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DC is the partner for organisations working in Africa. EDC sets up the organisations business strategy and follows through

on the organisation’s vision as well as business strategy, structure and control mechanisms. These organisations require sound business principles in order for them to be accountable to their stakeholders.

Services offered by EDC EDC offers a variety of services that reflect its holistic approach to ensuring improved overall organisational performance. The service areas of EDC could be grouped into six categories, namely: • • • • • •

Setting Strategic Direction, Programme and Project Management, Policy-Oriented Research and Analysis, Capacity Building, Training and Knowledge Management, Coaching services. The Four Elements of Success

The benefit of partnering with EDC •

Setting Strategic Direction: EDC collaborates with organisations in their overall planning by articulating a clear vision as well as business strategy, structure and control mechanism, maintaining a view of both the short and long term.

Programme and Project Management: EDC sets up operating systems, procedures and technical capabilities, for successfully effecting business strategies and projects.

Policy-Oriented Research and Analysis: EDC acts as Think Tank by generating ideas and policy recommendations significant to African organisations by using affiliate researchers and academic institutions within and outside Africa to provide valuable insights. The EDC’s policy-orientated research and analysis function influences policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation to foster effective strategic management.

Capacity Building, Training and Knowledge Management: EDC uses customized Executive Development Programmes to develop leaders’ abilities to identify strategic issues, opportunities and risks, and to communicate the links between business strategy and goals.

Coaching services EDC provides the highest quality results-orientated coaching services. Our holistic approach to improved performance is reflected in the promotion of an unwavering commitment to core values and the highest standards of ethic and integrity, which we

believe underpins sustainable organisational success. EDC Coaching Services are grounded on the Principles of “Consciousness Coaching”. •

The Four Elements of Success The Four Elements of Success process is based on the natural elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. These four natural elements are used not only to explain the various human personalities but also for developing compatible teams. EDC shows how to build relations in the Four Elements of Success Team Communication Process and is equipped to use The Path Elements Profile System to diagnose, assess and coach teams.

The EDC Process: The main strategies or deliverables of EDC include: • Diagnosis based consulting, • Coaching, • Executive development programmes, • Facilitation (planning and facilitating retreats, seminars, training workshops, meetings; and focus groups), • Research (organisational research and development of customized management tools), • Customised training, mentoring and coaching interventions, • EDC Forum on Organisational Development, • EDC Roundtable Series.

Why should potential clients choose EDC? The CEO of EDC is Dr. Urbain D. Zadi who throughout his career has demonstrated a high sense of professionalism, combined with a high degree of technical competence. “ EDC builds on its proven (or world class) expertise and in-depth knowledge of Africa’s context and circumstances to serve African organisations and peoples to become the best they can be.” - Dr. Urbain D. Zadi

EDC’s mission: Empower, develop and support African organisations to improve performance, relevance and sustainability in Africa.

EDC’s vision: EDC is about the future of Africa: discovering potential of African organisations and enabling their visions and goals

EDC’s values: • • • • • • • • •

Integrity Respect Accountability Knowledge Sharing Trust Flexibility Adaptive Dynamic Honest bi-directional communications

Telephone| +2711- 666 4779 . Fax| +2711- 666 4607 website| . email| Physical Address| 128, 10th Street, Parkmore, Sandton 2196, South Africa Postal Address| P.O. Box 787104, Sandton 2146, South Africa

Company brochure  

Empowerment and Development Centre -EDC (Pty) Ltd, 128, 10th Street, Parkmore, Sandton 2196, South Africa

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