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E. Ahdai is from Greensboro, North Carolina. She is our Fashion and Arts Blogger, as well our Managing Editor. She is currently working on her first novel, and is a contributor to LAID: Young People’s Experiences with sex in an easy access culture. Hello my name is Abman

Glaster Founder/Author of Urban

Legend Presents and I enjoy keeping all of you avid readers out there entertained through fictional stories that truly captures the essence of life from a street perspective. This passion stemmed from the circumstances I've been faced with since the age of 8 up until my current 37 years of wisdom and I will be here to provide you with quality material for many years to come. Much love and respect goes out to all who appreciate and support my work. I do it all for you! I write for you!

Taylor Danes is from Orange, NJ, she is one of our bloggers as well as Managing assistant. She is currently working on a advice page on Facebook and managing her own blog as well.

Hello my name is Azaveran

J Whitsett or more commonly

known as AJ I graduated from James Dudley High School in Greensboro, NC in 1999 and immediately joined the Army. While in the military I was stationed in LA, GA, and Korea. I was also stationed in Kuwait and I am a 2 time Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. I served a total of 12 years in the US Army between active duty and National Guard. I am currently in school for I.T. and Networking Technology and also working on starting my own business in the restaurant industry. I have 5 kids ranging from 11 to 5 and yes there are some twins in there. In my spare time I like to spend time with the kids, anything that has to do with music especially live music, and I love to bowl.


Nikki G is an entrepreneur, journalist, blogger and the author of A Little Bit of Sin available locally and also online at

Talia has a personal blog, where she talks about everything involving writing and sprinkles in her own work too. She freelances for Fashion At Large and is a contributing blogger for Urban Image Magazine. Without Consent is the psychological thriller she has finished and editing. Currently she is writing a novel involving human trafficking called Dear Daddy. Future works include a sex anthology, a women's guide for getting back to the basics of their true self and a how-to on reigniting your passion for writing with a twist. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, or read her works on

Deszion Amani Nasir was born in raised in Hampton, VA, where she penned her first novel in the 6th grade when her simple ideas were read by others and she was told "Wow... this is good. You should be a writer." The light bulb clicked on and never turned off. Fast forward to 2012. Nasir debuted her first novel, "Untrust," the strange tale of an unusual set of twins with no family, yet more family drama than one’s ever deem possible. Death, chaos and destruction would be their inheritance. Then a short was released, "Dragonflies & Demons," part one of a short series about a couple stuck in a vicious cycle of domestic violence that blurs the lines between victim and abuser. After that, the follow-up of "Untrust" entitled "Wicked Blues," dropped in November. Return to the past to see how the curse that hung over the twins' heads began. She is currently writing her first paranormal/sci-fi novel, "Sariah," which is due to be released in the Spring. This is a tale of a unique girl with telekinesis and in inability to fully control it or the consequences that come with it. This excitingly eerie novel will come out in the Spring. Nasir is currently in the works to drop an Anthology with two other authors that will be released in June. The next installment to her series, Uncommon Devil, will be released in the Fall.



In 1970 Marvin Gaye released a song call “What’s Going On?” The song depicted how he felt about the things that were going on in the world at that time; soldiers coming home from Vietnam being mistreated, injustice, murder, and hatred amongst each other, etc. At the time the song was being written, a lot of people were a little indifferent about the song. They were concerned about how the song would have been received by the general public. The song was released and turned out to be a big hit. Well it’s mighty funny how that song could be re-released today, change a few words and it would fit perfectly with what’s going on today it was written over 40 years ago.

that. We are not made to wander about our lives thinking about tragedy, turmoil, strife, death, famine and things like that. That’s the reason these shows like “Doomsday Preppers”

are really considered taboo to us. Up until recently, you didn’t have to worry about things like that. Now you honestly have to worry about sending As we wake up every morn- your kids to school. I can’t ing and go about our morning imagine kissing my 5 year old rituals of showering, washing daughter, who will be in kinfaces, brushing teeth, cooking dergarten this August, in the breakfast, working out, etc, we mornings and praying to God rarely ever think about what that my baby makes it home unwill happen today other than harmed every morning. the ordinary. We never wonder In November 2009, MAJ Hiwill anything tragic happen to- dal Hasan of the US Army opened day and as human beings we are not programmed to think like 11

fire on Fort Hood, a military installation in Texas, killing 13 people and injuring more than 30 people. You have to know that those soldiers couldn’t have awaken that morning thinking I’ll be shot today by someone for no serious apparent reason. July 20, 2012, James Eagan Holmes entered into a movie theater in Aurora, CO and opened fire killing 12 people and injuring over 70.It was considered to be the most deadly shooting in Colorado since the Columbine High School Shooting in 1999. On December 14th 2012, Adam Lanza entered into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT and opened fire killing 27 people. Everyone from the teachers to the EMT’s to the police officers and anyone else associated with that awful tragedy will need some serious counseling. On January 29, 2013 Hadiya Pendleton, a native of Chicago, 15 years old was shot on her way home from school in a case of mistaken identity. Just a few days earlier she was in Washington DC at the presidential inauguration where she

performed. Most recently on April 16, 2013, at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, an annual event that dates back to the late 1800’s and is held on the same day every year in April, two bombs were set off and at the time this article was written three people were confirmed dead and at least 170 wounded. Among the dead is an 8 year old boy. Terrorism by definition according to the Concise Encyclopedia at http:// dictionary/terrorism is the systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective. It has been used throughout history by political organizations of both the left and the right, by nationalist and ethnic groups, and by revolutionaries. Although usually thought of as a means of destabilizing or overthrowing existing political institutions, terror also has been employed by governments against their own people to suppress dissent. An example of the last would be Iraq as when ruled by Saddam Hussein 12

after every act of violence is committed on American soil we get the same speech.

to work. We shouldn’t have to worry about going to catch a movie. We shouldn’t at school. We shouldn’t have to worry about going for a jog in the park and because of all these things now we may have worry about it. The bombings at the Boston Marathon were indeed an act of terrorism, in my opinion, and they should be investigated and treated as such. I am a 3 time combat veteran myself that’s been to Iraq so I have a I really do understand why they soft spot for such things committed here. So I’ll personally do it. They want the American people to not doubt the govern- say to all the victims and vicment and the safety of the na- tims’ families of the Boston Marathon Bombings, may God tion. He also said “we are bless you, and my condolences still winning. We are not losand prayers go out to you. ing.” Now the shooting in Chicago and the shooting in Newtown CT weren’t committed by terrorists per’se, the acts they committed were terroristic in nature and when you look at all the things I mentioned above and the several more that if you Google you will find that didn’t get major news coverage, it is safe to safe that someone is winning and that someone is any person that wants to disGood Day. rupt the norm of life. We shouldn’t have to worry about our children at school. We shouldn’t have to worry going 13

Hey, Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner at Grandma’s House? I’ve come to understand that some of the things we do ritualistically point to something of a greater purpose or meaning. Dinner at Grandma’s house was way more than just a dinner. It was a time of family bonding and nurturing for our children. It was also a time for love and guidance for the entire family.

would be talking to Aunt Linda trying to get to the root of the problem in an effort to keep the family together.

ma all the way down to her male cousins.

