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Reliable laser hair removal experts at Dublin Getting a good clinic wasn’t so easy for a newbie like me. I was totally new to the lasers as well as the city. Thanks Google, for helping me so much. I browsed internet relentlessly and finally it was Urbana! It is a superb salon. Before going there for a laser treatment I went for a facial. The therapist, Jenny was exactly in time and started working on me. Within the facial session she kept on giving me suggestions to keep my skin moist (my skin is utterly dry!). I liked the way she interacted and all her supporting staffs were nice as well. Laser treatment experience was even more pleasant!

Apart from Urbana, I had come across a number of other laser hair removal experts of Dublin through internet. Listing 9 more such cosmetic salons in Dublin and I am pretty sure, the facial

and hair removal service offered here will not disappoint you at all.

Therapie clinic: Situated at Molesworth Street. One of the best things I found about this is that it uses the best technologies of the industry. And it’s a bit pricey too! Laserway Clinic: Are you living near to Ballyowen Medical Center? Go to Laserway Clinic. I found many reviews appreciating the customer friendly staff members and the affordable price. I also found something exciting. Want to know? It is very close to the Liffey Valley. You can plan for a beauty session along with a grand shopping on the same day.

Brazilia: People love being waxed here. From all the reviews that I read, it seemed as if people had given the review of a spa instead of waxing. However I didn’t get enough details regarding laser treatment.

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Urbana is a fully professional hair removal clinic specializes in laser hair removal and waxing at Dublin. Our Hair removal experts are alwa...