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hen you hear the word PTO, it may often give the impression of a group of moms buzzing around selling chocolates and wrapping paper. We wanted it to be different.

We wanted to form a strong community organization which creates and operates enriching projects that offer core values and important tools to our children. I am thrilled to say that our goal

towards this end has been met and continues to do so with every new project and event on our agenda. The words that we placed in front of our eyes this year are TOGETHER, ‫ביחד‬, JUNTOS! In our school, there is a special flavor, a special feeling, when you enter the doors, you can’t miss it. It’s the sense of togetherness. Lion’s Roar, the title of this magazine you hold in your hand today, started way before the school year began. First, as an idea that slowly began to take form; it was fascinating to see all the subsequent stages. Ms. Vera took the responsibility of forming the Journalism Club. She overwhelmed us with her skills, passion and dedication. We didn’t know what to expect from the children. Would they be interested? All our doubts were dissolved the moment we saw a group of 50 children waiting to join the club. Overnight, our students became editors, writers, photographers & animators. Our parents, on the other end of this endeavor, got a crash course in marketing and were sent to sell ads for a magazine that did not exist, which has not been seen or proven before. Not an easy task, but one they met nonetheless. I am inviting you to visit and support all these great businesses that believe in this magazine and placed an ad as an act of support. The love we received from parents who were happy to work together was truly unique. They helped sell ads, place greetings, translate, type, proof and support the Journalism Club with immense dedication. Lastly, we can’t speak about Lion’s Roar without telling you about the man that made it possible, who worked hundreds of hours behind the scenes with natural modesty and quiet confidence. Ben Gamla PTO is blessed and grateful to have Arwen and Omri’s father with us. There is no doubt you will enjoy his unique art and wonderful designs in these beautiful pages of our new magazine. For our children, we just want you to know… that this is all just for you! Nothing would have happened with out you! With great pride and love,

Orit Beilis 1 ‫שאגת האריות | מהדורה מספר‬



Wow, it’s been a fantastic journey writing this magazine. I have not only grown as a writer, but also as a leader. Choosing to be an editor has been one of my greatest decisions so far this year. Some of you might be asking what the position of an Editor is. The Editor is the leader of the magazine, and must make sure all the writers are doing their jobs. Not only that, but we must review and finalize the final product, the magazine. As the editor, all my expectations I had were met and surpassed. Our writers are excellent. It was such a great pleasure working with them. Thank you so much; your work is extremely appreciated. Without you, our magazine would have never been done, or be as great as it is. As many of you know, this is the first year Ben Gamla has created a full colored, and professional magazine, and I have been enjoying every single moment of it. This magazine was made for all readers. We have a little bit for everyone. From all the events happening in Hollywood, to information about our school and excellent staff, and just about everything in between, it’s a complete magazine. I don’t want to tell you everything in it, so it will be a surprise! This edition focuses on Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday when we dedicate a little of our time


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

to give thanks for what we have, and be giving to others that don’t have the same opportunities as we do. During the Thanksgiving season, we should all realize not to take the things we have for granted, and sometimes complain about the most unimportant things, because a lot of people are struggling and do not have the same benefits as we do. To me, not only is Thanksgiving a time of giving and thanking, but also time to spend with our families. In my family, every year we have a Thanksgiving dinner just like the Pilgrims did, but a week before we all must think of one good or ‘giving” deed that we have to do during that week, and when the dinner comes we all share our good deeds we did that week. The objective is to learn how one person, little by little, can help many people in need. I hope you all enjoy our magazine, and learn to value the things in life, and not just worry about the material things. Appreciate health, family, and love. I hope each and every single one of you enjoy our magazine, and I hope our hard work and dedication to this magazine will show to you, the readers. We wanted to make this magazine the best it could possibly be.

I can't believe our first issue is already being published!

It's crazy how fast this whole thing has gone! I'm so grateful for how well everything has progressed! Speaking of being grateful, this issue's theme is giving; to go along with the upcoming holiday, Thanksgiving. On most days, people take what they have for granted and forget that not everyone has what they do. But on Thanksgiving, you really sit down and appreciate what you have. I, personally, love Thanksgiving. I absolutely adore Thanksgiving because every year, my cousins come to town. It's really special when they come, because they live all the way in Chicago. When they come, we have a ton of fun! There's never a dull moment with them! For example, my fourteenyear-old cousin, Brandon, always tries to throw me into the pool. Whether I'm wearing a bathing suit or jeans, he makes it his personal mission to throw/push me into the pool. The first time, I was really mad. Now however, it's become kind of a tradition and it's more funny than annoying. I actually enjoy our little "Thanksgiving tradition" now. Everyone has something that makes his/her Thanksgiving special. I really hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy the magazine as much as I enjoyed editing! All My Love,


Elias Rosenfeld Editor

Rajeli Wolcoff Editor

FROM THE PRINCIPALS DESK Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members:


s your Principal, this is an exhilarating experience to be a part of a professional magazine showcasing the wonder and magic that happens every day at Ben Gamla Charter School in Hollywood. I am thrilled to say the least. I hope that you will peruse the publication with thoughtful reflection and recognize the tremendous effort this endeavor took. It could not and would not happen without community! Our school continues to boast academic success. Still, it is the community spirit that our students exemplify that have me sharing with you now. This year alone, our students honored Mrs. Arrow’s mother and planned a “Think Pink Day” to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer. Our entire school dressed in pink for the day and the American Cancer Society received dress-down donations totalling a near $1000.00. Could better human kindness and spirit be found among young learners? Our Earth Club has been working diligently to help clean up the neighborhood with their tremendous recycling efforts. Again, BGCS is providing a learning experience for its students coupled with outreach to the community. These experiences will circle round and our community will recognize the wonderful things our students and parents are bringing to the area. Toward the end of October, I was honored to host Lindsey Ellenbogen, one of our Board Members. I am so proud to tell you that she was enamored with our school and the academic rigor she witnessed. More importantly, she had a glimpse of the character education we deem critical for our students. When perusing the bulletin boards, Mrs. Ellenbogen remarked, unsolicited, that the connections to community were evident in the classroom instruction throughout the building. This is something from which we all should take pride. Making connections to our community and world at large is entwined within our vision and mission statement. It is so rewarding to see the relevance ignited in our classrooms. As a result of her visit, Mrs. Ellenbogen will be generating an article dedicated to the wealth of what she witnessed and share it with the powers that be in the northeast. I am so pleased to report the remarks we received from the Superintendent of Broward County District Schools and the School Board representative, Ann Murray. On Monday, October 31st, they visited our school and spent time with me touring the building and classrooms following an informational discussion of our Student Progression and Professional Learning Communities. Both were very impressed with the weekly data our teachers unpack and submit to me each Friday. We received two compliments that each of us should inculcate and covet: the first came from the Superintendent who stated that our students are learning in a meaningful environment and that the teachers reflect purposeful learning. He said our students are not losing one second and that the authentic engagement was evident in each of the classrooms. School Board Representative Ann Murray paid us a grand compliment when she stated we may be the “Best kept secret in Broward County.” I am humbled by their kindness and remarks and I am so proud of all of our stakeholders. Our school is receiving the press it so deserves. Much of the success stems from the shared purpose between home and school. When we can share our gifts with the community, then we have met our mission. I hope that you are following our website. We continue to display the extensive opportunities our staff make possible for children each day. This past month our Parent Workshop featured renowned author, Jaylene Garau. She developed The Motivated Child. We had standing room only. Jaylene remarked innumerable times that our parent community was exceedingly warm and she hoped her little ones could attend a school with such a presence. We are most appreciative of Mrs. Garau’s visit and her expertise. Again, another connective piece of community. It is critical to support our community and to help by improving our own slice of community. This will not only enrich our students’ lives, it will also help to showcase the goodness that emanates from this school community. May we travel from strength to strength together. Warmest Regards,

Mrs. Miller 4

Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

LION’S ROAR ISSUE NO.1 NOV•2011 Journalism Club Editors

Elias Rosenfeld Rajel Wolcoff


Sharon Alfandary

Contest Coordinators Ethan Lieberman Yassmin Shabaan Orly Ozery Gabriela Goldstein Caitlin Adelman Joy James Maria Gomez

Article Writers

Yafit Gani Michael Heskiel Jacob Heskiel Michal de la Zerda Tal Yaron Shianne Salazar Jessical Bendayan Bailey Levy


Sarah Bassoff Adi Binyamin Mia Legum


Daniela Anidjar Sapeer Zvida Brigitta Pakler Alexander Yan Gabriel Lewin Michael Rogatinsky

A special thank you to:

Rebecca de la Zerda for informative workshops Chava Berkower for copy editing Nadia Malove Photography 786.258.3639

Special Enrollment Information


his magazine only gives a small sampling of the spectacular things our students do at Ben Gamla Charter School. Fortunately, we have openings in our Seventh and Eighth grades and are looking for students who want to attend a school that has high academic and behavioral standards and a caring faculty! In addition to Middle school, there are now a small number of seats available in a few of our Elementary classrooms. This is a special opportunity for students to become a part of, as School Board Member, Anne Murray, stated, “Ben Gamla is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets.” We have a strong, caring Middle School Team who is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. From hands-on Science experiments to creative projects; always focused on the Broward County curriculum and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, our students are given every opportunity to excel and find academic success. If you would like to learn more about our school, select one or both of the following: Please e-mail our Principal, Mrs. Miller at or contact the Main Office and speak with Sandy Casas. The number is 954-342-4064. Either of these ladies will happily assist you. Come join our extended family! We will welcome you and ease your transition. Please visit our website to see and learn about the wonder and joy inside this school.



W.I.S.E. Club By Michael Heskiel

Welcoming Incoming Students to Excellence The W.I.S.E. program was developed by the Middle School team to assist students new to Ben Gamla. They wanted to provide an opportunity for new students to feel welcomed and assisted in a new school. Each student is assigned a Peer Mentor who has been trained to help students with organization, study skills, and content area tutoring. To be a mentor, students must have a high grade point average, A/B+, in all classes and display mature behavior. I sat and observed the W.I.S.E. program headed by Mrs. Calixtro. While there, I heard Mrs. Calixtro say, “Organization is number one.” This, I thought, was very true and important and felt that the mentors should impress on the students. It also seemed that Mrs. Calixtro really works hard to keep the W.I.S.E. program functioning properly. Many of the mentors were helping students check their accounts. This shows how W.I.S.E. encourages new middle school students to keep up to date with their grades and assignments. It is really great that W.I.S.E. has all the equipment they need to help new students succeed at Ben Gamla. Mrs. Calixtro and her mentors work hard to help students reach their potential.


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

have just put out our first publication! The club was opened up to all Middle school students who were interested in creating a magazine. The jobs available were: editor, secretary, article writers, contest coordinators, photographers, and interviewers. Each students had to submit a sample of the job he/she was applying for. Their names were taken off of the entries and then students were chosen. It was a difficult decision and we had such a spectacular turn out at our interest meeting, and we have an incredible group of students who have been working diligently. As students worked on the magazine they learned interviewing skills, acquired knowledge in transferring an interview into an article, went through the entire writing process, including computer skills and layouts for publications, and went through the entire process of publishing a magazine. Although students were assigned to certain jobs, they have been flexible and have been learning and cultivating skills that many did not even know they had. I am very proud of our group and look forward to a successful year. By the end of this school year, we will have seasoned journalists! For all of you freelance writers and photographers in any grade, now that you see our magazine, if you would like to submit an article, drawing, or photograph for one of the sections of the next magazine, please bring them to Room 301. Ben Gamla Charter School is full of creative, talented students and we would love to include you! I do have to give a special thank you to Orit Beilis and the Ben Gamla P.T.O. for the incredible opportunity to work together and create this Work of Art! Peace, love, and happiness!

