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ANNUAL REPORT 2009 - 2010

of the park for the addition of a small amusement park for children which could include a miniature golf circuit. The park is growing in popularity as a venue for special events and this additional revenue along with other existing and planned revenue centres is needed to offset the cost of maintaining this green space. Events hosted during the year included a Seafood Festival and the annual Tree Lighting ceremony.

CRAFT MARKETS The UDC is presently working on the outline of an Artisan Village for the property at Shaw Park South which would consolidate and incorporate all the existing markets being managed by SADCO. This is in keeping with the Ministry of Tourism’s plan to implement an Artisan Village concept in all the major tourism centres.

ROARING RIVER ESTATE Management of the Roaring River Estate continued during the financial year. The property is over 1,100 acres and much of this is watershed area. SADCO has proposed the refurbishing of the great house on the property to create a tour which will be marketed primarily to the cruise ship market as a “Taste of Old Jamaica” with a traditional plantation tea house offering a taste of Jamaica’s indigenous fruits and spices. The successful implementation of which will diversify the attractions revenue stream and defray the significant cost of maintaining the great house.


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