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Most people assume an empty, white room (aka “clean slate”) is every designer’s dream...that elusive opportunity to execute one of the “perfect designs” we have hiding up our sleeves. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. A clean slate with full creative license, while inspiring, can actually be the most challenging way to start a project. Without any semblance of a starting point (i.e. glimpse into the client’s design preferences or lifestyle), a clean slate requires a much more in-depth analysis on the front end of the design process. For this guest bedroom, the design process started in our client’s living room. I sat down and asked a series of questions that enabled me to decipher her design preferences, goals, priorities, lifestyle and budget. My client’s main objective was to create a timeless, updated guest bedroom where her guests felt “at home” in a “luxurious sanctuary”. The custom bed treatment, featuring bespoke dressmaker details and custom bed linens anchors the largest wall in the room and showcases our passion for quality and attention to detail. A stain-resistant fabric covers the headboard, creating a soft landing pad, while providing a strong line of defense against wear and tear over time. A modern charcoal drawing helps offset the traditional nature of the antique oil landscape painting, both reflecting the client’s fine taste in art. An antique tortoiseshell tea caddy and pair of antique bedside chests add depth to the cool, soothing color palette. The chandler, lamps and slipper chairs add transitional touches to a room anchored in traditional elements. An antique Oushak rug and European-inspired swing arm lamps add character to a room with clean architectural lines. My team and I worked hard to create a timeless and elegant space that has “exceeded (our client’s) expectations”. Witnessing the transformation of an empty, white room into a sophisticated, yet inviting, sanctuary is the most rewarding part of my job.

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