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Educational Insights ... 10 Find out the difference between school leaving qualifications and other insightful features

International Schools ... 18 Discover the best options for international education in the GBA

Bilingual Schools ... 39 Explore schools that offer a combined Chinese and Western education in a bilingual environment

Homes and Apartments ... 52 Refer to our comprehensive list of housing options to suit your family

Healthcare Providers ... 59 Find out where to go to manage your family's healthcare needs

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ith a wide range of programs, facilities and services, choosing the right school for your child is no easy task. Neither is the arduous decision one faces searching for a family doctor when moving to a new city or relocating to a different neighborhood. As a mother of two children and long-time resident of China, I personally know how challenging it can be. We're here to help. Our Home & School Guide is compactly designed to give you vital information and insights to help you ease into life in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). In this thriving megalopolis, plenty of options abound, especially as it strengthens its position as the nation’s leading technology and innovation hub. From international and bilingual schools offering multi-dimensional and cultural learning environments to trusted healthcare providers and housing complexes, there is no better time than now to commence or continue your adventure here. We start our guide with a selection of carefully selected features from p10 onwards, giving you some insights into the exciting and ever-changing world of

education. This is followed by selected listings of international schools (p18 onwards) and bilingual schools (p39 onwards), providing details such as curriculums offered, age groups, estimated number of students and extracurricular activities. With these listings, we hope the decision of choosing or transferring to a school is made easier. Moving homes or districts? Turn to p5257 for housing alternatives, from serviced apartments to popular residential compounds. If you’re in need of medical assistance, our handy list of healthcare providers from p59 onwards are renowned for world-class Western and Chinese facilities. Enjoy reading our Home & School Guide. We hope that it helps you make the most of your varied and exciting experiences here in the GBA.

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Guangzhou Zhaoqing

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The Greater Bay Area



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International Schools Bilingual Schools

Guanghou 1) The Canadian International School of Guangzhou


2) Canton Global Academy 3) Trinity International Kindergarten 4) Guangzhou Nanfang International School



5) ISA International School of Guangzhou


6) Singapore School of Guangzhou 7) The British School of Guangzhou 8) American International School of Guangzhou 9) Utahloy International School Guangzhou



4 13

9 21



10) French International School of Guangzhou 11) Utahloy International School Zengcheng



3 8


12) Yew Wah International Education School 13) Alcanta International College 14) The Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU 15) Guangzhou Huamei International School

1 19


16) ULink College 17) Clifford School 18) International Department of Guangzhou Foreign Language School 19) The Garden International School 20) Nansha College Preparatory Academy 21) Basis International School Guangzhou 22) Meisha Academy by Haileybury

16 20



International Schools Bilingual Schools

Shenzhen 1) Merchiston International School, Shenzhen

1) Whittle School & Studios

2) Shen Wai International School

2) Basis International School Shenzhen

3) Avenues: The World School, Shenzhen Campus

3) China-UK College Shenzhen

4) Shekou International School

4) Green Oasis School Shenzhen

5) QSI International School of Shenzhen

5) Bromsgrove School Mission Hills

6) Shenzhen American International School

6) Shenzhen (Nanshan) Concord College of Sino-Canada

7) International School of Nanshan Shenzhen

7) Shenzhen Shiyan Public School

8) RDF International School 9) The King's School Shenzhen International 10) Buena Vista Concordia International School, Shenzhen

1 7


3 3 1 4 9

8 6 10 4 5



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& SCHOOL GUIDE | Educational Insights

Choosing the Right School for Your Child Expert Tips from Parents


ould you like to send your child to an international school in

China? Well, here’s a cost breakdown for you. Anecdotal research indicates that expat parents living in Mainland China can spend as much as half a million USD in fees alone if they send their children to a solid, reputable international curriculum school from early years to the age of 18. Add in bus services, uniforms, vacations, insurance/medical care, afterschool classes and just general expenses (iPads, anyone?), and the total cost of sending your child to such schools is close to USD1 million. And that doesn’t even include what you’ll spend when they go off to university. How’s that for a hole in your pocket? Though many educational experts generally believe that children do not necessarily have to attend international schools when living outside of their home country, most expat families still follow this trend. After all, who doesn't crave a sense of familiarity for their child when away from home? This begs a couple of very valid questions – what makes a school international and what should you be looking out for when choosing one? Here's what we’ve gathered from speaking to fellow parents.

/ 10 /

Budget Be realistic. International schools tend to be a commitment, especially if that is the path you have chosen from the onset. Moreover, you should not enroll your child and then drag them out a year later because you can’t afford it. Sure, financial issues do occur unexpectedly, but unless you have enough kept aside for at least two or three years of annual fees, it is best to be realistic. Transferability of Students’ Education and Curriculum You must be sure that the program of study is right for you for when you go back home i.e. transferable. It is very easy to get taken in by beautiful buildings, good marketing spiels and persuasive promises of guaranteed admission to Ivy League schools, but one needs to look beyond that and ask some very important questions such as: is this curriculum accepted back in my home country or my next destination(s)? Does this curriculum allow my child to seamlessly transition? Is the curriculum equipping my child with transdisciplinary and co-curricular skills that can be used regardless of where they go after? Curriculums are often jargon heavy, so it is wise to brush up on your knowledge before you visit so that you are equipped with the knowledge that you need to make the right choice.

The 3 M’s: Multinational, Multilingual, Multicultural We live in a world that transcends boundaries, so it’s worth ensuring that a school can instill the ‘3 M’s’ in them. In fact, one can sum up thedr three values as internationalmindedness. Schools should teach children to respect their own language and embrace additional ones, and practice multiculturalism and diversity while still appreciating the culture and environment that they thrive in. By always finding ways and strategies to impact their local and wider communities through their intentions and actions, students will build values of responsible citizenship and international-mindedness. Look for evidence as you walk around a school. Visit All The Schools Make visits to a number of schools, and not just on their open days. Remember this mantra: every day at school should be an open day. When visiting the campus, ask to observe teachers teaching in classes (and not just in your child’s entry level) so you can get a feel for how children are treated across the board. Are children being differentiated? Is the management team confident enough in their staff and students to allow you to speak to them independently? How do the teachers speak about and to their students? What extras

are being offered, such as after-school clubs, sports or music? You don't have to be a seasoned educational expert to get a good sense of what is – or isn't – happening on the campus when you visit. Be prepared with your questions (a checklist helps) and don’t be afraid to seek help from the parental grapevine as it is usually useful. And just when you think you know it all and are ready to decide, go back again for another visit to reconfirm your choice. Licensing, Legalities and Health and Safety In addition to doing your own research (both offline and online) and due diligence, look for evidence that schools are stable. Is there a strong management/governance team and an independent board? Is it a profit or nonprofit institution? Are the school’s finances in order? Are they legally allowed to operate? Do teachers have relevant qualifications

and training, as well as valid work visas pertaining to their job descriptions and titles? Does the school have a full-time nurse onsite? Do they adhere to health and safety, and child protection policies? Is their kitchen safe, hygienic and health-conscious? These are some things to look out for and to ask. A school with its ducks in a row has nothing, or no one, to fear from. Accreditations, Affiliations and Memberships When it comes to accreditations and affiliations, do you know what those signs or letters signify? Ask for explanations when you visit, as these are noteworthy stamps show parents that a school has met and is still meeting and maintaining a high level of globally-recognized standards set by an independent accrediting agency. A feather in a (school’s) cap is membership. For example, many schools in China are

members of the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), giving students as well as teachers access to cultural, enrichment, sporting and development activities. Gut Instinct The most important criteria of all is what you feel when you enter a school. It’s an innate knowing, one that cannot be explained but only felt. You should feel genuinely welcomed and respected and feel that this is where your child will learn, thrive and develop. At the end of the day, when you know yourself and your child's needs, what people say about a school, what a building looks like or what the school is named (yes, look beneath the labels and fancy exteriors) should not matter. Trust yourself and your gut instinct to make the right choice. After all, this will be one of the most important decisions that you will ever have to make on your child's behalf.


& SCHOOL GUIDE | Educational Insights

Paving Your Path to the Future School Leaving Qualifications


very year, students in their last year of school are faced with a decision: where are they going to spread their wings in terms of further education? Oh, the fear! Worrying about the best path to university is inevitable. For many students, the task is made easier if they are studying in their home country. But in a cross-curricula region like ours where schools offer various school leaving qualifications, making a choice is not quite as simple. Even some of our brightest young people (and parents) need help to choose a framework or a curriculum that offers the best fit and most matches their needs. To do this, prospective university applicants must start early on to choose a school and an educational model that does not disrupt the culmination of their scholastic journey. For those in international schools, common pathways include the International Baccalaureate (IB), A-Levels and Advanced Placement. The SAT is usually done in addition. Experts do point out that generally, all school leaving qualifications offer students plenty of opportunities for breadth and/or depth of future study, depending on preference or country. That being said, it is all about your child and the right fit. Remember, what works for someone else may not work for you. For those seeking clarity on school leaving qualifications, here are some of the most popular options offered by both bilingual and international schools in the region.

/ 12 /

International Baccalaureate (IB) The IB was introduced in the late 1960’s by the International Baccalaureate Organization. Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, it was set up to cater to the growing numbers of internationally mobile young adults who wanted an education that was not tied to any national government’s agenda. There are many IB schools in the GBA, and this is an extremely popular course to undertake as universities find it comprehensive. The course leads to a qualification called the IB Diploma. Students pick one subject from each of the six core groups: language and literature (normally a student’s mother tongue), language acquisition (normally a second language), sciences, mathematics, arts, and individuals and societies. In addition, they take a course in the theory of knowledge (TOK), write an extended essay (EE) of 4,000 words and participate in creativity, action, service (CAS) – a non-examined module that focuses on imagination, sport and community outreach. The IB Diploma is very international in its philosophy and aims, and the curriculum requires balance and research. Grading at the end comes down to a numerical score: marks out of seven for each subject and three possible additional points for the combined TOK and EE, for a maximum of 45 points. Students are also required to elect between three or four of their subjects as higher level (HL) disciplines, with the remainder as standard level (SL).

A-Levels An A-Level, more formally called a General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level, has changed noticeably in the last few years. In 2015, the government announced that changes would be made to how AS and A-Levels are marked. The changes mean that AS-Levels (which are exams taken in the first year in Year 12/Grade 11) can stand as a separate qualification but not if they choose to finish a full A-Level in the subject. Rather, they will have to sit more exams at the end of Year 13/Grade 12 if they want an A-Level in a particular subject. A-Levels are widely accepted by universities around the world, although they are most common in the United Kingdom. Unlike other syllabi where there are a number of compulsory subjects, students are free to choose whichever fields of study they like. The ALevel program thus offers depth and specialization, allowing the linguistically challenged to drop languages and the creatively talented to solely undertake arts. The flexibility of the A-Level system also allows for change and pliability. Exams are graded on a scale of A*E, with U as Unclassified (fail). AS Level grades (i.e. subjects taken for one year) and final A-Level grades are translated into points or a score that universities look at. Entry into a course dependent on its popularity, the university’s reputation and the standard of grades required.

Advanced Placement (AP) The AP program, created by the College Board, allows students to pursue universitylevel studies while in secondary school for one year. It consists of a sequence of coursework in a specific subject; there are more than 30 courses and exams across multiple realms of knowledge. The examinations are scored on a five-point scale, with five being the highest mark attainable. Good scores in AP coursework indicate that a student has achieved a recognized standard in that subject, allowing them to skip the corresponding module as a freshman in college. AP scores are accepted by most institutions around America and in a further 80 countries worldwide. Many schools in the GBA offer the AP in addition to another very popular test called the SAT.

SAT SAT, also created by the College Board, is a standardized benchmark assessment of core skills. The idea is to provide universities, especially those in America, with one common criterion that can be used to compare all applicants. Students often take these tests in additional to the IB, A-Levels or high school subjects. They are offered a number of times each year, either at schools or external center, and is chargeable.Tests lasts for three hours or three hours and 50 minutes (with an essay). There are three SAT sections: mathematics, critical reading and writing. Scores range from 400 to 1,600 points, combining test results from the two 800-point sections: mathematics and critical reading/writing. SAT scores are usually considered together with high school grades, letters of recommendation, interviews and personal essays.

Other National Curriculums These are usually national curriculums that are offered in home countries and extended to schools here in China under partnership agreements. Examples include the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), the Alberta Diploma, US Common Core and others. Qualifications for 14-16-year-old Students There are several options for students aged 14-16, who want alternative routes to further education or to progress to school leaving qualifications such as the IB or A-Levels. Many schools offer examinations and/or external moderation such as Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O-Levels) or Middle Years Program (MYP).

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The Business of Play Children and Play in Early Childhood


hat are your memories of playing as a child? Some of us will remember hide and seek, house or tag. Others may recall arguing about rules in ball games, taking turns at jump rope or hopscotch, creating imaginary worlds with our dolls, building human forts or dressing up in Mum’s high heels. In fact, many of us were born in a generation where apples and blackberries were still just fruits and where androids were actually robots with human appearances. But, what about your children? Are their opportunities for play the same as you had? Most likely not. Playtime, as it appears these days, is in short supply for children, even though the lifelong benefits it garners can be more valuable than many parents often realize. Scientists and educators who study and observe play in action have reached a consensus that recreational activities are more than a way for restless kids to work off steam; more than a method for kids to burn off calories; more than a frivolous luxury. Play, in their expert view, is a central part of neurological growth and development, and an important way that children build complex, skilled, responsive, socially adept and cognitively flexible brains. They believe that a true sense of interpersonal nuance can be achieved only by a child who is engaging all five senses by playing in the three-dimensional world. One popular reason why indulging in youthful escapades is

/ 14 /

regarded as essential is the playas-preparation premise. In this theory, play evolved because it is good training for adulthood. It is a chance for young ones to learn and rehearse the skills they will need for the rest of their lives in a secure environment, where mistakes will have few consequences. Proponents of this hypothesis say play is a pleasurable way of gaining muscle memory of the generalized movements of survival, such as chasing, running, probing and tussling. Through play, these movements can be learned when the stakes are low and then retrieved in adulthood, when the setting is less safe and the need more urgent. The playas-preparation hypothesis seems logical, and each new observation appears to confirm the imitation of our big, real world. Watch two-year-olds playing at a toy workbench with little wooden mallets and blocks and you can picture them as adults employing those same motions to wield a fullsize hammer. Play is the lifeblood of childhood and the learning process, whether it is open-ended art, cutand-color discovery, music and movement, sensory activities with sand, water or bubbles. Indeed. the preschool/kindergarten years are a time when children develop confidence, more effective control over their emotions, new social skills, the foundations of morality and a clear sense of themselves as a boy or girl. The real business of childhood, therefore, is as clear

cut and simple as it can be: idle, creative, unstructured free play.

Five Things to Look for When Choosing a Kindergarten or Preschool For Your Child It goes without saying that a good kindergarten must be safe and hygienic, employ professionally qualified and trained teachers, focus on holistic development of children and adopt an all-round, inclusive curriculum. But what are some things that you can also look out for, when making a visit? Here are our five tell-tale things to look for. • A combination of formal (teacher-initiated) and informal (child-initiated) activities • Play-based, hands-on learning in small groups • Books, words and kids’ own work and writing all over the classroom and around the school • Confident, happy students that are smiling and collaborating with each other • Laughter and expressions of joy, excitement and mutual respect. Remember that you will not always find exactly what you want but it should come close enough. And most importantly, you and your child must always feel welcome, respected and happy to be at school.

The Case for Bilingualism The Benefits of Language Learning


xperts in the field of linguistics can all agree on one thing: birth up to the end of primary school is the best time in which to learn a second, or even a third, language. There are some 6,800 spoken tongues in the world. Since babies have no idea where they will be born or what they will be exposed to, they are dependent on their parents to provide enough stimuli to ensure they can communicate. That talent to absorb, however, fades fast. Jeffrey Kluger, a science and technology editor, wrote a brilliant, thought-provoking article in 2013 about babies and the field of linguistics and neurology. He proclaimed that during the first few months of a baby’s life, its brain builds a large number of important connections – up to a billion a second. By the age of about eight months, that number can reach up to 1,000 trillion, but then they start to decline precipitously unless the child is exposed to stimulation. By the age of 10, they have reduced by half to approximately 500 trillion. It is during this period of time that the foundation for vision, language, thinking, attitudes, aptitudes and other characteristics are established. The early years is deemed as a critical period of growth and development and at this time, the brain is like a sponge. Once development is complete, the window closes and any further

learning has to be gained through long and hard traditional methods. This primary assumption goes back to the basis of research conducted by Eric Lenneberg, one of the pioneers in the contemporary field of the biology of language. Other studies have shown that children who learn a language before the onset of adolescence are much more likely to have native pronunciation. Tests carried out during the last few decades have shown that a multilingual brain is quicker and better able to deal with ambiguities, resolve conflicts and resist diseases and other forms of dementia. Those who could speak more than just their mother tongue were found to have a larger density of grey matter, the part of the brain which is responsible for processing information, including memory, speech and sensory perception. Those who had been exposed to a secondary or tertiary language from an early age proved to have the most grey matter. With the enhancement in overall mental development, learning languages opens doors for all learning, and the result is increased skills, self-esteem, thinking and reasoning skills and math ability, in addition to learning how to read earlier. Moreover, mastering another language means coming to know a different conception and structuring of the world. All of the above is not new information. At many international

schools in China, most students take timetabled Chinese language lessons that last from about 40 minutes to an hour, three to four times a week, with some offering options for a third language such as French, German, Spanish, Japanese and even Arabic and Russian. The language of instruction, however, is still essentially English. The immense growth of true dual language immersion (bilingual) schools in this region is also a testament to these benefits, where an equal emphasis is placed on both Mandarin and English for kids as young as prekindergarteners. With plenty of educational, linguistic and neuroscientific research supporting bilingual immersion programs, there is no wonder that such schools have recently mushroomed around the country. Bilingual schools can be found all around the Greater Bay Area, offering blended curriculums that are extremely attractive to families. Given the plethora of educational choices that we currently have, it is our hope that our children naturally develop an awareness and appreciation of the rich, lyrical and diverse experience of living and growing in a cultural environment like China. As adults, we are keenly aware of the headaches associated with studying languages later in life, making it common sense to vastly encourage a bilingual – or even a multilingual – education for children as early as possible.

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools


/ 17 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools Location: Guangzhou Established: 2012 Age of students: 2-18 No. of students: 1,000+ School levels: Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12

The Canadian International School of Guangzhou Canadian International School of Guangzhou (CIS) is the first Canadian government accredited comprehensive international school in Mainland China, which is supervised by both the Canadian and the Chinese governments. CIS provides Kindergarten to Grade 12 Alberta (Canada) curriculum, and we welcome students aged 2-18. Every student who enrolls at CIS will be registered and receive an Alberta (Canada) Student Identification Number from the government.The CIS faculty is made up of a team of dedicated professionals who are all certified by the Alberta (Canada) government. The Alberta (Canada) curriculum focuses on innovation, global citizenship awareness and critical thinking skills. CIS high school graduates will receive the globally recognized Alberta (Canada) high school diploma which is issued by the Alberta (Canada) government. CIS graduates are studying in top-ranking universities around the world.

Curriculum: Alberta (Canada) Curriculum Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular activities: After school activities offer unique choices for children, including French, Arabic, art, chess, science club, sewing, film studies, debate, floor hockey and others. Popular compounds: Merchant Hill, Clifford, Star River Phase, Cambridge Shire, Agile, South China Country Garden, Global Villas

www.cisgz.com No.122 Dongyi Lu, Panyu District, Guangzhou 020-3993 9920 / 86-39 2402 5321

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2017 Age of students: 2.5-18 School levels: Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception, Age 2.55), Key stage 1 and 2 (Year 1-6, Age 5-11), Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9, Age 1114), Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11, Age 1416, IGCSE), Key Stage 5 (AS-Levels, A-Levels) Curriculum: British National Curriculum Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular activities: CGA encourages and promotes student life beyond the academic rigours of the classroom. Students participate fully in sports events (both internal and external), music, drama, art and community service, both locally and abroad throughout the school year Popular compounds: Various compounds in Guangzhou and Foshan

/ 18 /

Canton Global Academy Canton Global Academy (CGA) is a member school of the Canadian International Educational Organisation (CIEO). Founded in September 2017, CGA is a non-profit, co-educational international school in Guangzhou which offers the British National Curriculum. CGA is located on Jinshazhou Island in Baiyun District. The school campus is extensive, with plenty of fitted-out classroom space. The campus also features a music and dance facility, a library and information center, an art room, a makerspace/idea lab, laboratory facilities, a football pitch, playing areas and a basketball court. www.cgagz.com No.4 Chuangjia Lu, Jinshazhou Island, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 020-6660 6886 / 6660 6885 180 2401 1757

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2017 Age of students: 2-6 Nationalities: All School levels: Pre- Nursery / K1 / K2 / K3 Curriculum: IEYC / UK EYFS / Languages / PE / Music / Art / Library Languages taught: Chinese, English

Trinity International Kindergarten Trinity has a unique curriculum, designed for Chinese and foreign families who want a blended program. Our mission is to nurture the sacred heart in every child to become a creative, caring and passionate learner. We greatly recognize the importance of strong, professional leadership. Trinity teachers have the skills and knowledge to create effective and stimulating learning environments. Our children are continually encouraged to develop skills in all subject areas and progress is carefully monitored to ensure that they are well-prepared for the next phase of formal schooling.

