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Guys should Know Before GoinG for hair removal ď ą

Why do men go for removing hairs? The answer can be anything and even some aggressive ones can fire back you with another question, why do you girls remove them all? While hair removal, waxing, threading and all seem to be quite feminine, it’s really a bit weird to see males rushing to salons for shredding the unwanted hairs. I feel it very weird.

What is waxing basically? ď ą

How often should you wax? Not often! In order to get the prince charming look, do not keep on waxing. Do it in regular long time intervals. A little bit of hair sprouting won’t give you that villainous look. Chill!! Give some time to your hairs. Else there may be risk of in-growth, which will be even more painful.

What guys know about waxing is, it is simply a hair removal technique and since girls do it. Waxing is done by applying a thin layer of wax over the hair, pressed from above by a thin piece of cloth. The cloth is then pulled out within a fraction of second to pull out all the hairs from the root. This is one of the most effective hair removal techniques.

Where should you wax?

Anywhere except the eyes, ears, nose, eyelashes, eye lids, soles and palms! These are extremely delicate and there are chances of ripping off the top layer of skin. If you want to have a properly groomed eyebrow, either go for threading or else pluck the uncontrolled ones.

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Dublin Laser Hair Removal  

Urbana is a fully professional hair removal clinic specializes in laser hair removal and waxing at Dublin.

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