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Urban Greenland is an international, non-governmental entrepreneurial organization. We support children, youth and communities through sports, knowledge & action. Urban Greenland was founded in 2011 by Natalia GenĂŠt, the founder of Sisimiut Snowboard Club. Urban Greenland steering board is staffed by specialists and advisors on children & youth affairs - sports, research & development, communication, arts, media & education, entrepreneurship and business development.

Our Mission Statement Our mission is to create programs based on leisure activities, and improving living conditions for children and young people in Greenland. On the outset of local opportunities and environment, Urban Greenland delivers educational and experimental spaces where children and young people involve in decision making on daily bases and create as such future development for local culture & community. We provide sustainable conditions in everyday life filled with choices, opportunities and mentorship, and empower children and youth with significant spaces where they can strengthen and increase self-esteem and knowledge through action. We regard sports & play as important spaces of opportunities and well-being. We build knowledge through action and recognize all ideas as being rooted in local, living communities in a global world.

WHAT WE DO We invest in human development and social improvement on outsets of local & national communities. Our aim is to further projects which help improve conditions and opportunities for children and young people through leisure activities, cooperation and successful experience. We build concrete, sustainable spaces – skate bowls, street parks & sports college programs.

WHERE WE WORK We’re based in Sisimiut, 70 kilometers above the Arctic Circle and operate according to assignment on both national, regional and international level in Greenland. We build knowledge through action in: 2012: SK8 Foundation Greenland: Greenland’s 1st SK8 bowl in Sisimiut, Qeqqata Kommunia 2013: Street Park Qinngorput, Greenland’s capital city Nuuk, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq 2013-2015: Urban Hero School – Greenland’s 1st Indoor Sports Arena & Arctic Sports Collage

PARTNERSHIP We believe in international outreach and have partners from across Greenland, in Canada, Denmark, Sweden and so on. Our projects wouldn’t have been possible without the kind help & support from a number of both Greenlandic and Danish funds, sponsors and individuals.

HOW TO SUPPORT By donating funds you will support our work and receive UG’s annual report which will keep you updated on our progress in creating engaging & fun spaces for children and youth in public Greenland. By supporting Urban Greenland you also engage around strategic areas of proactive everyday life and society.

There’s always somewhere further u can go! We make our ways through local knowledge & country food. Human rights, network, cultural diversity, physical as well as emotional empowerment, living space and outreach, are all focal points of our camp routine. Be it in local community or along the coast. 

Walk the talk! Healthy choices lead to healthy relations and open the ancient doors of creativity.
Our adult role models have action & healthy relations to/with children and youth as their underlying guidelines.

HERO CAMP Project goals & objectives: HERO CAMP is about adult role models for 11-13y olds in primary schools. A certified, 2 weeks intensive course aimed at a 6 weeks program in West Greenland’s major cities.

Take charge - be a real hero in your own life! The pedagogy of HERO CAMP includes knowledge based activities rooted in active days of physical and mental training (exercise, reflection and mentorship), conflict management, teambuilding and personal development. Additionally, we offer street sports activities such as skateboard / BMX, Hip hop – graffiti, breakdance, rhythm, & poetry etc..

URBAN GREENLAND HEROSCHOOL Greenland’s 1st Indoor Sports Arena & Arctic Sports College This project is the result of a desire to create more facilities and a solid platform where children and young people can strengthen unity, opportunities & identity around pedagogically organized sports & knowledge programs. Based around an indoor skatepark, Greenland’s 1st Sports Arena will include spaces in which educational, recreational, and social partners engaged around children and youth through curriculum in respective, interdisciplinary courses organized by Arctic Sports College:

PLEASURE, PLAY AND EDUCATION ACTION SPACE: sk8, bmx, snowboarding, parkour, skidoo, ski sports, inline skating etc. HERO CAMP: personal development, local knowledge, food, culture, diet & nutrition etc. DIGITAL MEDIA LAB: video, music, photography, pre- & postproduction, PR etc. ARTS & CRAFT: design & architecture, geographies of creativity etc. BUSINESS & CSR: fundraising, voluntariness, event management and community response etc. Arctic Sports College is a theme based professional curriculum and a supplement to ordinary high school preparatory education. Taught by local and international trainers / instructors and conducted in Greenlandic, Danish and English. We will help to create change, doing so by join forces on a common enterprise of courage to innovate. One of our main focus areas is empowerment. We believe that in the future we will need even more hands to pull together, and we believe that there are resources in each and every one of us. Greenland’s 1st Indoor Sports Arena & Arctic Sports College is designed to create well-being and safe environment in response to local culture and global involvement.

FOUNDER, INITIATOR & PROJECT MANAGER: Natalia Genét Text: Jakub Christensen M. Photo: Mads Pihl & Natalia Genét Layout: Pivotech Identity: Neal Drasbeck STEERING BOARD:

Chairman: Natalia Genét Vice: Krister Støvlbæk Members: Jakub Christensen M. Mads Pihl, Henrik Sacshe, William Frederiksen, Eva Dam, Nukaaka Fontain Berthelsen & Qulutaq Rosing Kleeman


Qeqqata Kommunia, Naalakkersuisut, Government of Greenland Serravik, musicschool in Sisimiut, Jacob Froberg, Sanaartornermik Ilinniarfik, John Plambek, YES, Nicolai Seest, Pivotech, skatepark designers, ENR Aps, proff. Skatepark constructors Rune Glifberg, proff. Skater & consulting, Journey’s End, Jakub M. Christensen, Copenhagen Skatepark, MIO - Children’s Rights Institution Blueprint for Life, Steve Leafloor, Saviminilerinermik Ilinniarfik - Vocational Training School, Nuuk

Thanks to ENR ApS & Beaver Concrete, and big respect to our crews: Trevor Moncaster, Luke Jouppi, Keld Aabjørn, Brent Eftoda, Jason Buckles, Jean Brunelle Bradette, Johan Franzén, Peter Stege & Jesse Boswell.


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CONTACT INFO: Natalia Genét Phone: + 45 60512508 / + 299 250872 Mail: Web: Copyright: Urban Greenland

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