Mrs. Vera Journalism Club Sponsor


Read all about it! It’s been a great start for Ben Gamla’s Journalism Club. This is our first year and we


Extra! Extra!

Earth Club Written by Elias Rosenfeld, Editor

Saving the Earth One Scrap at a Time Earth Club is an extracurricular club for middle students in Seventh and Eighth grades. It encourages students to strive for an eco friendly life style. The members of this club create many different activities and contests for you, the students, to also enjoy an eco friendly environment. Earth club also motivates students to take part in the ecosystem that surrounds them by participating in activities outside regular school days. Not only is Earth Club an amazing way to thank our Earth, but it motivates students to take action and academic responsibility. In order to be a part of this spectacular club, all Earth Club members need to have an A or B average. In conclusion, Earth Club is an amazing organization that benefits not only our environment, but the people in it as well.

Yearbook Club By Joy James

Yearbook is a club that only includes eighth grade students. These eighth grade students must be very responsible, respectful, honest, and must have good behavior as well as good grades to be in the club. Each student in Yearbook club is assigned a grade level, and is responsible to cover any special event they are doing like a special activity as a class or as an entire grade level. The eighth graders in this club are responsible for attending every activity that their grade level is doing. Also in Yearbook, the eighth graders take pictures of the campus or students around the school. The importance of Yearbook is to capture the students “Lion” pride and show off a class’ true personality. With Yearbook club, it allows everyone to see all the events that occurred throughout the past year. Towards the end of the year, we put all of our pictures together and the end result is a beautiful yearbook full of memories of that year.

Safety Patrol Written by Orly Ozery

‘’Saying that I’m in Safety Patrol makes me proud, and I love protecting the school!’’ says Daniela Lewin, ‘’It’s my favorite part of the day.’’

Safety Patrol is the program in Ben Gamla that keeps our students safe. Kids are all around the building, warning people about safety. To learn more about Safety Patrol, I interviewed Daniela Lewin

and Elinoa De La Zerda, two amazing workers in Safety Patrol. Daniela says she applied because she saw some people in the school running down the stairs, and it made her anxious. To fix this, she applied to Safety Patrol! On the other hand, Elinoa says she applied because the job sounded like you needed to be responsible, that’s when she knew it was for her. Both of the girls said that one annoying part of Safety Patrol is getting up early in the morning to be there. But they both agreed that it’s better than having injured kids! ‘’I’m glad that I get to save and

protect the kids in our school! I would be so sad if something happened to one of my friends! And now I can make sure nothing does!’’ says Elinoa. Everyone in safety patrol is such a great worker. We hope most of them keep going on in life getting jobs protecting people. Daniela and Elinoa both want to go on and be policewomen when they’re older! ‘’I could totally see myself in the future being a police officer!’’ Daniela announced! Safety Patrol is an amazing program where kids can learn how to protect people and keep their school and even their environment safe!




First up on Celebrity News..... Selena Gomez looks like


she’s having a blast on the set of her upcoming video. The singer, who has already released two teasers for “Hit the Lights,” is finally letting fans go behind the scenes with her as she films. Selena has been seen toasting marshmallows by the campfire, hanging out in a cornfield and throwing one massive party! “This music video is definitely more organic than anything I’ve ever done before… This one is definitely about just being with the people that you love and enjoying the moment. Just kind of embracing the moment you’re in, in your life,” Selena said while on the “Hit The Lights” set. The music video is out now.


The top 10 most popular videos of 2011 are: 1. Cody Simpson “ Not Just You” 2. Beyonce “Countdown” 3. Cori B. “Do My Thang” 4. Beyonce “Love On Top” 5. Romeo Santos “Promise” 6. Adele “Someone Like You” 7. Cody Simpson “Not Just You (LIVE)” 8. MayDay Parade “Oh Well, Oh Well” 9. Adele “Someone Like You (LIVE) 10. Cody Simpson “On my Mind (LIVE)

By Yafit Gani

The Lion King.

I would recommend this movie for Kindergarten to third grade. It's a family movie that is touching. You watch as young Simba grows up to be the adventurous kind lion he is. He makes tough choices and is an interesting character to watch. I would rate this movie four stars. You could watch it in 2D or 3D. This movie is a sequel. I wouldn't rate it a five because it has a predictable plot line. Other than that it is perfect. The movie will seem real to you.


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1


Dolphin Tale

. This is suggested for fourth to fifth grade. It is an understandable movie that shows the struggle of the dolphin, Winter, as she tries to swim. This dolphin will make you ooh and ah at her cute personality. This movie is based on a true story. Winter even features herself in the movie. I would rate this movie four stars for the thought and effort it must have taken to make this movie. The downside to this movie is that it seems similar to other movies such as Free Willy. Winter will hold you in suspense on how she will get by.


is PG13. It's an action packed romance movie. It has fight scenes for the boys and romance for the girls, what could be better? A confused teen sets out into the world to find the truth about his life. It also includes a girl in his search to find himself. He goes through many obstacles to find out the truth. He was a very emotional character. It was fun to see him freak out. I would rate this five stars. This rating is based on the stunts and surprising plot. The intensity helps to draw the viewer in.



BUZZ... ON BOOKS. By Michal de la Zerda

Searching for a good book to read? Don’t worry; the Journalism Club has got you covered! Our list of age appropriate books has been selected for each age group. Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite book. Find out, and read one!


- 1st: I recommend One Fish, Two Fish, Red

Fish, Blue Fish, by Dr. Seuss. In this rhyming tale, Dr. Seuss shows you wonderful, albeit strange, creatures including Wumps, Nooks, Zanses, Goxes, Yinks, Zeds, Gacks, and many, many more! Colorful illustrations brighten up the story, and you will, guaranteed, be laughing with every page you turn.


nd - 3rd: Dingoes at Dinnertime by Mary

Pope Osborne is an educational and exciting story that brings you to the adventurous land of Australia. Siblings Jack and Annie are whisked away to that amazing place by the Magic Tree House. When they arrive there, they are not alone! The brother and sister must rescue a baby kangaroo and a koala from a forest fire. Will they be able to save the animals in time? Find out for yourself, and read one of the best books in one of the best series of all time; The Magic Tree House!


iddle School:

If you are scouting for a good thriller, then you should read The Face on the Milk Carton. When Janie sees her own face on a milk carton under the words “MISSING CHILD,” she starts to wonder about her perfect life. Could her loving parents possibly be evil kidnappers? As Janie investigates further into her mysterious past, she realizes that there might be more than one lie swirling around. Read this amazing novel by Caroline B. Cooney, and realize that not every child who is kidnapped necessarily leads a horrifying life. The horrifying part would be discovering that your happy life is supposed to be horrifying.

Taylor Swift

was nominated Billboard woman of the year. Adele was nominated for 4 American Music awards. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and The band Perry followed close behind with three nominations each. Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Jason Aldean, Kanye West, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj and Pitbull collected two nominations.



th - 5th:

An interesting plot for you to read would be Carl Hiaasen’s Flush. Noah’s father believes that the captain of a Casino Boat, Dusty, is dumping all the waste from his boat’s toilets into the ocean (GROSS!). Because of this, Noah’s father snuck out in the middle of the night and sunk the boat. He did not even try to get away. He just sat there until the police arrived. Now that he is in jail, he won’t let Noah’s mother bail him out. He asks Noah to help him “nail” Dusty. Now it is up to Noah and his sister, Abby, to find out if Dusty is actually doing this, and to put an end to it. Read their exciting and mysterious adventure to see if Noah’s father’s suspicions are true, or if it turns out to be just his wild imagination.

By Sharon Alfandary

Justin Bieber managed to

deck the halls and stack the decks when it came to collaborations for his November 1 holiday album, Under the Mistletoe, with everyone from Mariah Carey and Usher to Boyz II Men, the Band Perry - and even Busta Rhymes! - popping up on the record. And some of those collaborators are even behind the idea for Bieber making a Christmas album in the first place. 1 ‫שאגת האריות | מהדורה מספר‬



5th Grade Teacher Interviewed and Written by Elias Rosenfeld

“He who teaches others teaches himself.”

Ms. Lemos is a Fifth grade teacher, here at Ben Gamla. In my interview, I learned many new things about her that I would have never expected. First, Ms. Lemos told me that she has always wanted to be a teacher and has also taught other grades besides Fifth. She also taught Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth grade back in Jamaica in a school for only girls. She has taught one year in Jamaica and four years in America and it has been what she expected. Although she is a talented educator, she shared how she is still on the way to mastering the job and acknowledged how learning is teaching, and because of that she will always be seeking new things to learn to become a better teacher. Ms. Lemos comes from a family of teachers and she wants to continue the family tradition. As a child, her mother bought her a small chalkboard and she would teach her teddy bears, so since a child she has been teaching! She told me that she loves to teach Science because although she didn’t like it as a child, as she grew up, she developed a deep appreciation for it. She said she loves teaching for the emotional gratification, changing students’


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

lives, and continuous interaction with students even after they leave her class. As everyone knows, Fifth grade is an important year in every student’s life, as they are moving onto Middle school. Ms. Lemos is preparing her students for both F.C.A.T. exams and Middle School. She stated that she is doing everything imaginable to prepare them, from hands on activities to higher level thinking questions and everything in-between. She has spoken with Middle School teachers on what recent Fifth grade graduates were lacking to identify what she needs to focus on this year in order for her current students to find success in Middle school. The Smart Board has been the highlight of this year in Ms. Lemos’s class because it’s not only an amazing advancement to the class, but it helps build a relationship between the student and teacher. Why? She said it was because the students taught her how to use it and she taught the students, so it created an environment where both sides taught each other. Ms. Lemos is an amazing teacher with an interesting past and adds an amazing addition to the Ben Gamla faculty.

Mrs. O’Sullivan

2nd Grade Teacher By Sharon Alfandary

Ms. O’Sullivan always wanted to be an educator. In fact, she remembers teaching the neighborhood kids when she was younger. When asked about her current teaching position, she believes Second grade is a wonderful grade to teach. She stated, “I like that I can begin preparing them for the tough year that will follow. In the Third grade, it will be their first experience with the FCAT exam.” In all, she has been teaching for approximately three years. In addition to Second grade, she has also taught Kindergarten, First grade, Middle and High school as an interim substitute. These experiences prepared her for her first year as a classroom teacher here at Ben Gamla.

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

- Mother Teresa Ms. O’Sullivan has high expectations for her students. Her favorite subjects to teach are Science and Math because they are challenging subjects and she loves to help her students achieve. To prepare her students reach their potential, she follows the Broward County curriculum, differentiating instruction to meet the diverse needs of her students. When asked about a special classroom memory, Ms. O’Sullivan shared about a time when she asked a question and several students in the class were able to come up with a clear answer. This came with a new technique she learned called, “No opt-out”. This goes along with what she enjoys the most about being a teacher, “watching the faces of her students understanding the concept.” To conclude, Ms. O’Sullivan is a talented, special educator. We are very blessed to have her as a teacher here at Ben Gamla Charter School.

Mrs. Reeder

3rd Grade Teacher Interviewed and Written by Maria Gomez

Mrs. Reeder has always wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a little girl in 3rd and 4th grades. She loves teaching young students the most. She has been teaching kids for ten years now and really loves what she does. Mrs. Reeder expects her students to be honest and try their best everyday. Her favorite subjects to teach are Reading and History because “it’s cool to learn about ways of life” and “reading takes her to new places.” She has taught two year olds up to sixth grade. This awesome educator is preparing her students for FCAT by teaching them how to be detailed readers and to try their best and concentrate. She trys to make class fun as much as possible for her students and she enjoys everyday with her students. The thing Mrs. Reeder enjoys most about teaching is that she feels like she is making a difference in each of her students’ lives. Mrs. Reeder earned her Education degree at Queen’s College, in New York.

