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a brief word from michael.

Cox Rayner Architects is now in our fifteenth year (we think) of sponsoring the UQ Architecture Graduate Exhibition – this year entitled CROP’15, and the Cox Rayner-Peter Hale Prize. The prize of course includes an offer of employment to the top UQ graduate. This has been of incredible benefit to our practice over the years, with graduates like Casey Vallance, Christina Cho, Jack Dodgson and Amy Learmonth being critical to our design evolution. Casey became a director five years ago and is one of our main design leaders. He was the project architect for the University of Queensland Oral Health Centre at Herston which won a World Architecture Festival Award last week. The UQ exhibition is the culmination we know of much hard work and inspired learning from your university years. For many of you, it precedes life in the ‘real world’ where supposedly the design freedom you have enjoyed will cease. In truth, that isn’t the case. I think never has the world wanted more for new ways of imagining typologies and experiences as now. I hope you all find a path or practice in architecture which allows your design thinking to be nourished and to flourish.

michael rayner AM

Director, Cox-Rayner Architects Adjunct Professor in Architecture, University of Queensland

creating the future.

This year’s graduating students debut the results of recent changes we made to the design curriculum in the Master of Architecture at UQ. We have instituted eight new courses from which students need to successfully complete four to fulfil the requirements of design studies in the degree. The courses can be done in any order and each studio group comprises students in their first and second years of the M. Arch. The eight courses have different content as well different approaches and modalities. They are sufficiently directed so as to ensure students become familiar with a range of typologies and scales over the course of their studies. Courses are broad enough, though, to encourage studio leaders to give each a distinct inflection, responsive to current developments and issues. In the course, Architecture and Commerce, for example, led by Andrew Steen, students in the first semester iteration tackled a mixed-use site amongst car yards on the Moorooka Mile, while in the second semester, a different group of students under John de Manincor, with the same focus on commercial development created alternative proposals for the controversial Queens Wharf site. Students enrolled in Institutions and Ideologies with Elizabeth Musgrave designed a cultural centre for Maryborough in first semester, while those in the second semester with Naomi Stead imagined new premises for the UQ School of Architecture. (I’d sure love to see us move into one of these proposals). The new mode allows us the flexibility to work on real sites with real clients, as seen in the UQ Rail project for Roma Street Station in the Adaptive Capacities course, taught by Susan Holden and Emily Juckes. It also opens the curriculum to sites offshore including, this year, sites in Hong Kong, Macquarie Island, Tokyo and Pyongyang. Under the Utopian Urbanism course, led by Jinhee Park and John Hong of Slow Speed Design (Boston and Seoul), the students envisioned projects for a post-regime Pyongyang. In this context, without even access to google maps, their understanding of the city and its culture came from intense research and speculation, whereas for the Tokyo Masterclass with Brit Andresen the students spent two weeks, walking, touching, tasting and and feeling the city. Nevertheless, experience gained were those of ‘gaijin’ and produced a different kind of alertness to cultural context than if they were working in, and on, places in their hometowns.

While each design studio had its own specific objectives the ambition of the new structure is not simply to give students choice and novelty. It recognizes that our graduates are likely to work in diverse contexts, known to them in different and often highly mediated ways. Many Australian practices now earn a significant proportion of their revenue from exporting design services. In a speech to the Australia-China Business Forum on the 6th of August 2015, Malcolm Turnbull, then Minister for Communications, stated, “An area of growing success (in the export of services to China) is architecture and urban planning. Australian firms have capitalised on China’s rapid urbanisation, with over 80 Australian architectural studios currently active in China. A further 220 Australian firms have won work in China in recent years, with 1000 Australian architects employed across residential, commercial, tourism and leisure and sporting facility projects.” Architectural practices with offices in Queensland are leaders in exporting architecture. Thomson Adsett, Populous, Woods Bagot, Hassell, Cox Rayner, Marchese, Richard Kirk all have one or more offices in Asia. Even if our graduates go on to be based locally they will, inevitably, work globally. Their knowledge of architecture will come from the constant and immediate broadcasting of buildings from around the world. In this new condition of practice, architects need to be able to carry out extensive research on sites they may not have the opportunity to visit, with clients with whom they may not share a common language, let alone a common architectural language. They need to be able to distinguish between the photogenic and the operative. They will need to understand the effects of what they do and the limits of their agency as they negotiate the complex and often compromising demands of practice. We aim to prepare them for this future. We believe our graduates demonstrate the capacity to make a better world in their work and congratulate them on their hard work.

prof. sandra kaji-o’grady

Dean and Head of School of Architecture University of Queensland

a common achievement.

Nearly every day at least two of us students turn up to studio wearing exactly the same outfit. There’s matching shirts, matching pants and matching shoes. Our wardrobe faux pas over the past two years have been documented in the ‘Hive Mind’, one of our collective groups on social media. The Hive Mind has demonstrated not only our impeccable fashion taste as students, but something more deeply in common – our shared commitment to the study of architecture The collegiate spirit of the UQ Architecture studios is what makes our school unique. From late night dinners on the studio terrace before the impending doom of a deadline, to post-critique parties with too much glitter, we as a cohort have supported each other during the rollercoaster ride that is architecture school. We have, of course had a little help from our teachers. The commitment of the faculty and support staff, as well as our friends in the library and the ever-competent workshop staff have meant that our ideas have been challenged, our presentations pushed further which have in all prepared us (hopefully) for fruitful careers as future architects. The changes in the school have helped this too. The new vertical studios introduced have increased the already strong bonds between fourth and fifth year. We’ve enjoyed great new facilities in the workshop. Guest academics have invited us to design in places we’ve never dreamt of. I would have never thought I’d be printing 3-d models of buildings in Pyongyang at 2am one night. Our cohort has produced an impressive amount of work over the past two years. We’ve learnt just as much from each other than from our teachers (but thanks all the same). Most importantly, we’ve made friendships and connections that will extend far beyond our time in the Zelman Cowen building.

