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Welcome to our 2020 frontlist!

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rbane Publications is a proudly independent publisher of great business, fiction and nonfiction books. We are committed to the discovery and publication of the books and authors you - and we - want to read. Words and ideas have the power and potential to excite, involve, inspire, opening up new horizons. This is a journey of discovery - finding new voices, redefining genres, and engaging with knowledgeable, enthused and energetic writers and business people to publish the best books possible. The team at Urbane is committed to editorial excellence, high-quality production and to bringing its books and authors to the reading world with flair. Urbane is proud of the original and distinctive books it publishes and 2020 is no exception. The year’s highlights include two astonishing memoirs from Jenny Boyd and Geoff Thompson, a

stunning thriller from debut author M.N.Grenside and a groundbreaking new book from renowned leadership author Jo Owen. As Hemingway noted,

There is no friend as loyal as a book.

We hope that you find many new friends within these pages. When you’re not enjoying one of our exciting new books then do head to Urbane’s acclaimed website at https://urbanepublications.com for the latest news, resources, book details and everything you need to know about our authors. You can also follow us on Twitter @urbanebooks and Instagram @urbane_publications

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JENNIFER JUNIPER A journey beyond the muse


The beautifully poignant story of a partner, mother, friend, and truly inspirational woman


Jenny Boyd’s is a fascinating tale of the Swinging Sixties - and moving on from them - told with great verve, humour and humanity.

- Philip Norman, author, novelist, journalist and playwright PUB DATE: March 26th 2020 ISBN: 978-1-912666-61-4 PRICE: £16.99/$24.95 EXTENT: 304 Pages DIMENSIONS: Royal hardback ILLUSTRATIONS: 2 colour plate sections, 50 photos CATEGORY: Biography/memoir BIC CODE: BGF, BM REGIONS: World


enny Boyd’s extraordinary life is the stuff of movies and novels, a story of incredible people and places experienced at a pivotal time in the 20th century. As an up-and-coming young model, Jenny found herself at the heart of Carnaby Street in London, immersed in the fashion and pop culture of the Swinging 60s. With boyfriend Mick Fleetwood, sister Pattie, George Harrison and the rest of the Beatles, she lived the London scene. But as a natural Flower Child, Jenny soon became part of the counter-culture in San Francisco during the Flower Power era, witnessing the Summer of Love; she was the inspiration for Donovan’s famous song, Jennifer Juniper.

As a young fashion model with Mick Fleetwood as her boyfriend and Beatle George Harrison as her brotherin-law, Jenny found herself immersed in the pop culture of the Swinging 60s. After working in The Beatles shop, Apple, the first of its kind, Jenny attended Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in India to study meditation with her sister and the Beatles, witnessing their creativity and the genesis of songs that would later appear on the White Album. Despite being attuned to the spiritual bloom of innocence of the 60s, Jenny also experienced first-hand the turmoil and decadence of the 70s and 80s. Her two marriages to Mick Fleetwood, founder member of Fleetwood Mac, brought her to the forefront of the world of rock and roll - and its fame, money, drugs and heartache. Struggling in the darkness to find and develop her own voice and identity, she went to college, achieving a Masters in Counselling Psychology and a PhD in Humanities her dissertation on musicians and their creative process became the criticallyacclaimed book Musicians in Tune, which was later retitled It’s Not Only Rock’n’Roll.

For the next twenty years Jenny worked in the addiction field, both in the States and the UK, as well as creating her own very successful company offering workshops in London for people in need of help with recovery, relationship issues or just support. She is a writer and public speaker, dividing her time between London, where she lives with her husband, and Los Angeles with her family. Jenny has spent her life in the company of some of the greatest musical and cultural influencers of the last 50 years - and the journey she takes to finding her own sense of self and creative ability makes Jennifer Juniper a truly captivating and inspiring story.

RIGHTS – world rights are available, all languages, and audio, film/tv and large print.

NOTES FROM A FACTORY FLOOR How I got from there to here


The vulnerability, passion and impact of Geoff Thompson’s writing is an exciting and dangerous tightrope. A gift.


