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Leeds | Issue 9 | JULY 2013


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Y O U R FA V O U R I T E FA S H I O N A N D L I F E S T Y L E M A G A Z I N E Fashion + Intellect = DZHUS

REGULARS 7-8 • Lust List Summer must haves 10 • Jo Jessop Column This month Jo tackles the art of eating alone. Would you? 11-12 • Day in the life of... 24 hours with unsung heros in business 15-32 • Designer Spotlight showcasing international fashion brands Dzhus and Abbacino 39-42 • Highstreet Highlights See which highstreet stores are on the money this month 45-46 • Mochas and Mojitos We focused more on the Mojito’s this month at Blackhouse Leeds 43-44 • Guest Blogger Taken over by Youtube star Jess Gill 49-50 • Behind the Brand Nitefinder - An emerging company taking the app world by storm 63-64 • Chic Retreats This month our columnist Jo Jessop headed out on the hunt for ultra relaxation 67-68 • Music Spotlight Tyler and Stevie, names you need to know about

FEATURES 35-38 • Stevie Roy Swimshoot Stevie Roy hit the roofs of Leeds to showcase sexy swimwear available from Leeds based designers 51-52 • Slumber Party Nightwear fashion is always overlooked, until now 53-54 • International Fashionistas Taking the blogging world by storm, we spend some time with the girls on their mission to take over the world 55-56 • The Graduates Graduate fashion highlights 57-62 • Golden Beauty Get inspired by beautiful bling 65-66 • Spa Spotlight Launching in Leeds this month with a delectable selection of treats from local independents 69-70 • Street Style We went on the hunt for the stylish people at Leeds Fashion Show model scouting day



71-72 • Gail Morgan How to dress for a promotion 73-82 • Angelica Hispanica We add spanish inspiration to our wardrobe

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EDITOR’S LETTER It literally doesn’t feel like it’s been two minutes since I was writing last months Editor’s letter. Where has the time gone? I’ve been super busy working on the magazine, not just this issue but our second international edition which is now out around the world, not that I want to plug it too much but you can get a copy via our website now! Also had an exciting month of photoshoots, along with our cover shoot and usual editorials we’ve had a pretty exciting guest in Leeds. The Nephew of Whitney Houston has been in town and we had the pleasure of meeting him and doing a photoshoot - look out for the full editorial in next months issue. We’ve included a little teaser in this magazine just to wet your appetite. So what’s going on inside the July issue? I have to say this months Designer Spotlights showcase some of the best labels I’ve seen in the industry in a long time, it really does excite me the amount of talent out there and its my personal mission to make sure I get them noticed. Your usual favourites are back and we welcome our new contributors covering showbiz and careers. In this issue we show off the work of some of the photographers we work with around the world. The Golden Beauty editorial was shot in Germany and features some of the biggest designers in the world from Versace to Oscar De La Renta - guaranteed this shoot will inspire you to add some sparkle to your wardrobe. I’ve also been overloading on cocktails this month, you can read about my boozy visit to Blackhouse Leeds - highly recommend you book a session with their bar staff and learn how to make cocktails, it promises to be a fun night. Following feedback from you lovely readers we have expanded our travel offering this month. Along with our Chic Retreat we have introduced Spa Spotlight. We know how important time out is and where better to go with your girls than to some of the best spa’s in the country. On a personal note, outside of the magazine I’ve decided to take up a new hobby of playing the piano - Tchaikovsky eat your heart out. Ive only had three lessons so far but think I might be getting somewhere and I really enjoy focusing on something new. Of course il be sure to keep you updated on my progress every month. Now, time to get working on the August issue - full issue dedicated to beauty! Enjoy! @urbancocomag

Credits: Writers - Naomi Nightingale, Caroline Ryan, Eva Domijan, Gail Morgan, Joe Forrester • Stylist - Taheed Khan • Photographer - Ginger Snap Photography

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Claires Accessories


Collier Campbell available at QVC Price


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Folli Folli





Kilian Kerner

M&S Bra & pants

My Love My Leggings


(£17.50 & £7.50)



Phase Eight

Pied a Terre

Quiz Clothing






SELFISH by Forever Unique




Urban Outfitters




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Just Jo Jessop

Face your fear: the challenge of a table for one. Jo Jessop is flying solo – and she dares you to do it too!


or those who know me or may follow me online, you’ll know I’m a pretty confident person! However, not many people know that I have a little bit of a phobia about eating alone in public.

I listened to the waiter, I heard the busker and I laughed with the table dining next to me. Honestly, how often have you stopped to listen to the buskers? I got to hear his whole set! It reminded me of the story I recently read in The Washington Post about a professional musician who busked in a subway during rush hour and the majority of people just walked on by - no one knew it, but that busker was one of the finest classical violinists in the world!

The thought of sitting alone to eat, especially in a busy place, just really daunts me. From a young age I’ve always felt really sorry for people when I see them eating alone. I understand that for many people this is the preferred option; people like quality ‘me time’ and others just really enjoy their own company. Many of my friends have said ‘just do it!’. When I work away, I often go for take away or room service options and realise that I am missing out on so much. I have sat alone to have a quick sandwich and coffee during lunch break (acceptable – but the chicken’s version of lonesome dining) but I have never really had a ‘dining for one’ experience in a busy public place. So, this month I decided to write about my mini-fear. Not only that, but I thought that I should take on the challenge and try it. I had to prepare by doing a little bit of retail therapy before I embarked on my ‘challenge’! But 15 minutes later I was sat on the roof top of the new Trinity Leeds, with my shades on, eating a bowl of rice and chicken. Rather than smiling, nodding and sitting down almost unconsciously, I heard

How much do we miss when we are in a rush? When we’re living in our comfortable bubble, how much do we not hear or see? every word that the waiter said when showing me to the table, and had a bit of a laugh and joke with him about the menu. A couple of times, I did wonder if the tables around me were giving me that pitiful look - which, I admit on many occasions, I’ve directed to those lonesome diners I’ve encountered in the past. But behind my pitying face was always a feeling of envy at other people’s confidence in the ability to dine solo.

I have to say, I do prefer sitting with friends and enjoying a more sociable dining experience, but this challenge not only allowed me to say ‘yes – I did it!’ but it also actually made me take time out of the fast lane to stop, relax and listen. I challenge you to take on the lone dining experience - luckily there’s currently no single supplement fee involved! @JJPRCOMMS

Not quite sure that I could complete this challenge completely alone, I was prepared with shopping bags, a newspaper, a copy of Urban Coco, my iPad and mobile phone. But sat on the rooftop, I was content soaking up the rays. In the distance I could hear the country tones of a very talented busker with his guitar entertaining the shoppers on Briggate.

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Day in the life of...

an Assistant Manager

lim fit, steak and chips and an iPhone: a day in the life of Scott McGuinness, an assistant manager at Hawes & Curtis, is just as trendy and traditional as the brand itself. My alarm goes off at…7 am each morning. For breakfast I eat…Usually something quick and easy that I can have on the go; ‘a lemon muffin with a hazelnut latte usually does the job! I’m wearing…Hawes & Curtis shirt (of course!). My favourite item at the moment is a plain white slim fit shirt from our 100 year collection. It fits perfectly and is stylish for work. The one thing I can’t leave the house without…is my iPhone. It has everything on it, from phone numbers and email addresses to photos and my calendar. I would be lost without it. When I get to work at Hawes & Curtis, the first thing I do is… Take a look at the shop windows to ensure they’re looking in order and that each mannequin is dressed immaculately. 11 | Urban-Coco

After all, they’re the first thing a customer will see and first impressions count for a lot.

For dinner I have… has to be the classic steak and chips with a glass of red.

The best part of my job is… the constant change – there are always new products, new offers and new promotions that have to be implemented to ensure that the business is both successful and competitive. By making these changes it means that the customers get the best shopping experience that we can offer as well as ensuring each of my working days are varied.

Tell us a bit more about yourself… How did you decide on a job in retail? I’ve always enjoyed shopping, as I like to keep up to current trends, so I thought a job in retail would ensure my fingers were always on the pulse.

The people of Leeds are… fun-loving, with a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude.

‘ìI started in retail at the age of 16. I was studying for my A Levels and got a job as a Christmas temp in a large department store. At the end of my temporary contract I was given a permanent weekend contract working eight hours a week. After completing my A Levels I decided to go into full time work. Staying at the same store over a nine year period I worked my way up to the position of supervisor, working in various departments including menswear and ladies fashion.

After work to unwind I…have a cheeky vodka and coke and discuss the day’s events with my girlfriend. My favorite bar in the city is… Jakes Bar.