samuel bowstead

Master of Architecture Graduate James Davidson Architects

renee bourke

samuel bowstead

leena bremer

natalie byrne

raymond chan













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Flexible Activity

Digital Art

jacky chan

chon weng cheang

harry chik

ashlee chimes

wayne ching

dino dermedgoglou

jesse du plessis

john ellway

sean evangelista

matthew farr

joe feng

jeremy field


lusion after a series of prototyping and modelling we at a structural system that resulted in the following he form as a functional installation we perceive it to be an folly, a resting and contemplation space. The folly

Exploded Axonometric Structural components of the new block

West Elevation

From Staffhouse Road looking east with AEB to the South

South Elevation

From Jocks Road looking through the ally to Staffhouse road

East Elevation

From the lake looking east with the AEB to the south and amphitheater to the north

North Elevation

From Staffhuse Road and the amphitheater looking south to the AEB and lakes

ranga fonseka

tyler gwyther

lauren harris

quoc anh ho

lloyd jones

hayley kastelein

adrian lau

marcus leask

paige lee

sarah lewandowski

merrick man

john martin

anderson matthews

lyle mitrovich

nor azmida mohamad

afifah mohd nor rizan

sian murphy

kate nielsen

thienvan nguyen

claire patterson

daniel pringle

nadiya rahmah

mitchell sahl

callum senjov

ka meng sou

isabelle van dijk

annalise varghese

christopher ward

william wyer

eric yau


We were fortunate We were to fortunate recieve ato broad recieve spectrum a broadofspectrum sponsorship of sponsorship for the eventforfrom the the event profession. from the We areprofession. particularlyWe grateful are particularly for the continuing gratefulsupport for the continuing of our major support sponsor of our Coxmajor Rayner sponsor along with The CoxEdge; Rayner Thealong Queensland with TheGovernment; Edge; The Queensland Visy; Cottee Government; Parker; Hames Visy;Sharley; Cottee Loucas Parker; Zahos; Hames Shaun Lockyer Sharley;Architects; Loucas Zahos; Woods Shaun Bagot; Lockyer Arkhefield; Architects; BrandWoods + SlaterBagot; Architects; Arkhefield; Ellivo Brand + Architects; Slater Architects; Graphisoft; Ellivom3 Architects; architecture; Graphisoft; Rothe m3 Lowman architecture; and Vokes Rothe andLowman Peters. and Vokes and Peters. We are particularly grateful to our HoS Dr. Sandra Kaji-O’Grady and Fiona McAlpine, Engagement We are and particularly Communications grateful to Officer our HoS for championing Dr. Sandra Kaji-O’Grady the event through and Fiona theirMcAlpine, drive and resourcefulness; Engagement and along Communications with all our colleagues Officer forincluding championing the Workshop the eventand through Admin their staff drive for and resourcefulness; along with all our colleagues including supporting the Workshop this years’ and Admin event. staff for supporting this years’ event. This year, the exhibition was curated by a small team comprised of staff, Douglas Neale and This year, the exhibition was curated by a small team Pedro comprised Guedesofwith staff, Master Douglas students, Neale and Pedro Guedes with Master students, (LIST TO BE PROVIDED), with the additional help of Samuel Bowstead andAnna PaigeByrne Lee. Natalie Charisa Yan-Yan Chan Bram Robert Chapman Wayne Tsun Yin Ching Dino Dermedgoglou Taylor Maree Folker Jingwen Guan Melissa Yeeting Lee Kevin Luu Poorvi Mehrotra Giulia Scotti Yi-Lu Wu Max Yin Ruixue Zhang with the additional help of Samuel Bowstead and Paige Lee.

For their continuing support ourtostudents we would to For their continuing academic support of our academic students we wouldoflike acknowledge and like thank acknowledge and thank the following: Studio Leaders Amelia Hine Andrew Steen Dirk Yates Emily Juckes Emma James Jerome Frumar Joanne Case John Price Jonathan Kopinski Kim Baber Lynn Wang Mark Hiley Martin Bignell Nicholas Skepper Paul Hotston Tom Lenigas Zuzana Kovar

Visiting Critics: LIST TO BE & PROVIDED Leacturing & Teaching Leacturing Teaching Anna-Liv O’Gorman Louisa Gee Annie McCabe Luis Critics: Sidonio LIST TO BEMara PROVIDED Ashneel Maharaj Francis Brant Tate Marcus Leask External Studio Leaders: Cecilia Bischeri Matthew Mitchell LIST TO BE PROVIDED Charles Rowe Megan Tough Charlotte Neilson Melinda Morrison assistants: Charmaine and Ilaiuour sessional teaching Michael Barnett LIST TO BE PROVIDED Cong Guo Michelle Moore Elliot Harvie Munju Takalkar Gerry Murtagh Nicholas Russell Gillian Matthewson Paolo Denti Grace Egstorf Paul Matthew Isabel Narvaez Ray Maher Jeff Bradley Reece Neumann Jessica Spressor Rick Hill Josh Spillane Rob Farago Kahn Neil Ron Blackwell Karl Eckermann Ross Summergreene Katherine Gifford Russon John Katie Hawgood Sam Charles-Ginn Kirsty Chessher-Brown Sam Taylor Laura McConaghy Shaneen Fantin Laura Patterson Stephen Chandler Samuel Bowstead & PaigeStephen Lee (Editors) Lisa Kuiri Long Liza Neil Tim Bennetton

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Samuel Bowstead & Paige Lee (Editors)


The University of Queensland's 2015 portfolio of graduating student work from the School of Architecture.