Say Uncle Gerald and Aunt Say for instance, lil Antwon Linda are having marital been cutting up in school. All problems because Uncle of the aunts and uncles Gerald wants to run the would get after him about it streets all night. They would over Grandma’s house, rein- be able to get some of the forcing the discipline given counseling he need at to him by his parents. Or Grandma’s. Aunt Linda maybe Monisha is getting a would be able to get the suplittle bit too fast, she calls port she needs from the herself liking boys now. The women in the family while whole family would discuss it they help prepare the meal, and she would get input and Uncle Gerald would get from people who truly care advice from the men in the about her. By the time she family while they watch the leaves Grandma’s house in game. He’d hear that he’s the evening Monisha would “slippin” from the other men receive the feedback and in the family. And most likeadvice she most definitely ly, instead of being advised needs, ranging from Grand- to leave him, Grandma

Dinner at Grandma’s is where our little boys learn how to be men and where our little girls learn how to be women. It’s where our young one’s learn the social skills they need to function in society. I’ve watched this essential practice slowly dissipate from our community. It’s one of the key ingredients that are missing from today’s families. Dinner at Grandma’s kept the family together as a unit. The values of the world today are in the gutter. The unacceptable has become acceptable. What is clearly forbidden in the Bible and the Qur’an has become common practice. Grandma’s house is like a home base where we can stay grounded in our morals. A lot of the dirt we’ve picked up in the world during the week would 14

look like.

Now-a-days Grandma is barely 40 and she’s at the You’d see loving mothers, club! Big Mama used to be your favorite aunties, the the glue that held our famicool uncles, and the older lies together. Now, we’re cousins who did well in school. These people served too spread out. Everybody is as role models to the young- “too busy,” off somewhere doin their own thing. er kids behind them. Real life images of hardworking There’s no shame anymore; our youth are too bold. men have been repaired with the illusions of fast I remember getting caught cars, jewelry, and fast wom- stealin candy from the store en. The childhood fantasies as a child and I was so over lil girls once had of a ashamed to face my family beautiful wedding and a over at Grandma’s. I had a husband have been substi- mother and father in the tuted with visions of a “baby house, but like they say, “It daddy” pickin em up from takes a village to raise a school in a Cadillac on 26 child.” Children reject a lot inch rims. of what their parent say out of spite, they don’t like to The late great comedian listen Bernie Mac asked, “Whatever happened to Big to what the “punisher” has Mama?” to say. But if the same message is planted in their

hands over and over from different styles of communication, eventually it’ll sink in. Our community has drifted way off track over the decades; we need to find our way back to Grandma’s house. That might not be the solution, to all of our problems, but it’s a start. So I’m challenging everyone who is reading this article to get your family together and have dinner at Grandma’s. And if Grandma is gone, have it somewhere. Please, let’s pull it together.

Peace and Love, Richarh Aswanu

From the Motion Picture “SoulsFood” Released 1997 by Fox 2000



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CAPRICORN(DECEMBER22JANUARY 19) You are starting to see the plan of the universe, specifically that change is necessary, and often, with change comes a need for adjustment. You are one of the four cardinal signs - Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn - and as such, cardinals are quick to take a leadership role in any process of change. Cardinal signs define direction, for the cardinal signs align with north, south, east, and west points on the compass and on the globe. This is a time of great discoveries and much activity on the home front, dear Capricorn. You're in a nesting phase, although you are unlikely to be idle around the home. In fact, there may be changes with family or in the home, whether or not you bring them on. This is an excellent time for entertaining in the home and also for making creative changes, such as redecorating. Adjustments need to made, and for some of you, family and home life are unsettled for the time being. AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18) As the month opens, you may be busy writing, speaking, traveling, or negotiating a major contract. Many heavenly bodies, all in enterprising Aries, are now gathering in your third house of communication, including Uranus (genius, and disruption), Mars (energy and

action), Venus (beautiful design, fun, and romance), and the Sun (authority and strength). The fact that Uranus is included means that these areas are important to you now, for Uranus is your ruling planet. You are sure to wow others with your words, ideas, and knowledge, dear Aquarius. Love and communication are tied together in wonderful ways, and this can mean you meet a love interest through an online or phone connection, for example. or it might even point to an exciting new interest or project. Love may be found in your own neighborhood, through siblings' connections, or through learning endeavors. You can find yourself in high demand, as you are currently the goto person for advice or simply for good company. Balancing family and career, or your personal and public lives, can be the challenge now. PISCES(FEBRUARY19-MARCH 20) You are not a sign that enjoys spending a great deal of time on money management, but this month, doing so will pay off. As the most creative and imaginative sign of the zodiac, you enjoy getting involved with new projects that will allow you to direct your considerable talents, but focusing directly on money is often put aside. Be cognizant of the fees you charge, especially if you are self-employed, as many Pisces tend to be. If you work for others, consider the salary you are paid and decide if you feel you deserve a raise.


If so, start putting together your justifications for a raise. The energy this month has nothing to do with winning money - you will make it the old fashioned way, by working, but if you take a moment to study your income, outgo, costs, and savings, you can leave the month in a far better financial position than.. Beware of impulse buys this month. Although you possess considerable energy to make money, you are similarly inclined to spend it! Imaginative undertakings could boost your income. Shake things up, experiment with new ideas, and don't be afraid to think outside of the box. More involvement with your immediate environment, community, and neighborhood figure strongly from mid-month forward. Communications are strong, and love may even come through them, or through learning environments. ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) While you might have been preparing strategy and plans behind closed doors and refining details (very likely, and a good time to do so), the hard part was that discussions of others were going on behind closed doors without including you, and those discussions were having a direct influence on your life daily life. This seems to have given you lots of responsibility but little control over managing those responsibilities. I do not mean to propose that anyone was acting in a dark and stealthy way, but rather management may not have been clear with you. You hold a lot of power this month, dear Aries, for making important changes and for beginning new endeavors. This is particularly the case around and after the New Moon on the 10th. Not only does it occur in your sign, it's aligned with Venus and

Mars, adding creative and attractive sizzle to your life and emphasizing these things in your personality. You are magnetic and more noticeable than usual. People are attracted to your lively spirit. TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) It is likely at eclipse time that you will see another person's true intent, sentiments, and moral fiber. At the same time, conditions may be rapidly changing around you - for example, your one true love may be getting transferred to another city. Under this eclipse you may move up your timetable and choose to get engaged or married now, rather than wait until sometime in the future so that you can move to that city together. If you are not happy with what you learn at eclipse time, you may choose to talk it out together or with a therapist, or give up on the relationship and leave altogether. For single Taureans, romantic opportunities abound. Nevertheless, some relationship hurdles can figure strongly on the 20-22 and then the 28-30 in more serious partnerships. As well, emotions run high around the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th that brings a personal epiphany and relationship drama into your life. GEMINI (MAY 21- JUNE 20) Planets in fire sign Aries will blend beautifully with your Gemini air sign Sun, so your friends will be true blessings in many areas of your life, such as in regard to revving up your social life, making travel more fun, and most importantly, friends may help you get ahead in your career. There seems to be nearly nothing a friend would not do for you. Your friends will invigorate you, excite you, and bring you into new entrepreneurial areas.


