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Atelier V Inc: Software and Content Developer of a top of the line PRM-CRM application

Content Production

SERVICES At UpToMarket we want to make things simpler and easier, which is why we offer a wide range of content production services. We can assist your business in the creation of visual content and marketing content such as: • • • • • • • •

Written Content/Translation (Including SEO) Graphic Design Motion Graphics (Animation 2d/3D) Video Production Channel Management Strategy Marketing Strategy Brand Management Social Networking

Development Team

SERVICES • • • • • •

IT Consulting System Design User Interface Design Website Development Social Networking SEO

Samples can be found at:

Development Team

PRODUCTS One of our top of the line products:, an online software, assists companies in the management of their vendors and distribution network by improving communication and the sharing of information to increase collaboration in the sales process and reinforce the group synergy. AtelierV inc. Software and Content Developer. 505 Rene-Levesque Bvd., West, Suite 1000 | Montreal, Quebec | Canada | H2Z 1Y7 T. +1 514-273-4849 | 1800.

UpToMarket/ Atelier V Additional Services  

Content production and development services offered by UpToMarket & Atelier V