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Leeds | Issue 10 | aUGUST 2013


100 Beauty Edit

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Y O U R FA V O U R I T E FA S H I O N A N D L I F E S T Y L E M A G A Z I N E REGULARS 6-7 > Lust List Summer must haves 9 > Jo Jessop Column When was the last time you said ‘what a small world? 10-11 > Day in the life of... Wendy Shand talks us through life as a working mum 12-21 > Designer Spotlight Cloth Surgeon, Mauro Gasperi and Sandra Mansour are this months must follow designers 30-33> Highstreet Highlights See which highstreet stores are on the money this month 36-37 > Mochas and Mojitos This month we went all Mexican at Cielo Blanco 40-41 > Behind the Brand Iconic beauty brand Jo Malone is this months focus 58-59 > Chic Retreats Shrewsbury was on our agenda this month 60-61 > Spa Spotlight The creme de la creme of Spa’s 62-63 > Music Spotlight Showing talent can happen at any age 78-79 > JoeBusiness Showing talent can happen at any age

FEATURES 22-23 > Military Madness Its a hot trend this season and Mary G talks us through how to get it just right 38 > Elizabeth Shaw Makeup artist takes us through how to achieve on trend pastel looks without looking like its all gone wrong 39 > Leena Adesara How to add some sparkle to your makeup to take you in to next season 44-47 > Hot 100 This month we introduce our Hot 100 beauty products 54-55 > Le Beau Ideal How to achieve the look 76-77 > Beauty Spotlight Errol Douglas is one of the most talked about hairdressers in the world so who better to feature than him


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ssue 10 has arrived and what a fab one it is, even if I do say so myself. It’s been a very exciting month at U.C HQ. I’ve had some lovely interns join the team, partnered up with some exciting brands to work with and also done some exclusive interviews. The most exciting partnership is with one of fashion’s biggest events, Clothes Show Live. We are very excited to now be one of their official media partners - alongside just two other mega magazines, Company and Cosmo. What this involves is some exciting activity from now until December which will then finish with our involvement throughout the 5 day event - we cant wait to reveal more, its going to be huge!

So what’s going on inside this edition? We’ve had the ‘hard job’ of reviewing beauty products from around the world for our Hot 100 Beauty awards - see which brands have made the final cut and which products you need to add to your wish list’s today. All the usual regular features are back, the popular Behind the Brand feature is a good one this month as its with a pretty big beauty brand - Jo Malone - it’s a great read! The editorial shoots in this issue are immense - I am so lucky to work with such talented photographers in the industry, from all over the world and I feel honoured to showcase this throughout the magazine. Some of the photographers I work with and who’s work I publish are still in University and learning, personally I don’t care how long somebody has been working in the industry - if you are good then you are good, regardless of your time in the game! Now, time to get cracking on the next issue. What can you expect next month? Well, that would be telling but we will be working with Leeds most talked about shopping destination Trinity Leeds on an exciting project plus launching a competition to find Leeds Most Stylish - do you think you have what it takes? Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to be kept up to date on everything. @urbancocomag www.urban-coco.com

Editor Laura Bartlett Writers Gemma Dorling, Mary G, Joe Forrester Contributors Becky Barley Elizabeth Shaw Leena Adesara Design & Art Direction Jason Shaw Interns Lydia Rose Abraham Sharan KaurHawa Rubin Photographers Bob Packert Vikky Ivie Patrick Strynol Lorent K

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tworedtrees.co.uk (£115.50)

Accessorize Dotty Perspex clutch (£29.00)

asos leather plunge skater



Emma Bridgewater radio (£127.00)

Fever Tiffany Dress (£74.99)

Project D for Simply Be (£85.00)

urbanoutfitters (£20.00)

Vita Goblet Green Humphreys of henle (£155.00)


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Finders keepers from Lovemyapparel.com

Gok Wan available at Leeds Specsavers



Heidi London









Olga Berg



Paperchase (£10.00)

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Just Jo Jessop What a small world!

Jo Jessop asks: is the theory of six degrees of separation so hard to believe?


ould it be that we are all connected in some way through six other human beings? In a world of seven billion people, the theory of six degrees of separation does seem hard to fathom, but recently I’ve started to believe this theory could be true! Last month, my sister arranged for us to go to a preview of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical’ at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. This new adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic chooses to curtain up and curtain down with a rubbish dump – lovely. From the outset, Mr Wonka is on stage, but neither the audience or Charlie realise it is him, as he’s dressed as an impoverished man. Nevertheless, Charlie still addresses him in a polite and respectful manner – little did he know that this man would give him the keys to his future and help him become the owner of the most incredible chocolate factory in the world. At the end of the show, as we stood up and showered the cast with our applause, its message resonated with me. Sometimes we just don’t know who we are talking to or how they could be a vital part of our future. This is what got me thinking about connections. Could the need to ‘watch what we say’ and respect others be stronger now than ever before? Isn’t it incredible that we can have a global ‘conversation’ from our handheld devices with someone anywhere in the world from the comfort of our own home? In fact, often in the comfort of our own pyjamas!

fore, how travelling the world is quicker than ever before, and how we all seem to know someone who has done something, the theory of six degrees of separation seems easier to digest. Some links are stronger and some are tediously weak – but all links have to start somewhere. Those initial weak links could one day be your strongest, most fulfilling and key to your future. So the next time you meet someone, respect and remember them. They might turn out to be your Mr Wonka! Talk to Jo on Twitter @JJPRCOMMS As I was thinking about writing this column I started to ask people to reminisce about when they’ve said ‘What a small world!’. I listened and laughed at a variety of ‘small world’ stories, from bumping into an old school friend when you both now live in Austria, talking about a new baby and realising you’re discussing the same child, to hosting a birthday party, only to find you’ve invited friends from two separate places who used to walk to school together. Or how about going to university, meeting your new best friend and finding out that they used to date someone who went to your primary school? It’s even happened to me – while reviewing the Linthwaite Hotel in the Lakes for last month’s Urban Coco magazine, it transpired the manager went to boarding school in the same little village I grew up in! After hearing about these stories and thinking about how long distance communication is now easier than ever be-

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ell us about your Eureka moment that made you launch Tots to Travel? I was sitting looking at a spreadsheet (which is very abnormal behaviour for me) thinking “This could work! This could really work!”, followed by a jig around the room. Having said that, quite a lot of thought and work had gone in prior to that point. A key turning point was our holiday in France where we stayed in a really pretty farmhouse.

But having two children under three, I soon realised that a house not set up for small people is a nightmare. There were plenty of small frustrations but the big eye-opener came when my two year old fell into the uncovered swimming pool and just sank. My father jumped in and saved his life, but it was enough of a wake up call to make me think that there had to be a better way to holiday with small children and babies. How long did it take from initial idea to having the business up and running? Initially I started an online course in Enterprise where the concept began to evolve. I did that for a year and then in October 2005 decided if I was going to commit to the business then I’d better get on with it! So I binned the course and launched Tots To Travel the following April. Who’s your ideal customer? Our customers tend to be mums with one or more children under the age of five. They’re professionals who either still work or have taken a career break to have the children. Inevitably a large number of our families come from London and the South East, particularly from Nappy Valley! Running your own business is tough, especially for a parent. Can you tell us about your journey so far? Yes, and even though you hear it again and again, you don’t really believe it until you’re in it! It’s impossible to describe the highs and the lows accurately but the last eight years have been such an adventure with awards, TV appearances and so on. But the absolute highs are when families come back having said they’ve had the best holiday of their lives. That’s why we are here. The challenges are profound and the risks of running your own business, both financially and emotionally, are pretty intense. The learning curve is still so very steep. Put it this way: I don’t spend very much time in my comfort zone, that’s for sure! And of course running an online business has new and constantly evolving challenges so it’s tough keeping up. But I wouldn’t have it any other way – it’s exciting, creative and challenging! How do you juggle work life with your home life? In the early days I used to work while the children were asleep, but now I have more formal childcare arrangements in place. We make full use of early drop-offs and after school clubs but when we are with the children, we are 100% present with them. I try not to take calls, answer emails or get distracted by work. And when we are on holiday, we don’t work; we are committed to being with the kids and relaxing. Quality family time is a key value that runs through the whole business. It’s a balance that works.

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School’s out for Summer Wondering what to do with your kids in the holiday? We interview Wendy Shand, founder of Tots To Travel, who shares her story.

Day in the life of...

A working mum

Tots To Travel

What will Tots to Travel look like in 5 years time? It’s an exciting time. We’ve gone through fast growth so we are now taking stock and looking at how the market is evolving, including how we best cater for current demand in an innovative and creative way. The brand is due to evolve; there’ll be more villas in places that have all-year-round sun and we’ll be working hard to understand how we can best make use of social networking. We’ve got a busy time ahead! Outside of work, what would your perfect weekend be spent doing? We live in a remote hamlet so my ideal weekend would be a weekend where we don’t go anywhere. I’d spend lots of time pottering in the garden while the children are off playing with their friends. We might have friends and hordes of children round for a BBQ in the evening where we eat lots of delicious food and drink good wine before piling the kids into bed. Bliss! To date, what has been your career highlight? I was really thrilled that Tots To Travel won a Cisco Customer Kings Award. We are not travel specialists, we are customers who have looked at an industry and said ‘This could be so much better’ and then set out to change it. We’ve taken a very traditional business and turned it on its head. The Customer Kings award team looked at our business and said “the Tots To Travel package is so complete, the Customer Kings judges were left scratching their heads as what more” we could do to improve it! It was thrilling to have our work recognised in that way. What advice would you offer other women who are interested in starting their own business? Go for it! As a way of life it beats being an employee and offers the greatest opportunity to create the life that you want to lead. I’m really interested in what it takes to perform at your peak so do look after yourself in just the same way as an athlete would. Get lots of sleep, eat well and take proper holidays. Running your own business is a marathon, not a sprint. If you were to start all over again, what would you do differently? Great question! I’ve realised that growing a business is such an evolving process and while we could speed some bits up, most of it just needs time. We did recently start working with our first non-executive director, a ‘travel god’ called Richard Carrick who used to be the CEO of Hoseasons. He is wise, grounded and has seen it all before and there is no substitute for expert advice. We should now be able to take a straighter road and get to our end goal faster. So in answer to your question I think I would have found a ‘business elder’ sooner! Where can people find out more? You can download a copy of my book here: www.wendyshand.com Visit our website: www.totstotravel.co.uk Like us on Facebook ‘Tots To Travel.’ And follow us on Twitter: @totstotravel

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Designer Spotlight

Cut from a different cloth

To say we were excited to have the chance to interview Clothsurgeon Rav Matharu is an understatement, particularly as we were told he rarely gives press interviews.


aving grown up in Leeds, he spent most of his youth playing football and drawing. After joining Leeds United Football School of Excellence at the age of ten he then turned pro at 17. Leaving professional football at 22, he returned to studies and, in particular, fashion. “From a young age I would always be drawing and designing trainers that I wanted, and would beg mum to post my designs to Nike. I was so obsessed with footwear growing up, even more so that clothes,” explains Rav. After graduating in 2006 with a First Class Honours degree, he then went on to work for the House of Billiam as Head Designer. It was here that he developed his skills and understanding of the fashion industry. The three years he was at the company saw his designs in stores such as Dover Street Market, Liberty London, 10 Corso Cano, United Arrows and Isetan, among other great stores. I really wanted to know why he set up his own brand and where the name Clothsurgeon came from. “I always wanted to set up my own brand from the day I started studying fashion. The name was almost given by one of my tutors. I would always cut my pattern pieces with a scalpel as opposed to scissors, so he said I was like a surgeon. There it was; Clothsurgeon was born!” However, if he hadn’t set up his own brand he would most likely be helping someone else create their own. So what advice does he have for aspiring fashion designers? “Learn every aspect, and understand the making and design process before you rush into developing something.” I have always thought of fashion designers as artists, but does the Clothsurgeon feel the same? “Maybe. I treat my work as an art and there are certain elements of a garment that can be looked at as a sculpture, so yes I could be considered an artist.” With so many new designers emerging, I asked what sets his designs apart from other 14 | Urban-Coco

designer in the fashion industry. “I think it’s my skills in every step of making a drawing into a garment: I can draw up a design, cut the pattern, toile/sample the pattern and then make the final product in the desired fabric, in a very short space of time,” said Rav. I enquired as to how long this lengthy sounding process can take and was surprised to hear that depending on the piece it can be as quick as a day! Clothsurgeon has the ability to produce any garment and offers a full bespoke service. Starting with an initial drawing and finishing by creating the desired piece in your chosen fabrics and trims, he creates a one-off piece for each customer. Be it extra details, fabric choice, a completely new shape or edits to an existing silhouette already used by Clothsurgeon, anything is possible. Rav describes his style as minimal, clean and versatile, but what are his fabrics of choice? “I love luxurious wools, cashmeres and of course beautifully soft leathers and suedes. Also, I really like technological fabrics, but its hard to develop that on a small scale and keeping it cost-effective.” Rav has designed for some of the industry’s biggest talents, and I wanted to know who he particularly enjoyed working with and why.

