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4 eco parent: Small Green Thumbs: Container Gardening for Toddlers 6 mom self care: Post-Baby Emotional Roller-coaster: From The Blues to ‘Pure Bliss’ 8 celebrity dad: Todd Talbot 11 nutrition: A Whole New Spin on Eating Veggies! 12 parenting: Family Time: Quantity vs. Quality

l et te r f ro m th e In this edition, we salute all dads. Read all about our Celebrity Dad – Vancouver’s own Todd Talbot, co-host of the popular television series Love It or List It Vancouver on page 8-9. Thinking about sending your child to camp this summer? Read our informative article on page 22-23 about the many ways children can benefit from the experience. Dealing with limited outdoor space but long to have a garden? Check out our article on Container Gardening for Toddlers for numerous tips. Looking for ideas on how to make your children eat more veggies? Look no further.


Read our article on page 11 to learn valuable techniques. If your family is looking to vacation close to home this summer, consider venturing to the spectacular Tofino area of Vancouver Island. Remember to keep your smartphone and/ or camera handy when venturing out with your family. Enter our Active Family Photo Contest to win some fabulous prizes including a weekend stay at Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. Details on page 13 and on our website. Have a safe and fabulous summer! As always we value your feedback. Send your emails to the editor at editor@urbanbaby.ca


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16 learning: Sensory Activities: Help Your Child Explore a World of Wonder 18 family travel: A Tofino Family Vacation: The Ideal Island Getaway 20 UrbanMarket: Products & Promotions 22 education: Seven Reasons Summer Camps are Good for Your Child 24 parenting: Q & A: Solve Problems Proactively: Try Talks, Visuals and Reassurances

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e co p a re n t

| by Lindsay Nieminen

Small Green Thumbs: Container Gardening for Toddlers

With more and younger families buying condos, townhouses and houses with small backyards, the thought of having a garden may no longer seem feasible. Yet there is a solution. Container gardening can be an effective way to grow beautifully-coloured flowers, vegetables and herbs. Consider this option when outdoor space is limited (smaller decks and backyards). Make gardening a fun afternoon activity for your toddler. Give them something they can grow and harvest for the family dinner table or flowers they can water and nourish.

Getting Started

Select some pots in assorted sizes for your plants. Generally, the larger the better, as more soil will help keep the plants well-fed and watered. Get creative. Remember anything that can hold soil and water can become a pot. Consider planting marigolds in a rain boot that your child has grown out of. Ensure the pots have good drainage or a deep base for soil. Shovels and watering cans make gardening fun for your children. And they will love having their own work gloves too! Decide whether you want to plant bulbs; transplant flowers; plant seeds or buy pre-planted veggies and herbs for your container garden. Often the time of year will dictate your options. Head over to a local nursery for some valuable tips. Make sure to get your children involved from the start. Ask them what they would like to grow. If they are involved in the choice,

4 | www.urbanbaby.ca | summer 2016

they are more likely to help out and be more engaged in caring for the plants and watching them grow. Does your daughter love yellow flowers? Consider purchasing sunflower seeds. Does your son want to grow a bean stock as tall as the one Jack climbed in Jack and the Bean Stalk? Then consider buying a package of seeds to grow green beans. Explain to your child that plants need soil, sun, air and water to grow. Keep in mind that gardening can get a bit messy at times. However, when children are involved, they remember more and stay more engaged.

Check Your Options

Choose a plant variety that has a high degree of success because children love seeing their plants thrive. Peas, beans, carrots,

When growing herbs and certain veggies, like tomatoes, transplanting is often easier than starting from seeds. Visit your local garden centre for veggies that can be easily transplanted into your own containers. Many herbs are perennials such as chives or rosemary and require little care. Some plants thrive in cool shade and others prefer full sun, so keep that in mind when choosing your plants. If veggies are not your thing, consider sunflowers for your container. They germinate quickly and can be two feet tall within a short time.

Checklist: 1.

Assorted containers or small patch of soil


Fresh soil to fill containers


Shovel, watering can and gloves


Your choice of seeds, basket stuffer flowers, herbs or veggies

peppers and radishes all grow well in pots. Lettuce and radishes germinate quickly from seeds and grow quickly. Many varieties can be harvested after a short growing season. Lettuce and other leafy greens are a great way for your toddler to learn about the different greens used in salads.

Make it Fun!

You can also let your child pick out some basket stuffers at the nursery and have them plant a pot of their own beautiful flowers. Encourage them to help fill up the pot with soil and water the flowers, once they have been transplanted. Children love getting their hands on the watering can! Remember that little gardeners thrive on encouragement. So be sure to praise their efforts and encourage them to show off their hard work. Doing so will help motivate them to keep watering their gardens and take pride while watching their plants grow!

Happy Gardening! Lindsay is a wife and mom to two little boys. She resides in Langley and is constantly exploring new ways to enjoy every minute she can with her family, while balancing a career and the pressures of living in our fast-paced society. www.carpediemourway.com

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m o m se l f ca re

| by Katrina Stewart

Post-Baby Emotional Roller-coaster: From The Blues to ‘Pure Bliss’

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful baby boy – just 15 days old. While I was chatting with his Mom, she mentioned that there’s just so much about having a new baby that no one talks about. I couldn’t agree more. Some things aren’t talked about, such as the fear of being judged. Though I don’t have babies any more, I still remember those early days all too well. When the subject of Motherhood comes up, we often talk about the good. We get caught up in the wonder and the excitement. We talk about feeling so lucky. BUT what if you don’t always feel that way?

What about Sleep Deprivation? It’s well known that sleep is so important for your ability to function. We somehow expect new moms to remember all the things that they did before they had a baby, and still function at an extremely high capacity, on little to no sleep. How is that possible? No one talks about the depth of sleep deprivation you will suffer and how hard it makes the first few weeks or months. So today, I’m going to talk about some of the things we really need to talk about, for the sake of new moms everywhere. Then, I will sum up on some high notes to really think about.

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Here are some things no one tells you: • You’ll be reduced to writing down lists upon lists of things that you have to do, because you can’t remember anything for more than 30 seconds. • You will have your moments when all you want is for your baby to stop crying. It is then you feel like the worst mom in the world, because no matter what you do, they-just-don’t-stop. • You will be pooped on, peed on and spit up on more times than you can count. • You will have moments of intense sadness and isolation. • Some days are unbearable. • You might take stock of your life and wonder if you made the right decision to have a baby. • You don’t feel like yourself any more. • This wonderful gift you’ve been given may not always feel so wonderful. • At times you can’t look at yourself without feeling sad about all the physical changes. • The constant advice from experts, friends, parents, and inlaws is unbearable. And the overload of advice makes you feel like you don’t have a clue what you’re doing. It adds to the confusion of those early days, because you simply don’t know what to do with all of it, especially when some of the advice doesn’t work.


