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MARCH 2014

EXCLUSIVE! “JULUKMENT” Hottest SA FITNESS DVD NEWS: Ramphele’s Political Confusion Pierre Korkie Kidnap Story PAPARAZZI ‘Fired celebrities’ BUSINESS PROFILE: STRIVE MASIYIWA





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C ntents MARCH

URBAN KULCA Your monthly Lifestyle, Entertainment & News Devotion

MARCH 2014

EXCLUSIVE! Be Fit & Healthy with “JULUKMENT”

NEWS: Ramphele’s Political Confusion PAPARAZZI ‘Who Got Fired?’ BUSINESS PROFILE: STRIVE MASIYIWA

KELVIN: A rising Gospel STAR!

LERATO: Living her dreams

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Editor’s Remarks newsroom before during undergraduate studies, which was a core selection prerequisite for the program.


elcome to our very first edition. It is so inspiring to have a platform like this whereby we are able to transplant vital aspect of purposeful communication. This publication was born out of an idea of developing Journalism and graphic design skills for graduates who wish to do journalism as a career. It was triggered after my application for Honors in Journalism at Wits University was rejected early this year. The reason for that was because I never participated in any


Rather than going around looking for that opportunity, I thought its best to establish something that will not only benefit me but also other students or graduates wishing to study journalism at post graduate level. The fact is that there are limited opportunities in newsrooms for students to participate in to practically develop journalism skills. I am grateful that I took advantage that the internet provided to be able to publish this magazine. We look forward to upgrade it and make it even bigger so that it can continue to develop and equip future journalists. By the time I write to you next year during this season, I will definitely

be in campus doing Honors in journalism. Over the past years as an individual, I developed a character of not giving up on anything I want until I achieve it, which is one virtue that I wish to impart to young people in my world, especially in the contemporary trembling economies which has caused many to lose their hopes. If you can’t find a job, create one. That’s my life principle! Giving up is not your business, all you need to have is patience and focus in your goals. It is not over until God says so. March 2014 Edition All published information in this magazine is reliable and well researched from reliable sources. One of the top stories we covered for March 2014 edition is that of Telecom Mogul Mr.




BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY from Zimbabwe and resides in South Africa. This publication will grow bigger and be the best. As time goes on we look forward to bring it on print to accommodate those who can’t access the internet yet. Our website and news app will be published very soon. For now kindly follow us on social networks and we will like to get your feedbacks too about what we can improve to make this publication a success. I thank the team behind me who believed in this vision from the beginning. I also thank you our family of readers. We hope this edition will be informative and entertaining to you as we intended it. Thank You!

Nkosinathi Mhlanga Founder and Editor


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Readers Corner


Letter from Glory-Ann Lottering 1st Year Teaching Student, North-West University Potchefstroom Campus


ow I ended up been here on campus, who I am and what I want to be is somehow a crazy feeling for me because it’s unbelievable when looking back where I’m coming from, but all I know is I made it. All that is left is to finish the purpose I came for here and get my qualification. My name is Glory-Ann Lottering. I am a 20years old orphan from Mpumalanga, Witbank. I am passionate about education and am a dreamer. I have been through a lot in life, including emotional, physical and sexual abuse which I do not wish to go in details about here. My strong belief is in God who is my source of strength and courage. I have always believed that God will never allow me to go through any challenge I can’t bare in life, if so he will always create a way out. I am one of the first year teaching students, Senior and FET phase. I applied for a Funda Lushaka bursary last year and was fortunate to be granted this opportunity to further my studies. I chose this career because I believe my purpose is to help develop the future generation through teaching.