PUB DATE: April 23rd 2020 ISBN: 978-1-912666-71-3 PRICE: £16.99/$24.95


BAFTA winning screenwriter, penning multi-award winning films for luminaries such as Ray Winstone, Paddy Considine, Orlando Bloom, Maxine Peake, Anne Reid, Alison Steadman and James Cosmo, Geoff Thompson is also one of the world's highest ranking (8th dan) martial arts teachers. The prestigious Black Belt Magazine USA polled him as the most influential martial artist in the world since Bruce Lee. Further to his bestselling first memoir, Watch My Back, Geoff is often asked to fill in the gaps of his fascinating and inspirational life story by eager fans. How did he manoeuvre himself from a tiny room in a Coventry bedsit to the hallowed halls of BAFTA Piccadilly? How did he transcend his designated class and matriculate into a reality where class holds no relevance? What was the trajectory, and who did he meet along the way - who were the angels and demons of destiny? And what can we learn from his incredible journey? Ultimately people want to know the real Geoff, the inner thoughts, the essentials of his pilgrimage, the lessons of his unique experiences. Or more succinctly, now that he's made it this far, ‘What does he actually know?’ Notes From A Factory Floor has the answers and is the ideal read for anyone who feels there is more to life. Geoff is the proof.

GEOFF THOMPSON has written over forty books. Some of his work in the self-help genre has been published in 21 languages and he has appeared on the Sunday Times bestseller list, several times. His first book, Watch My Back, detailing his experiences working as a nightclub bouncer in Coventry for over a decade, hit the Sunday Times bestsellers list, was made into a stage play, adapted to a BAFTA nominated short film starring Ray Winstone, and a BIFA nominated motion picture for cinema. He is also a BAFTA winning screenwriter.

EXTENT: 360 Pages DIMENSIONS: Royal hardback, colour ILLUSTRATIONS: 30 photos CATEGORY: Biography BIC CODE: BG, BM REGIONS: World

RIGHTS – world rights are available, all languages, and audio, film/tv and large print. Geoff’s previous book, Watch My Back, sold over 100,000 copies and was translated into five languages.

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD The Handbook for Social Entrepreneurs


Change is possible – and this is your pathway to achieving it.

• One of the world’s bestselling authors in leadership, management and business

• 3-time winner of the coveted CMI Gold Award

• Founder of eight successful NGOs • A groundbreaking system for making genuine change a reality

Quotes on Jo’s work:

A must read for all leaders: private, public and third sector.

Professor Sonia Blandford, Founder and CEO, Achievement for All


veryone has an idea which could help to change the world. How to Change the World shows how you can turn your dream into reality.

PUB DATE: October 15th 2020 ISBN: 978-1-912666-81-2 PRICE: £12.99/$19.95 EXTENT: 256 Pages DIMENSIONS: Trade paperback ILLUSTRATIONS: 30 line/photos CATEGORY: Contemporary reference BIC CODE: JF, JFM, JFF, JFH REGIONS: World

Challenging the top ten myths of the not-for-profit sector, bestselling author Jo Owen shows how you genuinely can make a positive difference in the world. Challenging common thinking in the sector and provoking debate, the book provides a concrete agenda for changing the world, encapsulated by the unique IPM2 (IPM squared) agenda:

• I: Idea and impact • P: People and partnerships • M: Money and machine Finally, there is an additional magical M: minds.

A tour de force, ambitious and resolutely practical – the very essence of leadership.

Sharath Jeevan, CEO of STIR Education

JO OWEN has worked with over 100 of the best, and a couple of the worst, organisations on our planet. He is a founder of eight NGOs which have a collective turnover of £100 million annually. He led businesses in Japan, North America and Europe; he created a business bank; he was a partner at Accenture and is one of the founders of Teach First which is now the largest graduate recruiter in the UK. His career highlights include: • putting the blue speckle in Daz • becoming the best nappy salesman in Birmingham • getting sued for $12 billion (when a billion was worth something) He also worked with tribes over fifteen years across the world to discover how they survive and succeed, and what businesses can learn from them.