6 | www.urbanbaby.ca | summer 2016

There were moments especially after I had Tehya, when I just felt so overwhelmed. I was surrounded by people and everyone was so wonderful and helpful, yet I just felt so lonely. At times I found it hard to drag myself out of bed each day and function. I was reduced from someone who had always had an incredible memory, to someone who needed to write down EVERY-SINGLE-LITTLE-THING that I needed to do. I was so tired, that I felt like I couldn’t make any decisions on my own. I had always considered myself to be strong, confident and independent, but all of a sudden I felt like I couldn’t do anything right. However, it gets better. It definitely gets easier. Sometimes, if the blues are really bad, you need more help than just the love and support of your family. Count on moments of pure bliss when raising a child. Sure you will have those moments of doubt and frustration and sometimes question every single move you make. However, expect some pure bliss! And one day, you’ll blink and realize that they are no longer babies. They are growing up, learning how to read and make decisions on their own. They are happy and independent little people. During those special moments, you’ll realize that everything you went through to get them to this point was well worth it. The first time they tell you that they love you; it will make your heart melt! Though you might have times when you still doubt yourself, follow this one simple idea: (It will make your life easier!) You CANNOT spoil your baby with love. If you can remember this, it will help you through. When they are little, respond to their needs. Do what you need to do to get through the day. Love your baby. Let the advice that doesn’t serve you roll off your back. You are a good mom. You can do this! It will get easier. I promise. • Katrina has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. When she’s not working, she loves to write, knit, spin, and spend time with her two amazing daughters. www.kalemphoto.com

Pacific Post-Partum Support Society Offers telephone support and support groups for women suffering from baby blues and depression after giving birth/adopting a child.

www.postpartum.org or 1.855.255.7999

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ce l e b r i t y d a d

| by Urbanbaby & Toddler

Todd Talbot He is one half of the very successful hosting duo on Love It or List It Vancouver. While the show keeps Todd very busy, he still finds ample time to spend with his ‘soon-to-be’ five-year old son, and six-year old daughter, plus devote a night every month to go on a date night with his wife, Rebecca. Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine had the chance to interview Todd, after a busy day of shooting. UBT: How do you balance the show commitments; daily activities; family and your own “downtime”? TT: I even struggle with the concept of balance. I am not totally sure what that means and I think part of the challenge for me, is figuring out how to weigh things. I think the challenges parents have are universal. People don’t get free passes on certain elements of it. For example, taking your kids to the bathroom in the middle of the night is just part of the process. It doesn’t matter if you’re on TV or not. That’s just the reality of being a parent.

I am fascinated with Fatherhood; parenting; making it all work and dealing with the pressures that come along with it. I think there is a very different perspective between males and females. I was keen to have this conversation, because I think not enough males share their experience. Men tend to go through the process a little more privately. UBT: When you are out and about with your family, I am sure people must recognize you. How do you handle that? TT: Yeah, they do. It happens quite frequently. I think people are generally really respectful, especially when I am with my kids. I guess you don’t have that anonymity to be a little messy in life, especially when your kids are having a meltdown. It’s one thing to have a meltdown in public, where no one knows you, and it’s another thing to have a meltdown in public where people are watching you. The moment that was most poignant for me was when we went to Disneyland for the first time in November.

8 | www.urbanbaby.ca | summer 2016

Read past celebrity parent interviews at


half moon dentistry for children

We were at the airport flying back to Vancouver, so everyone is tired. We had eaten crappy food, and everyone was done, including Rebecca and I. So, we’re waiting for the plane, and I can see people recognizing us with everyone [entire family] having a little bit of a meltdown. I just wish we could have a little room that we could go into, so it wasn’t as embarrassing. That’s just a human element of it all. UBT: What’s next for you? Anything on your career bucket list that you hope to accomplish? TT: Well, I’m a pretty diversified guy, which is great. We’ll be filming Love It or List It Vancouver for the foreseeable future. I think being an actor is a huge part of my life — ­­ especially in live theatre. I would love to find some kind of balance to be able to do a show in Vancouver or New York. I would also love to do a show on Fatherhood. I’m itching to build another house. I love it. It’s kind of my Zen place to be building a home. UBT: What is the biggest joy of being a parent? TT: I think it’s a clichéd answer to say it really is the most important thing in life. But it is for me. There is an element in the bond between parent and child that is just a “supersacred” thing. There is something about our kids coming into our room in the morning wanting to climb in the middle of us. That to me is one of the biggest joys. There is a connection there that resonates on a level that you can’t even articulate. That is what is so special about it. •

Fatherhood Pamphlet Series Being a dad comes with its own unique challenges. With changing roles and expectations, fathers today can benefit from encouragement and practical advice. The Fathering Pamphlet Series from the BC Council of Families is an excellent starting point for dads at various stages of Fatherhood.

For more information www.bccf.ca summer 2016 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 9

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Calming Colic

with Chiropractic Care Feeling frustrated? Helpless? Overwhelmed? You are not alone. Infantile colic has proven to be a challenging situation for both parents and medical professionals. The endless screaming, lack of sleep and increased anxiety not only affects your new baby, every member of the family is affected. Thankfully, current research shows there may finally be some solutions. Many new mothers believe their baby may have colic based on their perception of crying, although it’s normal for your little one to cry for a few hours each day. Crying is your baby’s way of communicating a need such as hunger, cold, pain, sickness or a wet diaper. The diagnosis of colic is based on the “rule of three” when violent crying takes place for: • more than 3 hours per day, • more than 3 days per week, • more than 3 weeks. According to the above definition, the number of babies who experience colic is believed to be anywhere between 20-39%. Colic typically begins in the first few weeks after birth and usually resolves by the time baby is four months old. It is believed that by this age, babies are beginning to learn how to calm themselves down as part of their normal neurological development. Colic is believed to be caused by immaturity of the central nerve system; excess gas; lactose intolerance; food allergies; family distress or even birth trauma causing core problems with the spine affecting the nerve system. Some traditional treatments include drugs, swaddling and dietary modification. Chiropractic care addresses tension affecting the central nerve system (the body’s master control system). A nerve system free of tension allows the body to function at its best thus quality of life improves significantly. Chiropractors who focus on pediatric care, like the doctors at The Powerhouse, will help your baby function optimally and relieve them of colicky symptoms. They perform a detailed Bio-Structural Examination of your child to identify exactly what’s happening.

10 | www.urbanbaby.ca | summer 2016

If your baby is experiencing colicky symptoms, they can further identify if underlying nerve system tension may be contributing to their distress. Chiropractors at The Powerhouse use gentle and safe techniques to relieve nerve system tension affecting your little one. This has long been acknowledged as an excellent tool for infantile colic. In fact, chiropractic care has been shown to have a 94% success rate with colic according to two largescale studies conducted in 1989 and 1999. The Powerhouse Chiropractic makes it easy to get started. If your little one is distressed and you are still looking for answers, schedule your family’s complimentary consultation with one of their Life By Design Chiropractors. It’s important to note, a proper assessment and plan of care can benefit symptomatic babies as well as improve the general health, immune function and development of nonsymptomatic babies.

Call 604.662.3304 or schedule online at

www.thepowerhousevancouver.com Mention “Urbanbaby” when you book and receive $30 toward your child’s initial examination.


| by Kristen Yarker

A Whole New Spin on Eating Veggies! Have mealtimes in your house become a familiar battlefield, with you trying desperately to get your toddler or preschooler to take a few bites of veggies, and your child consistently out-maneuvering you? Summer is the perfect time to break out of the routine and infuse a fun new twist into eating veggies. The secret to the effectiveness of these strategies is adopting an “explorer attitude”. Yes, that’s you! Be open to and excited about trying new veggies and fruit. Remember you’re the most influential role model for your child. If you have been looking for some clever ways to get your children to enjoy eating veggies, try these creative strategies:

Claiming Ownership

Children ages two to five are driven by the need to become more independent. Use this developmental stage to your advantage by getting your children involved in growing their own veggies. I have seen children who happily pop “homegrown, cherry tomatoes” into their mouths in a spirit of adventure. Children are more engaged with the veggies, (and thus more open to trying them) if they participated in picking them at a farm or farmers’ market.