Extracurricular activities: Ballet, music, art, mini tennis, petite chef, drama, STEAM, modeling, karate, football, basketball and more

www.trinitygz.com Zhujiang Campus: No. 663 Huacheng Dadao, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Ersha Campus: 1F&2F, No.28 South Block, Yan Yu Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Huadu Campus: # 68 # 34 Feng Huang Bei Lu, Huacheng Lu, Huadu District, Guangzhou 020-8558 3287

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2003 Age of students: 2.5-18 No. of students: 300+ Nationalities: 50+ School levels: Early Years / Primary School / Secondary School Curriculum: Primary Years Program Middle Years Program / IGCSE / IB Diploma Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular activities: Spanish, sports, music and academic offerings

Guangzhou Nanfang International School Guangzhou Nanfang International School (GNIS) is a non-profit, co-educational international school in Guangzhou that offers quality education in English for early childhood, primary and secondary students. We are licensed by the Education Department of Guangdong and the Chinese Ministry of Education as an international school for expatriate children. www.gnischina.org No.1 Yu Cui Yuan North, Yinglong Lu, Longdong, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 020-8708 5090

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools Location: Guangzhou Established: 2015 Age of students: 2-15 No. of students: 300+ Nationalities: 28+ School levels: Early Years / Primary School / Middle School Curriculum: PYP / MYP Languages taught: English, Chinese

ISA International School of Guangzhou

Extracurricular activities: Annual camps, clubs, sports and music are all part of the rich life at ISA

At ISA International School of Guangzhou, our aim is to educate the next generation of internationally-minded students, to take their place in the world as leaders, thinkers, developers, creators and shapers of a better world. Students will graduate with outstanding academic skills. We believe that every child must keep his or her cultural identity and mother tongue level high. The quality of our English and Chinese language programs will ensure every child becomes fluent in both languages. www.isagz.org Block C2-2 Redtory, No.128 Siheng Lu, Yuan Village, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 020-8890 0909

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2010 Age of students: 2-17 No. of students: Capacity of 200+ Nationalities: 20+ School levels: Kindergarten to High School Curriculum: iPSLE / GCE O-Levels / A-Levels / AP Languages taught: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi Extracurricular: Sports, music, arts, STEAM, cooking and many others Popular compounds: Favorview Palace and popular expat compounds

/ 20 /

Singapore School of Guangzhou SSG offers a challenging, forward-thinking education model using modern teaching strategies. Our curriculum is designed to give our children a positive attitude towards learning, train them for higher-level thinking and prepare them for globalization. Students are engaged in a multitude of activities, and are highly motivated to achieve and gain skills in all areas of education. SSG is a place to grow for a better tomorrow. www.singaporeschoolgz.com No.182 Hui Jing Bei Lu, Favorview Palace, Tianhe District, Guangzhou +86-180 2405 6385, 020-2214 8866, 188 9888 8268

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2005 Age of students: 1-18 No. of students: 1,000+ Nationalities: 50+ School levels: Early Years / Primary / Secondary / High School Curriculum: English National Curriculum / IGCSE / A-Levels Languages taught: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German

The British School of Guangzhou With over 1,400 international students aged 1 to 18 attending, the British School of Guangzhou educates your child to achieve academic success, enabling their entry into the world’s leading universities. Our curricula are enhanced by collaborations with preeminent organisations, such as Juilliard and MIT. Through unique learning opportunities and our international community, your child will develop global awareness, enabling them to get ahead in the changing world of the future.

Extracurricular: 60+ after school and weekend clubs Popular compounds: Popular expat housing compounds around Guangzhou

www.bsg.org.cn 983-3 Tonghe Lu, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 020-8709 4788

Location: Guangzhou Established: 1981 Age of students: Preschool (3-yearsold) through Grade 12 No. of students: 1,000+ Nationalities: 50+ School levels: Early Childhood / Junior / Senior Curriculum: IB Primary Years Program (PYP) / Common Core and AERO / International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) Languages taught: English, French, Chinese, Spanish Extracurricular activities: 120+ including dance, badminton, yoga, drones, STEAM, photography, robotics, design and pottery Popular compounds: Oakwood Gold Arch, The Greenery, Canton Place, Favorview, Riviera (ES) and Lingnan Hillside and Forest Whisper (Science Park/Huangpu)

American International School of Guangzhou Established in 1981, AISG is the first international school in South China and the only not-for-profit international school in Guangzhou. AISG is a diverse, private, co-educational day school, offering an international curriculum that is guided by American educational values and principles. Students at AISG are guided by faculty who challenge them to achieve and are nurtured in an environment where creativity and inquiry are celebrated. The AISG community understands and supports the power of a growth mindset. www.aisgz.org Ersha Campus: No. 3 Yan Yu Nan Lu, Ersha Island, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Science Park Campus: No.19 Kexiang Lu, Huangpu District, Guanghzou Ersha Campus: 020-8735 3392 Science Park Campus: 020-3213 5555

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools Location: Guangzhou Established: 1998 Age of students: 3-19 No. of students: 900+ Nationalities: 50+ School levels: Primary Years / Middle Years / IB Diploma Curriculum: PYP / MYP / DP Languages taught: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German Extracurricular activities: Arts, music, orchestra, sports

Utahloy International School Guangzhou Utahloy International School Guangzhou is an international school in Guangzhou offering a full International Baccalaureate continuum education from kindergarten to Year 12. We value diversity and operate an inclusive learning environment for all students. UISG caters to over 900 expatriate students who represent more than 50 nationalities. www.utahloy.com/gz Baiyun Campus: No. 800, Shatai Bei Lu, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 020-8720 2019(School Reception) / 020-8720 0517(Admissions)

Location: Guangzhou Established: 1997 Age of students: 2-18 No. of students: 150+ Nationalities: 20+ School levels: Kindergarten (PS / MS / GS) / Primary School / Middle School / High School Curriculum: Kindergarten / Primary / Secondary Languages taught: French, English, Chinese Extracurricular: Football, tennis, rollerblades, floral composition, kindergarten hour, Arabic language initiation, cooking class, storyboard photos

French International School of Guangzhou The French International School of Guangzhou (EFIC) has been the only school since 1997 to offer a school curriculum in French in Guangzhou. Children are welcome from Pre-K (2-years-old) to Grade 12. Our class size is limited to 20 students per class to ensure a more personalised teaching approach. Our school belongs to the greater AEFE network of French international schools throughout the globe. Every single accomplishment is recognised worldwide in every French school. www.efcanton.com Caibin Middle Road, Shangshui Lu, 62-70 Jinshazhou, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 020-3879 7324

/ 22 /

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2003 Age of students: 3-18 Nationalities: 25+ School levels: Kindergarten to High School Curriculum: PYP / MYP / DP Languages taught: English, Chinese

Utahloy International School Zengcheng

Extracurricular activities: Basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, soccer, biking and others

Welcome to Utahloy International School Zengcheng (UISZ), an International Baccalaureate World School which offers an exceptional education to boys and girls from countries around the world. Our philosophy of education centers on the development of the intellectual, artistic, creative, physical and emotional dimensions of each individual student. UISZ is a caring and supportive community. We pride ourselves on the support offered to each individual student. Our highly trained teachers and small class sizes ensure that each student will reach their potential. Our school is truly unique. www.utahloy.com/zc Dapuwei Country, Zengjiang Lu, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou 020-8291 3201 / 020-8291 4691

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2014 Age of students: 2-18 No. of students: 800+ Nationalities: 10+ School levels: Early Childhood / Primary / Low Secondary / Upper Secondary / Oversea Study Preparation Curriculum: IGCSE / A Levels / Bilingual Early Childhood Education / Primary Program / Secondary Program / Upper Secondary Program Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Painting, science lab, sports clubs, kung fu and more

Yew Wah International Education School Yew Wah International Education Schools (YWIES) are built upon the many decades of experience of Yew Chung International School in offering quality international education in Hong Kong and mainland China. Founded in 1932, Yew Chung, for the past 80 plus years, has committed to nurturing students’ ability to face global issues and challenges of the 21st century. Worldwide recognition has been accorded to the unique curriculum that Yew Chung and Yew Wah have taken much time and effort to establish. Professor Paul Yip Kwok-wah and Dr Betty Chan Po-king have founded the Yew Wah series of schools with a passion to bring international education to students in Mainland China. www.ywies-gz.com No. 9, Xue'er Lu, Beixing, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou 020-8683 2662 / 400 860 9778

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools Location: Guangzhou Established: 2011 Age of students: 12-18 No. of students: 220+ Nationalities: 20+ Curriculum: Pre-Diploma / IB Diploma

Alcanta International College At Alcanta International College (AIC), our ambitions are high and we hope to establish something that is unique in China: to offer an education that involves the student’s active participation in their own learning. Located in Nansha District in Guangzhou, AIC was established in 2011. Inspired by the International Baccalaureate philosophy, we are one of the very few international schools in China that are allowed to enroll Chinese nationals, as opposed to Chinese students who hold foreign passports. The school runs the IB Diploma program for its senior students and also offers Grade 8 and 10 classes aimed to prepare students for an IB education. The pre-diploma program is unique to our school as it blends the school’s needs with ideas borrowed from a diverse set of international curricula.

Extracurricular: Cooking class (Chinese food, baking, western food), tea ceremony, French club, Russian club, Korean club, basketball, badminton, football, tennis, table tennis, Jingtai community service, outdoor travel

www.aicib.org No. 14, Guangsheng Lu, Nansha District, Guangzhou 020-8618 3666

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2016 Age of students: 3-18 No. of students: 1,200+ School levels: Primary / Junior High / Sino-US High School / IEP / IECFLS Curriculum: Combination of American high school curriculum with Chinese traditional curriculum Languages taught: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese Extracurricular: Sports competitions, music, art, computer technology, company internships, simulated entrepreneurship, experimental projects, world tours and others

The Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU The Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU (SCNUFL) consists of a primary school, middle school, an American high school program and IEP. The school is student-centered and devoted to developing preeminent and independent, lifelong learners who endorse the values of Chinese and global citizenship by adhering to the concept of 'Embrace China, Embrace the World'. www.scnufl.com No.2, Kexue Dadao, Science City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 020-3205 1890 / 020-3205 1989

/ 24 /

Location: Guangzhou Established: 1993 Age of students: 2-18 No. of students: 3,300+ Nationalities: 30+ School levels: Kindergarten / Elementary / Secondary / International Secondary Extracurricular: Oversea study tours, international exchanges

Guangzhou Huamei International School Huamei School, located in the education core area of Tianhe district, was founded by a group of returned overseas Chinese scholars. As the first provincial-level school, the school is accredited by the Ministry of Education and is a top A-Levels achiever in the Guangdong General High School Teaching Level Evaluation. www.hm163.com No. 23, Huamei Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 020-8721 0178 / 8721 0585

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2004 School levels: Grade 9-12 Curriculum: IGCSE (G9-10) / A-Levels (Grade 11-12) Languages taught: Chinese, English Extracurricular: Over 30 student activities such as sports, music, art, economics. science and technology

ULink College Welcome to ULink College Guangzhou! The mission of ULink College Guangzhou challenges students to put themselves at the center of their own learning and develop responsibility and confidence. Our strong British international curriculum helps us to provide the academic excellence and English proficiency students will need to be successful. Through a strong, externally validated curriculum culminating in IGCSE and A-Level qualifications, our students are able to access the top universities around the world and achieve their dreams. Our choice of subjects for students to study is very broad, enabling students to achieve the qualifications needed to take any degree subject at an English-speaking university outside China. www.ulinkcollege.com/cn 180 Gangqian Boulevard, Nansha District, Guangzhou 020-8521 5836 / 020-8521 5488

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools

Merchiston International School

Merchiston International School (MIS) in Shenzhen is the first overseas campus of Merchiston Castle School, a top-ranked independent school located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK with a glorious history of over 185 years. MIS is the first and only international school in Shenzhen providing a British education and boarding system. Located in Longhua District in the north of Shenzhen city, MIS provides an unparalleled space for teaching, learning and boarding experience. Impressive facilities include oncampus libraries, multimedia classrooms, integrated science laboratories, a black-box theatre, indoor swimming pool, fitness suite and tastefully decorated landscaped areas. The campus first opened in August 2018 providing the best education to boys and girls aged 4-18. At MIS we are proud to be: “Founded in Scotland Established in China

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2018 Age of students: 4-18 Nationalities: Students are required to hold a foreign passport or HK, Macao and Taiwan passport School levels: Reception-Year 13 Curriculum: British Curriculum, IGCSE and A Level Languages taught: English Extracurricular: Co-Curricular Activities

www.merchiston.cn No 12 Shilongzai Lu, Dalang Sub-District, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Ready for the World�

/ 26 /

400 867 0177

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2011 Age of students: 4-18 No. of students: Capacity of 1,080 School levels: Pre-K to Grade 12 Curriculum: IB PYP / MYP / DP Languages taught: English

Shen Wai International School

Extracurricular: More than 80 after school activities

Shen Wai International School (SWIS) is located in the beautiful scenery of the Shenzhen Bay. SWIS covers a floor area of 24,000 square meters with a construction area of 42,000 square meters. It is equipped with extensive first-class facilities. It serves children of the expatriate community who work in Shenzhen and children who are permanent residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The school has 54 classrooms, with a capacity of hosting 1,080 students in total. As a CIS and WASC accredited school, an IB World School for the Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program, SWIS follows a high quality international curriculum and provides essential traditional Chinese language and culture courses as well. www.swis.cn 29 Baishi San Lu, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-8654 1200

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools Location: Shenzhen Established: 1988 Age of students: 2-18 No. of students: 800+ Nationalities: 40+ School levels: PreKindergarten to Grade 12 Curriculum: IB World School offering the International Baccalaureate

Shekou International School Shekou International School (SIS) is a private, co-educational, not-for-profit school located in Shenzhen. It serves students in grades Pre-kindergarten through Grade 12 on two campuses. The language of instruction is English for all classes, with the exception of proficiency-leveled Mandarin classes. SIS is an IB World School offering the International Baccalaureate and is the only school in Shenzhen fully accredited from Pre-K to Grade 12 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Additionally, SIS offers the French national curriculum in preschool through grade 5 where the language of instruction in academic subjects is delivered in French. SIS also offers a German language and literacy class.


also integral to SIS's educational programs. In every grade, students travel within China for an afternoon or even a week (depending on the grade) Popular compounds: Jingshan Villas, Fraser Suites, Mount Orchid, Coastal Rose Garden, Peninsula

Languages taught: Language of instruction is English for all classes with the exception of proficiency leveled Mandarin. French and German language classes are also offered. Extracurricular: The SIS after school activities and athletics program provides a wide range of activities students can participate in. Class excursions are

Jing Shan Villas, Nanhai Boulevard, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-2669 3669

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2001 Age of students: 2-18 Nationalities: 40+ School levels: Preschool through high school Curriculum: American-accredited mastery learning curriculum, IB Diploma Programme, AP Program Languages taught: English, Chinese, Spanish Extracurricular: A variety of after school activities, clubs, and sports teams

QSI International School of Shenzhen Success for all! QSI International School of Shenzhen is a non-profit institutional that as operated in Shenzhen for 18 years as one of the only true, independently owned and operated, international schools in the city serving the expatriate population. The city’s largest international school with the longest-standing IB authorization, QSI Shenzhen’s 4 campuses offer an American-accredited (Middle States Association) education in the English language for children ages 2-18. QSI follows a mastery-learning approach that sets it apart from other schools, nurturing and challenging the whole child. Students prepare to graduate with both an American diploma and an IB diploma so that they can continue on to some of the best universities around the world. www.qsi.org/china/szn Bitao Building, 8 Tai Zi Lu, Shekou, Shenzhen 0755-2667 6031

/ 28 /

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2005 Age of students: 3-14 No. of students: 1,000+ School levels: ELE / Kindergarten / Grade 1-8 Curriculum: SAIS offers a curriculum based on United States standards developed by national organizations.

Shenzhen American International School SAIS provides quality education services to foreign nationals as well as students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, beginning in preschool through eighth grade, using American standards. SAIS uses a unique rigorous project-based learning approach to supplement high quality academic instruction with critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. SAIS is located on the west side of Sihai Park, adjacent to the Shekou Youth Center and across from the Shekou Sports Center. The park is a 13.5 hectares learning lab for the study of flora, fauna, climate, air and water quality, as well as micro environments. SAIS student have access to both the Shekou Youth Center facilities and the athletic areas at Shekou Sports Center.

Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: After school clubs and community partner clubs

www.szsais.org No. 82, Gongyuan Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (Adjacent to Sihai Park) 0755-8631 6699

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2002 Age of students: 4-18 No. of students: 800+ Nationalities: 40+ School levels: K4 to Grade 12 Curriculum: New Brunswick, Canada and International Baccalaureate Languages taught: English Extracurricular: Includes a range of team and individual sports, music, art, drama, cultural and academic extension activities

International School of Nanshan Shenzhen The International School of Nanshan Shenzhen (ISNS) is a leading IB World School providing quality education to students from age 4 to Grade 12. ISNS is fully authorized across all three IB programs; Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program (DP). At ISNS, students have the opportunity to graduate with a New Brunswick diploma and an IB diploma. Representing over large number of nationalities, the ISNS family values cultural diversity, fostering international-mindedness and independent thinking. A full outdoor track and field, playground, indoor gymnasium and courts for basketball, volleyball and tennis provides a variety of spaces for athletics, PE and extra-curricular programs. Indoor classrooms and laboratories are equipped with the latest technology, and our library, music, media, art and dance rooms add a creative and enriching dimension to each student’s learning experience. www.isnsz.com 11 Longyuan Lu, Taoyuan Sub-District, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-2666 1000

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools Location: Shenzhen Established: 2015 Age of students: 14-17 No. of students: 360 Nationalities: All School levels: Grade 9-11 Curriculum: RDFIS Grade 9-10 curriculum / RDFIS Grade 11-12 curriculum / AP / SAT / TOEFL Languages taught: English

RDF International School RDF International School is a leading educational institute located in the scenic Dapeng Bay, nestled between multiple beautiful beaches and small lush mountains. The RDFIS campus covers about 20,000 square meters, with pristine academic buildings, inviting dormitories and canteen, and multiple sporting fields and courts. RDFIS is a first-class American international school with facilities to accommodate the students with a leading American curriculum, as well as providing a high standard of living spaces.

Extracurricular: Includes a range of team and individual sports, music, art, drama, cultural and academic extension activities

www.rdfis.com Treasure Resources High-Tech park, Kuinan Lu, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen 0755-6686 7237 / 6686 7327

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2019 Age of students: 2-18 Nationalities: All School levels: Pre-prep / Primary School / Middle School / High School Curriculum: EYFS, IGCSE, A Levels Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Sports, performing arts

The King’s School Shenzhen International The King’s School Shenzhen International is a co-educational international school for pupils from ages 2-18 of all nationalities. The new campus will be launched in two separate phases. The pre-prep section for children aged 2-6 will open in September 2019. The main school, which will include the junior and senior sections for children aged 6-18, will open in September 2020. The King’s School Shenzhen International is the first overseas branch of The King’s School, Canterbury, which was established 1,400 years ago. We are currently accepting applications for entry into Pre-K, K1, K2 and K3 for entry in September 2019, and we accept applicants of all nationalities. www.kings-school.com.cn Nearby the Moon Bay Garden, Shenzhen 0755-8669 6919 / 8669 6909

/ 30 /

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2011 Age of students: 5-14 (Grade 8) No. of students: 500 School levels: Primary School / Middle School Curriculum: Primary and Secondary Curriculum

Buena Vista Concordia International School, Shenzhen BCIS is the only true all-American school in Shenzhen with an American-trained teaching team, offering small-classroom instruction in American Common Core studies and unique Chinese courses. BCIS is committed to the overall academic and character education of students and is designed for a seamless integration with American and International schools. The school is tIed with the Concordia educational system with over 2,600 schools worldwide, including the Hong Kong International School (HKIS), Concordia International School Shanghai (CISS) and Concordia International School Hanoi (CISH).