What other roles have you had within the retail sector? I’ve had various roles in the retail sector albeit in the same store. I was a part time member

Our current bestseller is… the St James Slim Fit White Poplin Shirt. The person I would most like to dress…Jeremy Clarkson (double denim is not for everyone!).

Hawes & Curtis

of staff in homewares in a department store, worked as a senior sales assistant on ladies accessories and menswear, and then later became the supervisor of both children’s wear and homeware. Why did you decide to apply for a job at Hawes & Curtis? Out of all the departments that I worked in during my last job, menswear had to be my favourite. I believe this was because I felt I could relate a lot more to the product I was selling. When I discovered the vacancy at Hawes & Curtis I jumped at the opportunity to work with a brand that I had admired for a long time and applied straight away. Having been trading for 100 years this year and growing at a rapid rate, I felt Hawes & Curtis could provide me with the stepping stones to build a career in the area of retail that I have always loved - men’s fashion. What does your day-to-day schedule consist of? Firstly I put myself into the mind-set of a customer. I look at the windows to make sure they are both attractive and informative. I will then walk the store in the same mind-set picking up on things that as a customer I might not be happy with. Once any changes have been made I make sure that everything is in place to ensure that my team can sell to the best of their ability. My role is to ensure the store to run as smoothly and effectively as possible. That said, I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and work alongside my colleagues on the sales floor if that’s what I need to do!

What is the most challenging aspect of your job? I would say the most challenging aspect of my job would be encouraging customers to try something new and break away from what they have traditionally bought in the past. An example of this would be our St James Fitted Shirt. Frequently customers come into store and are cautious of the term “Slim Fit”. Many gentlemen picture a shirt that is skin tight and therefore not suitable for them! However, those brave enough to try one on are surprised to find that they fit well, and even better, give them a refined silhouette and a contemporary look. How would you describe your personal fashion style? I think it’s smart/casual. When I’m out and about, I often wear trousers and a shirt so the staff discount at Hawes & Curtis comes in very handy! What is your favourite item across current Hawes & Curtis collections? Currently my favourite item at Hawes & Curtis is the 100 year Men’s Plain White Slim Fit Limited Edition Shirt. I am a fan of anything traditional and this shirt, with its old school pointed collar and collar tab, brings together everything I like to see in a shirt. Finally, where can people find out more? You can visit our site,, or come and speak to us at 22-24 County Arcade, Victoria Quarter, LS1 6BN.

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Go to to get your copy

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t: 0113 243 4898 e: Urban-Coco | 14

Designer Spotlight

Fashion + Intellect = DZHUS


designer whose focus transcends aesthetic beauty and focuses on archetypal beauty is always a fascinating spark in the fashion world, and is something that has become an identifying feature of the DZHUS label. With

a creative concept inspired by big ideas, designer Irina Dzhus has created garments with impact and influence. From stunning silhouettes to its use of technical cotton, this line is all about fashion with impact. We caught up with the line’s designer and founder Irina Dzhus to discuss her label and the inspiration behind her latest collection, ‘Overground’. You’ve gained experience as a fashion stylist, worked on cosmetic campaigns and collaborated with celebrities. How did this contribute to your work as a designer? I started planning a career in design at the age of five. Fashion magazines were my first manuals. Then I studied at an art school and, finally, I graduated from Kiev National University of Technologies and Design and launched my own fashion label, DZHUS. My work as a stylist, that I’ve been doing since my third year at university, provides me with income that is the sole source of investment in the brand so far. In addition, because of that experience, I know how to produce a successful campaign for a collection and how the fashion industry actually works, which has aided the development of my brand. It can be difficult to stand out in the fashion world. What inspired you to take the risk and found DZHUS? I could never imagine my life without fashion design, no matter how difficult it could be with it, so I just had no choice.

15 | Urban-Coco

You are known for architectural designs that interpret monumental structure. Where do you find your inspiration? I get inspiration from many things – archetypal beauty, primeval forms, icons, anthropogenic aesthetics, technical textures and more. My latest collection is exaggeratedly urbanistic. Stately and, at the same time, naïve, it is filled with majestic spirit of totalitarian monumentalism.

Urban-Coco | 16

I get inspiration from many things – archetypal beauty, p icons, anthropogenic aesthetics, technical textures latest collection is exaggeratedly urbanistic. Stately a time, naïve, it is filled with majestic spirit of totalitarian m

Your AW13 collection ‘Overground’ is said to display signature elements. What are the main themes and inspirations for this collection? The design of the garments glorifies sublime technocratic aesthetics and functionalist utilitarian constructions. The word “overground” makes an ironic analogy with “underground”, as a creative concept, and at the same time, it is an eloquent statement about the grandiose idea of the collection. Your designs include the creation of aesthetic silhouettes. What do you think these unique designs add to the line? Obviously the most recognisable designs are always editorial rather than commercial. They illustrate the general style of the collection and concentrate its essence. Meanwhile, the pieces that are not so conceptual but rather casual and sporty are more likely to be sold quickly. But they find a market because of the influence of the garments from the first category. So those unique designs express my vision best of all and aid marketing as well. You showed at the 2013 Ukrainian Fashion Week. What was the best part of this experience? It was exciting but, at the same time, very challenging. It took a lot of energy, discipline, management skills and means to make a good show. That’s why what I enjoyed more than anything was having done it and receiving a lot of feedback and offers. Who is the DZHUS Girl? She is a perfectionist longing for an uncompromisingly complementary form for her own ideological substance. Neither her age, nor business line matters, but only her ability to comprehend a piece of clothing mentally. The signature of your brand is intellectually constructed garments. How long does each piece take to make? As soon as I am totally happy with the concept and the drawing, I start creating a prototype, which might take from half a day to three days until I am finally satisfied with the shape and proportions. Then I need one more day to make patterns. Usually, by the 17 | Urban-Coco

time construction is complete, textiles for the collection have already been chosen so the manufacturing process begins at once and can last about a week. What was the first piece of clothing you designed? My experimental designs made at the age of 14 to 16 can probably be called the first steps towards professional realisation. I can’t recall the very first piece I created, but I can describe the most memorable outfit made in that period for a young designers contest. The look was inspired by pagan mysticism. It included kind of a kaftan made of ivory cotton, a long white honeycomb cloth skirt and an eccentric head accessory with horns made of a rope. Which celebrity best suits your brand? Tilda Swinton, I think. What is most important to you as a fashion designer? To me, design is, first of all, about creating innovative forms and structures. I make all the constructions myself, as well as choosing the fabrics, focusing on their texture and physical properties. Along with that, every design I create carries a distinctive ideological message. My ethereal ideas take shape, and that enraptures me most about being a designer. How would you describe your personal style? I think it’s conceptual, intellectual, structural, lofty and utilitarian. You work with a range of fabrics from metallised textiles to coloured silks and chiffon. What is your favourite fabric to work with? To be honest, the technical cotton that I use for prototypes is absolute perfection to me. How would you define the DZHUS palette? It is either monochrome or very reserved. I perceive any object through the prism of its structure. If I use colours, then they are rather symbolic in the context of a collection’s theme. Are there any designers that particularly inspire you?

My favourite fashion brands are Comme des Garcons, Maison Martin Margiela and Rick Owens. I admire their work; however, it does not actually inspire me. I might be inspired by almost anything but never fashion design itself. What do you hope for the future of your brand? I am located in Ukraine where there are many promising young designers; nevertheless, retail business hardly exists, which makes my native country rather disadvantageous for new brands. Therefore, I’m aiming at international promotion and sales, especially since I have had much more feedback and interest from European, American and Asian sources than local ones. I hope to sell worldwide not only via online platforms but also at showrooms, so that my designs are easily accessible for people who appreciate them, regardless of where they live. Shop the Overground collection on Not Just a Label ( and follow DZHUS on Facebook (facebook. com/dzhus.conceptual.wear). Words by Naomi Nightingale

primeval forms, res and more. My and, at the same monumentalism.

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Designer Spotlight

Abbacino — Handbags of Continental Cool


Caroline Ryan investigates the Italian brand that’s combined quality with beautiful design for over 20 years.

resh from the Mediterranean, the Abbacino brand of accessories are making their mark on the international fashion scene with their zest-infused collection of handbags reflecting the brightness of their home ground, Majorca.

worldwide. Abbacino accessories are sold in prestigious shopping centres such as El Corte Inglés (Spain), Coin (Italy), Anthropologie (USA) and Passito-Fricker (Switzerland). China was a recent venture for the brand, with its first shop opening in 2011: the colourful range has been well-received in the country and is steadily growing.

