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Welcome to the launch issue of “Our Movement” we have been debating about making something like this for a while now and thought we would try and see what happens, and if no one likes it then it’s back to the drawing board. So what’s this whole thing all about?.... right listen up guys, yes we know there’s loads of other magazines out there properly loads better than ours. But is there many that dedicate to mainly them and there friends? with ours we want to focus on who’s around us our friends and family of the city. We dont want to be assing around with testing clothing gear, traveling the world for couple of pics when we could get some sick ass pics back home, yes going abroad is fun but only when your not doing a job. anyways back to the mag, within this mag there going to be a fair bit of photographs,videos, mini interviews with people such as Ryan Doyle, promotion links and general bits from our friends. there are many of teams still out there that havn’t had the spotlight that they deserve, and we want to give them that chance. In our first issue we have talks with Ryan Doyle, we show you it’s not all about Parkour. who to look out for this year and general promotional pages on Sponsors Boost energy drink & Airborn Entertainment. We hope you enjoy our first issue. “There is no limit to what we can achieve”

Editor James


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LUKE REECE: Side 360


Few months back we sent a few of our members along with friends to take part in and art project, which was being done by FACT & STANZA in Liverpool, the project consisted of mainly walking up and down bold st with a GPS, so no Parkour was needed, the idea of this project is that the people have a sense of agency, people who can oppose systems,free and uninhibited,they are protective, live in a melting pot of mixed social composition,strong independent minds & prepared to challenge. when we arrived we had nothing to do but wait for them to arrive so the obvious was done, get some flips flowing.

once they did arrive which was about 1.30pm we had special clothes made for us (primark gear with numbers on) real special. Once we got change we had the brief talk of what it’s all about and were then asked to stand against a few walls for photographys taken by Stanza and Alex (FACT) once we had the pics out of the way, the next part was to walk down Bold st with GPS’s and to image we were pushing a giant ball, we were informed that this is going to be the earth. Anyways after about an hour it was finshed, and could very well be doing the same thing in few months.

“We got strange looks from people”


George (G-Force) Mayfield

Ryan Doyle - Czech Republic



Interview with

Ryan Doyle photos from Website This is an interview we did quite some time ago, it was part of our old collume A.E.O.M (all ears on me) quite lame we know so we saved all our interivews with people we did, until now. all our interviews arn’t full on indepth looks into there lives, just some simply Q & A things. Now back to business if you dont know who Ryan is then leave now (jokes) Ryan comes from Liverpool and is the founder of Airborn Entertainment along with his brother Anthony and is also part of the WFPF and the only freerunner to be sponsored by Redbull. over the past few years Ryan and Anthony have been making short movies with friends and family, there latest which is still in devolepment is Shinobi code. You can catch Ryan on most Thursday night at Airborn Academy so for all you “OMG theres Ryan Doyle people” get down their.

Photograph: Joseph Cumbes

ACHIEVEMENTS: - 1st Place, 2007 Redbull Art of Motion, the first ever international freerunning competition - UK Martial Arts Tricking Champion -- 4 years running - Finalist, MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge - Appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Appeared on Discovery Channel’s Fight Science - Appeared on The Ellen Show as Ellen’s stunt KNOWN FOR: - Explosive flips, spins, and other acrobatic moves harvested from a background as a renowned martial arts champion

How old are you Ryan? 25 yrs Were is your home town? Liverpool, Bowring Park area, close to Huyton How did you get into PK-FR? I cant remember not doing it, i was 7 when i was doing backflips and jumping off stuff, but back then it didnt have a name. i was just the crazy kid, then at 14 i studied a korean martial art called KUK SOOL WON for 5 years, and mixed it with my self taught gymnastics to create multi level moves. at 18 i got my first stunt job on the spiderman show "marvel super heroes go live" it was then when i decided to use my skills for a career. I dont limit my self to a paricular category like freerunning or parkour. i just move... i'm in the movement category, if you need me to marital arts, i can gymnastics? i can be that too... even breakdancing, i just want to master my own body, write my own rules and not follow a pre-decided criteria of what someone else thinks is the right way to move.

