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White Hot Winter Fashion for Tots!


Your Placenta Has Options Too!

Looks for every occassion this season!

We’ve got the scoop on the major benefits of placental encapsulation.


Mama’s Choice Award Winners!


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To get you started, we’ve got a list of 14 free goodies from all over.

Get Out of the House! Top 10 Signs of PPD

this passion for lifestyle photography while rais-

When’s the right time to start your baby on solid foods? We’re here to help.

ing my family. With a fresh, modern and organic style, I specialize in newborn, baby and child portraiture in Edmonton and surrounding communi-


Judgments Aside: Moms Supporting Moms After all, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

ties. Every child grows and changes so quickly;


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Our cover model is 3 year-old Manny, who’s cozy woodsman ensemble and hat are from Gap Kids.

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than I could have imagined. Formally trained as a registered nurse, I am so very blessed to pursue

Taking Baby Steps to Feeding Solids


Mother to five girls, my crazy chaotic life is more

It might be chilly out, but there’s still plenty to do! So get up, get moving and have fun. Learn to recognize the signs of postpartum depression before it stikes.


Co-Published By: Modern Mama and Edmonton’s Child Magazine

You speak, we listen! Take a look at this year’s winners.


expressions, and their stories is a gift I will always cherish.

Editor: Kerri Leland Sales: Connie Peters and Chris Reeve Cover Photography: Tangible Moments Photography Editorial Photography: Tangible Moments Photography J.Monet Studios Photography Publication / Editorial Design: Sammy Tavarez - J.Monet Studios Photography & Design [Florida] Editorial Contributors: Natasha Longridge, Kjristen White, Tascheleia Marangoni, Serena Beck, April Wiens, and Dr. Erika Holiday

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a letter



publisher’s letter

[ co-founders | connie peters & wendy mueller ]

Our premier issue of 2012 is full of ideas for the start of a fabulous new year. Winter in Edmonton means finding fun family (indoor) activities (page 18) and entertaining your family in the warmth of home as well (Free things, page 17). It’s also a great time to reflect on our attitudes, our outlook on the world, and our happiness. We passionately believe that mamas should support one another...not judge one another, and April Wiens does an amazing job of bringing this idea to light in her article on page 24. Be sure to check out our list of tips for recognizing postpartum depression; whether you’ve been affected by PPD, or know someone who has, these tips may just make the difference for a new mother in need of support. We’d like to thank John Chwyl, Nicole Mackoway and their team at Kingsway Mall for organizing and supporting our winter fashion shoot with the adorable models and fantastic fashions. We had so much fun and hope you enjoy the little-big-people looks that were created, including our cover photo of Manny. Have a read through our pages and share with a new parent or expectant mom - Happy New Year friends!

Connie & Wendy With Warmest Thanks,

04 • | | winter 2012



The weather outside might be frightful, but our toddler winter fashion is simply delightful. Whether you’re headed to a school pageant, family gathering or social celebration, we - together with the Kingsway Fashion Council - have got the perfect ensemble for every occasion. Watch out though, before you know it, your little one will be center-stage - stealing the spotlight from every other guest in the room! PHOTOGRAPHY by | TANGIBLE MOMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY Manny (age 3) looks dapper in a smooth navy suit, coordinating tie with orange accent stripes, khaki trousers, black shoes and classic fedora, all from The Children’s Place. He’s also sporting a super cool briefcase from Bentley. 06 • | | winter 2012




07 Clockwise from Top-Left: Mattea (age 3) is the belle of the ball in her black and white ruffled gown with red empire accented waist, an oh-so regal white faux-fur jacket, and shiny black patent shoes (all from Gymboree.) No starving artist here! Miyanna (18 months old) looks adorable in her creative black, white, and red plaid tunic ensemble, finished with black leggings, red socks, silver sparkling shoes and a perfect white beret (all from The Children’s Place.) Mattea and Manny are ready for a night at the masquerade ball in their adorable party duds. Manny is wearing a black tuxedo with bowtie, cumberbund, and shiny black runners (all from H&M.) Finally, it almost feels like spring with the pink floral goodness donned by the enchanting Miya. Her pink sweater, top, skirt, leggings and shoes are all from Gap Kids. | | winter 2012