It's time to bring some closure to those things that have run their natural course or that are part of your past for good reason. Seek out extra rest and time to yourself, as you are in need of an emotional and physical recharge! CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY22) Creative and possibly even romantic opportunities can arise through business affairs in April. You are more interested in the long term when it comes to love, although towards the end of the month, friendship and camaraderie assume more importance. You may get the chance to show your unique qualities, and you're certainly more courageous than usual when it comes to both expressing and asserting yourself. Rebellious behaviors may be tempting now when it comes to fathers or father figures and authority figures in your life. You might see a friend or an old acquaintance in a more romantic light later this month. You have just arrived at your most important month of 2013 for professional progress and affairs, and if you play your cards right, you should see a major breakthrough in the weeks ahead. Top-level positions are hard to get, as is new business, but if you begin interviewing or pitching now, you have the best new moon of the year to help you.

too, and if you offer the best of innovations you come up with now, you will have a good chance to get at least one approved and funded. Aries is highly entrepreneurial, individualistic energy, so your thinking is likely to be highly original and in terms of business, likely have strong profit potential. VIRGO (AUGUST 23-SEPTEMBER 22) New projects launched now can be especially unique and creative. Most importantly, they fuel your passions. Whatever your obsession now, it's consuming. You might be heavily involved in research and development, as you're not quite ready to share your projects with others. For some of you, however, this is a passionate time on an intimate level. You are discovering new means of expression, and attractions can pop up without warning. If you're craving deep connections with others, it may not be the easiest of times, but if you're looking for excitement, then you're likely to be pleasantly surprised.

At the start of the month, you are intent on getting your finances in order. You have an unusual emphasis on money, and you seem more determined than ever to get a good grip on any matter at all, and you may have several on your list. LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 23- OCTOBER 22)


Your personal magnetism is strong and others You are more enthusiastic than you have been, are more willing and able to spend quality time and your confidence in yourself is natural and with you. Some of you could begin a new longeasy. Your interest in the world beyond your term relationship, and it might seem to come usual boundaries expands, and some of you out of nowhere. Even so, watch that you don't could have opportunities to travel or study see what you want to see in others, rather than somewhere/something new. Love may be espe- what is. As well, family responsibilities or poscially adventurous or exotic, and some of you sibly disapproval can interfere with your relacould have a faraway romance opportunity. tionships. Your tastes and attractions are as non-routine as Many planets are gathering in your opposite your interests these days. sign of Aries, and while you will cooperate Your mind will crackle with ideas this month,

closely with others to win your goal, you may 20

have to make a few compromises along the way. Yet who is better to do that than a Libra? You practically invented the art of negotiation, dear Libra. There is absolutely no doubt that a partner - romantic or in the business sense will be important to you this month. This person may be your spouse, or a client, or a buyer or seller, or even an expert you hire, or other collaborator. SCORPIO (OCTOBER 23-NOVEMBER 21)

hobbies, and children. If you've exhausted yourself, now is the time when you might pay the price. Slow down. This can also be a time when a secret comes to light or you bring closure to an important area or situation in your life.

By Deszion Nasir

If you were born early in your sign, as an October Scorpio, your life has changed quite draSources: matically as you have begun to tackle bigger life goals. All Scorpios are about to grow in authority as you learn new life goals.


The details are more important this month than Photo: the big picture, dear Scorpio, as you have considerable energy and support for shaping up your daily routines, and these include work and health efforts. Super-motivated and energetic, you can get a whole lot done. You are bringing innovative, unique, and creative energy to your daily life, and while you can't quite say that you're getting everything in order, as you have a rather slapdash on-off approach right now, you're certainly shaking things up. You are sure to find ways to make daily life, more pleasurable, interesting, and creative. A Solar Eclipse in your partnership sector is on the horizon (it will occur in May and represents a new beginning in a close relationship), and opportunities to work on existing relationships can begin appearing now. SAGGITARIUS (NOVEMBER 22DECEMBER 22) This is one of the biggest months of the year for romantic and creative opportunities, dear Sagittarius. There is plenty of activity in your sector of romance, recreation, self-expression, 21

Real Life: “Cat Fished” By: E. Ahdai

*Keep in mind this is my opinion*

You have seen this term before “Catfish” if you have then you know the show on MTV named just that. Take journey with me into a real life situation. I have never been the one for online dating so when one of my friends approached me telling me that he was going to try it out. I was a bit taking back by it. I warned him to remain to be cautious in this situation. I offered my friendly advice that included meet them in public place, open up a Skype account so that you can see this person face to face. Matter fact this is the same information I would offer my female friends entering into the same situation.

to meet her. He drove the two hours to meet her at her home. She quickly let him know that she would meet him and that he could follow her back to house so that he would not get lost.

The image of her was etched into his mind, so he was super excited. When she got out of the car and walked over to him, that super excited feeling vanished. She was not the woman in the picture. She looked more like a catfish then the beautiful mermaid she described herself to be. He tried to keep it cool and see what could possibly come from the night. Will careful thought he decided to come up He now has met several with a plan to leave, never to return women, and found them to be real- again. ly cool to hang out with. I was still I do not agree with the way not sold on the whole idea. This is he left. I believe he could have told where things take a change. After her that she was not what he was having a few conversations with a expecting and that he could only young lady on a dating website, he see them being friends. As his found himself intrigued by her. All friend I had to be honest with him he could think about was how beau- and tell him to take a break from tiful her picture was and how he the online dating scene and see if couldn’t wait to meet her. So after he could me a woman the old fashexchanging numbers they decided ioned way. What do I mean by the to meet. He even told me about old-fashioned? By walking up to a meeting her. woman and introducing his self and He found out that she lived a little asking for her number. over two hours away, but he wanted



Love is a Game By Richarh Aswanu

Well fellas, I don’t know if ya’ll realize it or not, but love is a game. And you’re playin whether you want to or not and whether you know it or not. To keep it one hundred, it’s a war and our opposition is craftily and unpredictable. At times they becomes completely irrational and act off of their emotions leaving us utterly confused. Women are very complex creatures and you’ll never figure them out. So quit trying, you’ll never figure them out. So quit trying, you’ll only drive yourself crazy. It’s almost as if they want the opposite of what they say. “I hate you, don’t ever call me again!” followed by a dial tone means; don’t call her back. At least to a normal English speaking human back. At least to a normal English speaking human being. But in most cases, she’s looking for reassurance that you love her. She wants you to call her right hack to beg and plead for her mercy. I’ve had the phone slammed down in my ear only to receive a call a couple

hours later; “Oh, so you can’t call me back?” I just don’t understand it, because as soon as you adjust your comprehension to interpret her vocalizations to have the opposite meanings; she’ll say what she means. It’s really frustrating and confusing. What makes their tactics extremely effective is that they’re confused most of the time

themselves. I just want to throw my hands in the air and say “forget it.” Why is it that women whine and complain about not being able to find a good man, but once they find him they take advantage of him? They mistreat 24