“ Be true to yourself and to others around you.”

Every person has that fantasy dream of what they want to be if their first option does not work out. Mrs. Reeder’s fantasy job was to be an astronaut. This was a chance for you to get to know one of Ben Gamla’s Spotlight teachers, a spectacular educator, Mrs. Reeder.

Ms. Hausdorff

First Grade Teacher By Elias Rosenfeld

“Every child is unique and wonderful” Ms. Hausdorff is a First grade teacher teaching at Ben Gamla Charter. She has taught Kindergarten most of her life. She has been teaching for over twenty years and loves working with younger students teaching them a variety of skills, such as reading. She also loves working with all different levels. In previous years, she has taught Pre K, First, and has been a Media Specialist in different schools in the United States. She explained that these positions have all been great and she has had no reason for changing, she just likes “going with the flow.” She knows how to teach her students to be prepared for the upcoming year because she knows the necessary skills needed for Second grade. Her favorite subject to teach is Math because her students are active and involved. She also knows different strategies and games to

make math fun and interesting and most importantly, a learning process. She also loves to be when her students understand and comprehend the material because she knows she made a difference and that she taught the material well. The highlight in her class this year was conducting the science experiment “sink and float” which consisted of the students putting different objects into a tank and predicting if it would sink or float. They checked their answers and proved or disproved their theories. Her favorite quote is “every child is unique and wonderful.” She explained as a teacher she has to remember that all students are different and have different learning processes and ways of comprehending material. She also said that the secret to being a fabulous teacher is to always get to know the students and learn their weaknesses and strengths. In conclusion, Mrs. Hausdorff is an amazing teacher and is a special part of the fabulous staff here at Ben Gamla Charter School.

1 ‫שאגת האריות | מהדורה מספר‬



Firefighters make a house call! By Jacob Heskiel & Jessica Bendayan Photographs by Daniela Anidjar


irefighters are very important and essential in our communities. They save many lives every day. Firefighters are very brave people and risk their lives to save others. They deal with putting out fires and rescuing people in danger. People look up to firefighters because of the things that they do to help our society. Kids of younger ages admire firefighters because of their heroic traits. Some actually want to be firefighters when they grow up. Firefighters promote wearing your seat belt whenever you’re in a car in case of an accident. They also say that if you’re in trouble, call 911 in case of an emergency. Never call 911 if you’re not in trouble, or you’re just being dared. You also really need to know your address in case of an emergency or in case the fire department needs to locate you. When the firefighters are on the way to rescue, you NEVER hide from them. They are there to help you. Also, if there is a situation where you can’t escape from any doors in your house, exit out the window. On Wednesday, October 19th, 2011,

we interviewed a firefighter that came to our school. The purpose of the visit was to educate the First Graders on the importance of safety. The firefighter we interviewed was Brittany Riddle. She was inspired to be a firefighter because her mom was one. She attended Broward College and worked hard to achieve her goal. Its amazing that she took the time to go through schooling in order to save lives. The message we received from her is that if you try your best, you will succeed in anything you want to do in life. In conclusion, our time spent with Brittany was an eye opener. We never knew firefighters had to go through so much schooling and so many obstacles. Clearly, firefighters are very brave people and really help people get out of sticky situations. We will, and always will admire them for what they do.



al Yaron would have to be the most cooperative person I’ve ever met. She is an amazing helper and person. She is so happy about everything she does, when she does it, before, and after! Tal and I, and our classmates were in PE a few weeks ago. Tal got on the team that her friends weren’t on. Unlike almost the rest of our class, Tal actually made everyone on that team think she was really happy to be there. She didn’t complain, she didn’t cry, she didn’t stop playing. She played happily with excitement and very well! In my opinion, this is a very good example of a leader and a cooperative person. Tal always has a smile on her face, and always, no matter what the subject is, makes someone laugh, or put a smile on everyone’s face. When someone’s having a bad day, and they just need a smile or a hug, Tal Yaron is definitely the person to go to. Tal is a great person, helper, and friend. I know how lucky and fortunate I am to have Tal as one of my friends.

Every month, students are recognized by their teachers for exhibiting special Character Traits. We thought it would be a nice idea to give students the opportunity to nominate each other. The traits we have discussed so far this school year are Responsibility and Cooperation. If you would like to nominate a friend for the next issue, make sure to submit it to Mrs. Vera, room 301.

Orly Ozery

Daniela Anidjar


would like to nominate Mrs. Zrihen for having special character traits. She is someone who has helped me in the three years that I have known her. It would be my pleasure to thank you for always being able to hear me when I need to talk to you about something. I also appreciate your patience and for showing me the passion you have for reading because if you wouldn’t have been my middle school reading teacher, I wouldn’t enjoy reading as much as I do now. I appreciate everything you do for us, especially making up some new ways for us to get better grades on the FCAT.


would like to nominate a friend for the character trait, responsibility. Once, at my house, I was looking at the clock and it was late so I brushed my teeth and went to sleep. The next day at school, I met a nice girl. We talked and played a lot. At the end of the day, my mom said she could come over and help me with my work. When she left, my mom thought she was so nice and said we can have a sleep over one day. The next day in the classroom, we had fun again. Thank you, Sharon, for being such a good friend and being responsible.

Brianna Lustgarten

STAYING HEALTHY Swimming By Jessica Bendayan


wimming is a sport that takes a lot of practice. I think swimming is very interesting because it is underwater. If I wanted to try out for a swim team, I would have to practice every day. Swimming is also a hard sport that many children don’t know how to do. If I were to go to a public pool, I would have to follow many rules. One rule I would have to follow is if I’m under the age of seven, I need an adult’s supervision. For example, if I didn’t know how to swim, and my parents left me alone to swim by myself, I would drown. Safety is the number one rule when going swimming. Another rule I would have to follow is no diving in the shallow area where the water is at a low level. If I were to dive in the shallow area, I would bump my head and possibly get a concussion. Therefore, there are rules and regulations for going swimming. Swimming is all about having fun and being active. Swimming is a great way to exercise your arms, legs, and stomach. I like swimming because in Florida, most of the days it is very hot and humid, so the pool freshens you up. Swimming is also a great way to hang out with my friends on a nice day. I go swimming very often to feel the water brushing through my hair. Basically, swimming is a great way to freshen up my day. In conclusion, swimming is a very fun sport. It is also very common in the Olympics. In the future, I wish to be on a swimming team and compete against other people. I really enjoy swimming and I hope you do to. When I swim, I also practice my strokes. The main stroke I use is freestyle, which is mainly using my hands and legs to get from one side of the pool to another. I really hope that we can make a swim team for our school.


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1


• Put up a fence that is at least 4 feet high and is around all sides of the pool or spa. The fence should have a locking gate that closes and latches by itself. Use door, gate and pool alarms. • Cover and lock pools and spas when not in use. • Remove or lock ladders to above ground pools and spas. • Use approved anti-entrapment drain covers and back up devices.


• Always watch children when they are in or near water. • When you are watching children, don’t be distracted by phone calls, text messages, reading or talking to others. • Watch children even if they know how to swim. • Children who can’t swim well or can’t swim at all should be within your reach and wear life jackets • Keep a phone near you – use it only to call for help if there is an emergency. • If a child is missing, check the water first.


• Both children and adults should know how to swim. • Learn how to correctly choose and use U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets • Learn how to use rescue equipment. • Learn adult and infant CPR. • Teach children never to swim alone. • Teach children not to play or swim near pool or spa drains.

Did You Know?

• Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children. • Most children were being watched by an adult just before they drowned. • Approximately 400 children age 14 and younger drown in pools and spas each year (CPSC). • Home swimming pools are the most common place for a child younger than age 5 to drown.

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”

Ben Gamla is Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

~C.C. Scott

By Bailey Levy

What is Breast Cancer? Breast Cancer is a cancerous tumor that starts from cells of the breast. It is mostly found in woman, but it is possible for men to get it, too. It is the most common cancer for women in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, in 2010 there were about 39,840 deaths of woman in the United States.

What is being done for Breast Cancer? Today, there are many different organizations and charities helping doctors and scientists find the cure and others helping woman struggling with this awful and horrifying disease. Susan G. Komen for the Cure® is a very known non-profit organization that has made a huge difference in America. They have invested over 1.9

billion dollars to help put a stop to breast cancer with organized events such as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® and the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure®. With programs like this, more people are becoming aware of this disease, and more people are helping put a stop to it.

Personal Awareness Early detection for breast cancer is the best ways to prevent it. If breast cancer is found early, there are more treatment options and a better chance for survival. Every 74 seconds, somewhere in the world, someone dies

from breast cancer. Regular checkups at local health care providers will help eliminate that number.

What has Ben Gamla done? Ben Gamla has done a great job fund raising for this cause. We recently had a “Pink” day, where almost all the kids, Kindergarten through Eighth grade, gave in money to dress in pink for the day. They all got a pink ribbon and the money was given to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. We at Ben Gamla, will continue to do our best to help with the fight to cure breast cancer. This fund raising was done in honor of Ms. Arrow’s mother.

SOCIAL CITIZENS If you ask one of our Middle school students about current events, you will get an impressive response! Why? Students watch the CNN Student News to learn

about main events happening in our country and in the world. Mrs. Calixtro and Mrs. Vera work together to make sure our students hear the news daily. For the first ten minutes of class, the students listen to the news. When finished, students are given the opportunity to ask questions and share views. We

have had some insightful conversations that come from the springboard of Student News. Our team feels it is vital for students to be informed about world events and be able to hold an intellectual discussion. Our team would like to encourage all parents to watch the news with their students and discuss the topics together. This would be a special time for you to communicate with your child and grow together as informed citizens. We are thankful that CNN has created this incredible resource for us to use with our students! Students were asked to write about their thoughts regarding the CNN Student News.

Everyone Should Watch! By Stav Sharoni

“Are you gonna pick a treat or sausage it up?” (Meat vending machine on November 4th show)

We watch CNN Student News because it is informative and it makes us educated children. It is important for us to know what is happening in the world because there might be something that affects us and we should know about it. We also watch it to learn more about current events and also to learn about the past for social studies. It is also fun to watch the news because Carl Azuz is pretty funny with his cheesy puns. They are really funny and weird! I really enjoyed the 9/11 special: Building on Ground Zero. It was very informational! Alot of information was given on the tragedy which I had never learned about. I especially appreciate learning about the rebuilding. I think that it is VERY important for students and their parents to watch the news because they can both learn so much together. The parent can explain to the child what the reporter says if the child misunderstands.

Our Freshwater Supply is in Danger By David Alter

“No freshwater to drink, bathe, or brush your teeth with. The ecosystem of fresh water is destroyed with all the animals in it.” This scenario should never happen. The question is what can we the people do to keep the freshwater ecosystem nice and clean? To begin with, everyday our generation is abusing our freshwater ecosystem. These are some examples:

• Showers longer than 15 minutes. • Not turning the sink off while brushing teeth.

• Taking baths instead of showers. • Leaving the hose on while not using it to water the plants.

• Not having a two way flushing toilet. If you just do some of these water saving strategies, imagine how much


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

freshwater you can save during the whole year. Finally, some people may have the wrong attitude saying “We’re just wasting our time, because we know we will have water, no matter what.” Well, you know what, think again. Did you know that if we keep on polluting our lakes like we have been the past fifteen years, the United States and Canada will have to pay over 20 billion dollars to fix our Great Lakes and get healthy clean water for them. Also, if we don’t save our freshwater now, there will be a huge crisis in the not so distant future. I love our freshwater ecosystems and I know there are a few ways to maintain them. To begin with, it has to be clean. Also, we have to make sure we don’t abuse freshwater. Our body is 65% water and we don’t abuse it, so why can’t we do that with our Freshwater ecosystem, the Great Lakes and the other lakes around the world?