• 07

winter fashion with ‘the fashion guy’ and kingsway mall style council They grow up so fast! Before you know it, they’ll have started their careers and you’ll be asking yourself, “Where did the time go?” Over the past few years, we’ve seen the styles and trends of adult fashion inspire the looks of young children’s fashion. This new trend in children’s wear has become so popular that in some instances, other than the smaller size, you would think it was made for a grown-up! Thankfully the cuteness, the colour and the playfulness is still on the racks in the stores at Kingsway Mall and still a huge part of fashions for little ones. Shopping for kids’ clothing has always been about the entire outfit rather than individual pieces. Many of the stores that cater to this age group, make shopping for them as easy as possible by coordinating the garments from head to toe and often have the perfect accessories to complete their look. I have always been a fan of this for the young ones…they just look so darn cute! This spring the mall is pleased to welcome a brand new and unique retail store ‘Justice’ that will certainly add even more choice with a focus on fashions for the next age group of young fashionistas, preteens. John Chwyl, the ‘Fashion Guy’ Director of Marketing, Kingsway Mall Nicole Mackoway Stylist, Kingsway Mall Style Council

08 • | | winter 2012

Clockwise from Top-Left: Mattea’s sweet as pie in a white baby-doll cut top and coordinating jeans with candy -colored stripes, a bright green matching vest, and fuzzy white boots (all fom Gymboree). The cutest woodsmen you ever did see, Manny is cozily clad in blue and green plaid, distressed denim, and red-laced boots from Gap Kids. Mattea is casual and equestrian cool in her warm brown-toned horse sweater, riding pants, a denim vest, and golden brown fringed boots (all from H&M.)





That’s no phantom, but Manny does look opera chic in a black tuxedo with bowtie and cumberbund from H&M. | | winter 2012

• 09

10 • | | winter 2012

placenta YOUR


know your OPTIONS

has options too!

Baby is here! You’re tired, over-joyed, and falling in love with



this new tiny bundle of magic. You probably aren’t thinking too hard about the organ that helped sustain and grow your baby for the last 40 weeks. But you should, even if only a

Photo Courtesty of J.Monet Studios Photography

little bit, give it thought. Placenta encapsulation seems to be growing in popularity recently, and for good reason. Your placenta holds valuable nutrients that can help alleviate many of your postpartum worries. Different cultures have been consuming their placentas for a long time to help in mom’s postpartum healing. What we are finally doing in our culture is creating a palatable way to reclaim our own nutrients that are lost during the birthing process, by encapsulating the placenta. For those of you that have not heard of this practice, or are unsure of the encapsulation process, here is a quick rundown. Encapsulation involves cleaning, possibly steaming, dehydrating for eight to 14 hours, grinding the dried placenta, and then putting all that into capsules. You take prenatal vitamins for nine months to help your body with growing a baby and birth; these capsules help your body heal after the birth. Postpartum depression hits about 15 per cent of all new mothers within baby’s first year. Many of us have friends, or have personally been struck by “baby blues” or postpartum depression. For the women who have gone through this, the postpartum period can be horrible. Most women who are looking into placenta encapsulation are interested for this major reason. Your placenta holds hormones that trigger cortisol (stress reducing hormone), oxytocin (love hormone), and thyroid stimulating hormones (mood effectors). When these hormones drop in the first few days after the birth of your baby, it takes months for your body to naturally replenish them, and that is why many new mothers feel a “crash” after baby is born. However, the women who have decided to encapsulate have noticed they do not feel that drop; they experience a more seamless transition from pregnancy to life with baby. Postpartum depression is a perfectly good reason to encapsulate, but it isn’t the only one. Your placenta also holds milk stimulating hormones. In our fast paced society many new moms often worry that they will not, or can’t supply enough milk to meet their new baby’s needs. Women who have encapsulated after a low milk supply with a previous baby have been surprised with how well breastfeeding has gone after taking their capsules. They are amazed with how much milk they produce, and they feel excited to be successful this time around! | | winter 2012

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know your OPTIONS



“Postpartum depression hits about 15 per cent of all new mothers within baby’s first year. Many of us have friends, or have personally been struck by ‘baby blues’ or postpartum depression.” Your placenta also holds iron, protein and various other vitamins and minerals, all readily broken down into a usable form for you, just waiting to be taken back. These easily absorbed hormones, vitamins, and minerals help in uterine healing, energy levels, and maternal/infant bonding. There are many ways your placenta can be healing, and not just by encapsulating. You can have it made into a tincture, which can last forever, and is used for transitional times for you and your family, just take a couple drops under your tongue. Your placenta can also be made into salves, lotions and even bath bombs. The hormones are absorbed by the skin to help with eczema, dryness and aging.

