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Banyan Eco Oasis Destination Resort Popareng (North Sulawesi) National Reserve Strategic Approach 2013-2015

ASEAN greatest wildlife game park, flora & fauna reserve

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Banyan Eco Oasis Destination Resort Popareng (North Sulawesi) National Reserve Smart Sustainable Opportunities and Challenges BRIDGING sustainable development in Asia Pacific Banyan Eco Oasis is a destination resort that puts the customer first and delivers service second to none.

Beyond Bali North Sulawesi is the Eco Oasis gateway of Indonesia recognised as the premier destination for Flora and Fauna in the heart of the Coral Triangle. Described as the ‘cradle of evolution’ astride of the renowned Wallacea line, the region is the leading hub for eco-tourism. Sam Ratulangi International Airport links Asian countries for access with some of the finest and memorable encounters of wildlife in natural settings. The Banyan Eco Destinations Resort comprises an amphitheater of leisure with boundaries of a private residential estate. Refreshed by the bountiful trade winds associated with the fabulous spice islands Banyan Eco Oasis Destination Resort enjoys a relaxing, predictable micro climate bathed by the warm waters of the Sulawesi Seas. A veritable ‘Garden of Eden’ where visitors can experience a simpler place in time! Sustainability isn't the burden on bottom lines that executives perceive it to be. In becoming environment friendly this can lower your costs and increase your revenues. Sustainability managed right can become a touchstone for all innovation.

Yayasan Royal Melbourne are the estate management development group recognised for their high international standards and adhering to sustainable outcomes including: • Architecture - ultra low energy buildings • Citizen lifestyle - excellent knowledge of green & good green behaviours • Community development-continuous improvement of standard of living • Variables - internal organisations support • Waste management - zero waste/re-use/recycling • Heat island effect - carbon neutral - comfort zone • Land conservation - zero water erosion, zero land pollution, improvement of soil quality • Water conservations - safe drinking water supply, healthy aquatic ecosystem • Energy conservation - continuous energy reduction, renewable energy resources • Urban farming - improvement of relationship between community and urban farming citizen and living environment To attain public private partnerships with leading academic institutions The Regent of South Minahasa and Indonesian Ministry of Tourism will enable the destination resort to become a Bunaken 2 Maritime Park and Marine Sanctuary without Equal in the Pacific Rim. The Integrated resort encompasses two exclusive Eco Lodges adjacent to international standard leisure facilities including a 18 hole golf course, Eco marine park, international wellness centre and research and development facilities to cover coastal maritime, forest, land and ocean

Facilities & Services Regular scheduled flights to Sam Ratulangi International Airport from ASEAN Regions and from Indonesia with over 50 flight arrivals a day. The nearby extended runway provincial new Mangindan International airport is also suitable for charter flights and landing of scheduled wide body planes from Jakarta. Facilities includes a traditional Minihasa village providing traditional arts and crafts from the region and entertainment in the well equipped history and heritage centre focussed on this fascinating region and its historic significance of the evolution of the Spice Islands and Dutch East Indies.

Safari Tour packages • Day Trips to Tomohon/Lake Tondano Region • Day trips on fast hydro craft to Bunaken maritime Park. • Big game Fishing and Fish Farm Tours • Farm park and Native Forest Tours • Flora and fauna Day and Night safaris. • Sustainable Hunting and Fishing across region. • Scuba Diving and Extreme Sports • Water sports and Snorkelling • Regional Dishes with Seafood cuisine served at special locations in private Club Warouw Island




Mission  To identify foot-path of various development, an integrated concept of eco-tourism eco-marine, national park, wild life . preservation, Game Park, tropical science centre, rehabilitation centre and education facility

Vision  Banyan Eco Oasis Destination Resort (BEOR) will become a self-sufficient center (meaning generating income through revenue and to profile social environmental values as well as social responsibility . to the world)

 BEOR will be proportionally developed in partnership with inter national and national alliances, providing common perception to the BEOR strategic plan 2015.

 To highlight BEOR as niche destination in joint marketing and promotion with other countries, such as Seychelles and STB (Seychelles Tourism Board) with 12 offices throughout the world.

 To identify an inter-governmental forum with member countries of

Warouw National Reserve Strategic Approahc 2013-2015 • Kabupaten South Miniahasa North Sulawesi , Indonesia

those who possess tigers.

Wild Life Adventure Program


 Eco-marine Resort

 Domestic & International Tour and Corporate Group and/or Expatriate from Jakarta

 National Park Conservation

 Medium upper group tourist from Jakarta and extended tourism from neighboring countries

 Wild Life Safari  1 to 2 days adventure with average cost of USD 500.00 to USD 1,500.00 per pax.