Can Exercise help people learn?

PE “There’s sort of no question about it now,” said Dr. John J. Ratey, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

“The exercise itself doesn’t make you smarter, but it puts the brain of the learners in the optimal position for them to learn.” Ratey also states, “Researchers have studied how exercise affects things like improved memory, academic performance, and executive function at work,” he says, “The connection is powerful.”

The Next Generation Sunshine State Standards requires: 150 minutes each week for students K-5 Ben Gamla has over 2 hours with Coach Amoroso and 20 additional minutes every day with the classroom teacher!

One semester each year for students in grades 6-8 Ben Gamla has over 4 hours of PE weekly all year long!!! Coach Youngblood and Coach Amoroso will continue to bring the active lifestyle to Ben Gamla through the students, parents, and community! Coach Youngblood states,

“Fitness is our Future!”



For each issue, we will tackle important topics and give students the opportunity to ask questions and receive advice. If there is an issue you would like to learn more about and discuss, please let us know.

NO MORE What is Bullying? Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person. Some of the ways people bully other people are by:

• Saying or writing nasty things about them. • Calling people names. • Leaving them out of activities. • Making them feel uncomfortable / scared. • Taking or damaging their things. • Hitting or kicking. • Making them do things they don't want to do. • Teasing.

Why is bullying harmful?

Some people think bullying is just part of growing up and a way for young people to learn to stick up for themselves. But bullying can make young people feel lonely, unhappy and frightened. It makes them feel unsafe


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1


and think there must be something wrong with them. They lose confidence and may not want to go to school any more. It may make them sick.

you would like to be treated. You should show the bully that you think what they’re doing is stupid and mean. Help the person being bullied to tell an adult they can trust.

What can you do if you are being bullied?

Are you a bully?

• Walk away. • Tell him / her to stop. • Tell an adult you trust. • Keep reporting until you are no longer feeling bullied.

Most bullies aren’t liked, even if it starts out that way. Remember, it’s best to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Coping with bullying can be difficult, but remember, you are not the problem, the bully is. You have a right to feel safe and secure.

What can you do if you see someone else being bullied?

If you see someone else being bullied you should always try to stop it. If you do nothing, you’re saying that bullying is okay with you. It’s always best to treat others the way

Have you ever bullied someone else? Think about why you did it and how you were feeling at the time. If you are sometimes a bully, try to find other ways to make yourself feel good.

For more information. /anti-bullying/

What is Cyber Bullying? By Sharon Alfandary

“Cyber Bullying” is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, digital technologies or mobile phones.

How does cyber bullying work? There are two kinds of cyber bullying, messages sent to the children directly, and cyber bullying using others to help cyber bully the victim. Because cyber bullying by proxy often gets adults involved in the harassment, it is much more dangerous.

Why do kid’s cyber bully each other? Cyber bullies are often motivated by anger, revenge or frustration. Others do it for entertainment or just because they are bored. Some do it by accident, and either send a message to the wrong recipient or didn’t think before they did something.

How to prevent cyber bullying? Educating the kids about the consequences helps. Teaching them to respect others and to take a stand against bullying of all kinds helps too.

What is the school’s role in this? Schools can be very effective brokers in working with the parents to stop and remedy cyber bullying situations. They can also educate the students on cyber ethics and the law.

What’s the Parents’ Role in This? Parents need to be supportive of children during this time. Let the school know so the guidance counselor can keep an eye out for in-school bullying and for how your child is handling things. You may want to notify your pediatrician, family counselor or clergy for support if things progress. If there is any indication that personal contact information has been posted online, or any threats are made to your child, you must go to the police. Take a print-out of all instances of cyber bullying to show them, but note that a print-out is not sufficient to prove a case of cyberharassment or cyber bullying. You will need electronic evidence.

How Are Teens Cyber bullied? Being a victim of cyber bullying can be very painful. This is what some cyber bullies do: 1. Pretend they are other people online to trick others 2. Spread lies and rumors about victims 3. Trick people into revealing personal information 4. Send or forward mean text messages 5. Post pictures of victims without their consent For more information about cyber bullying visit:



Hollywood Boardwalk

Hollywood has an extraordinary attraction called the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk that is about two and a half miles along the Atlantic. Listed and known to be one of America's Best Beach Boardwalks by Travel + Leisure magazine, is a perfect place for people with all interests and after the day’s activities you can sit back and relax at the many cafes and restaurant options offered at the beach.

Full Moon Drum Circle

Downtown Hollywood

Downtown Hollywood is an amazing place to visit when you’re in the mood to eat food. It offers Hollywood’s best restaurants, from seafood to steak; Downtown Hollywood offers everything for every type of eater. Downtown Hollywood also offers fascinating stores. Obviously, Downtown Hollywood is an amazing place to visit if you’re in the area.

Monthly Specials

Weekly Arts

At Hollywood every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, top local and amazing entertainers take charge of the stage of the Hollywood Beach Theater. Everyone is welcome and there is no charge for these events making it amazing to attend for free!


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

Are you a drummer? Bring a drum or percussion to the amazing Arts Park and join Hollywood in a guided and professional drum circle. All skill levels welcomed. Come have some fun and don’t miss a once in a lifetime experience.

The city of Hollywood is now announcing the new monthly events called Boardwalk at the Hollywood Beach Theater, Johnson Street & the Boardwalk Friday fests from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The event will be held on the 2nd & 4th Fridays.

Under The Stars

Come enjoy the music and the Hollywood Boardwalk. Bring a partner and come and dance! This evening features a variety of modern music for all types of listeners and dancers. Come have some fun on a one of a kind night!

Food Trucks Invasion!

The food trucks are coming to Hollywood! Music and food for the whole family, come and enjoy 20 different food trucks that offer a variety of foods for every family member. Every Monday night!!

Earth Club Extra


Sea Turtle Oversight Protection. This program is constantly looking for volunteers. They work very hard to create awareness about the sea turtles nesting on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Sea turtles hatch at night and follow the brightest light. Under natural conditions, the brightest light is the moon, which leads the baby turtles to the ocean. However, with human development, there are many hotels and shops that leave their bright lights on and the sea turtles head in the wrong direction. As a result, sea turtles are being run over by cars and the existence of the species is in jeopardy. In Earth Club, we have decided to focus our Disney Planet Project on this topic. Right now, we are brainstorming ideas with the head of the S.T.O.P. program to find ways that we can help the sea turtles. We have lots of challenges ahead of us! However, we are excited to help and hope to make a difference. You can make a difference too! Follow Earth Club tips! You can also help us by supporting our fundraisers. One idea we have come up with so far is asking hotels to use red bulbs during turtle season. The red bulbs do not confuse the turtles. We would like to fundraise for these lights and go to the hotels and shops to see if they are willing to use them. Another goal is to promote awareness of the sea turtles in Ft. Lauderdale. It may take a lot of compromise and persuading, but in the end, I know that we will accomplish our goal in trying to protect the turtles in their natural habitat.

1 ‫שאגת האריות | מהדורה מספר‬


‫פרדי הפינגווין‬ ‫ע"י ד"ר דניאל אמן‪ ,‬פסיכיאטר מומחה ב‬


‫שים לב לתכונות שאתה אוהב בילדיך מאשר‬ ‫לתכונות שאתה לא אוהב בהם‪ .‬אין לך מושג‬ ‫כמה זה חשוב! אם תשים לב רק למה שאתה לא‬ ‫אוהב בילדיך‪ ,‬הם לא יאהבו את עצמם‪ ,‬ואתה לא‬ ‫תראה אצלם התנהגות טובה‪ .‬חשוב לרגע על‬ ‫עבודתך‪ .‬האם עבדת פעם בשביל מישהו שלא‬ ‫שם לב לביצועים הטובים בעבודתך? מה זה גרם‬ ‫לך להרגיש אצל בוס כזה? שאתה רוצה ללכת‬ ‫לעבודה? שמעריכים אותך? שאתה חשוב? ברור‬ ‫שלא! שנאת את העבודה! ילדים הם בדיוק אותו‬ ‫הדבר‪ .‬אם לא תהיה ער לתכונות שאתה אוהב‬ ‫בהם‪ ,‬לא תזכה לראות פירות בעמלך‪.‬‬

‫הורים יקרים‪,‬‬ ‫המאמר הבא תלוי אצלי בבית על‬ ‫יד המחשב )כן‪ ,‬כן אני מודה‪ .‬אני‬ ‫כמו כולם מבלה מספר שעות‬ ‫ביום מול המחשב(‪ .‬נכון‪ ,‬אינני‬ ‫מורה שמבלה עם ילדכם מספר‬ ‫רב של שעות‪ ,‬אך בזמן שבו אני‬ ‫זוכה להיות עם ילדכם אני מבינה‬ ‫עד כמה ילדכם וגם ילדיי שלי‪,‬‬ ‫זקוקים למורה האוצר בתוכו את‬ ‫התובנה הבאה‪ :‬כולנו‪ ,‬הורים‪,‬‬ ‫מחנכים ומורים בעלי כח עצום‬ ‫ללמד את ילדנו לאהוב את‬ ‫עצמם‪ ,‬אל נא נשכח זאת לרגע‪.‬‬ ‫בתקווה שתהנו מהמאמר וכל‬ ‫אחד מאיתנו ימצא את‬ ‫"הפינגווין" שלו‪.‬‬

‫באהבה‪,‬‬ ‫מורה אלה‬

‫הרשה לי לספר משהו מוזר על עצמי‪ ,‬שאני‬ ‫מתלבט האם להיות נבוך מזה או להיות גאה‬ ‫בזה‪.‬‬ ‫אני אוסף בובות פינגווין‪ ,‬יש לי מעל ‪300‬‬ ‫פינגווינים במשרד שלי והיום קיבלתי עוד שלוש‬ ‫ממטופל שלי‪.‬‬

‫משהו שהוא קרוב למה שאני מבקשת ממנו‪ ,‬אני‬ ‫מתייחסת אליו! מחבקת אותו ונותנת לו דג!"‬ ‫אז נדלקה הנורה בראשי בכל פעם שבני אנטון‬ ‫עשה את אשר ביקשתי לא התייחסתי לכך אבל‬ ‫בכל פעם שלא ביצע הוא קיבל את מלוא תשומת‬ ‫הלב ממני משום שלא רציתי לגדל ילד רע‪ .‬בלי‬ ‫כוונה חינכתי אותו להיות מפלצת קטנה! מאז אני‬ ‫אוסף פינגווינים זו הדרך שלי להזכיר לעצמי‬ ‫להיות ער ולהתייחס יותר לטוב שבאנשים שבחיי‬ ‫מאשר לחסרונות שלהם‪.‬‬ ‫תגיד לי מה היה קורה לפרדי אם נניח בשל מצב‬ ‫רוח רע לא היה מביא למאמנת שלו את החפץ‬ ‫אשר בקשה? מה היה קורה אם המאמנת היתה‬ ‫אומרת לו את אשר הורים אומרים לפעמים‬ ‫לילדיהם‪ ,‬כמו למשל‪" :‬אני לא מאמינה שלא‬ ‫הצלחת לעשות זאת! אתה הפינגווים הכי‬ ‫מטומטם שפגשתי בחיי! אנחנו צריכים לשלוח‬ ‫אותך לאנטרטיקה להיות שם עם יתר‬ ‫המטומטמים!"‬