12 • | | winter 2012

If, you are interested in honouring, but not holistically using your placenta, many women are opting to have “Tree of Life” prints made. It is an amazing piece of art that is a unique keepsake for you and your baby. Many other families keep their placenta and bury it in a special place with a tree or perennial that is special to the family. With so many options, why not give your placenta a second thought? ■ Natasha Longridge is a placenta encapsulation specialist, birth doula, aspiring midwife, and mother. Visit her Website online at:


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Visit us online at and let us know your thoughts about the newest, coolest, parent-baby-toddler friendly publication Edmonton has to offer. When you do, you’ll earn yourself a chance to win the services of a cleaning lady for a day! Imagine the time-saving, fresh-scented possibilites! From Pregnancy to Preschool in Style! | | winter 2012 • 13

mama’s choice AWARDS





AND THE WINNERS ARE ... You voted and we listened. Now, the results are in. So sit down, grab yourself a nice hot cup of cocoa, and take a look at this years winners selected (by you) from among the very BEST that Edmonton has to offer to moms, dads, and little ones too!

14 •

01 BEST BABY REGISTRY 1. | Babies R Us / Toys R Us 2. | West Coast Kids (formerly eChildren)

07 BEST DIAPER BAG (BRAND) 1. | JuJuBe 2. | Petunia Picklebottom



03 BEST “MOMMY MEET-UP” COFFEE SHOP 1. | Cafe O’ Play 2. | Starbucks

09 BEST MATERNITY CLOTHING SELECTION 1. | Yo Mama Maternity 2. | Thyme

04 BEST BABY GEAR (STROLLERS, CRIBS & CARSEATS) 1. | West Coast Kids 2. | Babies R Us

10 BEST STORE FOR BABY LAYETTE 1. | Carter’s 2. | Superstore / JOE Fresh

05 BEST BABY CARRIER OR SLING (BRAND) 1. | Cosy Baby Happy Mommy 2. | Ergo Baby

11 BEST STORE BABY-SHOWER GIFTS 1. | West Coast Kids 2. | Princess & The Pea

06 BEST STROLLER (BRAND) 1. | Phil & Ted’s 2. | Peg Pergo

12 BEST MATERNITY MASSAGE & SERVICES 1.| Sweet Momma 2.| Trimesters Massage | | winter 2012

mama’s choice AWARDS


15 Photo Courtesty of J.Monet Studios Photography

14 BEST MOMMY & ME CLASS 1. | J’Adore Dance 2. | Mommy Connections


13 BEST PRE-NATAL CLASSES (EDUCATIONAL/FITNESS) 1. | Angel Care 2. | First Years and Safety First (a tie!)

want to vote? visit us online at

15 BEST POST-NATAL FITNESS PROGRAM 1. | J’Adore Dance 2. | Fitmom to learn more about

16 BEST KIDS’ MENU/FAMILY RESTAURANT 1. | Boston Pizza 2. | Red Robin

your vote in the next Mama’s Choice Awards!