“I always wanted to set up my own brand from the day I started studying fashion. The name was almost given by one of my tutors. I would always cut my pattern pieces with a scalpel as opposed to scissors, so he said I was like a surgeon. There it was; Clothsurgeon was born!” “I enjoy working with people who have an idea of what they want,” Rav replied, “and then give me the freedom to take their initial idea, add or subtract what I think works and then create a final piece out of incredible fabrics.” So what does he feel his biggest accomplishment is so far? “I would say shipping my items to nearly every country in the world, and being know globally in such a short space of time. It’s quite flattering!”

I asked to hear more about Rav’s latest Freshman Collection. “The Freshman Collection was just to announce that I haven’t even been running the brand for a year. It’s my freshman year in the industry regarding running my own business. The garments were heavily inspired by vintage Americana sportswear and looking at brands like Champion, Starter and Nike. I have a real love for sportswear and the era I feel it was most powerful in, and nostalgia is a strong emotion for me.”

Most people have an aspect of their job they dislike, so I posed thequestion to Rav: is there anything you don’t love about your work? “Not so much. It’s not great when people replicate what you do, but that can also be quite ambiguous.” Finally, the most important question: does the Clothsurgeon wear his own designs? “Of course! I like to get high off my own supply.” Who can really argue with that? Find out more about Clothsurgeon on http://www.clothsurgeon.com/.

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Designer Spotlight



We talk to Mauro Gasperi, a talented designer from Brescia, Italy, who will be exhibiting at Milan Fashion Week with his collection of fluid, sharp-silhouetted garments.

16 | Urban-Coco


auro Gasperi is an Italian designer from Brescia, near Milan, who only works with fabrics and production certified Made In Italy. We interviewed him to find out how important it is to him that all products are solely Made In Italy, the inspiration behind his latest collection and whether he will be presenting his collections at Milan Fashion Week.

What was it like growing up in the city of Brescia? Brescia is a very interesting city for its architectural and cultural heritage. My inspirations for the collections often come from these surroundings. In particular I like the squares and some buildings that are near my home. Are you from a creative family? Did they encourage your talent? No, I am the most creative person in my family! Perhaps that’s why I was encouraged to pursue my talent and my passion. My dad had some friends who were architects and artists but really my creativity came from inside me. What made you take an interest in fashion and design? The geometric lines, harmonies and rigour, and its immediate impact.

For those unfamiliar with your designs, how would you describe your signature style? My designs are all about the cuts and construction first of all. They are crisp, clean, basic and well- maintained, although they also have immediate impact. The silhouette is slim and easy but as always drawn with accuracy. What is the inspiration behind your latest collection? My latest collection is the coming spring/summer 2014 (in the shops in January). The inspiration is the universe of architecture, SottsassArchitect and Italian Designers, as well as geometric sinuosity. How would you define ‘style’? Rigorous harmony. It is the perfect match of colours, cuts, lines and prints. Style is about harmony and the fluidity of the silhouette. These days fashion and celebrity seem to go hand in hand. If you could dress any public figure, who would you choose and why? I would choose Olivia Palermo as she represents my ideal woman for her beauty and elegance, and she is a real trendsetter! As a designer, what has been the proudest moment of your career so far? My biggest satisfaction has been winning the Fashion Incubator con-

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test with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana of Milan in 2009. This has given me the opportunity to join many fashion shows and has made my collections known by buyers and journalists not only in Italy, but also abroad, particularly in Asia. What was it like working for major companies like D&G? I particularly liked the team work. I learned many things and the research on the fabrics started from these experiences. Why did you decide to launch your own label? I decided to launch my own label because I wanted to show people my stylistic imprint. It was also because of my desire to communicate through geometrical details my woman and my concept of femininity. Is it important to you to only work with Made in Italy fabrics and production? It is essential! Made in Italy products and production are essential for me and for my target market. This added value guarantees that my clothes are high quality and have been certified as being produced in Italy. Could you explain the RFID Technology used to identify and verify that products are Made In Italy? Through this technology leaders are controlled with the application of label into clothes. It is an advanced information technology to identify and trace my products which in turn is promoting Made In Italy to the entire world. Will you be presenting your collections at Milan Fashion Week? My new collection SS2014 will join the Milan Fashion Week in September (18th – 23rd but we’re still deciding on the day, among other young designers). It’s really exciting and will give me a chance to create more ensembles of cutting-edge looks. In that week I always expand and move to my own flagship store in Brescia City, my city, which is only one hour from Milan. What is your future vision for the Mauro Gasperi brand? I would like to, after the women’s collection, design a line of bags and shoes. I began with one pair of bags in particular that were made of raffia for my own shop in Brescia and my shop online, but I would like to create a larger line soon. I have the vision to then design a men’s collection. I see my brand appearing in England and America, and after that I would like to see my collections also in other fashion shows, not just Milan. It’ll help my creativity grow and I can visit and see new places, meet new people and suggest to them my different, unique looks. Find out more about Mauro’s collection online: www.maurogasperi.com Words by Gem Dorling @lifescatwalk86

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Designer Spotlight


Grunge Sumptuousness


This issue, Urban Coco interviews Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour about her education, inspiration and favourite designers.

20 | Urban-Coco


id you always know that you wanted to be a fashion designer? Not really – I initially had a strong interest in the Fine Arts and paintings; however, my eagerness and curiosity pushed me to explore this field further. While still studying at Beaux Arts in Geneva, I retuned to Lebanon to work with Elie Saab for a short period of time. This is when I knew that fashion was the missing link in my life.

Where are your five top sources of inspiration? 1) Painters 2) Paintings 3) Fashion industry players 4) Landscapes 5) 60s movies such as ‘Sabrina’ with Audrey Hepburn Could you briefly describe your design process? It all starts in my atelier in Beirut where I sketch my inspirations into silhouettes. Meanwhile, I choose the fabrics and colors appropriate for the season and trends and production takes place afterwards. The entire design processes takes up to six months. What would be your ideal scenario in five years time as a designer? I am aiming on branching into various product lines such as bridal and childrenswear. Moreover, I want to expand our points of sale. Opening up flagship stores and collaborating with renowned industry players are steps that I would like to take in the future. How would you describe your aesthetics? Elegant, glamorous and daring. Could you tell me more about your current collection? My Fall/Winter 13-14 collection was inspired by the ambiguity between masculinity and femininity, potency and fragility, grunge and sumptuousness. This contrast celebrates the personal style of the 21st century woman through the reflection of her multiple facets. Which three designers do you admire? 1) Azzedine Alaia 2) Haider Ackermann 3) Giambattista Valli Where can we purchase your designs? You can buy my garments online at www.emall.me. We also have stores in Paris, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Kuwait City, and across the Middle East. Sandra loves… green! What are your 3 favourite green things? 1) Green apples 2) Pine trees used as Christmas trees 3) Cactus You have a unique personal style. Where do you go shopping? For daywear I usually shop at Alexander Wang, Topshop and Golden Goose. For evening wear, I create my own designs and dresses. What do you like to do in your down time? Reading, watching movies and lounging by the pool. If you could dress any celeb, who would it be? Sky Ferreira, Keira Knightley and Diane Kruger. I couldn’t choose just one! What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten? To follow my intuition and to always take the lead in creativity. Describe your dream boy’s outfit. The Coccinelle style! By Gem Dorling @lifescatwalk86

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military mayhem

In the Army now Our fashion expert Mary-Louise Golds looks at one of this season’s upcoming trends, military style. his summer is full of different trends and new styles for us to try out, but one trend I’m really looking forward to through summer and autumn is the military-infused apparel studding our favourite stores.

So what pieces should you be looking out for in retailers? Firstly, think about leather boots. They’re always a great, staple garment with a little rebellious allure, and can be matched well with any sort of relaxed outfit. Don’t forget about olive and forest green trench coats and parka jackets; they’ll be a big hit with their strong military look. They’re also perfect for the autumn weather, making them a valuable shopping choice.

Looking fierce has never been so exhilarating! Imagine a range of earthy green tones in our favourite garments, leather boots, gold embellished buttons, embroidered emblems and a range of exciting autumn coats from parkas to trench coats, all with a military essence running through them. In past decades, dressing in military apparel was something done only by, well, the military! But now dressing in military-inspired ensembles is commonplace – but still a little bit edgy. What woman doesn’t love to look independent and strong? It’s a top priority, with more and more women looking to fashion as an outlet for them to express themselves and their personalities. Fashion itself is becoming more adventurous, and a prime example of this is military-inspired fashion and camouflage-infused clothing. I, like a lot of women, love this trend because although I love to look feminine, I think it’s rather fun and rejuvenating to tap into my tomboyish side now and then. Channelling that side of my personality through my clothes is even better!

Office £45.00 (www.office.co.uk)

24 | Urban-Coco

If you want to look fierce and different this season, why not give the military theme a go and play around with your wardrobe? Talk to Mary-Louise on Twitter @MaryLouise_G

What woman doesn’t love to look independent and strong? It’s a top priority, with more and more women looking to fashion as an outlet for them to express themselves and their personalities.