Be a Veggie-Eating Role Model

We’re creatures of our environment. Want to get your child to eat veggies? What’s even better than role modeling eating veggies in your home? It is peer pressure at its finest. By making veggieeating a normal part of your day, you are providing some valuable “teachable moments”. This is also a great way to counteract all the advertising your child is exposed to for highly-processed junk foods.

Everyone Loves a Party!

Imagine colourful tents at the farmers’ market. Picture a gloriously-sunny weekend afternoon as you take your child into a bustling crowd with lively music playing (and maybe there’s even face painting too!). Sounds like a fun party to me. And, it’s all to celebrate locally-grown veggies and fruit. Associating vegetables with positive memories is a powerful tool for encouraging your child to eat them. Fun activities can help your child make equally positive associations with the park you choose for your picnic.

Ask the Expert

Whenever you see a veggie or fruit that you don’t know, ask the farmer how they like to eat it. You and your children will most likely get caught up with the enthusiasm shared while learning some helpful tips.

It’s All Out in the Open

Picky eaters are often little “conspiracy theorists”, highly suspicious of the food that suddenly appears on the plate in front of them. By contrast, all the food is (literally) out in the open, at a farmer’s market. Not only can you see each vegetable, you’re encouraged to touch them, smell them, and meet the person who grew them. Get your child engaged in comparing and contrasting. Who knew that tomatoes came in a rainbow of colors from yellow to orange to red, even purple and green striped? I’ve seen many a mini conspiracy theorist transform into an “intrepid food explorer”, with some encouragement. Want to entice your little conspiracy theorist even more? A u-pick farm and growing veggies at home removes all the mystery and intrigue. By adopting some of these strategies, you can soon become a veggie-loving family. Fun picnics in the backyard or nearby park are a great way to get started! •

Make it a Family Affair! • Head to the Farmers’ Market. Check out the

BC Association of Farmers’ Markets’ listing at: www.bcfarmersmarket.org.

• Whether you have a garden, balcony, or

windowsill you can get your children involved in growing veggies.

• Many u-pick farms are child-friendly. Contact the farm or check their website to be sure.

• What happens when you combine two parts

fresh air and three parts outdoor play? The answer: Children with bigger appetites! So go ahead and regularly plan a picnic in your backyard or nearby park.

Kristen, MSc, RD is a child-feeding expert who helps parents support their picky eaters to try new foods on their own. Since 2008, she has been working with families to provide good nutrition for their kids today and instill a love of food that lasts a lifetime. www.kristenyarker.com/kids-nutrition

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p a re n t i n g

| by BC Council for Families

Family Time:

Quantity vs. Quality When it comes to spending time with your children, what’s more important: quality or quantity? Fretting over how much time to spend with our children is another symptom of our current parenting culture. A new study sheds some light on the situation. Despite the cultural belief that spending more time with your children helps them, a recent study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family says that might not be true. In fact, the study found one key instance when parent time can be particularly harmful to children. That’s when parents - mothers in particular - are stressed; sleep-deprived; guilty and anxious. According to co-author Kei Nomaguchi, a sociologist at Bowling Green State University, when mothers are stressed because of trying to juggle work with family time, it may actually have negative effects on the children.

Where History Comes to Life Explore the Village with our new Adventure Guide! $6 per guide includes a carousel ride.

The amount of time parents spent with children ages three to 11 had virtually no impact on their academic achievement; emotional well-being and behaviour. However, researchers found that “quality time” derived from reading with them; having dinner with them and engaging through one-on-one conversations - all contributed to beneficial outcomes. Let’s face it. Parents have their share of worries when it comes to figuring out what it takes to raise happy, healthy, successful children. Figuring out how much time you should spend with your children and whether you can afford to be a stay-at-home parent can be both confusing and overwhelming. Children and tweens want to spend time with their parents doing something meaningful. As we discuss in some of our programs, such as My Tween and Me, it’s about the relationship you have with your kids, not the amount of time you spend with them. So relax, and focus on having fun with your child guilt-free! • Ruby is the Provincial Coordinator of the Nobody’s Perfect Parenting and the My Tween and Me Programs. Ruby believes that parenting education and support makes a difference for families; and that although it can be super challenging, being a parent is also very rewarding and the most important job there is.

Family Time Ideas Free admission! Open Tuesdays-Sundays & holiday Mondays until September 5 Costumed townsfolk welcome you and give demonstrations at the homes and shops of a traditional village. Explore the restored Interurban Tram and take a whirl on the historic 1912 CW Parker Carousel—rides are just $2.60 each! Discover the treats in the ice cream parlour and treasures in the gift shop. We also offer weekly-themed heritage summer camps for those 5-12 years old. Find out more and register today at burnaby.ca/webreg

Remember that your kids don’t need spectacularly planned and elaborate activities — they just need you!

• Go for a hike • Bake cookies • Plan a picnic • Feed the ducks at the park

Thanks to our partners:


12 | www.urbanbaby.ca | summer 2016

• Fly a kite together • Spend the day at the beach • Play with sidewalk chalk


Active Family C ra w fo rd Fa m ily , N o rt h Va nc o uv e r

CONTEST 2016 We all know the health benefits of keeping our families active. Gather your family and take part in the Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine’s Active Family Photo Contest this summer during the months of July and August.

Enter to win weekly prizes by submitting a photo of your family active at a local park, community centre, campground or in your own backyard.

rr ey Ho ng Fa m ily , Su

At the end of the summer one lucky family will win an assortment of prizes including a family getaway to the Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver situated steps from the Stanley Park Seawall.

Submit your family photos online at urbanbaby.ca starting June 30TH, 2016 Complete contest details and rules on urbanbaby.ca

H u n t Fa m ily , P o rt M o o d y


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(Ages 18 mos.– 5 yrs.) Inspire creativity in visual and interactive arts.

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Music (Ages 6 mos.–5 yrs.) Explore music through play, activity and song.

(Ages 6 mos.–5 yrs.) Bring all your children to the same class to play and learn together as a family!