Jo Owen gets right to the heart of what great managers do and gives you the skills to practise so that you can become great.

Jo is the only person to win the CMI gold award three times for his books. He has written eighteen books on leadership and management which run to over 100 global editions. His titles include How to Lead, Global Teams, Tribal Business School and the Mindset of Success.

James Toop, Chief Executive, Teaching Leader

Jo is in demand as a keynote conference speaker and a coach. You can see videos and other material on leadership at his site on www.ilead.guru, and you can contact him at jo@ilead.guru

RIGHTS – world rights are available, all languages, and audio, film/tv and large print. Jo’s previous books have been translated into more than ten languages and have sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Remember, when you connect with another computer, you’re connecting to every computer that computer has connected to.

Dennis Miller


his book isn’t about cybersecurity, it’s about life. Specifically, connected life in the 21st century. It’s about the behaviours we need to change and the threats we need to be aware of to ensure that we can keep ourselves and our families as safe as possible in the new connected world. We are the pioneers in connectivity and this world is evolving in a way that none of us has ever seen before. This book will cover elements of 21st century life which will be familiar to all consumers – from social media, to email hacking, to content theft, to connected devices and even connected cars. It will steer clear of just dryly delivering facts but will use true anecdotes to tell stories of the dangers of connectivity to us all, every day, and how we can make simple changes to live our connected lives more safely.

• Honest, jargon-free advice on how to keep your data safe in an increasingly complex digital world

• Topical and engaging examples from

SCAMS, SECURITY AND OVER-SHARING Controlling your information and staying safe online

JON WHITE is a senior PR and marketing professional within the technology sector. He has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world which deal with consumer data and provide global mass market consumer technology services. His experience of crisis communications and media engagement within these organisations, combined with his training and background in journalism, make him a unique advisor on the cybersecurity journey for everyday consumers.

across the consumer, digital and corporate worlds

• Covers everything from passwords to talking assistants, phishing to social media

PUB DATE: October 29th 2020 ISBN: 978-1-912666-90-4


PRICE: £12.99/$19.95 EXTENT: 256 Pages DIMENSIONS: Trade paperback ILLUSTRATIONS: 30 line/photos CATEGORY: Popular reference, IT BIC CODE: UD, URD, URH REGIONS: World

RIGHTS – world rights are available, all languages, and audio, film/tv and large print.

THE BRAIN ALWAYS WINS Developing Successful Mind Management


I can highly recommend this book if you want to learn more about the secrets of the brain, and how to unlock these secrets to achieve a more healthful and

fulfilling life.

- Dr Jonathan Peake PUB DATE: April 16th 2020 ISBN: 978-1-912666-73-7 PRICE: £12.99/$19.95 EXTENT: 240 Pages DIMENSIONS: Trade paperback ILLUSTRATIONS: 30 full colour CATEGORY: Self help/Psychology BIC CODE: VS/VSPM REGIONS: World


Includes a Foreword by Google co-founde r Larry Page

ow fully revised, The Brain Always Wins is the practical guide to improving your life through better brain management. It is based on one simple fact: Our brain controls and determines everything we do! How we perceive, understand and respond to the world, how we survive, adapt and communicate, how we learn and remember, the decisions we make and the emotions we feel - all are determined by our amazing brain. We have to take care of our brain because it takes care of us - and the great news is that we can!

JOHN is a leading sports scientist and one of the top sports psychologists in the US. His specialities include human performance technology, central nervous system measurement/assessment, recovery training, talent identification, concussion assessment and rehabilitation, and mental health concerns. He has spent 15 years working with the NFL and has provided clinical sport psychology and sport science support to numerous Super Bowl teams and champions. Alongside working with the NFL, John also works as a consultant to the US Special Forces, providing oversight on welfare, recovery, cognitive abilities and performance. He has also consulted internationally within British Premier League football and Premiership rugby and has co-authored chapters of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Sports Medicine Manual.