Office £68.00 (www.office.co.uk)

Office £85.00 (www.office.co.uk)

Office £55.00 (www.office.co.uk)

isme £65.00 (www.isme.com)

Landsend £110.00 (www.landsend.co.uk)

Marisota £35.00 (www.marisota.co.uk)

Fiftyplus £30.00 (www.fiftyplus.co.uk)

Claires accessories £65.00 (www.claires.com)

Accessorize £12.00 (uk.accessorize.com)

Missguided £55.99 (www.missguided.co.uk)

Newlook (www.newlook.com)

Accessorize £12.00 (uk.accessorize.com)

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A lchem y of Desir e

26 | Urban-Coco

Photographer: Bob Packert - bobpackert.com Hair Stylist: Michael Albor - ennisinc.com Hair Assistant: Olivia O’Leary Wardrobe Stylist: J. Sybylla Smith - gotodesignstudio.com Wardrobe Assistant: Samira Vise Make Up Stylist: Susan Donoghue - ennisinc.com Make Up Assistant: Liz Washer Set Design: Jennifer Dunlea - jenniferdunlea.com Assistant to the Set Designer: Elgin Stallard Production: Lexi Fletcher/The Loft Salon Backgrounds: Mari Quirk - aquirks.com Custom Wardrobe: GeorgAnette Chatterley/Designer - georganette.com Photo Assistant/Digital Tech: Anne Crossley Photo Assistant: Brett Davis Video: Tucker Friend Jewelry provided by: Silvana Costa/Wicked Peacock - wickedpeacock.com Talent: Anna Jonynas - dynastymodels.com Rylee Preston - dynastymodels.com Kacy Emmett- maggieagency.com Marie Wu - maggieagency.com Cameron Corrigan - modelclubinc.com

Highstreet Highlights

Dress £55








1 Lipsy £60 2 Lipsy £30 3 Lipsy £35 4 Lipsy £48 5 Lipsy £100 6 Lipsy £130

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Lingerie set £28 1





Ann Summers



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Dress £55








1 Boohoo £20 2 Boohoo £30 3 Boohoo £25 4 Boohoo £25 5 Boohoo £30 6 Boohoo £40

34 | Urban-Coco

Brushed check jumper £45 Skirt £30 Green leather mini satchel £45






river island


1 River Island £18 2 River Island £28 3 River Island £40 4 River Island £65 5 River Island £55 6 River Island £70

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Guest Blogger

HIGH STREET V DESIGNER – ITS NOT DEAD. High Fashion is getting tangible; how trends differ from fashion is the most crucial question for those trying to understand the contemporary development in the fashion industry in the hope to predict the future of fashion. This is especially true since highend fashion is not untouchable anymore. It constantly surrounds us due to hundreds of online fashion retailers such as my favourite, net-a-porter to name. Any style invented in any part of the world can be seen instantly. Fashion is not a matter of location anymore. Contemporary fashion is accessible all over the globe whether you are living in a major city or somewhere out in the sticks. That’s one of the huge changes the industry has to struggle with, whilst it is certainly a countless blessing for the consumer. But how does it affect fashion designers? Having been online and involved in some creative projects with young fashion designers, it is clear that they are the ones benefitting from the Change in Fashion. What caters to the masses doesn’t make it necessarily easier for industry workers. Fast fashion retailers on our high streets forces designers to be very quick in designing and conceiving the garments. The workflow in designing clothes in a seasonal cycle becomes diluted and sometimes the designer brands can get lost by offering to the mass. Designers have to produce more styles and looks in less time than what they are used to. This obviously leads to the point that industry peers have to tighten up their creative process to serve the frame of time. In order to do that, the basic design process becomes sort of an assembly line and this definitely leads to the question: Doesn’t a tighter time frame lack quality? Yeah, correct - it does. And no it doesn’t, dependant on what the industry is going to project from this change. It’s the same question the media business has had to deal with over a decade ago and somehow is still looking for an answer. It is possible to provide a certain quality even if you have to deal with a narrow timeframe and less of a budget. You just have to tweak the approach. If you are not willing to take that chance and it is definitely a chance, especially for young fresh designers - I personally believe you really cannot compete in this industry anymore, it is simply survival of the fittest. While more fashion retailers serve a broader audience, the price of the items as you know can decrease, and lower retail prices get the not so good labour is introduced. The naked truth is: Fashion Designers all over the world have to produce more designs in less time for lower prices. That’s the challenge. 36 | Urban-Coco

As a client of some major boutiques on London’s Bond Street, department store brands and high street retailers I speak on all parties of shoppers; our buying behaviour has dramatically changed. The industry has to deal with well informed and interested clients who walk through the door and who already play a key role in the development of contemporary fashion changes. The customers’ personal opinion is already part of the designer’s finding-process which is key in the process of designing. The growth of the internet and the social media development has been a major movement certainly contributes to that change, as it is the minor’s making the change in fashion now, with quirky street style not the major publications trying to implement the changes as the media side of the brands we wear today. There is room for both high street fashion and high end fashion, we have to face the fact that fashion is part of our accelerating world and therefore evolves more quickly than history shows us it did years ago. The huge demand on expensive and exclusive luxury goods still exists. We all know that fashion isn’t dead, but it has received company from something we can call ‘fast fashion’. Something that caters to the idea of fashion with one exception: Quality. And therefore fast fashion can only be a substitute for those who can’t afford high end fashion, or actually aren’t interested in quality products. Different clients of high street retailers have different needs.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of the world’s population belongs to the middle and upper middle income of class. Consumers are fashion conscious and price sensitive at the same time. Due to the unprecedented changes, the fashion industry has to respond to both, market changes and consumer preferences. The undoubted pioneer of that fast fashion process concept is European clothing retailer Zara with its thousands of stores across 77 countries. Their new lines are being shipped into the stores more than 3 times a month, which ensures that customers always find new fashion items every time they visit. That’s the reason why fast fashion had simultaneously become incredibly attractive and essential and an aggressive must have to the public, (and bloody great for chains like Zara too). But while the middle class is rather on the hunt for reasonable fast and fashionable offers, there still remains a huge demand for expensive and exclusive luxury goods still exists for more affluent parts of our society. The bottom line is: fast fashion has not killed couture and never will. Fashion is not dead at all. Rather than focus on what worked better in the past, we should look to see what we can gain from the future. The fashion industry has moved quicker before we knew it. Harmless as it is, Fashion was what it was in the olden days, is what it is today, and will be something different in the future. And quite frankly, isn’t that exactly what we are looking for?

Guest Blogger

Questionable Art of the Trench

Cameron Tewson of Oh My Prada tells us why the trench coat really is timeless.


he word ‘timeless’ is bandied around far too freely in the fashion world. The term is overused and all-too-readily applied to any garment that has an indefinable quality or an undeniable allure. Very few items deserve or merit the immortality that is so willingly placed upon them, but I don’t think I’m bestowing superfluous or hyperbolic praise on the trench coat when I say that it is one of the few items of clothing that can truly be referred to as ‘timeless’. The origins of the trench coat date back to the late 1800s, with both Burberry and Aquascutum laying claim to its genesis. Undoubtedly, years later, it is the former of these brands that has become synonymous with the trench coat. While its initial inception was merely borne out of militarian function, the trench has become one of fashion’s mos recreated and loved items, with designer

offerings existing alongside more affordable high-street versions. Originally constructed for soldiers, the trench coat has permeated popular culture and become a fully-fledged go-to item for millions of men and women all over the world. Today, the trench coat isn’t the reserve of the front-line or Wall Street businessmen, but an all-encompassing fashion must-have that looks good on any guy, regardless of age. Amazingly, the design of the trench coat has changed very little since its days as part of a functional uniform, with the classic, ten-buttoned, double-breasted coat still being the style’s most prominent example. Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Officer for Burberry said: “The trench coat is iconic, unique, functional, ageless, and timeless.” The beauty of the trench coat really does lay in its versatility and I can’t think of many items that can make an outfit look better than a trench. Wear with a suit for the ultimate lesson in power-dressing or pair it with

a more casual ensemble of jeans and a shirt to let your trench coat do all the talking. The devil is in the detailing and Burberry have it covered with their impeccably-designed trenches; epaulettes, throat latch, hook and bar, back rain shield and the D-ring on the belt all hark back to the pre-War aesthetic. The trench coat was once intended for battle, so suit up and raise your guns. Talk to Cameron on Twitter @officialcjdt

Urban-Coco | 37

Mochas Mojitos


ielo Blanco is a Mexican restaurant in Trinity, Leeds, aspiring to give its guests a simple taste of authentic, Mexican cuisine. They are owned by Leelax Group; famed for their unique eateries and bars not afraid to be a little different. Included in these are: Jake’s, Neon Cactus, and Hummingbird in Chapel Allerton. So I have to admit, I was a little skeptical as to whether their brand ethos of creating venues with authenticity and individualism would change now that they were going to be inside a shopping complex. After my recent visit, I can safely say that they have definitely not sold their soul, and have instead stuck to what they know best; creating yet another genuine, distinctive restaurant to add to their growing list of successes. The menu is designed for a bona-fide Mexican experience; meaning you can go for a quick drink, taco, or burrito; or go and have an allnight feast with friends — and a cheeky cocktail or two. Everything is inspired by the owner’s trips to Mexico. On offer is market food and Mexican-inspired, super-food salads, sharing boards and feast menus. Bar manager, Nick Fox, has specially crafted a lip-smacking list of unique cocktails and non-alcoholic, freshly squeezed juices to add to the experience. It was definitely mission accomplished, as the whole night, the ambience, drinks and food really made us feel as though we were in a genuine-article hut in the middle of Mexico – slight 38 | Urban-Coco

shame once we left and realised we were in rainy Leeds. After quick deliberation, we decided to eat from the street menu; it gave the impression of a more relaxed dining experience with the opportunity to try lots of different things. We were advised to eat with our hands to get the true street-food experience; never known to be the shy type, we got stuck straight in. The idea is that you select 6 dishes for £10.95, each with a minimum of 2 people sharing. We chose something from each section so that we could try everything. Here’s what we opted for: Char-grilled barbacoa chicken taco, which is a small soft tortilla, grilled and filled, served

with fresh salsa; slow-roast outdoor-reared pork; and charred peppers quesadilla, which was packed with cheese and fresh herbs. Next up was a crispy North Yorkshire rump steak; grilled cheese 4.5 & jalapeno ketchup tostado; shredded chicken empanada; corn dough, deep-fried until crisp and delicious, served with pink, pickled onions. Following this, a Mexican fish butty; white fish in spiced batter; salsa piquante; and crispy little gem on a warm
-wheat tortilla. To top it off, we ordered the smoked chorizo sausages in a ranchero salsa; the restaurant’s own recipe. Not a time complaint to be had; and the smell alone was enough to have us chowing down the table legs before the food even arrived. It

was no easy feat choosing a favourite – each dish brought something different to my palette; but the north Yorkshire rump tostado probably had the edge over everything else – cooked to perfection, the steak was so moreish. Not wanting to be outshined by the food, along came the drinks; we decided to be adventurous and allow the little gem of a waiter to surprise us. A rainbow of cocktails wasn’t long finding its way towards us, along with shots of tequila — we had to remain true to the Mexican style. To wash down the shots, we were offered fresh slices of cucumber covered in spices. The tequila was actually bearable, and I managed to sip it gracefully to really

absorb the tastes; making a difference to my usual way of drinking (cheap) tequila – ensue visions of me slumped in some gutter – maybe I’m now an actual adult? Whatever the case, this was a dining experience with an added bit of character. The whole experience was fun; definitely a place I will be returning to with a group of my girlies to really get in the Fiesta spirit. Salud! “Cielo Blanco, Simplemente Mexicano”

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Pretty in Pastels

Think pastel shades can only be pulled off by your five year old niece? Elizabeth Shaw says to think again.


owder blues, candy floss pinks and minty green hues have not only dominated our summer wardrobes, but the cutesy colour scheme is now fashionable for our faces.

