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Pick up your piece of history TODAY! The National Association is proud to present the History of Etiquette in Black America, a snapshot of the lives of the nation’s most prestigious African American etiquette instructors. Find out how many African American etiquette instructors broke the glass ceiling of civility.

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FEATURES Back to School Etiquette…………………………...…….….1 Jackie Vernon-Thompson……………………….….………2 Glitzy Gal – Carol Rey………………………….……….………..3 We’re Inspired by Cicely Tyson………….…….……..…4 Tasty Summer Salads……………..…………..…….…….…5 Fall Effect……………………………………….………..………….7 Civility and Politics………………….……………...………..8 Office in Pink…………….……………….……….….….……..10 Hats and Pearls 2017………………………….…………...15 Pool Side Etiquette ………………………………..……….13 ..

Enjoying your Etiquette Journey………….…….….13 Tia Young: Tampa’s Etiquette Queen……....…14 Our Etiquette Star – Renee Burt………..........………15 Little Ladies Graduate…………………………...……..………15 Overcoming Sales Barriers…………………………………….16

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Greetings NAUEP Pros and Partners: I love to travel and with summer here, I am too excited about all of the wonderful destinations my family and I plan to visit. On our stops throughout the nation, I am so overwhelmed by all of men and women who work to impact youth through etiquette. From Dallas to Nigeria, our etiquette presence is being felt all across the world. During this season of vacation, as you pull in to each stop, know that NAUEP is in the building. Thank you to all of the men and women of NAUEP! xoxo – Lady T

Our Etiquette Pros Team Editor-in-Chief Renita Jackson

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PLACES SCHOOL ETIQUETTE MATTERS It’s that time of year once again - SCHOOL DAYS! The long days of summer are swiftly coming to an end, and students and teachers are pouring into classrooms all around the world.

In the Classroom

To start the new school year off right, I wanted to share a word of warning where student’s etiquette skills are most on display during school.

In the Hall

From being prepared to not disrupting the class, gain valuable extra credit points for showing your respect to teachers, administrators and fellow students.

Most drama begins in the hall. From meet ups, to beat up’s. Stay focused on getting to class and steering clear of the daily mess.

In the Lunchroom

Even though the food is bad, lunchroom food fights and shenanigans can get students in lots of trouble.

On the Bus

I know once school is over, it’s time to let your hair down. But, acting up on the bus or at the bus stop can lead to not having a ride to school the next day.

In recent years, students have felt the need to take their fights to the bathroom. Besides lots of water, there is lots of concrete.

Etiquette Pros Quarterly

In the Bathroom



Jackie VernonThompson

Etiquette on the Runway Jackie Vernon-Thompson is an etiquette visionary who is thriving in the south Florida area. She is Owner of From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette, LLC. in Plantation, FL. Jackie conducts private and group etiquette workshops at public and private schools, and various corporations. She is an approved vendor for the pubic schools in her county. Each year, Jackie hosts a number of events including “Etiquette on the Runway,” which is an annual prestigious event that features Unique Designers and several of her etiquette students. Moreover, she hosts weekly etiquette workshops, and “The Refining the Whole You” Summer Camp in schools, churches and organizations aimed at equipping clients with traditional and advanced etiquette skills. Beyond conducting etiquette workshops, Jackie has also produced eight (8) etiquette DVDs sold internationally. Her DVDs are available for purchase on her website and Amazon.

Jackie’s Etiquette DVD’s

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In the future, Jackie plans to take her etiquette business international through her DVD series and onsite workshops, relocate to a larger etiquette facility and become a household name when there is a need for etiquette. Log on to www.fromtheinsideoutsoe.com to check out NAUEP pro, Jackie Vernon-Thompson!

Jackie’s Workshop Highlights

Carol Rey Selected to Polish Pageant Princesses As the official etiquette instructor for the 2017 Miss Black US Ambasssador National Scholarship pageant, NAUEP Etiquette Pro, Carol Rey will equip contestants to be their very best. Contestant will learn how to dine with elegance, carry themselves with grace, and presenting themselves with style in all types of settings. The owner of Elite School of Etiquette in Georgia, Carol brings her southern flair to her instruction that reminds young ladies… “Pretty is as Pretty does.” While Carol equips young women through grace, she also equips them with beautiful pearls through her jewelry and apparel business, Glitzy Girlz. As the owner and CEO, Carol provides the best in pearls to ladies across the country! NAUEP salutes Carol on her selection as the official etiquette instructor. Good luck contestants, you are in the hands of a “Glitzy Gal!”