him and disrespect him. I’ve witnessed countless women out in the streets bragging about how they have their man wrapped around their finger. They boast about how they get his whole check and how they have him “whipped.” They mistake his love for being weak. I’ve overheard these conversations from the time I was a child all the way into my adulthood. It just doesn’t make sense, a woman will cheat on her man who is passionate and makes sweet love to her for someone who can provide her with rough and meaningless sex, and vice versa. We can’t get lazy fellas, we can’t fall into a routine. Being spontaneous is critical to maintaining your relationship, you have to keep her “off balance.” If you’ve been Mr. Sensitive lately, when your woman comes home throw her down on the bed, snatch her panties off and give it to her! Then, just get up and walk away. Lol! Go work on your car, turn on the Xbox or whatever it is that you do. Don’t explain your ac-

tions. It’ll mess her head up and leave her confused. She’ll feel completely used and taken advantage of. And secretly, she’ll love it. We have to step our game up. When you leave the house, make sure you are fresh to death. Fresh shave, nice haircut, creases in your clothes and smellin good. It doesn’t hurt for your woman to feel that you are the object of another woman’s desire. Women are territorial; it will keep her on her toes. Come home a lil late every now and then with an extra bounce in your step. Don’t let her be able to predict your actions by her watch. Don’t answer her calls right away all the time, this allows her to take for granted that you’ll always be at her disposal. Now be careful, don’t take it too far. I didn’t say cheat. Some women will shut down completely if they have strong vibes of infidelity. But if she catches the scent of another woman sniffin around you, she feel the need to fight to keep her position in your life. Your meals will have a bit more flavor in em and she’ll go back to doing things in the bedroom that she 25

hasn’t done in a long time.

Once you conquer or master a game, It’s a shame that we have to play these you’re done right? There’s no sense in continuing to play, what’s the point. It’s games, but we don’t have a choice. If the same thing with us, women love to you don’t play, you’ll lose. Honestly, I be challenged. don’t believe all woman consciously “play games.” Women are very neurotic See, we make the mistake of assuming beings, they are emotionally unstable that once we settle down the games are which in turn gives off the impression over. Aw naw homeboy, they’re just bethat they’re up to no good. Women ginning. This is when you’re at your need to be entertained and they bemost vulnerable point because your come bored very easily. I guess a simple hearts invested and your guard is down. way to put it is that you’re a “project” You think it’s all good, you’ve found the woman of your dreams and it’s time to kick back and relax. You can quit playin the field and as long as you stay faithful everything will be cool, right??? Wrong! “Women would rather be jealous and confused, any emotion is better than the boredom of security.” Don’t take my word for it, this is the philosophy of Ninon De Lenclos. She was a 17th cenhomie. You have who you are U.S. the tury expert in love and seduction. The man she wants you to be. Women see most important families in France sent “potential” in every man they meet. A their sons to get some game. I was lil of this, a lil of that and a few adjust- amazed as I read her philosophies and techniques while I reflected on my past ments and you can turn out pretty experiences with women. good. Once she completes her “project”, she’s done. She’s ready to put Just think about what I’m sayin for a minute. Women love the thrill of the you on the shelf. Just think about it. 26

middle school. The girls didn’t want the sweet little boy who gave them dandelions and all his lunch money. He disgusted them, they would make fun of him and give his money to the bad boy who pulled their hair and made them cry. This isn’t anything new, it’s been this way since the beginning of time and it’ll never change. Women love difficulty, that’s why relationships are never simple. An old school player once told me that your best woman is the one that’s number two. The reason being, is that she’s trying to be number one. She’ll do everything she can to be the priority in your life. She’ll rub your back, she’ll encourage you and she’ll support your dreams. The woman that’s number one in your life figures she has you locked down. She tells you to “get it yourself”, she doesn’t care about your “stupid” dreams and she’s gotten lazy in the bedroom. Don’t take this article the wrong way. I’m trying to save your relationship. Just keep her on her toes, that’s all I’m saying. Don’t allow her to take you for granted. Keep her confused. Don’t ever let her figure you out, because if she gets bored… it’s over. Seriously, as I did a lil research for this article I thought about all the

women I’ve been with in my life. The ones who have been madly in love with me are the ones I’ve never committed to. Every time, and I do mean everysingle-time I have settled down and given a woman my heart, body, and soul; I’ve been hurt. For years, I’ve just written it off as karma. But I’ve learned through my research that this is just the characteristics of women. It’s called

“frustration attraction.” Women want what they can’t have or what’s difficult to obtain. Have you ever wondered why it seems like every time you get into a relationship, more women become attracted to you? When a woman gets a craving for something, a pleasure chemical called dopamine is released into their brains. This chemical drives them to go after what they want. It’s a rush. So please, always remember fellas; Love is a game and the mistake men often make is we quit playin… 27

Early January my whole family was battling the stomach virus, as a result I caught the same virus so I thought. I couldn’t take it after a week and went to the doctor as I did everyone else only to have my doctor say “ no you don’t have the stomach virus you are pregnant” SAY WHAT NOW? I can’t be was my reaction, my periods are regular its been weeks since I had sex (protected sex) I can’t be, I just can’t be. She set me up with an ultrasound date and sent me on my way, I get home and tell Mr. Man I’m pregnant he looks at me and says, “yeah I know how far along are you??” SAY WHAT NOW? How did you know I was pregnant? “Well because you’re getting fatter” was his answer my first thought is how am I going to do this my family is enough right now, my daughter is two not in school or daycare I am not working and my son is almost a teen and my brother is a handful.. I prayed and prayed and came up with God never gives you more than you can handle.

Mark (very sweet guy btw) starts the ultrasound then stops cleans me up and starts again only to turn to me and say “ Ms. Cook your having twins” SAY WHAT NOW?? I kindly told him that the baby moved really quick and he thought he saw two babies when it was actually just one. He assured me that I was wrong and having twins and gave me a nice picture of both. I was sent on my way with another appointment to see the doctor two weeks later. The ride home was the worst ok one baby I can deal with 1 baby is understandable but two!!! What am I going to do? I get home and tell Mr. Man he is all excited and thrilled he calls everyone under the sun to tell them he made twins the first set in his family and I’m going to assume in mine too. Immediately I felt the worry come right back Lord what am I going to do? How am I going to do this? Then whole other set of worry came my daughter was premature so what if these are premature also.

Again I prayed and prayed I A week later I get to my ultra- even talked to Mr. Man and he assound appointment and if went from sured me I would be fine and so confusion to a hot mess. So I lay would the babies. I still had my down on the table the technician doubts.


