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PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL University of Windsor Student Alliance CAW Student Centre University of Windsor

April 10, 2014

To the UWSA Executive and Council, The University has been assessing the current state of the UWSA, and I want to share with you our two main concerns, and three conclusions that have been reached as a result. The first concern is that, further to the investigation of the BDS referendum, there are legitimate concerns that the UWSA is not operating in accordance with governing legislation and that bylaw changes and changes to the executive structure of the organization have not been properly implemented. The second concern is that during the general elections for the 2014/15 year, students themselves voted for a result that will see no elected leadership in place for the UWSA in the coming year. Thus there is a significant governance, leadership and credibility gap that looms immediately. Based on these concerns, there are three conclusions that the University has reached. First, in addition to the investigator’s conclusion that the BDS referendum was not valid, it is also our view that going forward any decisions or official positions taken by the UWSA – until its governance has been subjected to scrutiny and appropriately corrected or improved - cannot be recognized by the University as being properly made. An exception to the University’s conclusion in this regard is described below. Second, the University can no longer forward funds to the UWSA until such time as the University is fully confident that there is a properly governed organization in place to responsibly oversee the use of those funds. The University will identify the oversight steps necessary to ensure continuity in the flow of funds to student clubs and to baseline staff who are carrying out the work that is normally done by the UWSA. Third, the University has concluded that a process must be established that will enable the University to work with students to get the UWSA back on firm footing in terms of governance. That process can be triggered by a resolution of students themselves that they would like the University to assist them. That would be one decision on which the University could make an exception to our above stated position regarding decisions of the UWSA. Should this not occur, and students prefer to address on their own the governance issues facing the UWSA, the University will seek assurances that all of the University’s concerns have been addressed to its satisfaction before it will resume the transfer of funds to the UWSA. Sincerely,

Alan Wildeman President and Vice-Chancellor

University suspends transfer of funds to student government  

University of Windsor president Alan Wildeman has halted the flow of funds to the embattled student union following an investigation into th...

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