CHRIS PARKER began his study of interpersonal and intrapersonal communications in 1976. It became a lifelong study that has underpinned four decades of work in a variety of professional roles and contexts. A Licensed Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Chris is a highly experienced management trainer, business consultant, lecturer and writer. He has provided training in communications and influence for a wide range of clients including blue-chip organisations, Local Education Authorities, public and private leisure providers, sportsmen and women, politicians, actors and healthcare professionals. He has taught on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes throughout the UK and Europe and has worked with many individuals to help create personal and/or professional change.

In this fully revised new edition, the authors have updated the examples to include the latest scientific research and data, as well as including a full range of new practical PROCESS activities and recommendations. In The Brain Always Wins, John Sullivan and Chris Parker combine science and storytelling, teaching us all how to create our own personalized brain management process. So if you want to improve any - or all - aspects of your life, from personal to professional and anything in-between, The Brain Always Wins will show you how. RIGHTS - world rights, with the exception of India, are available, all languages. Audio rights have been sold. Film/tv and large print available.

What an inspiration! I love that we can become better leaders by understanding our animal selves through the natural world.

- Chris Baréz-Brown, Motivator, Founder of Upping Your Elvis and author


-stinctive is an inspirational book that can be read in a day and applied immediately to develop yourself and others. Written by successful Executive and Leadership Facilitator, Rosie Tomkins, the book introduces better ways to lead and deliver a competitive edge in today’s fastmoving, increasingly disconnected and uncertain world. As an alternative to traditional methods, Rosie unlocks the power of the natural world to provide strength and confidence to people who are shouldering huge responsibility.

ROSIE TOMKINS is the creator of the

concept of Natural Intelligence (NQ) and is the founder of Natural Capital Consultants Limited in the United Kingdom. She is a dedicated and passionate business entrepreneur, management consultant and sportswoman. Rosie is currently building her Natural Intelligence brand and is about to launch a new marketing campaign in both the UK and USA to enhance her brand and pave the way for the publication of her book to make an impact in the world and a greater contribution to our future.

The book helps individuals and teams to thrive and flourish by re-connecting with their own innate strengths and beliefs - the secret ingredient to performing at the top of their game and achieve outstanding personal and business success.

• Introduces the cutting edge theory of Natural Intelligence and Liberated Leadership


• Unique new team assessment method not available anywhere else

• Demonstrates the impact and profound ease of the Nature Factor; natural leadership experienced through the body first

The power of natural intelligence


• Reminds humanity of the success of

PUB DATE: February 20th 2020 ISBN: 978-1-912666-65-2 PRICE: £12.99/$19.95

our collaborative herd mentality, not the alpha male mentality of dog eat dog perpetuated by business Discover your N-stinctive power and become a better leader today!

EXTENT: 274 Pages DIMENSIONS: Trade paperback ILLUSTRATIONS: 30 line CATEGORY: Business leadership BIC CODE: KJMB, KJ,KJC REGIONS: World

RIGHTS - world rights are available, all languages. Audio, film/tv and large print available.

I made the natural choice to work with N-stinctive: to firstly, bring my team together in a new and profound way; and secondly, because I wanted to take my clients to another level, in terms of what they are experiencing with their leadership and their ability to bring their own teams together.

Jo Martin, Women’s Leadership Expert and Founder of One of Many

Shaz has allowed us to focus on the things that really matter in the business. His detailed, analytical and probing questions challenge you to think about the things that make a difference.

Jan Richardson, Managing Director, Total Promotions Ltd


unique, honest and engaging book that gives every entrepreneur the six stages to a successful business.

The Entrepreneur’s Cookbook offers a genuine - and relevant - alternative to the myriad business ‘tips’ titles that exist, delivering practical advice for every reader. Entrepreneurs and small business owners want to know what others have actually DONE to tackle challenges and bring profitable success. They don’t need indecipherable and impractical theory; they need advice and goals and they want to know how they can implement these points in their business to drive profitable success. Many books can be intimidating for a reader who isn’t steeped in business experience, but The Entrepreneur’s Cookbook will be the platform and guide they need on their path to business success.