Play & Learn

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p os t p a r t u m

| by Kim Vopni

No More Suffering in Silence:

Caring for Your Post-Pregnancy Body It’s a hushed confession I hear routinely from the women I work with when I ask – “how is your bladder doing?” “Do you have any leaking or do you ever feel like you can’t make it to the bathroom in time?” At first they say, no, not really and then they say, “well if I jumped on a trampoline I may have some issues”. Truth is, any involuntary loss of urine upon exertion at any time is called stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and can often be caused by pregnancy, childbirth, and even high impact activities such as gymnastics and running. It is not to say that every runner leaks or every woman who has been pregnant is incontinent but the unfortunate reality is that many of them do and they spend hundreds of dollars on pads and panty liners while they suffer in silence. It’s time to stop hiding the tears of your pelvic floor and give it the attention it deserves. Your first step should always be to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist. These are physiotherapists with extra levels of training to treat the pelvic floor. They will do an internal

examination to assess tone, function, ability to contract, ability to relax, position of organs, scar tissue restrictions and more. It is nothing like a pap smear and while it may seem odd at first, you will learn so much about your body and then be amazed that this is not a routine practice promoted to all women. Next step is to work on your alignment and posture. Pregnancy, birth (and life in general) contribute to changes in the body – most typically in the abdomen and pelvic floor. As the belly grows, the pelvis tends to tip anteriorly and with the shift in the centre of gravity most women tend to press the hips forward and lean back to try and counteract this shift and find stability.

make the most of SUMMER in


BRIGHTPATH IS KICKING THE SUMMER OFF IN HIGH GEAR! Explore educational programming with qualified teachers, and exciting field trips for kids 4.5 years and older. Enjoy the convenience of all-inclusive tuition, transportation,

Once the baby is born, this ‘new posture’ stays until we undo the compensations and work on re-aligning the body. The most common postpartum body posture I see is a grippedbum; a thrusted-rib cage; an upper back behind the pelvis and forward-leaning legs. This posture is a major contributor to incontinence and even organ prolapse. To undo this non-optimal alignment, back your pelvis up so your weight is more in your heels. Then think of “blossoming your butt cheeks” (increase the space between your sitz bones). Finally try and allow your ribs to soften and drop and so they are over top of your pelvis rather than behind it. A third step is to move in ways that support your body and allow you to retrain your core so you can progress to more advanced ‘training’. The best exercise to start the retraining process is The Core Breath (Find a free video in the resources section of www.pelviennewellness.com) This exercise requires you to find optimal pelvic alignment and then asks you to voluntarily contract your pelvic floor in coordination with your breath. Done repeatedly and then with movements such as squats and bridges, your core will relearn the strategies it should be using to stabilize you. It is not something that happens overnight. Many of the compensation strategies have developed over years so be patient, kind and supportive of your body and it will show you the results. When you visit www.pelviennewellness.com, you will find a Find A Physio page that lists pelvic health physiotherapists across Canada. Tell all the women in your life to use it too! • Kim is an author, doula and mom of two boys. She is also the owner of Pelvienne Wellness Inc, and co-founder of Bellies Inc. She helps her pregnant clients prepare for birth and her postpartum clients optimize healing and become confident moms. www.pelviennewellness.com

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and regular hours within our licensed centres. Experience Discovery Zone this summer with BrightPath! Isn’t something this important worth a call?




| by Julie Hansen

Sensory Activities: Help Your Child

Explore a World of Wonder

Children learn through play. Activities that encourage a child to explore and discover through touch, taste, smell, sound and sight can bring hours of creative play and delightful learning to a young child.

Smell • Grow a herb garden together • Visit a local market Touch • Add to Tempera paint such textures as glitter or sand • Combine coffee grounds into your play dough recipe Sound • Play a guessing game that involves listening • Play simple percussion instruments together • Assemble a basket of treasures (household items to shake, rattle and bang).

Sight • Fill recycled, clear plastic water bottles with items of

different textures or different amounts of water. Add a few drops of food colouring and glitter to each one. (Put a layer of hot glue inside the lid as a sealer to ensure that the lid stays on securely).

Taste • Taste wedges of citrus fruits – lemon, lime, grapefruit •

and orange. With this activity, your child will learn the difference between “sweet” and “sour”. Bake muffins to share as a snack on a play date.

DR. MINI RANDHAWA 604.435.3931 Vision Source Vancouver, the Eye Clinic of Dr. Mini Randhawa, Optometrist.

Keeping your child ’s eyes healthy and their vision the best it can be, is our mission!

2625 East 49th Ave, Vancouver

• Children's eyes grow the most from birth to age 8

Annual check–ups during this time are KEY in making sure that eye health, vision and muscles develop properly.

• There is so much more to an eye exam then just checking to see if vision is 20/20

80% of learning happens through vision. Children with perfect sight can still have an undiagnosed vision problem that leads to difficulties with learning.


FREE PAIR OF SUNGLASSES *Comprehensive eye health, vision and muscle examinations are free up to the age of 18, as it is covered by your child’s care card!



Here are some inviting sensory experiences for infants and toddlers:

HANDY HINT: Dollar stores a great place to by glitter, corn starch, containers and craft items for these sensory activities.

hautemama www.hautemama.c a

Soapy Foam Recipe 1. 1/3 cup water (I have read that distilled water yields the best bubbles, but tap water is just fine!)

Ottawa (Kanata) ON 1(866) 615-3800

2. 1/3 cup Dawn dish soap (you can use whatever you have on hand)

3. 1 tbsp cornstarch 4. A few drops of liquid watercolour Mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl using a hand mixer. Once you have the desired consistency, transfer the mixture into a larger plastic container.

Frozen Baking Soda 1. 4 tbsp of baking soda in each cup 2. 2-3 tbsp of water in each cup 3. A few drops of food colour Mix ingredients together in individual cups. Once you have created a paste with baking soda and water, add in a few drops of food colouring. Neon colours work well for this activity. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to the mixture to give the mixture an added scent.

Finger Painting in a Bag 1. Tempera paint 2. Ziploc bags 3. Painters tape Spoon different colours of Tempera paint into a large Ziploc bag. Primary colours are fantastic for colour mixing. Make sure all the air is out of the bag before it is securely closed. Then use green painters tape to attach the bag to a window at ‘toddler height’. Children can then mix the colours while finger painting. Natural light shining through the bag creates a beautiful visual effect. •


Give your kids a strong foundation for an active life & success in all sports!


physical literacy



Classes, Camps, Birthday Parties, Date Nights & More! • Experienced, qualified &

highly-engaging coaches • Teacher to student

ratios as low as 1:4 • Parents’ lounge with wifi

& comfortable seating • Clean, bright &

welcoming facilities

Julie is an Early Childhood Educator and presently the Infant Toddler Supervisor at Sweet Peas Cottage Child Care. She is the founder of Inspired ECE consulting services and has held professional development workshops for ECEs and Family Child

JUMP into our great programming for kids from 6 months to 7 years old.

Care Providers. www.inspiredece.ca

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Yaletown North Vancouver 604.568.9690 604.971.0513 101- 837 Beatty St 120 -2270 Dollarton Hwy

f a m i l y t ra ve l

| by Danica Jeffery

A Tofino Family Vacation:

The Ideal Island Getaway If you haven’t yet experienced the stunning Tofino area on Vancouver Island, consider making a family getaway this summer. The area is not only a popular year-round destination for tourists, from around the world. BC residents love it too. That’s easy to understand why.

Travel Options

BC Ferries offers regularly scheduled trips from the Lower Mainland via their Tsawwassen – Swartz Bay and Horseshoe Bay – Nanaimo routes. Orca Air is another convenient option worth considering if you’d rather forego the scenic drive. With daily flights to and from Vancouver International’s South Terminal, getting to your destination has never been so easy and quick (about an hour).