Languages taught: English, Spanish, Chinese Extracurricular: Life skills, sports , fun games, music and dance, Chinese and Culture, academic offerings,art and crafts, STEAM camp

www.bcis.net.cn Bao'an exit, Guangshen Highway, Xicheng (Buena Vista) Bao'an, Shenzhen 0755-2823 8166

Location: Dongguan Established: 2007 Age of students: 3-18 School levels: Kindergarten to High School Curriculum: AERO Standards Languages taught: English Extracurricular: After school clubs, art, athletic games

TLC International School Our purpose is to provide a learning environment that equips students intellectually, socially, and spiritually for both temporal and eternal success. We understand the awesome responsibility of parents to provide the best possible education and preparation for life for those precious children entrusted to our care. At TLC, we desire to partner with families to assist parents in giving the highest quality training in academics, character, social skills and spiritual growth. www.tlcdg.com No.1, East of Yu Qingli Industrial Zone, Niushan, Dongcheng District, Dongguan 152 2031 7733

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools Location: Dongguan Established: 2012 Age of students: 3-17 No. of students: 600+ Nationalities: 15+ School levels: Early Childhood / Elementary School / Middle School / High School Curriculum: IB Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: T-ball, soccer, taekwondo, robotics, art, concert band, cross country running, environmental club

International School of Dongguan ISD is a PreK-12 school contracted to International School Services (ISS) for management services, providing a world-class program based on American and International standard. ISD is fully accredited by WASC and authorized for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program for Grades 11-12. www.i-s-d.org 11 Jin Feng Nan Lu, Nancheng District, Dongguan 0769-2882 5882

Location: Dongguan Established: 2004 Age of students: 2-5 No. of students: 270+ Nationalities: 20+ School levels: Pre-K / Elementary School / Middle / Secondary Curriculum: IB / AP / IE Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Swimming, band, scientific discovery, Brazilian and Indian dance, Chinese calligraphy, Brazilian kung fu, delicious cooking, book making, creative ballet, original fine arts, American chess and CARDS, girl scouts

QSI International School of Dongguan QSI International School of Dongguan is an exciting place to be. Students are aged 2-17 years old. English is the language of instruction. Intensive English (IE) classes are provided for students who enter QSI and have not yet learned the English language. QSI International School of Dongguan is fully accredited by Middle States Association of School and Colleges and is also a member of the College Board. Through this membership, QSI also offers a wide variety of Advanced Placement (AP) Courses for secondary students. QSI offers a well-rounded program that includes art, music, technology, sports and foreign languages. Chinese language and culture is offered to all students. www.qsi.org/china/dng/a No. 3, Yuwu Commercial Lu, Dongcheng District, Dongguan 0769-2230 0131

/ 32 /

Location: Foshan Established: Opening in 2020 Age of students: 12-18 School levels: Year 8-13 Curriculum: British Curriculum Languages taught: English

Lady Eleanor Holles International School Foshan Lady Eleanor Holles International School (LEH Foshan) is a British curriculum, day and boarding school. Welcoming boys and girls from 12 to 18 years, our school brings the best of a British boarding school to Foshan, a dynamic city in the heart of the Greater Bay Area of southern China. Our sister school near London is consistently rated among the top 10 independent schools in the UK, and we are proud to bring this level of academic, sporting, arts and pastoral excellence to Foshan. Our students are encouraged to combine academic excellence with integrity, confidence and courage and to exemplify the school motto of Spes Audacem Adjuvat (Hope Favours the Bold).

Extracurricular: Students are encouraged to choose a wide range of activities from drama, music and sport (football, basketball, badminton and swimming will form the heart of the sporting program) in addition to membership of clubs and societies Popular compounds: Greenland Guiyu Court , Times Xianghai Bi'an, Poly-Country Garden Tianhui, Minmetals Academic Royale, Evian Uptown

www.leh-foshan.cn South of Huaxiang Lu, East of No.8 Guihua Lu, Chancheng District, Foshan 0757-8262 6121

Location: Foshan Established: 2016 Age of students: 2-18 No. of students: Capacity of 1,500+ School levels: Preschool to High School (K-12) Curriculum: PYP / MYP / DP / IGCSE / AP / A-Levels Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Study trips

The Foshan EtonHouse International School The Foshan EtonHouse International School (FEIS) is a K-12 school running an IB (International Baccalaureate) inspired curriculum, catered to foreign children (non mainland-Chinese) or children with at least one parent holding a foreign passport.The campus is located in Nanhai district in Foshan. The campus spans 40,000 square meters, with 25,000 square meters of built-in space. Facilities include a swimming pool, a well-stocked library, an indoor gym and basketball court, outdoor track and soccer field, specialist arts studios and 62 classrooms and dormitories that can house 120 students. The school opened in September 2016. The preschool and elementary curriculum is inspired by the child-focused IB approach to learning via exploration and investigation of themes. As students progress to middle school and high school, they will be exposed to the academically rigorous iGCSE curriculum and graduate with the Cambridge A-Levels certification. www.etonhouse.com.cn/school/foshan No 1 Foping Si Lu, King's Plaza Units 30&31, Nanhai District, Foshan 0757-6668 8333

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools Location: Zhuhai Established: 2007 Age of students: 3-18 No. of students: 200+ Nationalities: 20+ School levels: Primary School / Middle School / High School Curriculum: IB Program (PYP / MYP / DP) Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Oversea tours, painting, music, international exchange

Zhuhai International School The Zhuhai International School (ZIS) has been educating young people from across the globe in a caring and inspirational environment since 2007. Working with students from the age of 3-18, we have around 30 different nationalities exploring challenging aspects of the world around us and experiencing the joys and rewards of inquiry-based concept learning. As an IB World School, ZIS students are a unique blend of nationalities, cultures and ethnicities, all eager to contribute actively and compassionately to the life of our school and the wider community around us. www.zischina.com Qi'Ao Island, Tang Jia, Zhuhai 0756-331 5580

Location: Zhuhai Established: 2003 Age of students: 14-18 No. of students: 300 Nationalities: 9+ School levels: High School Curriculum: IGCSE / A-Levels Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Activities include sports (basketball, football, golf, badminton), the arts (dance club, orchestra, choir, Shakespeare) and those based on student interest (audio visual club, model airplane club and music appreciation club)

Dulwich International High School Zhuhai Dulwich International High School Zhuhai was the fifth school to join the Dulwich family of schools. Our school was co-founded with the Yung Wing School, a leader in local private education. Yung Wing was the first Chinese student to complete undergraduate study in the US at Yale University. He helped to build the first overseas research project in modern China.Our school is made up of over 300 students from 14-18 years old. There are more than nine different nationalities represented in our diverse group of students.

zhuhai-high-school.dulwich.org 1 Zhuhai Avenue, Zhuhai 0756-869 3233

/ 34 /

Location: Zhuhai Established: 1999 Age of students: 2-17 No. of students: 480 Nationalities: 25+ School levels: Pre-K / Elementary School / Middle / Secondary Curriculum: Preschool Program / Elementary Program / Middle School Program / Secondary Program

QSI International School of Zhuhai QSI International School of Zhuhai is a private, non-profit school for 2-17-year-olds. As a co-educational, college-preparatory institution, QSI International School of Zhuhai was founded in 1999 in order to provide a quality education for expatriates living in Zhuhai. Students currently represent over 25 nationalities. QSI Zhuhai is located in spacious facilities in a central area of Zhuhai. We have sizable and sunny classrooms, play fields and special purpose rooms for art and music. The school has a large football and sports field surrounded by a running track and there is a playground area for our younger students.

Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Swimming, band, scientific discovery, Brazilian and Indian dance, Chinese calligraphy, Brazilian kung fu, delicious cooking, book making, creative ballet, original fine arts, American chess and CARDS, girl scouts

www.qsi.org/china/zhu 1689 Yinwan Lu, Wanzai District, Zhuhai 0756-815 6134

Location: Hong Kong Established: 1966 Age of students: 4-18 No. of students: 2,600+ Nationalities: 40+ School levels: Pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 Curriculum: AP Languages taught: English Extracurricular: Athletic program, school clubs

Hong Kong International School HKIS is a leading place of learning that inspires a socially engaged community of collaborative, creative and resilient learners dedicated to realizing their full potential. The American-style curriculum at HKIS is challenging and invigorating with both international and multicultural elements. Opportunities abound to extend learning outside of the classroom through student involvement in clubs, athletics and other after school activities. The result is that HKIS graduates are found at many of the world's finest universities.

www.hkis.edu.hk Tai Tam: 1 Red Hill Road, Tai Tam, Hong Kong / Repulse Bay: 23 South Bay Close, Hong Kong +852 3149 7000 / +852 2812 5000

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools Location: Hong Kong Established: 1932 Age of students: 6 months-19 No. of students: 1,500+ Nationalities: 30+

Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong (YCIS Hong Kong) has eight campuses in the prime location of Kowloon Tong, accommodating the entire age range of Early Childhood Education (ECE) and primary and secondary students from 6 months to 18 years of age. Coming from diverse local and expatriate communities, our students come from over 30 countries and regions and are educated by world-class teachers from more than 20 countries. Our international curriculum helps to create truly global-minded graduates. YCIS Hong Kong is a fully accredited school, recognised by the Council of International Schools (CIS). YCIS is also an approved Cambridge International Examinations testing center for IGCSE and a International Baccalaureate World School (IB World School) that offers the IB Diploma Program as part of their international curriculum. www.ycis-hk.com/en Early Childhood Education: 3 Somerset Lu, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Primary Section: 2 Kent Lu, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

School levels: Early Childhood / Primary / Secondary Curriculum: ECE / National Curriculum for England / IGCSE / IB Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Choirs, orchestras, and bands, drama productions and musicals, sports including basketball, touch rugby, soccer, martial arts, dance, hiking, volleyball, tennis and swimming. Chinese cultural crafts, Chinese dance, and traditional Chinese instruments. Cooking classes, science, technology, and robotics lessons, chess club, debate club, environment club, Model United Nations club, photography and art classes, community service and charity activities

Secondary Section: 3 To Fuk Lu, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong +852-2338 7106

Location: Hong Kong Established: 1991 Age of students: 11-18 No. of students: 320 School levels: Grade 7-12 Curriculum: The curriculum at Concordia International School is based on North America’s best educational practices with a focus on the core four academic disciplines: English, mathematics, science and social sciences. Our high school program’s foundation is based upon the College Board’s SAT and AP curriculum specifications. Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: History Bee and Bowl , World Scholar's Cup, Model United Nations, Culture Day

Concordia International School Hong Kong CISHK is a quality school with a team of passionate teaching and supporting staff that are committed to inspire educational excellence. Our North American curriculum is based on best educational practices and the Common Core State Standards. These focus on the four core academic disciplines; English, mathematics, science and social sciences. CISHK also offers electives including art, computer studies, Chinese studies and drama. In addition to the school diploma, students also write the College Board SATs, AP and TOEFL as exit qualifications. Our 1:1 MacBook program integrates technology in teaching and learning of all subject areas. CISHK is a member of the International Schools Sports Federation of Hong Kong (ISSFHK) and participates in various league sports.

www.cihs.edu.hk 68 Begonia Street, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong +852-2789 9890

/ 36 /

Location: Hong Kong Established: 2012 Age of students: 3-18 No. of students: 1,300 Nationalities: 50+ School levels: Early Years / Pre-Prep School / Prep School / Senior School / Sixth Form

Harrow International School Hong Kong Located in a magnificent crescent-shaped building with custom-built facilities near the Gold Coast in Tuen Mun, Harrow integrates elements of educational philosophy, practice and traditions from Harrow School in England into the diverse international community of Hong Kong to provide a highly distinctive education. Harrow Hong Kong is an day school for pupils between K1 (3 years) to Year 13 (18-year-olds). Boarding begins from Year 6 in the prep school, on a weekly basis from Sunday evening to Friday evening. Just under 50% of pupils in the upper school board. All day pupils are members of a house. There are currently three boys' and three girls’ prep houses (Year 6 to Year 8) and four boys’ and four girls’ senior houses (Year 9 to Year 13).

Curriculum: EYFS / Pre-Prep / Prep School / GCSE / A-Levels Extracurricular: STEAM

www.harrowschool.hk 38 Tsing Ying Lu, Tuen Mun New Territories, Hong Kong +852 2824 9099

Location: Macau Established: 2002 Age of students: Above 11 No. of students: 610 Nationalities: 40+ School levels: Pre-kindergarten-G12 Curriculum: Canadian Alberta Curriculum / IBDP Extracurricular: Arts and crafts, primary choir, baking club, kindergym, dodgeball, Chinese painting, Mandarin story time, science club, code club, doll-making, yoga, environment club, gym games and many more

International School of Macao At the International School of Macao (TIS), we provide many opportunities and support for students to explore and enhance their individuality and creativity in a truly international learning environment. Our range of academic and extracurricular programs allow boys and girls to nurture their emerging talents and prepare themselves for a future of learning and responsible citizenship. www.tis.edu.mo Macau University of Science and Technology (Block K) Avenida Wai Long, Taipa, Macao +853-2853 3700

/ 37 /



& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools

Avenues:The World School, Shenzhen Campus Since opening its first campus in New York in 2012, Avenues has established itself as a new kind of school – a World School with campuses in great cities on multiple continents. Through the pursuit of its mission and an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum, Avenues prepares students to be future world-wise leaders uniquely equipped to understand and solve global-scale problems. After the successful launch of Avenues São Paulo in 2018, the organization is now preparing to open its first campus in China in fall 2019 in the city of Shenzhen. Avenues Shenzhen will initially serve children from the ages of 2 to 6, with plans to expand to serve primary and secondary divisions in coming years. All Avenues campuses are part of a highly integrated and global learning community, connected and supported by a common vision, a shared curriculum, the same admissions standards, collective professional development of its faculty and best-in-class facilities. Avenues’ global admissions policy means that a student admitted to one Avenues campus is automatically admitted to all of them: New York, São Paulo, Shenzhen and Online. This allows families with professional commitments in Brazil, China or with Avenues Online – anywhere else to provide their children with a seamlessly integrated education on three continents. Avenues is committed to advancing education worldwide – not just within the walls of its campuses. As a New School of Thought, Avenues seeks to redefine schooling by developing, testing and implementing new practices that result in better outcomes for students. With its own dedicated research and development team based at Avenues headquarters in New York, Avenues is envisioning – and creating – the future of education, one discovery at a time. Innovative programs developed by Avenues R&D team include High Intensity Practice (focused writing and maths practice to sharpen the brain’s executive functions), the Avenues World Elements (a unique, modular global curricular system) and the Avenues Mastery Academy (an intensive live-learn experience based in which students complete a project based on the unique conditions of a particular global city).

Avenues: The World School is one school with many campuses, serving children from ages 2-18 in the world’s leading cities, including New York, São Paulo (Brazil) and now, Shenzhen. Its state-ofthe-art Shenzhen campus is planned to open in Nanshan District in fall 2019, serving children from the ages of 2-6, with plans to expand to serve primary and secondary divisions in coming years. Avenues’ innovative early childhood program is based on language immersion in English, interdisciplinary studies, learning through play and a unique global humanities program – and will be brought to life in Shenzhen by a team of passionate, experienced and highlyqualified educators.

www.avenueschina.cn University Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-8671 7850

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2019 Age of students: 2-5 Nationalities: All School levels: Small World (2-years-old), Nursery, Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten Curriculum: Avenues Global Curriculum Languages taught: Chinese and English immersion Extracurricular: Arts, robotics, chess, dance, and sports Popular compounds: OCT

/ 39 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools Location: Guangzhou Established: 1996 Age of students: 3-17 No. of students: 4,000+ School levels: Kindergarten to senior high school Curriculum: Compulsory education of nine years and Canadian Manitoba Curriculum Languages taught: Bilingual

Clifford School

(Mandarin / English) and English

Clifford School is a full-time K-12 school founded in 1996 by Clifford Group. Nestled in the heart of Clifford Estates in Panyu, the school covers 120,000 square meters. It is clean, spacious and elegant. There are complete equipment, facilities, fields and gymnasiums for use, which are all up to or above provincial standards. The school is popular with parents of students and elites in various fields, who appreciate its rigorous management, positive atmosphere, unique bilingual programs and blended cultures. Current enrollment is over 4,000 students and stduents come from 40 countries around the world. By living up to international standards, the school has demonstrated the strength of its bilingual education and the charm of its brand.

Extracurricular: Research and inventions, various clubs, and school sports teams, covering academic, scientech, arts and sports activities

www.clifford-school.org.cn International Building, Clifford School, Clifford Estates, Shiguang Lu, Panyu District, Guangzhou 020-8474 1441-0

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2009 Age of students: 16-18 No. of students: 600+ School levels: Grade 10-12 Curriculum: AP / A-Levels Languages taught: Chinese, English, and a range of other languages like German and French Extracurricular: Full range of activities are available

International Department of Guangzhou Foreign Language School Guangzhou Foreign Language School is a boarding school in Nansha district in Guangzhou. It was established in 1962 but closed down, before reopening again in 2009. There is a large team of foreign teachers. The school offers several second language subjects, including German and French. The school has a large capacity of about 1,800 students. Small classes of only 25 students ensure a sound learning environment. www.chgzfls.com Guangzhou Foreign Language School, 102 Fenghuang Avenue, Nansha District, Guangzhou 020-3907 3096 / 132 0119 7278

/ 40 /

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2016 Age of students: 6-12 No. of students: 400+ Nationalities: All School levels: Grade 1-6 Curriculum: Local Chinese curriculum / IB PYP Languages taught: English, Chinese

The Garden International School The Garden International School opened in 2016 and was founded to provide a unique educational experience for students aged 6-12 years. The school takes the best from Chinese and international educational practices and implements these side-by-side to create an academic, rigorous, yet caring, child-centerd curriculum. The Garden International School closely follows the Primary Years Program (PYP) established by the International Baccalaureate and is now an IB candidate school. www.tgisgz.com No. 480, Shaxi Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou 020-3482 3833

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2012 Age of students: 12-17 No. of students: 600+ School levels: Grade 7-12 Curriculum: English Immersion / AP Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: 80+

Nansha College Preparatory Academy Nansha College Preparatory Academy (NCPA) is a private, co-educational, American curriculum boarding school operated in partnership with ULink Education Group and the non-profit, Princeton-based International Schools Services (ISS). We occupy a modern, purpose-built 31-acre campus. We are an English-medium school serving Chinese national students. All NCPA faculty are native-level English speakers, with the exception of the Chinese language teachers. All of the content-area faculty hold North American diplomas and licensure. About 75% of our faculty hold advanced degrees, including three with doctorates. www.ncpachina.org/en 180 Gangqian Boulevard, Nansha District, Guangzhou 020-3468 3339

/ 41 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools Location: Guangzhou Established: 2017 Age of students: 3-18 Nationalities: 30+ School levels: Early Learning / Kindergarten / Grade 1-12 Curriculum: BASIS Curriculum / American AP Course Languages taught: English, Chinese

Basis International School Guangzhou

Extracurricular: Art, music, sports, clubs and others

Most private schools base their promotional materials on a storied history of prestige. At BASIS International School Guangzhou, we do not have a long and illustrious past. Instead, we have a reputation for results. In fact, assessments of the BASIS Curriculum have demonstrated that our students perform at a higher level than students in traditional American private schools and at a much higher level than all of the students in many countries. The BASIS Curriculum Schools culture has prepared numerous students to take successfully the next step in their academic careers and beyond. We have been making history in education with our schools in the United States and we are excited to begin our international history in Guangzhou. www.basisinternationalgz.com/home No. 8 Jiantashan Lu, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou 020-8222 2888

Location: Guangzhou Established: 2018 School levels: Grade 7 upwards Curriculum: VCE / AP / IGCSE Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: MAH House System

Meisha Academy by Haileybury As a subsidiary of Vanke Group, Meisha Academy by Haileybury represents the perfect combination of excellent Meisha education tradition and the elite Haileybury heritage of the century-old Australian school. We aim to cultivate talent with knowledge both from China and the West, coupled with a global vision and awareness. We advocate a Chinese mindset and a global outlook in order to raise outstanding global citizens with profound thoughts, pioneering spirit, creative quality and cross-border abilities. www.vkmah.com 6-9F, Vanke Plaza, 1933 Huaguan Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 020-3809 4879 / 020-3809 4869

/ 42 /

Location: Shenzhen

goals defined by the United Nation. We also draw upon the best standards, Age of students: 3-18 including National Research No. of students: Capacity Council’s Next Generation of 2,500 Science Standards School levels: Early Years (NGSS), Singapore Math, Australian Mathematics / Primary School / Middle Standards (ACARA), the School / High School National Council for the Curriculum: Our Social Studies Standards curriculum combines the (NCSS), the International innovative work of leading Society for Technology in educators with the best Education (ISTE) as well as curricula from around the competencies developed in world. For early learning, partnership with the Center our curriculum is inspired for Curriculum Redesign at by the Italian Reggio Emilia Harvard model, grounded in student Languages taught: autonomy and discovery Chinese, English of the world. For lower and secondary school, we use a thematic projectbased curriculum model to implement CCS while being consistent with the global sustainable development Established: 2019

Whittle School & Studios Whittle School & Studios intends to create the world’s first truly modern school serving students from ages 3-18, with a global network of high-end private school campuses. Founded by Chris Whittle, an early leader of the charter school movement in the US, the school is forming local partnerships and establishing campuses in major cities around the world. Whittle School & Studios will bring together renowned educators to provide a world-class education for its students, one that is personalized, prepares students for the future, and enables unique global exchange experiences. Renzo Piano, the Pritzker Prize–winning architect known for his work on Paris’s Pompidou Center, is designing Whittle’s campuses. www.huitongschool.cn Mawan, Qianhai, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-8785 1818 / 0755-2669 1818(English Inquiries)

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2015 Age of students: 3-18 Nationalities: 30+ School levels: Early Learning / Kindergarten / Grade 1-12 Curriculum: BASIS Curriculum / American AP Course Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Art, music, sports, clubs and others

Basis International School Shenzhen Most private schools base their promotional materials on a storied history of prestige. At BASIS International School Shenzhen, we do not have a long and illustrious past. Instead, we have a reputation for results. In fact, assessments of the BASIS Curriculum have demonstrated that our students perform at a higher level than students in traditional American private schools and at a much higher level than all of the students in many countries. The BASIS Curriculum Schools culture has prepared numerous students to take successfully the next step in their academic careers and beyond. We have been making history in education with our schools in the United States and we are very excited to begin our international history in Shenzhen. www.basisinternationalsz.com Tower C, Wanlian Building 5th, Gongye Lu, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-2361 6666 / Front Desk: 0755-2361 6770

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools Location: Shenzhen Established: 2003 Age of students: 3-18 No. of students: 1,500+ School levels: Kindergarten / Primary / Middle / Secondary Curriculum: National Curriculum Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Sports

China-UK College Shenzhen The concept of our brand is an integration and absorption of advanced educational theory from Britain and China. The special features of C-UK College fundamentally uses the best of China’s educational system and combines it with British educational theory. Consequently, the college is characteristically unique and this has led it to become a well-known school, impressively progressing with the theory of 21st century education and international standards.

zygx.baoan.edu.cn No. 243, Haicheng Lu, Bao'an District, Shenzhen 0755-2779 4203

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2001 Age of students: 6-17 No. of students: 600+ Nationalities: 20+ School levels: Primary / Middle Curriculum: National Curriculum (Year 1-9) / IGCSE / GCSE (Upper Secondary) Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Gardening lessons, charity muppets, Model United Nations, World Cup of Scholars, cricket club and drama group

Green Oasis School Shenzhen The mission of Green Oasis School is to pursue excellence by providing an education that develops the potential of every student, in a safe and secure environment. At Green Oasis School, all students are valued and develop as thoughtful, responsible members of the international community. www.greenoasis.org.cn No.4030, Shennan Middle Lu, Tianmian Village, Futian District, Shenzhen 0755-8395 9000

/ 44 /

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2015 Age of students: 3-17 No. of students: 500+ School levels: Preschool / Prep / Senior

Bromsgrove School Mission Hills At Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, we are committed to building a pre-eminent school. Our program is unique, with a blend of best practice from both East and West. We focus on the wide benefits of bilingualism and on success for each child, using open-minded and innovative approaches to achieve this. Our partnership with Bromsgrove School, UK, brings the depth and breadth of expertise and knowledge. We elevate our history of excellence with the assimilation and localisation of Chinese language, culture, traditions and values within the China context.