• Think differently about your small


ENTREPRENEUR’S COOKBOOK Essential Measures for Business Success


business … and radically improve growth, success and profitability

• Shaz Nawaz is featured in The Times, Guardian, Radio 4, Independent, FT, Mirror, AccountingWeb and Telegraph, amongst others

• Unique design for easily accessible tips & advice

PUB DATE: May 26th 2020 ISBN: 978-1-912666-85-0

SHAZ NAWAZ BA MA ACA, known as The Profits Wizard, is a business consultant who has led thousands of businesses to greater growth and profit in all sectors. He is motivated by sharing the powerful lessons he’s learned along the way, the secrets that are now making his clients so successful, which he also shares as a much sought after keynote speaker and workshop leader. Over the past 14 years, Shaz’s clients are enjoying more than £100 million in extra turnover generated as a result of his advice. In addition to this coaching and consultancy Shaz also runs four other businesses of his own: an accountancy practice, a property business, a day nursery and a credit hire business. Giving back is as important to Shaz as making money. With the charity Buy1GIVE1, he has created a million giving impacts, with examples such as a day’s water for a child in Ethiopia. He is also working to eliminate homelessness in Peterborough; he is a Young Enterprise “Dragon”, and he mentors business people with severe learning difficulties. Shaz and his work have featured in such media as: The Financial Times; BBC Radio 4; The Guardian; The Independent on Sunday; The Telegraph; The Times; The Sun; The Daily Mirror.

PRICE: £12.99/$19.95 EXTENT: 208 Pages DIMENSIONS: 198x129 paperback ILLUSTRATIONS: 30 line CATEGORY: Business BIC CODE: KJH, KJM,KJC REGIONS: World

RIGHTS - world rights are available, all languages. Audio, film/tv and large print available.

SECOND CIRCLE The Science and Art of Social Impact Assessment


Capturing a small piece of insight from this worldleading guru on evaluation is a gift, but an entire book… what a treat.

Rachel Goldwyn, Senior Conflict Adviser, World Food Programme

With over 20 years’ experience in evaluation and corporate social responsibility, Emery’s expertise is focused on the evaluation of initiatives undertaken in complex environments. After a brief career in UN humanitarian missions in Iraq, Bosnia, Sudan and Rwanda, he became an evaluation consultant in 1994, working for Governments, the UN and NGOs, and progressively developing assessments for the private sector. In 1998 he established Channel Research, which he sold to GRM International, now Palladium, in 2014. He is now the Managing Director of Social Terrain. Emery is a French national and a graduate of Yale University and the London School of Economics.

social responsibility, and why now, more than ever, everyone needs to engage with this compelling, essential and challenging issue.

• Unique case studies with some of the world’s biggest and best known charities, corporations and NGOs

S PUB DATE: June 4th 2020 ISBN: 978-1-912666-77-5 PRICE: £14.99/$21.95 EXTENT: 304 Pages DIMENSIONS: Royal paperback ILLUSTRATIONS: 30 line CATEGORY: Business, social science BIC CODE: KJG, KJK,JFF REGIONS: World

econd Circle brings a unique and innovative subject matter to life with passion and excitement, communicating the way in which we can better understand the social consequences of aid interventions, of peace initiatives, and of industrial investment. The book will give readers not just another manual on evaluations, but offer a bold, original and compelling overview of how to carry out evaluations and impact assessments - and what it means in terms of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Packed with international case studies and invaluable personal experiences, the book delivers an honest, forthright and engaging explanation of

Social Terrain is a social enterprise, which supports projects that deal with specific societal risks.

• Examples from across the Western and developing world

• Social responsibility a key strategic factor for global businesses and a growing buzz topic

Our motto:

« Ne pas subir » (‘suffer not’)

RIGHTS - world rights are available, all languages. Audio, film/tv and large print available.

demonstrates our will to seek actively positive on the ground solutions.