The name ‘Abbacino’ is derived from the Italian word meaning ‘to dazzle’, and the brand certainly lives up to its name: it’s a striking and colourful collection of handbags and clutches oozing Mediterranean charm.

The broad range of Abbacino products includes urban bags to “it” formats to celebration clutches. From the sleek and streamlined to items bursting with Mediterranean colour, vibrancy, and character, the range is designed to offer something for every woman. With a commitment to design, workmanship and quality whilst keeping prices affordable, their range is aspirational yet accessible. Latest designs incorporate special formats, innovative materials and technological fabrics. Co-founder Sebastià Vaddell describes the range as “100% trendy designs with Mediterranean flair” bringing “light and colour to every season’s looks”.

The roots of the Abbacino brand go back to 1982 when the Vadell family began making leather patchwork bags on the island of Majorca. The bags proved to be a local fashion hit and over the next three decades the brand grew, with their classic designs entering the international market.

“From the sleek and streamlined to items bursting with Mediterranean colour, vibrancy, and character, the range is designed to offer something for every woman.”

25 | Urban-Coco

It was in 1997 that the brand Abbacino as we know it today was truly born. The company had passed through generational succession to the brothers Sebastià and Toni Vadell. They combined experience, creativity and commercial adeptness with a fresh outlook to help break new ground with the brand. The new Abbacino range combined style with practicality, dedication to design and quality with fashion savviness. The first collection met with success and Abbacino went on to make its mark at top international fashion and trade fairs including Milan (Mipel), London (Pure) and Offenbach (ILM). The family brothers realised they were on the right track with the brand, pressing forward with the vision and entered new markets. The brand continued to grow over the next five years and today the company operates in over 15 markets with 1500 points of sale

So what’s next for Abbacino in 2013? The forthcoming collections are something to watch out for. Sebastià Vaddell explains what’s in store: “for summer, we launch an incredible collection called Med Girl...inspired by the Mediterranean and the mermaids’ tales. It is really colourful and full of unseen formats. For winter we have already introduced Inner Garden, an über-feminine and romantic collection inspired by the gardens of the XIX Century. From the shapes to the materials, everything has a vintage flavour and a very unique look.” Looks like this Mediterranean recipe has the sweet smell of success! Abbacino bags are stocked in selected stores in the UK. For more information visit or their Facebook page.

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elcome to JoeBusiness! I’ll be bringing you behindthe-scenes gossip and the hottest showbiz news from my chats with the biggest names in global entertainment, with a hefty dollop of my home-grown cynicism too. Hope you like it! June was set to be a good month for the Hollywood superstar. It saw the release of Behind the Candelabra (Michael Douglas and Matt Damon), After Earth (Will Smith), World War Z (Brad Pitt) and Stand Up Guys (Al Pacino, Christopher Walken). In the age of the mighty franchise movie, it was an interesting development. Recent years have seen the rise of all-conquering nerd fodder, with series such as Spiderman, X-Men, The Avengers and more recently Iron Man and Star Trek, dominating the box office. The trend since the turn of the century has been that the movie, not the star, sells. The Top 10 worldwide-grossing movies of the last decade (2000 - 2010) have all been franchise movies. Whereas for the 90s, that number was only 5. There was a time when you simply attached a big star to a movie and you had a hit; but Hollywood’s heavyweights have spent the last ten years wondering how their guaranteed status as the paragons of cool was replaced by the eternally ‘uncool’ comic book in movie form. This was inconceivable not that long ago. Remember recent Oscar-winner Ben Affleck as Daredevil (2003)? Ouch! Or everyone’s favourite twinkle-eyed baldy, Billy Zane, as The Phantom (1996)? Dear God, NOOOO! Comic books were not just uncool but their film incarnations spelled a flop for sure. However, comic books and fantasy adventures were always sleeping giants and had one thing that no movie star can compete with, a dedicated audience who love

33 | Urban-Coco

the source material so deeply, that no matter how bad it is, they’ll still go and see it. As Twilight fans proved five times’ over. So the studios, producers and directors realised that they were smashing box-office records but not breaking the bank for their actors, so clearly they didn’t need to; but in June, it looked like the big boys were back and they meant business. However, the endof-month box-office figures showed that latest comic book offering, Man of Steel, was already the 6th highest-grossing movie of the year, while the highest placed of the ‘star movies’ released in June was After Earth at 16th. I suggest you buckle up and prepare for every bit of comic book nonsense to be turned into a huge blockbuster. How long until we get to Dennis the Menace: SpikyHaired Warrio, I wonder?


spent a great deal of time this month in darkened rooms watching flickering images, desperately trying to justify my time there, and in not one case did a ‘girl go wild’, which is usually how these experiences

end. This is because it’s considered professional to see a movie if you can before you cover the premiere, but it’s also a glorious excuse to pretend to ‘be at work’, while in reality, watching films for free in cinemas often kitted out with individual sofas, leather armchairs and free nibbles. One of the movies I watched was new zombie thriller World War Z, before interviewing its star and producer, Brad Pitt, at the world premiere. As you’d expect, he was very cool, very charming and rather handsome. I told him I liked the movie, which I did… in a way. The problem is, the version I saw was in 3D. I hate 3D. It’s not immersive like those rides at theme parks as a kid - remember the pirate ship one where you actually got wet!? I know I may be in a minority here, but 3D should only be used where visuals are everything, and the story is told in a skilful enough manner that it adds to, not detracts from, the experience. Ang Lee’s Life of Pi is the only example that comes to mind. However, with World War Z as with so many other 3D projects, it made everything on screen too busy, too hard to watch, and you didn’t know what the flaming heck was going on in the most frenetic of the action scenes - a real shame as the film’s spectacular swarms of zombies are a major selling point. I knew this was bad when one character perished, his death and it’s manner a major plot turning point, and I

“Anyone who saw him even in the smallest of his performances knows that. He is one of the greatest actors of this or any time. A great deal of that genius resided in those sad eyes.”

didn’t know if the zombies had got him, Brad himself had done him in or even if mighty Zeus had struck him down with a celestial thunderbolt. When you try so hard with the visuals that the story gets utterly lost, that ain’t good.


nother film I was sent to see this month was Behind the Candelabra. No flashy effects, just a group of great actors, telling an absorbing story very well. For those of you who aren’t aware of this movie, it’s the true story of piano virtuoso and Vegas showman Liberace (Michael Douglas) and his dysfunctional love affair and relationship with the impressionable young Scott (Matt Damon). I don’t want to say much more as you should enjoy it for yourselves, but it’s very funny, sad and beautifully acted, and worth going to see if only for Rob Lowe’s turn as a whisky-swilling, devil-may-care, alienfaced plastic surgeon.

any degree of meaningful introspection. But then the news broke, and it was confirmed they had named their first child North. Making her full name North West… which is a direction… There had been speculation that this would be Kimye’s choice, yet no one truly believed they would be that inane, but oh baby they are. Even if you like the name North, well if your second name is West, I’m afraid it’s not an option. What the hell are you thinking, as you welcome the physical manifestation of your union to christen it with a geographical pun!? It’s not funny, it’s not clever. ‘Simply The West’ I could’ve lived with, but North? Do one.

He also had a diverse film career, but his greatest professional legacy was a show that set the benchmark for quality television, a process that spawned The Wire, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and many others, not to mention influencing quality drama in the UK and globally. It also cemented HBO’s position as a channel of pedigree and integrity, favouring quality over viewing figures, a doctrine that recently culminated in the release of Behind the Candelabra, made for the cable channel in America where it couldn’t get a cinematic release as it was deemed ‘too gay’, but has been a huge cinematic success in Europe and a viewing hit in the States; possibly paving the way for other unique movie projects to be released in this way. James Gandolfini’s immortal tortured Mafioso is an enduring image of the desire to continue making quality television and film in a world where too often the entertainment headlines are dominated by style, glitz, glamour, and no substance. So for one last time, let’s light a cigar, put on Woke Up This Morning and raise a toast to The Boss. Salut James. Twitter: @forrester_joe

The final big story of the month, was the untimely death of actor James Gandolfini. A fine actor, best known for his role as a mob boss in HBO’s seminal TV series, The Sopranos. The show’s creator, David Chase, issued a statement calling the late actor a ‘genius’, going on to say:

In a household where the only things that take up more space than the lady’s famous booty, are the egos of the two occupants, a child was welcomed this month. I’m talking about the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby daughter. Kimye’s pregnancy saga was a source of global fascination, mainly focused around what they’d name the tot. It was felt they’d go with an alliterative name beginning with a ‘K’. Get it? As you’ve got Kanye and Kim, so it would be the same letter and also spelling, like, KKK which would totes be a slap in the face of any on-looking white supremacist nutcases. Fancied picks were Kaidence, or Kai Georgia Donda West , a name incorporating Kanye’s late mother’s surname (Donda), and the feminine version of Kim’s late father’s forename (George). This seemed like a surprising choice for a couple who, let’s face it, aren’t known for showing Urban-Coco | 34

35 | Urban-Coco

Photographer- Photo assistants- John Roy & Reece Jones Hair- Lynsey Nutton at Renaissance hair & beauty Make up- Jo Worthington & Jamie Edwards at NARS Designer- Klue by KellyAnn at Sunglasses- “Peggy� at Location- Angelica at Trinity Leeds Models- Carlotta De Rosa at Glam Productions, Laura Slater & Victoria Fairbrother

summer Couture

Urban-Coco | 36

37 | Urban-Coco

Highstreet Highlights

ASOS shift dress with 3D flower lace £120








1 Asos £30 2 Asos £35 3 Asos £50 4 Asos £55 5 Asos £60 6 Asos £65

39 | Urban-Coco

F&F Blazer £22 Trousers £16 and Shirt £16








1 F&F £5 2 F&F £6 3 F&F £22 4 F&F £25 5 F&F £28 6 F&F £30

Urban-Coco | 40

Next swimsuit - £25, Pink scarf £12.50 Flower bracelet - £12








1 Next top - £14 Tye dye bikini briefs £12 2 Next £16 3 Next £22 4 Next £22 5 Next £38 6 Next £40

41 | Urban-Coco

Office Ophelia Bow £62








1 Office £58 2 Office £60 3 Office £65 4 Office £75 5 Office £85 6 Office £85

Urban-Coco | 42

Guest Blogger Jess Gill, stylist and YouTube vlogger STYLISH IN SORRENTO Our guest blogger, stylist and YouTube vlogger Jess Gill of, talks us through her holiday wardrobe, ultimate summer beauty products and festival fashion. This year I’m heading to the beautiful Bay of Naples in Italy for my summer break. High street store Zara is always totally on point for summer breaks, providing gorgeous pieces that are perfect for taking in the sights on a trip to Capri, a Neapolitan lunch at a local pizzeria or wine tasting in a distant vineyard!

These terracotta wide leg trousers are flattering for all body shapes. Paired with a crisp white vest they’re the epitome of chic. Add a black fedora to finish the look and protect yourself from the heat of the Sorrento sun. Palazzo Pant £29.99 Vest £19.99

A maxi dress is a must have. I love bright colours and this tie dye piece will look amazing with a golden glow (whether that comes from a bottle or not!). Zara does simplicity beautifully with these minimalistic ankle strap sandals, which are perfect for showing off a bright pedicure. Dress £19.99 Sandal £39.99

Don’t forget to pack a fantastic print to mix up with your basics. Throw on this silk dress and nothing more is needed; it was made for long hot summer evenings sipping limoncello. I’ve added a pair of metallic heels and matching bag to keep the look fresh. Dress £39.99 Metallic heel £29.99 Metallic bag £19.99 Ciao bella!

43 | Urban-Coco

Tortoise first in the fashion race Michael Kors has wowed again with these go-with-anything tortoiseshell pieces. So beautiful – and reasonably priced at £130.00 for the bracelet and £80.00 for the barrel ring. I’ll be stacking them with an eclectic mix of neon hues and braided pieces to complete the look!

This summer, I’ll be reaching for... Armani luminous silk foundation £34.50 The best foundation for a flawless face. Essie Madison Ave-Hue £8.00 For the perfect holiday ready manicure or pedicure.

Jamie Cowlishaw – photographer Rosie Powers – make up artist Chloe Grundy – Nemesis models For more fashion and beauty please join me at Jess Gill

MAC lipstick in Morange £14.00 A bright orange that sizzles. See by Chloe 75ml £56.00 With romantic notes of Jasmine, Sandlewood and Vanilla. Chanel Soleil Tan de chanel £30.00 Bronze up, contour and glow! Paul Mitchel Awapuhi wild ginger texturizing sea spray £18.95 For laid back beachy waves.

Urban-Coco | 44

Mochas Mojitos

Blackhouse, The Grill on the Square, Leeds. Laura Bartlett tries her hand at mixology at Blackhouse Leeds, The Grill on the Square.

he Grill on the Square, aka Blackhouse Leeds, is an ontrend destination for any socialite in the city. You’ll catch me hanging out there regularly, sipping cocktails at the bar, eating from their extensive well-cooked menu and usually hitting on all the bar staff.

After watching Ross make it and explain how to count measures it was time to give it a go. We had to count the measures out loud - I purposely counted slower to get more alcohol in my glass. Then it was the difficult part: shaking the drink in the cocktail mixer. It’s hard not to do it without pulling a crazy face, and I now have a new respect for bar staff that make it look easy.

When I heard they had introduced a cocktail making masterclass, I got straight on the phone (obviously, I have them on speed dial) and booked my place for myself and the girls.

Our cocktails all tasted different to each other – I like to think they were unique - as clearly some of us paid more attention than the others, but that was all part of the fun.

It was a Thursday (the new Friday) and we arrived around seven, where we were welcomed with bellinis – great start!

We spent more time on our second cocktail and Ross kindly let us finish off with some tasters from the ‘and so to bed’ section of the menu, including the Jaffa Cake and Lemon Drop.

After catching up with the girls, discussing work, shopping and men, it was time to make our way to the bar to get stuck in. Our waiter for the evening had a challenge on his hands: how to keep us under control! Ross (yes, we’re on first name terms) was clearly a natural. He talked us through the plan of action, explained that we would make the cocktails of our choice and then have some nibbles to help line our stomach. I chose the first cocktail for the night, Mary Pickford, which has my favourite spirit of all time in it – Bacardi - mixed with Luxardo, Maraschino, pineapple juice and sugar syrup. 45 | Urban-Coco

At this point we were quite tipsy, so the generous nibbles arrived at the perfect time. We had a selection of fish cakes, calamari, duck spring rolls and chicken skewers. It was a very enjoyable evening and I’ve actually been back since already. It’s a great way to start a night out, get the girls together and get involved - or even take a date; it’s a great ice breaker! Find out more about Blackhouse’s cocktail classes, bar and grill on their website

“It was a very enjoyable evening and I’ve actually been back since already. It’s a great way to start a night out, get the girls together and get involved - or even take a date; it’s a great ice breaker!” Urban-Coco | 46

Photography © Ginger Snaps Photography • Stylist - Taheed Khan • Designer - I Am Alias

‘Whitney Houston’s Nephew, Gary Michael Houston, has been in town...Look out for our interview with him in the August issue’

47 | Urban-Coco

Urban-Coco | 48

Behind the


Nitefinder is a new and exciting app that is guaranteed to make your shopping habits that little bit easier. We went behind the brand with founder, Ant Cosgrove, to find out more…


he initial idea behind Nitefinder was for it to just be an app, listing relevant things associated with visiting a new city - day or night, with friends, family, partner etc. The issue we found was that it is both difficult and time-consuming to find a nice and simple website, showing all associated details in one place. After browsing one or two sites, I’d lost interest and still hadn’t really found what I was looking for. That’s when I went to see a mate at The Design and Print Co. in Manchester. We sat down and decided to build a website covering everything: socialising, the best venues, relaxing or having fun day or night and weekends away! The key was that it had to be super-fast for results, easy on the eye, funky, and most of all, no scrolling through lots of information overload! A couple of months later, we finally got to sit down and build the app to match the website. Months of long days and late nights researching the UK social scene had come to an end, and the idea was now a reality! I feel we have got it 99% right, but there’s always that 1% left to build on.’ What’s your background? My background has always been running my own business - 12hr days are the norm! I’m a family man out of hours, with a bit of socialising thrown in for good measure. I had a very successful transport business, but I wanted a change and something that kept me closer to home. A job that I could do from my laptop seemed the way forward. Through past business, I have always networked and approached the big names personally, securing contracts with Mercedes,