Curriculum: Bilingual inquiry-based curriculum (preschool) blends the framework of the National Curriculum in England with content streams integrated from the Chinese primary school curriculum / Prep / A-Levels / IGCSE (Senior School) Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: From martial arts to crafts, to dance and science clubs, expeditions, tours and trips

bromsgrove.mhis.education/en-us 8 Mission Hills Lu, Shenzhen 0755-2801 0733

Location: Shenzhen Established: 2001 Age of students: 16-18 No. of students: 1,000+ School levels: High School: AP / IP / PCP/ International Art and Design Program Curriculum: Chinese National Curriculum / AP Program (Advanced Placement) / Canadian Course / Bilingual course / AP / IB / PCP Languages taught: Chinese, English Extracurricular: Singing competitions, art festivals, outdoor training, dormitory culture festival

Shenzhen (Nanshan) Concord College of Sino-Canada Shenzhen (Nanshan) Sino-Canadian School cooperates with Chinese and foreign students to study and implement ordinary high school education. It is also the first Sino-foreign cooperative school in Shenzhen. In the past 15 years, under the guidance of national, provincial, municipal and district leaders, and under the guidance of Chinese and foreign education experts and scholars, the school has worked hard to implement Dr. Peng Jianhua’s idea of ​"Creating a New World of Education” to actively integrate the essence of Chinese and Western education. In june Etc. zjxx.szns.edu.cn Nanguang Lu, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-2645 4683

/ 45 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools Location: Shenzhen Established: 1995 Age of students: 4-17 No. of students: 7,000+ Nationalities: 10+ School levels: Kindergarten / Primary School / Middle School / High School / International School Curriculum: Public education system Languages taught: English, French, English, Spanish

Shenzhen Shiyan Public School Shenzhen Shiyan Public School was founded in April 1995. It is one of the first schools run by a partnership between local government and private companies. It is authorized by the Ministry of Education in Guangdong Province. The school’s campus covers 132,000 square meters, with more than 83,000 square meters of building space. The school has a kindergarten, an elementary school, a middle school and a high school (with an overseas preparatory section). There are 148 classes, more than 6,200 students and 650 teachers.

Extracurricular: Summer camp, West Europe tour

sygx.baoan.edu.cn Yucai Lu 8, Shiyan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen 0755-2735 8557

Location: Foshan Established: 2001 No. of students: 3,700+ School levels: Middle School / International School Curriculum: Foundation Program / IGCSE / IB Diploma Program Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Life skills, sports and games, clubs and societies, performing arts

Guangdong Shunde Desheng School Guangdong Shunde Desheng School was founded in 2001 as the junior division of the locally-renowned Shunde No.1 Middle School. For more than a decade, the school has consistently achieved the highest results for the senior high school entrance exam. In the past few years, it has achieved remarkable results in university entrance exams, making it one of the best schools in the area. Currently, the school has a junior middle division, a senior middle division and Desheng School (International). www.desheng-school.cn Minxing Lu, New District, Daliang, Shunde 0757-2232 5006 / 0757-2232 5007

/ 46 /

Location: Foshan Established: 2019 Age of students: 6-18 No. of students: Capacity of 2,300+ School levels: Primary School / Middle School / High School Curriculum: NCEC. IPC / NCEC. IMYC / IB DP Languages taught: Chinese, English Extracurricular: Music courses, dance courses, Juilliard dramatic performances

Nord Anglia School Foshan Nord Anglia School, Foshan is expected to open in September 2019 and provides state of the art teaching and learning environments for up to 2,304 students aged 6-18. The unique international learning experience at NAS Foshan will offer students the best of Eastern and Western education resources and philosophies. The bilingual curriculum will be based on the Guangdong K-12 curriculum blended with globally respected international curriculum elements and teaching methods. Students will gain a solid foundation of Chinese culture, whilst equipping them with the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in an increasingly globalised world. foshan.nacis.cn/ No. 55, Dongxi Avenue, Xi'an, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan 0757-8121 7688

Location: Foshan Established: 2015 Age of students: 3-18 No. of students: 350 School levels: Primary School / Middle School / High School / University Curriculum: PYP / MYP / DP Languages taught: Chinese, English Extracurricular: Music, dance, pottery, calligraphy, zuan carving, sketch, paper cutting and others

CITIC Lake Bilingual International School CBIS is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). We are a bilingual IB Candidate school for the PYP (Primary Years Program) and DP (Diploma Program). CBIS offers a truly international experience to both Chinese passport holders and expatriate students wishing to study at colleges and universities around the world. We strive to cultivate our students into knowledgeable, respectful, compassionate individuals by incorporating international perspectives with traditional Chinese values into an academically rigorous program of study. www.cbis-gd.com CITIC Lake Community Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan 0757-8100 8639

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools Location: Foshan Established: 1994 Age of students: 3-18 No. of students: 500+ School levels: Kindergarten to Grade 12 Curriculum: PYP / MYP / DP / IGCSE / A-Levels / AP

Guangdong Country Garden School Guangdong Country Garden School (GCGS) is located in a large and elite community known as Shunde Country Garden. It covers an area of about 33 hectares. Founded in 1994, it is a boarding school providing a 15-year continuum from kindergarten to grade 12. GCGS is a highly-ranked school in the Guangzhou and Foshan region. There are over 4,000 students and 700 teachers, including more than 90 international teachers. The school implements seven international programs, namely PYP, MYP, DP, IGCSE, A-Levels, AP and IFD. On March 30, 2018, the school was authorized to implement the AP Capstone program by the College Board. At the same time, the school provides Chinese national middle and high school education.

Languages taught: Chinese, English Extracurricular: Cycling, hiking, China service week, English village, swimming course, green education center, expedition course, CAS Popular compounds: Shunde Country Garden

bgy.gd.cn Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangzhou 0757-2667 7888 / 0757-2667 7003

Location: Dongguan Established: 2004 Age of students: 3-18 No. of students: 10,000+ School levels: K1-Grade 12 Curriculum: National curriculum / IB PYP (Primary Years Program) / GAC / ACT / IELTS / Chinese and American diploma Languages taught: Chinese, English Extracurricular: International day, reading, football, English, charity, social practice, national studies, drama, sports

Dongguan Hanlin Experimental School Dongguan Hanlin Experimental School was established in September 2004. It is a boarding school that offers complete K-12 courses from kindergarten through to completion of the international education program. Hanlin was amongst the first schools in Dongguan to receive approval from the Municipal Bureau of Education, enabling us to offer international education courses. In February 2019, we were authorized as an IB World School. We currently offer the Primary Years Program (PYP). At Hanlin, we believe in merging traditional Chinese values and beliefs with different perspectives from around the world. Our language of instruction is Mandarin but we place a strong emphasis on English, our second language. English is taught by both international and local teachers. Our international teaching team is diverse, boasting 12 different nationalities. dghl.jyjx.dgjy.net Hanlin Experimental School, No. 5, Chuangye Gongye Lu, Wanjiang, Dongguan 0769-2271 5799 / 2217 0799 / 2278 3301

/ 48 /

Location: Hong Kong Established: 1997 Age of students: 5-15 No. of students: 990 Nationalities: 50+ School levels: Elementary School / Middle School / High School Curriculum: US Common Core (math and English), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the American Education Reaches Out (AERO) social studies standards

American School Hong Kong American School Hong Kong (ASHK) is a non-profit college preparatory school offering a holistic American education taught by North American teachers. The school is operated by Esol Education, a leading education organization with 40 years of experience in establishing and operating K-12 international schools, currently educating 10,000 pupils in nine schools across three continents. ASHK delivers a rigorous curriculum, focused on developing well-rounded, motivated and thoughtful global citizens. It equips students with the academic, social and entrepreneurial skills required for success in the 21st century. ASHK is incorporated as Universal American School Hong Kong Limited.

Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: Student council, kickball, robotics, cross country, cooking, woodwind master class, pottery, football and basketball

www.ashk.edu.hk 6 Machung Lu, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong 0852-3919 4100

Location: Macau Established: 1988 Age of students: 3-19 No. of students: 870+ School levels: Kindergarten / Primary / Secondary Curriculum: IGCSE / IBDP Languages taught: English, Chinese Extracurricular: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, Student Consultative Board, Model United Nations and fine arts groups

School of the Nations As an integral component of the educational programs of the Badi Foundation, the School of the Nations is dedicated to nurturing the physical, intellectual and spiritual development of its students, and developing their capabilities to promote the well-being of their families and communities. The school has highly-trained teachers in all subjects, recruited from all over the world for their skills. It maintains a safe, disciplined and friendly environment for learning and promotes high academic standards, including top-level international examinations as it prepares young people for attendance at top universities all over the world. www.schoolofthenations.com Rua Do Minho, Taipa, Macau S.A.R 0853-2870 1759

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | Homes and Apartments


/ 51 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | Homes and Apartments

Opened in 2013 1 building 332 apartments 1-3 bedrooms RMB27,000-45,000

Opened in 2012 1 building 314 apartments 1-3 bedrooms RMB24,000-50,000

Opened in 2008, 1 building 208 apartments 1-2 bedrooms RMB18,000-32,000

Fraser Suites Guangzhou Ascott IFC Guangzhou

Ascott Guangzhou

Centrally situated within the central business district of Tianhe, Fraser Suites Guangzhou sits in a prime spot of Guangzhou city with significant landmarks such as the Canton Tower, Guangzhou Opera House and Guangzhou International Finance Center just a stroll away. Fraser Suites Guangzhou offers serviced hotel apartments that are conveniently near the Canton Fair Complex.Â

The residence is part of the swanky Guangzhou International Finance Center, a hotspot comprising of grade-A office buildings, a five-star hotel, upscale shopping mall and conference center. Stay here and feel the pulse of a global city, with Fortune 500 multinational companies, foreign consulates and endless entertainment options lending a modern vivacity.

Ascott Guangzhou puts you right in the financial hub of Tianhe, where glossy office buildings are populated with Cantonese restaurants and interspersed with shopping malls. The locals are big fans of yum cha and will readily agree to a meal of beautifully wrapped dim sum and fragrant tea.

Tianhe Lu Gym / swimming pool / children's play area / mini golf / sauna / restaurant Close to many shopping and dining options, and facing a famous shopping mall (Taikoo Hui). No. 232_2, Tianhe Lu, OneLink Walk, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 020-2801 9888 Frasershospitality.com

Zhujiang New Town Babysitting service / coffee shop / laundry and dry cleaning service / business center Shopping aficionados can spend hours in the mammoth GTLand Plaza. Multitudes of brand boutiques and restaurants are housed here. No. 5 Zhujiang Xi Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 020-3838 9888 The-ascott.com

Tianhe Lu Gym / swimming pool / laundry / babysitting service / coffee shop Two subway lines (Lines 1 and 3) passes through the district No. 73 Tianhe Dong Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 020-8513 0388 The-ascott.com

/ 52 /

Opened in 2000 15 buildings 97 apartments 2-5 bedrooms RMB20,000-50,000

Opened in 2012 1 building 225 apartments 1-4 bedrooms RMB27,000-60,000

Opened in 2014 1 building 34 apartments 1 bedroom RMB8,000-13,000

Oakwood Gold Arch Residence Guangzhou

Oakwood Premier Guangzhou

Citadines LiZhiWan Guangzhou

Oakwood Gold Arch Residence Guangzhou offers bright and spacious serviced residences within an exclusive gated community in the heart of Ersha Island. Each apartment is equipped with the comforts of home, suitable for business travelers and expatriates alike. Ideally located, Guangzhou offers easy access to both Hong Kong and Macau.

This property is the first of Oakwood’s luxury offering in China, located in the vibrant city center of Tianhe and adjacent to the Zhujiang New Town. Set in an exclusive environment, the 225 serviced apartments marry sophisticated design with the comfortable pleasures of home.

Deriving its name from the picturesque Lizhiwan River, Citadines LiZhiWan Guangzhou is situated right next to a winding, 743 meter-long waterway that resembles a small canal in Venice.

Yuexiu District Residents lounge / swimming pool / fitness center / convenience store / children's playroom / onsite preschool District 3, Ersha Island, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 020-2883 3888 Oakwoodgz.com

Tianhe Lu Meeting rooms / swimming pool (temperaturecontrolled) / children's play area Indulge in traditional Chinese cuisine, which includes famous dishes like sweet and sour pork, dim sum and wonton soup. No. 28 Tiyu Dong Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 020-3883 3883 oakwood.com

Liwan District Fitness corner / laundry The residence looks out to the charmingly antiquated streets of Xiguan, which offers a host of local delicacies and quaint knickknacks. No. 145-4 Longjin Xi Lu, Liwan District, Guangzhou 020-8100 6188 citadines.com


& SCHOOL GUIDE | Homes and Apartments

Opened in 2013 1 building 145 1-4 bedrooms RMB32,000-90,000

Opened in 2009 3 buildings 216 apartments 1-4 bedrooms RMB23,000-60,000

Opened in 2015 1 building 71 apartments 1-4 bedrooms RMB15,000-28,000

W Guangzhou Serviced Apartment

The Canton Residence Guangzhou

The Canton Residence Foshan

Located on the banks of the iconic Pearl River, W Guangzhou weaves the city's vibrant threads into a dazzling tapestry of cutting-edge architecture, rich history, luxurious shopping and worldclass entertainment. The apartment building is surrounded by shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and other facilities.

Known as home for international ambassadors, The Canton Residence serviced apartments in Guangzhou has maintain high occupancy since its opening in 2009. The Canton Residence has revamped the concept of serviced apartments by combining a refined living experience with high-quality services and amenities.

The Canton Residence Foshan is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. Visitors to Foshan will find that the Canton Residence Foshan is a fantastic accommodation choice. Foshan railway station is located approximately 11 kilometers away from this hotel.

Zhujiang New Town Gym / swimming pool / spa and sauna / fitness / lounge / restaurants W Guangzhou is minutes away from restaurants, popular shopping malls, public transportation and attractions. No. 22 Xiancun Lu, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 020- 6628 6628 Wguangzhou.com/serviced-apartment

Zhujiang New Town Gym / temperature-controlled swimming pool / children's play area / lounge / restaurants The Canton Residence offers convenient access to restaurants, shopping malls and public transportation. Haifeng Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 020-3837 1666 Cantonresidence.com

Gym / sauna / children's play area / coffee shop / swimming pool This hotel is a popular accommodation for guests traveling with families. Canton First Estate, No. 333 Gao'erfu Lu, Nanhai District, Foshan 0757-8177 8588 Newworld-plaza.com

/ 54 /

Opened in 2017 1 building 182 apartments 1-3 bedrooms RMB20,000-48,000

Ascott Raffles City Shenzhen A vital component of the Raffles City Shenzhen integrated development complex consisting of grade-A office buildings, highend shopping malls and deluxe residences, Ascott Raffles City Shenzhen is designed for ultimate comfort and easy convenience for global business travelers.

Shekou District Swimming pool / fitness / children's playroom No. 22 Dengliang Lu, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-2523 6888 ascottchina.com

Opened in 2012 10 buildings 197 apartments 1-2 bedrooms RMB18,000-32,000

Opened in 2012 1 building 240 apartments 1-3 bedrooms RMB21,000-49,000

Ascott Maillen Shenzhen Wongtee V International Ascott Maillen Shenzhen is part of an Apartment integrated development with Maillen Club – an exclusive lifestyle club with recreational facilities restaurants. It is a stone's throw away from Sea World which features an entertainment leisure belt, key office towers, food and beverage outlets and international schools - all essential conveniences and comforts for expatriate communities.

The Wongtee V International Apartment is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. Located just 800 meters away from the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, these apartments feature free in-room wi-fi and other modern amenities.

Swimming pool / fitness / children's playroom For business travellers, Ascott Maillen offers hi-speed broadband internet access and efficient business support services. No. 3 Yanshan Lu, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-2160 0188 ascottchina.com

Business center / luggage storage / lounge / coffee shop / meeting rooms Perfect for those working on the move, this hotel caters to a large number of business guests. Out of all the hotels in Shenzhen, this hotel is one of the most popular choices. No. 2028 Jintian Lu, Huanggang Business Center, Futian District, Shenzhen 0755-8891 1111 Vhotel-wongtee.com

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Opened in 2017 1 building 240 apartments 1-2 bedrooms RMB30,000-59,000

Fraser Suites Shenzhen With Shenzhen Railway Station just 6km away and Bao'an International Airport only 34km away, transportation is very convenient. The building is located just minutes away from Huaqiang north metro station, allowing guests to explore the city with ease.

Shekou District Gym / restaurant / lounge / children's play area With multiple attractions nearby including Shenzhen Central Park, Shenzhen Saige Plaza and Huaqiangbei, guests will find plenty to keep themselves occupied. No. 1033, Nanhai Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-2688 3333 Frasershospitality.com

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Opened in 2004 1 building 232 apartments 1-3 bedrooms RMB21,000-58,000

Opened in 2017 1 building 184 apartments 1-3 bedrooms RMB11,500+

Fraser Place Shekou Shenzhen

Capri by Fraser Hotel Residence Shenzhen

Nestled on a hillside overlooking the exclusive Shekou Harbour, Fraser Place Shekou Shenzhen offers a panoramic view of the scenic Shenzhen Bay. The building is within convenient walking distance to major commercial buildings, 24/7 convenience stores and the popular Sea World entertainment area.

Set in one of China's modem metropolis, Capri by Fraser Shenzhen is the newest hotel residence in town. Fronting a beach promenade and panoramic view of the sea, all 184 modem and spacious studios and one-bedroom apartments are complemented by state-of-the-art amenities and facilities designed for work and play.

Fitness / sauna / children's play area / luggage storage Serviced apartments enjoy great proximity to the Shekou cruise port and the Shenzhen Bao'an international airport, which are both a five and 45-minutes drive away respectively, making it a highly accessible location. No.1033 Nanhai Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-2688 3333 Fraserschina.com

Infinity rooftop pool / fully-equipped gym / steam and sauna facilities / 24/7 laundrette with interactive games / restaurant / grab-and-go counter / poolside lounge Perfect for those working on the move, this hotel caters to a large number of business guests. Out of all the hotels in Shenzhen, this hotel is one of the most popular choices and is highly rated. No.1015 Hai Jing Er Lu, Yantian District, Shenzhen 0755-8891 1111 Vhotel-wongtee.com

Opened in 2013 1 building 155 apartments 1-3 bedrooms RMB20,000-150,000

The OCT Harbour Shenzhen-Marriott Executive Apartments The apartments are located in a great vicinity, next to a mall with plenty of restaurants, shops, a supermarket and other retail facilities. Those choosing to stay here on a short or long-term basis will be comfotable.

Gym / swimming pool / lounge Open yourself up to new possibilities, in a exciting setting that beckons you to unwind and explore. No. 2039 East Baishi Lu, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 0755-6682 6682 Shenzhenmarriottexecutiveapartments.com

Opened in 2014 1 building 192 apartments 1-3 bedrooms RMB13,000-37,000

Opened in 2017 1 building 120 apartments 1-3 bedrooms RMB18,000-25,000

Somerset Grandview Shenzhen

Bennelong Residences Shenzhen

Somerset Grandview Shenzhen is located in the Futian CBD, next to Shenzhen Golf Club and the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Guests will find the residence conveniently surrounded by highend office towers, shopping malls and dining outlets.