THE POWER OF WORDS The art of successful communication



his is a groundbreaking business book that teaches how to use words and associated body language to influence self and others to achieve desired business outcomes. Focusing on interpersonal and intrapersonal communication in a range of formal and informal business situations and roles, the book provides easy-to-follow training in the development of the attitudes and skills needed to influence positively and powerfully.

• Written in a uniquely engaging style • Combines the latest scientific research

CHRIS PARKER has been studying and practising interpersonal and intrapersonal communication since 1976. He has provided training in communication and influencing strategies and skills to a wide range of national and international clients. He currently lectures at Nottingham Trent University. He is the author of 15 books including the critically acclaimed 101 Communication Tips for Managers, Campaign It!, The Brain Always Wins and The Diego Masciaga Way. He lives in Nottingham.

with relevant tips and examples on communication techniques

• Includes a groundbreaking section on the value of meditation in developing communication strengths

• Already in use on a number of Masters courses in the UK and being trialled in a national organisation

I began reading Chris Parker twenty years ago. He was amazing then. He is amazing now.

- Geoff Thompson, BAFTA Award Winner.

PUB DATE: November 5th 2020 ISBN: 978-1-912666-83-6 PRICE: £12.99/$14.95 EXTENT: 256 Pages DIMENSIONS: Trade paperback ILLUSTRATIONS: 30 line/cartoons CATEGORY: Communication BIC CODE: KJP, KJN, CB REGIONS: World

RIGHTS - world rights, with the exception of India, are available, all languages. Audio rights have been sold. Film/tv and large print available.

“Words have power because they always create an effect. That effect can be positive or negative, accidental or planned. The challenge we all face if we are to make the most of our life experience – both personal and professional - is to use words deliberately and well so that:

environments and our self positively and respectfully Clearly defined outcomes A range of skills underpinned by specific beliefs, attitudes and knowledge Used brilliantly, words have the power to:

• Build trusting, mutually beneficial relationships a) we influence only as intended and with integrity, building relationships that • Underpin and promote business growth are productive, positive and powerful • Empower leaders b) we create and maintain environments • Enable education and healing that nurture, challenge and support in • Encourage and develop creativity appropriate measure and style • Gain support for change c) we set and achieve the most • Overcome personal and professional meaningful personal and professional challenges. goals. To do this continually we need 3 things: The desire to influence others, our

Discover the Power of Words for yourself!”


A terrific debut thriller set in the film world, written by someone who clearly has worked in it… if you want a fast-paced stand out different thriller, I can’t recommend Fall-Out enough. I loved it.

Emma Forbes, Broadcaster

A page-turning, jaw-dropping thriller of action and surprise. A riveting debut.

--Damien Lewis, international bestselling author


n LA screenwriter is killed shortly after completing his latest script, FALL OUT - a thriller destined to be a blockbuster but written with a secret double purpose. PUB DATE: 21st May 2020 ISBN: 9781912666751 PRICE: £8.99/$14.95 EXTENT: 288 Pages DIMENSIONS: B format paperback CATEGORY: Thriller, crime & mystery fiction BIC CODE: FH, FF REGIONS: World

Echoing events from the past the screenplay is sent to a very specific group of people and will change their lives forever. All are connected to a movie that had abruptly stopped shooting in the jungles of the Philippines years before. FALL OUT exposes the truth about a conspiracy and murder that led to a halfa-billion-dollar fortune for a select few.

Follow the story of Producer Marcus Riley, who sets out on an increasingly dangerous quest to get FALL OUT made. From a powerful Agent’s office in Hollywood, hidden treasures in Belgravia and a remote chalet in the Swiss Alps to murder at the Cannes Film Festival, Marcus teams up with designer Melinda (Mako) de Turris as they and the other recipients of the screenplay are pursued by an assassin from the past.

MARK GRENSIDE began his working career at Lloyds of London, specializing in Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance. At 25 it was time for a career change and he started his media career working for Jim Henson and The Muppets™. He went on to create and produce a number of television series and miniseries. At the same time he started a music management company launching million seller artist Neneh Cherry. He is now a co-founder of seed to shelf CBD producer Dragonfly Biosciences (www.dragonflybiosciences. com) and a founder in two separate digital companies. He lives with his wife, a pug and a French bulldog in Malta.

