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Agreement was entered into with caterers, From Thought to Finish, to provide food and beverage service for all events held at the Centre. This arrangement was predicated on the completion of the kitchen works. However, significant budgetary cuts impacted aspects of the proposed refurbishing works in regard to the kitchen. Consequently, the Centre has continued to operate with limited bookings in keeping with the capabilities of the facilities and equipment of the kitchen which has decreased the earning potential of the Centre.

The refurbishing exercise conducted during the review period included:

1. Re-carpeting of all

the Conference

and Caucus rooms

2. Repairs to Delegates

3. Installation of storm

Dining Room


4. Installation of

Aluminum doors

5. Termite treatment

6. Hard and soft landscaping

7. Repairs to Harbour Lounge


Members of staff of the Jamaica Conference Centre – l-r: June Martin, Nicholette Wade, Doreen Blake, Shelly Byroo, Simone Dillon and Annmarie Dixon

8. Refurbishing of some furniture

Total revenue generated this year was $ 35,314,441, a significant increase compared to the previous period. This was due mainly to the continual rental earnings from the use of Caucus Rooms as Civil Court. In addition, Conference packages, where clients were able to make payment for meeting rooms and food and beverage costs in one package were reintroduced. The revenue information depicted in the following graphs include income from food and beverage.


ANNUAL REPORT 2009 - 2010

Subsequent to the 15th Session of the International Seabed Authority Meetings held in 2009, an Interim

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