They’ve been our go to shades for the recent heat wave and now they’re taking us right through to Autumn. The big shocker on the A/W catwalks was the pretty pastel palette. Everyone can wear these mouth-watering shades; in fact, pastels are very easy to wear as you’re not mixing any shades, you’re just adding a wash of colour to enhance your features. This little lot is sure to tickle your tastebuds, but the trick is to apply softly, and stick to applying on either eyes or lips. Embracing the full trend by being totally ‘pastelised’ could have you you resembling Pat Butcher, rather than a pretty English Rose. Try Mac’s Mineralize Blush in Dainty, £20.00, packed with vitamins to provide a sheer sweep of ‘sweet’ to your cheeks. For your eyes, ditch the shadow and try a pop of colour liner with Nars Seafoam Green, £18.00. The long-lasting eyeliner is water and smudge proof, which looks delicious against every eye colour.

My favourite candy gloss shade at the moment is Blink Pink Gloss in Love, from Lancome, £20.00. This super-sparkling and moisturising gloss is perfect for summer kisses. If you still think these pastel shades could leave you looking a little sickly, try some of Barry M’s ice cream coloured Nail Paints instead. Keeping you on-trend and at only £2.99 each, they’re both adorable and affordable! If you want to add a little flair to your hair instead, you have to try Kevin Murphy’s coloured Hair Chalk. Paraben and sulphate free, the wipe on/wipe off colour pigment is amazing for those days you’re feeling a little crazy without the commitment, and they come in a range of tasty sorbet shades. Apply mid way up your hair and work downwards for a chic ombré effect. By Elizabeth Shaw MUA

40 | Urban-Coco

“Powder blues, candy floss pinks and minty green hues have not only dominated our summer wardrobes, but the cutesy colour scheme is now fashionable for our faces”

Winter is coming

Illamasqua’s MUA talks us through next seasons beauty looks I love keeping updated with the hottest and latest beauty trends; and being a makeup trainer, it’s my job to be in the know. I have been scouring the fashion world to find you the most on-trend and super-wearable looks for autumn/winter. Here are my favourite finds: Metallic lips in gilded bronze and deep-rose shades were all the rage at the Dior Couture Show. I love that the rest of this look was kept fresh and glowy; with soft, contouring and defined brows, so that all the emphasis was on the lips. To re-create this look, apply a deep brown pencil on the outer corner of the lips, such as the Illamasqua pencil in Fidelity (£13). Apply a shimmer brown lipstick in the centre; and with a flat eyeshadow brush, apply Illamasqua Pure Pigment in ORE (£16.50) — a perfect, jewel-like brown and gold sparkle pigment — over the top; (I have been trying this out over an array of colours). Then grab your favourite lipstick and matching pigment, and layer over the top. My favourite eyes were from Chanel AW13, with beautifully applied glitter and a fresh, nude face to team them up with — a beautifully glamourous, yet understated look. To try out this look, my favourite tip is to use a latex-free eyelash glue and apply it on the lid. Choose a cosmetic glitter or pigment — my favourite is Illamasqua pure pigment in beguile (£16.50) — and press it into the glue; let it dry for a few seconds; pop on a dewy foundation and a slick of nude gloss; and you’re ready to dance the night away! Which trends would you try? Leena Adesara @illamasquaLeena

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Behind the


The sweet smell of success


efore the launch of Jo Malone London’s new perfume on the 2nd September 2013, we interviewed their Master Perfumer, Christine Nagel, to find out what goes into developing a scent and in particular her new creation for the brand, Peony & Blush Suede.

What made you decide to become a master perfumer? The first time I met a perfumer, I knew this was what I wanted to do! I was educated in Switzerland but I started my career in perfumery research in Paris. It was here that I discovered the universe of perfumers and made the decision to dedicate the following years to becoming one. What is it like working for Jo Malone London? The meeting of the brand and the perfumer is an encounter. I consider myself the olfactory instrument of the brand. I always take into consideration the values of the brand and create scents that connect with its philosophies and values. In the initial stages of working with the Jo Malone™ Creative Studio, I understood that authenticity was absolutely essential. Even if the launch’s fragrances are in very different families – fruity, woody, floral – there is the same philosophy. The brand has a real style and the fragrances are easily identifiable. I am very proud to work on this brand and extremely happy to create fragrances for it. Jo Malone London is elegant and chic – from the visual identity to the tactile feel of the brand and, of course, to its olfactive signature. Could you describe a typical journey in the process of developing and creating a scent? The idea, the initial sparkle, is an intimate event, between my heart and my brain. When working on a new fragrance with Jo Malone London, they will bring the concept, the brand’s history, values and character to the creation. The fragrance also has to represent the olfactory desires of this brand. At this point, real teamwork starts, involving many people at the Jo Malone™ Studio, but also people in my company, for a period of time that can go from a few weeks to several months. How do you go about composing a fragrance? Peony & Blush Suede, the newest addition to the Jo Malone™ Fragrance Arc, was a very time-consuming creation, due to the volume 42 | Urban-Coco

of peony varieties and the many stages the flower takes – a tight bud gently unfolds as the petals fall softly from the stem. I had to choose which facets of this extraordinary flower I wanted to transcribe in the fragrance. Additional layers are created with the sensuality of rose honey, the sophistication of jasmine and the spice of gillyflower. I drew inspiration from fresh peonies – the full and generous pink ones found in the English garden. However, as they only bloom for a very short period, we had to wait until the next year’s bloom to finish the fragrance. In the interim between the peonies blooming I spent time working on the suede accord. How long does it take to create a fragrance? Peony & Blush Suede took over two years to create. It was important to capture the peony at each stage of its cycle, therefore we had to wait for the following year’s bloom to ensure we had captured the exact notes. What sets your perfumes apart from other brands? Whilst I will always take into consideration the values of the brand and create scents that connect with its philosophies, I have the desire to look for new accords, new associations of ingredients. I aim to introduce innovation and newness among ingredients whenever it’s possible. For Peony & Blush Suede, the peony flower does not exist as a natural essence in perfumery. This is where a poetic fragrant vision comes into play. The peony essence in Peony & Blush Suede is unique to Jo Malone London as it is my own interpretation, as a woman and a perfumer, of an English peony.

“Perfumery is not intellectual; it’s personal, emotional, and something deep and intimate.”

What would you say the biggest challenge in your job is? Perfumery has no boundaries, which is both wonderful and sometimes challenging. Perfumery is not intellectual; it is personal, emotional, and something deep and intimate. For Peony & Blush Suede I originally looked at using a white leather accord, but the leather, no matter how soft and pale, was just too harsh alongside the delicate peony. Therefore, we chose to use suede instead because when you caress it there is both softness and an interesting texture. As a perfumer it is important to remain versatile. What is your favourite fragrance? I like the smell of my skin, and I always wear the latest trials of the fragrance I am working on. Whilst creating Peony & Blush Suede I liked to combine it with Saffron, from the Cologne Intense collection. An unusual choice but it works very well, giving an opulent and striking combination – the mix of a luxurious floral with a vivid spice. When I have the time to wear some fragrances, I like to smell of Féminité du Bois or Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens, or some of my earlier creations for Jo Malone London like English Pear & Freesia, which also combines beautifully with Peony & Blush Suede; it’s refreshing, light and feminine. If you weren’t a master perfumer, what career path do you think you would have taken? Maybe I would be a midwife or a landscape gardener! Who knows? By Gem Dorling @lifescatwalk86

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Swish Leeds

– The Ultimate

Girls night in — Join us for a night of fashion, beauty, drinks, canapes, live music and the opportunity to get a new winter wardrobe whilst networking with like minded females.

Swish, Swap, Wear, Love — Corn Exchange, Leeds, 19th September 6pm til late Tickets £20 each #SwishLeeds If your not wearing it, you may as well be sharing it! For more information email connect@urban-coco.com 44 | Urban-Coco

Do you have what it takes to be Leeds most Stylish? Find Urban coco on Facebook to find out more or email competition@urban-coco.com for more info. Urban-Coco | 45

HOT100 We have scoured the globe to find you the must have beauty products that will take you right through the seasons...

ORLY Its A Meteor (18ml) £10.80

Alteya Organics £7.05

Suki Moisture-Rich Cleansing Lotion £27.45

Area H20 Hard, Medium or Soft Water Conditioner £9.95



Acqua Di Parma




Aubrey Organics Sparkling Mineral Water Complexion Mist £7.49

Aveeno® Moisturising Creamy Oil £7.14

Argan Oil Mist £24.00


Beauty Works Bun





Benecos wild orchid nail polish £6.95

Benefit Porefessional Image £24.50

Benefit They’re Real

Beverley Hills Perfect

BF Aramatherapy

Bio Kult





£14.95 for 60 tabs



Carmex £2.55

46 | Urban-Coco

Ciaté Afterglow topcoat, (glow in the dark topcoat) £9.00 www.selfridges.com

Clive Christian No1 Imperial Coronation perfume £650.00

Cloud 9 Magic Potion £5.75

Cucumber jars from Amirose.com £5.25


Cussons Mum & Me New Mum Firming Butter £9.99


GT Exfoliating Marvel Gel £19.50


Endocare® TensageTM Serum 30ml £37.50

GUERLAIN Terracotta 4 Seasons - Bronzing Powder with Pure Gold £41.85


Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation



La Perla Body Silk Body Cream £42.00

Lanolips 101 Ointment £11.00

Dielle £12.00

DIOR Birds of Paradise Addict Lipstick - Vibrant Colour Spectacular Shine

Elemis £42.00


FAST www.fasthair.co.uk £24.599

Halo handy hygienic £1.99

Front Cover lipstick £4.00

Haute Protection compact spf50 £24.00

Jo Hansford illuminoil 50ml

Jo Malone Saffron



Frownie £17.50

Herbal Tonic Mist £9.95

Kneipp Pure Bliss Mineral Bath Salts £7.95

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

Makeup Atelier Paris Neon eye shadow palette

Malin and Goetz Vitamin E Moisturizer from SpaceNK




Urban-Coco | 47


Marks and Spencer £6.00

Mavala Chilli and Spice collection £4.50 each


Merumaya Cleansing Balm

Miss Flicklash by Eylure




Mixed Chicks

Murad Intensive

Neal & Wolf FIX Hold and



Shine spray


New Blue Lip Rock £6.99

PHILIP KINGSLEY who launched Elasticizer; the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioning treatment that delivers a rush of moisture inside the hair’s cuticle £27.50

Ruby Red Cooling Foot Cream £18.00

48 | Urban-Coco


Nelsons Facial Wash

nailtiques Cuticle & Skin


Gel 1 oz £16.00

Optrex ActiMist 2in1 Tired

Original Source Pink

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

+ Uncomfortable Eye Spray

Grapefruit Shower

Formula Natural Bronze




Pressed 5 in 1 Compact Foundation by Bellapierre £39.99

Pamplemousse £36.00


Raspberry Balmi Cube Pack

Revital D&N






Shea Mooti Mama’s Sooth-

Simply Coconut Oil from

So Sexy Dry Shampoo


ing Leg & Foot Cream

Power Health






SS13 Nail Wraps

St Ives Scrub

Sunkissed bronzing




Superdry NEON mini fra-

Sure Maximum Protection

grance set (4 x 25ml)



The Agadir Argan Oil

Vaseline Spray & Go

Wild Honey Travel Set from



hair Shield


Di Palomo

box of 5 masks









From £39.00

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

Clinique Eyeshadow £21.00



Marks and Spencer




£12.00 to £14.00

Sunkissed Bronzing

Ted Baker Beauty


Accessories Emery Boards

CliniqueQuickliner for Eyes Intense Truffle £15.00

Herbal Tonic Mist

Naked Blonder Shampoo


and Conditioner



ArtDeco Mascara

Beyond Organic Moisturis-

Ted Baker Gold Nail Duos


ing Day Cream




£5 for a set of 3

Urban-Coco | 49

50 | Urban-Coco

Photo : Lorent K - www.lorentkoanell.com Art Direction : Oanell - www.lorentkoanell.com Model : Ana @ Crystal Model Management - www.crystal-models.com/fr Stylism : Benjamin Orion - www.benjamin-o.com Mua : Eva Roncay - www.eva-roncay.com Hairstylist : Sadek L - www.sadekl.com



Urban-Coco | 51

52 | Urban-Coco

54 | Urban-Coco

Beauty Spotlight

Got lebeau? Get the look!