The Bennelong Residences is a great choice in Shenzhen. With free in-room wi-fi available, you will have no problems staying connected. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 4 kilometers from Shenzhen north railway station and 31 kilometers from Bao'an international airport. The closest major public transportation, Hongshan Metro Station, is only 700 meters away.

Fitness / teahouse / sauna / children's play area / massage / business center / yoga room Guests looking to stay active can utilize the hotel's yoga room or head to the gym, while those simply wanting to relax can make use of the sauna or massage facilities. No. 5 Xinsha Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen 0755-8312 9888 Ascottchina.com

Gym / sauna / swimming pool Travelers requiring pickup service can book this directly through the hotel. The level of cleanliness is highly rated at this hotel. No.152 Tenglong Lu, Longhua District, Shenzhen 0755-2105 1234 Bennelong.cn

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Locations: Guangzhou Languages spoken: Chinese, English Opening hours: 24 hours 24/7 emergency service? Yes Medical fields: Medical Service

Guangzhou United Family Hospital United Family Healthcare (UFH) is a pioneering international-level health system providing integrated healthcare for expatriate and Chinese families in a uniquely warm, caring, patient, service-oriented environment. United Family Guangzhou Clinic first opened in 2008 and now, over 10 years later, the full-service Guangzhou United Family Hospital is open and available to care for patients. We offer patients and their family personalized, comprehensive medical services for all ages. Our highly experienced medical team of senior international and local specialist physicians adopt evidencebased medical management techniques and offer high-quality patient care. www.ufh.com.cn No. 31 Pazhou Dadao, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 24-hr service line: 4008-919191

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | Healthcare Locations: Guangzhou Languages spoken: Chinese, English Opening hours: 24 hours 24/7 emergency service? Yes Medical fields: Obstetrics / Gynecology / Neonatology / Postpartum rehabilitation / Gynecological Plastic Surgery / Medical Confinement / Medical Beauty

Guangzhou iBorn Women’s Hospital Guangzhou iBorn Women's Hospital is a maternity hospital that integrated with medical treatment, prevention, healthcare and rehabilitation. We specialize in providing high-quality maternal and neonatal medical services to elite families both from home and abroad, based on the strong medical team and medical technology from the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. We have also gathered medical resources from obstetrics and gynecology experts from South China as well as a foreign medical team to provide quality OB-GYN medical services. We have introduced advanced medical equipment and management services, adopting an appointment system and private specialist treatment services. www.iborn.cn/ No. 6, Longkou Dong Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 24-hr service line: 400 672 6688

Locations: Guangzhou Languages spoken: Chinese / English / German Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Monday to Saturday 24/7 emergency service? No Medical fields: Filing for teeth / Whole teeth cleaning and polishing / Implants for teeth / Orthodontics treatment / Regular check-ups

Deron Dental Deron dental was founded in 1996. We are located on the 39th floor of the East Tower of Top Plaza in Zhujiang New Town. The clinic spans an area of 1,300 square meters and an urban landscape of 320 degrees. Besides our founder Dr. Zhong, our team consists of 20 leading dentists who specialize in different dental fields. We have an outstanding team, including eight bilingual receptionists and nearly 20 nurses, who have provided professional services with international dental standard for nearly 40 consul generals and honored guests from more than 120 countries around the world. www.derondental.com 39F, East Tower, Top Plaza, No. 222 Xingmin Lu, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District,Guangzhou Service line: 020-3886 4821 / 3886 7273

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Locations: Guangzhou Languages spoken: English, Japanese, Chinese Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Monday to Saturday 24/7 emergency service? Yes Medical fields: General Dentistry / Orthodontics / Dental Implants / Endondontics (Root Canal Treatment) / Teeth Whitening

Dr. Lu International Dental Clinic Dr. Lu International Dental Clinic, member of the American Dental Association, European Orthodontic Society, International Team of the Implantology. The fully-equipped digital clinic offers a full range of dental, orthodontic and implant services. At Dr. Lu International Dental Clinic, treatment and management procedures are set according to international standards in order to meet the needs of the expatriate community. The clinic offers the best dental care for you and your family, making your visit to the dentist fun and entertaining, instead of frightening and painful. http://www.drludental.com/ Rm. 603-604, Metro Plaza, Tianhe Bei Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 24-hr service line: 020-8755 3380

Locations: Guangzhou Languages spoken: English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Cantonese Opening hours: 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday / Weekends & Public Holidays: 9am-6pm 24/7 emergency service? Yes Medical fields: General practice and family practice / Dental clinic / Pediatrics / OBS and GYN / General surgery / Orthopedics and sports medicine / Physiotherapy / Athletic training / Mental health / TCM physiotherapy / Chinese medicine / Dermatology / ENT / Ophthalmology / Physical check-ups / Vaccinations / Travel medicine / First-Aid training

Eur Am Medical Center Founded in 2005, EURAM is southern China's most well-established international medical center. Equipped with essential advanced medical equipment, EURAM is well-appointed with a comfortable and welcoming setting at a convenient location. EURAM is staffed by a team of well-qualified and skilled professionals, who dedicate themselves to the service of our patients. www.eurammedicalcenter.com 1/F, North Tower, Ocean Pearl Building, 19 Huali Lu, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou Telephone: 020-37585328 24-hr urgent care: 137 1041 3347

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | Healthcare Locations: Guangzhou Languages spoken: English, Japanese, Chinese Opening hours: 9:00-18:00 24/7 emergency service? Yes Medical fields: General practice / Chiropractic and pain management / Dental / OB-GYN / Pediatrics clinic / ENT / Ophthalmology / Vaccinations / Physiotherapy / Sports medicine / TCM and acupuncture / Imaging and pathology / Family healthcare / House calls / Pharmacist / Specialist consultations

Bellaire International Clinic Founded in 1990, Bellaire has grown into a comprehensive healthcare provider with a highly skilled team of medical staff and health professionals with experience from USA, Japan and China. Our scope of healthcare services includes family medicine, internal medicine, chiropractic medicine, sports medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, dentistry, optometry, surgery, specialist consultations, nutritional counseling, clinical labs, pharmacy and medical imaging as well as accompanying patients and home visits. http://0086-911.com/index.html 28 Machang Lu, Suite 302D, Fuli Park, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 24-hr service line: 020 3891-0511 / 020 2899-3911

Locations: Guangzhou Languages spoken: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean Opening hours: 24 hours 24/7 emergency service? Yes Medical fields: Gynecology and obstetrics / Chiropractic / Cosmetology / Dentistry / Ophthalmology / Family medicine / Pediatrics / Internal medicine / Surgery / Andrology / Dermatology / Medical imaging / Clinical laboratory / Others

iBorn Clinic iBorn clinic is a medical institution providing high-quality healthcare services to all international elite expatriates and their family members. As part of the comprehensive and well-established iBorn Group, the clinic is located in the heart of Zhujiang New Town. The clinic is your reliable high-quality international partner for all your medical needs. www.ibornclinic.com Suite2202-2203, Kingold Century, No. 62 Jinsui Lu, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou 24-hr service line: 400 672 6688

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Locations: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong Languages spoken: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean Opening hours: 24 hours 24/7 emergency service? Yes

Distinct Healthcare Distinct Healthcare is a physician-led medical group dedicated to providing high quality medical services for both expatriates and local Chinese families. We operate over 20 multi-specialty clinics around China and Hong Kong, offering a wide range of clinical services. Our cutting-edge medical capabilities and our dedication to patient service maximize our patients’ health benefits. Our physicians and staff are capable of communicating in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and other foreign languages. We accept direct billing from over forty global medical insurance companies.

Medical fields: General Medicine, Internal Medicine / Obstetrics and Gynecology / Pediatrics / Dental care / Dermatology / Ophthalmology, ENT / Physiotherapy / Outpatient Surgery / Medical Cosmetology

www.distinctclinic.com/en Shekou Medical Center: Room A-C, 5th Floor, Tower A, Wanrong Building, Gongye 4th Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Golden Central Tower Medical Center: Golden Central Tower 40F, Jintian Lu, Futian, District, Shenzhen Coastal City Medical Center: Room 901-903, Block C, Tiley Central Plaza, Haide San Lu, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Baoan Medical Center: Room 2201-2203, International West Coast Commercial Building, No. 19 Haixiu Lu, Bao'an District, Shenzhen 24-hr service line: 400 822 0909

Locations: Shenzhen Languages spoken: English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese. Some services are also available in Italian and Portuguese. Opening hours: 24 hours 24/7 emergency service? Yes Medical fields: Family medicine (General practitioners) / Pediatrics / Obstetrics and gynecology / Psychology and psychiatry / Chiropractic / Physiotherapy / Traditional Chinese medicine / Dental / Specialists including dermatology, endocrinology, orthopedics and more / Day surgery / Health check-ups / Pharmacy / Laboratory and imaging

Vista-SK International Medical Center The Vista-SK International Medical Center is situated within the Shenzhen Software Industry Base in Nanshan District. It is just a short walk from the Coastal City shopping mall and was established in 2014. It is an international standard medical center offering superior medical care and technologically advanced medical equipment in a comfortable and caring atmosphere. The medical facility is a joint venture between Beijing’s Vista Medical Center and Korea’s SK Telecom Healthcare, and inherits over 19 years of successful operating experience from Beijing Vista Medical Center, bringing international advanced medical management systems and a family-centered health care model into Shenzhen. Our internationally-trained medical staff and visiting specialists are ready to provide superior medical care. Along with our experienced support staff on hand to deliver the highest standard of customer service, Vista-SK International Medical Center is able to provide the best in medical care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. www.distinctclinic.com/en Level 4, Building 4C, Shenzhen Software Industry Base, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 24-hr service line: 0755-3689 9688

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国际学校 ... 18


双语学校 ... 39


主编 : Lena Gidwani 设计师 : Cilla Yang /4/

的话 编辑 考虑到学校课程,设施和服务之广泛,为您的 孩子选择合适学校并非一件容易的事情。每当 搬到新的城市或不同的社区的时候,也面临着 为孩子选择适合学校的难题。 这本《都市家庭教育特刊》设计简洁,为您提 供所需相关学校的重要信息和介绍,帮助您轻 松享受粤港澳大湾区的生活。生活在这个蓬勃 发展的大都市有太多选择,尤其正当广州在巩 固其作为国家领先的技术和创新中心的地位。 从提供多维度文化学习环境的国际学校到双语 学校,我们都罗列出每个学校的相关信息及特 色教育课程。 我们精心挑选了一些专题,帮助您更加深入了 解教育世界。同时,罗列了一些倍受欢迎的国 际(p18)和双语(p39)学校,提供课程的 详细信息,年龄组,课外活动和预估学生人数。 希望可以更好的帮助您选择最适合您孩子的学校。 希望您能喜欢我们的《都市家庭教育特刊》, 同时希望它能帮助您更好地体验城市生活。

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Shenzhen Bao'an

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国际学校 双语学校

广 州 1) 广州市加拿大外籍人员子女学校 2) 广州 CGA 国际学校


3) 广州圣心国际幼稚园

4) 广州南方外籍人员子女学校 5) 广州爱莎国际学校



6) 广州新加坡国际学校


7) 广州英国学校

8) 广州美国人国际学校 9) 广州誉德莱国际学校 10) 广州法国国际学校

11) 增城誉德莱国际学校

12) 广州耀华国际教育学校




4 13

9 21




3 8


13) 广州亚加达国际预科

14) 华南师范大学附属外国语学校 15) 广州华美英语实验学校 16) ULC 剑桥国际高中

17) 广州祈福英语实验学校

1 19


18) 广州外国语学校国际课程中心 19) 广州番禺星执外国语小学 20) NCPA 英东美式中学

21) 广州贝赛思国际学校 22) 梅沙黑利伯瑞书院

16 20



国际学校 双语学校

深 圳 1) 深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校

1) 荟同学校

3) 爱文世界学校深圳校区

3) 深圳市中英公学

2) 深圳贝赛思国际学校

2) 深圳外国语学校国际部

4) 深圳城市绿洲学校

4) 深圳蛇口国际学校

5) 深圳柏朗斯观澜湖学校

5) 深圳科爱赛国际学校

6) 深圳(南山)中加学校

6) 深圳深美国际学校

7) 深圳市石岩公学

7) 深圳南山国际学校 8) 瑞得福国际学校

9) 深圳南山国王学校

10) 深圳曦城协同国际学校

5 1 7


3 3 1 4 9

8 6 10 4 5



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许多父母在搬到一个新的城市或为 孩子转学都遇到了许多问题。如何 选择合适的学校 ? 甲级考试,大学 先修课程,国际文凭还是其他 ? 一

个孩子能同时学习两种或三种语言 吗 ? 在下面的页面中,您将获得一

些相关信息,这些信息可能有助于 解答您其中一些问题。

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | Educational Insights

如何在教育孩子时平衡文化差异 俗话说得好,人与人的区别比人和猪的区别都大。在教育孩子时,即使父母双方的文化背景基本相似,有时也 会对对方的做法颇有微词,那假如两者的文化大相径庭呢?

文化是由多方面因素所共同组成的, 包括传统、 习俗、 语言、 信仰等等。 同时, 这些因素也决定了一个人的行为方式、 宗教信仰和世界观。在理解了这一点以后,就不难发现假如父母双方的文化背景天差地别的话,会给教育孩 子这件事带来多大的困难。当然,遇到困难,逃避自然是不行的,毕竟逃避不仅可耻而且也没用。最关键的 还是在于如何去面对。

Dr. Balfanz 作为心理健康专家,他经常会遭遇文化背景截然不同的夫妇,处理他们提出的教育孩子方面各种 各样的问题。事实上,Dr. Balfanz 自己本身也是跨国婚姻。接下来,就让我们来听听他对此是怎么看的,以 及有何妙招来缓解可能存在的冲突与争端。


资深跨文化教育专家、来自美国国家儿童健康与教育 研究院的 Marc Bornstein 博士曾在其著作当中写道: “人们总是强调人与人之间的差异,却往往忽视了, 不论文化背景如何,几乎所有的父母最根本的诉求就 是希望能给自己的孩子提供一个快乐、健康、完满的 成长环境。”要想达成这个目标,父母不能只考虑自 己小时候的成长经历,然后照本宣科地强加在自己孩 子身上,而是要意识到并且充分理解当代的教育环境。 他说:“不论家长还是孩子,在接收文化信息的时候, 不能照单全收,而是要有意识地进行筛选,这样才能 确保自己具备文化竞争力。”换句话说,虽然在教育 孩子时,要给予彼此的文化传统足够的尊重,但更重 要的还是要审视这些老传统与孩子现在的成长环境是 否还契合。”

/ 12 /


1. 加强对自身文化背景的了解与认知。家长们可以花 上点时间好好思考一下文化背景对自己的成长究竟起 了什么作用。哪些因素对你的童年产生了积极的影响。 同时也别忘了和你的爱人一起商讨,哪些因素可以应 用到对孩子的教育方针中来。 2. 保持一定的底线。这年头,似乎每个人都可以是教 育专家。只要给他们一个舞台,他们就能就自己对教 育的见解与建议发表一番长篇大论。当然,我们对这 些爷爷奶奶、叔叔阿姨、老师朋友以及毫不相干的陌 生人所提出的妙招或是建议心怀感激。但归根结底, 只有父母自己才有权决定怎样抚养孩子最为合适。 3. 注重培养孩子独特的文化认知。对于孩子来说,成 长过程中最纠结的点莫过于如何发展出属于自己的文 化认知。关键还是在于家长,除了植根于父母双方的 文化背景之外,也要满足现代的教育环境。

择校最重要的指标是什么? 一定是课程! 当我们在择校的时候,我们一定会去听一听校长的教育理念,去了解这所学校的历史,但是这些就是最重要的 了吗?当然不是!就像在餐厅点餐时你不会只关注厨师而会关注菜单,一所学校最重要的就是它们提供的课程。

通过对于课程的了解,我们可以知道这所学校对学生的要求是什么,了解如何达到这个目标,更重要的是,它 会告诉我们,这个学校期许学生在未来成为怎样的一个人。在过去这几年中,有很多学校已经放弃了“树人” 这个概念,而是追求教给孩子技能,这样反而会让他们停止思考,甚至不了解自己生活的世界。

但是幸好,这些年来教育界重新关注“素质教育”,越来越多的学校采取严格而丰富的课程,从而确保学生能 够真正了解他们为什么要学习以及如何取得好成绩。

那么,我们应该要如何来辨别这所学校是否是一所适合孩子的高质量学校呢?你可以问问校长这些问题,也问 问自己这些问题,或许你可以获得答案。 能否给孩子带来创造力

只有你了解基础的音阶结构,你才有可能成为一个音 乐家,所以知识是发展创造力的根本基础,只有当孩 子知道一些东西后才能够去批判它、改进它,所以创 造力的第一步就是知识。 校长应该与你分享,他们的老师将会如何将只是传递 给孩子,以及为什么他们要这么做,这背后有一个怎 样的概念基础。 比如,在三四年级时,孩子就会开始学习历史、地理、 政治等科目,他们首先需要了解这些学科的基础知识, 才能去探讨:为什么每一天太阳升起的时间不同;秦 始皇如何一统中国……这样的提问,便是去引导孩子 们思考,让他们去生产自己的思想。


除了在课堂上的知识获取,我们可以了解家长应该和 孩子一起做什么来提高。首先,我们要知道,类似于 火山模型之类的动手活动,最后可能都是家长单独完 成,这并不会给孩子带来什么只是。 但是,家长也可以通过阅读拓展孩子的知识,一些科 学类的文章,或者一些故事书、杂志,都是不错的选 择,而这也是我们可以询问校长的关键,通过看他给 出的阅读推荐清单,我们可以知道这所学校期盼从什 么方面学习发展。同时,学校也应该成为孩子坚持阅 读的关键动因,如何教会孩子阅读并且让他能够坚持, 这就是关键。 对于低年级学生的规定

一个学校对于孩子的目标,可以在低年级孩子的规定 中体现,看看他们如何帮助年纪小的孩子克服一些困 难、建立自己的恒心,这可以说是非常重要了。 如果校长对不同的孩子谈论不同的方法,那么就要小 心了,因为一所学校应该做的并不是让优秀的同学更 好地发展,让有困难的同学单独解决,而是应该提早 发现问题并且进行干预,并且帮助他们赶上大部队。 这些问题并不是全部,但是却也告诉了家长们一个事 实,在择校时一定要对学校的各方面设置都多多留心, 尤其是课程。 / 13 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | Educational Insights

双语课程,怎样赢在起点? 到了不得不为孩子的教育做打算之时,父母的择校计划显得尤为重要:私立学校、寄宿学校、公办学校、家庭学校, 到底该如何抉择?

双语课程如今在美国境内广受欢迎,这一课程的益处远不止学习另一门语言,孩子的文化意识、听力水平、创 造性思维及分析能力都会因此而得以锻炼。

“参与沉浸式教学项目的学生可能起初在标准化考试中表现得并不尽如人意,但一般情况下他们的成绩都会在 level-3 左右,课程结束时,孩子的成绩会达到 level-5 以上”。双语教育人士、《多元的声音》作者拉里·雷 米雷斯如是说。

要想孩子在双语课程中取得成绩,父母的参与极其重要。下文中的这位美国母亲提供了许多可行的建议,一起 去看看她是怎么让孩子赢在起点呢?