49 | Urban-Coco

VW, etc. I take the same approach with Nitefinder, and love getting to meet all the cool people in the bars, clubs, restaurants and DJ event teams, and work out new strategies for their businesses to be seen, or assist them in planning promotional campaigns via us. Every day is different, and it’s all looking good for the future. I suppose you could say it’s almost the perfect job! Describe your ideal customer? I’d say our ideal customers are fun-loving types - people who enjoy going out, socialising, being around friends, seeing new places and experiencing something different, especially gigs, big club events, cocktails and nice meals. They’d definitely be the type of person that likes to look back and smile at the good times they had through the Nitefinder App! Where do we see the brand in 5 years? The Nitefinder brand is ready to be a household name that you’ll see in all the best venues. Even though we are only six months in, we have worked crazy-long hours to get it ready for summer 2013. We already have six cities covered to a reasonable level, and hope to have three more completed by Christmas. We also aim to add in some foreign destinations by 2014. The overall five-year plan is to be seen as the brand associated with the best venues, socialising avenues, events and all things cool and fun! For anyone considering launching an app: You really need to know 100% what you want it to do and what exactly will set it apart from others. There are so many out there at the minute, and not all are very good in terms of looks or performance. My advice is to analyse every aspect of the build. I scrapped the

first version of the Nitefinder app once I saw it working, and just had to start again. It was a costly setback, but technology isn’t plain sailing! What has been the biggest challenge so far in business? The biggest challenge in any business is to get people onside, get their attention and show them how your product or business is of interest to them. I have found face-to-face contact and word of mouth to be the best way of getting results; but with us being an online business, we are at a stage of using SEO and online marketing tools to help Nitefinder get attention. It takes time to be seen by the masses, but we are in it for the long haul, and we know you can’t expect things to happen overnight. We feel the name itself is one that sticks in people’s minds, which helps massively. Where can people find out more? is fully live and online now, and new content gets added in on a daily basis. Our aim in the coming months is to be a brand that lets our listings log into their own pages to upload offers and event promotions. Users can then download the Nitefinder app and see these highlighted with ease. There are no signup forms to fill in by the user, you simply produce your phone and enjoy a day or night out for less.

Nitefinder is free to download at the App Store and Android Google Play. You can read a little more on our website’s About Us page as well; and keep an eye on the new blog section, soon to be covering big events, fashion trends and the latest new bars, clubs, restaurant openings and general

city centre goings-on. And a big thanks to the Urban Coco Team for today’s interview! Ant Cosgrove Director:|App Facebook: Nite Finder Twitter: @NitefinderUK Urban-Coco | 50

Fancy a slumber party? Thought you could escape fashion when you’re tucked up in bed? Think again, says Mary-Louise Golds.


leepwear is something that we all probably take for granted and don’t really concentrate on that much, but sleepwear and lingerie are increasingly becoming more and more intensely fashionable.

Decades ago the most formal, traditional sort of lingerie and sleepwear were brassieres, which were first introduced in an issue of Vogue in 1907. The brassiere (or bra, as we now know it) has become increasingly fashionable, coming in a range of styles such as balconette and enticing colours as well as patterns. Inspired by the transformation of lingerie in the fashion industry, sleepwear has followed suit; traditional pieces such as camisoles and nightgowns have now been reinvented and revived. Nightgowns are now sensual and seductive, with many designers choosing to emphasise the idea of sensuality and femininity. Silk nightgowns and those created from manmade fibres are commonplace, with many designers demonstrating an enjoyment in reviving traditional garments, making them more vibrant, colourful and giving modern twist to something that has stolen the hearts of the fashion industry.


Sleepwear has been rocketed to a new level in the fashion world; just think of the elegant embroidery, fine lacing, sweet pastel colours and frivolous frills that have made us admire and adore slumber clothing. Getting ready for bed has become a veritable catwalk thanks to the ever growing range of sleepwear available!

51 | Urban-Coco

Pyjamas now come in a range of cute and feminine styles, patterns and materials. Whether you enjoy wearing a nightie, shorts and a vest or long trousers and a shirt to bed, the fashion world will be sure to have whatever you desire. Going to bed has never been so much fun! Follow Mary-Louise on Twitter at @MaryLouise_Golds


Urban-Coco | 52

INTERNATIONAL FASHIONISTAS Global trend-setters, gorgeous fashionistas!

Urban Coco talks to Elle, the outrageous founder of International Fashionistas, about her fabulous blog and her favourite designers.


ell us about ‘International Fashionistas’: why did you launch the site? “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” This insightful statement by fashion icon Coco Chanel - who I consider as one of the world’s most elegant women - conveys the underlying concept of International Fashionistas. I firmly believe that fashion is not just for the selected few, the beautiful, the rich, the elite, fashion is meant to be enjoyed by everyone and anyone! Fashionistas hopes to be a source of knowledge for improving one’s fashion sense and to provide ideas. Whether you covet the basics of jeans and t-shirt or an eclectic look of tights with a long bohemian shirt, I am hoping that the site inspires viewers to inject a bit of elegance and excitement to their ensemble. Paraphrasing Coco Chanel . . . let people remember you and not your unbecoming, styleless clothes! What was the defining moment in your life that made you want to launch the blog? I’ve always been fashion-forward. I try to make a statement with everything I wear and as a result people began to take notice and of course would inquire the where, how and whys of my outfits. I guess its commonly termed as “street chic” nowadays. Realising this, the concept for the blog emerged. What sets you apart from other popular blogs? International Fashionistas has a great crew. We offer quality editorials that are well written and have value-added information; outstanding photography with visual appeal; and of course fashion ideas and suggestion for everyone.

53 | Urban-Coco

In 2013, what can we expect to see from you? We have four goals for the remainder of 2013: firstly, a big benefit show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the NY Humane Society; second, perhaps a magazine; three, some international celebrities on the blog’s SPOTLIGHT section; and four an editorial photoshoot in Southeast Asia or the Middle East. So quite a bit then! Which designers do you admire? I’m so old school in some ways. I admire Coco Chanel; she revolutionised women’s fashion in the early twentieth century. I also love Hermes - love, love, love their Birkin handbags. However, I adore Tom Ford, Gucci, Marni, Stella McCartney, Chloe, BCBG MAXAZRIA, Monique LHuillier, Rick Owens, Zac Posen, Costume National and of course Mercura Sunglasses, NYC for those weird couture shades. I also keep my eye on up-and-coming designers who provide a new twist and flair in their ready-to-wear collections. To date, what has been your career highlight? Since the launch in January 2013, I have hosted several fashion events together with my team. But the real icing for was the 5000 “likes” on our FB page received two months after its official launch. The site seemed to appeal to a wide audience. It was gratifying! Where can people find out more? Simple - keep visiting and watch the posting on social media outlets!

Urban-Coco | 54



ompared to the holy trinity of Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion and the Royal College of Art, other British fashion schools seem to be the underdogs. But at Graduate Fashion Week, the spotlight was on the., London better brace itself for the competition.

tirely of white latex and embossed with floral motifs. “Hannah’s collection was extremely original, very photogenic, modern and innovative, using great new techniques in fabric innovation,” said judge Cathy Edwards of Dazed & Confused. The winning menswear collection by Shauni Douglas and Olivia Creber from Edinburgh College of Art will be remembered for the extraordinary moustache-like accessories which models held in their mouths, stealing attention from the no less imaginative play of the proportion of the garments.

Over 40 British universities, as well as renowned fashion institutions from abroad, participated in this year’s Graduate Fashion Week, which took place at the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre in London at the beginning of June. The fashion designers of tomorrow presented their collections in 22 catwalk shows to a large audience of industry professionals and young fashion enthusiasts donning outfits worthy of Somerset House’s courtyard. Each university had its own exhibition stand where visitors chatted with students and their mentors, flicked through portfolios, and took a closer peek at the clothes seen on the catwalk. It wasn’t all about clothes though. In four days, Graduate Fashion Week hosted numerous career- and business-oriented workshops for graduates breaking into the fashion industry. Once you were done polishing your CV with Drapers, you could head off to listen to talks given by industry luminaries such as designer Mary Katrantzou, journalists Colin McDowell and Melanie Rickey, blogger Susie Bubble, and the last day’s surprise guest Victoria Beckham.