56 | Urban-Coco

oted Good Surgeon Guide’s 2013 best looking cosmetic professional, Dr Esho (MBchB MRCS) is known in the aesthetic industry to practice what he preaches. With summer in full swing and all of us wanting to look our best, we grabbed some time with one of the aesthetic industry’s rising stars to reveal the celebrity secrets and how he gets his clients to achieve that trademark head-turning look in a matter of weeks. Looking for … long, luscious, luxurious eyelashes? Celebrities like Cheryl Cole have driven the trend for big, bold eyelashes. Long, thick, luscious lashes immediately accent the eyes, giving immediate sex appeal when done correctly. Not everyone is a fan of temporary extensions or false eyelashes, so I found a permanent innovative solution for both my clients and celebs alike.

The secret solution: Amalian Lash solution – 4T Medical Price: £85- £100 Looking for … the perfect pout? Pair up amazing lips with dark lashes above to get a smoky dramatic look! Angelina Jolie’s picture-perfect lips are the envy of women everywhere, and there are plenty of clever make up tricks to help achieve that look. When done by a trained make up guru, you’ll get dramatic results. But as a cosmetic doctor, dermal fillers are a proven treatment for increasing lip volume and definition to give instant results for those irresistible kissable lips. And you don’t need your own, personal MUA to help. The secret solution: Juvederm Volbella ™ Le beau super tip: Finish any lip look with Dr lipp balm. Used by all the supermodels, this balm is sure to give your lips a gorgeous sheen! Price: £350 - £450 per syringe Looking for … vibrant, fresh, youthful skin? From celebrities like Kim Kardashian to the ageless Jennifer Aniston, more and more women search for the secret answer to make them look and feel younger each day. There are many fads and unproven techniques out there, but one remains the cosmetic industry’s triedand-tested solution.

The secret solution: Botox ™ Price: from £150 - £175 for one area Looking for … dewy, radiant, clear skin? Once many of my clients have noted the dramatic improvements in their skin tone and elasticity from Botox™, they’re always keen to know what skin regime will compliment their new found youthful appearance, helping to continue cellular repair and renewal. On a store visit to Space NK, I found one product that does just that. I use this myself and wouldn’t change it for anything else.

The secret solution: REVIVE – the non-surgical approach to scientific skin care Price: variable – items in the collection start from £35 onwards Looking for … total definition for face and body? Its no secret that diet and exercise is the key to a healthy toned body. Resulting fat loss not only defines the body but helps to define the face and neck, helping facial contours to stand out. To help you along the way, there’s some new, affordable technology that gives you the extra edge at the gym and home (even Danni Minogue’s a fan!).

The secret : proskins SLIM Price: starting from £30 in the proskins SLIM range – take the proskin 28 day challenge and receive 50% off For more information on any of the treatments or products, or to talk to Dr Esho, visit www.lebeauideal.co.uk. A new lifestyle blog will be launching at the end of the month to keep you up-to-date with the latest in beauty, aesthetics, fitness and nutrition, revealing all those celeb secrets and must-have treatments. And here’s one final tip from Dr Esho: try coconut oil for luminous, radiant skin. Drink it, wash with it or massage it in – it creates a fantastic glow. One of my clients, Miss Cymru International 2013, Claire-Louise Catterall, swears by it! You can follow Le Beau on Twitter @lebeau_ideal Always remember to consult a reputable cosmetic professional like Dr Esho before undergoing any of the procedures mentioned in this article. Dr Esho and many other talented cosmetic professionals can be found at www.thegoodsurgeonguide.co.uk.

Urban-Coco | 57

HOB SALONS LEEDS COMPETITION pening the door to the world of celebrity hair and welcoming you to styling that stands out from the rest, HOB Salons Leeds is now home to Hair Stylist of the stars, Shabaz Hussain, who takes the reins at this city centre salon. Situated in a prime location on Duncan Street in the heart of Leeds, Shabaz brings 12 years’ industry experience to this role and is excited to be teaming up with Urban Coco to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a makeover pamper session at this award winning salon. Be treated like a VIP as you are invited for an in depth consultation discussing your every hair care want and need, followed by a tailored cut, luxury prescribed treatment, personalised colour and stunning blow dry for a whole new you! Having styled the likes of Coleen’s Real Woman, Footballer’s Wives, Jade Jagger and superstar Lady GAGA, through to fragrance campaigns and working backstage at London and Milan Fashion Week, HOB Leeds welcome you to simply sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that you are in expert hands with the very best in British Hairdressing. The sumptuous salon surroundings with on trend décor reflects the vast range of up to date services available, including seasonal fashion colour such as balayage, dip dye and pastel hair. Giving you a hairdressing haven to unwind and indulge, the lucky winner is sure to leave the salon looking and feeling beautiful. Open 7 days a week and just moments from your door, wait no longer and enter now to win this treat for your tresses by answering this simple question: Which Street is HOB Leeds on? a) Quebec Street b) Duncan Street c) Queens Street Email your answer, along with your name and number, to competition@urban-coco.com Competition closes 31st August 2013 HOB Salons Leeds: 12 Duncan Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6DL T: 0113 243 5555/ W: www.hobsalons.com Terms & Conditions: Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Travel to and from the salon not included. No cash alternative/ non transferable. Valid at HOB Salons Leeds only. Prize valid Sun – Thurs Only. Selected stylists. Prize expires 30th November 2013.


THE INBETWEENERS Be fashion savvy this autumn with these stylish transitional separates from Harvey Nichols Leeds Invest in theses pieces now to take you through to autumn. Try a lightweight jacket layered over a summer tee or for an effortless yet fashion-forward look let your legs be the focal point with a pair of printed trousers. Team with a pair of must-have wedge trainers or a set of killer heels to create a style statement.

Gilet, £750 Alexander Wang, Shirt, £250 T by Alexander Wang Leather trousers, £960 T by Alexander Wang, Bag, £455 Sophie Hulme

Printed Silk Jacket, £170 American Vintage Striped Bouclé Jacket, £280 By Malene Birger

Suede Wedge Hi-Top Trainers, £180 Ash Panelled Leather Pumps, £145 Sam Edelman

Striped Fine Knit Top, £105 Velvet Stripe Sequinned Satin Top, £195 Michael Michael Kors

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Printed Satin Stretch Jersey Leggings, £200 McQ Alexander McQueen Printed Cropped Silk Trousers, £190 Parker


A Summer Staycation in Shropshire Shopping, sightseeing and sheep: Shropshire has it all for holidaymakers who want to stay closer to home this summer. Remie Lund discovers more.


orget airport security, hefty baggage fines and testing transfers. This summer is all about the staycation. Pack light and enjoy a road trip that leads to rustic ramblings and geological gems. Get up early and you could arrive just in time for a late lunch or a spot of afternoon tea. The sun has decided to make a surprise appearance in the UK this month providing the perfect opportunity for the sun starved to soak up the rays in Shropshire. St Tropez, Sardinia, Shropshire – just a few of this year’s most coveted holiday hotspots. Shropshire? It may not be on trend, you may not rub shoulders with RiRi during your stay but there is no shortage of fun to be found in and around the county. Located in the meandering loop of the river Severn, Shrewsbury boasts quirky shops, spires, abbeys, pretty parklands and much, much more. From boutique hotels to historic tours, you’ll find a medieval market town with something to please everyone.

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Where to stay The Lion and Pheasant is a beautiful boutique hotel in Shrewsbury and it provides a brilliant base for the weekend. Cheap and chic, this hip hideaway has just 20 rooms, each with contemporary décor, free wifi and a rustic restaurant, all wrapped up in a 16th century shell. Sip a Bellini on the garden terrace or enjoy a delicious dish in a romantic setting. The Lion and Pheasant proves that great things do indeed come in small packages, and what the hotel lacks in size it makes up for in style. What to do Check in to your beautiful room and bounce straight back out of the door to explore one of Shropshire’s most popular attractions, the Acton Scott Historic working farm. Tucked away in the Shropshire hills this award-winning museum provides the perfect day out for all ages. Expect a fun-filled day in a location that is breathtakingly beautiful, where you can marvel at the scenery and watch 19th century farm life unfold before your eyes. You won’t find tractors on

this farm; all of the labour is done by hand with the help of heavy horses and a skilled team of workers. On arrival, you will receive a welcome pack explaining the history of Acton Scott that you can read as you enjoy a delicious homemade lunch in the café before setting off to explore the rest of the grounds. Speaking of the grounds, if you think it’s all looking a little familiar you may have spotted the very same scenery on the small screen. The Acton Scott estate was featured on BBC 2’s Victorian Farm. Butter making takes place on site and you can get up close and personal with Shropshire’s farming past. During our visit, we learned the art of spinning wool from one of the staff members who was dressed head to toe in 19th century dress, and peered into stalls to peek at the piglets. That’s not all. Frolicking in the cartwheel maze, learning the art of hay making and milking cows at the Cowshed is all part and parcel of the working farm experience. Time it right and you should arrive back at your hotel just in time for dinner and a wellearned glass of vino. Our second day in Shropshire started with the perfect poached eggs and a skinny latte at The Lion and Pheasant followed by a jaunt to the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. Shropshire is home to a vibrant art scene but this particular museum is nothing to sing and dance about. This is a free attraction and the experience is short and sweet to say the least. Relieved to be back out in the sun, we decided to squeeze in a spot of window shopping before lunch. Shrewsbury has all of the usual high street shops that you would expect and a few that you don’t. Beautiful vin-

tage finds can be spotted if you know where to look. There are dozens of tempting cafés and eateries to choose from serving up lovely lunches that won’t put a dint in your bank balance – great for those who want to sample Shrewsbury’s culinary delights in the sun. If you’ve got room, there are homemade cakes on every corner that are naughty but nice. Next up was our very own private tour of Shrewsbury. Our tour guide Dorothy delighted us with stories of Darwin’s childhood and terrifying tales of town executions. Like any good tour guide, she pointed out the main tourist attractions including Shrewsbury Castle, which guards the only land approach into the town, St Mary’s church and McDonalds. Yep, in Shrewsbury medieval marvels can even be found somewhere as mundane as a McDonalds. If you have no idea why this would feature on our historic tour, I won’t spoil the fun – but make sure you stop by to find out for yourself! We took in some interesting facts about the town’s past, marveled at the beautiful black and white buildings and tried not to giggle at some of Shrewsbury’s strangest street names.

not so perfect for party people but if you are looking for a relaxing weekend away in a chic hotel, with fantastic food and no shortage of superb sights, this is the staycation for you. Vintage lovers and foodies will adore what the town of Shrewsbury has to offer. Create your own itinerary and please yourself. Whether you want to stroll around the shops or delve deeper into the history of the town, the perfect weekend awaits in Shropshire. Talk to Remie on Twitter @RemsLuxuryBlog.