Any inspirations? i grew up watching alot of jackie chan movies, and was amazing how creative he was, they guy has done everything! people say the french started parkour. but they only gave it a name. this stuff has been around for centuries, and my influences has been friends and family.. and jackie. What about any injuries? in 11 years i’ve only had 2 major injuries. i snapped both the bones in my left leg, tib and fib, clean in half, bones tour their way through tendons, ligaments, muscle and eventually the skin. and last year i separated my shoulder, so the collar bone no longer attaches to the joint. its doesnt stop me it just looks weird, remind me to show you that one. in the minor list we have:-, rolled both ankles, broke 4 toes, broke both little fingers on each hand, twisted my right knee in its socket and had key hole surgery to remove a piece of ligament, cracked chest plate, broke both bones in my right arm, smashes my head on a bar, chipped my front 2 teeth, (expensive) this is what happens when you have no instructor or teacher to tell you what not to do, or what works and what doesnt work. i had to figure it out for myself. but now i can teach others so that they wont have to go through it, they can learn from my mistakes

How has this had an impact on your life? parkour has changed my life on a number of levels, mainly being able to accept things. people dont seem to realize why i do this, its not to make money or to compete and be the best.. or even to have fun. when your in the “HABIT” of overcoming obsticals physically, you brain is only in the habit of overcoming things mentally, every one has their own mental issues. some people loose their jobs... others loose family members, we all have our own obstacles, parkour, on a mental level helps you to come the quickest solution to fix the situation... or overcome them. when i jump and fall, i’m not unhappy,.. i;m happy because i learn from it, its still a step forward, so why would i be unhappy to progress? when something goes wrong in life... dont have an emotional response first... figure out what you need to do and do it, because i’m already... and in the habit of overcoming things. there is no stopping me. what ever i want in life, i’ll figure out a way to get, i call it “parkour brain traing”... the world is mine, and essentially your world is yours. its not a sport or even a discapline/ art... its a life style . What are your hobbies? action choreography, and capturing the creativity, i didnt study media for 5 years for nothing, i love making short movies with the Airborn team Advice for noobies? never train alone, you will only ever view the world from your own point of view until you train with others... friends and family, they will help unlock new doors.

I know your in a team but for those who don’t how did it begin? I drew the Airborn logo on a napkin in a chinese restaurant on brighton peer, while working for Universal shows as Daredavil. 7 years ago.... airborn became a production company, a private class, a public worshop, a school for beginners and finally.. an agency for professional athletes. Also in 2007 i became the first founding member of the WFPF, and the only redbull sponsored freerunner in the world. Whats new for Airborn? My brother Anthony is moving to london and opening another Airborn Academy, more opportunities, more work, bigger following... so i think Airborn is gonna spread throughout the country. Who do you enjoy training with? Kev stokes! he’s the man, and fantastic with a camera, he filmed most of my 2009 reel, Micheal turner is also a dude, great to train with, such a happy guy. But if i;m doing action choreography, my bro Anthony is the best there is, we work so well together because we know each others timing. Were would you like to be right now? Back home with my family, best 3 thing on this planet is Love, family and friends. dont need money... if you have those 3 things, you’ll be the richest man alive. Thanks for your time Ryan!




Natures Playground

Affiliation Squad

Team Free M Team Free Motion was created earlier in 2010 with members from the UK, they have very talented members who having been training for 2 or more Years, as a Community they enjoy watching and meeting up with new teams & people from the UK. Team FreeMotion Has 3 Founders – Josh “LOUD” Hill & Jordan “FUNGO” Fung & Elliot “MONKEYBOY” Whysall

Here at Urban Artists we aim to help support Athletes and teams.By becoming part of our Affiliation Squad. you will becoming part of the family. We will pos Daily Links to all of your networks e.g. youtube,facebook,twitter, website and anything els that revolves around your team/Self. We want to help bring the Par our/Freerun community together.




Nathan Jones

Elliot Whysall

Issue 1 Our Movement  

First issue of our online magazine

Issue 1 Our Movement  

First issue of our online magazine