‫לפני כמה שבועות בזמן טיפול משפחתי‪ ,‬לאחר‬ ‫שסרק האב את אוסף הפינגווינים אמר‪" :‬תגיד לי‬ ‫ד"ר אמאן‪ ,‬איך יתכן שאדם מבוגר האוסף‬ ‫פינגווינים יוכל לעזור לנו?" כדי להגן על האמינות‬ ‫שלי החלטתי לספר לו את הסיפור הבא‪:‬‬

‫איך פרדי היה מגיב? הולך לפינה ובוכה או נושך‬ ‫את אצבעה של המאמנת! זה בדיוק מה שקורה‬ ‫לילדים שלנו כאשר מבקרים אותם או לא‬ ‫מתייחסים אליהם ומקבלים כמובן מאליו את‬ ‫המעשים הטובים שהם עושים‪.‬‬ ‫אם אתה רוצה לגדל ילד בעל ערכים בריאים הוא‬ ‫צריך להרגיש בריא בתוכו‪ .‬דומה הדבר לתוכנה‪,‬‬ ‫לעיתים קרובות אתה הוא זה ששולט בתוצאות‬ ‫ע"י מה שתתכנת בעצמך‪.‬‬

‫הוא קפץ ממקפצה בגובה ‪ 7‬מטרים‪ ,‬העיף כדור‬ ‫בעזרת אפו‪ ,‬ואפילו קפץ דרך טבעת אש‪ .‬בסוף‬ ‫המאמנת ביקשה ממנו להביא חפץ מסוים ופרדי‬ ‫ביצע זאת ואני חשבתי לעצמי – כשאני מבקש‬ ‫מבני להביא לי משהו מתנהל בינינו ויכוח בן ‪2‬‬ ‫דקות ובסוף הוא גם לא מביא את החפץ‪ .‬אחרי‬ ‫המופע ניגשתי למאמנת ושאלתי אותה איך‬ ‫הצליחה לגרום לפרדי לעשות כל מה שביקשה‬ ‫ממנו‪ .‬המאמנת הביטה בי ובבן שלי ואז אמרה‬ ‫"זה לא כמו הורים‪ ,‬בכל פעם שפרדי מבצע‬

‫השג לעצמך פינגווין שיזכיר לך להיות ער לדברים‬ ‫שאתה אוהב בילדך )ואולי גם בבן הזוג שלך(‬ ‫הרבה יותר מאשר לדברים שאינך אוהב בו‪.‬‬ ‫בעבודה שלי כפסיכולוג – אם אני יכול לגרום‬ ‫לאנשים לשים לב למה שהם אוהבים אחד בשני‬ ‫ולשים לב למה שהם אוהבים בעצמם הרבה יותר‬ ‫ממה שהם לא אוהבים בעצמם או באחרים‪ ,‬זו‬ ‫התחלת ההחלמה כך הם מתחילים להבריא‪,‬‬ ‫הדיכאון מתחיל להיעלם‪ ,‬החרדה פוחתת וכן‬ ‫הלאה‪ .‬הייה ער למה שאתה אוהב‪.‬‬

‫פעם כאשר גרתי בהוואי החלטתי לקחת את בני‬ ‫אנטון למקום שנקרא "פארק החיים הימיים" שם‬ ‫מתקיימים מופעים של חיות ימיות‪ .‬פינגווין בשם‬ ‫פרדי השמן ביצע פעלולים מדהימים‪.‬‬

‫‪Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1‬‬


‫עברית שפה יפה!‬ ‫נתינה‬

‫שי אזולאי‬

‫כאשר אני נותן ‪ -‬אני מעניק לעצמי‪.‬‬ ‫הנתינה מעשירה את הנותן כמו גם את המקבל‪.‬‬ ‫הנתינה היא כמו נר‪ .‬גם אם הוא מחלק את מאורו‪ ,‬עדיין‬ ‫איננו חסר‪.‬‬ ‫לדעת לתת זה להקשיב לרצון של האחר‪,‬‬ ‫זה לדעת לקבל שלא כולם כמוך‪,‬‬ ‫זה לסלוח על שגיאה של אחרים‪,‬‬ ‫זה להתחלק באושרו של היקר לך כאילו זה אושרך‪,‬‬ ‫זה להיות שם‪ ,‬גם כשאינך שם‪,‬‬ ‫זה לוותר לפעמים‪,‬‬ ‫זה לאפשר לאחרים לטעות וזה לדעת לקבל‪.‬‬ ‫לדעת לתת זו חוויה!!!‬


‫קארין גולדסמיט‬

‫לתת זאת מילה מאוד חשובה‪,‬‬ ‫לתת אהבה לכל המשפחה‪,‬‬ ‫לתת לחבר חיבוק ונשיקה‪,‬‬ ‫לתת למורה גם מילה טובה‪.‬‬ ‫לתת למבוגר כבוד ועזרה‪,‬‬ ‫לתת ממך את כל מה שאפשר‪.‬‬ ‫לתת זאת מילה מאוד חשובה‪,‬‬ ‫לי‪ ,‬לך ולכל בני האדם‪.‬‬ ‫כי אם כולנו נלמד לתת‪,‬‬ ‫העולם יהיה הרבה יותר יפה!‬

‫תקווה בישראל‬

‫מיה מלניצקי‬

‫ארץ ישראל נפלאה‬ ‫צמחים ובעלי‪-‬חיים בכל מקום‪.‬‬ ‫עכשיו זה קיץ‪ ,‬שמחה באה‪,‬‬ ‫ילדים משחקים‪.‬‬ ‫יש היסטוריה מעניינת ומיוחדת‪.‬‬ ‫הערבים שכנים‪ .‬הרבה קיבוצים ומושבים‪.‬‬ ‫במשך השנה אני לומדת על ההיסטוריה הארוכה של ישראל‬ ‫ועל הדגל של ישראל‪.‬‬ ‫עיר הבירה של ישראל היא ירושלים‪.‬‬ ‫המידבר יפה‪.‬‬ ‫בארץ ישראל יש שוק‪ .‬בשוק יש אבטיח‪ ,‬בצל והמון ירקות‪.‬‬ ‫יש יפות ויש יפים‪.‬‬ ‫כל הבא ברוך הבא‪.‬‬

‫יצחק רבין‬

‫יובל שאטי‬

‫שמי יובל ואני בכיתה ה'‪.‬‬ ‫בכל יום ראשון אני הולכת לצופים‪.‬‬ ‫בפעולה האחרונה למדנו על יצחק רבין‪.‬‬ ‫יצחק רבין היה ראש ממשלה של ישראל‪.‬‬ ‫בשנת ‪ 1995‬יצחק רבין דיבר לפני הרבה אנשים‬ ‫וכשהוא סיים לדבר הוא ירד במדרגות‬ ‫ומישהו ירה בו והרג אותו‪.‬‬ ‫כל המדינה הייתה עצובה מאוד‪.‬‬ ‫השבוע הזה אנחנו מציינים את יום הרצח‪,‬‬ ‫שזה כבר ‪ 16‬שנים‪.‬‬ ‫אני מקווה שלא יקרה עוד דברים כאלה בישראל‪.‬‬


‫שאגת האריות | מהדורה מספר ‪1‬‬

Give a Book A book is a key that opens the doors to the imagination of a child and would arouse their curiosity to continue exploring the theme of the book and other themes around it. Having this observation in mind, it is recommended to introduce children to books and reading at an early age. Books are ideal gifts which bring with them new ideas and encounters with new worlds that infringe on almost every aspect of a child’s life. As parents, it is important we make our child perceive reading as a vehicle to learning that is fun and rewarding. A book is a tool that promotes positive development in children in every stage of their life; it is a gift that keeps giving.

Early Signs of Reading Difficulties

A book for each stage Follow the stages below when picking a good book for your child. However, remember that each child develops different likes and interests, and some may be ready to read about a more advanced topic.

0 to 6 years

At this stage you should give a book with lots of big and striking images that would catch children’s attention and would help them to visualize the story. They could range between 5 and 30 pages, depending on the child’s age. It is necessary to keep changing the topics of the books so that the child can slowly express his likes.

7 to 9 years

Parents are often the first in a child’s life to identify a potential reading difficulty. Early signs to the problem can be seen in kindergarten. By the middle of first grade the child should be able to read 100 words and pronounce letters well enough to read simple word books. Helpful detection signs: • Difficulty with the sounds of lettersphonics • skipping words in sentences • Difficulty remembering words • Guessing words or difficulty differentiating between words • Difficulty in writing and spelling • Difficulty understanding words Early detection is key to helping children reach success in reading and language arts. There are many tools and methodologies available to fit individual needs.

At this stage books about adventure, magic and mystery are recommended. Images continue being important but since now children can read more text they should pay more attention to it. Both the situations portrayed in the stories and the characters themselves could be more complex. You can give a child a book divided into different chapters so that he would want to continue reading the next chapter harnessing and keeping the element of surprise. If your child has told you that he likes writing or you have realized that he has a great deal of imagination, it may be a good time to give them a diary and encourage them to create their own adventures. A diary is a wonderful tool to expand and develop a child’s affinity to language and writing

Good idea!

10 to 12 years

When choosing a book think of the preferences of your children. Which topics do they like or are more attracted to? If your child is a boy, it is possible that he would like cars, dinosaurs or spaceships, while girls would probably prefer stories with princesses, princes and fairies.


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

At this pre adolescence stage, the book can exceed 100 pages and images are reduced so that the child can imagine more. Remember that at this age children already know their favorite themes and have a vast vocabulary.

Benefits of reading

• Reading helps to develop vocabulary. • Children can learn the correct way sentences are formed, as they become even more familiar with language and its components. • Reading fosters children’s imagination and creativity. • Reading aloud is an excellent exercise for correct pronunciation and diction. • Reading allows children to experience situations and realities different from their own and expand their vision of the future.

Did you know?

In general, children who have been exposed to reading since they were babies and even before they were born, at the intrauterine stage, develop a unique liking for reading and have greater motivation to read.

Dr. Carol Manks is a therapist specializing in children learning difficulties and more information on the topic can be found on

‫ספר הוא מעין מפתח הפותח את דלתות‬ ‫הדמיון של הילד‪ .‬הקריאה מעוררת את‬ ‫סקרנותו ומעודדת אותו להמשיך ולגלות שפע‬ ‫של מידע ותכנים המעשירים את חייו‪ .‬ספרים‬ ‫הם מתנה אידיאלית‪ ,‬אשר מעניקה לילד מפגש‬ ‫עם רעיונות ועולמות חדשים ושונים‪ ,‬שעשויים‬ ‫להשפיע על תחומים רבים מחייו ואף על עתידו‪.‬‬ ‫מסיבה זאת‪ ,‬חשוב להציג את הקריאה לילדים‬ ‫כבר מגיל צעיר ולגרום לכך שקריאה תשמש‬ ‫אותם ככלי רכב‪ ,‬שיוביל אותם למסע למידה‬ ‫מתגמל ומלא שמחה‪ .‬ספר הוא כלי שמעודד‬ ‫התפתחות חיובית אצל ילדים בכל שלב של‬ ‫חייהם‪ .‬זאת מתנה שלא מפסיקה להעניק‪.‬‬

‫הידעת?‬ ‫באופן כללי‪ ,‬ילדים שנחשפו לקריאה בתור‬ ‫תינוקות ואף בתור עוברים‪ ,‬מפתחים נטייה‬ ‫מיוחדת לאהבת הקריאה והם בעלי מוטיבציה‬ ‫גבוהה מהרגיל לקריאת ספרים‪.‬‬

