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Greetings! My name is Kenisha Brooks and I am the founder /CEO/Editor in Chief of Urbanista Magazine. Now that you know my name and title let me take a brief moment to enlighten you as to who I am. I am a native Washingtonian. I grew up and lived for 32 years in the Hillcrest Heights area of S.E. Washington DC. Upon marrying my husband in 2007, we moved to Richmond, VA. I am a wife and mother of two (in my opinion) beautiful children, a daughter (16) and a son (3). I am also a spoken word artist. I have been writing poetry for over 25 years. It is one of my greatest passions. Another one of my passions is the growth and development of teen girls, which is one of the reasons Urbanista Magazine came into existence. I feel there is more to African American girls/young ladies than what is being portrayed in certain fashion and lifestyle magazines. We come in all different Sizes, Shapes and Shades and I want to show the world who you are. Urbanista Magazine is gong to be taken to a level yet to be seen by teens or adults. This magazine is not going to be full of celebrities and their drama; we are going to make it about the teen readers themselves. We want your accomplishments and goals, your highs and even your lows to be highlighted in a positive manner. This magazine will be full of fun, color and life; just like teens should be. This is not your Mother's Essence or your Grandmother's Ebony. This is a magazine about you and for you....The Urban Teen Fashionista. So Welcome to the World of Urbanista!!!

Greetings young ladies this is an advice column for you to have an opportunity to ask for advice and receive a response from Keshi and Colet. Dear Keshi and Colet: Question: Hi my name is Kim I’m 15 years old and I have been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half and all we’ve ever done was kissed and cuddled, He wants us to have sex the night of homecoming. I’m not sure what to do because I’m not ready, what should I do? Richmond, VA Answer: Kim, you’re only 15 and right at this point in your life you should be hanging out with friends, enjoying your teen years and not having the guilt of deciding if you should have sex. At this point in your young carefree life you should wait. Your body is very precious and you should decide when you’re ready to have sex with protection and with someone you love. We also encourage you to have this conversation with your mother. Dear Keshi and Colet: Question: Hi my name is Lissa and when I was a freshman in college I went to a fraternity party and someone slipped a rouffie in my drink and I had never tasted alcohol before and I was a virgin. I was raped by 5 men. I was taken to the hospital. I didn’t press charges because my friends and family make me feel like it was my fault. I am still having nightmares about it, should I return to counseling? Killeen, TX

Answer: Lissa that was a very traumatic incident and we are very sorry that happened to you. We want you to know that you should never feel at fault when you’re the victim. You were violated and disrespected by those men. Please contact the local rape crisis center in your area. We also advise you to attend a support group for rape victims. Dear Keshi and Colet Question: I am in non-committed relationship with my boyfriend. He thinks its okay for us to date other people and still be with each other. I would like for the relationship to be between just the two of us. What should I do? Anonymous, Fl Answer: Dear Anonymous a relationship can’t be one sided it takes two people on the same page and communicating what they both want and not one person making all the decisions. You should sit him down and speak with him about the unhappiness you are feeling since this is not what you expected. If he’s not willing to make some changes then you must make some decisions of your own and end the relationship and just remain friends.

Thanks, for all your submissions and please continue to seek our advice. Always remember that your mental stability supports your physical appearance. Keshi and Colet

Hello young ladies and young men it’s that time of the year again Homecoming Weekend where the young people tend to hang out, celebrate with friends, party, and indulge in various activities. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time and meeting new people we just encourage you to be safe and be careful. This is also the time of the year when young people tend to lose control, make poor decision, follow the crowd, and fall prey to peer pressure. Always remember the morals, values and advice your parents have instilled in you and take that with you wherever you go this weekend. Here are a few safety tips: 1.Drive with caution and care 2.Travel in groups of two 3.Don’t leave your juice, soda or drink unattended 4.Avoid all conflicts- verbal or physical 5.Don’t succumb to peer pressure 6.Carry a small purse/wallet with your Identification 7.Make sure you have cab fare/bus fare 8.Carry enough cash for the evening 9.Don’t leave the area without letting someone know 10.Ensure your cell phone is fully charged

11 Dress appropriately for the weather 12 Be aware of your surroundings 13 Don’t loan out your cell phone to strangers 14 Be cautious about sharing information with strangers Always remember that your mental stability supports your physical appearance Keshi and Colet

When September arrives teen conversations turn from talk of pool parties, lazy days at the beach, and hanging out late to class schedules, football games, prep rallies, and most importantly homecoming. Homecoming is often the first formal social event of the fall semester. Homecoming can be an expensive outing for teens and their parents. According to the, the average cost of a formal event can average $500-$2000. Do you have $500-$2000 to spend on one formal event? If not than this column will offer will offer useful and practical tips to make homecoming fabulous and affordable. Typical average costs for homecoming include: •Dance tickets- $20-$50 • Dresses- $100-$500 •Tuxedos rental-$60-$ 200 •Shoes- $20-$100 •Corsages- $20-$60 •Limo rental- $65-$600 • Hair and makeup- $50-$100 •Pictures- $25-$100 •Dinner-$50-$100 •Two main ways to cut homecoming costs is to shop early and compare prices. Compare prices on everything from the cost of the corsage to the price of the limo.

A couple of websites that offer designer dresses for lower prices is ww.lightinthe box. com and Also, outlet stores such as the Jessica McClintock Outlet or JcPenny’s outlet offer affordable formal wear. If you don’t have an outlet store in your area try consignment shops, thrift stores, or bridal boutiques. To save on tuxedos, try renting a tux from a retail store such as Men’s Warehouse which offers tuxedo rental for $50-$150.Additional charges with tuxedo rental include $7 damage waiver fee and $20 late return fee. For savings on shoes trying to going through the clearance rack of your favorite retail stores such as Nine West, DSW, and Aldo shoes. Often great bargains can be found in the clearance section. To save on corsages opt for a silk flower corsage over a fresh flower corsage. Typically, fresh flower corsages range about $15-$55 while silk corsages range from $$5-$15. According to , the average cost of a limo rental is $65-$100 per hour. The price rises depending on the type of vehicles and amenities requested. For a 4-8 hour rental you can expect to pay $400-$600. To save on limo rental get together with a couple other couples and split the cost. An alternative to limo rental is rent a chauffeured Lincoln Town Car which less expensive. Hair and makeup can be expensive but necessary essential for teen girls for going to a formal event. To save on hair, visit a hair school or look for mail coupon specials for first time customers. For savings on makeup costs make an appointment to visit a beauty counter at your local mall. Lulu’ recommends, that if you get your makeup done at the beauty counter to purchase the lipstick so that you touch up your lipstick throughout the night.

Pictures can be expensive but unnecessary homecoming cost. Do you really need to spend $25$175 dollars on a large package of pictures? If the answer is no opt instead to family or friends take pictures of you and your date prior to the dance. An alternative to picture packages (if the school allows it) is taking a digital camera to the dance which will allow you to have interactive pictures rather than standard 1 or 2 poses. The average cost of dinner for two at a local restaurant can range from $40-$200 depending on the restaurant. An n inexpensive way to save on dining costs is to check with local restaurants near your school for they may offer dining specials in support of the formal event. Restaurants such as Maggianio’s Italian Restaurant offer monthly specials to customers that join their email club. Yes homecoming can be an expensive formal event. The good news with a little prior planning and research there are ways to save on homecoming costs. Hopefully the tips offered in this column were insightful and helpful. Have a great time & here’s to being affordable and fabulous! By, Jaki Y Judkins Financial Editor Urbanista Magazine

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