With clues cleverly concealed in the screenplay, Marcus and Mako unravel a lethal puzzle that for some will bring death, others the truth and ends in a cave with a shocking secret.....

• The Player meets Get Shorty in this thrilling debut from Mark Grenside.

• Based on a notorious true story from the LA film industry

RIGHTS - world rights are available, all languages. Audio, film/tv and large print available.

Taut, pacy and simply unputdownable!

- Jane Issac, bestselling author of the DCI Helen Lavery crime fiction series

Anne Coates has written another winner.

- Ray Clark, bestselling author of the IMP series


PUB DATE: 6th February 2020 ISBN: 9781912666676 PRICE: £8.99/$14.95 EXTENT: 288 Pages DIMENSIONS: B format paperback CATEGORY: Thriller, women’s fiction BIC CODE: FH, FA REGIONS: World

and loss linked to children who went missing after the Second World War. Have those children returned now? Once again Hannah finds herself embroiled in a deadly mystery, a mystery complicated by the murder of Harry Peters, the brother of Lucy, one of the residents of Cardboard City she had become friendly with. It soon becomes clear Lucy is protecting secrets of her own. What is Lucy’s link to the murders and can Hannah discover the truth before the killer strikes again? Anne Coates’ gripping thriller is the perfect read for fans of Emma Tallon, K.L.Slater and Laura Marshall.

Born in Clapham, Anne returned to London after graduating and has remained there ever since. Telling stories is Anne’s first love and nearly all her short fiction and novels begin with a real event followed by a ‘what if ...’ That is also the case with the two prizewinning 99Fiction.net stories: Codewords and Eternal Love. Perdition’s Child is her fourth Hannah Weybridge thriller following Dancers in the Wind, Death’s Silent Judgement and Songs of Innocence.



ulwich library is the scene of a baffling murder, followed swiftly by another in Manchester, the victims linked by nothing other than their Australian nationality. Police dismiss the idea of a serial killer, but journalist Hannah Weybridge isn’t convinced. She is drawn into an investigation in which more Australian men are killed as they try to trace their British families. Her research reveals past horrors and present sadness,





RIGHTS - world rights are available, with the exception of the Italian language. Film/tv and large print available.


LIZ COWLEY & DONOUGH O’BRIEN have authored many different books both together and separately. Liz has written novels and had great success with her many poetry books including A Red Dress (Foreword by Joanna Lumley) & Outside in my Dressing Gown. Donough served as an officer in the Irish Guards and has written military history books as well as several novels with Liz. He is also the co-author of thriller Peace Breaks Out with the late Robin Hardy, director of The Wicker Man.


D ‘

From my own experience as a former prisoner I found Locked in Fear an entirely credible story of high drama behind bars. The terrifying ‘Big Mack’ and his murderous drug accomplices are all too realistic. Written with verve and page-turning excitement.

PUB DATE: 19 March 2020 ISBN: 9781912666690 PRICE: £8.99/$14.95 EXTENT: 288 Pages DIMENSIONS: B format paperback CATEGORY: Thriller, crime & mystery fiction BIC CODE: FH, FF REGIONS: World th

- The Reverend Jonathan Aitken, Prison Chaplain.

etective Inspector Robin Marshal - now in retirement - is nearly killed by a stranger. His friend Alice, a police psychiatrist, discovers that the murder attempt was almost certainly ordered by a terrifying criminal, `Big Mack’, currently incarcerated in a notoriously violent prison. There his criminal kingdom controls not only the inmates, but many of the guards. When Alice goes to work in the prison to find out more, she, too, becomes a target. Under pressure from an outraged public and with political concern rising, the authorities try to put a stop to Big Mack’s activities. But everyone is under threat when he is suddenly at large following a murderous escape. How can this evil kingpin be stopped? Locked in Fear is a gripping read perfect for fans of JD Kirk, Rob Ashman and Joy Ellis.