Two weeks later I get to the doctor and he tells me not to worry everything is fine and stop making myself sick with worry. Here I am halfway there and I’m still worrying. I go get an ultrasound every week I see my doctor every three weeks so far so good and the babies are good. I’ve learned a few things since I stared this journey For one I can eat anything I want in moderation. Secondly I never thought I did a lot during the day but I do enough. And Thirdly, the body pillow is my best friend and last but not least I’m still sexy even though I’m pregnant. Xoxoxo


Skin Bleaching is it the New Botox?... Are Black Women Getting Away From Our NaturaWritten by: Talia Rice

weaken their immune, endocrine and nervous systems. Even with all of the side effects the FDA claims it cannot rule out

that hydroquinone has carcinogenic properties. But go ahead and slather that all over your body to become that flawless white female you are trying to be. Have you ever looked at a black celebrity in a magazine and Why the obsession? said, “What the hell happened? They were black last Many unsatisfied women and men feel that they will achieve week?” Many celebrities have gotten that response from me. a higher self esteem, create more attention from the opposite Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and the latest India Arie; sex, have more romance and get better job opportunities if they all seemed to have dipped into the bleaching pool. None they have lighter skin not giving a damn about the long term of course will admit to it but pictures do tell a lot. Skin effects, all they want is the look of what western civilization bleaching has become a strange obsession to the point where has coined as beautiful. we can no longer ignore it and it is not just black a celebrity doing it either, it is your next door neighbor, your co-worker All around the world… all the way to other countries. The celebrities accused of skin bleaching is small to the women and men who do it in the black communities. What is in skin bleaching cream? Lets get the technical out of the way. Skin bleaching is someone who uses chemical substances in an attempt to lighten their skin tone. Natural, laser and chemical are the three main ways to bleach your skin. To put it in more simple terms the stuff they use to develop pictures, hydroquinone, is

The motherland, Africa, is widely affected by this trend. 77% of women in Nigeria have bleached their skin. Fanta Face and Coca Cola legs are what it is being called. This means anyone who bleaches only their face but the rest of their body is their normal color. What I want to know is what they see when they look into the mirror everyday and

see that half of their body is one shade while the other is a completely different shade? Twenty-three year old Mikeisha Simpson who lives in the

the same ingredient in skin bleaching. I find it ironic that it is ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica looks around her hood everyused to bring pictures to view in full color but drains the color day and no one gives her the attention she wants. All of the out of one’s skin when applied as a cream.

white or light skinned girls are getting taken care of, in the

Hydroquinone has been banned in Europe, Japan, Asia and hood mind you so she has succumbed to the pressure of looking beautiful’ so she can get taken care of by men too. Jamaica. It has the potential to alter a person’s DNA, 30



SEXUAL EXPRESSIONS with Deszion HIM: “My partner and I are separated by distance. We don’t have a lot of time together, so I want to cherish all the moments that we have. I know she’s busy, but I feel like she’s putting everything ahead of me. Am I wrong for wanting more of her time?” HER: “From the beginning he knew how busy I was, but now that the reality has set in, it’s a problem. I can’t get any work done because he’s calling me all day, he says I neglect him but I’m really just trying to focus on my work. If he’d let me breathe I’d be able to finish my work and have more time for him.”

hours talking about who wasn’t paying attention to what, OR you could take progressive steps and plan your future realistically. HIM: Calling her constantly, interrupting her creative flow is disruptive and isn’t likely to make her want to talk to you MORE when she’s off work, being that you’ve been hounding her all day. If her job is stressful, she would probably benefit more from positive, loving texts or emails, just letting her know that you’re thinking of her. And I don’t mean 25-50 of them, either. Let her know you love her and look forward to the free time she DOES have. If possible, try to find things to do in the time you seem to have to keep busy.

Couples in a long-distance relationship have it tougher than most, let me tell you. Not HER: Be patient, knowing that he’s only do you have to have a HUGE amount of just missing you. Sometimes, something as trust in each other, the lack of physical attensimple as sending an “Miss you” text from the tion can drive everyone crazy. It’s not easy. bathroom is enough to calm a weary, lonely It sounds like there needs to be some heart. Don’t forget that while you’re busy compromise on both ends. It sounds like go- working away, someone that cares about you ing into the relationship you both may have deeply is thinking of you. Many people don’t had some expectations about each other that have that. Even if you’re tired, if he lets you you either didn’t take seriously or didn’t fully get your work day on… making time for him talk about. This isn’t uncommon, because at night means so much. Be it expressions of generally in the getting-to-know-you stages, love, what happened that day, or turn it up incouples spend time on less strenuous things to a kinky conversation. That’ll definitely like learning about each others’ likes, dislikes, keep him happy and you’ll probably release and feeling each other out. some stress as well. After the “honeymoon” phase in a relationship is over, the real life situations that may have been muted in the beginning can come crashing onto the scene like a drunk uncle at the family cookout.

The key to this is communication. You have to be willing to listen to each other and respect each others’ needs and wants. If there continues to be a breakdown in communication, then there me be a bigger issue at The two of you could spend needless hand. Communication is the key, Respect is the lock. 33

The barter system is one of the most overlooked and underrated forms of business development available today. Bartering is one of the fastest ways to BENEFIT your business almost overnight. WHAT IS BARTER? For the purpose of this article we are referring to the barter system as an agreement between business owners to give something in EXCHANGE for receiving something else. For example: One business owner may provide financial services, and another may do web design. Now you may think these businesses are so vast and so different they have nothing in common. However, in taking a closer look we see they have a very important element in common; they are both potentially in need of each other's services.

IS BARTERING RIGHT FOR YOU? There are many business owners who are adamantly against bartering. They will tell you that it's a waste of time. These are the business owners who already make enough money and aren't willing to work together in order to get ahead. If these things apply to you stop reading now. However, if you want to build your team without spending any extra money -- and wouldn't mind HELPING someone else out in order to improve your own status -- bartering is definitely the way to go. 34

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BARTERING? Bartering carries with it a number of attractive benefits:      

No out of pocket COST to you Increased name recognition by association Increased POWER on your team Input of other professionals in your company's functioning Use of other SERVICES you might not be able to afford Opportunities for networking with different professionals

NAME RECOGNITION What do we mean by increased name recognition by association? Once you barter with a high PROFILE business your name is going to be seen more, remembered more and as a result recognized more by your target audience. The key to effective bartering is bartering with a company that is COMPARABLE with yours. If you own a shoe store bartering or doing a joint venture with a sock store would be the ultimate barter. You would recommend the sock store's services in return for them recommending yours. I mean after all if you need socks, you're going to need shoes. You also have increased name recognition by association because as the sock store is recommending your services the customers realize that if the sock 35

store is willing to associate with your company you must be a wonderful company. A win-win situation for everyone involved. Contact business owners you are already in contact with, your current pool. Also think of business types that are comparable to yours and search for them on the web or in your local business directory. Then contact the business owner with an OFFER. GIVE THEM A REASON Keep in mind that every business owner is just like you in that they are looking to EXPAND their businesses as inexpensively as possible. If you can answer the all time, number one, most important question for a business owner, "What's in it for ME?" the likelihood of the business owner agreeing to barter with you increases tremendously. What do you have to lose but a little time and effort? The yes's you receive will be worth the no's. Just keep it up and remember those yes's are exposure you would not have had. So get out there and ask for it.




...a review by E. Ahdai 38

A Lover’s Redemption The day I received my copy of “A Lover’s Redemption” by Sh`Moore in the mail; I was ecstatic.