Etiquette Pros Quarterly




We’re Inspired By


Emmy Award winning actress, Cicley Tyson has enjoyed a career that has spanned five decades. Her undeniable beauty and unmatched class is why NAUEP is inspired. In 2016, Ms. Tyson was awarded the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor.

Cicley’s Timelessness

Diahann’s Unmatched Glamour Slayyyy

Cicley’s True Beauty

Cicley’s Ageless Looks

Etiquette Pros Quarterly

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Etiquette Pros Quarterly



FALL EFFECTS Looking Like an Etiquette Expert

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CIVILITY AND POLITICS Where Activism and Respect Collide

Today’s politics kind of reminds me of the shoot out at the Okay Corral. Oops, I may have dated myself. Let’s just say, today’s politics is rough and tumble, and you have to have the stomach, stamina, and heart to endure it if you choose to engage.

Mamma always says never talk about “politics” or “religion” but as a society who is seeing substantial disharmony in our nation, I believe these two subjects intersect at etiquette, respect and decorum.

One can understand these requirements if one had chosen a career in politics, but unfortunately because of the expansive arm of government, every American citizen participates in the political process whether they choose to or not.

Throughout history there have been presidents people really didn’t like. Some so much so, they assassinated or at least tried to assassinate them. As barbaric and un-American as that may sound, a steady chorus of “Not my President” made me wonder what our role as etiquette instructors should be.

This year, the political process has progressively turned more bitter, ugly and in-your-face as Democrats and Republicans wage war. Where does etiquette fit in throughout all the turmoil?

Political satire has always been apart of our society for the past 2,000 years. Pictures of presidents and other political and business people have been teased into oblivion since the beginning of time.

The rule of order, decorum and respect are at the center and it begs to question should all politics be civil? Can citizens of a nation disparage a sitting president or any person in leadership because they don’t like them?

Funny and garish, past satire left you laughing, while on the other hand, today’s satire leaves you angry and looking for a fight. In 2016, political satire went into overdrive as Americans elected a billionaire business man who let’s face it, does not talk or behave like presidents from the past. Etiquette Pros Quarterly



From shocking statements about women, to insulting others, America is reeling at the election of the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Because of his behavior, many feel it is a free pass to insult, berate and otherwise totally disrespect the president because many view him as nothing more than a clown. The same could be said about President Barak Obama and many others, but in times past, the public has not felt so emboldened to insult the current president so publically. The difference again is the violence that surrounds how the American collective speaks about someone who is supposed to be the country’s leader. As etiquette professionals, we must always remember, no matter who occupies the seat of leadership, there should be the same level of respect to the office. If one did some of the things people are doing and saying on social media about their boss, they would be fired on the spot. I like millions am concerned by what I see in politics across the board, but as a citizen, one must learn to use the mechanisms available and create a few new to change the system; however as etiquette instructors, we must respect the office.

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Office in Pink Great Pink Ideas for your Home Office

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Lady Renita Jackson and crew celebrate Hats and Pearls in Missouri

NAUEP is proud to have hosted another great year of the NAUEP Hats and Pearls Springtime Tea Party. This year‘s theme, Celebrating Civility featured tea parties across the country that celebrated women in the community, politics and business who have made an extraordinary impact in the field of civility. Lady Victoria B. Edward a “Class Act” in Detroit

Junior Debutantes Meet Judges at Dallas Tea

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Lady Andrea Kimble lights up Houston

Lady Rahseeda Jones, Mother/Daughter Tea


Lady Tonja W. Prudhomme shines in Louisiana

Hats and Pearls 2018

April 21

2018 Etiquette Pros Quarterly



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Those hot days of summer are here and its time to cool down and enjoy some fun time at the pool. That means while at the pool it’s important to show good, proper behavior. So here are 5 simple rules to follow when swimming and visiting a private or public pool. Swimwear: Not everyone can wear a bikini. Swimwear should be fashionable yet appropriate for your body type. No Splashing: Pools and water can be pretty exciting at any age. For some, the urge to splash is a natural instinct. So, teach your kids not to splash in public pools or if they are guests in someone else's pool. Think Before Entering: When entering a public pool or as the guest at a private pool, don't dive, jump, or push off into oncoming swimmers. Stay in Your Lane: This applies to public pools, at which the lanes are often clearly marked slow, medium and fast or something similar. If you share a private lap pool, be considerate. Stay in your lane, or create one. Passing Politeness: Pass other swimmers on the left. For serious swimmers, the rule is: tap the foot of the person in front of you before passing. By: Lady Cynthia Pillow

Each day you pursue your vision to impact young women brings you one step closer to your destiny. Taking time to recognize your hard work is necessary for continued mental and physical health.