‫יתרונות הקריאה‬

‫• הקריאה עוזרת לפיתוח אוצר המילים‪.‬‬ ‫• ילדים לומדים להרכיב ולבנות משפטים בצורה‬ ‫נכונה‪ ,‬ולהבין בצורה עמוקה יותר את השפה‬ ‫ומרכיביה‪.‬‬ ‫• קריאה מרחיבה את הדמיון והיצירתיות‬ ‫• קריאה בקול רם היא תרגיל נהדר בהתנסחות‬ ‫ובפיתוח ההגייה‬ ‫• קריאה מרחיבה אופקים ומאפשרת לילדים‬ ‫לחוות חוויות המעשירות את חייהם‪.‬‬

‫בחירה נכונה‬

‫בעיות קריאה‬

‫כאשר בוחרים ספר‪ ,‬כדאי לקחת בחשבון את‬ ‫העדפותיו של הילד‪ .‬איזה נושא מדבר אליו‪ ,‬מה‬ ‫הוא אוהב‪ ,‬למה הוא נמשך‪ .‬ישנה אפשרות‬ ‫למשל‪ ,‬שבנים יעדיפו ספרים על מכוניות‪,‬‬ ‫דינוזארים וחלליות והבנות ימשכו דווקא‬ ‫לסיפורים על נסיכות ופיות קסומות‪ .‬כמובן שזה‬ ‫תלוי בילד ובתחומי התענינותו‪.‬‬

‫לעיתים קרובות‪ ,‬הורים הם הראשונים לזהות‬ ‫בעיות בהתפתחות הקריאה אצל ילדיהם‪.‬‬ ‫סימנים מוקדמים לבעיה ניתנים לזהוי כבר בגן‬ ‫החובה‪ .‬למשל‪ ,‬באמצע שנת הלימוד בכיתה אלף‪,‬‬ ‫הילד אמור להיות מסוגל לקרוא כמאה מילים‬ ‫ולבטא אותיות בצורה המספיקה לקריאה של‬ ‫ספרון פשוט‪.‬‬

‫ספר לכל שלב‬ ‫מעקב אחרי השלבים המוצעים כאן‪ ,‬עשוי להיות‬ ‫מועיל עבור ילדך‪ .‬עם זאת‪ ,‬חשוב לזכור שכל‬ ‫ילד מפתח תחביבים ותחומי ענין שיחודיים לו‪.‬‬ ‫חלק מהילדים מוכנים לקריאה מתקדמת‬ ‫המפותחת לגילם‪.‬‬

‫‪ 0-6‬שנים‬ ‫הספרים שניתנים בשלב זה אמורים להכיל‬ ‫הרבה איורים גדולים וציורים מופלאים‪ ,‬שימקדו‬ ‫את תשומת לבו של הילד‪ ,‬ויסייעו לו לדמות את‬ ‫הסיפור כנגד עיניו‪ .‬כמות העמודים בספר עשויה‬ ‫לנוע בן שלושה לחמישים עמודים‪ ,‬בהתאם לגיל‬ ‫הילד‪ .‬חשוב להמשיך ולהציג בפני הילד ספרים‬ ‫בנושאים מגוונים‪ ,‬שיאפשרו לו עם הזמן‪ ,‬לבטא‬ ‫ולבחור את העדפותיו‪.‬‬

‫‪ 7-9‬שנים‬ ‫בשלב הזה מומלץ להעניק ספרים מלאי‬ ‫הרפתקאות‪ ,‬קסם ומסתורין‪ .‬האיור ממשיך‬ ‫להיות חשוב‪ ,‬אבל יכולתו של הילד לקרוא‬ ‫קטעים ארוכים יותר מתפתחת‪ ,‬וכמו כן הקשר‬ ‫בן האיורים לסיפור זוכה לתשומת לב ממוקדת‬ ‫יותר‪ .‬הדמויות והאירועים בספרים גם כן‬ ‫מתפתחים‪ ,‬והופכים להיות יותר מורכבים‪ .‬כדאי‬ ‫להעניק ספר המורכב מפרקים שונים‪ ,‬שמרתק‬ ‫את הילד‪ ,‬ומכיל בכל פרק אלמנט של הפתעה‪.‬‬ ‫אם ילדך מראה נטיה לאהבת הכתיבה‪ ,‬או אם‬ ‫אתה מזהה אצלו דמיון עשיר ומפותח‪ ,‬זה הזמן‬ ‫להעניק לו יומן ולעודד אותו לתעד או ליצור את‬ ‫הרפתקאותיו‪ .‬יומן מהווה דרך נפלאה לפיתוח‬ ‫והעשרת השפה והכתיבה‪.‬‬

‫‪ 10-12‬שנים‬ ‫ספרים בשלב ההתבגרות כבר מכילים מעבר‬ ‫למאה עמודים‪ .‬האיורים מצטמצמים על מנת‬ ‫לאפשר לדמיון להמשיך ולהתפתח‪ .‬חשוב לזכור‬ ‫שבשלב הזה הילד כבר פיתח תחומי ענין‬ ‫והעדפות משלו‪ ,‬וכמו כן הוא בעל אוצר מילים‬ ‫נרחב‪.‬‬

‫סימנים לזיהוי מוקדם‪:‬‬

‫• קושי בהשמעת הצלילים של האותיות‬ ‫• דילוג על מילים בתוך משפטים‬ ‫• קושי בזכירת מילים‬ ‫• ניחוש לגבי משמעות המילה וקשיים להבדיל‬ ‫בין מילים‬ ‫• קושי בכתיבה ובאיות‬ ‫• קושי בהבנת המילים‬ ‫זיהוי מוקדם של הבעיה מהווה מפתח למציאת‬ ‫עזרה בדרך לקריאה שוטפת והבנה באומנות‬ ‫הלשון והשפה‪ .‬כיום ניתן למצוא מגוון של כלים‬ ‫ושיטות הקיימות על מנת להתאים לכל ילד‬ ‫באופן אישי ולסייע לו להתגבר על קשייו‪.‬‬

‫ד"ר קרול מנקס היא תרפסיטית מוסמכת‬ ‫המתמחה בילדים עם קשיי למידה‪.‬‬



mandatory draft law for the army exists in the State of Israel. Women are exempt from the army should it interfere with their religious backgrounds. Women that fall under this category may fulfill their service towards Israel, Sherut Leumi, by volunteering in various organizations. In Israel, 8 volunteering organizations exist for this purpose, including “Bat Ami.” “Bat Ami” was founded on the principal of creating an avenue for women ages 18-21 to serve their country in a way that is compatible with their lifestyle. ”Bat Ami” consists of 2,600 volunteers. Volunteers for “Bat Ami” in Israel are involved in many fields of life, including education, health, security, administration, helping new immigrants, assisting the elderly, and working with Holocaust survivors. The “Bat Ami” organization is involved with social activism promoting values ​​of mutual responsibility and social justice. The national service in the diaspora is a unique project of “Bat Ami.” The program is designed for women that have already completed a year of national service in Israel in which they volunteered specifically in educational organizations. The women are sent as teams of 2 or more, to schools and communities with the objective of strengthening the Israeli Identity.


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

“Bat Ami’s” women that leave Israel for this assignment are requested to most importantly represent Israel through character, giving a personal example with their way of life. They need to exhibit excellent leadership skills as well. Before embarking on this endeavor, they must have had experience working with children and youth, as well as successful experience in teaching. The diaspora program consists of 112 women sent to different destinations around the world, including USA, Canada, Australia, England, France, Russia and South America. The young women teach classes about the state of Israel and in general, bring an Israeli cultural flavor to their lessons. As the Sherut Leumi girls of Ben Gamla, Hollywood we go into each class once or twice a week. As part of our activities, we share with the children the richness of the Hebrew language. We encourage children to use their Hebrew language skills and to broaden their vocabulary. Our vision as Bnot Sherut here in Hollywood, is to bring as much Israeli vibe to the school and to give the children the sense that Israel is part of their lives. Yael Lev, Silvie Even Arie, Keren Reutlinger, Zohar Hahn.

‫ עם זאת‬,‫במדינת ישראל קיים חוק גיוס לצה"ל‬ .‫ניתן פטור משירות לצעירות על רקע דתי‬ ‫ אגודות להתנדבות‬8 ‫במדינת ישראל קיימות‬ .‫וביניהם אגודת בת עמי‬ ‫בת עמי הוקמה כדי לתת מענה לצעירים‬ ‫ אשר קיבלו פטור משרות‬18-21 ‫וצעירות בגילאי‬ ‫צבאי ומעוניינים לתרום למדינת ישראל בדרך‬ .‫התואמת את אורח חייהם‬ .‫ מתנדבים ומתנדבות‬-2600 ‫בבת עמי ישנם כ‬ ‫ההתנדבות מתבצעת ברחבי הארץ במגוון‬ ,‫ קליטת עליה‬,‫ מינהל‬,‫ רווחה‬,‫ חינוך‬:‫תחומים‬ .‫ בריאות וביטחון‬,‫ ניצולי שואה‬,‫קשישים‬ ‫בת עמי מעורבת בעשייה חברתית לקידום ערכי‬ ‫הערבות ההדדית וצדק חברתי מתוך רצון לתת‬ ‫שוויון הזדמנויות לכלל בוגרי י"ב שיש להם פטור‬ ‫ בת עמי מפעילה מתנדבים‬.‫משירות צבאי‬ ‫בשרות הלאומי המגיעים מכל קצווי החברה‬ .‫הישראלית‬ .‫• השרות הלאומי בתפוצות הינו פרויקט ייחודי‬ ‫התוכנית מיועדת לבנות אשר סיימו שנת שרות‬ ‫ במהלכה התנדבו במוסדות‬,‫לאומי בישראל‬ .‫מתחום החינוך וההוראה בישראל‬ ‫לבתי‬, ‫ לפחות‬2 ‫הבנות נשלחות בצוותים של‬ ‫ספר ולקהילות במטרה לחזק בהם את הזהות‬ .‫ השפה והזיקה לישראל‬,‫הישראלית‬ ‫בנות השרות הלאומי היוצאות לתפוצות נדרשות‬ ‫בראש ובראשונה לייצג נאמנה את מדינת‬ ‫ישראל ע"י מתן דוגמא אישית בכל אורחות‬ ‫ עליהן להצטיין בכושר מנהיגות ולהוכיח‬.‫חייהן‬ ‫ כמו‬,‫ניסיון מוצלח בעבודה עם ילדים ובני נוער‬ .‫גם ניסיון מוצלח בהוראה‬ ‫ בנות ליעדים‬-112 ‫במסגרת התוכנית נשלחות כ‬ ,‫ לונדון‬,‫ אוסטרליה‬,‫ קנדה‬,‫ ארה"ב‬- ‫שונים בעולם‬ .‫ רוסיה ודרום אמריקה‬,‫צרפת‬ ‫הבנות מעבירות שיעורים על ארץ ישראל‬ ‫ומעניקות אוירה ישראלית לבית הספר בו הן‬ .‫מתנדבות‬ ‫ בנות השירות הלאומי בבן גמלא‬,‫אנחנו‬ ‫ נכנסות לכל כיתה במסגרת שיעורי‬,‫הוליווד‬ ‫ במהלך הפעילות אנו משלבות‬.‫העברית‬ ‫אלמנטים ישראלים ומביאות לבית הספר את‬ ‫ במהלך השיעורים‬,‫ כמו כן‬.‫אווירת ארץ ישראל‬ ‫אנו מעודדות את הילדים להשתמש בשפה‬ .‫העברית ולהרחיב את אוצר המילים שלהם‬ ‫החזון שלנו כבנות השירות בבן גמלא הוליווד‬ ‫ישראלית‬-‫הוא להביא כמה שיותר אוירה ארץ‬ ‫לבית הספר ולתת לילדים את ההרגשה שארץ‬ .‫ישראל היא חלק בלתי נפרד מחייהם‬