17 BEST LOCAL FESTIVAL FOR FAMILIES 1. | International Children’s Festival 2. | Fringe

how you can cast

18 BEST ALL-AROUND VERSATILE BABY STORE 1. | West Coast Kids 2. | Babies R Us | | winter 2012

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16 • | | winter 2012










12 | BIRTHDAY BITES Tony Roma’s, a free pasta dish or dessert at Boston Pizza, Milestones, a free burger at Red Robin, $25 off your meal at Sawmill and Moose Factory Restaurants, Baskin-Robbins, free slice of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Café, a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s, Old Spaghetti Factory, a free sammie at Mr. Sub, a free smoothie at Booster Juice, free dessert at The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, a free ice cream cone at Marble Slab Creamery. Just remember: It never hurts to ask if they have a birthday promo! 13 | OUTDOOR FUN The WinterLight Festival runs January through March and has lots of fabulous free, winter celebrations! Visit for more information. 14 | COOL APPS FOR iPHONE Ladytimer Ovulation Calendar – Track and predict your menstrual cycle days, helping you become pregnant or avoid it! It’s easy to use, plus you can share the data with your partner or doctor. Track you body temperature, symptoms, moods, weight and more…and save it online so you won’t lose the data when you switch phones. What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker – You’ve read the book, you may even use WhatToExpect. com, and now you can keep track of baby’s development while you’re out and about. Includes a due date calculator, weekly baby illustrations, updates on your changing body, slideshow of your belly pictures and a countdown to your due date! Adobe Photoshop Express – Edit and share your pics when you’re on the go! With one-touch effects and artistic fillers, you can make any picture look that much better. Plus, a copy of your original file is always saved, so you can undo and redo changes until it’s just right. Find My iPhone – You’ve lost your phone. Is it in the bottom of the diaper bag, in hub’s briefcase at his office, at your last moms group? Use any other iOS device (with Find my Iphone downloaded on it) and this app will help you locate your missing device on a map. It also plays a sound for two minutes at full volume (even if your device is set to silent), perfect for when you’re madly searching through the couch cushions. Healthy Habits – Put your good intentions into action! Define a habit, set a goal, track your actions, and celebrate your success with this app. You’ll be reminded of what’s important, track your progress and even send you reminders if you get off track. | | winter 2012

• 17

cool winter



of the house!

get out


Yes, winters in Edmonton can be cold. But don’t let the cold weather discourage you from exploring everything that Edmonton has to offer young families! Many of Edmonton’s attractions feature activities for children as well as family-friendly seasonal events.

Here is a list of 10 ways to keep your little ones entertained this winter: 01 | ART GALLERY OF ALBERTA (

Features “Tours for Tots” (ages three through five) on Wednesdays from 10 – 11am and “All Day Sundays” (all ages) on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 12 – 4pm.


Features child-friendly exhibits, “Kids Discovery Zone” and the newly renovated Discoveryland Gallery.


Enjoy your specialty coffees and snacks while your children play in specially designed indoor playgrounds and play areas. Some of the local café’s include: ► Café O Play ( ► Java Mama ( ► Little Beans (


Let your child develop and learn while playing. Enrol your children in classes or drop-in and play. Membership required.


While the indoor playground is designed for children up to the age of 12, there is a toddler area that includes large foam blocks and room to climb and play. Enjoy a coffee, snacks or lunch while you’re there.


Be sure to check out everything your local library has to offer. Often there are classes that include singing and reading with your little ones as well as other thematic classes.


There are quite a few recreation centres that feature fabulous indoor playgrounds and activities for children. Some include: ► Terwillegar’s Children’s Wing – features an indoor playground for ages zero through 10. ► Mill Woods – features an indoor playground and wave pool ► O’Leary Fitness and Leisure Centre - features a waterslide and teach pool ► Millennium Place – features a water playground, leisure ice rink and more

18 • | | winter 2012

Photos Courtesty of Tangible Moments Photography


An indoor play space that allows children to explore nature and climb play structures. This play area is not staffed and is for children ages 10 years and younger; younger children will have to be monitored because it is a common play space.


Be sure to check out both lessons and family swim times at your local swimming pool. Take advantage of special rates on days when your school aged children have early dismissal or no school.


Take time to connect with other moms whether it is through organized mom-groups or by connecting with another person individually. Make a date to have coffee, let your little ones play together and get to know each other. | | winter 2012

• 19

20 • | | winter 2012


of PPD

10 signs



WRITTEN by | Tascheleia Marangoni

One of the most difficult issues surrounding postpartum depression is diagnosis – whether

it is an initial self-diagnosis or a diagnosis from your family doctor. Many of us don’t know how to recognize PPD, in ourselves or in others. The list below is a resource based on experience

and research, something you can refer to if you are unsure if you or someone else may be suffering from postpartum depression. 1. One of the most obvious signs that something might be wrong is a discernible change in appetite. A change would be if you or someone else is eating substantially less. For example, if it takes you all day to eat the bowl of oatmeal you made at breakfast or if you are eating substantially more. 2. The second most obvious sign that something may be up is a change in your sleep. This can be anything from sleeping much more, to sleeping much less or developing insomnia and having very restless nights. Also, a change in your usual sleep pattern can be a factor, if for example, you have always had a regular sleep schedule but notice that you have been recently staying up later and later and consequently sleeping later and later. 3. Losing interest in a number of things, like yourself and/or your appearance can be another sign that something may not be right. Another example could be if you have lost interest in an activity you normally enjoy. Losing interest/desire in your spouse/partner can occur as well. In general, if motivation is down and the efforts of day-today living are too much in any way, it could be a sign of postpartum depression. 4. Lack of energy is one of the more well known signs of depression. We’re not saying that lack of energy alone means you are depressed, but if it persists for a long period of time and affects the quality of your life, it may be a sign of depression. 5. If you simply don’t feel like yourself and it persists for longer than you think it should, don’t ignore that feeling; trust your own in-