The last thing on our long list of Shropshire sights was to see them from a different perspective. We boarded the river cruise and soared down the river Severn, cocktail in hand. The river cruise is only 40 minutes long and is a nice way to end your Shropshire staycation. Shropshire is perfect for: Couples and families who want to want to keep travel time to a minimum and for those who prefer quaint towns to bustling cities. It’s

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Spa Spotlight: Ragdale Hall Becky Barley soaks up the splendour and ultimate relaxation of Ragdale Hall in this issue’s spa spotlight.


s soon as my pretty Havaiana touched ground at Ragdale Hall I knew exactly what sort of trip this one was going to be – a PJ party only dreams were made of. ‘Let me get your bags’ – why, thank you. ‘Help yourself to tea or coffee’ – excellent. ‘Allow me to park your car’ – surely not! No concierge wants to be seen parking my little old Yaris in a place like this. Nevertheless I handed my keys over and agreed to partake in a welcome drink in the conservatory. Sipping my latte – compliments of the house – I sat in the grand surroundings and watched the temporary residents go by dressed head to toe in white fluffy robes and brand spanking new slippers. “Sign me up – where do I get mine?” I thought. After a short questionnaire in which I divulged my medical history and my endless food requirements – who am I kidding? – we were left to our own devices to roam the grounds before leisurely making our way to lunch. My plus one was my sister. How romantic. Keeping with the ethos of a healthy retreat, all the food at Ragdale Hall was low in calories but great in taste. Yet somehow I still managed to over-indulge myself. True to every balanced diet, the spa honoured the ‘necessity’ of indulgent treats for those not watching their waistlines, much to my sister and I’s delight! The food was faultless with choices aplenty; even my

oh-so-picky sister found lots to eat and thoroughly enjoyed it. After lunch we returned to our rooms, which were impeccable, with a spotless bathroom only Kym and Aggy would be proud of! After much persuasion my reluctant sister finally gave in to my persistent nagging and agreed to wear her robe from here on in. Always ones for being on time – detect the sarcasm – we arrived for the 3pm tour at 3.05pm. Much to our surprise we were the first ones there. A delightful woman named Penny politely greeted us and asked us to make ourselves comfy on the impressive sofas that commanded the foyer; ‘We’re just waiting on two other couples then we’ll get the show on the road’. Couple one arrived, fully clothed. I could feel my sister’s eyes burning into the back of my head. “They’ll be the odd ones out and then who’ll look silly?” I reassured myself. Then followed couple number two, also fully clothed. Yes, we were the only ‘couple’ dressed in robes and slippers. I couldn’t look at my sister for want of laughing. So the tour began and we lead the charge in our robes, myself proud as punch, my sister’s head hanging in shame. Once the tour was over – a tour made by Penny’s knowledge and wit - we removed our delightful robes and dared to grace the magnificent spa facilities with our bikinis. The Hall boasts a large swimming pool equipped with sauna and steam room but

de la e m è r c e h t s le Hall a a d g a R e ib r c s I can only de

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the cherry on the cake had to be the thermal spa. Compromising 12 heat and water experiences, this facility was the ultimate way to unwind; a candle pool (my favourite), a colourflow cave, a volcanic salt bath and a rose sauna were just some of the incredible treats. Time flew out of the window and all thoughts of the outside world diminished. The only worry was when your next scheduled treatment was – what a tough life! There were countless exercise classes and limitless gym facilities available but sadly I seemed to have left my trainers at home – such a shame. Instead my sister and I chose to drink coffee and eat cake in the Lounge before venturing to the Retreat – the only public place where napping is deemed acceptable. My idea of paradise. Our evening ended with yet another delicious meal and before we knew it our heads had hit the pillow and our eyes closed shut for a peaceful night ahead.

massage I’ve encountered to date has never quite allowed this – until now. In the past I’ve left sessions feeling far more stressed than before, but not at Ragdale Hall. My therapist merely asked allergy-related questions then left me to enjoy myself, checking in every now and then on the intensity of pressure. Professionalism at its utmost. I can only describe Ragdale Hall as the crème de la crème of spas. The pièce de résistance of retreats. Whether you want a girly retreat with your female family members or a romantic haven with your partner, Ragdale Hall caters to all audiences with an array of tastes. Treat it as an ultimate break from everyday life or use it as a health sanctuary to boost your wellbeing – all Ragdale Hall wants is for you to sincerely enjoy your stay and that’s exactly what my sister and I did. Talk to Becky on Twitter: @beckybarley

Morning rose and our room service wake up call with a tasty breakfast in bed. We then headed to the conservatory yet again and sat eagerly waiting for our treatments. A 20 minute facial and a 30 minute back massage were on the agenda for both of us and I couldn’t have been more excited. Now I like to chat as much as the next person but when I’m having a massage I want to switch off and shut up. Sadly every

treats. e r f o e c n a t ce de résis iè p e Th . s a p s a crème of

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Music Spotlight

Sadia: Sweet sixteen and a soulful queen


alented teen Sadia Gillen is the focus of this month’s music spotlight. Like any young girl she loves fashion and beauty but her real passion lies in music. She spends all her time practicing her vocals; a strong mix of Adele and Amy Winehouse. Sadia’s mum, Michelle Sowe, said her daughter had shown talent from an early age and had long been courted by music industry bigwigs. We spent some time with them to find out more.

Although you are still quite young, at what age did you discover your talent for singing? I can remember always wanting the music channels on or the radio when I was about three, singing and dancing along to songs. My Mum said I had a nice tone and that I could pick up words and lyrics really well. When I went to primary school a teacher there picked me out to perform solos in production, and from there I just started to get asked to do things. I used to spend hours in my bedroom practicing songs and writing stuff down. I would record my voice onto the computer and play it back so many times until I decided it was right! You’ve had quite a bit of success already, what has your journey in music been like so far? I started out taking part in competitions and shows. My first win was at primary school, then I won Leeds Breeze 2008, and from there I had the confidence to enter more competitions, this time locally and nationally. About two years ago I won a Leeds competition and from that I started to get exposure; I even got recognised on the street! I do gigs and performances for charity, get jobs in restaurants and to sing at parties. I’ve worked in studios as backing singer and been a featured singer on an album! I got some funding from Leeds City Council Arts Foundation, and I was able to use a fantastic studio to record a couple of songs, which were featured in the Yorkshire Evening Post and other places. I got contacted by several agents, but at the time they were not right for me, plus I was concentrating on my GCSEs and I am starting my A levels in September. I have met some lovely and interesting people and think I have been given good advice. I would like to join a band next and get some more experience. What has been your biggest achievement so far? I think being able to perform at such a young age is an achievement in itself. Now that I’m older I’ve progressed and able to get more involved with other opportunities. Does creativity run in your family? Yes, we have quite a few in the family! My cousin is a talented musician too. We have a mixture of musicians in the family with different artistic talents. 64 | Urban-Coco

Musically, what influences you? I like a bit of everything, from R&B and rap to jazz, pop and rock. I don’t have a particular style. I like to play about with different ideas and sounds. I just hear something and think “That sounds cool” and download it to my phone. Were you born in Leeds? How do you feel the city has/is changing over the years? Yes, I was born in Leeds. I have seen quite a lot of developments as I am a townie – I love shopping and meeting up with my friends in town. I have seen a lot of developments in the city, including the new shopping centres. Although these are great, I would like to see the independent shops given a chance – I wouldn’t want to see the independents pushed out. I think it would be good if they brought the Corn Exchange back to what it was a few years ago, the great shops and the great atmosphere!

to buy in the sales as I’m only 16 and don’t have a massive budget! I really like Best Vintage and Blue Rinse and I used to love Birds Yard before it closed down. There’s a new place in town called Handmade, like a craft market with independent traders; it’s really fun place. When I have the budget I would love to buy some original vintage pieces like a forties beaded evening gown! I also like Manchester as it has a good mix of alternative and vintage shops; Afflecks is great. My Mum bought me a great vintage beaded top from a charity shop, we worked out that it was made in the forties. It’s cream with all these pearl drops hanging from it – it’s one of my favourite pieces of clothing! Talk to Sadia on Twitter: @Sadiagxxx Search Sadia on Youtube

Would you ever consider going on a show like X Factor? Not really! I think when I was ten or eleven and used to watch it, I probably did, but as I have got older and seen how it is all done, I have realised that route wouldn’t be right for me. I would like to get recognised as a Leeds singer working with bands instead. How would you describe your music in 3 words? Soulful, vibrant and quirky. When writing, where do you get your inspiration? I’ve got songs that I wrote when I was eight, and when I look back I think “Did I write that?”. Some of the words are a bit dramatic for somebody who was only eight! I just write about things I see around me, in the street or when I am out at parties or even just sitting in the house. I would like to produce some of my own music and I am looking at ways that I can do that. If you could perform with anybody who would it be and why? Beyonce, she is such a hard worker and that’s paid off. I like her sound and the way she puts a great show on. Corrine Bailey Rae would be another as I love her voice and her music style – she’s amazing! Tell us more about your fashion influences, how would you describe your style? On trend, but with a quirky vintage twist. I love playing around with fashion, hair and makeup, and I love shoes too, especially Jeffrey Campbell. If I ever have the budget I would love to invest in some really cool outfits and some great bags! Really, I just love fashion and will mix things up – I also customise old clothes. Where do you like to shop? Do you support any local, independent designers? I like some of the high street stuff – Topshop is good as they have such a wide selection of fashion. I like to mix it with vintage and quirky stuff. I like Aqua and I have a couple of outfits from there, but I always try

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Carnival fashion

Bright, bold & beautiful Carnival Fashion eeling the heat this summer? Even if it’s far from tropical, inject some spice into your wardrobe with fashion blogger Lydia Rose Abraham’s carnival-inspired picks. Leeds West Indian Carnival will be taking over the streets for one weekend in August, giving the public access to the sights, sounds and a taste of the Caribbean. As the longest running West Indian carnival in Europe, the Leeds event rivals our flamboyant and better known Southern counterpart, the Notting Hill Carnival. Fashion lovers out there can not only enjoy the atmosphere, but make the most of the parade of costumes with some wardrobe inspiration. Carnival fashion screams extravagance, which means sequins, feathers, bold prints and intricate beading, often all piled together. Who said less is more? Even if you can’t attend, our picks will get you in the carnival spirit. Check out Lydia’s blog at www.fashioninflux.co.uk

Dune £89.00 (www.Dune.co.uk)

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Carnival fashion screams extravagance, which means sequins, feathers, bold prints and intricate beading, often all piled together

stevemadden £68.00 (www.stevemadden.com)

Dune £85.00 (www.Dune.co.uk)

Dune £89.00 (www.Dune.co.uk)

missguided £45.00 (www.missguided.co.uk)

Sainsburys £16.00 (www.sainsburys.co.uk)

Missguided £29.99 (www.missguided.co.uk)

urbanoutfitters £55.00 (www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk)

internacionale £19.99

East £35.00

riverisland £28.00 (www.riverisland.co.uk)

Accessorize £25.00 (uk.accessorize.com)

Boticca £317.00 boticca.com)

