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Bikini waxing is the epilating of pubic hair in and around the pubic region, commonly by women, by the use of wax. With certain styles of women's swimwear, pubic hair may become visible around the crotch area of a swimsuit. Page 2

The hair has to be long so that the wax can grab it and pull it out. But don’t let it grow much, so that you need them braided before the task.

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Remember it’s going to be a very “different” job done. Your legs akimbo and there would be a person pouring hot wax over your genitalia. Therefore make sure you choose a distant place for the job to be done. Much distant from your original place so that you don’t bump on the salon fellow, each and every time you are on an evening stroll. Page 4

Remember it’s not a matter of 5-10 minutes. You are going to be there for hours. Maintain that calm and composure that you initially had, when you had decided for bikini waxing.

Page 5 Dublin: 9 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, Ireland Drogheda: 113 West Street, Drogheda, Ireland Tel: +353 1 6351616 Email:

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Bikini Waxing Dublin