While in Tofino, a beach stop (www.tourismtofino.com/tofinobeaches) is a must and you’ll have plenty to choose from. At both

Mackenzie Beach and Chesterman’s Beach, you will find long stretches of unhindered beachfront perfect for walks, wading and playing. In close proximity is Cox Bay, which is ideal for surfing. It is also a beautiful a spot to set up an impromptu picnic with the children. Picture them having fun beachcombing while you bask in the sun. Tofino Botanical Gardens (www.tbgf.org) features a special Children’s Garden as part of their 12-acre waterfront site in the beautiful Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Smaller children will love looking at all the bright colours and taking in the

sounds of wildlife. Older children will enjoy learning about the interesting flora and fauna of this temperate rainforest. Surf Sister Surf School (www.surfsister.com) is a great option if you’re travelling with children age six and up and looking to catch a few waves. The staff are wonderfully encouraging with the young and young at heart. Head to TOF Cycles Co. (www.tofcycles.com) for a full selection of bikes to suit children of all ages (including tandem bikes, children’s bikes, baby seats, tricycles and strollers). Everyone in the family can enjoy biking together along some very picturesque trails.


When travelling to the area, consider your family budget. Tofino has an array of accommodation options ranging from approximately $150/night to well over $500/night. For a splurge, nothing fits the bill quite like a stay at the awardwinning The Wickaninnish Inn on Chesterman’s Beach. Enjoy their pristine luxury along with the perfect combination of rest, relaxation and the rustic outdoors. Parents can relax at the spa; take a stroll on the beach; or enjoy dinner for two thanks to the complimentary babysitting services available. Their WickKids program is sure to impress. Not quite so pricey, but as-equally charming, is the Pacific Sands Beach Resort on Cox Bay which is just steps away from some of the best surf breaks in the area. Find different options to suit families of varying sizes. Their huge outdoor communal BBQ area is perfect for summer grilling. Also located along Mackenzie Beach, is the Ocean Village Resort, which is well-suited for families. The resort has a 50foot indoor heated saltwater pool for those rainy Tofino days. Individual cabins come with kitchenettes and there is also a communal BBQ available.

The Crystal Cove Beach Resort features 34 modern log cabins as well as 69 fully-serviced RV sites, within easy access to Mackenzie Beach. This is a great option for parents looking to stretch their vacation budget.


As all parents know, it can sometimes be challenging to find eating spots suitable for smaller children and babies. Fortunately, the Tofino area offers some great culinary choices for families. Shelter Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in the area which got a recent facelift several years ago. Enjoy tantalizing dishes featuring local products, sustainably-sourced meats, and fresh seafood on their wrap-around patio. Red Can Gourmet is a great option for families on the go. This popular eatery provides a huge selection of healthy, prepared dishes to please even the pickiest of palates. SoBo restaurant features organic, healthy and local-style dishes plus ample fresh seafood too! With a play area just for children, it’s definitely a family-friendly place to eat. Looking for more information to help plan your family trip to Tofino? Visit www.tourismtofino.com for additional ideas and gear up to hit the beach. It is a perfect spot to enjoy a very memorable family vacation! •

Danica resides in Vancouver and keeps herself busy as a solo-mom

to a busy baby boy while running her own business and living coastal life to the fullest! She enjoys an active lifestyle when not busy working on exciting projects or taking her tiny tot out on adventures. www.dvinewrites.com

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UrbanMarket | products & promotions bi r thday par ties

baby & children’s products cont.


Moms Love Grow-With-Me Hats

Time to plan another party? Need help? Let us do it for you! Theme parties, costumed characters, inflatables, face painting. Fully licensed and insured. *NEW* adorable, affordable par-t-pets.com Online: par-t-perfect-vancouver.com Call: 604.628.7828

• Adjustable • 50+


Call: 604.960.1543 Online: twinklebelle.com

Jake & Dex Car Seat Caddy

Introducing the car seat caddy! Designed by a mom in need of a product that would make life easier. Attach to your infant car seat and store everything you would have in your diaper bag. Online: jakeanddex.com Email: jakeanddex@gmail.com

Groovin’ Tots Dance Party We bring the party to you! Your party

guests will be dancing and laughing while

having fun! Choose from a variety of party packages. Ages 1-4. Call: 604.492.3688 Online: runnersandbootiesfitness.ca

baby & children’s products


• Safer

children’s education

Bella Belly Maternity Brand new, trendy maternity clothes all

Exceptional Infant & Toddler Day care

no matter your style or budget, there is

exceptional infant & toddler daycare

at amazing prices. From pj’s to formal,

KinderHeart Montessori offers an

something for everyone. Lots of variety,

program. Our natural environment will

sizes xs-xxl.

allow your child to reach their full potential.

Email: bellabellymaternitybc@gmail.com

The infant & toddler room incorporates: movement which is critical to brain

development. We provide steps, ramps

Dreamy Wall Decals on Etsy Dreamy Wall Decals are made from

and bars to promote growth.

are perfect to decorate the baby nursery

Call: 604.465.8585

Dreamy Wall Decals on Etsy

Online: kinderheart.ca

Trunki: Luggage for Little People

Tiddlycove Montessori School

eco-friendly PVC-free polyester. They

Email: info@kinderheart.ca

or child’s room. Purchase online at

Children are encouraged to explore their

passions and interests in a loving, patient

The original ride-on suitcase. Family

vacations just got even more fun with Trunki. Children can pack Trunki with

all their favourite belongings and ride

or tow their travel companion. Great for

vacations, weekend breaks and playing at


and nurturing environment. Four-hour classes now offered! Register NOW!

Contact us to book your preschool tour.

4773 Piccadilly South West Vancouver Online: tiddlycovemontessori.com

home. Every Trunki comes with a five-year

Arts Umbrella

across BC.

this Spring. Inspiring classes for children,

warranty. Available at children retailers

Online: oyaco.com

Plant the seeds of creativity in your child tweens and teenagers 2-19 years old in visual arts, threatre and dance. Call: 604.681.5268

Online: artsumbrella.com

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UrbanMarket | products & promotions cloth diapering

financial planning

Bumbini Cloth Diapers

Angela Fennelow, BBA, CFP

Modern cloth diapers that don’t cost the

A growing family brings many joys and

to get a great start: workshops, newborn

advisor, I’ll work with you to create a

many questions. As a Sun Life Financial

Earth! Bumbini had everything you need

financial strategy that will meet your needs.

diaper rentals and a diaper trial program to help you! Online: bumbini.ca

I specialize in:

-Life Insurance

-Health Insurance

communit y events


-Financial Planning

Bellies to Babies Celebration


Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 FALL 2016 •


The premium mom-to-be event of the year! B2B is a one-of-a-kind event,

Angela Fennelow, BBA, CFP

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for trendy fashions, décor and so much

more! Features a variety of exhibitors and

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sponsors, plus $3000 in door prizes.

First 100 moms in attendance receive

Do you know anyone sick of wrinkles and saggy skin?

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Nerium provides a ONE-step cream

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treatment clinically proven to reduce

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Ask me how you can try it for free!

Informative events to help you through your

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Jennifer Wood Jewelry

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Personalized sterling silver name and initial

Parenting is hard. But life with young

rings. Perfect for keeping your loved ones

children doesn’t have to be such a

close to you each and every day. Great

struggle. We can help you have more calm

gift for mom or anyone special in your life.

+ peaceful days with less chaos and

Customize each ring with an initial, name

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or short phrase. Be on-trend with these

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Zumba for Mom & Baby

Order online:

workout with lively music at Lougheed

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Join us every Friday 10am for a fun Town Centre. Free to Attend.


