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Freetime is Adventure Time! insert Jonah’s staff pic

by: Jonah Cabiles

“Adventure- (noun) an exciting or remarkable experience” dictionary/adventure Top: The Greek Corner Bottom: Will Paul playing music during freetime

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Forty-five minutes is all UB-ers need to make the day memorable. During the Upward Bound summer program students have 45-minutes of free time after a hard day’s studying at Windward Community College. The rest of the day is blocked out to create the perfect balance between fun and learning. Whether it be sleeping or exploring the area surrounding our dorms located at UH Manoa, everyone uses this time of personal freedom to indulge in what makes him or her happiest. On any particular day students use free time efficiently. Hokulani Myers, a junior from Castle High uses the opportunity for a nap. After a long day of studying or a long field trip naps become super enticing. While naps are Hoku’s forte, Lahela Maxwell a junior from Kalaheo High uses this time to do laundry, and meet the charming waiter at

The Greek Corner, for some delicious baklava. The RA’s also use this time to relax and prepare for the long day ahead; they do this by playing cards or watching the exciting conclusion of Miss Hawaii pageant. Other students like Corbett Sonoda and Jhoana Delos-Reyes, sophomores from Kailua High use their free time for a few games of tennis at the nearby tennis court. Jhonah Felipe and Christopher Campos play competitive board games like Chess and Checkers. These adventures although small are what keep life in the dorms bearable. Yes, this free time is adventure time, the only time of the day that is uncharted, completely open, full of mysteries and possibilities. In a world where everything is timed and scheduled, the freedom that free time allows both residential advisors and students to relax, have fun, and start adventures.

Dorming Delights: Hobby Club Spotlight insert will’s pic here

by: Will Paul Now that students have moved in hobby clubs are in full swing. There are five hobby clubs each led by UB’s resident advisors. This week’s spotlight is on the Fitness and Arts and Crafts. How many of you would like to get fit, stay active, be healthy and have some fun all at the same time? If so, Fitness Club is the one for you! During this club, students will get acquainted with UH Manoa campus while exercising! Students will jog, hike around Manoa, and play games like Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, soccer and football.

Fitness club led by RA Kaulana after a competitive game of volleyball.

RA Sunja will be teaching UBers how to be in-touch with their creative side. In Craft Club, students learn how to make friendship bracelets, the basics of knitting, origami, leis, decoupages, lanyards, tie-dyeing, and scrapbooking. Sunja hopes students will learn new skills in crafting and be able to bond while moving their hands. She stated, “the activity that I am looking forward to the most would be tie-dyeing and making scrapbooks because it will be a good way to retain their memories of Upward Bound.” --Good idea Sunja and looking forward to see how these things turn out. Coming next issue will be the last segment of hobby club previews. Tune in for Don’s Dance Club and Maribell’s Sumptuous Survival.

Arts and Crafts hobby club making ribbon leis with their school colors.

On to New and Exciting Things: RAs and students discuss sacrifices and transitions to be made

by: Kawailani Manaba

“My first year of college was intense and exciting, the curriculum was rigorous, and I had to be completely responsible for myself.” -Maribell Pabalan, RA Upward Bound students were chosen for this program because of their desire to excel academically and to take on the next step in their educational careers. The process of college admission is intimidating, and as high school students we have enough to worry about. Being an Upward Bound student is a big deal. With a summer course load in addition to living in the dorms there are a lot of adjustments students have to go through. I had the honor of asking the students, and residential advisors (RAs) a few questions about the transition from a high school student to a college student. KM: How were you able to pay for college? Don Vallejo, RA and college senior: [I used] financial aid and scholarships, work, and grad money [to pay for my schooling]. KM: What was it like your first year and how did you prepare for it? Sunja Kim, RA and college senior: My first year was a brand new experience I wasn’t ready for it and I didn’t do as well as I thought. Maribell Pabalan, RA and UH alumni: Before my first year, I went through the typical college admissions

procedures: SATs, applications and hustling for scholarships—tons of scholarships because I didn’t want to place a burden on my parents knowing that they won’t be able to afford my tuition on a typical immigrant’s salary. My first year of college was intense and exciting, the curriculum was rigorous, and I had to be completely responsible for myself. I was glad to know that there were tons of organizations on campus willing to help me whether it was for free printing, volunteer work, or access to educational and recreational sources. On adjusting to their new summer schedule, first year Upward Bound students Kapono Wood and Shogo Wada gave their input. KM: When you first applied, were you ready to give up your summer? Kapono Wood: No, because I could have worked and slept. Shogo Wada: Yes, I wanted to study and give up sleep. Past the midway point into the program, UB-ers continue to push through their college prep courses and live together at UH Manoa. In the process, each student returnees and new students all gradually prepare for the big leap [college] coming up ahead.

Field Trip of the Week: A Quest for Adventure at Kualoa Beach Park by: Kawailani Manaba On a quest to seek new and exciting things, Upward Bound went to Kualoa Beach Park and got to be one with the ocean on June 27, 2012. It was adventurous and surely tiring because when students got back, most did not want to do anything but shower and sleep. Together as a family UB paddled out to Kaneohe sandbar, played the Hawaiian version of dodge ball, made little boats out of coconut husks and leaves, and got a firsthand tour of the beautiful Hokule‘a herself. With the bright sun and the beautiful landscape, the group was ready for a day to remember (that is exactly what we got plus a couple of shades darker). For many of the UB students this experience was truly a blessing fulfilled with adventure. The Hokule‘a currently calls Hakipu‘u home and within the next year will set sail on a worldwide voyage expected to take about 4 years. While many students appreciated the opportunity to be in the presence of the Hokule‘a, for Ki’ini Kaio-Perez a sophomore from Kailua High School connected with the fieldtrip on a deeper level. Perez hopes to set sail on Hokule‘a one day as a crewmember and to look back at this experience as her steppingstone. “[I am} grateful for this experience because not many people have had the opportunity like me to be on the Hokule’a and to learn about her. With the knowledge I have learned today I would like to pass it on to my own kids and their children can pass it on so that Hokule’a will always be remembered,“ said Kaio-Perez.

Students of the Week A standing ovation to UB’s students of the week for demonstrating positive attitudes, can-do spirit and championing an altruistic demeanor.

Jhoana Delos-Reyes

Jhoana is a model student demonstrating excellence in all suites. She demonstrates her leadership abilities in Aloha Committee and willingly helps those that she can. Jhoana works diligently to complete her assignments with quality as well as participates with enthusiasm in Upward Bound’s acitivities.

Jonah Cabiles

Just as common sense is not exactly common, initiative is also rare trait innately found in amongst high schoolers. Jonah breaches past his peers when it comes to initiative and strength of character. The staff appreciates his efforts in being the first to be up to help set up for breakfast daily.

If you had a super power, what would it be? “I would like to be a mega mind, so I could get finished with all my homework before study time.” - Kayla Malott If your life was a song title, what would it be? “Lonely.” - Saysha Santos

What was the most expensive gift you ever received? “A laptop from my parents.” - Corbett Sonoda

Questions of the week: by: Choryn Beall

Have you ever been on TV, and what for? “I was on NBC news for an informative video for my teacher.” - Christopher Campos

Do you like to sing karaoke? “Yes, my favorite song to sing is ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA” - Jhoana Delos-Reyes

UB Weekly Summer 2012 Issue 4  
UB Weekly Summer 2012 Issue 4  

Upward Bound (UB) is a federally-funded program which helps high school students prepare for college. Celebrating it's 12th year, UB Windwar...