Readers Corner


I am passionate about teaching others, not only about academic knowledge but also life values as I do consider myself a champion of my horizon. There are a lot of young people on my age that experienced some difficulties in life like I did and couldn’t manage to be where I am today. The reason why I wrote this piece of motivation is to encourage anyone who will come across it. Having passed the test of been a teenager, I do look forward to teach other teens how to travel this road successfully without stumbling. I have a strong belief that everything in any nation begins with the youth who are the future of that nation. I feel responsible to play a role in giving them care, support and education they need. Without education in our contemporary world we will have a limited future and success. My previous high school teacher played a role of been my legal guardian and always encouraged me to dust myself up whenever I felt I couldn’t take it anymore. He taught me a lesson of life that I hold dearly in my soul, “Who I was yesterday is not who I am today and it is not who I will be tomorrow”. I wish everyone can take this wisdom and keep it in their hearts to walk through any life challenge. Hard work always pays off. Therefore, work and work harder in whatever you are doing. University has a lot of work and needs dedication and hard work to make it through. Been a first year student is not a license of been away from home for partying and enjoying life, but a phase of shaping your future. You should know what you came for at University, and do not waste the opportunity which many longs for but could not get it.

have the future you desire. There is nothing that can stop you to be who you want to be. All the challenges you come across are there not to destroy you but to take out the best inside you. You are made to win any battle you come across. Your future is in your hands. No one is responsible for it but only you! So go out there and be the best of you. Do not wait for opportunities to come to you but look out for them and also seek to create opportunities not only for yourself but for others too. Yours Truly,

This is the beginning of my bright future! My message to 9 everyone out there is that you can make it too in life and







Lerato Makgatho 11




L “I play a role to ensure that all my models are protected from such, and that they value education. I always encourage them to work harder towards reaching their goals” 12

erato Makgatho, 24years old, is a young beautiful South African model and actress from one of the popular South African crime-zone township called Winterveld, in Pretoria. Winterveld is well known for crime, drugs and robbery and slow development. Lerato was raised in poverty by her single unemployed mother with more than 7 people under the same roof. Despite her painful background, she managed to be educated and is now pursuing her dreams of being a model, actress and business woman. Lerato began her model career in 2000 by joining local Miss Winterveld competition and became the Queen of Winterveld (Miss Winterveld) by winning the competition. An opportunity that made her realizes her potentials and boosted her confidence. She went on to become Miss Lovely Legs and Miss Mabopane in 2011. She was signed by a national agency Zero to Hero who introduced her to the entertainment industry as she began to be an extra in some of the biggest local television soapies: Isidingo, Rhythm City and Generations. In 2013 she became one of the finalists of Miss Pretoria, a biggest competition which recruits beautiful young models around Pretoria from different backgrounds and race every year. Such events gave her courage to face the competitive world of modeling.

LERATO MAKGATHO Lerato matriculated at Mphatlalatsane matric Centre but could not afford to further her studies due to her home circumstances. In 2010 she appeared on a Daily Sun article whereby she was looking for a publisher for her selfauthored book, but turned out to be a fortune for her to get funds to further her studies from a kind stranger who read the article about Lerato and decided to sponsor her tuition fees. She went on to study Drama at Otampho Drama School.

I I I URBAN KULCA MAGAZINE to sleep their way up to get what they want.


In 2013 she was signed by one of the top modeling agencies in South Africa, Fame and Fortune Models where she currently works as a modeler. She also has business interests and currently runs her small modeling agency Mannequin Models; through which she organizes gigs for her signed models to showcase their beauty and talent. “It is quiet challenging to run your own modeling company in South Africa, especially when you are still growing in the industry and do not yet have much connections and information. I push myself harder to ensure that I create opportunities for my models and to inspire them to be focused in fulfilling their dreams. We come from a tough and rough community where women are exposed to abuse and manipulations. These things happen also in our industry, whereby women are been manipulated

Lerato is familiar with been in the media and her face will soon be on big screens as she keeps pushing her way up to the top. Nothing can stop this young determined beautiful lady, who not only grew up in poverty but was also once a victim of abuse. She continuously appears on local and national newspapers for her interesting story, a reason why Urban Kulprit decided to feature her on its cover this month. She is currently working on a script she will perform on a theatre competition at State Theatre. “I see myself as Miss South Africa one day and also acting an exciting role in the big screen internationally. All things are possible, all you need is to believe in yourself and have confidence in your dreams. It is very important to dream and follow your dreams as a young person, no matter where you from or are going through”.