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Bronze Ambition Model: Juliane Grzeja @Most Wanted Models Hamburg hair & make up: Sarah Lauszat Photography: Patrick Styrnol All jewellery design by: Goldsmith manufacture “Brauksiepe� Germany

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Photographer and stylist: Vikky Ivie Mua : Ivory Bella Model : fern @ profile All clothing by Camilla Ambler

Remember When

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Photographer: David Mannah Hair by Errol Douglas MBE using Moroccanoil Products Assisted by Harry Kille Make Up by Alex Byrne Stylist: Desiree Leaderer

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Did you always want to be a hair stylist? Absolutely! I was utterly hooked from an early age, right from assisting in a local salon aged 11 – I’ve never looked back. I love the industry as much (if not more) now as I did back then. How did you get into the profession? It was a vocation that chose me, but it was at Roger Hart’s salon in Stamford Street, right next to IPC Magazines HQ, that I got my big break. What was it like for you growing up in the East End and then switching to the West End? Growing up in the East End was challenging in that you had to really remember not to lose focus on your goals and get caught up in the wrong stuff. But it is an endless canvas for creative inspiration – the characters, the buildings, the dreamers and above all the talent. It’s my spiritual postcode. The West End brings the glamour and polish I to like see in my own work – I’ve loved it since we opened in 1998. Whatever the postcode, I love the city, and I have a lot of love for the amazing cities spread over the UK. They’re all full of hair talent; I shout about it globally wherever I go to work. Receiving an MBE for Education and Services to the Hairdressing Industry in 2008 must have been one of the highlights of your career. What was it like meeting The Queen? Quite surreal and an incredible honour. It really was an unforgettable experience shared with my family and a time to reflect on my adventures in hair. I believe that British hairdressing sets the bar globally – I’m a proud Londoner and Brit, and this felt like the ultimate contribution to an industry I adore. Apart from your MBE, what are you most proud of? To have achieved a reputation as a salon for a high standard across all hair types. Our excellence isn’t limited to one type of client and that is something I’m extremely proud of. What is the most popular treatment in your salon? At Errol Douglas, my incredible team take

care of all hair types to the highest standards and have years of experience, so what’s popular varies depending on our clients’ hair types and lifestyle. I’m a hair health nag – it’s the foundation of rocking any look at any length – and our intense hydrating treatments are very popular. Often, our busy executives opt for Nano Keratin treatments to not just strengthen the hair but to give a frizz free and easy blow dry experience for up to two months. Is there anything in hairdressing that you don’t enjoy doing? No. Not one thing. That’s the truth! I read that you are a UK and Ireland Brand Ambassador for Moroccanoil. How did this come about? I’ve been a fan of the brand from the get go; the Original Treatment has been a game changer in my industry, totally smashing misconceptions about the use of oil in all hair types. The Original Treatment is the ultimate multi-tasker – hydrator, frizz beater and shine infuser. Above all, the styling, conditioning and cleansing products in the range are rich in potent ingredients meaning very little product has to be used to have a huge impact. They’re the real deal and I’m incredibly pleased to be their first brand ambassador in the UK and Ireland. Your salon is accredited with International Technical Excellence. To those who don’t know, what does that mean? It means that we are recognised for our versatility and expertise from Afro to Asian to European hair, and all variations on that regarding its texture and needs. It’s rare and we’re very proud. I have seen the amazing images you created with Rankin – what was it like to collaborate? Without doubt a career highlight and a life “moment” – an utter genius and gentleman. I was honoured, fired up, inspired and incredibly proud of the collection.

I wanted to combine my ethos of hair health and a luxury finish on all hair types into tools that clients could use in between salon visits. My infrared dryer combines the benefits of infrared light anti-static and ionic technology, reducing drying time, which is kinder on the hair. It dries from the inside out locking in moisture. Not only is it healthier but it reduces frizz and enhances shine. I’m incredibly proud of my Treat & Style heated styler, as it’s a first on the high street and really does work on all hair types including thick curly hair. It features the first ever Keratin capsule system built into the actual iron. It gives mega shine with a steam-infused treatment that moisturises and protects hair simultaneously. What I love is the look and feel of the hair after using Treat & Style; that luxury finish without compromising on the overall condition. What made you choose to collaborate with Corioliss? The brand and its innovation in styling tools has long made it an industry insider favourite. They push the boundaries in what technology can contribute by upping the ante on styling possibilities. Corioliss felt like a natural partner in bringing to life a solution that delivered that combination of hair health and high styling I envisioned. By Gem Dorling @lifescatwalk86



rrol Douglas is widely considered to be one of the most influential hairdressers in the world. He was awarded an MBE for Education and Services to the Hairdressing Industry in 2008. His salon in Belgravia is unique thanks to its International Technical Excellence accreditation, and with clients travelling all of the world to visit his salon, his reputation in unquestionable. We were lucky to interview the man himself as he prepares to launch his own electrical hair styler range.

Is there a celebrity whose hair you would love to style and why? Gaga – for an architectural adventure in hair that we’d both be up for. What would be your top hair tip for all hair types? Put hair health before anything else. Moisture infused, regularly trimmed hair gives a versatility in style choices and that luxury, glossy, high shine finish is timeless. Don’t skimp on hydrating treatments; they’re not a novelty pamper, but an investment in overall hair condition. You are launching your own range of electrical styling tools, what made you decide to do this?

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elcome to JoeBusiness. July was a month of brooding detectives, global superstars descending upon the UK, and people getting very, very excited about a stranger’s baby. At the beginning of the month, the wonderful Luther returned to our TV screens for what has been billed as the final series; it did not disappoint. In terms of the psychological effect the four episodes of the series had, it would run something like this: Episode One made every single person watching check under their bed, then the attic, then under the bed again before going to sleep. Two made us all realise something that characters on TV rarely do — when you hear an

ponies, I grew up wanting to be a widow.’ Phwooooaarr! Luther is brilliant on so many levels: the writing, the casting, the aesthetic; but what’s most brilliant is the characters. Idris Elba’s title character was a hulking force of inner-torment; and it’s testament to his ability as an actor that even avid fans of The Wire didn’t recognise the iconic Stringer Bell within 30 seconds of Elba in Luther Series One. There are fantastic, subtle performances across the board; however, the fact that who we came to love the most was Alice (the above red-headed sociopath), a character we met after she’d just murdered both her parents and hidden the gun in the butchered family dog, is testament to how great and how different this show was. unearthly banging sound emanating from upstairs, don’t just assume it’s ‘the house settling’, because it ain’t — it’s a nutter who wants to tie you up. Three made us all howl in disbelief at the sheer cruelty of the Luther universe, as the show’s only true ‘good guy’, Justin, was gunned down by a shotgun-toting vigilante; a moment made all the more poignant by Luther’s early introduction of Justin to his new girlfriend: “He’s my mate and I love him.” Ohhhhh it’s all so bloody unfair! Finally, Episode Four had every man (and I suspect many women) across the country genuinely contemplating how great it would be to date a red-headed, multiple-murdering sociopath: ‘Some little girls grew up wanting 80 | Urban-Coco

I for one mourn the passing of a seminal piece of British drama; and from the talk coming from Elba himself, who incidentally cited this series as one that even had a psychologically damaging effect on him and the show’s creator Neil Cross, it seems to suggest that this will be the last series. The symbolic gesture of Luther discarding his ‘lucky’ coat into the Thames and then walking off into the sunset (except of course there was no actual sunset as in Luther everything is drawn from a dingy and hopeless palette) with Alice, seems to call an end to it. However, rumours abound of a big-screen version of the show — something I‘m unsure of how they’d achieve, but would flaming well go and see; or alternatively, a spin-off about Alice. Ruth Wilson, who plays the murderous genius, has said that creator Neil Cross is interested, and rumours a while

back suggested the BBC might be keen; so who knows. Whatever’s next for John Luther, the most destructive, flawed and downright unlucky hero of all time, the fourteen episodes of Luther we have, remain some of the most iconic, engaging, tragic and terrifying pieces of television ever made; and in the traditional words that ended every series — ‘So now what?’


or those of us who didn’t make it down to Glastonbury (“Whhoooo GLASTO! Can’t wait!!!” — put a sock in it), festival season really hit home in July as Wireless touched down at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London’s East End. This festival wasn’t just a treat for the capital though; I was lucky enough to be there doing backstage coverage, and met people from all over the UK and indeed further afield, including a rather enthusiastic group of Swedes who, having watched me deliver my intro of Rita Ora’s set to camera from a lovely plateau overlooking the festival, asked me if I’d be interested in covering a classic car show they’re organising, and could I get any media outlets interested? I told them my producer would surely be in touch for such a prestigious event and promptly hotfooted it back towards the crowds, leaving the cameraman to lie his arse off. The line-up was excellent: Nas, Rita Ora, Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, Macklemore, Snoop Dogg, Big Sean, Miguel, and Earth, Wind and Fire!!! However, there was one act in particular who everybody wanted to

see; it’s hard to describe the reverence that surrounds the idea of his very presence in the same square couple of miles of you. No, not Fuse ODG (although I personally was very excited about this — I’m somewhat of a dancehall king), but Jay-Z. I’m not his biggest fan — something that normally inspires a drawing back of the hand as if I’m about to be slapped and challenged to a duel, but I am keen on many other rappers. However, he has transcended hip hop, and even music itself. He’s the emblem of what’s possible if you set your mind to it — how to take over the business you set out to work in; as many of you reading this I’m sure are. Imagine you’re trying to break into the world of fashion, then do so, but not satisfied, you go: “Bollocks to this”, and systematically take over a significant portion of the global industry, and then release your own series of music albums, commemorative ashtrays and moon bases! Basically he’s an impressive guy. In the press area, where most of the artists were milling about at one point or another, posing for pics and doing interviews; including Tinie Tempah, who appeared as a not-sosecret special guest on the Saturday, given that he’d been romping about the site in a

purple vest, wearing his trademark glasses, accompanied by about ten burly blokes. Lewis Hamilton was also there, wearing a diamond-encrusted (or platinum or summink... I’m not sure) chain, the type of which is normally reserved for rappers and other people who look suitably hard or cool enough to pull it off. It’s hard to overstate how silly this looked on a nerdy F1 driver. Not one to usually judge people by their clothes; but that, accompanied by the snap-back down low and the big shades, is Lewis trying to say something about himself; and I ain’t having it. Anyway, as various celebs: Miguel, Kendrick and David Haye (!) sauntered through, there was always the expectant glance towards the door at the slightest sound, as we all hoped beyond hope that the Jigga Man himself might appear… but he didn’t... not until show time; and what a show time it was. People talk about ‘electricity’ at concerts, but this was it on a monumental scale — three nights running — with all the other artists gathered to watch. ‘99 Problems’, ‘Big Pimpin’, ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’— every night, tens of thousands from all different walks of life rapped, sang, and mumbled every line; such is the unifying power of music. I was extraordinarily lucky to be there, and I’m sure many of you were too, and my advice is to get to a festival this summer, no matter how small, because live music (and singing along like a tit) is what it’s all about; and if Wireless can get that lineup this year, imagine 2014!

me. There’s a well-publicised stat doing the rounds that when Diana and Charles left hospital, the proud parents of a young Prince William, there were only two TV crews; whereas 31 years’ later, that very same baby and his missus were greeted by 70. If you add to that the other assorted media outlets present, then the number of baying journos that wanted a glimpse of young George is absurd.