Angus Chiang, Shih Chien University, Taiwan International Award

Twenty-six young designers were selected to appear in the final Gala and Awards show, hosted by designer Henry Holland and TV presenter Zara Martin. Lauren Smith from Edinburgh College of Art won the George Gold award for her whimsical womenswear collection featuring illustrated prints inspired by sketchbooks, oversized paperclips and 1950s Japanese silhouettes. The collection, which judge Roland Mouret described as “emotional”, was candid, optimistic, and thoroughly contemporary. Smith received £20,000 to kickstart her career and will also design a capsule collection for Graduate Fashion Week’s principal sponsor, George at Asda. The womenswear award went to Hannah Williams from UCA Epsom, who presented a minimalist, feminine collection made en55 | Urban-Coco

Angus Chiang, Shih Chien University, Taiwan International Award

Kirandeep Bassan from Northampton University, who designed six warm and vibrant screen-printed looks (think interjecting splashes of brick red, sun orange, turquoise and electric blue), took home the Zandra Rhodes textile award, presented by the legendary pink-haired designer herself. Thea Sanders from Nottingham Trent University received the Stuart Peters Visionary Knitwear award for her trendy collection in which she explored the impact of heavy knitting on the way clothes move. The only winner from outside of the UK, Angus Chiang from Taiwan’s Shih Chien University, won the International award for his reinterpretation of astronauts’ space suits. One of the quirkiest Graduate Fashion Week collections, his show began with total darkness, but transformed into a full-on blast of neon blooms, as if to extend a message of friendliness to aliens. In April, French superblogger Garance Dore talked at London’s British Vogue Festival about how the need for clothes to ‘pop’ online (on screen, beige looks bland compared to Kenzo’s tiger jumper) has changed fashion. In line with her observation, this year’s graduates generally showed preference for strong prints and bright colours, demonstrating a commendable awareness of the development of fashion and trends without compromising self-expression. London institutions have the advantage of being in the industry hub, but otherwise, Graduate Fashion Week has shown there are other British universities that should be considered with the same seriousness when deciding where to get your degree in fashion design. Who knows - you might win the Gold award in three years. Words by Eva Domijan

Hannah Williams Womenswear Award

Kirandeep Bassan Zandra Rhodes Textile Award

Shauni Douglas Olivia Creber Menswear Winner

Hannah Williams Womenswear Award

Lauren Smith Gold Award

Shauni Douglas Olivia Creber Menswear Winner

Kirandeep Bassan Zandra Rhodes Textile Award

Lauren Smith Gold Award Winner

Thea Saunders Stuart Peters Visionary Knitwear Award

Urban-Coco | 56

Golden Beauty Our Golden girl in motion dons her luxury designer pieces and channels high class glamour, get inspired by her beautiful bling.

57 | Urban-Coco

Photographer benjamin becker, Model sarah jasmin/ munich models H&m chris schild/ 21 agency, Styling nadine gerhardt/ top agence

Pants by Just Cavalli Jacket Karl by Karl Lagerfeld Shoes by Sergio Rossi

Dress by Matthew williamson Necklace and bracelet by Oscar De La Renta

Urban-Coco | 58

Dress by Michael Kors Bracelet Chanel vintage

59 | Urban-Coco

Dress by ChloĂŠ Shoes by Gianvito Rossi

Playsuit haute hippie Necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane Ring Oscar De La Renta

61 | Urban-Coco

Pants by Just Cavalli Jacket Karl by Karl Lagerfeld Shoes by Sergio Rossi

Urban-Coco | 62


Putting on the brakes in the lakes Our columnist Jo Jessop explores the luxury on offer at Linthwaite Country House Hotel in the Lake District


nce your eyes glimpse the mountainous region of the Lakes it’s difficult not to relax, unwind and soak up the surroundings. After a busy week, I was looking forward to our break in the lakes and felt myself continuously smiling at the beauty that was on offer around every corner. Arriving at the hotel on the hottest Friday afternoon of the year so far, we ascended the private drive and were greeted by the handsome house hotel, which proudly stands in front of a captivating lake view and rolling hills. As we walked through the wellgroomed private gardens, I knew immediately that this truly was one of the best locations for a luxury break. We were welcomed by friendly staff, who showed us up to the room and gave us a mini tour of everything that the hotel had to offer. Our room was light and airy with a very comfortable bed and all the mod-cons - including (to my delight) free wi-fi and, in the bathroom, a line-up of Molton Brown products.

63 | Urban-Coco

The thirty bedrooms and bathrooms on offer at Linthwaite are all unique – some overlook the natural beauty of Lake Windermere and the fells, while others have a private window onto the hotel’s fourteen acres of gardens, fell side and woods. The hotel even has its own tarn: a beautiful one and a half acre lake! For me, it was in the finer details that I truly knew that this was a luxurious stay: on your first steps into the hotel’s entrance, guests are greeted by a selection of brightly coloured Hunter wellington boots – in every size you can imagine for guests to borrow! And if you’re looking for a relaxing evening, guests are invited to rent out DVDs from reception for free. For a small price you can pair this with a movie goodie bags: popcorn, ice cream, nuts, crisps, soft drinks and chocolate bars – if you’re feeling really luxurious, you can add a half bottle of champagne! With a few hours to spare before dinner, we decided to take a small trip to nearby Hawkshead - a picturesque and charming village in the heart of the Lake District National Park. From the hotel, it’s only a small ride across the lake on the ferry and here, we were able

to walk in the footsteps of Miss Potter at her home at Hill Top in nearby Sawrey. We drove round Lake Windermere to return to the hotel to prepare and dress for dinner. Guests gathered on the terrace in the beautiful sunshine to enjoy canapés and wine and the opportunity to chat with the hotel manager and friendly staff. We were then escorted into the hotel restaurant to start a four course treat. We began our meal with warmed bread rolls and the chef’s choice of amuse-bouche – a tomato foam served in a white china cup, which was different but extremely flavoursome. To avoid any ‘food envy’ moments, my guest and I chose the same starter of dressed crab with a cucumber and mint sauce that’s poured on arrival. For the main course we opted for roasted Herdwick lamb with pomme Anna, wild garlic and broccoli puree , pairing our courses with a fruity aromatic white wine. To end this incredible feast we sampled the raspberry soufflé (which takes about half an hour to cook - but well worth the wait). This was my favourite course as it was accompanied by a delicious champagne jelly and clotted cream ice-cream. Feeling more than satisfied, we wandered into the hotel conservatory with the remains of our wine to watch the sun descend behind the beautiful rolling hills and watch the moonlight glisten on Lake Windermere.

After a wonderful night’s sleep, our choice of newspaper was delivered for us to enjoy over breakfast, where guests can select from a range of cereals, fruit, yogurts and condiments and conserves. You can also choose a hot option from the menu, from a classic Full English to French toast made with brioche, bacon and organic maple syrup. After breakfast we retreated to the hotel decking lined with sun loungers; a perfect opportunity to read my morning paper whilst soaking up the rays and overlooking the beauty of the surrounding countryside. On our departure back to Leeds, we took a little trip into Windermere-on-Bowness and sat on the top deck to cruise around the breathtaking lakeside views. We then drove to the medieval village of Cartmel – home of the sticky toffee pudding!

tub – ideal to help create that romantic atmosphere or to sooth your tired muscles. Our verdict This truly is a unique corner of England and Linthwaite House Hotel is one of the finest luxury Lake District venues. A friendly, welcoming hotel in a great location with captivating views, memorable food and encompassed in a glossy coat of luxury. It’s clear why Linthwaite has been awarded Most Excellent Country House Hotel by Johansens and is also one of the AA’s top 200 hotels offering luxury accommodation and short breaks in the Lake District! Words by Jo Jessop @jjprcomms

My minibreak at the Linthwaite House Hotel was extremely enjoyable and made even better by the beautiful weather. This hotel has the English country feel but with a stylish luxurious twist. Perfect for… If you are looking for a luxurious place to unwind and relax after a long walk exploring the Lakes, or if you’re just looking for the perfect location to re-kindle the romance Linthwaite has everything you need. In particular, Room 21 comes with a private spa hot

Urban-Coco | 64

SPA RETREATS Moddershall Oaks Laura Bartlett visits Moddershall Oaks for sun, spa and some serious relaxation.

65 | Urban-Coco


t the centre of a lush estate, incorporating 72 acres of private woodland, parkland and a stunning tranquil setting, Moddershall Oaks in Staffordshire certainly takes some beating regarding location. It was transformed from a country property into a boutique spa with luxury bedroom suites in the heart of the country and offers breathtaking views alongside instant relaxation. We pulled up to the spa on a radiant Thursday afternoon and made the short walk to the reception area where the friendly staff from the family run business greeted us, talked us through our plan of action and then showed us to our suite. It was everything you would expect from a five star spa: a hot tub outside on the patio, all the latest mod cons and a relaxing scent in the air from the candles that had been lit prior to our arriving. After relaxing in the hot tub with a few glasses of wine, it was time to make our way down to the restaurant for dinner. It was early evening and the sun was still up, which made for a glorious view over the lake whilst we ate. On offer were searingly fresh ingredients, all locally sourced. I chose the shredded duck confit, with watercress, crispy fried shallots, sweet chilli sambal and crème fraîche, which was cooked to perfection, with each element complementing the others really well.

