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OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIPS Are you receiving an outside scholarship or are you looking for more scholarships to apply for? Did you know there are outside scholarship deadlines that happen yearround, and not just from March through June? Search for outside scholarships at Our scholarship page is divided into seperate sections: 1. The first section, “Policy,” explains how outside scholarships are applied to a student’s financial aid. Outside Scholarships Policy The strength of the candidates who apply to the University often makes our applicants excellent candidates for outside scholarships. The amount of the outside scholarships received will reduce the workstudy and loan awards before reducing university needbased grants. The combination of outside awards and Rochester-packaged awards may not exceed a student’s institutional need or cost of attendance. 2. The second section, “Search Engines,” will assist you in searching for scholarships beyond the University. Many of these sites will request that you set up a profile, and will then notify you of scholarships that match your criteria. This will save you a lot of time. 3. The last two sections list scholarships that have deadlines for the current month and the next month. These companies have reached out to us seeking applicants from the University of Rochester.


FINANCIAL AID NEWS | University of Rochester | Summer 2017

When you receive notification of an outside scholarship, please send a copy of the letter to your financial aid counselor. Once we receive that letter, we will add it to your financial aid package and allow it to anticipate toward your bill. We may need to adjust your current financial aid package, but it will replace self-help first (work-study and student loans) and then need-based grants and University aid. It cannot be used to replace a part of your family contribution; it must be part of your financial aid package in accordance with federal regulations and University Policies. Once you receive the scholarship check, please send that to the Bursar’s Office at Bursar’s Office, PO Box 270037, 330 Meliora Hall, Rochester, NY 14627. For more information on outside scholarships, please review the Financial Aid Handbook on our website. If you have specific questions about your situation and scholarships you have received, please reach out to your financial aid counselor. COMING SOON: During Orientation and Meliora Weekend, we will be unveiling a new financial literacy program, which also has an awesome scholarship search tool! Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to our launch date.  

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Financial Aid News | Summer 2017  
Financial Aid News | Summer 2017