ISBN-13: 978-1911129455 £8.99

Previous novel Serial Damage longlisted for the CWA and Crimefest awards.

RIGHTS - world rights are available, all languages. Audio, film/tv and large print available.


Worry Less is Jeremy and wife Georgina’s impassioned attempt to get people everywhere to focus on worrying less and turning negatives into positives to lead a healthier, happier life. Georgina is a certified group fitness instructor and runs regular mobile exercise classes in Battersea Park. Her work has been featured on Channel 4.

The only known cure for modern living


Worry Less is a revolutionary book designed to help people take the negatives of life and turn them into positives. PUB DATE: 12th November 2020 ISBN: 978-1-912666-92-8 PRICE: £8.99 EXTENT: 128 Pages DIMENSIONS: B format colour paperback ILLUSTRATIONS: 30 line and photos CATEGORY: popular psychology, self help Mindfulness, mental health BIC CODE: VFJS, V, VS REGIONS: World


ollowing on from the bestselling Eat Less, Jeremy and Georgina JacksonSytner have produced the ultimate ‘help self’ book to combat the stresses of modern life. Worry Less is packed with essential doses of information that help you, the reader not simply worry less but learn how to control worry before worry controls you. Informative and motivational, the underlying message is very serious, but the manner in which it is delivered is never preachy and is easily absorbed. Worry Less offers practical advice on the life-changing benefits that learning how to control worry can bring to everyone. This is the book the drug industry doesn’t want you to read!

• Worry Less really works - a habitchanging lifestyle that can help millions of people maintain a healthier outlook when faced with modern stresses

• The perfect book to bring awareness of

ISBN-13: 978-1912666171

Eat Less is NOT a diet book. It doesn’t read like a diet book or look like a diet book. Eat Less is an anti-obesity manifesto.

the importance of mental health to a broader audience

• Follow up to the bestselling Eat Less

RIGHTS - world rights are available, all languages. Audio, film/tv and large print available.

Managing Director

Publishing Director

Kerry-Jane Lowery

Matthew Smith

Kerry-Jane believes that she has found with Urbane the perfect outlet for her creativity, global outlook and her love of words. Publishing the works of new and accomplished writers and business leaders will capitalise on her unusual and varied life experiences and international career. She is a published author of a book on particle physics for CERN, launched by Brian Cox in 2008. She was the editorial manager of a Swiss glossy and a Canadian power sports e-magazine, and has edited several other authors. Kerry-Jane is bilingual French and speaks Spanish and German. She grew up in Portugal and Switzerland and has lived on every continent (bar Australia and Antarctica), often in extreme environments due to her humanitarian work for the ICRC. She has worked with prisoners of war, genociders, paramilitary groups, hostages, displaced populations and victims of violence. These experiences have given her a broad understanding of the human condition, so important in literature and business, and provided a foundation stone for her career in publishing.

Matthew is a publishing professional with over 25 years experience of discovering, creating, producing and selling books and developing valuable content. Matthew has commissioned, consulted on and published over 3,000 titles, spanning print and digital content in global trade, academic, education and business markets. He has been a Waterstones department manager, highly successful commissioning editor, packager, and director, in a career that has spanned both ‘big’ companies such as Pearson and Hodder Headline, and leading independents, including Routledge and Kogan Page. From page-turning ebook bestsellers to full-colour ‘coffee table’ titles, Matthew has published across a huge range of genres and formats. His reputation – and one that is promoted throughout the Urbane ethos – is founded on achieving joint targets, strategic, creative and commercial, through proactive collaboration. But first and foremost Matthew is an avid reader, giving him the desire to always enable the author’s voice – and give every story a readership. Perhaps one day Matthew will even write his own book. Maybe.

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Urbane Publications 2020 Catalogue  

The team at Urbane is committed to editorial excellence, high-quality production and to bringing its books and authors to the reading world...

Urbane Publications 2020 Catalogue  

The team at Urbane is committed to editorial excellence, high-quality production and to bringing its books and authors to the reading world...