I could not wait to crack this book open and read

it. I know everyone is in to e-books and digital readers. Call me old fashioned, but I love to caress the covers of a book. “A Lover’s Redemption” is one of those books that actually draw you into the story and makes you upset that the main character is acting out of pocket. Mrs. Sh’Moore

had me yelling at her at every turn of the page. I

found myself closing the book several times because she had tapped on my nerves more than once. I found this story to be real because it looked at the other side of cheating. When you sit down and ask men and women who you think cheats the most. I will guarantee you that majority will say men. This story told the side of a woman’s infidelity. I looked at it as breath of fresh air because some people can be so closed minded to say that a wom-

an would never cheat on a man. It also provokes your way of thinking throughout the book. Would you really still continue to pursue someone who is clearly in a committed relationship? Would you leave the home that you always knew? Do you realize how many people think about that daily, should I or shouldn’t I. What do you stand to gain or even lose? I can say I absolutely enjoyed this read. Right now I am sitting on my hands waiting for the next book to come out. You can find this book at and for Nook users she did not forget about you. You can also purchase this book.

We at Urban Image are thankful to have the great pleasure to work with Ms. Sh`Moore on a few projects. She has granted us the opportunity to do an

interview with her as well.


When did you know that were to be an author? As I sit back and think about it I started out more the poet when I was younger. When I got to college having been the smart kid and doing really well in school. I got my first reality check my freshman year. I had professor to pull me to the side and give me a reality check. I attend a predominantly black high school, so college was a culture shock for me. There was professor that took me and aside and showed me the right way of doing things. Through him I found a new love for literature. Then ultimately I decided to become an English major. I actually dedicated a few books to him and another professor.


Was this always what you thought love it when I can sit down have a chat with you would be doing?

someone and it not feel like an interview. I can say exactly that about sitting down and talking with the Authoress Sh’Moore. It was like talking to an old friend and catching up. I say that because I have am her Facebook friend and the only interaction we had prior to now was talking on her Facebook page when she had a topic I was interested or vice versa. I enjoyed getting to know her. She is such a joy. Sh’Moore is the Dallas, Texas area. When asked where she was from she proudly answered born, raised and still here.

I wanted to be a teacher, and even if you would have asked me that going into college the answer would still be the same. In 3rd grade we had a project to do and we had to talk about our future life and then I knew I wanted to be teacher.

When it comes to sitting down a creating a story; do you have any rituals that you go through to get the story out?

Naturally, I have to be inspired. Sometimes I can talk to people and need a pad and paper How did you like growing up there? because they just said something or I thought I had a lot of opportunities to be exposed to something I have to get on paper. I am also like that when I hear a song. I also pray bethe world, just form the various things my family opened us up to. I have traveled in my fore I write, so that I can vehicle and a vessel to get my point across. I can sit sometimes adult but the experience is a great one. and write and go back read what I wrote and no remember it and I know that it was not 40

Who inspires you?

Fire and Desire should be I was offered to work in an anthology with ACCSHA publicaI have so many who inspire me. My kids for tions they published go the “f” to sleep. I have one; they are the reason why I keep moving submitted some new work with them. I am forward. I have to prove to them that you can currently working on book #2. I am also trying succeed at your goals that they want. My to get in a couple of book tours. Right now I mom; she always believed in what I wanted. am taking on new authors that in itself is a lot She was very logical with me while I am the on my plate. To others balancing everything dreamer. My mother is very supportive she out may seem difficult but for me it can be keeps me grounded. My family as a whole is done. very supportive. My love for literature having What made you want to self-publish studied it in college, I was very militant. We were required books from dead white men and open up your own publishing and white women, so this fueled my fire becompany? cause there was no real black literature. Before I was writer; my introduction to the With your book “A lover’s redemption” industry was through editing. I was the go to was it based off any true life stories? editor for a website/newsletter. I shopped “A lover’s redemption” around and no one Writing “A Lover’s Redemption” was very seemed to want it. My mom pushed me by therapeutic for me. I am not a cheater at all, but it gave me the opportunity to flip the real- saying “so what are you going to do with your book” then it turned to “what are we going to ity of it from other’s lives. do with our book” and from there I decided to In “A lover’s redemption” was there a publish myself. My mentor gave me the reason why you mad the main charac- knowledge to be able to open up doors, and I am steady growing and learning. ter a female cheater? I live in a permanent world of “What if”. I found that we in society find it easier for a man to cheat. If he goes out and he cheats we are supposed to accept it, but when women cheat men have a harder time to come back from it.

What are you currently working on? I am currently working on joint book through gumbo for the soul. I like doing anthologies it give me the chance to work with different writers. Able to bring some unknown writers together with more establish writers gives them a chance to be read as well alongside with authors like Omar Tyree, Rory Sheriff.

What is something that you want to share with your readers? I always want to incorporate adult responsibly, example: the moment that the husband and wife have an adult conversation in the book. There was no yelling it was controlled and are having a conversation about the situation.

What advice would you give other aspiring authors/writers? To Writers: Write everything down. Keep on writing find creativity in everything. Examine


the full craft look for everything in the craft, hone your craft. Sometime we limit ourselves to just one thing. To Authors: Embrace your writer in your craft. You are going to be compromise for your editor, but still try to keep yourself. Also, be a stickler for your brand but also know when to fold sometimes.

You can check out more of Sh’Moore’s work on her website Facebook: Sh' Moorebooks Twitter: @givinUshmoore Blogtalkradio: shmoorebooks/2013/04/18/wed-nite-wine-down-w-sh-moore


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Current statistics show that 19% of women polled are cheating in their relationships versus 23% of men though for very different reasons. Men tend to cheat for physical reasons like sexual excitability while women are cheating because lack of emotional connections and a disconnection in sexual capability. Many believe that the gap between men and women cheaters is closing simply because women are asserting themselves more by entering the workforce in greater numbers thusly being in close quarters with the others, taking breaks, making friends, chumming it up as well as easy access to willing participants in cyberspace. Surfing the net and making friends on various sites where you can reconnect with past loves or develop new ones offer another way of making naughty connections. Snoop advised, “Cheat on your man ma, that’s how you get ahizzead.” That

on their initial reasoning for said behavior.

By: Nikki G

may be one reason women cheat but it certainly isn’t the only one. Studies have shown women cheat for various reasons. Seeking another partner for what is lacking in the relationship that they are currently involved in being top among reasons revealed. With the prevalence of online dating sites that seek out the lonely and unsatisfied and profess all will be cured by having a secret sexual fling, one-night-stand or affair it is easy for women to justify their dalliances and indiscretions based

For Jessica, a 30something, single, independent woman with no children working a good job and looking for love and finding it only to fall out of love shortly thereafter and resort to cheating instead of ending the relationship…”it was like, I didn’t sign up for all of this.” Jessica says that in the beginning it was all peaches and cream. Her boyfriend took her on all kind of adventurous dates, spoiled her with gifts, plenty of sex and quality time but as the relationship progressed and even became serious things began to fizzle out for Jessica. “Once we moved in together and I got to see the real him and not his representative I was like ummm…ok. We became like an ole married couple. We hardly go out, he expects me to go to work then come home and cook and clean for him and by the time I do all of that he’s either asleep or isn’t in the mood to do much anyway but fondle the remote. The relationship became boring and 44

predictable and when I complain he’ll take me out or whatever but then it falls right back into the same pattern and I’m like is this as good as it gets?” she asks. Yeah, if you are stuck in a rut. When asked why she didn’t just end it and move on instead of becoming complacent with the situation, she replies that she held on thinking things would get better but at the same time she was unfulfilled and sought out what she was not getting at home. In other words she was hedging her bets. If things turned around at home she was still in there, if not she was already on the market and looking for a new love.

