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Part of One Mile’s appeal is its novel setting on a narrow road that snakes along the Rondout Creek, near a row of old, mostly abandoned frame houses, in the shadow of a 100-year-old railroad trestle. When a train rumbles overhead, what could be construed as a depressed former industrial river town becomes a sublime theatrical backdrop. But another part of the appeal is Hicks, who’s cosmopolitan and stylish but whose friendliness puts visitors at ease. Despite her full-time job in New York City at Artists Rights Society, negotiating contracts and licensing deals on behalf of blue-chip artists’ estates (including Picasso, Matisse, and Warhol), Hicks’s commitment to One Mile has enriched the local art scene, as has Mullins’s filmmaking. He spends most of his time upstate, where he filmed Doomsdays, a post apocalyptic comedy released last summer that’s won praise from the New York Times, and is working on two new film projects, one a detective story, the other a western.



Upstater Winter 2015  
Upstater Winter 2015