stincts. If you are not sure, take the time to get more information, do some research or talk to someone. 6. Postpartum Depression comes in many forms. “Depression” is not the only thing that can happen to your mood after having a baby. More commonly even, many women and some men suffer from postpartum anxiety and postpartum obsessive compulsive disorder. What are the telltale signs of these mood disorders? There are many, however some of the more obvious ones can be: ► Anxiety - Panic attacks which can present themselves in many ways with signs like rapid breathing, heart palpitations, dizziness, numbness in the limbs, difficulty focusing and/or agitation. ► Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Intrusive thoughts that are sometimes scary and difficult to control, obsessive behaviour such as counting, repeating tasks and/or concern with cleanliness/germs. 7. More rarely, some suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Post traumatic stress disorder can occur when the mother has gone through a traumatic childbirth. Signs of this can be similar to the ones above as well as obsessive thoughts and nightmares where the mother sometimes relives the experience over and over in her mind. Even more rare is postpartum psychosis, a mental illness with the sudden onset of psychotic symptoms following childbirth. Even though postpartum psychosis is extremely rare, it is the most extreme variety of all of the postpartum mood disorders. Some of the signs can include: hallucinations, delusions, illogical thoughts, periods of delirium and mania, suicidal/homicidal thoughts. [continued on page 28] | | winter 2012

• 21




to feeding


WRITTEN by | SERENA BECK Serena Beck is a freelance magazine writer and also works fulltime as a Technical Writer. She loves travelling with her husband and daughter. They just returned from a vacation in Panama.

SOLIDS When baby first arrives, feeding is pretty straight-forward and the choices are limited. But as soon as it’s time to start solids, there’s a lot to think about! I started my daughter on solid foods at five and a half months because she was sitting up by herself and grabbing for my food. She also started drinking water from a cup;, however, I continue to breastfeed her after meals and sometimes before meals. Most babies start eating solid foods at six months; they don’t need teeth to eat pureed food and tiny pieces of food. In addition to solids, babies still need breast milk or formula to obtain most of their nutrients. Health Canada recommends breastfeeding for up to two years and beyond. When you decide to wean your baby from breast milk or formula, you should choose milk with a high fat content such as homogenized milk. Cow’s milk can interfere with iron absorption and can also be hard for a baby under the age of one to digest. However, cheese and yogurt are easier to digest than milk and can be introduced to your baby at eight or nine months.

What to Feed Your Baby and How Much

My daughter’s doctor recommend that I give her iron-fortified cereal once a day and then introduce fruits, vege22 • | | winter 2012

tables and meat. I give her a few tablespoons of organic barley or oatmeal cereal at breakfast and often mix it with homemade apple sauce, mashed banana or another fruit. For supper she usually has a tablespoon of veggies and meat. Now that my daughter is seven and a half months old, I feed her two meals a day but plan to give her three meals a day as she continues to eat more. At six to seven months, babies should have mostly pureed or mashed food. At eight to nine months, you can experiment with different textures and start serving finger food. For example, strips of toast and quartered grapes. Babies usually master the pincer grasp at nine months of age and can start to feed themselves. Let your baby feel the food and hold her own spoon. I often give my daughter a spoon to play with while I feed her with a second spoon. Your baby will decide how much she wants to eat. As your baby eats more, try to include food from all the food groups throughout the day. Signs that your baby is full include spitting the food out, turning her head away or re-

Photos Courtesty of Tangible Moments Photography

fusing to open her mouth. When your baby first starts eating, she will likely eat only a few teaspoons at a time. As your baby gets older and eats more, you can work up to a few tablespoons per meal.