////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 13


Zinedini Zidane









n our business section this month, we profile one of the influential business personnel from Africa who plays a big role in transforming the African economy, despite of existing hindrances and challenges. He is an anticorruption hero worth more than US$600 million and his voice is getting louder and louder both in Africa and the international economic arena. “As I’m writing about these businesses… I’m reminded of a conversation I had with Strive Masiyiwa, Chairman and Founder of Econet, one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world… Strive is passionate about Africa gaining full economic freedom… He wanted to make an even bigger difference” (Richard Branson – SCREW BUSINESS AS USUAL Telecom mogul Strive Masiyiwa is a founder and chairman of global telecommunications group, Econet Wireless, a tree of communication companies with operations in Africa, Europe, South America and East Asia. That includes the publicly traded Econet Wireless and partnership with African Telecom Behemoth MTN in Botswana, and Liquid Telecom, which built Africa’s largest fiber optic cable network. He currently serves in several international boards including the Rockefellers foundation, the Advisory Board of the council on Foreign Relations, The Africa Progress Panel, AGRA, and more. He is also one of the founders along with Sir Richard Branson of the global think tank, known as the Carbon War Room. Along with his wife, Tsitsi Masiyiwa runs the Higher Life Foundation which provides scholarships to orphans, including those whose parents died of AIDS. In 2012 during the G-8 Summit at Camp David, President Barak Obama invited him to the summit to address the G-8 leaders on how to increase food production, and end hunger in parts of Africa. He received an Honorary Doctorate for his humanitarian work and philanthropy from one of the top American Universities, Morehouse College where the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. was educated. Mr. Strive has been in business since 1986. He first came to international prominence when he fought constitutional legal battle for about five years at Zimbabwe which resulted in the ruling that lifted the monopoly of State in telecommunications in the country, one of the key milestones which opened the African telecommunications sector to private capital. He is now a well-known international businessman who has won a number of international awards:     


15 Global Influential of the Year (CNN/Time Magazine Poll – 2003) Builders of Modern Africa (2010 – Winner) 20 Most Powerful Business People In African Business (Forbes Magazine – 2011) 25 Leaders of Africa’s Renaissance (Times of London – 2011) Invited by President Barak Obama to attend G-8 Summit at Camp David.



He comes a long way… Mr. Strive was born in 1961 in Zimbabwe which used to be called Rhodesia. He was raised by his both parents who decided to leave the country when Strive was about seven years old, to settle at Kitwe, a city in North Central Zambia, known for its copper mines. This was after Ian Smith’s embattled government began to crumble. His business interests derive from his family which owned its own business and managed to offer Mr. Strive the best education. His mother was an entrepreneur in retail sales, farming and transportation. His father was a mine worker in one of the mines at Zambia. But he later joined the family business. When Mr. Strive was about twelve years old, his parents sent him to the United Kingdom to one of the private schools in Edinburg, Scotland. He obtained a degree in electrical engineering at Wales University. After his graduation, He worked for a while in the computer industry in Cambridge, England but soon returned back to Zimbabwe around 1984. Back at Zimbabwe he worked for Zimbabwe


Telecom Company and was also the publisher of the Daily News, the only Zimbabwe independent newspaper which was boycotted by the government. In the 1990s he started his own company, Econet Wireless.

Econet Wireless Back in 1993, Mr. Strive had no trouble of getting finance to launch his then ideal company. The trouble was that Robert Mugabe did not want to grant licenses for new mobile companies. Mr. Strive legal battle with Mugabe came to lead in 1996 when presidential decree banned private cell phone operations. But Mr. Strive did not give up battling the government through court. Fortunately, by 1997 he won the case and proceeded to set up Econet as a successful mobile company in Zimbabwe. But by then his vision had matured beyond his country’s trouble. He decided to create a true multinational African Business that now boasts more than Twenty – Five million customers and generates about US$3 Billion in annual revenues. Econet is an example of what African

entrepreneurship is capable of and is changing people’s lives for the better every single day. Econet Wireless is at the wireless forefront of ensuring that the voice of African Business is heard in major international gatherings. The company participates in international events and also participates in sponsoring, hosting and supporting these events to promote better understanding concerning African Economic issues, as well as social development, health and environmental issues. {More at} Mr. Strive is also recognized internationally for his contributions in various outside businesses including his crusading campaigns to root out corruption in Africa. He is a leading business voice promoting the rule of the law. He has served in many international organizations and currently serves in:  

