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AN INTRODUCTION TO THE HUMANITIES An education in literature, history, the arts, music, philosophy, religion, and classics—all part of the humanities at the University of Rochester—addresses a wish for a deeper knowledge about oneself and others. The humanities provide perspectives and skills essential for citizenship in a democratic society and a global world: critical thinking, empathy, compassion, and a sense of the human experience over time and across cultures. Rochester fosters a community of students and faculty who come together out of their shared interest in big questions: How have human beings made meaning? In what forms have we expressed our aspirations and anxieties? What beliefs and practices unite and divide us? Our team-based and interdisciplinary classes in the humanities equip you to write well and think broadly. We are committed to the transformative power of humanistic inquiry, and we hope you are, too. Joan Rubin Director, Humanities Center

At this point in your high school career, a lot is happening, and your interests are subject to change. They may even be all over the map. And that can be a great thing! This is merely a glimpse into the opportunities you have to define and embrace your Rochester experience. From day one, you create and explore your own curriculum. You’ll create clusters of courses outside your major, conduct collaborative research projects, and maybe even study abroad. By the time you start applying to schools, you might have discovered new areas of learning and experiences. If so, stay in touch with us. Let us know what you want to accomplish here.

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W H AT D O E S R E S E A R C H I N H U M A N I T I E S L O O K L I K E ? There is more to being a humanities student than sitting in class and writing papers. As one of the nation’s top-tier research universities, Rochester is an ideal place for undergraduate research. In fact, many students start research their first year. You can start an independent project with a faculty mentor or collaborate with faculty and peers. Pursue any field and any combination of fields and take advantage of our various galleries, libraries, and classrooms. Below is a list of humanities research and experiential learning resources accessible to all students:

• The Camelot Project

• Middle English Text Series

• Center for Jewish Studies

• Music Research Laboratory

• The Chaucer Bibliography Series

• Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center

• Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies

• Robin Hood Project

• Sage Art Center

• George Eastman Museum

• The Humanities Project and Center

• Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

• Humanities Research and Innovation Grant

• Visual Studies Workshop

• Institute for the Performing Arts

• Warner School of Education

• International Theatre Program

• William Blake Archive and Journal

• The Lazarus Project

• The Yards - Artist Residencies

“My experience with the Blake Archive has largely enriched my studies and I have learned a vast number of skills beyond what an English major may typically be exposed to. I have also worked closely with Professor London, who helped me with my honors thesis and pushed me to explore my interest in Victorian literature.” – Anna Alden

For more information on applying to Rochester, please visit: ENROLLMENT.ROCHESTER.EDU

INTERNSHIPS Rochester students secure internships with local and national companies, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. The benefits are limitless—professional networking, college credits, advancing technical skills, and in some instances, they’re paid opportunities. Rochester even has a career center with humanities-focused career counselors to help you focus your goals and find an internship that can help you get there. Below is a brief list of campus programs and local companies that offer internships:

• Art New York (NYC)

• Messenger Post Media

• European Arts Internship Program

• Open Letter Books

• Garth Fagan Dance Company

• Rochester Broadway Theater League

• GEVA Theater

• University of Rochester Press

• International Theatre Program

• WXXI National Public Radio

The Gwen M. Greene Center for Career Education and Connections

E V E N T S A N D F E S T I VA L S • Golin Film Festival


• International Jazz Festival

• BOA Editions, Ltd.

• One-Act Student Play Festival

• Dryden Theater

• Plutzik Reading Series

• The Little Theater

• Rochester Fringe Festival

• Open Letter Books • Rochester Broadway Theatre League

For more information on applying to Rochester, please visit: ENROLLMENT.ROCHESTER.EDU

S T U D Y A B R O A D O P P O RT U N I T I E S Students in the humanities are perfect candidates for study abroad opportunities. Explore non-US languages, arts, religions, literatures, and cultures. Whether you are interested in studying abroad as part of your humanities program or simply because you really want to explore a specific corner of the world, Rochester offers humanities study abroad programs in countries all over the world. Recommended countries for select majors include:

• Art & Art History: Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Italy

• Dance and Movement: Argentina, Ghana, Israel

• English: Denmark, England, United Arab Emirates

• Modern Languages & Cultures: Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Peru,

Poland, Russia, Spain

• Music: Austria, Ghana, Italy, Netherlands

• Philosophy: Ireland, United Kingdom

• Religion & Classics: Greece, Israel, Italy, Poland, UK

• Theater: England, Ireland

Rochester also offers the Arezzo Program in Italy for students who wish to spend a semester studying abroad in one of the most attractive cities in central Italy. First year students can even apply. Learn more at “My experiences working with students in the Rochester City School District have shown me how crucial the humanities are to young students, especially to those who belong to historically marginalized groups. The humanities are a means for these groups to make their voices heard. My humanities education has made me a hardworking, well-organized, professional, and ambitious student.” – Michael Hogan

AFTER ROCHESTER Rochester graduates in the humanities go on to be leaders and forward thinkers in their fields, setting an example for their peers as creative problem solvers who make the world better. Humanities students make excellent candidates for a wide variety of careers. Employers seek out potential employees with skills in critical thinking and problem solving, oral and writing communications, teamwork and collaboration, digital technology, leadership, professionalism and work ethic, career management, and global and intercultural fluency. These are all strengths that a Rochester humanities curriculum fosters.

HU M ANI TI E S A R E A S O F S T U D Y * African & African-American Studies American Sign Language American Studies Arabic Archaeology, Technology & Historical Structures Art History Bioethics British & American Literature Chinese Classical Civilization Classics Comparative Literature Creative Expression & Performance Creative Writing Dance Dance Studies Digital Media Studies East Asian Studies English English Literature Ethics Film & Media Studies French Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies German

Greek Hebrew Interdepartmental Studies Italian Japanese Jewish Studies Journalism Language, Media & Communication Latin Literary Translation Studies Medieval & Early Modern Studies Movement Studies Music Music & Linguistics Music Cognition Philosophy Religion Russian Russian Studies Spanish Stage Management Studio Arts Sustainability Theater Writing Studies

*Includes majors, minors, concentrations, and certificates for undergraduates in Arts, Sciences and Engineering.

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Your personal choice and curiosity will determine your future.


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