Online: runnersandbootiesfitness.ca


mornings at

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e d uca t i o n

| by Natasha Biem

Seven Reasons Summer Camps are Good for Your Child Many who experienced a summer camp program as a child know the profound positive effects that still resonate into adulthood. If you were fortunate to have such experience, you most likely want the same thing for your own children.

Conquers Fears

Summer camp options range from day camps, week long camps or even overnight camps. Deciding which option is right for your child will depend on your child’s age, interests and temperament. You can choose programs centered on recreation such as football, soccer, hiking, dance or those focused on academic skills such as art, music, computers and drama. Sending your child to a summer camp program has numerous benefits:

Builds Confidence

Children receive lots of encouragement and nurturing at camp making it a great setting for trying some new activities and in doing so, overcoming fears and setbacks.

Encourages Physical Activity

The environment helps children build self-confidence and selfesteem which differs significantly from the academic, athletic and social competition that shapes their lives at school. With its noncompetitive activities and diverse opportunities to succeed, camp life can be a real boost for young people.

Talk about changing things up. Since children typically spend a substantial amount of time indoors (often sitting), camp life offers the ideal setting for more physical activity. Children get a break from TV, cellphones, and the Internet. Most importantly, they have a wonderful opportunity to rediscover their creative side by engaging with others; participating in various activities, and trying new sports.


Day Camp


Recreation Surrey is your headquarters for summer fun and adventure. Choose from over 50 conveniently located day camps for children and youth ages 3 – 18 years. Spaces fill quickly. Be first to secure your spot! Ask about our extended camp hours and new staggered payment options!

604 -501- 5100 | www.surrey.ca /recreation

Develops Life-Long Skills

Camps provide the right combination of instruction, equipment and facilities for children to enhance their sports abilities, artistic talents, and adventurous skills.


The sheer variety of activities makes it ultra-easy for children to discover what they like to do and become good at it.

Sample the CEFA method

with our Summer Program

Builds Independence

Children get practice in making decisions for themselves without parents and teachers guiding every move. While managing their daily choices in the safe, caring environment, children often use this freedom to blossom in new directions.

Promotes Unstructured Play

Free from the overly-structured, overly-scheduled routines of home and school, life at camp offers children much-needed, free-time to just “play”.

During the months of July and August, your child will participate in four out of six distinct summer classes selected by each school. CEFA’s Summer Program offers children the opportunity to develop their creative and social skills through a variety of fun-filled summer activities and projects. The program incorporates CEFA’s unique methodology as well as our own CEFA games and curriculum related to Reading, Writing, Math and Science.

Provides Wonderful Memories

Children come away from camp with amazing memories of good times, silly stories and fun activities. It is a time of discovery that stays with a child into adulthood.

Accepting Applications

Creating Tomorrow's Leaders

Summer can be an enjoyable time for everyone. Start by researching summer camp options best-suited to your children. And while you are at it, don’t forget to schedule some vacation time away from work for yourself. That way, everyone in the family has time to get recharged! • Natacha is a world-renowned Early Years and Parenting Expert. She is an award-winning writer, speaker, teacher, and the Founder of the renowned CEFA Early Learning Schools. www.cefa.ca

Cefa: Summer Programs Their summer programs offer children the opportunity to develop their creative and social skills through a variety of fun-filled summer activities and projects.

Tour Today!

www.cefa.ca/cefa-curriculum/summer-program 604.708.2332

The City of Surrey:

Your Summer Day Camp Headquarters!

CEFA Vancouver - Cambie cambie@cefa.ca | t (604) 879 2332

Choose from over 50 conveniently located weekly/ daily camps for children and youth from 3-18 years old. Registration is currently ongoing.

CEFA Kelowna kelowna@cefa.ca | t (236) 420 3868

www.surrey.ca/daycamps 604.501.5100

summer 2016 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 23

CEFA South Surrey - Morgan Crossing morgancrossing@cefa.ca | t (604) 881 2332 15 Private School locations throughout Greater Vancouver www.cefa.ca

p a re n t i n g

| by Julie Romanowski

Q & A: Solve Problems Proactively: Try Talks, Visuals and Reassurances

Summer holidays are just around the corner and we have some useful tips for parents:

Q: We travel with two young children from California to Vancouver several times a year. How can we make the trips go smoother? Each change in location seems to throw them off and they get super anxious. Jennifer B. San Jose, California JR: Summer can be a bitter-sweet time for families. Re-adjusting

to different environments can be challenging because the ‘fear of the unknown’. Most young children really benefit from knowing in advance what to expect before changes take place. Having familiar anchor objects can also make them feel more secure with each transition. • Help your children understand by having discussions before travelling. • Try using visuals to draw out the steps involved. Show them a schedule of events on a calendar. Visuals help children understand better. • Give them the ‘playby-play’ of where everyone in the family will spend their time and where everyone will be sleeping. Children are always eager to know where their parents will be sleeping whenever you venture to a new location.

Q: We plan to visit my in-laws this summer in Ontario and I’m worried about how our threeyear old will settle in. He isn’t a great sleeper and I am afraid this trip could be a tough one! Anna C. Coquitlam JR: Travel of any kind can throw off routines and schedules,

especially sleeping patterns. Establishing good sleep routines can take four to six weeks so you will want to plan accordingly prior to your vacation. • Start with getting your child to sleep independently and securely in his/her own bed. When your child is not getting enough sleep, it can negatively impact behaviour. • Share an “action plan” so when you are at your travel destination the whole family will know in advance what to expect. • Discuss who is going to sleep where and what the space may look like. If possible, share photos of the location with your child. • Establish a ‘back up’ plan for when things might go off the rails. Making quick and effective decisions in the middle of the night is much more challenging.

Q: I have a six-year old son who is so disorganized. How can we help him improve? Raj S. Surrey JR: Discuss why keeping things orderly is a good thing and how to put things away properly. Remember that young children may occasionally require assistance to master the new skills. • Create a checklist together about what is required. • Label items and use visuals to teach children where each item should go. Children love to have a ‘map’ of where things go in their room and throughout the home. • Allow ample time for your children to learn all the steps in staying organized. • Use positive reinforcement to help your children learn. Offer praise to let them know when they are doing something well. Whenever dealing with negative childhood behaviours, try being more proactive with visuals, talks and reassurances to make the lessons stick. You will soon see the positive results you are looking for. • Julie is a mom, an Early Childhood Consultant and owner of Miss Behaviour: parenting coach and consulting services’, the children’s behavior & discipline specialists! Learn more through her e-newsletter, tips and blog at www.missbehaviour.ca

Have a Question for Julie?

Submit your questions at www.missbehaviour.ca/just-ask-julie

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FALL 2016 •




Maternity & Baby Fashions Extensive Range of Exhibitors Community Resources Workshops by Baby Experts Over $3000 in Prizes

ENTER THE CUTEST BABY PHOTO CONTEST! Winner will be featured in Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine and win over $500 in prizes.

First 100 Moms In Attendance Will Receive




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things we like! 1.






Summer Finds

Summer is here! Check out these cool products to keep your little ones safe and busy.

1. Aden + Anais Swaddle

3. Why I Love British Columbia

Breathable, versatile and soft as a mother’s touch, this 100% cotton muslin swaddle can be used as a stroller cover, burp cloth or nursing cover.

In-Store: Chapters/Indigo,

No more fighting with the tray to get your mini pops out. This tray enables you to simply pull out the pops with ease! Ideal sizing makes them excellent for little hands. BPA and phthalate free.