 

Rockefeller Foundation (New York Trustee) Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) – (Board member/Chairman) Higher Life Foundation Carbon War Room (Founders Council)




His Legacy… “One of the people responsible for this communications revolution is one of my cofounders in the Carbon War Room, Strive Masiyiwa” Richard Branson – SCREW BUSINESS AS USUAL It is often said that great men or leaders follow God. Mr. Strive is a born again Christian, which is one of his key secret of success. He is always proud to declare his spiritual state, including his strongest weapon of success in what he usually tells his business colleagues “I have the competitive advantage” referring to the Spirit of God in him as a child of God. Mr. Strive also has a deep sense of responsibility about giving back to communities. He has a strong value about giving, a virtue that reveals the deep thoughts of a man’s heart and selfless service. It


is always noted amongst great leaders who understands that leadership and greatness is not an individual phenomena to accumulate wealth for one self but to serve others through giving and rendering selfless services. Success is been in a position to change your environment with the character and knowledge invested in yourself. URBAN KULCA MAGAZINE proudly declares Mr. Strive “A man of Virtue” for his selfless giving and services in improving the lives of many Africans and the world. Through the Higher Life Foundation which is a non-profit organization which he runs with his wife (Tsitsi), provides scholarships for education to more than 26000 orphans. Surely, Mr. Strives future looks bright and his business ambitions and success will continue to expand and dominate. His legacy will continue to enhance and brightens many future in Africa and internationally.


Celebrity of the Month

“Boity” Boitumelo 19




f 20

Urban Kulca Magazine



Mamphele Ramphele’s Political Confusion economy, an inability to provide jobs, rampant corruption, failure to protect the lives of women and children, public service that is an extension of the governing party, an incomplete reconciliation, and social, economic and ongoing political transformation.

Mamphela Ramphele’s fusion, confusion or illusion “I have never been betrayed quite like this before” Democratic Alliance - Helen Zille


amphela Ramphele, leader of AgangSA announced on Monday 3 February, that she will no longer be standing as the DA’s (Democratic Alliance) presidential candidate. This comes as a surprise to the nation as they were just reeling from the shock of recent news that Ramphele was forming an alliance with the DA. On Sunday, the DA announced that Ramphele would no longer be their presidential candidate and Helen Zille blamed Ramphele for going back on their agreement stating that she cannot be trusted. Ramphele defended herself by stating that her decision to accept nomination as the DA’s presidential candidate had been a rushed one, but believes that her decision does not ruin her credibility. She declared that the real issues facing South Africa were a slowed down


Zille and Ramphele have been playing the blame-game offering different reasons for the break-up of their union. Zille said she had “never been betrayed quite like this before”. “When I realized what she was doing I thought ‘I’ve never seen this character trait in her before, never’, and by the end of the week I decided we can’t possibly… in good faith, have her as a presidential candidate for South Africa,” Zille said. Zille points out that Ramphele only agreed to the merger because of pressure from the donors. The DA leader tweeted: “Just about every donor told Ramphele they would not fund Agang, with almost identical politics to DA. Makes sense for united opposition”. Although the identity of Agang’s donor remained a mystery for a few days, Ramphele has confirmed that South African-born billionaire Nathan “Natie” Kirsh funded her party and would continue to do so. Nathan Kirsh has resident status in the USA and in Great Britain and in November 2013, the Sunday Independent gave his personal net worth as US$3.6 billion. Although “not into politics”, according to himself, Kirsch is reported by the Sunday Independent to be funding the Democratic Alliance, Agang and the de Klerk Foundation. Mark Peach, Ramphele’s spokesperson denied that Agang had only joined forces with the DA because of money troubles and stated that they were financially stable, building branches and busy campaigning in the field.



