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Student Organization Budget and Appropriations Committee (SOBAC) Funding Guidelines

FUNDING ELIGIBILITY To be eligible to request funds from SOBAC, an organization must: 1 1. Be a recognized student organization ; 2. Have more than fifty percent undergraduate student membership; 3. Be open to all students. Organizations that limit membership based on an application, tryout, or similar process, must be open for all students to audition or apply. 4. Select and transition new officers by the start of SOBAC hearings; and 5. Attend a SOBAC information session. Please note that new organizations or organizations which have not received funding can receive a maximum of $1500.



Club Sports Team Greek organization, both social and service Honor Societies Organizations that are exclusive in membership based on race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or any other factor stated in the University’s discrimination policy. Single gender organizations can be funded as long as equal opportunity exists for the both genders to participate in similar organizations. Revised: March 2012


SOBAC Info Session (April 1, 3, 7); must attend an info session to apply

Submit SOBAC Application Form to (deadline: April 10 at 11:59pm) Attend Budget Hearing (April 13, 15, 16) - sign-ups available online Sun. April 8 at noon RCSGA/WCGA host Joint Meeting to Approve SOBAC Budgets (April 18)

Organizations Notified of Allocation (no later than May 1) Money Distributed to Student Orgs (Summer 2012) Treasurer attends Treasurer Training before spending money (Fall 2012)

FUNDABLE EXPENSES Operating Expenses Operating Expenses are the costs necessary to promote the organization and maintain the basic functioning of meetings. Basic Supplies Basic Advertising Copying / Printing Salaries •SOBAC funds may be used to pay salaries if the payee devotes at least 8 hours per week to the organization. SOBAC funds can only be used to pay up to $500 per individual per semester. Other Expenses •All other expenses that fit the definition of “Operating Expenses” will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

On Campus Programs and Event Expenses On Campus Programs are organization-sponsored events or activities that take place on campus or locally. In order to qualify for funding, On Campus Programs must meet the following criteria: 1. Must be open to all members of the University of Richmond community, or be a practice or rehearsal for a performance group 2. Must be held on campus or transportation must be provided to the local event st 3. Must occur between August 1 and the last day of exams. 4. Must not be a regularly occuring meeting. Program Materials Publicity Expenses Engagement Fees •Payments for speakers, performers, coaches, security or other individuals or groups hired to participate in an event. Contracts must be approved by Student Activities four weeks in advance of the event. If these individuals or groups require travel, the following expenses will be considered: transportation, meals and lodging. Venue Fees •Rental fees and service fees associated with use of a venue on campus. The applicant will specify the venue being sought. The on-campus venues that may charge fees include Alice Jepson Theater, Camp Concert Hall, Robins Center and the Jepson Alumni Center. Food •Organization banquets or team building activities that require food will be considered for funding, but the organization must request the funding as part of an “On Campus Program.” •Please note: food will not be funded for regularly occuring meetings of the organization.

Organizational Travel Travel Events are organization-sponsored events or activities that take place off campus and require travel. In order to qualify for funding, Travel must meet the following criteria: 1. Must benefit or promote the University of Richmond, and/or benefit the students of the university 2. Must occur between August 1st and the last day of classes. Transportation Lodging Registration Fees

Durable Goods Durable goods include any equipment that can be used repeatedly and inventoried for a period of at least 2 years.

Publication Expenses The committee will consider funding publications that are made available to the entire University of Richmond community. In order to qualify for funding, the applicant must: 1. Provide the committee with an outline of the publication; and 2. Provide the committee with a brief written statement of purpose for the publication. Production Expenses •Contractual fees, printing, etc. Distribution Expenses •Expenses related to on campus distribution or sale of the publication. Any revenues resulting from the publication need to be deposited into the on campus account.

ABOUT SOBAC The Student Organization Budget and Appropriations Committee process is a joint initiative between the Richmond College Student Government Association (RCSGA) and the Westhampton College Government Association (WCGA) designed to “fairly allocate funds to University-wide recognized organizations on an annual basis and to review the use of these funds in order to maximize the quality of student life. The committee is comprised of 10 members and an advisor including:  5 members of RCSGA o RCSGA President o RCSGA Vice President of Finance o 3 members of the RCSGA Finance Committee  5 members of WCGA o WCGA President o WCGA Treasurer o 3 members of the WCGA Finance Committee  Assistant Director of Student Activities for Student Organizations and Leadership Development (advisor, non-voting member) FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT SOBAC@RICHMOND.EDU

2012-13 SOBAC Guidelines  
2012-13 SOBAC Guidelines  

funding and spending guidelines for student organizations at the University of Richmond