The scenario for Natalia is completely different. Her husband travels frequently due to his employment which leaves her a lot of times on her hands and as the saying goes an idle mind is the devil’s playground. “Hey, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I don’t know what he’s doing when

he’s out there,” she says. Natalia says she is a frequent online dater and has had encounters with men and even couples. She sees it as completely recreational sex and no strings attached. “We communicate thru emails and texts and we meet up, have drinks and hang out a little bit and then we do what we do. It’s completely physical. I’m just satisfying an itch that’s all.” When asked why doesn’t she just end her relationship and live the single life her reply is that her and husband are “soul mates. I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. I love my husband. He has my heart. The people I date are only in my bed temporarily.” This is classic if you can’t be with the one you love then love the one you’re with situation. Using physical intimacy as a quick fix for a substitution for love is like a crack head’s high; once it evaporates you’re searching for the next high or orgasm.

man who is married to the streets, her spouse is out hustling, clubbing, hanging with his boys and leaves her behind to tend to the children and run the house, she often feels “neglected, unloved and undesired” by her husband. “When he is home he sleeps all day to recover from the night before or he’s too drunk or too high to take care of mama. His phone is constantly going off and I know it’s other females. I’m not stupid. They’re the stupid ones because he ain’t going nowhere and it’s cheaper to keep her and he knows that. He don’t want no parts of a divorce or child support. He ain’t crazy and ain’t nobody got time for that so I just do what I gotta do to get mines. So I just live a double life,” she describes her two lives as the one that her husband sees every day the so-called perfect, ride or die wife, taking care of the kids and the house and the one that is out getting buck wild, having men service her and her needs while her husband is out doing who knows what. Two wrongs

Hazel-eyed, coke-bottle shaped, pretty girl Tika fell for the popular bad boy of the block and is now suffering the consequences. Married to a 45

don’t make a right but according to R.Kelly “there’s nothing wrong with a little bump and grind,” it all depends on which school of thought you subscribe to. Leaving your girl at home, neglected, lonely and horny is a recipe for disaster and a segue way for tit for tat.

something like role playing or God-forbid having a threesome or just doing something to spice up our sex life he looks at me as if I’m speaking a different language or something and I’m like damn…you know, what’s a girl suppose to do? Sometimes

“Sex during a onenight stand gives me the opportunity to be someone else,” Charmaine says. “I’ll be the first to say what I’m doing isn’t right and it would break my heart if my man found out how ratchet I was being but at the same time I just can’t help myself.” Charmaine says being able to be free sexually is worth the risk of getting caught and kind of adds to the excitement of it all. “My man isn’t very kinky or spontaneous or any of that. If I suggest

I just want to get my real freak on and if he ain’t with it then I just find a temporary substitute that is able and willing and get my rocks off then go on home. ” An undercover freak will find a way to let their freak flag fly if their significant other isn’t willing to compromise and get their sex game up. There is a definite lack of respect, integrity and communication going on when you can’t be your true self with

the one you claim to love. It’s a known fact that we as women are evolving and some even say becoming more and more like men in areas such as cheating. Some women are not emotionally attached to sex and are able to participate in no strings attached sexual escapades and go on about their business as usual. Some women are looking to connect emotionally to a side boo thang because their home life is lacking and they feel the need to fill a void whichever the case may be unless you want to be on the unlucky receiving end you better take a good look at your relationship, decide if it’s worth saving and get to work because what one won’t do another one will.



Who Him ...We Just Friends : The lies they tell and the effects they have on the women who love them By Tyrone Freeman





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By :Christopher Brown

Urban Image Magazine would like to welcome all our readers to another highly celebrated issue of the hottest magazine in the industry. My name is Christopher Brown, writer for the CBeautyArt Column for UIM. This month I’m here to introduce you to Gabriella Lennep, a creative mind that is amazing the world with her awesome artwork! Gabriella was born and raised in Europe, Switzerland. While she was living in Switzerland, she always dreamed of warm exotic places to live because she didn’t like the cold weather.

briella made her dream come to light when she moved to SW Florida to live near the ocean. Residing in her own tropical paradise, she has been in Florida for over 20 yrs now. She went from being a school teacher in Switzerland to a musical retail owner in Florida, to a broker and entrepreneur in Real Estate. She didn’t want to stop there, she wanted to rekindle her passionfor arts. In the last few years Gabriella has finally found her way back into drawing and painting. Gabriella has been showing her artwork in a variety of

Gabriella’s passions and dreams to live in exotic places inspired her to draw animals that lived in tropical places all around the world. She was fascinated by wolfs, big birds and big cats. Gabriella had the opportunity to create a project in art class where she could show her love for animals. She called it “The Never-ending Story”. It became a huge success! Ga52

galleries and exhibits. She is also marketing and selling her pieces locally and globally in such countries as Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Gabriella’s dream is to share her vision and expression with the whole world and connect with everyone spiritually to bring a deeper and more meaningful life on an enhanced level! I would like to thank Gabriella Lennep for her continued success in the genre of art she creates for our pleasure. For more information regarding Gabriella Lennep, go to STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPCOMING! ARTISTS‌


An OOSA book review of Shh...Beware of the Snitch Killer By Daddy Rich

OOSA Online Book Club rated it Trust No One “Shh.....Beware of the Snitch Killer” is a whodunit with a twist. Ryan ‘R-Dubb’ Williams is the protagonist. He was recently released from doing a long bid and is determined never to go back. While most men in prison are largely forgotten, because their ‘friends’ fall by the wayside, R-Dubb was fortunate in the fact that his girlfriend, Nikki, rode out his whole bid with him. Unfortunately for R-Dubb, law enforcement is waiting for him to make one misstep so they can lock him up again. Just when the police get an informant to get close enough to R-Dubb, that snitch is found murdered. The killer leaves a signature mark - the snitch's throat is slit ear to ear with a dime literally dropped on the dead body. The police are confident that R-Dubb is connected somehow to the killings. They just have to prove that he is. Unbeknownst to anyone, R-Dubb has a twin brother who works for the police department. R-Dubb and his brother are fraternal twins, and his brother changed his last name. Bryan, R-Dubb's brother, reached the rank of detective on the Metropolitan Joint Task Force. Bryan is able to alert R-Dubb to any police activity towards him. This allows R-Dubb to open shop and flood the city with drugs. With R-Dubb's experience in putting in work and his brother feeding him information against anyone who is moving against him, can he ever fail? “Shh...Beware of the Snitch Killer” is packed full of action and suspense. It will have you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. With an ending so unexpected it will leave you breathless. I thoroughly enjoyed “Shh...Beware of the Snitch Killer.” I couldn't read it fast enough. Excellent job, Daddy Rich. I look forward to reading your other work. Reviewed by: Anna 54

a series of stories by

Author Abman Glaster The warm air penetrating his inner ear was that of a woman’s sensual breathing. “Don’t stop,” he whispered with great passion. All the while soft and gentle hands caressed his chest, which sent fire coursing through the blood in his veins. The wetness of a tongue traveled expertly down his stomach making him gasp; However, he held back a pleasure moan in fear of chasing the dream lover away. At first he didn’t welcome her touch, but now it seemed as if he only slept for the purpose of this magical encounter with her. For truly it served as a bridge between heaven and earth, bringing a release of enormous energy, which revitalized him in a unique way. In ways in which he thought was permanently lost to him.