A true story

“Mediator” brings hope for Pierre Korkie South African Pierre Korkie, 56 and his wife Yolande were abducted in May 2013, in Taiz, Yemen’s second city by members of the al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The couple had lived and worked in Yemen for four years. Yolande Korkie, who was released in January this year with the help of a mediator, has been pleading with the al-Qaeda through social media for the release of her husband who is believed to be alive, but in poor health. The militants who kidnapped Korkie are demanding a ransom of US$3 million and had previously set the deadline for payment of the ransom to 17 January to free Korkie, but extended it by three weeks. On Friday, 7 February, Yolande made a plea with the al-Qaeda to release her husband in a video where she greeted the militants in Arabic, thanking them for treating her with respect. She pointed out that Pierre was just an innocent person who tried to help the poor through teaching and she also mentioned that she and her two sons miss Pierre terribly. Imtiaz Sooliman, spokesperson for Gift of the Givers, a relief organisation who have been negotiating with al-Qaeda for the release of Korkie, reported that the militants cut off communication with them, accusing them of stealing the ransom money from Pretoria. They did say that although they had not heard from the kidnappers in nearly two weeks, they believe that the group would make contact soon and they would either tell the family where Korkie had been released or where they would find his body if he is dead. A mediator has come forward saying that although the ransom had not been paid by the Saturday deadline, the militants would not execute Korkie. The mediator told AFP, that he was in contact with the kidnappers and said the situation remained very delicate, adding: "They cannot free the hostage without the ransom." Hundreds of people have been abducted in Yemen in the past 15 years, nearly all of them by disgruntled tribesmen who freed their hostages unharmed after short periods of captivity. The hostages are used as bargaining chips in disputes with the central government.






News reports flashed the media about two South African celebrities who were fired from their jobs early this year. Luthuli Dlamini a.k.a Scott in Generations and Linda Sibiya a.k.a “Mr. Magic” from Ukhozi FM were dismissed from their jobs this January for breaching their contracts. LUTHULI DLAMINI


ccording to reports, Luthuli found out about his dismissal while reading his script during December that his character will come to an end from the popular SABC1 Soapie, Generations. It was after he went absent for the shooting without reporting to his boss, Mfundi Vundla. He did not receive any warning when he came back to work, although his colleagues knew he was fired but no one said anything to him. He found out while reading the script that Scott will be on a plane crash, which meant the end of his job.


Luthuli played a character of Scott Nomvethe in Generations, a character of a man staying with lot of girls under the same roof. He also was a CEO of Ezweni Communications, a position he took when the company’s boss, Sibusiso Dlomo, was arrested. Generation’s lovers were familiar with his character which kept their eyes glued on the screen everyday watching the soapie. His character indeed came to an end early last month when Scott was reported to have had a plane crash and died.




CELIBRITY NEWS: WHO GOT FIRED? There have been severe tensions on generations backstage since late 2013. This happened after some of the key well-known actors and staff members who went on strike demanding that their contracts should be extended to three years. Mfundi Vundla signed another three years contract with the SABC to continue producing the soapie for the public broadcaster. It was reported that Mfundi Vundla threatened to fire anyone who does not abide to his rules, leading to the generations staff to fear raising any issues they have against him. He refused to sign three years contracts for the actors because it would be difficult to fire them if they no longer doing their work properly. It was reported that Luthuli was not feeling well and did not attend or report for his daily


work in the soapie. That is the only reason that given concerning his dismissal. This was the similar case to his previous job on ETV soapie, Scandal. He played the character of Stan but suddenly disappeared from the screen because he got fired. His reputation has been nullified in the industry and we are hoping to see him on the screen again soon.

LINDA Magic”



Known well on radio for his laughter and motivations on Vuka Mzansi Breakfast show on Ukhozi FM, Mr.