/ 14 /

高效的双语课程能够营造一个包容的校园环境,父母、 老师和孩子们能够同时参与其中。比如在女儿返校前 夜,老师给了一个呈三角形的图表,三角形的每个角 上都写着不同的内容。 注册之前家长就清楚,这项课程一定会要求家长的参 与,但家长最初对于“家长参与”的认知却仅仅停留 在传统教育环境对此的要求上。一句熟悉的话忽然浮 现在脑海中:“培养一个孩子,必须要动用整个村子 的力量才可”。 内布拉斯加州大学外国语及心理学系的博士小组通过 研究表明:“如果父母在这一项目中的角色由参与者 变成领导者,那么孩子很有可能获得更大的收获”。 在课堂上踊跃发言,加入“家庭教师协会”,让学校 职能在你这里也能够得到完美的实现,充分展现自己 对校园文化的热情,这样也能够鼓励孩子参与其中。


部分双语学校在入校前几年会采用示范教学法。低年 级教师在课堂上会为学生做示范,课堂上也只用二外 进行教学(就我女儿的情况而言就是西班牙语言), 这一方法能够让学生在短时间内就可以达到可以与教 师对话的水平。 作为补充的语言,尤其是英语,是由另外一名教师进 行教授的。起初,和教授西班牙语的教师进行交流十 分困难,这也是开始去上女儿的课之后我才意识到的 问题。遇到问题时,老师不愿当学生的面讲英语,于 是就给我写纸条指导我。教室里的灯熄灭之后,我又 将我的纸条传递给她。对作业有疑问时,我也会给老 师写纸条。 但是这个方法在孩子学会写字之后就不能够再继续使用 了。那个时候,邮件就成了你的忠实好友。当然,到了那 个阶段, 你的语言能力也许早已足够应付面对面的交流了。


通过孩子的作业偷偷地学习新的词汇能够帮助你将语 言学习变成生活中的一部分。双语教育家、享誉国际 的博卡·贝丝语言学习项目创始人贝丝·巴特勒说:“在 日常生活编织你的西班牙语词汇网,对孩子语言能力 的提高十分有益”,“如果想起一个英语词汇,强烈 建议这时用西班牙语来表达它”。 让学习变成乐趣

掌握一门技术会让变得游刃有余。一位澳大利亚母亲, 同时也是一名经过认证的 ESL 教师和 kidspot 博主考 特莱·博菲格丽奥为单语种目前提供了切实可行的建 议:“学会使用谷歌,下载 App,看优质的西班牙语 电视节目,就能够把语言学习变成生活中的乐趣。” 女儿一年级时,我们发现她在识字方面与同班同学存

在明显的差距。我们利用晚上时间练习认字,但她仍 旧表现得很吃力。我把我的烦恼和沮丧向她的老师倾 诉,老师建议我用视觉词去和孩子玩填字游戏,因为 这一游戏能够帮助孩子把发音和它的词形联系起来。 关注课程成效

让孩子理解并且欣赏双语课程的益处,这一点至关重 要。找机会对孩子所学内容进行强化。当你和孩子在 公共场合时,让她去发现另一门语言的用处。这是用 另外一种语言帮助他们的方法吗?掌握了除英语之外 的另外一门语言,是不是有机会交到更多的朋友呢? 如果你告诉孩子,你已经花钱为她注册了这一课程, 那么孩子一定会对自己的学习更加上心,告诉你她也 在为自己未来教育进行着投资。

/ 15 /


/ 16 /

& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools



/ 17 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools 城市:广州

创建时间: 2012

接受学生年龄范围: 2-18 学生人数: 1,000+

国籍范围: 持有外国护照、香港 / 澳门 / 台湾永居证件或海外归国 人员子女


广州加拿大国际学校(CIS)是中国大陆首家获得加拿大艾伯塔省政府认证、同时由中国和加 拿大双政府管理的 K12 国际学校。学校使用加拿大艾伯塔省课程体系,开设幼儿园至高三课程, 学生入学即在加拿大艾伯塔省政府注册学籍,并分配加拿大艾伯塔省学籍号。

广州加拿大国际学校的所有教师都是加拿大政府认证的教师,加拿大艾伯塔省课程注重创新、 独立性、世界公民意识和批判性思维的培养,让您的孩子为未来的机遇和挑战做好充分的准备。 学校的毕业生可获得由加拿大政府颁发的全球认可的加拿大艾伯塔省高中毕业文凭,直申海

年级包含: 幼儿教育 / 小学 / 初 中 / 高中

课程体系: 加拿大艾伯塔省课程 体系 教授语言: 英语

课外活动: 法语、阿拉伯语、艺术、 棋艺、科学俱乐部、缝纫、电影 制作、辩论课、曲棍球


www.cisgz.com 广州市番禺区东艺路 122 号

020-3993 9920 / +86 139 2402 5321


创建时间: 2017

接受学生年龄范围: 2.5-16 学生人数: 1,000+

国籍范围: 所有国籍

年级包含: 幼儿教育 / 小学 / 初中 课程体系:英国国家课程 教授语言:英语

课外活动:体育活动、音乐、戏 剧和艺术表演以及社区服务

广州 CGA 国际学校

广州 CGA 国际学校隶属于加拿大国际教育集团。CGA 成立于 2017 年,是一所非盈利,提供 英国国家课程的国际学校。在这里,我们提供幼儿早期基础教育阶段(即 2.5 到 5 岁),小 学教育阶段 1 至 6 年级(即 5 到 11 岁),中学教育阶段 7 到 9 年级(即 11 到 14 岁)的课程。 从 11 岁起,我们将最终向 11 年级的学生们(即 16 岁)提供剑桥国际委员会中等教育考试普 通证书课程(剑桥国际 IGCSE 课程)。在未来的几年,我们将提供剑桥大学考试委员会高级 水平测试(A Level 考试)。 CGA 国际学校坐落于白云区金沙洲,校园宽广,设有宽敞的教学空间,含音乐舞蹈室,图书 馆和信息中心,美术室,创客实验室,实验设备,足球场和自由活动等区域,篮球场也在筹 建之中。

www.cgagz.com 广州市白云区金沙洲创佳路 4 号

020-6660 6886

/ 18 /


创建时间: 2017

接受学生年龄范围: 2-6 学生人数: 200

国籍范围: 不限

年级包含:幼儿教育 / K1 - K3



圣心具有独一无二的课程。该课程是顺应中外家庭对国际化双语化课程的需求而定制的。我 们的使命是用圣心培育每一个孩子,使他们成为具有创造性,充满爱心和热情的学习者。

圣心的教师团队了解如何教育和帮助幼儿的学习和发展。我们意识到强大领导的重要性,幼 儿园由一位资深且经验丰富的校长领导,她有超过 25 年的经验。同时还是 IEYC 课程的培训师, 确保圣心的员工接受定期培训,不断提高他们的技能。

教授语言:英语 、 汉语

课外活动: 芭蕾舞、音乐、美术、 儿童网球、小小厨师、英国音乐剧、 STEAM、 小超模、空手道、足球、 篮球

圣心是一所国际化双语幼儿园。我们的愿景是始终让外籍教师和中国教师都会成为主班老师。 圣心教师具备知识和技能,为孩子们创造良好学习环境激励孩子们的不断探索。在这种学习 环境中,她们会不断鼓励儿童学习和帮助孩子们进步。

www.trinitygz.com 珠江校区 : 广州市天河区珠江新城花城大道 663 号 二沙校区 : 广州市越秀区烟雨路 28 号南侧一楼及二楼 花都校区 : 广州市花都区花城街凤凰北路 34 号之 68 号

020-8558 3287


创建时间: 2003

接受学生年龄范围: 2.5-18 学生人数: 300+ 国籍范围: 50+

年级包含:幼儿教育 / 小学 / 初 中 / 高中 课程体系:PYP / MYP / IGCSE / IBDP 教授语言:英语


广州南方国际学校 (GNIS) 是广州一所非营利性的男女合校,为幼儿、中小学生提供优质的英 语教育。我们是经广东省教育厅和中国教育部批准的一所外籍儿童国际学校。

www.gnischina.org 广州市天河区龙洞迎龙路瑜翠园北一号

020-8708 5090

/ 19 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools 城市:广州

创建时间: 2015

接受学生年龄范围: 2-15 学生人数: 2,000+

国籍范围: 持有外国护照

年级包含: 幼儿教育 / 小学 / 初中 课程体系: PVP / MVP 教授语言:英语

课外活动:夏令营、俱乐部、体 育和音乐


广州爱莎国际学校旨在教育新一代的学生具有国际化思维和植根于自身的独特文化属性,协 助他们定位自己,成为领导者、思考者、开拓者和创造者,打造一个更美好的世界。通过螺 旋式的课程设计,学生会利用探究式的学习方法习得关键概念,发掘身边的知识。爱莎认为, 每个孩子必须保持自身的文化属性且拥有优秀的母语水平。爱莎将提供高质量的英语和汉语 课程,保证每个孩子都能流利运用母语。

www.isagz.org 广州市天河区员村四横路 128 号红专厂创意园 C2-2

020-8890 0909


创建时间: 2010

接受学生年龄范围:2-17 学生人数: 200

国籍范围: 北美,南美,欧洲, 非洲和亚洲

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: iPSLE / GCE O Level / A-Level / AP

教授语言: 英语、汉语、法语 、 西班牙语、阿拉伯语、印地语 课外活动: 体育、音乐、艺术等 俱乐部


我们采用现代教学策略,处理传统教学方法带来的压力和创伤,提供面向挑战的教育。课程 旨在让我们的孩子对学习有积极的态度,培训他们做更高的思维并为全球化做好准备。

www.singaporeschoolgz.com 广州市汇景新城汇景北路 182 号

020-2214 8866 /180 2405 6385

/ 20 /


创建时间: 2005

接受学生年龄范围:1-18 学生人数: 1,000+ 国籍范围: 50+

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: 英国国民教育课程 / IGCSE / A-Level

教授语言: 英语、汉语、 西班牙 语、法语、德语


广州英国学校拥有 1400 多名年龄在 1 至 18 岁的国际学生,您的孩子通过我们的教育取得学 业上的成功,使他们能够进入世界领先的大学。我们的课程通过与杰出机构的合作而得到加强, 如茱莉亚学院和麻省理工学院。通过独特的学习机会和我们的国际社圈,您的孩子将发展全 球意识,使他们能够在未来不断变化的世界中领先。

www.bsg.org.cn 广州市白云区南湖同和路 983-3 号

020-8709 4788


创建时间: 1981

接受学生年龄范围:3 - 18 学生人数: 1,000+ 国籍范围: 50+

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: PYP / AERO / IBDP Common Core

教授语言: 英语、法语、汉语、 西班牙语

课外活动: 舞蹈、羽毛球、瑜伽、 无人机课程、STEAM、摄影、机 器人课程、摄影、设计及写作俱 乐部


广州美国人国际学校(AISG)成立于 1981 年,是华南地区第一所国际学校,也是广州唯一 的非营利性国际学校。 我校是一所多元化,私立的日制学校,提供以美国教育价值观和原则 为指导的国际专业课程。

www.aisgz.org 二沙岛校区:广州市越秀区二沙岛烟雨南街 3 号 科学城校区:广州市萝岗区科翔路 19 号 , 二沙岛校区:020-8735 3392 科学城校区:020-3213 5555

/ 21 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools 城市:广州

创建时间: 1998

接受学生年龄范围: 3-19 学生人数: 900+ 国籍范围: 50+

年级包含:幼儿教育 / 小学 / 初 中 / 高中 课程体系: PVP / MVP / DP

教授语言: 英语、汉语、韩语、 日语、法语、德语

课外活动: 艺术、音乐、交响乐团


广州誉德莱国际学校(UISG)是一所提供 IB 国际文凭走读的学校,以国际价值理念及对卓越 学业的追求,加上高水准的师资和教学环境,可为您孩子提供独一无二的优质教育,激发求 知慾并培养学生主动学习探索的能力,在国内外享负盛名。

www.utahloy.com/gz 广州市白云区沙太路 800 号

020-8720 2019 ( 学生接待处 ) / 020-8720 0517(招生办)


创建时间: 1997

接受学生年龄范围:2-18 学生人数:150

国籍范围: 20+

年级包含: 幼儿教育 / 小学 / 初 中 / 高中

课程体系: 符合法国国家教育部 相关规定的教学体系 教授语言: 法语、英语、汉语

课外活动: 足球、网球、溜冰、 插花、阿拉伯语启蒙、烹饪课


广州法国国际学校(EFIC)创建于 1997 年,是广州地区唯一一所采用法国教学大纲的学校。 我们接收从幼儿园小小班(2 岁)至高三的学生。每个班级最多容纳 20 个学生,以保证每个 孩子能够得到个性化的跟踪。广州法国国际学校隶属于法国海外教育署,采用与全球其他法 国学校一样的教学大纲。

www.efcanton.com 广州市白云区金沙洲路彩滨中路金域蓝湾尚水街 62 - 70 号

020-3879 7324

/ 22 /


创建时间: 2003

接受学生年龄范围: 3-18 国籍范围: 25+

年级包含:幼儿教育 / 小学 / 初 中 / 高中 课程体系: PYP / MYP / DP 教授语言: 英语

课外活动: 篮球、排球、网球、 羽毛球、足球、自行车等


增城誉德莱国际学校 (UISZ) 始建于 2003 年,为誉德莱教育机构辖下学府。地理位置优越又 是著名旅游区,交通便利。为学生提供探索式的学习环境,遵循「国际文凭 (IB) 世界学校」 之教育,通过平衡的学习计划培养学生的才能,全面促进学生身心发展。学校采用全英文教学, 开设从幼儿园至 12 年级高中毕业的全阶段 IB 课程,为超过 25 个国家和地区的国际学生提供 国际教育,为他们将来成为国际社会领袖人材作好准备。教育核心是在于建立学校的高学术 水平、多元化课程以及学生德智体美的全面发展。

www.utahloy.com/zc 广州市增城区增江街大埔围村

020-8291 3201 / 020-8291 4691


创建时间: 2014

接受学生年龄范围:2-18 学生人数: 800+ 国籍范围: 10+

年级包含 : 幼儿教育 / 国际小学 / 国际初中 / 国际高中 / 留学准备 课程体系: IGCSE / A-Level / 双 语早教体系 教授语言: 汉语、英语

课外活动: 绘画、科学实验室、 体育俱乐部、功夫


耀华国际教育学校建基于耀中国际学校多年在香港及内地城市推行优质国际教育的经验之上, 成立于 1932 年的耀中在过去逾 80 年间致力培育学生掌握面对国际议题及 21 世纪挑战所需 的技能,耀中及耀华所建设的独特课程体系得到了世界的广泛认同。香港耀华国际教育机构 主席叶国华教授及行政总裁兼校监陈保琼博士,结合开办国际学校并提供全方位教育服务的 经验,创办了以招收中国学生为主,兼收外籍学生的耀华国际教育系列;1998 年于上海成立 耀华国际教育中心,2000 年在烟台开办第一所耀华国际教育学校,提供从幼儿教育至高中国 际课程。2001 年,成立上海长宁区耀华专修学校。随后在重庆、深圳、上海、日照及青岛开 设耀华国际教育幼儿园及耀华婴幼儿教育中心。2012 年耀华在北京亦庄启动了保华国际教育 园项目,而落户在此的北京耀华国际教育学校于 2016 年开办。

www.ywies-gz.com 广州市花都区花东镇北兴学而街 9 号

020-8683 2662 / 400 860 9778

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools 城市:广州

创建时间: 2011

接受学生年龄范围:12-18 学生人数: 220+ 国籍范围: 20+

年级包含: G7-G12


课程体系: PDP1-DP2

亚加达国际预科(Alcanta International College,以下简称 AIC)是是获得世界文凭组织(IBO) 认证的 IB 成员学校,IB 学校编号 006668。亚加达国际预科是目前广州唯一可以同时招收国 际学生和中国学生的 IB 国际学校,国际学生占 25%。AIC 从 2011 年起开设 IB 国际文凭大学 预科课程项目,AIC 校区位于广州市南沙自贸区明珠湾片区,校园占地面积达 5.1 万多平方米, 建筑面积 3.3 万平方米,按现代化、国际化、园林化、科技化标准建设。学校硬件设施先进, 教学条件优越,拥有独立的教学楼、宿舍楼和综合楼,配备了教室、实验室、创作室、艺术室、 设计室、戏剧教室、多功能室、厨艺教室、音乐室、钢琴室等,完全满足 IBDP 国际文凭预科 课程的教学需求,还拥有足球场、篮球场、网球场、健身房、瑜伽室等运动设施,以及餐厅、 剧院、图书馆、超市、校医室等配套设施,为学生创造了优美的学习生活环境。学生公寓设 计宽敞明亮,每层设置公共活动室,每个房间均配有独立卫生间和淋浴间,提供空调、冷热 水和无线网络,极致体现 AIC 以学生为中心的办学理念。

教授语言: 英语、汉语

课外活动: 烹饪课、茶道、法国 俱乐部、俄罗斯俱乐部、韩国俱 乐部、篮球、羽毛球、足球、网球、 乒乓球、景泰社区服务、户外旅 游

www.aicib.org 广州市南沙区广生路 14 号

020-8618 3666


创建时间: 2016

接受学生年龄范围:3-18 学生人数:1,200+ 国籍范围:不限

年级包含:小学 / 初中 / 国际高 中

课程体系:美国高中课程与传统 中国课程相结合

教授语言: 英语、汉语、法语、 德语、日语

课外活动: 体育竞技、音乐艺术、 计算机技术、企业实习、模拟创业、 实验项目、世界巡游项目


华师外校是一所现代化、国际化的民办外国语学校,包括小学、初中、国际高中项目、IEP 项 目。华师外校秉承“更中国、更世界”的办学理念,以“学习者为中心”,培养“秀外慧中, 卓尔不群”的终身学习者和世界公民为目标。

www.scnufl.com/ 广州市黄浦区科学城科学大道 2 号

020-3205 1890 / 020-3205 1989

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创建时间: 1993

接受学生年龄范围:2-18 学生人数:3,300+ 国籍范围: 30+

年级包含: 幼儿教育 / 小学 / 初 中 / 高中 / 国际高中 / 留学部

课程体系: 幼儿园 IB 课程、普 通中小学课程、中小学德语课程、 中加高中双文凭课程、美国 GIA 系列课程 教授语言: 英语、汉语


广州市华美英语实验学校是改革开放后全国最早的一所由归国留学生群体创办,集幼儿园、 小学、初中、普通高中、国际高中、留学生部于一体的全日制寄宿制国际化学校,是教育部“依 法治校示范校”、广东省省一级学校(民办学校中的首家)、广州市华文教育基地、广州市 绿色学校、广州市安全文明校园、广州市特色学校(首批中的唯一民办学校)、国内首批获 剑桥官方授权的四所学校之一、广州市教育工作先进集体。

课外活动: 海外学习旅游、交换生

www.hm163.com/ 广州市天河区华美路 23 号华美学园

020-8721 0178 / 8721 0585


创建时间: 2004

接受学生年龄范围:适龄学生 国籍范围:不限

年级包含: G9-12

课程体系: IGCSE (G9-10)/ A Level (G11-12) 教授语言: 英语 、汉语

课外活动: 体育、音乐、艺术、 经济学、科技等

ULC 剑桥国际高中

ULC 剑桥国际高中是由广东优联教育服务有限公司投资,经英国剑桥大学考评部(简称 CAIE)和英国爱德思国家职业学历与学术考试机构 Edexcel 授权的寄宿制国际高中,课程包 括 IGCSE 和 A Level 。自 2004 年建校以来,我们已有十届毕业生逾千名,遍布包括牛津、剑 桥、康奈尔、多伦多、香港大学和香港中文大学等全球顶尖名校。ULC 致力于为中国培养“具 有国际视野、通晓国际规则、能够参与国际事务与国际竞争的国际化的人才”。

www.ulinkcollege.com/cn/index/ 广州市南沙区港前大道 180 号

020-8521 5836 / 020-8521 5488

/ 25 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools

深圳曼彻斯通 城堡学校 深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校是深圳第一所提供纯正英式教育和寄宿管理体系的国际学校,也是拥 有超过 185 年历史的英国顶级私立学校曼彻斯通城堡学校(Merchiston Castle School ,位于 苏格兰首府爱丁堡)的首间海外分校。

学校位于深圳市龙华区。学校整体设施包括校内图书馆、多媒体视听教室、科学实验室、剧场、 室内泳池、篮球场、网球场、体育馆、景观园林等一应俱全。学校于 2018 年 8 月开放,旨在 为 4-18 岁学生提供最好的教育。深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校—— 根植苏格兰 诞生在中国 面向全世界


创建时间: 2018


国籍范围: 入学学生需持有外籍护照 / 永居卡或港澳台护照 年级包含: 学前班 - 十三年级

课程体系: 英国国家课程,IGCSE 课程和 A Level 课程 教授语言: 英语

课外活动: 丰富的课外辅助课程 www.merchiston.cn 深圳市龙华区大浪街道新石社区石龙仔路 12 号

400 867 0177

/ 26 /


创建时间: 2011

接受学生年龄范围:4-18 学生人数:1,200

国籍范围: 持有外国护照、持有 香港 / 澳门 / 台湾永久居住证件 或海外归国人员子女


深圳外国语学校国际部位于风景秀丽的深圳湾畔,是一所为在深工作的外籍和港澳台人士子女 服务的国际学校。学校最大办学规模为 54 个班、1080 名学生,包括幼儿及小学部、中学部, 以及大学预科。是深圳首所同时获得 CIS 和 WASC 双认证的学校,是 EARCOS 和 ACAMIS 成员 学校。学校教学采用 IB 国际课程,为幼儿四岁至十二年级学生提供优质国际教育。我校已获得 IB PYP(小学课程), IB MYP(中学课程),以及 IB DP(大学预科课程)认证。学校现有学生 1026 名,来自 40 多个国家和地区;教师 196 名,其中外籍教师 98 名,来自 17 个国家和地区。 学校建筑典雅精致,环境优美,设施设备先进。

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系:PYP / MYP / DP 教授语言: 英语

www.swis.cn 深圳市南山区白石三道 29 号

0755-8654 1200

/ 27 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools 城市:深圳

创建时间: 1988

接受学生年龄范围:2-18 学生人数:800+ 国籍范围:40+

年级包含 : 早期幼儿教育 - 高中 课程体系: IB 课程


蛇口国际学校(SIS)是一所位于中华人民共和国深圳市的私立、男女同校的非营利性学校, 为幼儿园 2 岁至 12 年级的学生提供教学,分别位于两个校区

鲸山校区(2 岁班 - 小学 5 年级),位于美丽的鲸山别墅和中学部(初中 6 年级 - 高中 12 年级), 毗邻南海玫瑰园住宅区。

教授语言: 除了中文、法语和德 语课程,其它所有课程的教学语 言均为英语 课外活动:体育项目、游学等

除了中文、法语和德语课程,其它所有课程的教学语言均为英语。 蛇口国际学校是一所提供 国际文凭认证课程的 IB 世界学校,是深圳目前被西部教育院校(WASC)从学前教育到 12 年级的唯一一所完全认可的学校。 此外,SIS 为幼儿园至 5 年级学生提供法语课程,其中学 术科目的教学语言以法语授课。同时,SIS 提供德语课程。

www.sis.org.cn 深圳市蛇口南海大道鲸山别墅

0755-2669 3669


创建时间: 2001

接受学生年龄范围:2-18 国籍范围: 40+

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: 美国认证的掌握学习 课程,IB 文凭课程, AP 课程