In the morning, after enjoying our continental breakfast, we made our way down to the spa ready for our treatments. I chose a 55 minute hot stones massage. Given that I fell asleep half-way through, I think its fair to say this treatment gets a big thumbs up from me. After our treatments we made use of all the facilities, my favourite of which was the hydrotherapy pool. This luxurious pool helps your circulation and makes you feel much more alive – a great start to the day. After an hour or so it was time to make our journey home; such a shame as it was a gorgeous day and it would have been lovely to go walking in the surrounding countryside. Having visited many spas over the years I can easily say this was one of my favourites, thanks to the idyllic location, which gave me a rare occasion to really enjoy some time out – from my mobile phone! Moddershall Oaks offer several spa breaks; I would recommend signing up to their newsletter as they regular send out special offers and discount packages.

Visit for more information.

For my main I opted for seared strips of Staffordshire rump steak, beetroot and blue cheese risotto with beetroot crisps, watercress and parmesan. Portion sizes were quite generous but I still managed to devour the lot! We had a couple of glasses of wine to accompany the meal. The drinks menu wasn’t particularly length, but I guess it is a relaxing spa break - not really a place to drink excessively. After dinner we ordered cocktails to enjoy by the lake, gaze at the crystal-clear water, watch the sun set and listen to native wildlife; not something I hear regularly living in the city. We decided to have an early night to make the best use of the spa facilities in the morning. When you stay you’re given unlimited use of the spa area including swimming pool, sauna, steam room, hydrotherapy pool, heated tiled loungers, experience shower and reflexology footbaths. On top of that, you can use the gymnasium and luxurious relaxation area – not that we were planning on doing anything too strenuous! Urban-Coco | 66

Music Spotlight

Tyler N Stevie Hip hop,punk, and musical sandwiches

his issue we’re turning the spotlight on Tyler N Stevie, a duo whose unique blend of genres is already starting to make a big impact here in the UK. Hey guys! First question: how do you know each other and what made you join forces? S: We met in high school drama club and Tyler had written a song. He approached me and asked me to write a verse. T: Yeah, I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to complete the song! I had heard good things about Stevie’s abilities and the rest is history. Your songs are so eclectic: some have a pop sound while others more of a rock vibe, then some have reggae tones. Where do you get your inspiration? T: I pull my inspiration from alot of different types of punk and ska music, from bands like Fallout Boy to Sublime. S: I’m very deeply rooted in old school hip hop, such as the Fugees and Tribe Called Quest. Growing up, what music did you listen to? T: I listened to a lot of Sum 41, Blink 182, Avenged Sevenfold and Tenacious D: love Jack Black! S: I listen to a lot of Lauryn Hill, Fabolous, and Biggie. To me, those guys were the cutting edge. How would you describe your music in three words? T: A musical sandwich! S: Uniquely combined genres. To date, what has been your career highlight? T: Meeting our fans and interacting with them on twitter. S: Living in a different country for a month and getting the opportunity to explore a new world. Who do people compare you to? S: We’ve heard everything from ‘Bruno Mars meets Chiddy Bang’ to Shwayze. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? 67 | Urban-Coco

T: I would love to write and perform a song with Avenged Sevenfold. I have always looked up to them for their musical abilities. They are super talented. S: Definitely Childish Gambino. He’s got a unique rapping style; every song he does is so unique. He’s definitely an idol of mine. The music industry is tough. Tell us about your journey so far… T: It’s been amazing. Things have been moving so fast. We’ve been introduced to some of the biggest names in the music industry Like LA Reid and Randy Jackson. We’re surrounded by industry insiders who are really making great things happen for us, and getting us great exposure. One of our fans approached me once and said “Hey, you’re Tyler, the over-

night success!” I responded “Yeah that’s me - except it’s been the longest night ever!”. What’s the ultimate goal for you guys? T: I want to leave a lasting impression on the music scene, to create a new genre that blends punk and ska elements with hip hop. S: My goal would be to sell out a show at Madison Square Gardens. I’ve wanted that since I could remember. Who knows, maybe dreams do come true! Find out more about Tyler N Stevie on their website,, or follow them on Twitter @TylerNStevie.

Things have been moving so fast. We’ve been introduced to some of the biggest names in the music industry Like LA Reid and Randy Jackson. Urban-Coco | 68

Street Style


s the media partner for Leeds Fashion Show, we got involved with their recent model scouting day which took place at Trinity Leeds. It was great to see lots of new fashionable faces apply and we are excited to see which models make the final cut and get to walk the runway. Here, we showcase our top models from the day - did you get papped?

69 | Urban-Coco

Gail Morgan

How to dress for a promotion Many people believe that the only time you need to “dress up” or take care of your appearance is when you go for an interview! Think about it, if you decide to dress “smartly” one day, how many times do you get asked if you are looking for another job?


hen I am working with a client, they will often be dismissive about the clothes that they wear to work, with comments such as: “Oh that’s just for work” or “I won’t spend lots of money on my work clothes, I’d rather buy a cocktail dress” – I won’t lecture you on “cost per wear” but where is the sense in that?! We spend approx a 1/3 of our waking hours at work, it is where we earn our money so we need to “dress to impress” and should invest in our working wardrobes to help us achieve our ambitions. The old saying “Dress for the job you want, rather than the one you have” is so true – if you look the part people will assume that you can fill that role.

Jaeger beige sports jacket

As humans we believe what we see and if it is apparent that someone has taken time and care over their appearance, the resulting subconscious belief is that person will then obviously take time and care over their work. Therefore if you are looking for a promotion you need to impress everyday at work - it is vitally important for you to consistently dress well and not just make an effort for the interview! Create your Personal Brand A Personal Brand is how you want to be perceived by other people. Most products have some form of outer packaging or branding that is used to promote them. You need to think of your clothing, your grooming and your body language in the same way – they can be used to promote you to the outside world (hopefully in a positive way!)

Jaeger mens suit and coat

When I am working with clients I ask them to choose 3 – 5 words to describe how they would like to be seen by others. These words can change depending on the context – work, social, family - but in a corporate situation they should be consistent and these words will often equate to your personal values. When you have these key words you can use them to help you create a successful wardrobe that is perfect for you. Examples of these words might be: dynamic, approachable, collaborative, professional, knowledgeable. 71 | Urban-Coco

Depending on your industry &/or your company dress code the garments that convey these messages might be slightly different. Let’s take the word “Professional” as an example – in certain sectors this would be personified in a dark, tailored suit, in other more “dress down” industries a smart pair of dark jeans, a crisp shirt and leather loafers might suffice. However “professional” usually dictates some form of tailoring eg a suit; a jacket; a fitted cotton shirt; a shift dress; a tailored skirt; a tailored pair of trousers &/or leather shoes. What would “professional” look like in your company? Observe the people you think have got it right. It is about creating a type of uniform that promotes you in the best possible way. Look at each of your words in turn – how would this attribute look as a garment or an outfit. Think about the colours that you use as well. Black is universally popular but too much of it can create a barrier and the wearer can appear remote or aloof – fine if this is

You need to look consistent and congruent – your appearance should match your actions and words. You will then be seen as believable and therefore trusted with more responsibility and ultimately promotion can assure you I have seen some truly awful suits! Make sure it fits you properly, the jacket is the right length and that it isn’t looking shabby. Your shirts need to be thrown away if the collar is curling under and the colour is now more grey than white! Good grooming is really essential – it goes without saying that you should be clean and smell sweet (that does not mean drowning yourself in after shave or perfume) a subtle fragrance is far better. Clean hair, teeth and nails are also vital. Women need to wear make-up – not necessarily very heavy, but it’s been found that those women who do wear some make-up can expect to earn around

your intention but not so good if you want to collaborate with people!


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To create variety in your outfits add interesting (but not distracting) accessories. For example, use colour and subtle pattern in your tie – if your company is less formal then add colour &/or pattern to your shirt. Women are notoriously under accessorised – add

These ideas might seem controversial but they are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and to allow you to really think about how you are seen by other people, especially your boss. So if you are applying for a more senior role look at your wardrobe to see if it is reflecting your true potential. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to make a few positive changes and create a workable capsule wardrobe.

a necklace, scarf or bag to bring interest to your outfits. You need to look consistent and congruent – your appearance should match your actions and words. You will then be seen as believable and therefore trusted with more responsibility and ultimately promotion.


As working women we also have many more clothing options to choose from compared to men so we are more likely to make mistakes and get it “wrong”. Build up a core set of wardrobe staples in neutral, darker colours (navy, black, grey or brown); choose simple styles, use quality fabrics and avoid too many frills. A pair of heels will always give you confidence but ensure that they aren’t too high or too clumpy. Guys you also need to think about how you wear your clothes – if you can wear a suit to work you may think you’ve got it easy but I 01442 2626296 20% more than those that don’t! And men need to be clean shaven or have well maintained facial hair. Clothes and shoes need to be clean and look cared for. Urban-Coco | 72

Angelica Hispanica This summer we add spanish inspiration to our wardrobe and showcase some of this seasons hottest colours.