al communication tool. Simultaneously a hand caressed his sac . Suddenly his manhood was drowned in a pleasurable warmness causing him to explode in a guttural moan. “Uuuuh!” “Daddy! Daddy! Wake up!” Anthony Jackson was awakened by Precious his 5 year old daughter, who treated his bed as a trampoline. “Come here you.” He tried to grab her. “Aaaah!” she screamed racing out the room and laughing her little heart out. Anthony laid there staring at the ceiling feeling all sorts of marvelous from the erotic dream, until the wetness in his Arabian silk pajamas reminded him that he needed to clean up. Jumping out of bed he headed for the Master’s bathroom, straight for the shower.

He shoved the love Goddess’ head down with force, thirsting for her earth shattering oral pleasure. MARCELLE “Yesss!” he blurted as her Riding in the back of his silky tongue licked from the chauffeur driven Bugatti 16 bottom of his pulsating sexuC Galibier, one of only 150 in

the world, en route to Teterboro airport in Northern New Jersey, Marcelle Abraham gazed out at the clouds. Contrary to the surrounding gloom his spirits were bright and flying high. This was in spite of all the fuss on Wall Street about what could possibly be a sequel to the Dow Jones Industrials’ thirteen percent plunge last spring, and how the Dow has been down four sessions in a row, five weeks in a row and is currently more than 720 points, or 5.6% below its April 29th peek. Not even the parallels to 2012’s dip seemed eerie to Marcelle. True, last year the Dow peeked on April 26th and topped this year on April 29th. But 2012’s dip was set in motion by fears of a double dip recession, bad news about jobs reports and a debt crisis still looming in Europe. And yes the recent sell off had all the same ingredients, but as David Bianco of Bank of America/Merrill Lynch quoted “this is a soft patch. Not a sinkhole.” 55

Confirming this theory was John Sloan, editor of INvestWise Research Newsletter, and good friend of Marcelle’s, who ran with a lead story headlined: ‘The general Consensus? A ten percent correction is possible, but it’s unlikely that the current stock pull back will morph into a bear market, or a twenty percent drop, or approach the severity of last spring’s plunge.’ “The market doesn’t suddenly hit a peek and crash 20 days later,” Sloan said to Marcelle during last night’s phone conversation. “Bull market tops generally develop over months,” he concluded.

has brought in eighteen successful stock trades, compounding interest of thirty percent on twenty million dollars invested. The result; over four billion in gross assets for the company. At this rate a billion dollar net worth was inevitable for Marcelle within ten years.

shot back, and then he disconnected. Marcelle laid his head back against the plush headrest and smiled at what lies ahead. This was a weekend he really looked forward to, since Richard introduced it to him 3 years ago. RICHARD

At age 50 Richard Martin held onto youth with a gracefulness that men half his age envied. Not to mention most women found him to be a tad-bit cuter than Boris Kodjoe. A strict exercise regiment, which consisted of a 5 mile run through Central Park Monday thru Friday starting at 5 am, then an hour of weight training, on to an hour of calisthenics, is what kept his 6 foot 5 inch, well toned frame at a solid 202 Breaking the reverie pounds. was Marcelle’s smart phone This was partly the chiming to life. He saw it reason why he had one of was Richard calling. the most beautiful woman “What’s up?’ in all of black entertainNot bad for a kid who rose from the slums of Jersey City. Curries Woods projects to be exact. The worst of the worst. The product of a drug addicted father and alcoholic mother had indeed defied the odds. A true testament to the fact of African Americans being the most resilient people on the planet as President Obama had indirectly iterated in one of his many eloquent speeches.

Something Marcelle was well aware of. But what made his firm Martin & Abraham one of the few black owned investment companies, whose client base were ninety percent black small and mid-size business owners, so success“Hopefully you’re ful was how their firm foen route my friend,” the cused on a technical analy- excited voice returned. sis approach to trading the Marcelle understood markets. the enthuisiasm coming Even in these tough from his partner. For it economic times, over the mirrored his own. “ETA is past 4 years their system inside of 20 minutes,” he

ment, Elaine Martin, an Emmy Award winning screenplay writer, who was ten years younger, as his wife. The other reason was him being three quarters of a billion dollars rich. Not that Elaine was with him 56

for the money. No! She’d trade in all of the wealth and success for a normal and simple life with the man she cherished and adored, she made clear time and time again.

the showers, then to the sauna, where they enjoyed the steam for more than an hour. From there they went on to be pampered with massages, manicure and pedicures, on to 75 minute And although Rich- facials, ending with eye ard was certain of her sin- brow, leg and Brazilian waxes. cerity in this regard he’d forever stand firm in his Now at the spa’s belief that ‘no man ought outdoor food court, waiting to be satisfied with a little, for their meals to arrive, if he’s capable of getting they were seated at a table that housed a huge umbreland enjoying more.’ And la to shield them from the that ‘every man should have all that can contrib- scorching sun.. ute to the power, elegance, beauty and richness of life. To be content with less is sinful.’ This was especially true when you factored in Richard’s healthy appetite for other women.

“Universal is ready to move into production,” Katharine informed while punching away at her iPad. She was speaking of the movie giant developing the screenplay Elaine completed a couple of months ago, Now, here he was seated on his private jet, a which took nearly a year to finish. It was a feature film Bombardier Challenger concerning a teenage boy 605, staring out the window at Marcelle’s Bugatti who comes across a magical pulling up. Boy! This week- guitar that helps him to fulfill his dream of becomend was exactly what he ing a rock star, all while needed to relax and unsaving the orphanage he wind. grew up in. Titled ‘Magic ELAINE Rocks’ the story contained After a few sets of racquet super sub-plots, a gripping inside emotional story and ball that Elaine Martin larger than life characters dominated the younger that the masses would be Katharine in, which was highly receptive to, unusual, they headed for

Katharine knew for sure. “Also I’ve already reached out to Jaden Smith’s agent for him to play lead.” Katharine looked up from the iPad noticing that Elaine was staring in a daze. “El are you following me?” Guiltily Elaine jumped to attention. “Yeah, sorry.” “You okay?” Katharine fixed her with a curious look. She’s noticed that Elaine had been acting strange lately. A bit distant. Elaine badly wanted to tell her best friend/agent/ publicist of her suspicions, but she thought better of it. Maybe it was just paranoia getting the best of her, she reasoned. Time will tell that’s for sure. “I’m fine,” she lied. Inside she hoped that her source would get back to her soon with results!


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