教授语言: 英语,中文,西班牙语

课外活动 : 各种各样的课外活动, 俱乐部和运动队


每个人都能成功! QSI 深圳科爱赛国际学校办学 18 年,是深圳唯一一所真正的,通过独立 运营的方式服务于外籍人士的非营利性办学机构。QS 深圳科爱赛国际学校是深圳市最大的国 际学校,分布在深圳四个不同地方的校区,它拥有最悠久的 IB 认证课程,为 2-18 岁的学生 提供美国认证的(美国中州协会)英语教育。QSI 深圳科爱赛国际学校与其他学校有不同之处, 它采用掌握式教学方式,精心培养和激发学生的全面发展。学生们通过学习至毕业时可拿到 美国学历和 IB 课程文凭,这样他们可以继续进入一些世界上最好的大学学习。

www.qsi.org/china/szn 广东省深圳市南山区蛇口太子路 8 号碧涛中心

0755-2667 6031

/ 28 /


创建时间: 2005

接受学生年龄范围:3-14 学生人数:1,000+

国籍范围: 持有外国护照、持有 香港 / 澳门 / 台湾永久居住证件 或海外归国人员子女 年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中

课程体系: 以美国标准为基础的 国际教育体系 教授语言: 英语、汉语 课外活动: 课外社区群


深圳深美国际学校(简称:SAIS)于 2005 年 5 月经过中华人民共和国教育部和广东省教育 厅及深圳市教育局批准成立。深美国际学校的使命就是为居住在中国大陆、港澳臺的外籍人 士子女提供纯美式国际教育。

www.szsais.org 深圳市南山区蛇口公园路 82 号蛇口青少年活动中心 B、C 座

0755-8631 6699


创建时间: 2002

接受学生年龄范围:4-18 学生人数:800+ 国籍范围:40+

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: 加拿大新不伦瑞克省 课程融合 IB 体系 教授语言: 英语

课外活动: 集体运动和个人运动、 音乐、艺术、戏剧、文化和学术 性的拓展活动


深圳南山国际学校成立于 2002 年,在加拿大政府,新布伦威克省和 Francis Pang 博士的远 见和合作下,ISNS 为幼儿园 4 岁班到 12 年级的学生提供高质量的国际课程。 ISNS 的独特 之处在于它的国际化课程。学校课程得到教育部,加拿大新布伦威克省的授权认证,并且是 深圳第一所 IB 世界学校,我们的 IB 课程涵盖全学段:小学项目(PYP),中学项目(MYP), 大学预科项目(DP)。学校拥有最先进的校园设施,为学生们提供了一个满足其成长和安全 的学习环境。 ISNS 致力于将创新的教育技术带进课堂学习,并确保我们的学生为融入充满科技的未来生活 做好准备。我们探索新的学习理念和方法,以满足所有孩子的需要,和适应不断变化的全球 环境需求。

www.isnsz.com 深圳南山区桃源街道龙苑路 11 号

0755-2666 1000

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools 城市:深圳

创建时间: 2015

接受学生年龄范围:14-17 学生人数:360

国籍范围: 不限 年级包含: 高中

课程体系: AP / SAT / TOEFL 教授语言: 英语


瑞得福国际学校坐落于风景秀丽的深圳大鹏海湾,占地面积 2 万余平方米,与海岸线近在咫尺, 是一所设施一流的高端寄宿制美式国际学校。

课外活动: 集体运动和个人运动、 音乐、艺术、戏剧、文化和学术 性的拓展活动

大鹏半岛被誉为中国最美八大海岸之一,是世界级滨海生态旅游度假区。学校西侧为天然生 态荔枝林,自然景观资源丰富,金黄的海滩和蔚蓝大海融为一体,空气质量全市最优。学生 身处其中,不仅可以获得美的享受,也可以陶冶情操、净化心灵,更加专注于学习。 瑞得福国际学校已经通过“世界先进教育促进组织 AdvancED”的认证,并且是“美国西部 学院联盟 WASC”的后备认证学校。

www.rdfis.com 深圳市大鹏新区大鹏街道葵南路宝资源科技园

0755-6686 7237 / 6686 7327


创建时间: 2019

接受学生年龄范围:2-18 国籍范围: 不限

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: EYFS, IGCSE, A Levels 教授语言: 英语 , 汉语

课外活动: 运动及表演系


深圳南山国王学校是英国坎特伯雷国王学校的首家海外分校。英国坎特伯雷国王学校始建于 1400 年前,以卓越的学术成果与课外活动课程闻名。学校致力于为每一位学生提供平衡的、 全面发展的教育,让每一位学生都拥有积极、美好的校园生活。

深圳南山国王学校是一所面向所有国籍并接收 2 至 18 岁学生的国际化学校。新校区分为两个 阶段启动,幼儿园将于 2019 年 9 月开学,招收 2 至 6 岁的儿童。小学部和中学部将于 2020 年 9 月开学,招收 6 至 18 岁的学生。

www.kings-school.com.cn 深圳市南山区前海路和铲湾路交界处

0755-8669 6919 / 8669 6909

/ 30 /


创建时间: 2011

接受学生年龄范围:5-14 学生人数:500

国籍范围: 不限

年级包含: 小学 / 初中

课程体系: 国家中小学课程体系

教授语言: 英语、西班牙语 、汉语 课外活动: 生活技能、体育、体 育、趣味游戏、音乐和舞蹈、汉 语及文化、学术、工艺及美术、 STEAM 夏令营


深圳 BCIS 曦城协同国际学校,简称 BCIS,位于深圳市宝安区,是一所全日制的美国学校。 由美国协同教育集团海外公司独立创办。该机构在全球范围内 , 拥有 2600 多所学校,包括幼 儿园 , 小学 , 中学和大学。在亚洲区域分布有香港国际学校 (HKIS),香港协同国际学校 (HKCIS)、 上海协和国际学校 (CISS)、佛山协同国际学校 (FCIS) 以及河内协同国际学校 (CISH) 等,其 优质全面的教育誉享全球。

www.bcis.net.cn 深圳市宝安区广深高速公路宝安出口

0755-2823 8166


创建时间: 2007


国籍范围: 美国,巴西,意大利, 南非,香港居民,印度,英国, 韩国,台湾,日本 年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: AERO 教授语言: 英语

课外活动: 艺术类课程、体育类 课程

TLC 国际学校

我们的目标是提供一个学习环境,使学生在智力、社交和精神上都能获得暂时的和永久的成功。 我们明白父母有责任为那些托付给我们照顾的宝贝孩子提供最好的教育,为他们的生活做最 好的准备。我们希望与家庭合作,帮助父母在学业、性格、社交技能和精神成长方面提供最 高质量的培训。

www.tlcdg.com 东莞市东城区牛山余庆里工业园

152 2031 7733

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools 城市:东莞

创建时间: 2012

接受学生年龄范围:3-17 学生人数:600+ 国籍范围:15+

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: IB

教授语言: 英语、汉语

课外活动: 足球、跆拳道、机器 人、艺术、音乐会乐队、越野跑 步和环境俱乐部


ISD 是一所与国际学校服务 (ISS) 签订管理服务合同的预科学校,提供基于美国和国际标准的 世界级课程。国际文凭课程已获香港中文大学认可,并获授权参加 11 至 12 年级的国际学士 文凭课程。

www.i-s-d.org 东莞市南城区金丰南路 11 号

0769-2882 5882


创建时间: 2004

接受学生年龄范围:2-17 学生人数:270+ 国籍范围:20+

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: IB / AP / IE

教授语言: 英语 , 汉语

课外活动: 游泳、乐队、科学、 舞蹈、中国书法、巴西功夫、烹 饪课、书籍制作、美术课程、美 国象棋、女童子军


东莞 QSI 国际学校是一所私立非盈利机构,于 2004 年 8 月开学。它为中小学生提供高质量 的英语教育。热情友好的学校社区使其成为接受 QSI 优质教育的理想场所。

主校区位于东莞市。该设施包括 70 多个教室,一个图书馆,两个计算机实验室,科学实验室, 一个户外庭院,音乐和艺术室,以及室内和室外游乐区,健身房,室外球场,足球场和 200 米赛道。

www.qsi.org/china/dng/a 东莞市东城区东城中心 A2 区

0769-2230 0131

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创建时间: 2020


国籍范围: 学生具有外籍、香港、 台湾或者澳门身份 年级包含: 八年级至十三年级

课程体系:英国标准课程体系 / IB 教授语言: 英语

佛山 LEH 外籍人员子女学校

埃莉诺霍利斯外籍人员子女学校(佛山 LEH)是一所走读及寄宿学校,为学生们提供卓越的 英国国际课程。欢迎 12 至 18 岁的学生报读。我们将英国顶级寄宿学校带到佛山,一座位于 粤港澳大湾区核心地带、活力四射的城市。

课外活动 : 戏剧、音乐和体育

我们位于伦敦附近的英国姐妹学校排名稳居英国私立学校前十。我们十分自豪地向佛山校区 引进我们在学术、体育、艺术和生活辅导方面的卓越成就。 我们鼓励学生追求优异学习成绩的同时,追求正直、自信和勇气,践行 Spes Audacem Adjuvat(“希望垂青勇者”)的校训。

www.leh-foshan.cn 佛山市禅城区祖庙路 29 号岭南天地商业大厦 1610-1612

0757-8262 6121


创建时间: 2016

接受学生年龄范围:2-18 学生人数:1500

国籍范围: 持有外国护照、持有 香港 / 澳门 / 台湾永久居住证件 或海外归国人员子女

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: PYP / MYP / DP / IGCSE / AP 教授语言: 英语、汉语 课外活动:游学项目


佛山伊顿国际学校是由新加坡伊顿国际教育集团在中国地区创办的最大规模的一所国际学校, 学校坐落于广东省佛山市南海区南海商业城(华南新加坡城)内,可容纳在校总人数 1500 人以上,为 2 到 18 岁学生提供优质的国际教育。学校已于 2016 年 9 月正式开学。

学校设施及场地均按照国际一流的现代化标准建造,学生课室、游泳池、图书馆(馆内藏有 大量儿童英文书籍)、室内体育馆和篮球场、室外足球场和田径场、实验室、舞蹈教室、音 乐教室、小剧场等馆所一应俱全,学校课程以 IB(国际文凭)课程为框架,从儿童的兴趣出发, 设计一系列不同的学习主题,通过探索及研究完成主题式的学习。伊顿提供严谨的学术教育, 致力于培养学生的思考力以及解决问题的能力。精心设计且外形美观的学习环境激励学生主 动探索,培养孩子成为终生学习者,同时,提供他们需要的技能以适应迅速变化的世界。伊 顿的目标是培养有自信、有能力且掌握多语言的世界公民。

www.etonhouse.com.cn/school/foshan 佛山市南海区桂城街道佛平四路 1 号富丰广场 32 座

0757-6668 8333

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools 城市:珠海

创建时间: 2007

接受学生年龄范围:3-18 学生人数:200+ 国籍范围:20+

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: PYP / MYP / DP 教授语言: 英语、汉语

课外活动: 游学、绘画、音乐、 国际交换计划


珠海国际学校 (ZIS) 自 2007 年以来一直在一个充满关爱和鼓舞人心的环境中教育来自世界各 地的年轻人。我们与年龄在 3 岁到 18 岁的学生合作,让来自 30 个不同国家的学生探索我们 周围世界的挑战,体验快乐和回报。

探究性概念学习。作为一所 IB 国际学校,ZIS 的学生是一个独特的民族、文化和民族的混合体, 他们都渴望为学校和周围更广泛的社区的生活做出积极和富有同情心的贡献

www.zischina.com 珠海市唐家湾淇澳岛珠海国际学校

0756-331 5580


创建时间: 2003

接受学生年龄范围:14-18 学生人数:300 国籍范围:9+

年级包含: 高中

课程体系: IGCSE / A-Level 教授语言: 英语、汉语

课外活动: 篮球、足球、高尔夫、 羽毛球、舞蹈俱乐部、管弦乐队、 合唱团、莎士比亚、视听俱乐部、 模型飞机俱乐部、音乐欣赏俱乐 部


珠海德威国际高中是第五所加入德威国际大家庭的学校。该校与珠海容闳学校共同创办,后 者是当地一所领先的私立教育机构。容闳是第一个在美国耶鲁大学完成本科学业的中国学生, 他就读于 1850-1854 年。容闳还协助设立了现代中国的首个海外研究项目。 我校共有 300 多名学生,年龄段涵盖 14 岁至 18 岁,我们的学生来自超过九个不同的国家和 地区。

zhuhai-high-school.dulwich.org 珠海市珠海大道 1 号

0756 869 3233

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创建时间: 1999

接受学生年龄范围:2-17 学生人数:480


年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中


课程体系 : IB

珠海 QSI 国际学校是一所私立,非营利 2 年龄至 17 岁的男女同校,大学预备机构。珠海 QSI 国际学校成立于 1999 年,以提供居住在珠海的外籍人士提供高质量的教育。我们的学生 家长主要是由国际商业和外交使团使用。QSI 珠海位于美丽宽敞的专用设施,在珠海的中心 区域,我们有充足的教室设施,实验室,剧院,和特殊用途的房间为艺术和音乐。学校有一 个大的足球和体育领域,包围通过跑道,并没有为我们年轻的学生一个游乐场和攀岩墙区。 科爱赛国际学校很重视参与本地社区发展,每年都会定期组织学生送温暖到孤儿院、敬老院、 麻风病村、唇颚裂孤儿院等等。学校还非常重视和周边兄弟学校的友谊 建设。经常组织学生 和周边的国际学校进行体育参赛比如:篮球、排球、羽毛球、网球等等。除此之外,学校还 每年为多才多艺的学生提供了各种施展才华的舞台, 定期有音乐会﹑钢琴会等的举办,每年 有大型圣诞表演和年终的文艺汇演等等……

教授语言: 英语、汉语

课外活动: 冥想周、书展、中国 文化周、科博会、国际日、文艺 汇演、才艺汇演

www.qsi.org/china/zhu 珠海湾仔区银湾路 1689 号 0756-815 6134


创建时间: 1966

接受学生年龄范围:4-18 学生人数:2,600 国籍范围:40+

年级包含:幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: AP

教授语言: 英语

课外活动 :体育活动、学校社团


香港国际学校鼓励社会各界积极参与,以合作、创新和适应力强的学习者,致力发挥他们的 潜能。香港浸会大学的美式课程充满挑战和活力,既有国际元素,也有多元文化元素。通过 学生参加俱乐部、体育活动和其他课外活动,有很多机会扩大课外学习。结果,香港资讯科 技学院的毕业生遍布世界上许多最优秀的大学。

www.hkis.edu.hk 香港南区大潭水塘道 700 号

+852 3149 7000 / +852 2812 5000

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | International Schools 城市:香港

创建时间: 1932

接受学生年龄范围:6 个月 - 19 学生人数:1,500 国籍范围: 30+

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中


耀中致力提供从婴幼儿至中学阶段的全人教育。我们努力不懈,撷取东西文化的精粹,将学 生培育为勇于探索、具备责任感和公民意识的社会栋梁。耀中的国 际课程,以双语及多元文 化教育为经,以揉合中、西哲理为纬,适应不同年龄段的学习特点,配合现代信息科技及教 学策略,培育学生的优良品格。我们的全人教 育,非常重视家长、家庭、小区及周遭社群的 通力合作。

耀中早期专注于幼儿教育的工作,有口皆碑。时至今日,耀中国际学校提供「一条龙」优质 教育,学制涵盖幼儿、小学、中学教育以至国际中学会考证书(IGCSE)及国际大学预科(IB) 文凭课程。

www.ycis-hk.com/en 香港九龙塘森麻实道 3 号(幼儿教育部)

课程体系: ECE / National Curriculum for England / IGCSE / IB 教授语言: 英语、汉语

课外活动: 唱诗班、管弦乐队和 乐队、戏剧和音乐剧、运动课程、 中国传统文化课程、烹饪课、科 技和机器人课程、国际象棋俱乐 部、辩论俱乐部、模范联合国俱 乐部、摄影及艺术课、社区服务 及慈善活动

香港九龙塘根德道 2 号(小学部) 香港九龙塘多福道 3 号(中学部 )

+852 2338 7106


创建时间: 1991

接受学生年龄范围:11-18 学生人数:320

国籍范围:拥有香港永久居留权 或有效居留签证 年级包含: 初中 / 高中 课程体系: AP

教授语言: 英语、汉语

课外活动: 历史蜂碗、世界学者 杯、模拟联合国、文化日


香港协同国际学校拥有一支充满激情的教学及支援队伍,致力推动卓越教育。我们的北美课 程是基于最佳的教育实践和共同核心国家标准。重点放在四个核心学科上 ; 英语、数学、科 学和社会科学。CISHK 也提供选修课,包括艺术、计算机、中文和戏剧。除了学校的文凭, 学生们还写大学理事会的 sat, AP 和托福作为毕业资格。

www.cihs.edu.hk 香港九龍又一村海棠路 68 號

+852 2789 9890

/ 36 /


创建时间: 2012

接受学生年龄范围:3-18 学生人数:1,300 国籍范围:50+

年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: EYFS / GCSE / A-level 教授语言: 英语

课外活动: STEAM


位于屯门黄金海岸附近的哈罗公学,融合了英国哈罗公学的教育理念、实践和传统,融入香 港多元化的国际社会,提供极具特色的教育。香港哈罗公学是一所全日制学校,学生年龄介 乎 K1(3 岁 ) 至 13(18 岁 )。寄宿从预科学校六年级开始,每周从周日晚上到周五晚上。只有 不到 50% 的高年级学生是家庭成员,但所有的全日制学生都是家庭成员。目前有三所男生和 三所女生预科学校 (6 至 8 年级 ),四所男生和四所女生高级学校 (9 至 13 年级 )。

www.harrowschool.hk 香港屯门青盈路 38 号

0769-2882 5882


创建时间: 2002

接受学生年龄范围:3-18 学生人数:610


年级包含: 幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: 加拿大艾伯塔省课程 体系 / IBDP

课外活动: 工艺美术、小学合唱 团、烘焙俱乐部、躲避球、国画、 普通话故事时间、科学俱乐部、 编程俱乐部、娃娃制作、瑜伽、 环境俱乐部、健身房游戏等



以探索和提高他们的个性和创造力真正的国际化学习环境。我们的一系列学术和课外课程, 让男孩和女孩培养他们的新兴人才,并为未来的学习和负责任的公民做好准备。

www.tis.edu.mo 澳门氹仔伟龙马路澳门科技大学 K 座

+853 2853 3700

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools


/ 38 /

自 2012 年在纽约建立第一个校区以来,爱文世界学校以创新著称,建

立了别具特色的“一所学校,多个校区”体系,跨越大洲开设多个校区。 爱文带着使命而来,设计出高度创新、跨学科的课程体系,让学生能够

成长为未来世界的领导者,理解并应对全球层面的问题。2018 年,爱 文的巴西圣保罗校区成功开办。如今,爱文又在准备建立它的首个中国

校区——爱文深圳校区预计将于 2019 年秋季迎来第一批 2 到 5 岁的幼 儿园学员,未来还将拓展为幼儿园至 K12 年级的一贯制学校。

爱文各个校区构成同一个紧密相连的全球教育体系,拥有共同的愿景、 共享的课程体系、一致的招生标准、一体化的教师发展培训系统,也共

同分享最先进的教学设施。 在录取系统上,学生一旦被一个校区录取, 也就自动同时被爱文的所有校区录取,在纽约、圣保罗、深圳、在线校

区,以及未来预计建立的所有校区之间转换自如。这意味着需要在美国、 巴西、中国、全球各地旅行或移居的家庭,在前往不同大洲时仍能够为 孩子提供无缝衔接、高度整合的教育。

爱文致力于在世界范围内推进教育,这种努力超越校园的界限。作为教 育思想的引领者,爱文发展并试验教育手段、建立新型教育设施,以此 重新定义教育,促进学生发展。在纽约总部,爱文设有独具一格的研发 部门,这令爱文能够一步步探索并创造教育的未来。爱文研发部门设计 出一系列创新教育项目:“高强度训练”能通过写作和数学练习充分开 发学生大脑,”世界元素”是一套形式独特、有如化学元素周期表的全 球课程体系,而“大师学院”则让学生前往全球各大城市生活并深入学 习,在当地完成具有地方特色的学习和研究项目。

