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Traditions of Hog Roasts well known globally

A hog roast or a pig roast is the process of barbequing or roasting a whole pig that has been bred for consumption and has been castrated and is about 12 months old. The tradition of hog roasts or pig roasts are centuries old and there are many styles of roasting pigs. Traditionally two styles of roasting pigs were used. They were the open fire rotisserie style and the caja china or box grilling style. Many families have hog roasts for Thanksgiving or for Christmas and some other families in Cuba, Puerto Rico and other countries include hog roasts traditionally in their Christmas Eve menu. Hog roasts are included in Hawaiian menu on some memorial day. Hog roasts or lechon asado as called by the Puerto Ricans is a part of their national dish and though hog roasts are made all through the year, they become more common during Christmas and New Year. It is known as lechon baboy in Philippines and traditionally it is part of their Christmas menu. It can also be commonly seen in the menus of birthdays, marriages and anniversaries as well. In the Asian country of Indonesia, pig roasts are not common as the majority is Muslims. In the provinces where the majority is Hindus or Christians like Bali and Batak, Minahasa, Papua and few others, hog roasts are popular in restaurants and warungs and also weddings. It is a social custom to roast pigs in holes dug in the ground with heated stones in Papua. In southern China, pig roasts are an integral part of special family affairs. They are also common in business meetings and spiritual offerings. Sacrificing pig is considered to be good in China as the Chinese believes, it can ward of evils. In the UK, hog roasts are common in parties and weddings. Barbequing pigs or hogs are generally outdoor events and pig roasts are considered staple for many events in UK. Salt is usually rubbed all over the pig’s body and roasted to make it crackling. They are usually roasted on a spit or in a roasting oven. The whole pig is dressed and rubbed with various spices before putting the pig inside the oven. Hog roasts are simply delicious and can be served with various sauces and garnished with seasonal vegetables to make it look attractive. They can be served in formal meetings as well and there are many good chefs who specialise in hog roasts these days.

Traditions of hog roasts well known globally