Homemade vs. Store Bought

There are many gadgets on the market for making and storing your own baby food. However, given the short amount of time that your baby will be eating pureed foods (one or two months), I recommend using items that you already have in your kitchen. You can use a fork, a food processor or a blender to mash and puree raw or cooked foods for your baby. I steam apples and puree them with water. Next, I freeze them in ice cube trays and store them in a plastic bag. If you decide to buy baby food, read the ingredients carefully. I received a sample of baby cereal in the mail and was shocked by how many grams of sugar it contained. Now I use organic baby cereal that contains 0.8 grams of sugar per serving. Babies don’t need added sugar and salt in their diet. I have opted not to give my daughter

juice. Eating fruit provides more nutrients than drinking fruit juice. If you decide to give your baby juice, ensure it doesn’t contain added sugar.


It is a good idea to feed your baby the same food for two to three days to ensure that she is not allergic to that particular food and to get her used to the food. For example, the first day I fed my daughter kiwi she appeared not to like it but then on the second and third day, she liked it. By the end of the three days, I was comfortable that she wasn’t allergic. Also, if your baby has tried and enjoyed carrots and butternut squash, then you can mix these two foods together. Babies should not be given honey until age one. Honey may contain spores that could cause botulism, and a baby’s digestive system cannot digest those spores yet. Due to possible allergies, many say that eggs, seafood and nuts should be avoided. Neither my husband nor I have food allergies, so I saw no reason to avoid these foods in my daughter’s diet. My daughter has had boiled and scrambled eggs and enjoys both. While vacationing in British Columbia, my daughter loved trying scallops, crab and salmon. I haven’t given her nuts yet but I plan to give her peanut butter. Although introducing solids to your little one can seem daunting, before you know it, he or she will be dining right along with you. It just takes a few baby steps to get there. Reference: | | winter 2012 • 23






moms supporting moms


Who knew that being a mom would be so tough? I knew that there were going to be hard days with my kids, that they would push my boundaries and my limits to places unknown.

Photos Courtesty of Heather Wagner Photography

I knew that Iwould love like I’ve never loved before, and cry for reasons that I’d never fully understand. I knew that there would be days that I would wish I could give them back, and days that I’d hope for more babies. What I didn’t expect was all the mommy-judgment from the women around me. What is up with the total lack of support that we give each other? Why is it that when we look at moms in different situations, we have an instant judgment of what they’re doing or not doing? Why can’t we look at each other with eyes of understanding and grace? Why can’t we just give a reassuring word, a smile or a helping hand? Why can’t we just honour each other as moms doing the best that we know how? I’ve been glared at, laughed at, ignored and ridiculed on many occasions based on the way I parent and 24 • | | winter 2012

the way that I handle certain situations. People always have an opinion and never seem to be too scared to share it with me. I used to feel like I had to explain my choices or decisions, but have given up. I’m a foster parent AND the parent of a special needs child. Because of that, I’ve had to work through A LOT of crazy stuff. I’ve taken care of lots of different kids, with lots of different histories … some good and some horrifying. I have to make weird choices and decisions all the time based on what they’re going through or where they’ve come from. You can’t even begin to imagine what I’m dealing with, and I won’t pretend to even know what you’re dealing with. What I do know is that there is a reason for the way I parent, and until we’ve stood in each other’s shoes, we really can’t judge.

I will never forget the day I was shopping in Superstore with my two little ones. My son was about 18 months old and my daughter was about five. At this point, I had no idea that there was something “wrong” with my son so I really didn’t know how to deal with the situation that was about to occur. I entered the canned goods aisle and started putting stuff in my cart. My son immediately started throwing it out on the ground; everything I put in, he threw out. I just assumed he was misbehaving, so I picked it up and put it back. My son was throwing, my daughter was giggling, and I was coping. Suddenly my son started smashing his face on the buggy and screaming. He was repeatedly smashing his face while throwing things out. I stood there in shock for a second and then I saw blood. I immediately shoved my hand [continued on page 26] | | winter 2012

• 25

blood. I immediately shoved my hand between his head and the cart and tried to figure out what to do next. He was now screaming and bleeding, my daughter was crying in fear and I was standing there not knowing what to do. Now imagine, you come around the corner and spot this scene. A half-loaded shopping cart, with groceries strewn all over the floor, a freaked-out and sobbing toddler, a baby with blood streaming down his face as he continues to smash his face, and a mom standing there dazed and confused. What would you do? If you were like EVERY person that walked by me, you would’ve just kept going or made snide comments as you stared and shuffled by kicking my groceries out of your path. I would’ve killed for someone to stop and say, “Can I help you?” But not one person did. I ended up just taking him out of the cart, taking my daughter by the hand and walking out while he bled everywhere. I later learned that my son has a sensory processing disorder and he was way overstimulated and was reacting the only way that he could. Once I knew that, I was prepared