Online: www.indigo.ca

In-Store: Bed, Bath and Beyond,

4. Nici Wonderland Bathing Doll

Online: www.zokuhome.com


In-Store: Lussobaby, Vancouver & North Vancouver Online: www.wells.ca

2. Boo Bamboo Sunscreen

Ideal for children and babies, this natural sunscreen with bamboo extract provides your natural broad-spectrum UVA / UVB protection. Paraben and DEA free.

In-Store: Nature Fare, Langley

Garden Heath Foods, Vancouver Online: www.boobamboo.com

26 | www.urbanbaby.ca | summer 2016

Board book featuring childrens’ quotations and heart-warming pictures, is perfect for children living in, or visiting British Columbia. Various Locations

So cuddly soft, your little one will be eager to give them a snuggle. Machine-washable and can even be taken into the bathtub. For ages two and up.

In-Store: Chapters/Indigo,

Various Locations Mastermind Toys, Various Locations Online: www.amazon.ca

5. Zoku Mini Pops

Various Locations

6. Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere Games

Features magnetic playing pieces which are easy for your children to use, but not so easy to lose. Keep your children entertained on a trip; at the doctor’s office or while dining out.

In-Store: Chapters/Indigo, Various Locations

Online: www.indigo.ca

enter to win at

u r b a n b a b y. c a


Modern Cloth Diapers


That Don’t Cost the Earth




7. Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

Made from solid foam and ergonomically constructed with a unique contour, this convenient pillow properly positions baby for nursing thus saving you from undesirable slouching. Maintains its shape for lasting support.

In-Store: Lussobaby, North Vancouver & Vancouver Westcoast Kids, Richmond

Online: www.lussobaby.ca

8. Make My Day Bibs

Made of 100% food-grade BPA free silicone and dishwasher safe, these stylish and fun bibs are also extremely functional. Includes a built-in crumb catcher with adjustable strap. Comes in 12 different styles for boys and girls, ages six months to three years old.

In-Store: Lussobaby, North Vancouver & Vancouver



Weekday Mornings at


Shop ‘n Stroll is a workout that turns your stroller into a portable fitness machine and takes baby along for the ride.

FREE TO ATTEND! Sponsored by your Local Shopping Centre

Coquitlam Centre

Online: www.wells.ca

Willowbrook Shopping Centre

9. LittleLife Safety ID Straps

Sevenoaks Shopping Centre

Westcoast Kids, Richmond

Using handy Velcro closures, this colourful wristband incorporates a waterproof card for contact details and emergency medical information. To your child, it is a cool accessory. To you, it is added peace-of-mind should your child wander away.

In-Store: Lussobaby, North Vancouver & Vancouver Online: www.oyaco.ca

Park Royal Shopping Centre Haney Place Mall Oakridge Centre

REGISTER ONLINE TO ATTEND summer 2016 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 27

UrbanGuide: Baby Carrier Choosing a

Mei Ta i

Ring Sling

Woven Wrap

The Mei Tai is an Asian-inspired carrier consisting of a rectangular body and four straps of fabric that tie around your waist and then tie on to shoulder straps. All carrying positions support child in natural, seated position.

The Ring Sling imitates the traditional one-shoulder carrier. It is in essence a short woven wrap with a pair of rings for adjustability. This baby carrier is for those who love woven wraps but desire less fabric and something that is easy to use. A strip of fabric is connected to a ring that you wear in “corsage position” on your shoulder, allowing you to adjust the pouch of fabric to fit you perfectly.

A Woven Wrap is a long piece of fabric woven specifically to carry a baby. A wrap is one of the most versatile carriers. It is one that will grow with your baby. Woven wraps are designed to have exceptional performance as baby carriers, offering strength, breathability, the right amount of diagonal stretch, and the right texture for holding the baby securely.

Suitability: Newborn to preschool Learning Curve: Easy Support: One Shoulder Carrier Carry Positions: Front, Hip Additional: Can be used for Breastfeeding Brands: Chimparoo, Tula, Sakura Bloom, Beco Photo: Beco

Suitability: Newborn to preschool Learning Curve: Medium Support: Two Shoulder Carrier Carry Positions: Front, Hip, Back Additional: Can be used for Breastfeeding Brands: Uppamama, Chimparoo, Girasol, Tula Photo: Tula

Suitability: 6 months to preschool Learning Curve: Easy Support: Two Shoulder Carrier Carry Positions: Front, Hip, Back Additional: Adjustable to different sizes Brands: Babyhawk, Chimparoo, Infantino Photo: Chimparoo

Health Canada:

Baby Carrier Guidelines Many parents use baby slings and carriers to carry their babies or toddlers. While having your child close to you may be practical, using these products incorrectly can lead to injury or suffocation. • Never leave a baby unattended in a carrier or sling. • Check your sling or carrier for wear and tear before every use. Look for ripped seams, torn straps, and damaged hardware. If your sling has knots, check that they are tied tightly. If your sling has rings, make sure the fabric can’t slip through them.


What to Consider when Purchasing a Sling or Carrier:

• Choose a model that has detailed,

• •

Soft-Structured Carrier With padded shoulder and waist straps, this carrier is quick and easy to put on once it is adjusted to fit your body. Most soft-structured carriers are too wide to fit a newborn baby comfortably, therefore some brands offer inserts or an adjustable panel to allow newborns to sit properly inside the carrier.

Suitability: 6 months to preschool Learning Curve: Easy Support: Two Shoulder Carrier Carry Positions: Front, Hip, Back Additional: Must purchase insert for baby Brands: Ergobaby, Baby Bjorn, Beco, Tula Photo: Ergobaby

Stretchy Wrap A Stretchy Wrap is a very long piece of stretchy, soft material that wraps around your body and creates a pocket for the baby. The stretchy wrap is a great for your newborn care routine. The baby can be snuggled close to your heart and soothed by your gentle everyday motions.

Suitability: Newborn – 18 months, under 18 lbs Learning Curve: Easy Support: Two Shoulder Carrier Carry Positions: Front Additional: Decreased support once baby weights 18 lbs and over Brands: Moby, Boda, Baby K’Tan, Baby Buddha Photo: Boda

yet easy-to-understand instructions. Follow directions carefully and keep them for future use. Buy a product that fits your baby well. Make sure the baby’s head is above the sling/carrier and that you can see baby’s face. Buy a product that fits you (and the other users) well. Check with the retailer or manufacturer to make sure the sling/carrier meets the ASTM F2907 Consumer Safety Specification for Sling Carriers standard.

How to Safely Position a Baby in a Sling or Carrier:

• Remember to keep your baby visible • • • • • •

and kissable at all times. Keep the baby’s face in view. Keep the baby in an upright position. Make sure the baby’s face is not pressed into the fabric of the carrier or sling, your body, or clothing. Make sure the baby’s chin is not pressed into their chest. Make sure the baby’s legs are not bunched up against their stomach, as that can also restrict breathing. Wear the baby snug enough to support their back and hold onto the baby when bending over so they don’t fall out of the carrier or sling. Check your baby often.

Take Extra Precaution to Keep Baby Safe • Be very careful putting a baby into or pulling them out of a • • •

carrier or sling. Ask for help if you need it. When wearing a carrier or sling, do not zip up your coat around the baby because it increases the risk of overheating and suffocation. Be careful when using a sling or carrier with babies under four months because their airways are still developing. Do not use a carrier or sling during activities that could lead to injury such as cooking, running, cycling, or drinking hot beverages.