爱文世界学校 深圳校区

爱文世界学校实行“一所学校,多个校区” 制度,在全球主要城市招收 2 岁至 18 岁

的学生。爱文已建立的校区包括美国纽约, 巴西的圣保罗,如今又拓展到深圳。爱文

深圳校区位于南山区,具有全球顶尖水准, 预计于 2019 年秋季迎来第一批 2 岁至 5

岁的幼儿园学员,未来还将建立包括小学 及中学的一贯制学校。爱文幼儿园实行创 新教育,设计出特有的“沉浸式”中英双 语学习、跨学科及项目式学习方法、“边


界课程”。爱文将以有教育热情、丰富经验、 深厚资历的一流师资团队,在深圳实现世 界水平的教育。

www.avenueschina.cn 深圳市南山区大学城

0755-8671 7850


创建时间: 2019

接受学生年龄范围:2-5 国籍范围: 所有国籍 年级包含: 幼儿教育

课程体系: 爱文全球课程体系 教授语言: 英语 , 汉语

课外活动: 艺术、机器人、国际象棋、 舞蹈、体育

热门小区: OCT 华侨城

/ 39 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools


创建时间: 1996

接受学生年龄范围:3-17 学生人数: 4,000+

学生人数: 中国籍(包括港澳台 生)和外籍生

年级包含:幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中


祈福英语实验学校由祈福集团斥资创办于 1996 年,是一所含中学、小学、幼儿园的全日制学 校。学校座落在“中国第一邨”广州番禺祈福新邨的中心地带,占地 12 万㎡,校园清洁宽敞, 美观优雅。场馆完备,设备齐全,全部达到或超过省一级校(园)规定标准。学校严谨的治学、 良好的校风以及鲜明的双语教学课程特色和多元文化教育深受社会、家长的欢迎,吸引了来 自于世界 40 多个国家和地区的 4000 多名学生来校就读,显示了双语教学的旺盛的生命力和 国际级学校的强大的号召力。

课程体系:九年义务教育教材和 加拿大曼尼托巴省教材 教授语言:英语、汉语

课外活动:科技发明研究、各类 社团、校队体育训练等囊括学术 类、科技类、艺术类和体育类等 活动

www.clifford-school.org.cn 广州市番禺区市广路祈福新村学院路

020-8474 1441-0


创建时间: 2009

接受学生年龄范围:15-19 学生人数:600


年级包含:10-12 年级

课程体系: AP , A-Level 教授语言:英语、汉语


广州外国语学校国际课程中心作为一个公办学校的国际课程,除了引进国外优质课程外,还 承载了为公办学校研发一套植根于中国的国际课程的使命。我校国际课程中心将秉承一如既 往的较高水准为珠三角学子提供适合中国学生的国际教育。

经过八年的实践探索不断改进,形成了广州外国语学校现在的课程体系,并取得了丰硕的成果, 五届毕业生全部被世界顶尖大学录取。在地方政府大力支持下,2018 年在广州外国语学校校 园内的二期工程将落成一座国际课程中心大楼以满足国际课程需求,陆续开设 A-level 课程, 目前也正处于 Pre-IB 阶段。自 2013 年首届毕业至 2019 年我们先后获得众多美国综合排名前 30、英国 G5 超级精英大学、加拿大前 10、澳洲前 5、中国香港前三的世界顶级院校。

www.chgzfls.com 广州市南沙区凤凰大道 102 号广州外国语学校 020-3907 3096 / 132 0119 7278

/ 40 /


创建时间: 1996

接受学生年龄范围:6 – 12 学生人数:4,000+


年级包含: 1 - 6 年级

课程体系:国内课程,IB PYP 课程 教授语言:英语、汉语


星执外国语小学 2016 年建校,旨在为 6 到 12 岁儿童提供独具特色的教育体验。学校融合中 西方教育精华,施行中西合璧的教育方式,开展具有学术性,严谨性,同时兼具爱心的以学 生为中心的课程体系。星执外国语小学紧跟国际文凭组织设立的 PYP 项目课程,目前已经是 IB 候选学校。

www.tgisgz.com 广州市番禺区沙溪大道 480 号

020-3482 3833


创建时间: 2012

接受学生年龄范围:12-17 学生人数:600

国籍范围:中国国籍 年级包含:G7-G12

课程体系:沉浸式英语教学 教授语言:英语、汉语

NCPA 英东美式中学

NCPA 是一所私立、男女同校的美式课程寄宿学校,由 ULink 教育集团与总部位于普林斯顿 的非盈利国际学校服务 (ISS) 合作运营。NCPA 拥有一个 31 英亩现代化的校园。NCPA 是一所 面向中国学生,以英语为学习语言的学校。是一所创新型的学校。我们将斯坦福大学“英语 学习的六大原则”作为浸入式教学的基本框架。英语浸入式教学法对学术语言习得的重视, 使得 NCPA 成为有别于其他为中国学生服务的国际学校。

NCPA 为学生提供在学业和社会行为上达到卓越表现的学习环境。我校采用英语浸入式教学法, 为学生成功完成高等教育做好准备。我们致力于将学生培养成具备高效协商、合作学习、灵 活筹划能力及有气节操守的实践者。

www.ncpachina.org/en 广州市南沙区港前大道南 180 号

020-3468 3339

/ 41 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools


创建时间: 2017

接受学生年龄范围:3-18 学生人数:1,200 国籍范围:30+

年级包含: 幼儿早教 / 幼儿园

课程体系: BASIS 课程体系 / 美 国 AP 课程 教授语言:英语、汉语

课外活动:体育、音乐、艺术等 俱乐部


广州贝塞思国际学校的使命是为学生提供一个转型的早期幼儿教育至高中的教育。我们拥有 尖端的基础课程,通过卓越的教学和教师指导,培养出具有广阔的知识视野和国际视野、批 判性思维能力和创造性解决问题的能力的毕业生,让他们成为未来世界的领导者。

www.basisinternationalgz.com 广州市黄埔区科学城尖塔山路 8 号

020-8222 2888


创建时间: 2018

接受学生年龄范围:适龄学生 国籍范围:不限

年级包含:G7( 港澳台 )、G8(港 澳台)、G9(九年级)、G10(十 年级)、G11(十一年级) 课程体系:VCE / AP / IGCSE 教授语言:英语、汉语

课外活动: MAH 学生会


梅沙黑利伯瑞书院是万科集团成员企业梅沙教育的优秀基因和澳洲百年名校黑利伯瑞精英血 统的完美结合。广州万瑞教育咨询有限公司是万科集团成员企业,梅沙黑利伯瑞书院隶属于 广州市万瑞教育咨询有限公司。坚持“一个孩子,一个世界”的教育思想,以“学贯中西, 胸怀天下”为育人目标。培育具有“中国心 世界眼”的孩子。

通过实施“澳式高中 +AP 课程”,梅沙黑利伯瑞书院将致力于创办出“中国一流,世界知名” 的国际化高端民办教育品牌。

www.vkmah.com 广州市天河区天河智慧城万科云城

020-3809 4879 / 020-3809 4869

/ 42 /


创建时间: 2019

接受学生年龄范围:3-18 学生人数:2,500

年级包含:幼儿园至高中 课程体系:

幼儿园-受 意 大 利 瑞 吉 欧 教育 模式启发,基于学生自主学习和 探索世界展开教学。


荟同学校旨在打造首个面向未来的全球高端私立教育网络 , 其创办人是美国教育改革家、全美 “特许学校运动”领导者魏克礼先生。荟同将与当地合作方携手,在全球主要大型城市建立校 区,服务幼儿园到高中年龄段的学生及其家庭,汇集世界最前沿教育资源及成果,提供以个性 化学习、全球交流和全人发展为主要特色的优质基础教育。

小学至高中-采用中国国家课 程标准,使用主题式项目制课程 模式,包括 NGSS、新加坡数学、 澳大利亚数学、美国社科课程目标、 国际教育技术协会,并融入了与 哈佛大学课程再设计中心合作开 发的核心素养。 教授语言:英语、汉语

www.huitongschool.cn 深圳市南山区前海妈湾中心片区

0755-2669 1818


创建时间: 2015

接受学生年龄范围:3-18 学生人数:600+ 国籍范围:30+

年级包含:幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系: BASIS 课程体系 / 美 国 AP 课程 教授语言:英语、汉语

课外活动:艺术类、音乐类、运 动类


我们认为,要在中国成为一所优秀的国际学校,必须努力实现以下两个目标:将学生与全球的 教育和就业机会结合起来,并确保学生深谙中华民族博大精深的文化。为我们的学生提供具有 革命性的学前和 K 至十二年级教育。基于 BASIS 顶尖的课程设计,通过教师卓越的教学和指导, 培养具有广泛知识面、国际视野、批判性思维能力以及以创造性解决问题能力的学生,成为未 来世界的领导者。

www.basisinternationalsz.com 深圳市南山区工业五路网谷万联大厦 C 座

0755-2361 6666 / 前台 : 0755-2361 6770

/ 43 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools 城市:深圳

创建时间: 2003

接受学生年龄范围:3-18 学生人数:1,500 国籍范围:不限

年级包含:幼儿 园 / 小学 / 初中 / 剑桥国际学校 课程体系:国际化课程

教授语言:英语、汉语 课外活动: 运动


深圳市宝安区中英公学创办于 2003 年,是一所高起点、高配置、规范化的新型国际化民办学校。 学校目前含幼儿部、小学部、初中部、高中国际部。学校采用中国扎实的基础教育与英国“公 学”培养个性化的教育理念相结合的方式,秉持“中国灵魂,国际视野”的办学宗旨,坚持 “具备国际化特色的中国民校”的办学目标,以“成就未来杰出国际公民”为培养目标,以“珍 惜所托,责任使然”为核心服务理念,以“这里没有差生”为校训,积极践行绅士淑女养成教育。

zygx.baoan.edu.cn 深圳市宝安中心区海城路 243 号

0755-2779 4203


创建时间: 2001

接受学生年龄范围:6-17 学生人数:600+ 国籍范围:20+ 年级包含:

7-9 年级 - KS3;

10-11 年级 - KS4;

课程体系:英国国家课程 / IGCSE. GCSE 教授语言:英语、汉语

课外活动: 园艺课、慈善布偶制 作、模拟联合国、世界学者杯、 板球俱乐部、戏剧小组计划表演 名剧“圣诞颂歌”


城市绿洲学校秉承精益求精的理念,尽心打造优质安全的教育环境,让每个学生都可以激发 自己的潜能,感受自己的价值,并使之成为善于思考,富有责任感的国际化人才。通过全方 位培养学生的社交技能、创造技能、运动技能和知识技能,我们致力为每个孩子创造施展才 华的舞台。

www.greenoasis.org.cn 深圳市福田区田面村深南中路 4030 号

0755-8395 9000

/ 44 /


创建时间: 2015

接受学生年龄范围:3-17 学生人数:500+ 国籍范围:不限

年级包含:幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系:

幼儿园-加拿大安大略省教育部 制定的「全日制学前课程」大纲; 小学-中国国家小学课程内容及 融合英国国家课程体系;


2016 年对学校最近的一次评估当中,学校的小学和中学部的每个部分都被评为“卓越”。

在英国本校的学生在小学和幼儿园学习创造性课程,然后学习国际普通中等教育证书课程 (IGCSEs), 在高中阶段是英国高中课程(A Levels)和国际文凭课程(IB ),学生的成绩 都非常优秀。

中学- IGCSE、A-Levels 教授语言:英语、汉语

课外活动:武术、手工、舞蹈、 科学实验

bromsgrove.mhis.education/en-us 深圳市龙华区观澜高尔夫大道 8 号

0755-2801 0733


创建时间: 2001

接受学生年龄范围:16-18 学生人数:1,000+ 国籍范围:不限

年级包含:IP 国际课程班、美国 名校 PCP 特优班、国际艺术设计 班、美式篮球学院

课程体系:AP 课程、语言课程、 中方课程、加方课程、综合实践 活动课程 教授语言:英语、汉语

课外活动:艺术节、拓展训练、 宿舍文化节


深圳(南山)中加学校是一所中外合作全住读式,实施普通高中教育的新学校,也是深圳市 第一所中外合作办学的学校。2001 年 2 月 13 日,加拿大克雷蒂安总理访华期间正式签署合 办协议,加拿大纽宾士域省教育部领导,深圳市南山区教育局领导与我校领导出席了签字仪式。 2001 年 8 月学校正式开学,迄今走过了十五年的办学校历程。 十五年来,在国家、省、市、区领导的关怀下,在中外教育专家学者的引领下,学校努力 实践董事长彭建华博士“开创教育新世界”的办学思想,积极融合中西方教育精华,不断探 索教育国际化、教育现代化、教育信息化、教育优质化的可行途径。并于 2009 年 6 月,被 评为广东省一级学校。

zjxx.szns.edu.cn 深圳市南山区南光路 166 号

0755-2645 4683

/ 45 /


& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools 城市:深圳

创建时间: 1995

接受学生年龄范围:4-17 学生人数:7,154 国籍范围:10+

年级包含:双语部 / 幼儿部 / 小 学部 / 初中部 / 高中部 / 国际部 课程体系:民办学校管理体制 教授语言:英语、汉语


深圳市石岩公学成立于 1995 年。其前身是宝安县石岩中学,是经市、区教育主管部门批准设立, 从事学前教育、小学教育、初中教育、高中教育和国际教育的民办学校。


深圳市石岩公学实行“以人为本、效益至上;专家治校、名师引领;中西结合、全人发展” 的办学方略,全面导入学校先进管理理念与模式——卓越绩效准则,形成了一条主线(以学 生终身可持续发展能力培养为主线)、两个场域(即中国部、国际部两个教育生态场)、六 大基地(学前部、小学部、初中部、高中部、双语中国部、IB 国际部)学制连贯、学分互认, 尊崇知识、滋养生命,提升内涵、彰显品质的教育国际化先锋学校。

sygx.baoan.edu.cn 深圳市宝安区石岩镇育才路 8 号

0755-2735 8557


创建时间: 2015

接受学生年龄范围:4-17 学生人数:3,788 国籍范围:不限

年级包含:初中部 / 高中部 / 国 际部 课程体系:

7–8 年级-初中基础课程

9-10 年级-剑桥国际初中课程; 10 年级-国际高中预科课程

11–12 年级-国际文凭组织大学 预科课程 教授语言:英语

课外活动:生活技能、运动、社 团活动、艺术表演


德胜学校创办于 2001 年,前身是百年名校顺德一中的初中部,现已形成初中、高中、国际“三 位一体”的多元化办学格局,取得剑桥 IGCSE 和 IBDP 办学资格,已实现初中、高中、国际 的贯通教育。目前有学生 3788 人,61 个初中班,22 个高中班,13 个国际班,共 96 个教学班。 培养并造就每一位学生有学问、有领导才能和国际视野,成为热爱学习、热爱生活、热心服 务社会、全面发展的优秀公民,共同为世界创造一个更美好的未来,这是德胜学校的愿景。 自信坚毅、开拓进取的德胜人,正朝着“努力把学校建设成为一所中外文化交融的世界一流 名校”这个宏伟目标昂首迈进!

www.desheng-school.cn 佛山市顺德区大良新城区民兴路

0757-2232 5006 / 0757-2232 5007

/ 46 /


创建时间: 2019

接受学生年龄范围:6-18 学生人数:2,300+ 国籍范围:不限

年级包含:小学 / 中学 / 高中




佛山市诺德安达学校采用小班制的教学模式使我们的老师能全面了解每一位学生,很容易地 发现每位学生的优缺点,因材施教并帮助学生克服将要面临的困难。我们培养每位学生的学 习技能,使您的孩子在学习的各个领域取得成功。

课外活动:音乐课程、舞蹈课程、 茱莉亚喜剧课程

我们所有的学校秉承一致的教学理念 - 我们对学生、员工以及集团内的所有学校充满信心。 我们相信在这里学生的发展将无可限量。我们的教育理念以及教学方式将在学生个人品性、 学术发展以及社会交往方面不断激发他们,并激励他们迈向成功。给孩子提供丰富多彩的学 习体验。在我们全球校园的这个大平台上学生可以通过网络与来自世界各地的学生进行学术 讨论和研究。

foshan.nacis.cn 佛山市南海区西樵镇西岸东西大道 55 号

0757-8121 7688


创建时间: 2015

接受学生年龄范围:3-18 学生人数:350

国籍范围:中国港澳台学生为主 / 外国留学生 年级包含:小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系:PYP / MYP / DP 教授语言:英语、汉语

课外活动:音乐、舞蹈、陶艺、书法、 篆刻、素描、剪纸等


中信山语湖双语国际学校 (CBIS) 是由元耕教育公司创建的一所高标准国际学校。 并聘请中外 教育专家团队联手开发独特的课程体系: 将国际 IB 课程,国家课程,和国学课程有机融合。 我们的办学理念:尊重生命,为学生的一生发展负责。育人目标:培养有中国灵魂,世界眼光, 和国际情怀的健全人才。

www.cbis-gd.com 佛山市南海区里水镇中信大道中信山语湖双语国际学校

0757-8100 8639

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& SCHOOL GUIDE | Bilingual Schools 城市:佛山

创建时间: 1994

接受学生年龄范围:3-18 学生人数:500+ 国籍范围:不限


课程体系:PYP / MYP / DP / IGCSE / A-Level / AP 教授语言:英语、汉语

广东碧桂园 (IB 国际 ) 学校

博实乐广东碧桂园学校位于顺德碧桂园内,占地 400 多亩,由碧桂园集团于 1994 年创办, 是一所从幼儿园到高中、大学预科十五年一贯制的寄宿制学校。学校实施 PYP、MYP、DP、 IGCSE、A-level、AP 六大国际项目,都已正式获得授权,其中 AP 还获得 AP Capstone 授权。 学校同时实施中国国家课程初中和高中教育。广东省一级学校,全国民办教育先进集体,博实 乐教育集团旗舰学校。

课外活动:单车传奇、青春毅行 、 支教服务、英语村、西餐礼仪 、 游泳课程、星月田园、拓展课程、 社团活动

bgy.gd.cn 佛山市顺德区北滘镇碧桂园

0757-2667 7888 / 0757-2667 7003


创建时间: 2004

接受学生年龄范围: 3-18 学生人数:10,000+ 国籍范围:

幼儿园-不限国籍 普通部-中国国籍 国际部-不限国籍

年级包含:幼儿园 / 小 学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系:

普通部- 国家课程 小学- IB 国际文凭小 学项目以及国家课程 初中-国家课程

高中- GAC,ACT, SAT,中美双文凭课程, 航空班课程。 教授语言:英语、汉语

课外活动:国际风情 日、新年联欢会、阅 读周,翰林足球杯, 英语日,慈善志愿者, 社会实践、国学课堂、 话剧表演、运动会等


东莞市翰林实验学校是一所集小学、初中、高中 , 国际部为一体的寄宿制民办学校。学校为 东莞市直属学校,东莞市德育示范学校,广东省心理健康教育特色学校,广东省绿色学校, 全国先进民办学校。同时,也是教育局批备可以招收外国籍学生的学校。

东莞市翰林实验学校国际部成立于 2012 年。在 2019 年 2 月,我们被授权为 IB 世界学校。 我们学校目前国际文凭小学项目 [PYP]。小学双语班作为国际文凭组织(IBO)小学项目(PYP) 的成员学校,也是东莞市第一所 IB PYP 世界学校。在翰林,我们将中国传统价值观和信仰与 世界各地的不同观点结合起来,创造出具有强烈认同感的具有全球意识的公民。

dghl.jyjx.dgjy.net 东莞市万江区创业路五号(环城路与东江交汇处南侧)

0769-2271 5799

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创建时间: 1997

接受学生年龄范围:5-15 学生人数:990


年级包含:小学 / 初中

课程体系:US Common Core / NGSS / AERO 教授语言:英语、汉语


香港美国学校 (ASHK) 是一所非营利国际学校,提供全面美国国际教育课程,授课老师来自北 美。 ASHK 由国际专业教育机构 Esol 教育集团管理,集团拥有超过 40 年开办由学前预备班 至第 12 年班优质国际学校的经验,目前在三大洲设有九所学校,学生人数逾 10,000。 ASHK 的课程严谨,专注培育全面、积极的世界公民,我们致力于训练学生 21 世纪成功必需的学术、 社交和开拓与创新的技能。

课外活动:学生会社团、机器人、 野外体验课程、烹饪课、木管大 师班、陶艺、足球和篮球

www.ashk.edu.hk/ 香港新界大埔马聪路 6 号

+852-3919 4100


创建时间: 1988

接受学生年龄范围:3-19 学生人数:870


年级包含:幼儿园 / 小学 / 初中 / 高中 课程体系:IGCSE / IBDP 教授语言:英语、汉语




联国学校(The School of the Nations)于 1988 年在澳门创办,是一所以巴哈伊教义为基础 的教育机构,提供学前教育、小学教育预备班、小学及中学六年教育的非牟利私立学校。学校 拥有两个校舍,分别位于澳门友谊大马路及高美士街。

教学语言主要是英语,教师来自世界各地。开办初期只开设学前教育、小学教育预备班、小学 及至初三,以后逐年增至完全中学。学校位于友谊大马路的校舍提供学前教育、小学教育预备 班,而小学及中学则设于高美士街校舍。

www.schoolofthenations.com 澳门氹仔米尼奥街

+853-2870 1759

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优智 urfamily.com.cn

优质生活 智慧人生


粤港澳大湾区 择校指南


春季刊 2019

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