26 • | | winter 2012

“I love when someone commiserates with me when I’m in a crazy place with one of my kids.” for the grocery store, and that has never happened again. But when I would take him shopping wearing a weighted superman cape, a pair of sunglasses and a toque with earflaps, people would still stare and/or laugh. Please just smile and nod and move on….I am doing the best that I can for my little boy. If you see abuse or feel genuine concern for a child, by all means say something, or better yet, do something. But if you see someone stuck in a bad moment and struggling to do their best, give them a smile or a reassuring nod. Sometimes a look of understanding is all that’s needed to bring peace to a situation. I love when someone commiserates with me when I’m in a crazy place with one of my kids. It’s a reminder that I’m not alone in my strug-

gles and that someone else “gets” it. Moms that have just recently lost their husbands still have to be moms and just don’t have the strength to “parent” right now. Some moms would love to breastfeed but can’t because their cancer treatment drugs can be passed through breast milk. What about the mom struggling with depression that’s too embarrassed to ask for help? Do you think these moms need judgment or unsolicited advice? No. They need compassion and understanding. I am so honoured to be a mom, and am so thankful for the other moms around me. I’m hopeful that we will all see a little bit of ourselves in each other and put the judgments aside. April Wiens is mama to many – both her own, and foster children. She’s passionate about caring for special needs individuals, as well as being there for her family. Her desire to be right at the hub of her family’s activity led her to her ownership of “Got Something to Say Vinyl Design” and “Bumblebee Baby”. and

being a mom is tough. expert advice can help. Dr. Erika Holiday, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Los Angeles, California and CoAuthor of Mean Girls, Meaner Women: Understanding why Women Backstab, Betray, and Trash-Talk Each Other and How to Heal. “Women use meanness as a coping strategy because often women don’t know how to regulate their own emotions so they turn on other women as a way of acting out.” “We live in a society that relies heavily on social media; in turn, we don’t have face-toface communication with each other like we once did. As a result, women have difficulty communicating with one another (and helping each other) because we have become so accustomed to only connecting electronically.” “Women need to practice how to use their voice more effectively and to ask for help. Sometimes people are afraid to assist another person but really do want to provide help. Asking for help is a compliment to the other person, not a practice of being weak.” | | winter 2012

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8. Changes in mood such as feelings of extended sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness and irritability are important clues that something could be wrong. 9. If you are experiencing fears of any kind, such as a fear of being left alone with or without your baby, fear of impending disaster or a fear of hurting yourself or your baby, definitely reach out to someone or see a doctor. 10. If your relationship with your new baby seems extreme in either direction (you either have little interest in your baby or you are suffering from extreme separation anxiety anytime you and your baby are apart) talk to someone.

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Where & How to Get Help: If you even suspect that you might be suffering from any form of PPD, talk to someone. It can be your husband, your mom, or anyone you feel comfortable with. Also, talk to a doctor that you feel comfortable talking to. Most importantly, know that you do not have to feel helpless, either because you feel like no one understands what you are going through, or because your doctor’s advice seems unhelpful. Help may be hard to find for PPD, but it is out there in a great many forms. Feel empowered to find the help that you need to get better. ■

► AMANDA: “Meal planning! I’ve recently been doing meal plans just one week at a time and the difference for our family is amazing. Less food being wasted, cheaper grocery bills and less eating out! Nothing but a win for us so far and I hope to continue it ”

Tascheleia Marangoni is the founder/director of PPDA, a non-profit organization in Edmonton focused specifically on awareness and resources for postpartum depression and other postpartum mood disorders. Visit PPDA online at, call 780-903-7418, or email

► MEGAN: “Stop giving into whatever my daughter wants. Hopefully!!” ► ALLISON: “To stop going through so many drive thrus... my child is addicted to Starbucks banana loaf. They are so convenient but a bad habit and bad for the environment.” ► JESSICA “To take better care of myself! I am very good at looking after everyone else’s needs but often forget I need to look after me too.”

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