Serious Injuries and Deaths can Occur When:

• The wearer trips and the baby falls out of the sling or carrier. • Product malfunctions or its hardware breaks. • Baby falls over the side of the sling or out through the leg openings.

• Baby is positioned incorrectly, causing suffocation against

the product’s fabric, the wearer’s body, or their own chest.

(Read your baby carrier manual to keep your baby safe). summer 2016 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 29


| by Sue Wright

Four Boredom-Busting Ways to Spice Up Your Child’s Summer! Day two after school is out for the summer and already the children are complaining how “totally bored” they are. Instead of having them parked in front of the television and complaining that they “have nothing to do”, you can change things for the better. Stimulating educational and sports activities can make all the difference!

1. Explore your City Together

Take your child out for a day of adventure around your city and explore new parts of town you’ve never been to before. You never know what you might discover and walking around is great exercise. It will give them a chance to take in their surroundings and learn more about nature. You can take them to visit a local museum, garden, or library.

2. Enroll them in Classes

By enrolling your child in a new class for the summer, he or she can continue to develop his or her social skills and discover enjoyable hobbies and learning activities. Children can learn ballet; cooking; arts and crafts; language, computers and swimming. Talk to your child to determine areas of interest and you just might find his or her new lifelong hobby.

3. Subscribe to a

Monthly Subscription Box

Children love getting surprises in the mail and many subscription boxes provide fun activities and educational/creative projects. Choose a monthly subscription box that provides brain-boosting activities, centred on themes like art, geography, outer space, food, and more!

4. Practice Reading and Writing

Your child may not be a fan of reading for school, but if you take them to the library and let them pick out books for fun; you can turn your child onto a whole new world. Encourage your child to read a chapter a night or read with them. You can also give your child a summer journal to record all the fun things they did each day during the summer. •

101 Things to Do Outside

Write Your Own Book

Indigo Books

Orbo puzzle • $11.95

Toy R’ Us & Indigo Books

I looked into several home based companies (party plan & MLM) but I wanted something more traditional. Today, I work with a manufacturing company and head up a marketing team. Most of us are moms and all of us work from home… around our family’s schedules! If the idea of earning additional income, while having fun with other moms, intrigues you…we should talk!

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As a busy mom of 4, I loved being there for my children however, my choice to be at home limited my career options.


• $19.99 Mastermind Toys & Indigo Books

Roni McMillan

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o n t h e t ow n


Spring Family Fun!

May 2016 May 1-Sept 11: Summer Night Market 12631 Vulcan Way, Rmd Food, shopping, mini-festivals


May 21-23 & 28-29, 9am-4pm: Day Out with Thomas Squamish 25 minute train ride, meet Sir Topham Hatt, arts & crafts and storytelling. Tickets required. wcra.org

June 2016 Jun 5, 9am-11am: 29th Annual Child Run Run in a scenic 5K run or Family Fun 2K run to help fight childhood cancer rbcraceforthekids.com

Jun 4, 9:30am-4pm: Hats Day Off Day Hastings St, Bby A parade, vintage car show & shine street festival with music, food & prizes

burnabyheights.com/events/ hats-off-day/

Jun 4, 7am-10pm: Pitt Meadows Days Heritage Hall, Pitt Meadows pancake breakfast, parade street festival with music, kids activities pittmeadows.bc.ca

Jun 12, 11am-4pm: Teddy Bear Family Picnic Town Centre Park, Coq live entertainment, crafts for children Admission $3


Jul 1, 10am-10:30pm: Canada Day Celebrations Canada Place, Van stage performance, workshops, circus performers, giant board games, face painting, water park & fireworks canadaday.canadaplace.ca


August 2016

Jun 19, 9am-2pm: Father’s Day Walk/Run for Prostate Cancer, Bby Celebrating men and their families 2K,5K, 10K & Tot Run to raise funds for prostate research

Aug 6-7, 11am-6pm: Maritime Festival Britannia Shipyard, Rmd maritime exhibits, live music

Jun 19-20, 9am-5pm: Point Grey Fiesta Trimble Park, Van Enjoy a pancake breakfast, decorated bike contest, parade, live music and carnival games.





July 2016 Jul 1, 10am-10:30pm: Canada Day Celebrations Cloverdale Amphitheatre fun-filled day with live music, exhibitors, and entertainment surrey.ca/canadaday

Jul 2, 11am-3pm: Pioneer Fair Historic Stewart Fair old-fashion fair, homemade treats, live music, sports and games surrey.ca/heritage

Jul 23-24, 11am-10pm: Surrey Fusion Festival music, food & culture, pavilions, live music


Jul 23-24, 10am-7pm: Caribbean Summer Festival Waterfront Park, N.Van Outdoor music festival parade, food, dancing caribbeandays.ca


Canada Day


Aug 20-Sept 5: The Fair at the PNE Pacific National Exhibition kiddy rides, live entertainment, food and musical guests Aug 21, 10am-4pm: Family Farm Day London Heritage Farm Petting zoo, pony rides, bouncy castle, face painting entertainment and bake sale londonfarm.ca/familyfarmfair

Ongoing Events Shop ‘n Stroll Fitness Various Weekdays, 9:30am Mom & Baby Fitness Class Sponsored by your local Shopping Centre Free to Attend Registration required


Groovin Babies Every Wednesday, 11:00am Parent and Toddler Dance and Music Class Sponsored by Brentwood Town Centre Free to Attend Registration required


Zumba for Mom & Baby Every Friday, 10:00am Dance Class for Mom & Baby/ Toddler. Sponsored by Lougheed Town Centre Free to Attend Registration required runnersandbootiesfitness.com

Jul 1, 11am–11pm: Canada Day Celebrations McLeod Athletic Park, Langley family-oriented event to celebrate Canada Day langleycanadaday.ca Jul 1, 11am–4:30pm: Canada Day Celebrations Burnaby Village Museum 1920 backdrop for family children’s entertainment demos, parade and birthday cake burnabyvillagemuseum.ca

Movies For Mommies New Releases and Favourites Alternating Wednesdays, 11:30am Dunbar Theatre, Vancouver Grab bags and special guests. Stroller friendly, diaper change area.

Danica • Vancouver, BC Asher, 10-months old 1. What is the best part about being a mom? It is getting to see the wonders of the world through my son’s eyesright down to watching a spider weave its web. 2. What is your favourite activity to do with your child? I thoroughly enjoy our almost-daily morning walks in the Beaver Lake area of Stanley Park. 3. What is your favourite television show? It’s a toss up between Survivor and The Walking Dead. 4. What is the last book you’ve read? Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Spain by Chris Stewart. It is about the ex-drummer for Genesis who left his life and career in the UK for a rural life in Andalucía. 5. What is one product or service you can’t live without? Product: LUSH Cosmetics face masks Services: My amazing babysitter, Sharmane! 6. How do you find some “Mommy Time”? As a full-time single mom that is not that easy but I do have a great support network. So when I am not working on client projects or writing, I relish “Mommy Time” by practicing yoga at YYoga or going for a trail-run surrounded by nature. I find both to be equally rejuvenating.


Please check websites to confirm event details

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