Facility & Service  Flight Charter from Jakarta to Popareng North Sulawesi and return for minimum 20 passengers.  Safari Bush Tent based on double occupancy (quality standard of African Bushtec) with private butler to attend to each tent .  Elevated restaurant for lunch with occasion to observe tiger and alternative for breakfast .  Outdoor barbeque and bar for evening inclusive with traditional culture .  Breakfast by the bush or river side with standard tropical breakfast.  Local Native Village & traditional craft, souvenir shop Extension / Optional: (subject to demand)  One Day helicopters to Lake Tondano and Tomahon Volcano lunch on the Mountain slopes  Half day helicopters to Bunaken Maritime Park  Special Cuisine dine and wine at exclusive Warouw Tropical Resort Island  Sailing, fishing on traditional boat  Snorkeling and diving

02 Warouw National Reserve Strategic Approahc 2013-2015 • Kabupaten South Miniahasa North Sulawesi , Indonesia


Game Park



 Responsible Hunting

 Hunting Club both domestic and international affiliated members.

 Adventure Discovery

 Adventure, cross country, camping group both domestic and international affiliated members.

Facility & Service  Guest House and Club House  Experience program leader and trainer  Adequate jeep and caravan  Butler to attend to the group


04 Warouw National Reserve Strategic Approahc 2013-2015 • Kabupaten South Miniahasa North Sulawesi , Indonesia

Tropical Science Centre twnc science centre Program  International R & D on tropical bio-diversity  Sulawesi Seas Centre for Climate Change, Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre  Centre of Excellence for Renewable Resource

Target  Partnership program with renown pharmaceuticals from domestic or international such as Kimia Farma, Rhone Pholenc, Pharos or Pfizer or from P.R.of China to establish tropical natural laboratory featuring herbal, bio-diversity and bio-habitat (insects, reptiles), plants etc.  Climate Change observation centre collaboration with international organization

Facility & Service  Botanical Garden, specifically to introduce the bio-diversity of tropical plants, insect, butterfly, reptile, bird  Educational Tour for school children both from domestic and international  Involved national and international academic and scientist  International Science Centre networks

 Disaster Management Research Centre for Sulawesi and Pacific Oceans as part of Pacific Ocean resilience campaign for early warning, mitigation and rehabilitation

06 Warouw National Reserve Strategic Approahc 2013-2015 • Kabupaten South Miniahasa North Sulawesi , Indonesia

Rehabilitation Centre conservatory rejuvenation centre Program  Healing and recuperation centre for drug addiction alliance  Rejuvenation and Relief Centre for non-alliance


Facility & Service

 Healing Centre for Addiction

 Medical consultation and facility

 Stress Relief and Trauma Recuperation

 Sanatorium Building

Health meditation, yoga, spiritual care  International Class Spa with Body Rejuvenation Package for men and women

08 Warouw National Reserve Strategic Approahc 2013-2015 • Kabupaten South Miniahasa North Sulawesi , Indonesia

 Therapy Centre for work out and revitalization and recovery  International brand spa who can genuinely appreciate pure and simply life style, sleeping time, meditation, water aerobics, scenic atmosphere, organic food diet, adaptable to weather for rejuvenation, purification, regeneration and cleansing to address many diseases; and a follow up therapeutic plan to continue your-self healing when you return home.

Education Facility Program  Maritime economy International Polyhtechnic  Pacific Ocean Fishery R & D Centre

Target  International Polytechnic and Technology Expert Centre for Marine Economy, to strengthen the cooperation between fishery institution at the Pacific Ocean

Facility & Service  Domestic and International Students to learn about maritime economy, fishing, processing, tropical species and under water life  Campus and Dormitory for national and international students or professors

10 Warouw National Reserve Strategic Approahc 2013-2015 • Kabupaten South Miniahasa North Sulawesi , Indonesia

GTO ‘Global Tiger Observation’ Program  Sharing the sumatera tiger behavior and interaction which trigger manner of aggression  Best practice in breeding of sumatera tiger  Stimulation of young sumatera tiger back to its natural habitat and monitoring  Community awareness to care and preserve sumatera tiger

Target  International Alliance of 14 countries where tigers can still be found, which are The Tiger Range Countries (TRC) – 13 countries where tigers still roam free : Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, P. R. China, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and North-Korea. whilst the only country listed which has not ratified CITES. (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

Facility & Service  Intergovernmental non-profit organization to help prevent the extinction of wild tigers. Membership from accredited public and  private sector  Country, geography, environmental and social issues where tiger exist  Role of national governments, local governments & agencies responsible for the well being of the tigers and their habitat  Data the actual tigers that live in each country  Invite all tiger foundation or any other tiger conservation group to work closely  Achieve long term acquaintance for tiger survival

03 Warouw National Reserve Strategic Approahc 2013-2015 • Kabupaten South Miniahasa North Sulawesi , Indonesia

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