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Model - Emma @ Mode Models MUA - Temi Aboderin Hair - Katie Raimond @ Method Hair Stylist - Taheed K’ Photographer - Matthew Brown Photographers Assistant - Jordan Tolson Designer - Lisa Jayne Dann / Clothes available @ LJD Boutique Leeds Retouchers - Jimi Backhouse and Salleh Sparrow

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Rebecca Swimwear Rebecca Swimwear is a luxury, designer woman swimwear brand born in Hungary in 1990. The conscious brand&production&sales development guided the company to reach the market of 40 countries, maintaining a unique style&manufacturing structure. You can find the collections under Episode, Mythos, BB By Rebecca and Art collections from Dubai to Moscow, the Cote d’Azure to Miami beaches. Motto: “We do not follow, but create fashion!” Rebecca Swimwear Rebecca Ltd.- Hungary Tel: +36 1 436 02 26 Mail:

Rocks Delux Jewels These are most definitely glam rocks that ROCK! Rocks Delux creates chained black diamond jewellery using ethically sourced Brazilian black diamonds, delicately laced with Italian gold-filled chains. The designs are unconventionally priced & the diamonds unconventionally set. Uniquely hand made in limited editions for independent & savvy women everywhere.. Full collections available online:

Shell Belle Couture Shell Belle Couture is a Luxury Lingerie Brand. A beautifully feminine collection of vintage inspired, co-ordinated Swimwear, Slip Dresses & Lingerie. A Collection created from a passion for vintage lingerie & the desire for an endless summer. Styles that will carry you elegantly from Beach to Boudoir. Perfect for the Bride, after ‘I do’. Make it a honeymoon to cherish with our vintage heirloom pieces. Shell Belle Couture for the Beautifully Undressed Online boutique: Enquiries: Twitter: @ShellBelleWorld

Shell Belle Couture for the Beautifully Undressed Shell Belle Couture is a Luxury Lifestyle Brand. A beautifully feminine collection of vintage inspired, co-ordinated Swimwear, Slip Dresses & Lingerie. Pieces that will carry you elegantly from Beach to Boudoir. Enquiries:

Boodi Blu

Boodi Blu creates handcrafted, one off pieces of upcycled ceramic jewellery. Using fragments of discarded porcelain, found buried in the earth, we can only wonder at the path it might have trodden but it is now a piece of history to treasure. 0044 (0)7941 729 728 WWW.BOODIBLU.COM

Something Wicked Something Wicked is a newly launched Luxury Lingerie and Accessories designer. Based and manufactured in the UK, exclusively designed by Leanne Brooke, winner of 2011 UK Lingerie awards new designer of the year. Something Wicked is the epitome of fashion forward Lingerie, luxurious, indulgent and directional. Fuelled by our passion for sophisticated, modern design, Something Wicked has quickly established itself as an aspirational brand with the subtle blend mixing high fashion and sex. Web: Email: Twitter: @wearewicked Tel: 0800 2707700

Lost&found / necklace / wood, silver, silver leaf

Lombardi Leather

Organic Shapes.Materials. Transformations.

Jo Vane Contemporary Jewellery Design

Michelle Kraemer is a Luxembourgish jewellery artist based in Vienna. Her practice revolves around intuitively manipulating materials like wood, leather, textiles, latex and leaf metals and transforming them into unique jewellery pieces. Michelle Kraemer Jewellery

Inspirational. Beautiful. Unique. Jo Vane creates handcrafted jewellery collections and bespoke commissions combining silver, gold and semi precious stones. Coastal and landscape themes such as light and erosion inspire her tactile, organic and above all, incredibly desirable contemporary jewellery. w: e: twitter: @jovanejewellery

Orientique Australia

Dentelle etc...


Orientique is Australia’s leading cotton print design fashion label. Orientique is designed in Australia for the over 35 year market. Orientique’s main design focus is on exclusive prints on luxurious cottons for their colourful collection each season. 2/53 Southgate Av. Cannon Hill, QLD, 4170 P: +61 7 3139 1222 F: +61 7 3395 8044 E: W:

Dentelle etc... is a boutique lingerie and loungewear brand. All our products are made in a factory in Wales. Our customer is one clever woman who loves knowing she’s exquisitly wrapped in beautiful lingerie whether she’s running errands or sat in a cocktail bar Web: Email:

#IJ - is independent brand of handbags and accessories with a touch of luxury, distinctive colour palette and stylish clean-cut designs. Their signature materials are highest quality wool felt and naturally tanned leather, both sourced from Italy. Proudly designed and handmade in London! Web: Facebook: Hashtag IJ Twitter: @HashtagIJ Email:

83 | Urban-Coco

“Unique. Individual. Distinctive. Desirable. These are the words that describe the purpose of our company. We look to create something of value, some connection between what you wear and why you wear it, and how it makes you feel.” Twitter: @lombardileather




Aden and Anais

Wink Shapewear is an online retailer that manufactures and sells medical grade compression garments for post pregnancy, surgery and slimming use. Wink Shapewear is renowned for its patented fabric that provides a high level of compression needed for healing. With this patented fabric technology, we deliver the most effective and comfortable medical grade compression garments on the market. Primary Contact: Poh Peirce Email: Web: Phone: 353-86-0674399

Little White Cloud

What Mummy wants

Concorde Baby is the new online marketplace for mums (and dads!) to buy & sell New & Nearly New baby & kids items. No Listings Fees, pay only 5% for items you sell from one mother to another. What Mummy Wants LTD

The Concord brand has been one of Germany’s oldest and bestknown manufacturers of children’s equipment for 35 years. The success story goes back to 1978 and Concord has been among the market leaders in Germany and Europe to this day. The brand is now strongly represented and has been tried and tested with increasing success in important markets, such as Russia and China, for several years. Concord S.A.
Suite 2, 
Enterprise House, 
Western Road, 
T 01273 724627

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Bridal accessories made with love... For those who love… Reflecting the everlasting beauty of a garden in May and its wonders, the “Blooming Beautifully” bridal accessories collection is a fusion of natural world inspiration and cutting edge fashion bursting in colour and texture, designed and handcrafted in UK. Address: 59 Walham Grove, Fulham, SW6 1QR Email: Telephone: 07879338464 Website:

Polliander ‘Polliander produces a range of artisan one off pieces for people who want something a little bit different. Each piece is skilfully restored to the highest standard and with impeccable attention to detail. On their website you can expect to find a stylish range of mid-century modern and contemporary classic pieces to suit anyone of discerning taste. They can also help breath life into any tired old furniture you might have. Find them at or call their workshop on 020 7231 3334

Elvis & Marilyn Elvis & Marilyn is a boutique design studio where we take pride in offering a variety of beautiful exclusive designs, combined with friendly, hands-on customer service. Elvis & Marilyn create fine designs, which are personal and unique to you for your special occasion. Email: Web: Mobile: 07580 028 239

Scented Treasures Scented Treasures are a unique candle design company where you’re in control. Choose a vintage inspired vessel, scent, colour and theme and we will bring it to life. They make the perfect wedding decoration, favour or special occasion gift. Email: Web: Tel: 07895261012

Bringing the Australian legacy of muslin to the forefront of baby care, aden + anais® combines comfort and safety with style and affordability. CEO and co-founder, Raegan Moya-Jones is recognised for bringing global awareness to swaddling and simplifying the lives of parents, everywhere. Web: www.

My Gorgeous Wedding My Gorgeous Wedding is one of the UK’s largest wedding web sites providing brides-to-be with all their wedding requirements plus a fantastic selection of wedding planning tools, articles and tips for their big day. Web:

Sunnie Delilah Home Sunnie Delilah Home was born to make your walls stand out with a range of bespoke décor made up of luxurious fabrics and various handmade jewels. At the core of the brand is quality and bringing chic and sophistication to your walls through hand picked fabrics, embroidery and embellishment. A made to order service is available for that special gift or if you are looking for a specific colour scheme or style. Email: Website: Facebook:

Want to see your brand featured? Get in touch today 0113 2499927

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UNITED BY FATE Debut collection available now

Urban Coco Leeds Issue 9  

Its that time of the month, we release our latest magazine, you get inspired and then we all live happily ever after.

Urban Coco Leeds Issue 9  

Its that time of the month, we release our latest magazine, you get inspired and then we all live happily ever after.