‫עברית שפה יפה!‬

‫לגלעד שליט היקר‬ ‫אילנית ברק וור‬ ‫א‬

‫שמי אילנית ברקאוור‪ .‬אני גרה עם משפחתי‪ :‬אבא‪ ,‬אמא‪ ,‬אחי יצחק‬ ‫ואחיותיי עטרה ואיילת‪.‬‬ ‫אבא שלי רופא והוא עבר לגור בפלורידה לפני שבע שנים‪.‬‬ ‫אנחנו מאוד אוהבים את פלורידה בגלל השמש‪ ,‬הים והשקט‪.‬‬ ‫אמא שלי עוזרת לאבא בעבודה ומטפלת בנו הילדים‪.‬‬ ‫אנחנו הילדים הגדולים לומדים בבן גמלא ואחותי הקטנה הולכת‬ ‫לבית ספר מונטסורי‪.‬‬ ‫אני מאוד אוהבת ללמוד עברית‪ ,‬כי הסבתא שלי נולדה בישראל ואני‬ ‫ביקרתי בארץ הרבה פעמים‪.‬‬ ‫יש לי מורה טובה לעברית ושמה‪ :‬מורה לימור‪.‬‬ ‫בשיעורים לעברית למדנו על הנושא של גלעד שליט‪ ,‬זה מאוד ציער‬ ‫אותנו שגלעד נלקח בשבי על ידי החמאס‪.‬‬ ‫הוא ישב בשבי למעלה מחמש שנים וכל הזמן הזה המשפחה שלו‬ ‫לא יכלה לבקר אותו‪.‬‬ ‫אפילו הצלב האדום לא יכל לראות אותו ולעזור לו‪.‬‬ ‫כל העם בישראל והיהודים בעולם התפללו שהוא יחזור הביתה‬ ‫בשלום‪ .‬בכל בתי הכנסת התפללו גם שגלעד יבוא הביתה‬ ‫בריא ושלם‪.‬‬ ‫אנחנו מרגישים שה' שמע את תפילותיי ותפילות כל העם היהודי‬ ‫ושלח את גלעד הביתה אל משפחתו‪.‬‬ ‫כולנו מרגישים שמחה שזכינו לראות את גלעד בביתו‪.‬‬ ‫אנחנו מקווים שיותר לא יקרה מצב ש יחטפו עוד ישראלים‪.‬‬ ‫גלעד חזר הביתה חלש ורזה‪ ,‬כי לא טיפלו בו בשבי‪.‬‬ ‫עכשיו צריך לדאוג לו שיתחזק‪ ,‬יהיה בריא‪ ,‬ירגיש טוב וישכח מכל‬ ‫הימים הקשים שעבר‪ .‬מכיוון שגלעד צעיר‪ ,‬אני מאמינה שהוא יתגבר‬ ‫ויחזור לחיים טובים ביחד עם המשפחה בארץ ישראל‪.‬‬


Matthew Mutch-Schussler

Welcome to the Kindergarten turke y parade Miruna Teodorescu

Jordan Hershowitz

Rani Bally

Daphnie Efroni

Leelle Raz


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

Jonathan Hershowitz

Yahm Ben-David

Ariel Lou

Works of Art Mia Legum Sara Bassoff

Sahar Rozen Sharon Alfandary


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

I give all I can give Wanting to change how others live I want to help But what Can I DO? I have only one voice With my one voice I can’t do a lot But if we all join together We can change the world!!!

Special thanks to all of the Meet the Masters volunteer parents!

We want to thank all the parents that participate in the Meet the Masters (MTM) Program at Ben Gamla Charter School. MTM is an exciting art appreciation school program sponsored by the Volunteer Services Department of Broward County Public Schools. The program brings a mini art museum into the classroom.MTM is presented by inspired and enthusiastic volunteer parents from our school. In these presentations, students get the opportunity to examine, explore and discuss art reproductions. Children also produce artwork, by participating in an enrichment activity using different art media such as clay, collage, paint, etc. All elementary students at Ben Gamla enjoy the presentations. We also include an opening and a closing event as part of the program. The opening event is a very dynamic presentation performed by a real artist, where children get the opportunity to see a real artist in action. We call it “Meet the Artist.� This year’s art was performed by Joshua Tiktin. The closing event involves the creation of an art gallery where students get to see their artworks. This year the gallery will be opened for parents to enjoy as well.


2nd Grade: Thankgiving reflections ...

Elia Zaguri

Brianna Combs

Moriah Dadon

T hank people we love and care for H appines and kindness A merican Eagles N ice K indness S easons and stuffing G iving people kindness I ndians V ery nice I nviting your family for Thanksgiving N ibble G obble

T hanks for helping others H aving the best for you and others A nd you caring for family and friends N ice to people you don’t know K indness to people S haring with people G iving to people I ndians V ery good to people I nvitations to people N ice to everybody G iving to others

T hank people we love H arvest and Happiness A utumn N ative K indness S easons and stuffing G iving kisses I will apreciate my parents V ery nice I nvitations N ice and say Thank you G ravy and Gobble.

3rd Grade: Short stories about sharing... Mitchell Lieberman I'm going to tell you about the time I shared. One time I shared with my brother. We were playing with Pokemon toys, and he did not have that much Pokemon toys, so I shared with him and gave him some. We had a lot of fun playing together. My brother had fun. I felt happy I shared.

The Time I shared My Teddy Bear By: Stefany Mutch Schussler

My mom told my brother and I we were going on a vacation trip. We had to pack our clothes, tooth brush, toys and teddy bears to sleep with. It took us three hours to get to Orlando. We finally got there and we had to unpack. I made sure that my favorite teddy bear was in my bag with all my things. Later that day, we went to the pool and also had fun fishing. We went to our hotel room and all of a sudden, I heard my brother crying. My brother was crying because he did not have his favorite teddy bear. I was very sad for my brother, but it was also very hard to share my teddy bear so he could sleep with it. I sleep with that teddy bear every night. So it was hard to sleep without him. I thought about it and even thought it was a very hard decision to make, I knew it was the right thing to do to share my teddy bear. Mom made a chart, to take turns sleeping with the teddy bear. When it was my turn I heard my brother crying again because he did not have a teddy bear to sleep with. Though it was my turn to sleep with the teddy bear, I gave it to my brother. It was hard to share my teddy bear but I felt good because it made my brother fall asleep happy. It’s important to share, because by sharing you are being kind to another person.

3rd Grade: Short stories about sharing... Karin Goldsmit On one sunny day my dad, Hila, Tali and I were in the backyard practicing soccer. We decided to team up in order to practice, but Tali didn’t want to share her ball with Hila. First Hila asked Tali with lots of kind words, if they could please share the ball but she yelled out "No! I don’t want to share." After that, my dad and I asked Tali to share but she said no again. At last Tali saw my dad sharing so she thought, thought and thought. Finally she told Hila "Let's play together and share together!"

Eithan Gleizer It was a sunny day at the park when suddenly something happened. Tyler and I were fighting over a DS game. We were fighting because there was only one DS and we both wanted to play with it. My mom tried to break up the fight by spraying water, but that didnt help. Then my dog ran to me and bit me. I realized that sharing was caring and then Tyler and I decided to take turns and share. Then, no one ever fought again.

Noa Rimon One bright sunny day Arwen, Karin, Sasha and I were at the park but we were bored. We saw Sasha take out a soccer ball form her bag! We were all so happy that we had somethong to play with. All of a sudden Arwen ran to Sasha, took the ball out of Sasha's hands and raced around the park with Sasha chasing her until Sasha finally grabbed Arwen and pulled her back towards where Karin and I were sitting. Sasha took the soccer ball right out of her hands. At last, Karin and I thought of an idea to break up the fight. We decided to take out an extra ball for Arwen. At that moment, Sasha realized she should have shared, and she did.

Arwen Coates When Two Sisters Shared Once there were two sisters that never shared and their names were Noa and Karin. I knew I had to do something about it so I asked my mom what to do and she said to tell them to share. They tried but it didn't work! After that we tried something new, this time I said to first get along then try to share. This didn’t work, so then my mom said to do it blind folded they tried and it worked, afterwards it worked without the blind fold and they realized that sharing is caring. 1 ‫שאגת האריות | מהדורה מספר‬



4th Grade:

Nathalie Luidvinovsky

Karina Shaya

It's fun to give to others because I get a surge of good feelings when I do. Last week, I was at school. Suddenly, My teacher explained "Fold your papers and glue it in your reading notebook section one please." Everyone was gluing their papers into their notebooks. Hanna, my friend did not have a glue stick. "Hanna do you want to use my glue stick?" I asked "I would like to use your glue stick if you let me" she told me. I gave her my glue stick. "Thank you Nathalie you are very nice because you know how to give to other people" Hanna exclaimed. Any time some one needs something, they can always count on me.

It's easy to explain the importance of giving to others. To begin with, the importance of giving to others is very kind because it is a nice and generous thing to do. It is important because you can make a difference in people's lives. Two years ago, I once saw a poor lady on the street wanting food and shelter. I wanted to help the lady so I gave her $10 and she got so happy. After that I felt happy because I made a difference in someone's life. She hugged and told me that she will never forget me and said thank you and I thanked her back. I felt so generous and kind after that happened.

What is giving?

Elanit Berkower It is important to give to the less fortunate for many reasons. I feel that giving is a good deed and it comes from your heart. The idea of giving to the poor, the homeless, the charity or organization is to expect nothing in return and to help out those in greater need. When a person has alot of time, money, or items to give, they should consider how important it is to better our world. For instance I have participated in fun activities where I was helpiing those in need, while feeling good about the food / items I donated to help families eat during the holidays. In conclusion, it is truly important for everyone to give some of their time, items, and money to those who are less fortunate and need assistance. It makes you feel good inside to share by helping others.

Tslil Haliva Giving to others. It isn't hard to figure out why I like giving to others. When you give to others, you feel happy that you did and that person will feel good. Some people don't care about the importance of giving, but it’s important to give because others count on it for food and toys. It is important to show everyone you care about giving.

Tchelet Beilis Giving is splendid because when you give you get a small spark in your heart that makes you feel supreme. The teachers at BEN GAMLA CHARTER SCHOOL give us their time, knowledge, and patience, so we can have an education. Giving makes me feel special; someone else is happy because of my actions. One month ago I gave a homeless woman money that I saved for a long time. Have you ever heard of Mother Teresa? She inspired people all over the world because she dedicated her life to the poor and the homeless in India. This week Israel gave 1,027 prisoners to free Gilad Shalit. It made lots of people happy.

That is why giving is splendid!

GOOD ADVICE Test-Taking Strategies By Elias Rosenfeld

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Go to bed at a reasonable time. Bring all the supplies needed. Eat a good breakfast. Think positive! Ask for help if you don’t understand something. Don’t spend too much time on one question, do the easiest ones first. 7. Do not change your answers unless you’re extremely sure you are incorrect. 8. Find keywords and phrases in the question that will help you choose the best answer. 9. Don’t spend too much time obsessing about neatness. 10. Once finished, check all your answers!

Study Tips for Success By Elias Rosenfeld

1. Study a little each day. 2. Do not study everything the night before. 3. Study in the day and not at night so you have a fresh mind.

4. Make pictures for the information you are studying. 5. Recite the information out loud. 6. Ask a teacher, parent, or sibling to ask you the questions.

7. Make diagrams and concept maps to understand the information.

8. Make a mock test, check what you got wrong, then study the ones you got wrong.

9. Ask a teacher to explain any material that you don’t understand.

10. Make study groups with your friends and make games to understand the information.

Save Your Back! Written by Shianne Salazar

No more whining! No more "ooch! No more rubbing your back! B.G.C.S. students, it's time to save your back with some strategies I have for a lighter backpack: Don't bring unnecessary items such as:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

More than one pencil box. Extra of what you already have. Bigger than you need. Extra notebooks, folders. Too much paper in your binder.

