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Well welcome to issue 3 of “Our Movement” this

issue is super small due to aload of stuff getting in the way plus InDesign cough* download cough* crack needed cough*, anways seeing how this is less than usual will give you some updates of what’s happening and what’s coming in next few weeks/months. Recently we finally updated from our poor crappy Nikon L100 to the amazing Canon 550D with some very nice lenses and stuff, so expect some high quality imagery coming your way, plus we will have 1080p video footage now available to our use. Also late 2010 Travis Wong agreed to do a Q&A for us, but instead offered to answer some of our questions in video, Travis had and still is working on some cool shiz which I don’t think we can say, but expect this video late February early March. So issue 3 what’s in store, in this issue we question 3Run member Mat Armitage and see what he has to say, some pretty deep stuff from this guy, and also a brief feature on affiliate squad Axis Freerun Professional Parkour/Freerunning team in Scotland with some of the most talented and diverse athletes and affiliates from all across the country, and as usual the boost promotion’s and Airborn information some very important information might I add. We hope you enjoy this issue. James




Important informtion Lifestyles Park Road Steble Street, Liverpool, L8 6QH Tel: 0151 233 3600 Thursdays (15+) 8.00pm - 9.30pm Sunday (Beginners 13+) 12.00pm - 2.00pm The age range at Park Road has been increased to 15 to filter out misuse of the equipment. If you do not qualify for Park Road, Airborn Sessions at Widnes targets 13 - 18. Sessions start on Wednesday 2rd Feb 7.00pm - 9.30pm. Widnes sessions are structured. For more info visit

Mat Armitage So next up is Mat Armitage, we ask Mat some simple questions in which we got some very inspiring answers. Mat Armitage is a professional Parkour/Freerun Athlete for 3RUN Media and Aspire Motion Productions, and has been training since 2006. Mat likes to look at other different styles of moving and see how he can adapt these to his life style, He is also a member of 3Run which began from Chase Armitage which now has around 15 Professional athlete’s and not just freerunning. Mat has done many performances world wide non-commercial/ commercial,being a stunt performer for such films as Prince of Persia & Pirates of the Caribbean. He also trained in Taekwondo for 6 years winning all his fights in the Triservice competition. If threes any one you like to see doing twist and stuff this is the guy, his hyper speed makes him an animal in the air as well as on ground. View his latest video on youtube this is his first video since 2008, showing amazing scenery of the wirral/Liverpool in incredible style Mat Armitage 2010 Training.

Please introduce yourself Hello, My name is Mat Armitage Im 20 years old, And I live in a town called Hoylake on the Wirral. When did you first get inspired by this new way of moving? I was inspired by Daniel Ilabaca, He lives a couple of minutes away from me in Moreton and I first started training with him. I never saw Jump London so i had no idea this way of moving even existed until 2006.

How did 3Run begin? 3RUN began from the imagination of Chase Armitage, He saw Jackie Chan performing his street stunts in his films and thought he’d give it a go,.. Turns out, Chase had found his destiny.. Not just to train, But to inspire others to train. What was your first professional performance? My first professional performance was at the Westfield Mall in London, Performing a 10 minute show with 3RUN, Synergy Stunts and Chloe bruce for the world premier of the Prince Of Persia film.

Did you take it serious when you first began? In the beginning I didnt take training seriously at all, I just had fun training, Nobody in Hoy- Who would you say people should look out for lake used to train, So I used to just go out and this year? At the moment, I wouldnt be able to say, As train by myself. I’m not sure what anybody is up to in the Parkour community, But I can say that 2011 Who els began with you? I feel is going to be a heavy year for me, I’m At the time Jack Lowry and Rob Hooper had training harder than I ever have, And nothing been training for a couple of years so it was is going to hold me back! fun to train with them. What was the Parkour Scene like back then? The parkour scene was very quiet it seemed, But being involved and training so closely to Daniel I got to meet some other people that trained from across the country.

Any advice for the beginners? Just to go with what you feel is right, Don’t let anybody tell you what Parkour is or isn’t... Parkour is a way of life, So live it how you want, And in your own style.

I see you fought for the tri-service taekwondo team in 2009 tell us more please? How did this have an impact on your life? Before I went in the forces I trained in TaekWell I had a glimpse of all the different styles wondo for 6 years, So when I went into the and what some people seem to either enjoy Army and they had Taekwondo classes, I more about training, or seem to focus on more, Plus I adopted a very philosophical edge immediately signed up for them. I ended up competing in full contact for the Army team, on not just training, but on my life. winning all my fights in the Tri-service competition, And then going on to compete for the Were has been you favourite place to train? Tri-service team against civilian clubs. My favourite place to train will always be my home town in Hoylake, I live right on the beach and there is a different sunset everyday.

Who has been your biggest inspiration in life? My biggest inspiration in life is my cousin, Danielle, She had a tumor that was relentless, and after around 15 years of fighting the tumor it finally took her last year, But even though she had this life threatening illness, There was such light that she would express in everyday life, and she never showed any fear or signs of giving in. So Danielle inspires me to get up and push myself everyday. What els besides Parkour do you enjoy? There are alot of things I enjoy besides Parkour, some of those include snowboarding, star gazing, Photography and film editing. What do you make of the Parkour scene in Liverpool? Over the past few years the amount of people training I think has decreased steadily, but those people still training hard are pushing there levels and creating new movements and inspiring video’s. Any favourite spots in Liverpool you enjoy training at? When I first started, I used to love training in the Liverpool museum gardens, At the time, That is where everybody used to meet up on saturdays to train together.

What has been your most memorable moment so far with the 3run guys? I went to the Netherlands last year, with Nathan, Chase, Matt, Shaun, Mike and Erol and Rashid from Synergy Stunts, We did a performance for an international horse auction called Equine Elite, we stayed for 4 days, training, rehearsing and chilling out with the guys, Me and Chase stayed with Erol and Rashid, So it was interesting seeing how those guys eat, being Vegitarians. Have you ever came to a point in your parkour life were you have thought about stopping? There has not been a single moment in my life where I’ve even thought about stopping training, This is now apart of me, There is no other way for me to express myself than through this descipline.



Axis Freerun formed in late 2009 and has since gone on to be involved in all manner of work, most recently having been booked to perform across all 16 dates of Scotland’s biggest festival and to work with Apple on performances in their flagship Scottish store. This year is shaping up to be a very big one with the showreel going into production and tv work coming for the summer.Axis provide only the most spectacular and exciting displays of Parkour/Freerunning in Scotland with some of the most talented and diverse athletes and affiliates from all across the country.

A piece Tim “ Livewire” Shieff did with Matt Marsh, Tim talks about his look on Parkour and the influence it has had on his life, some inspirational stuff from this guys really worth a look, also check out Matt Marsh who also did a piece with Daniel Ilibaca titled “Choose Not To Fall” Imagination is everything Choose Not to Fall

Luke Reece : some where





Issue 3 Our Movement  

Issue 3 of our movment looking at Mat Armitage and Axis Freerun

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