Enjoying Your Etiquette Journey

Etiquette Pros Quarterly



Try some of the following to unwind… - Take time each morning to center your thoughts and your day - Listen to at least one great song once a week and dance like you’ve never danced before - Surround yourself with beauty, it reminds you of who you really are - Buy fresh flowers at least once a month - Call your favorite friend and try a new lunch spot once a month - Surround yourself with beauty Enjoy the Journey


Tampa’s Queen of Etiquette

From being crowned Ms. Momprenuer 2017 to polishing the presence of the South Florida Football Team, etiquette and protocol expert, Tia Young has turned her passion for propelling others to their destiny into a premier etiquette consulting business. Founder and CEO of Tia Young, Image and Etiquette, LLC in Tampa, Florida, Tia began her etiquette journey as a United Airlines Flight Attendant and Trainer where she served for 14 years. A new NAUEP member, Tia is a certified etiquette professional who is working to spread the message of chivalry and charm across the world.

Beginning in 2002, Tia began to “bring back the lost art of old school chivalry and charm” by providing workshops for students of all ages on using good manners, proper protocol and international dinning savvy. Though Tia has experienced great business success throughout her career, she considers her family, which includes her husband and three beautiful daughters as her greatest accomplishment.

Each year, Tia hosts a yearly “Manners Camp” as well as workshops throughout the year for businesses, schools, churches and community organizations. In the future, Tia sees herself equipping students at business schools and Ivy League colleges as well as sharing etiquette tips and guidelines on local and national television. We are proud of Tampa’s Queen of Etiquette! For more information about Tia, log on to www.tampaetiquette.com

Etiquette Pros Quarterly




Ladies By Design Little Ladies Pre-Debs Graduate Across the Nation

Renee Burt, NC

NAUEP would like to “Tip our Hat” to this quarter’s etiquette star, Renee Burt. Renee has taken her love for etiquette and creating a successful flower backdrop business, providing backdrops for all occasions. Her will for helping others and love, for all things “girlie” has created a business for her to compliment her etiquette workshops. We salute you Renee for impacting your community through beauty!

The National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals is proud of the Ladies By Design Junior Debutante Coordinators across the country. This spring and summer, we graduated over 200 girls nationwide. Beautiful work ladies!

NEWLY CERTIFIED/AFFILIATED Christie McDonald Etiquette Certification Ed Thomas, TX Teen Excellence Certification Shemicka Grigsby, FL Etiquette Certification Karla Flagg-Wright, FL Etiquette Certification Debbie Gibbs, KY Etiquette Certification Debra V. Freeman-McDowell

LBD Coordinator, NV

CERTIFIED AFFILIATES Alerice Henfield-Duncanson, FL Tonja W. Prudhomme, LA JoAnn Wilder, GA Carolyn Forest, TX Renee Robinson, LA Jackie Vernon-Thompson, FL Carol Rey, GA Carma Griffin, VA Maria Moore, WA Alisa Allen, TX Victoria B. Edwards, MI Timeya Gray, MI Carolyn Powery, FL Jenise Evans, LA Tia Young, FL

Graduation Sites Shirley Burke, NV Bonga Mholy, PA Rasheeda Jones, FL JoAnn Wilder, FL Etiquette Pros Quarterly



Businesses survive and fail on their ability to sell their product, program or service. Though closing the deal is always the goal, there are times that your sales may be hindered because of unseen barriers. Check out the top five barriers that slow your sales and stalls your business and ways to prevent it.

1. Lack of Relationship 90% of your business success is who you know. Make it a priority to connect to others in your community by attending events, banquets and conferences. The more connections you make, the more likely you will get booked.

2. Perceived Lack of Credibility As an etiquette or debutante instructor, your appearance and behavior should always be above average. Always make sure your personal and online brand reinforces your credibility.

3. Unclear Communication Sending out random emails to your client base every once in a while is not an effective way to communicate with your customers. Send out consistent information, tips and invitations for your business.

4. Conflicting Beliefs and Values There are times you will have a client who does not believe in what you stand for. No matter what you say or do, they are unwilling to budge on their viewpoint. The key for you is to do your research and know what your client’s beliefs are before you approach them.

5. Threat to your Customer’s Self Interest

Etiquette Pros Quarterly



People in leadership are smart, and if they even catch a whiff of competition, they will back away and never tell you why. When soliciting partnerships, use words like, enhance, compliment, expand and extend to put your client at ease.

National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals


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National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals Summer 2017 Issue - Check out articles on Back to School Etiquette and Enjoying your E...


National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals Summer 2017 Issue - Check out articles on Back to School Etiquette and Enjoying your E...