For middle school, have two backpacks, one for “A” days and one for “B” days. For C days, bring only what you definitely need!

1 ‫שאגת האריות | מהדורה מספר‬


THANKS & GIVING Dear Mom and Dad, The second I opened my eyes, I saw you two, and thought to myself “Man! I am gonna have a good life.” Thank you for teaching me to take my first steps. Thanks for putting a roof over my head. Thank you for teaching me how to swim. Thanks for taking me to Lion Country Safari, if you didn’t I wouldn’t have figured out my epic love and passion for wild cats. Thank you for making me happy. Dad, I remember when you surprised me and took me to Tallahassee, I was so happy! Mom, I recall when you took us to Disney, I loved it! Thanks for paying all of my bills! Well, All I am trying to say is Thank you. Love,

Liv Sclorzano

5th Grade: Thank you letters...

Dear Mom and Dad. I want to thank you for taking care of me, helping me to get through hard times, and making me feel so very loved. Mom and Dad, you always take care of me and I appreciate that sincerely. Last week, I got a wasp bite. You took care of me as if I were a prince. Mom and Dad, you are the best. Thank you. When my dog died, I was devastated. I remember it being tough, but you got me through it. Months later, I forgot all of it. I am as happy as ever. You always make me feel loved. You are always there for me. That is true love, thank you thank you, thank you. Love kindness and generosity, that’s the best there is. I love you for now and ever.

Tomas Potlach

Dear family, that includes Dad, Mom, Brother and Sister. I want to thank you for supporting me, without you, I would be no-one. I would always stick with you. I always pray for my family and myself that nothing will hurt us, because I love you a lot. Sometimes, when I’m upset I think negative thoughts, but I’ll never think badly of you. I love you deep inside my heart. If I never had my family, I wouldn’t exist. I always appreciate my family, no matter what. Without a family, I will not have food, wouldn’t have clothes and wouldn’t go to school. I will always remember that I love you, and you love me. That includes the family, Dad, Mom, Sister Abby and my brother Michael. I’ll always be here for you. From your beloved son.

Daniel Merran

Dear Opah and Oma, I want to thank you for being the BEST grandparents in the world! I Love you soooooo much! You were always there for me and supported me whenever I needed it. Since you guys are always there for me, I am always there for you. Every time I got hurt you would help me. Because of you, I never feel alone! But since you are in South Africa we are so far a apart. That however, doesn’t keep you away. Can you please come and visit us again here in Miami? Thank you for being.

Kali Brummer

The First Thanksgiving Jennie Augusta Browscombe 1914

Dear Tata and Saba, Thank you for all that you do for me. For example, when I lived in Coral Springs, you let me stay at your house because it was such a long drive to and from school. I had to drive thirty minutes to get to school. Thanks to you, I wasn't exhausted when I was at school. I also didn’t have to wake up at six in the morning. I would also like to thank you for being there for me when my dog died. We all loved Stumpy. He was the best dog! You helped me through all of that by trying to make me feel better. Lastly, you were always there for me when things were bad. When someone was bullying me, and Mom and Dad were not there, you always took care of it. Even when we moved and I was nervous, you took care of it. You are the best and I want to thank you for all that you guys do! I will always love you.

Julia Gerson Freedom from Want Norman Rockwell 1943.


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

The First Thanksgiving Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863–1930)

The History of Thanksgiving By Michael Heskiel

Thanksgiving is a day that we remember the Pilgrims and how they gave thanks. But what was the full story of Thanksgiving? It all started in 1620 when the Mayflower arrived in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. When the Pilgrims came, it was winter time and they weren’t prepared. A lot of Pilgrims died that first winter. The Indian tribe of the Wampanoag saw that the Pilgrims were having trouble. Squanto started helping the Pilgrims since he himself had experience with other Englishman. He taught them how to survive. Some of the basic traits were fishing, hunting, farming, and raising animals. The Pilgrims eventually learned these skills. They got so good at it, that they had enough food to survive the next winter. They were so grateful to the Indians that they wanted to have a feast with the Wampanoag tribe. The Wampanoag tribe brought most of the tribe including their chief Massasoit. They came wearing deerskin. This feast occurred on the fourth Thursday of November 1621 and lasted for three days. The meal they had was unlike the food we serve at Thanksgiving today. Their meal included deer, corn, shellfish, and cranberries. They may have served turkey, but it wasn’t their main meal. They also served a variety of meats. This party included singing, dancing, and ball games. In 1846, Sarah Josepha Hale, a magazine editor, started campaigning to have Thanksgiving made into a national holiday. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday to give thanks for “general blessings.” Nowadays, Thanksgiving is much different. The main dishes have changed. Turkey is now traditional, even though it wasn’t served in 1621. Pumpkin pie was not available to the Pilgrims. A lot of people instead of playing games are watching them. Indians go the statue of Chief Massasoit in Plymouth, Massachusetts so that they can remember the Wampanoag people and what they accomplished. Here are some great tips to have a good Thanksgiving: • Make Thanksgiving cards. • Help to prepare the meal. • Play games together with family. • Make centerpieces. • Invite friends over to share in the fun. • Have a scavenger hunt. 1 ‫שאגת האריות | מהדורה מספר‬


AFTER SCHOOL COOL Ben Gamla’s After School Program strives to support the needs of children through academic, recreational, and social opportunities that enhance school day learning and build upon individual strengths and interests necessary for life long success. We provide homework assistance designed to help students meet state standards in one or more of the following core academic subjects: Reading/ Language Arts, Mathematics, History and Social Studies, or Science. A broad range of activities are also being implemented based student needs and interests. Our program offers Art, Math, and Computer classes which kids love and enjoy. All of our afterschool students are extremely happy to be part of our program and of our afterschool family! Regards,

Ana W. Garriga Ana W. Garriga, Assistant Principal

Math Club

Who would have thought that we could learn Math concepts by making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! We did just this at our recent Math Club meeting. We introduced the importance of the order of operations, such as in this following equation. 8+6x7/6+12. Just like we need to know what steps come first in making our sandwiches. After makiing the sandwiches we heard a knock on the door, many guests joined us, requiring us to share. We learned to divide our sandwiches in different ways and by the end we brought sweetness inside our bellies and order to our brains.

Excellent Tech

This semester, our children were exposed to great master artists. They learned to create their own masterpieces on the computers inspired by the artist. We had our own Monet, Picasso, Chagall and Dali all using technology and creativity. Next semester, we are starting video productions and iPad fun!

Spanish Club

¡Bienvenidos a Espaniño!

The Spanish club or Espaniño program as its called, is a super-fun and effective language program that presents Spanish in an amusing and memorable way. Filled with communicative activities, games and songs for every single content presented, the children leave each class having learned something new and being able to use it in a realistic way. The term “Espaniño” (pronounced “es-pa-NEEN-yo”) comes from two words in Spanish, ‘Español’ (Spanish) and ‘Niño’ (Child). The Spanish club meets twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 2:15 to 3:00 p.m. We have a full house of twelve highly motivated kindergartners and first graders, all avid learners who have in the first weeks of classes already learned Spanish greetings, numbers, the alphabet, vowels, shapes and some grammar in a fun and entertaining way under the guidance of Ms. Catalina and her assistant, Jessica. A second Spanish class has started this month for second and third grade students. The instructor is Ms. Susana from Uruguay. This class still has spaces left for anyone from this grade level that is interested. Here is a song that our Kinder and first grade group would like to share with the Lion´s Roar readers. If you would like to learn the tune that goes with it go to the following link on the web. Happy singing from Ben Gamla’s Espaniño.

1 ‫שאגת האריות | מהדורה מספר‬


he itc yD ck

I’m to scared to do anything.




Ha Ha!

Why do you let him push you around like that?



How many triangles are there?

Aww... you got that for me! I’m Doctor Kleinstein and I’m here to talk to you about bullying. Bullying is being mean to someone, especially if you are bullied tell someone imediately even if your scared. Tell your parents they need to know so that they can help.

Bullies can be really mean so just ignore them even if they say something mean. If they hurt you tell your teacher right away.

Step 1. Tell a teacher.

by Ethan Lieberman

By Sara Bassoff


Lion’s Roar | Issue No.1

By Adi Binyamin

Word Search Challenge

Step 2. Tell your parents and they will help you.

Yes, thats for you! You’re a good friend.

Corn Pumpkin Family Sharing Gathering Squanto

Giving Stuffing Indians Thanksgiving Pilgrim Turkey

Are you a True Friend? By, Gabriella Goldstein


Ignores you and goes to a different friend.

Whenever your friend needs advice she does what?

When you were sick your friend never called when she got sick what did you do?

Ask me for anything! I am always there!

Say “Whatever!”

Not going to call her.

You wanted to be prom Queen but instead they picked your friend! How do you react?

Call her and be the bigger person Be happy for her.

Tell her to drop out it is your crown!

Your friend gives you your bracelet back but it broke what do you do?

Yell at her!!

Ignore it!

TRUE FRIEND!! You are an amazing friend! You and your friend may fight sometimes but, that means you guys are not backstabbing each other, you are hyper with your friend and also put her first! Keep up the good work!

Ask her kindly what happened.

YOU ARE A GOOD FRIEND!! You are a good friend but sometimes you put yourself before others. Think people how you want to be treated.

OH NO! You may not know it but you need to become a better friend! Think of your friend before yourself for once or else this could cause her to start trash talking you. Remember you are not the boss of her so don’t be bossy.


JOKES FROM OUR FIRST GRADERS Q: How do you make a skunk stop smelling? A: Pinch its nose closed. Q: What do you get when you cross a Bear and Skunk? A: ‘Winnie the Pew’

Q: What did ‘Ronald McDonald’ give ‘Wendy’ for their engagement?

A: He gave her an Onion Ring! Q: What’s the hottest letter in the alphabet? A: “B”, because it makes oil...Boil! Q: Why did the lion spit out the clown? A: Because he tasted funny Q: What do porcupines say after they kiss? A: “Ouch” Q: Why did the clock get kicked out of the classroom?

A: It tocked too much... Q: Why do birds fly south in the winter? A: Because it’s too far to  walk! Q: Where do you find a dog with no legs? A: Right where you left him.

Spot the 10 differences

Match the pairs spot the odd one out.

1 ‫שאגת האריות | מהדורה מספר‬


‫‪FU NSTUFF‬‬ ‫פרת משה רבנו‬ ‫‪ ...‬ביילי לוי‬ ‫פרת משה רבנו‬ ‫בקול התלוננה‪,‬‬ ‫שיש לה שם‬ ‫מאוד ארוך‬ ‫והיא הרי‬ ‫קטנה‪.‬‬

‫מרת פרת משה‬ ‫לכן היא מבקשת‬ ‫אם זה לא קשה‬ ‫פשוט מאוד‬ ‫לקרוא לה‪:‬‬

‫פרת משה רבנו הצטערה נורא‪ ,‬השם‬ ‫נראה לה לא מתאים חושבים שהיא פרה‪.‬‬

‫פרת משה רבנו חשבה שזה טיפשי‪,‬‬

‫חברה משה‬


‫משה זה שם של‬ ‫בחורים ולא של‬ ‫חיפושית‪.‬‬

‫לכן היא מבקשת ‪ -‬אם‬ ‫זה לא קשה פשוט‬ ‫מאוד לקרוא לה‪:‬‬

‫לכן היא‬ ‫מבקשת‬ ‫עכשיו מכל‬ ‫אחד‪ -‬פשוט‬ ‫לקרוא לה‪:‬‬


‫והיא תבוא‬ ‫מיד‪.‬‬

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