Magic is a Radio CADRE and legend with more than ten years in his career. His dismissal came as a shock to radio lovers, especially Ukhozi FM listeners. It was reported that Mr. Magic had political affiliation with the ANC by attending ANC meetings and even stood to encourage people to vote for the ANC during the gathering, an act which was against his job. Radio Dj’s are not allowed to be on politics nor to comment about any political party. His political interest threw him inside boiling water. Linda has been a Radio jock for more than 15 years. He always wanted to be on radio and was hired as an On Air Presenter in 1995, an opportunity he grabbed with his both hands. His dismissal from Ukhozi FM left his followers puzzled and yet had to accept the decision made by the radio

Paparazzi CELIBRITY NEWS: WHO GOT FIRED? station to fire him for what the station called “corruption�. Mr. Magic responded via social networks that he will call for a press conference to reveal the secrets of Ukhozi FM stations manager. The conference was held but confusingly he did not say anything, except to boast that other radio stations had already approached him with better offer. This served as a lesson to all upcoming radio presenters to stick to the rules of the profession. We hope that Mr. Magic will make another turn around to the radio airwaves soon.






Choosing a Career




////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// VISUAL ARTS AND DESIGN This information is derived from Vaal University of Technology for the purpose of giving highlights about the course and what to expect for choosing this career. For more information visit VIRTUAL ARTS AND DESIGN The Virtual Arts and Design at Vaal University of Technology comprises of four disciplines: Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Photography and Fine Art. GRAPHIC DESIGN Focus: Is on educating socially responsible visual communicators who are well-prepared for the challenges of the multi-dimensional graphic design industry. Students in this course investigate real-world issues and develop a comprehensive understanding of contemporary graphic design practice. FASHION DESIGN Undergraduate programme in fashion design is visual practice with strong entrepreneurial learning. The course aims to provide a learning environment in which innovation, invention and originality can be developed within a range of different, but closely related fashion pathways. PHOTOGRAPHY VUT programme embarks on a ground-breaking shift towards a narrative storytelling approach. This new media approach incorporates the photography, video and sound to capture and tell visual stories effectively. FINE ART The purpose for the course is to develop the necessary conceptual and creative-technical skills required for the students, as appropriate to a particular visual communication professional context. It is intended to provide graduates with the skills to operate in a multidisciplinary visual arts setting. Fine Art courses include a significant technology component up to third-year level, with further specialization in fourth year. This component includes hands-on training in Fine Art (mainstream) and Fine Art Multimedia, including 3D product design, digital storytelling, animation and video. The graduate will be equipped to operate in both Fine Art mainstream and creative industries.



Careers VERAH MSIMANGO, 23 Vaal University of Technology

This is an inspiring story of one of the best students, Verah M sim ang, 23years old from Pretoria who is doing her last year in Fine Arts at Vaal University. I sim ply chose Fine Art because I love designing new things and fashion. In m y first year I had to do a foundation course which introduced m e to courses such as graphic design, photography, fashion and fine art to make sure that we chose the right career for ourselves. In second year we had to choose our own concept as individuals, m eaning what we would like to specialize on as a career. M y art work is strictly for clothing. I first design or sketch m y art before I put out the final for evaluation, which actually helps m e expand m y creativity. People also offer m e advices and their personal opinions, and it helps m e im prove m y art work. I was inspired by som e of the fashion design students who had their work displayed for viewing, and in class, lectures criticized their work to help them im prove. That’s what motivated m e further in choosing fashion design as m y specialization and to develop m y own fashion concept, the Loui Lance brand. W hat is Loui Lance? Loui Lance is a fresh clothing brand that aim s to bring new fashion trends to the contemporary fashion m inded society. I have a vision to work towards a new unique innovation to the fashion industry, so that I m ay reach the level of competing and being challenged by well-known brands that already exists on the m arket. Style Loui Lance has a sense of art traits in its design, which m akes it a solid and unique brand. Basically, it is inspired by m odern popular culture and society. It relates to m odern trends and m eets fashion consumer’s needs and cravings of been different and stylish. Brands Loui Lance is envisaged to brand clothes such as t-shirts, shades, jewelery, m obile phone covers, bags, jeans, shoes, chinos and socks for both m ales and fem ales. I want it to be introduced to people not only as a brand but as a life style also.



