018 Realtor Builder pricing  

2018 Realtor Builder pricing - Urban Lens Studios, Huntsville Real Estate Photography