Poor old Kay was a victim of the relentless, rolling news coverage of what is, let’s face it, a fairly mundane event. I was on holiday at the time the frenzy reached its crescendo, and still found it inescapable, with rolling news in every bar, and muppets in the street asking me for intricate details of what was going on in the maternity ward when they found out what I do for a living. There were sweepstakes on TV, radio, print and online outlets across the world, A – Zs giving useless facts about the royal family and babies in general, and raucous debates breaking out everywhere. This is madness! I can’t be the only one who didn’t really care, can I? This isn’t the next Prime Minister who’s been born — it’s the future head of a spectacular and historical, but essentially redundant, institution. As I said, it’s lovely when anyone has a little baby, but if I don’t know ‘em, I can do without Kay Burley gurning, and someone trying to take a quid off me to guess to whether it’ll be called Keith or Sharon. Just sayin’.

he final big event of the month was a couple of posh folk having a lovely little nipper. I have no problem with Wills and Kate having a baby — it’s lovely when any couple brings a new life into the world; however, the sheer level of media and public fascination is completely beyond

Kay Burley’s manic stint on a 30-hour shift for Sky News outside the hospital has been well-publicised; the poor thing was apparently kept alive by a producer shovelling Coca Cola and Go Ahead bars down her throat; and highlights included interviewing a non-comprehending and seemingly disinterested Spanish tourist, a deaf onlooker who signed her thoughts to the camera as a bewildered Kay looked on, and one bloke who quipped that the baby was a ‘black boy’. What a jester.

Twitter: @forrester_joe

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Bianca Popp

Elyria Jewels

HEN Jewelry

Bianca Popp is creating costumes and accessories for both day to day life and the stage. Baleine Noire, her latest jewelry collection, is made of plexiglass creatures dedicated to all those longing for the freedom and the mystery of the sea.

Elyria Jewels specialises in silver and gold jewellery with anindustrial bohemian aesthetic, crafted using ethicallysourcedmaterials. The Capella Necklace incorporates blackened sterling chain,moonstones, and tiny diamonds.

For detalils and orders: www.biancapopp.com or bianca@biancapopp.com

Tel: O+1 415-674-1406 www.elyriajewels.com

HEN Jewelry is created by designer Genevieve Smolders in London, Ontario, Canada. HEN is a modern creative brand that draws inspiration from vintage/antique items, boho culture, and a splash of rock’n’roll. Featured image: hand-beaded ‘Boho Fringe Earrings.

Little Hill People Our exotic handbags and accessories are handmade by tribal artisans of Northeast India. Perfect for people who love and appreciate Ethical styling! Little Hill People, 354 Northenden road, Sale, Cheshire, Greater Manchester M33 2PW, United Kingdom,O +44 (0)1612 837 758 , M +44(0)7753 429150, Website: www.littlehillpeople. com, Social Media : Little Hill People in facebook, twitter, google + , pin interest.

Email: info@henjewelry.com Web: www.henjewelry.com.

MARYLAI New York - High quality meets ultramodern edge. Each bag is made in New York by local artisans focusing on the attention to detail, functionality and freshness.

Lora Gene


Lora GENE inspirational collection “Muses” gives a flawless look to women’s allure through an exciting and unique range of designs. Delineated by noble and contradictory fabrics and materials such as silk and iron, summer’s line is now expressing its lightness and assurance at Wolf & Badger.

MARYLAI Newwww.marylai.com York - High quality meets ultramodern edge. website: info@marylai.com Each contact: bag is made in New York by local artisans focusing on the attention to detail, functionality and freshness. The designs are the perfect blend between eccentric and elegance creating a work of art. website: www.marylai.com contact: info@marylai.com

Collection available at Wolf&Badger. Tel: +44 (0)20 7229 56 98.

The designs are the perfect blend between eccentric and elegance creating a work of art.


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Casandra Amore

Rani Zakhem Fall of 2005, after obtaining his Bachelors of Science, Rani Zakhem, founder of the Rani Zakhem brand got accepted to the Prestigious Parsons the New School of Design, in New York City, in which, he pursed a degree in Fashion Design. Rani Zakhem built and fortified his work experience in the fashion industry in the hands of renowned industry players: Yigal Azrouel, Carlos Miele, Patricia Underwood, Zuhair Murad to name a few. In 2009 Rani Zakhem decided to venture out with his own eponymous label that comprises of three product lines: Bridal, Couture and Ready to wear. The Rani Zakhem brands continues to receive prestigious press coverage and is constantly reitterated on the Red Carpet. www. ranizakhem.com


Redana Studio Luxury scarves and accessories. Designed and made in the British Isles for you the modern busy woman who appreciates that little bit extra in the style department. Your online destination for luxury British scarves www.redanastudio.co.uk follow us @redanastudio

Tic Watches® Spencer Ogg The British are back, bring on the Revolution!

Mummy & Little Me

Amazing quality, alternative accessories, handcrafted right here in the UK. All our items are custom made, limited editions and make a real statement. Welcome to Spencer Ogg, Pure British Style www.spencerogg.com

BABY RAVE LEEDS We host a new, unique and innovative social event for babies and their families. Get ready to shake those nappies and experience what Baby Rave Leeds has to offer! TEXT ‘rave’ to 07729185953 for info. E:babyraveleeds@gmail.com T:07729 185953 T:@babyraveleeds F:/babyraveleeds

Over recent years the function of the watch has continued to change as time becomes more assessable on mobile phones and other mobile devices. Watches have now become more like fashion accessories rather than just timepieces. This means that many people now tend to own more than just one watch to suit different fashion trends and occasions. This change in the industry saw the birth of Tic Watches ®. www.ticwatches.co.uk Tic Watches 51 Coniscliffe Road Darlington County Durham DL3 7EN Tel: 0844 357 0427 Fax: 0844 357 6822

LMA LMA-Love my apparel is a luxury designer women’s boutique that aims to bring you the latest trends and most desirable designers from all corners of the globe. An exquisite array of the most elegant and affordable ready to wear, accessories and jewellery have been carefully selected by our team to ensure that there is something for every woman’s wardrobe. Web: www.lovemyapparel.com



Beatrix is a New York based company devoted to creating cool, contemporary stuff for kids. They combine a childlike love of whimsy and imagination with a grown-up sense of modern design and style. You’ll find their adorable characters and colourful graphics on a range of products from Lunch Boxes (which are machine washable) to Back Packs and Suit Cases. Products made with love and designed to last. They have a huge A-List celebrity following and definitely a brand for those who like to stand out from the crowd. Distributed by EVERDELL LTD in the UK. Tel:01264 782665 web; www.everdell.co.uk

With it’s origins in women’s traditions around the world, Saïly, a french brand has introduced the bola which is an ethnic jewel, in the sensitive and demanding world of jewellery. Inside the bola there is a hidden Small xylophone, an kind of small ball « dancing » to the ryhthm of the movements : it creates a soft tinkling sound which has a soothing and calming effect on the baby and the mother. This jewel is not only for pregnant women, it’s a zen jewel, for everybody. www.bijouxsaily.com

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Tasty Treats

confektz Our award-winning gourmet marshmallows make the perfect treat. From Raspberry Tang to Mexican Mocha to Gold Saffron, our unique flavours are hand-crafted to surprise and delight the most discerning of taste buds. Not to mention that they’re virtually fat free! Web: confektz.co.uk Tel: 01986 893 877

HENRIETTA DUBREY Highly collectable oil abstract and figurative paintings, represented by Edgar Modern Bath and at UK, US, European and Asia art fairs. Featured in BBC ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, in Scandinavian design store Skandium in London, and the ‘Things’ section of the COS website. www.henriettadubrey.eu www.edgarmodern.com Tel: 01225 443746

Deelicious Nazish’s Kitchen From bespoke wedding cakes to novelty birthday cakes, from yummy cupcakes to rich cheesecakes, from petit fours to exotic shot glass desserts, try Deelicious for your next party large or small. Located in Tooting and delivering all over London, and beyond 12 Tooting Bec Road, London SW17 8BD 020 8767 4743, 07950 836 585 www.deelicious-nk.com info@deelicious-nk.com

Get in touch today sales@urban-coco.com 0113 2499927

Jed Franklin

Jed is a contemporary figurative painter, specialising in portrature, fashion insired compositions and real life sceens, but with a twist of street art infusion. He draws influance from fashion photography and the vibrant world around him, observing human nature and interaction. Working prodominantly in oils, acrylics, aerosols and drawing. All of this has been a combination of his developement as an artist over the last 15 years, art is a journey and he is enjoying the creative path he has started out on. www.jedfranklin.co.uk www.facebook.com/jedrfranklin @jed_franklin

Little Curly Collection Artist: Ella Parry

Little Curly is an image based upon the artist (Ella), the image she creates is inspired from memories from her childhood. Little Curly’s collection is a simplicity, naivety, colour-inspired and charming life-style brand. It is an Art for Children and for the Young at Heart!” website: www.ellaparry.com FB page: Ella Parry

Layla Mehdi Pour 5ftinf - Still Life Photography Still life photography inspired by flowers, colour, light, texture and everyday moments, as well as utilising vintage objects and contemporary ceramics. A simple cup of tea is often at the heart of the image, which is like a visual poem. info@philippastanton.com, www.etsy.com/shop/5ftinf www.5ftinf.blogspot.com, www.instagram.com/5ftinf www.philippastanton.com

Parris Wakefield Additions Add some zing to your home with these cushions bursting with colour, warmth and vitality. These unique patterns merge crisp transparencies that are painterly, graphic and bold. Also available as lampshades, fabric and wallpaper. Contact: sarah@parriswakefield.com www.parriswakefieldadditions.com

Hardman Dasein Woodwork Founded in 2010 Hardman Dasein Woodwork is situated in the heart Berlin. Owner Liam Hardman creates bespoke customised furniture, specialising in unique designs, using hardwood and metals and ships International. Web: HardmanDasein.etsy.com Email: HardmanDasein@gmail.com

Precious Beast Los Angeles artist Jackie Phillips approaches her pieces pattern first and color second, always in search of the perfect balance of whimsy and pop. Her acrylic paintings and hand painted home decor are currently brightening up spaces worldwide. Visit www.preciousbeast.com or write to preciousbeast@gmail.com for further information Booking
Contact: Jackie Phillips (preciousbeast@gmail.com Tel(310) 720-8150)

Our domestic space is surrounded by small objects we’re attached to, which are charming to us not only for their daily use, but also because their inner meaning. I like designing these daily routine objects, which give us the opportunity to live in an emotional, poetical and aesthetical space. This salt and pepper set, FëlFël, is my first product that is fun, easy to use and suitable for the visually impaired. The ergonomic ceramic rings were designed to be distinguished from one another by sight and touch Piazza Emanuele Filiberto 6, 10122, Turin, Italy www.LaylaMehdiPour.com Email. info@LaylaMehdiPour.com Tel. +39.329 38 54 665 Fax. +39. 011 57 90 115

Pierre Ospina Sculptor and Designer, Pierre Ospina’s latest creation is a new intake on a common object, the money box. Complete these objects with your own collection of coins and transform a raised capital into a very personal, conceptual and practical sculpture. Web:info@pierreospina.net www.pierreospina.net

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Urban Coco August Hot 100 Issue  

Our Leeds issue 10 has arrived and we introduce our #UCHot100 Beauty products along with our usual favourites!

Urban Coco August Hot 100 Issue  

Our Leeds issue 10 has arrived and we introduce our #UCHot100 Beauty products along with our usual favourites!