“Its all about Music”





Kelvin a.k.a “EK”

“New Gospel Star”


e have a new gospel rising star on the block from Springs in South Africa. Kelvin Sakala a.k.a EK is a Zimbabwean born young musician who now resides in South Africa. He has released his 2 single tracks titled “Greatness” and “New Season” via the internet which are just an introduction of his music to the gospel lovers. My stage name is “EK” the Kings kid! EK is an upcoming gospel artist with spirit field music and unique talent. I have been singing for a while now and I am currently a choir leader in my church. I love God and I love music so much. I can’t see myself doing other music genre other than gospel music. I am privileged to be raised by my father who is a Pastor and withdrew that Godly fear from him. I am inspired by Gods word and my songs are given to me by the Spirit of God and every song brings glory to my heavenly father. My first time in studio was when I was featured in a track by Enthroned Music called “Dance for the Lord”. The song received radio play and newspaper publication which is what inspired me more to do my own project. My desire is to fulfill the great commission that the Lord gave to us as Christians, and through my music I fulfill it because my music simply spreads the message of salvation and all that God has done for us in Christ. I want to reach every race and all regions of the world. My future plan is to start having my own music concerts in South Africa and abroad, and I am currently in the studio recording my 3rd song called “Praise Him” which will be in my debut album that I am expecting to release later this year, followed by at least one music video. My inspiration is from my Senior Pastor, Mentor and Teacher: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and my manager Pastor Rudo Nkenene. I really thank God for their lives.







Movie Reviews Hear Me Move South African cinemas are yet to be stormed by a new step your feet up dance movie called “Hear Me Move” produced and filmed by Coal Stove Pictures in 2013. “Hear Me Move” is a South Africa’s first sbujwa dance movie. It tells the story of Muzi, the son of an amazing pantsula dancer who is trying to discover the truth about his father’s life and death. Muzi is highly talented hip-hop dancer whose world is turned upside down when his younger brother falls in with some crooked drug dealers, who are popular in the neighborhood because of their prowess at a new South African urban dance called “Sbujwa”. Protected by their fans, not even police can touch them. The only way to beat them is on the dance floor, where the kings of the hood are made and broken. Muzi decides to challenge the leader of the drug dealers by publicly defeating him in a sbujwa dance battle. It is produced by Fidel Namisi and Wandile Molebatsi and directed by Scottnes L. Smith. The movie explores themes of family, loyalty and heritage while taking the audience on a journey through sbujwa dance. Hear Me Move captures the cultural heart of South African urban street dancing. The movie will be distributed by Ster-Kinekor throughout the country this year, 2014.



Fitness & Health




Julukment FITNESS DVD available


habonina is an actress, musician, award winning dancer, choreographer and dance teacher who has been running her own Dance Fitness School in Johannesburg, South Africa for almost a decade. She has travelled the world performing and giving dance classes and workshops to adults and youth. Her passion for life, fitness and health is charismatic, her Dance School Students and clients can’t get enough of her sessions. For the past years they have been requesting she releases a fitness DVD, and she listened. The DVD “Julukment” – Meaning (To Sweat) is finally here. Content of the DVD -



First Part - of the DVD shows you how to get fit in your house, using your home furniture as gym equipment from bedroom to your lounge not neglecting your dining room and kitchen. Second Part - takes you into the Khabodacious move dance studio and she gets down with you, teaching you some hot moves one-on-one while toning your body. Third Part – She gives you food options to add to your diet. She doesn’t stop you from eating your favorite food but gives you valuable nutritious healthier options.

The Julukment DVD contains a lot of fun, such as “Don’t try this at home” and music 34 video choreography. It is surely the hottest Mzansi’s Fitness DVD to have, and available online and in iTunes.


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